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Applied Surface Science, Vol.427 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Highly adhesive and high fatigue-resistant copper/PET flexible electronic substrates
Park SJ, Ko TJ, Yoon J, Moon MW, Oh KH, Han JH
1 - 9 A novel TFC forward osmosis (FO) membrane supported by polyimide (PI) microporous nanofiber membrane
Chi XY, Zhang PY, Guo XJ, Xu ZL
10 - 14 Tunable Rashba spin splitting in two-dimensional graphene/As-I heterostructures
Yu NN, Yuan JH, Li KX, Wang JF
10 - 16 One-step pyrolysis route to three dimensional nitrogen-doped porous carbon as anode materials for microbial fuel cells
Bi LL, Ci SQ, Cai PW, Li H, Wen ZH
15 - 23 Fabrication mechanism and photocatalytic activity for a novel graphene oxide hybrid functionalized with tetrakis-(4-hydroxylphenyl) porphyrin and 1-pyrenesulfonic acid
Luo Q, Ge RY, Kang SZ, Qin LX, Li GD, Li XQ
17 - 28 Antibacterial surface modified of novel nanocomposite sulfonated polyethersulfone/polyrhodanine membrane
Rostam AB, Peyravi M, Ghorbani M, Jahanshahi M
24 - 36 The promotional role of Ni in FeVO4/TiO2 monolith catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
Wu GX, Feng X, Zhang HL, Zhang YH, Wang JL, Chen YQ, Dan Y
29 - 37 Effect of Li doping on the electric and pyroelectric properties of ZnO thin films
Trinca LM, Galca AC, Boni AG, Botea M, Pintilie L
37 - 44 Surface modification of thin film composite reverse osmosis membrane by glycerol assisted oxidation with sodium hypochlorite
Raval HD, Samnani MD, Gauswami MV
38 - 47 Improved antifouling performance of ultrafiltration membrane via preparing novel zwitterionic polyimide
Huang HT, Yu JY, Guo HX, Shen YB, Yang F, Wang H, Liu R, Liu Y
45 - 55 Low temperature NH3-SCR of NO over an unexpected Mn-based catalyst: Promotional effect of Mg doping
Fang D, He F, Liu XQ, Qi K, Xie JL, Li FX, Yu CQ
48 - 54 Selective AuCl3 doping of graphene for reducing contact resistance of graphene devices
Choi DC, Kim M, Song YJ, Hussain S, Song WS, An KS, Jung J
55 - 63 Characterization of low-dose doxorubicin-loaded silica-based nanocomposites
Prokopowicz M
56 - 64 Effective preparation of magnetic superhydrophobic Fe3O4/PU sponge for oil-water separation
Li ZT, Lin B, Jiang LW, Lin EC, Chen J, Zhang SJ, Tang YW, He FA, Li DH
64 - 68 Preparation of p-type GaN-doped SnO2 thin films by e-beam evaporation and their applications in p-n junction
Lv SL, Zhou YW, Xu WW, Mao WF, Wang LT, Liu Y, He CQ
65 - 73 Transformation of silver nanowires into nanoparticles by Rayleigh instability: Comparison between laser irradiation and heat treatment
Oh H, Lee J, Lee M
69 - 80 Flame retardant and hydrophobic properties of novel sol-gel derived phytic acid/silica hybrid organic-inorganic coatings for silk fabric
Cheng XW, Liang CX, Guan JP, Yang XH, Tang RC
74 - 82 Mussel-inspired tough hydrogels with self-repairing and tissue adhesion
Gao ZJ, Duan LJ, Yang YQ, Hu W, Gao GH
81 - 91 Fabrication of Eu-TiO2 NCs functionalized cotton textile as a multifunctional photocatalyst for dye pollutants degradation
Caschera D, Federici F, de Caro T, Cortese B, Calandra P, Mezzi A, Lo Nigro R, Toro RG
83 - 89 Concave Pd-Ru nanocubes bounded with high active area for boosting ethylene glycol electrooxidation
Xiong ZP, Xu H, Li SM, Gu ZL, Yan B, Guo J, Du YK
90 - 96 Characterization of atmospheric pressure plasma treated wool/cashmere textiles: Treatment in nitrogen
Zanini S, Citterio A, Leonardi G, Riccardi C
92 - 101 Vapor-liquid interfacial reaction to fabricate superhydrophilic and underwater superoleophobic thiol-ene/silica hybrid decorated fabric for oil/water separation
Li HQ, Liang T, Lai XJ, Su XJ, Zhang L, Zeng XR
97 - 105 Study of polymorphism using patterned self-assembled monolayers approach on metal substrates
Quinones R, Brown RT, Searls N, Richards-Waugh L
102 - 111 Electrochemical behaviour of manganese & ruthenium mixed oxide@ reduced graphene oxide nanoribbon composite in symmetric and asymmetric supercapacitor
Ahuja P, Ujjain SK, Kanojia R
106 - 113 Preparation of bimetallic Cu-Co nanocatalysts on poly (diallyldimethylammonium chloride) functionalized halloysite nanotubes for hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane
Liu Y, Zhang J, Guan HJ, Zhao YF, Yang JH, Zhang B
112 - 125 Investigation of carboxylation of carbon nanotube in the adsorption of anti-cancer drug: A theoretical approach
Hesabi M, Behjatmanesh-Ardakani R
114 - 122 CuNi NPs supported on MIL-101 as highly active catalysts for the hydrolysis of ammonia borane
Gao DD, Zhang YH, Zhou LQ, Yang KZ
123 - 132 Fabricating 3D porous PANI/TiO2-graphene hydrogel for the enhanced UV-light photocatalytic degradation of BPA
Chen FY, An WJ, Li Y, Liang YH, Cui WQ
126 - 130 Multicomponent patterned ultrathin carbon nanomembranes by laser ablation
Frese N, Scherr J, Beyer A, Terfort A, Golzhuser A, Hampp N, Rhinow D
131 - 138 The role of nanocrystalline binder metallic coating into WC after additive manufacturing
Cavaleiro AJ, Fernandes CM, Farinha AR, Gestel CV, Jhabvala J, Boillat E, Senos AMR, Vieira MT
133 - 140 Laser fabrication of periodic arrays of microsquares on silicon for SERS application
Verma AK, Das R, Soni RK
139 - 146 A facile method to enhance the uniformity and adhesion properties of water-based ceramic coating layers on hydrophobic polyethylene separators
Lee H, Jeon H, Gong S, Ryou MH, Lee YM
141 - 147 BiVO4/alpha-Fe2O3 catalytic degradation of gaseous benzene: Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic properties
Chen R, Zhu CZ, Lu J, Xiao J, Lei Y, Yu ZM
147 - 155 Biochar-supported reduced graphene oxide composite for adsorption and coadsorption of atrazine and lead ions
Zhang Y, Cao B, Zhao LL, Sun LL, Gao Y, Li JJ, Yang F
148 - 155 Inhibition effect of glycine on molybdenum corrosion during CMP in alkaline H2O2 based abrasive free slurry
Yang G, He P, Qu XP
156 - 165 Theoretical investigation on the adsorption and dissociation behaviors of TiCl4 on pyrolytic carbon surface
Jin N, Yang YQ, Luo X, Liu S, Li PT
156 - 161 Electric field induced spin polarization oscillation in nonmagnetic benzene/Cu(100) interface: First principles calculations
Yuan XB, Cai LL, Tian YL, Hu GC, Ren JF
162 - 168 Insights into the activation mechanism of calcium ions on the sericite surface: A combined experimental and computational study
Hu YH, He JY, Zhang CH, Zhang CY, Sun W, Zhao DB, Chen P, Han HS, Gao ZY, Liu RQ, Wang L
166 - 175 Biomimetic PDMS-hydroxyurethane terminated with catecholic moieties for chemical grafting on transition metal oxide-based surfaces
de Aguiara KR, Rischka K, Gatjen L, Noeske PLM, Cavalcanti WL, Rodrigues UP
169 - 173 Uncovering a new quasi-2D CuO2 plane between the YBa2Cu3O7 and CeO2 buffer layer of coated conductors
Li ZX, Cao JJ, Gou XF, Wang TG, Xue F
174 - 181 Self-template synthesis of yolk-shelled NiCo2O4 spheres for enhanced hybrid supercapacitors
Wang L, Jiao XY, Liu P, Ouyang Y, Xia XF, Lei W, Hao QL
176 - 188 Selective gas adsorption and I-V response of monolayer boron phosphide introduced by dopants: A first-principle study
Cheng YF, Meng RS, Tan CJ, Chen XP, Xiao J
182 - 191 XPS and SEM analysis of the surface of gas atomized powder precursor of ODS ferritic steels obtained through the STARS route
Gil E, Cortes J, Iturriza I, Ordas N
189 - 197 Sodium adsorption and diffusion on monolayer black phosphorus with intrinsic defects
Sun XL, Wang ZG
192 - 201 New properties of Fe3O4@SnO2 core shell nanoparticles following interface charge/spin transfer
Leostean C, Pana O, Stefan M, Popa A, Toloman D, Senila M, Gutoiu S, Macavei S
198 - 205 First principles study of P-doped borophene as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Chen H, Zhang W, Tang XQ, Ding YH, Yin JR, Jiang Y, Zhang P, Jin HB
202 - 209 Non-covalently anchored multi-walled carbon nanotubes with hexa-decafluorinated zinc phthalocyanine as ppb level chemiresistive chlorine sensor
Sharma AK, Mahajan A, Bedi RK, Kumar S, Debnath AK, Aswal DK
206 - 214 Aminopropyl-functionalized mesoporous carbon (APTMS-CMK-3) as effective phosphate adsorbent
Yang YJ, Wang JJ, Qian XQ, Shan YH, Zhang HP
210 - 218 Green preparation of gold nanoparticles with Tremella fuciformis for surface enhanced Raman scattering sensing
Tang B, Liu J, Fan LP, Li DL, Chen XZ, Zhou J, Li JL
215 - 226 Fabrication and gas sensing properties of vertically aligned Si nanowires
Mirzaei A, Kang SY, Choi SW, Kwon YJ, Choi MS, Bang JH, Kim SS, Kim HW
219 - 225 Shock-induced stacking fault pyramids in Ni/Al multilayers
Xiang HG, Li HT, Fu T, Zhu WB, Huang C, Yang B, Peng XH
226 - 232 Surface element segregation and electrical conductivity of lithium layered transition-metal oxide cathode materials
Li GH, Li Q, Li LP, Fan JM, Ge QQ, Xie DJ, Zheng J, Li GS
227 - 236 Fe-doped graphene nanosheet as an adsorption platform of harmful gas molecules (CO, CO2, SO2 and H2S), and the co-adsorption in O-2 environments
Cortes-Arriagada D, Villegas-Escobar N, Ortega DE
233 - 241 Oxidation mechanism of chalcopyrite revealed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and first principles studies
Xiong XL, Hua XM, Zheng YF, Lu XG, Li SG, Cheng HW, Xu Q
237 - 242 Topography evolution of rough-surface metallic substrates by solution deposition planarization method
Chu JY, Zhao Y, Liu LF, Wu W, Zhang ZW, Hong ZY, Li YJ, Jin ZJ
242 - 252 Inhibiting polysulfides diffusion of lithium-sulfur batteries using an acetylene black-CoS2 modified separator: Mechanism research and performance improvement
Zeng P, Huang LW, Zhang XL, Han YM, Chen YG
243 - 252 Electronic structure and relative stability of the coherent and semi-coherent HfO2/III-V interfaces
Lahti A, Levamaki H, Makela J, Tuominen M, Yasir M, Dahl J, Kuzmin M, Laukkanen P, Kokko K, Punkkinen MPJ
253 - 261 Fabrication of superhydrophobic nano-aluminum films on stainless steel meshes by electrophoretic deposition for oil-water separation
Xu Z, Jiang DY, Wei ZB, Chen J, Jing JF
253 - 259 Electrocatalytic performance evaluation of cobalt hydroxide and cobalt oxide thin films for oxygen evolution reaction
Babar PT, Lokhande AC, Pawar BS, Gang MG, Jo E, Go C, Suryawanshi MP, Pawar SM, Kim JH
260 - 266 On the use of (3-trimethoxysilylpropyl) diethylenetriamine self-assembled monolayers as seed layers for the growth of Mn based copper diffusion barrier layers
Brady-Boyd A, O'Connor R, Armini S, Selvaraju V, Hughes G, Bogan J
262 - 272 1-D and 2-D morphology of metal cation co-doped (Zn, Mn) TiO2 and investigation of their photocatalytic activity
Benjwal P, De B, Kar KK
267 - 275 Electrodeposition mechanism of quaternary compounds Cu2ZnSnS4: Effect of the additives
Tang AY, Li ZL, Wang F, Dou ML, Liu JJ, Ji J, Song Y
273 - 280 Wettability measurements of irregular shapes with Wilhelmy plate method
Park J, Pasaogullari U, Bonville L
276 - 281 Effect of deposition temperature on thermal stabilities of copper-carbon films in barrier-less Cu metallization
Zhu H, Fu ZQ, Xie Q, Yue W, Wang CB, Kang JJ, Lina Z
281 - 287 Hydrothermal synthesis of hierarchical flower-like ZnO nanostructure and its enhanced ethanol gas-sensing properties
Zhu L, Li YQ, Zeng W
282 - 292 Highly conductive and anticorrosion Ag/CNTs/NDs hybrid films on molecular-grafted PET substrate for flexible electrodes
Zhang Y, Kang ZX
288 - 297 Recycling of phenol from aqueous solutions by pervaporation with ZSM-5/PDMS/PVDF hollow fiber composite membrane
Li D, Yao J, Sun H, Liu B, van Agtmaal S, Feng CH
293 - 301 The two-dimensional to three-dimensional transition structures of ZnCo2O4 for the application of lithium-ion batteries
Jung MH
298 - 303 Real time study of amalgam formation and mercury adsorption on thin gold film by total internal reflection ellipsometry
Paulauskas A, Selskis A, Bukauskas V, Vaicikauskas V, Ramanavicius A, Balevicius Z
302 - 310 Spectroscopic phonon and extended x-ray absorption fine structure measurements on 3C-SiC/Si (001) epifilms
Talwar DN, Wan LY, Tin CC, Lin HH, Feng ZC
304 - 311 The effect of Argon pressure dependent V thin film on the phase transition process of (020) VO2 thin film
Meng YF, Huang K, Tang Z, Xu XF, Tan ZY, Liu Q, Wang CR, Wu BH, Wang C, Cao JC
311 - 325 Fabrication of polycaprolactone electrospun fibers with different hierarchical structures mimicking collagen fibrils for tissue engineering scaffolds
Jiang L, Wang LW, Wang N, Gong SQ, Wang LX, Li Q, Shen CY, Turng LS
312 - 318 Correlation between stoichiometry and properties of scandium oxide films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering
Belosludtsev A, Juskevicius K, Ceizaris L, Samuilovas R, Stanionyte S, Jasulaitiene V, Kicas S
319 - 327 Co@Co3O4 nanoparticle embedded nitrogen-doped carbon architectures as efficient bicatalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions
Qi CL, Zhang L, Xu GC, Sun ZP, Zhao AH, Jia DZ
326 - 333 DFT study of adsorption behavior of NO, CO, NO2, and NH3 molecules on graphene-like BC3: A search for highly sensitive molecular sensor
Aghaei SM, Monshi MM, Torres I, Zeidi SMJ, Calizo I
328 - 333 Fabrication of novel compound SERS substrates composed of silver nanoparticles and porous gold nanoclusters: A study on enrichment detection of urea
Li YL, Li QW, Sun CB, Jin SL, Park Y, Zhou TL, Wang X, Zhao B, Ruan WD, Jung YM
334 - 339 Modification of surfaces of silver nanoparticles for controlled deposition of silicon, manganese, and titanium dioxides
Abdulrahman HB, Krajczewski J, Kudelski A
334 - 343 Ultrafast photoionization and excitation of surface-plasmon-polaritons on diamond surfaces
Apostolova T, Obreshkov BD, Ionin AA, Kudryashov SI, Makarov SV, Mel'nik NN, Rudenko AA
340 - 348 Box-Behnken design approach towards optimization of activated carbon synthesized by co-pyrolysis of waste polyester textiles and MgCl2
Yuan ZH, Xu ZH, Zhang DF, Chen WF, Zhang TQ, Huang YX, Gu L, Deng HX, Tian DQ
344 - 353 Biologically active nanocomposite of DNA-PbS nanoparticles: A new material for non-volatile memory devices
Murgunde BK, Rabinal MK, Kalasad MN
349 - 356 Thermally controlled growth of surface nanostructures on ion-modified AIII-BV semiconductor crystals
Trynkiewicz E, Jany BR, Wrana D, Krok F
354 - 362 Microwave-assisted synthesis of the sandwich-like porous Al2O3/RGO nanosheets anchoring NiO nanocomposite as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Li Q, Yi Z, Cheng Y, Wang XX, Yin DM, Wang LM
357 - 362 A DFT based method for calculating the surface energies of asymmetric MoP facets
Tian XX, Wang T, Fan LF, Wang YK, Lu HG, Mu YW
363 - 368 Stability enhancement and electronic tunability of two-dimensional SbIV compounds via surface functionalization
Zhou WH, Guo SY, Liu XH, Cai B, Song XF, Zhu Z, Zhang SL
363 - 374 The decomposition of mixed oxide Ag2Cu2O3: Structural features and the catalytic properties in CO and C2H4 oxidation
Svintsitskiy DA, Kardash TY, Slavinskaya EM, Stonkus OA, Koscheev SV, Boronin AI
369 - 375 Wettability transition of laser textured brass surfaces inside different mediums
Yan HP, Rashid MRBA, Khew SY, Li FP, Hong MH
375 - 387 Synthesis and characterization of novel Sm2O3/S-doped g-C3N4 nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic activities under visible light irradiation
Jourshabani M, Shariatinia Z, Badiei A
376 - 386 Modulating the gas sensing properties of nitrogen coordinated dopants in graphene sheets: A first-principles study
Zhang HQ, Tang YA, Ma YQ, Ma DW, Zhao MY, Dai XQ
387 - 395 Flexible sensor for dopamine detection fabricated by the direct growth of alpha-Fe2O3 nanoparticles on carbon cloth
Mahesh KPO, Shown I, Chen LC, Chen KH, Tai Y
388 - 395 Electric field improved the sensitivity of CO on substitutionally doped antimonene
Li TT, He C, Zhang WX
396 - 400 Three-dimensional hologram printing by single beam femtosecond laser direct writing
Sohn IB, Choi HK, Yoo D, Noh YC, Noh J, Ahsan MS
396 - 404 A three-dimensional cathode matrix with bi-confinement effect of polysulfide for lithium-sulfur battery
Song RS, Wang B, Ruan TT, Wang L, Luo H, Wang F, Gao TT, Wang DL
401 - 408 The growth of high density network of MOF nano-crystals across macroporous metal substrates - Solvothermal synthesis versus rapid thermal deposition
Maina JW, Gonzalo CP, Merenda A, Kong LX, Schutz JA, Dumee LF
405 - 409 Optical studies on a single GaAs laterally coupled quantum dot in comparison with an uncoupled quantum dot
Kim H, Song JD
409 - 415 A novel approach of chemical mechanical polishing for a titanium alloy using an environment-friendly slurry
Zhang ZY, Shi ZF, Du YF, Yu ZJ, Guo LC, Guo DM
410 - 415 Surface functional modification of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber by atom transfer radical polymerization
Zhang ZH, Jiang GD, Wu Y, Kong FM, Huang J
416 - 421 Magnetic studies of Co2+, Ni2+, and Zn2+-modified DNA double-crossover lattices
Dugasani SR, Oh YH, Gnapareddy B, Park T, Kang WN, Park SH
416 - 420 Modulation of spatial spin polarization at organic spinterface by side groups
Qiu S, Zhang Z, Miao YY, Zhang GP, Ren JF, Wang CK, Hu GC
421 - 426 Methylammonium lead mixed halide films processed with a new composition for planar perovskite solar cells
Park BS, Lee S, Yoon S, Ha TJ, Kang DW
422 - 427 Approaching the resolution limit of W-C nano-gaps using focused ion beam chemical vapour deposition
Dai J, Chang H, Maeda E, Warisawa S, Kometani R
427 - 433 Scattering of low-energetic atoms and molecules from a boron-doped CVD diamond surface
Allenbach M, Neuland MB, Riedo A, Wurz P
428 - 436 High performance of poly(dopamine)-functionalized graphene oxide/poly(vinyl alcohol) nanocomposites
Ma JJ, Pan JK, Yue J, Xu Y, Bao JJ
434 - 443 On the Ni-Ion release rate from surfaces of binary NiTi shape memory alloys
Sevickova J, Bartkova D, Goldbergova M, Kubenova M, Cermak J, Frenzel J, Weiser A, Dlouhy A
437 - 450 Effect of adjustable molecular chain structure and pure silica zeolite nanoparticles on thermal, mechanical, dielectric, UV-shielding and hydrophobic properties of fluorinated copolyimide composites
Li Q, Liao GF, Zhang SL, Pang L, Tong H, Zhao WZ, Xu ZS
444 - 451 Effect of Cu content on microstructure, mechanical and anti-fouling properties of TiSiN-Cu coating deposited by multi-arc ion plating
Bai XB, Li JL, Zhu LH, Wang LP
451 - 457 Waxberry-like carbon@polyaniline microspheres with high-performance microwave absorption
Yu LJ, Zhu YF, Fu YQ
452 - 457 Ambipolar organic transistors with high on/off ratio by introducing a modified layer of gate insulator
Zhang Y, Wei XC, Zhang H, Chen X, Wang J
458 - 464 Polyaniline-grafted silica nanocomposites-based gel electrolytes for quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells
Ma P, Tan J, Cheng HB, Fang YY, Wang YN, Dai YH, Fang SB, Zhou XW, Lin Y
458 - 463 Effect of laser fluence and ambient gas pressure on surface morphology and chemical composition of hydroxyapatite thin films deposited using pulsed laser deposition
Nishikawa H, Hasegawa T, Miyake A, Tashiro Y, Komasa S, Hashimoto Y
464 - 470 PS-b-PMMA/PLA blends for nanoporous templates with hierarchical and tunable pore size
Nguyen TH, Vayer M, Sinturel C
465 - 475 Characterization and photocatalytic performance of ternary Cu-doped ZnO/Graphene materials
Hsieh SH, Ting JM
471 - 479 Fabrication of hierarchical feather-mimetic polymer nanofibres
Ouyang SS, Wang T, Zhong LG, Peng ML, Yao JM, Wang S
476 - 484 Controllable synthesis of Fe2O3-carbon fiber composites via a facile sol-gel route as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Sun CB, Chen SH, Li Z
480 - 485 The (001) 3C SiC surface termination and band structure after common wet chemical etching procedures, stated by XPS, LEED, and HREELS
Tengeler S, Kaiser B, Ferro G, Chaussende D, Jaegermann W
485 - 495 Promising Ta-Ti-Zr-Si metallic glass coating without cytotoxic elements for bio-implant applications
Lai JJ, Lin YS, Chang CH, Wei TY, Huang JC, Liao ZX, Lin CH, Chen CH
486 - + Inductively and capacitively coupled plasmas at interface: A comparative study towards highly efficient amorphous-crystalline Si solar cells
Guo YN, Ong TMB, Levchenko I, Xu SY
487 - 498 Insights into the photocatalytic mechanism of mediator-free direct Z-scheme g-C3N4/Bi2MoO6(010) and g-C3N4/Bi2WO6(010) heterostructures: A hybrid density functional theory study
Opoku F, Govender KK, van Sittert CGCE, Govendera PP
496 - 506 Long term determination of dopamine and uric acid in the presence of ascorbic acid using ytterbia/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite prepared through a sonochemical route
Jafari H, Ganjali MR, Dezfuli AS, Faridbod F
499 - 504 Stress assisted selective ablation of ITO thin film by picosecond laser
Farid N, Chan H, Milne D, Brunton A, O'Connor GM
505 - 510 Synthesis of carbon nanofibers by catalytic CVD of chlorobenzene over bulk nickel alloy
Kenzhin RM, Bauman YI, Volodin AM, Mishakov IV, Vedyagin AA
507 - 516 Excimer laser assisted very fast exfoliation and reduction of graphite oxide at room temperature under air ambient for Supercapacitors electrode
Hosseini SMBM, Baizaee SM, Naderi HR, Kordi AD
511 - 521 Investigation on the oxidation behavior of AlCrVxN thin films by means of synchrotron radiation and influence on the high temperature friction
Tillmann W, Kokalj D, Stangier D, Paulus M, Sternemann C, Tolan M
517 - 524 Surface zwitterionization: Effective method for preventing oral bacterial biofilm formation on hydroxyapatite surfaces
Lee M, Kim H, Seo J, Kang M, Kang S, Jang J, Lee Y, Seo JH
522 - 527 Growth, stability and decomposition of Mg2Si ultra-thin films on Si (100)
Sarpi B, Zirmi R, Putero M, Bouslama M, Hemeryck A, Vizzini S
525 - 532 BiVO4 microstructures with various morphologies: Synthesis and characterization
Wu M, Jing QF, Feng XY, Chen LM
528 - 534 Anodic behavior of uranium in AlCl3-1-ethyl-3-methyl-imidazolium chloride ionic liquid
Jiang YD, Luo LZ, Wang SF, Bin R, Zhang GK, Wang XL
533 - 540 Polycrystalline La1-xSrxMnO3 films on silicon: Influence of post-Deposition annealing on structural, (Magneto-) Optical, and (Magneto-) Electrical properties
Thoma P, Monecke M, Buja OM, Solonenko D, Dudric R, Ciubotariu OT, Albrecht M, Deac IG, Tetean R, Zahn DRT, Salvan G
535 - 544 Facile preparation of polyethylenimine-tannins coated SiO2 hybrid materials for Cu2+ removal
Huang Q, Liu MY, Zhao J, Chen JY, Zeng GJ, Huang HY, Tian JW, Wen YQ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
541 - 546 Fabricating high-quality ultra-thin croconic acid film using electric field guidance
Costa PS, Guzman F, Cousins K, Callori SJ, Sanchez E, Dixon PK, Smith D, Usher T, Zhang RW
545 - 552 Enhancement of arsenite removal using manganese oxide coupled with iron (III) trimesic
Phanthasri J, Khamdahsag P, Jutaporn P, Sorachoti K, Wantala K, Tanboonchuy V
547 - 553 DFT study on Al-doped defective graphene towards adsorption of elemental mercury
Liu Z, Zhang YL, Wang BY, Cheng H, Cheng XR, Huang ZC
553 - 560 Superior photoelectrochemical properties of BiVO4 nanofilms enhanced by PbS quantum dots decoration
Wang LJ, Wang WZ, Zhang WW, Chen YL, Cao WQ, Shi HL, Cao MS
554 - 562 Novel GaN-based nanocomposites: Effective band structure and optical property tuning by tensile strain or external field
Meng RS, Sun X, Jiang JK, Liang QH, Yang Q, Chen XP
561 - 565 Impact of cleaning methods on the structural properties and morphology of SrTiO3 surface
Arnay I, Rubio-Zuazo J, Castro GR
563 - 574 Characterisation of well-adhered ZrO2 layers produced on structured reactors using the sonochemical sol-gel method
Jodlowski PJ, Chlebda DK, Jedrzejczyk RJ, Dziedzicka A, Kuterasinski L, Sitarz M
566 - 572 Application of valence-to-core X-ray emission spectroscopy for identification and estimation of amount of carbon covalently bonded to chromium in amorphous Cr-C coatings prepared by magnetron sputtering
Safonov VA, Habazaki H, Glatzel P, Fishgoit LA, Drozhzhin OA, Lafuerza S, Safonova OV
573 - 580 Penetration length-dependent hot electrons in the field emission from ZnO nanowires
Chen YC, Song XM, Li ZB, She JC, Deng SZ, Xu NS, Chen J
575 - 583 Mesoporous poly(ionic liquid) supported palladium(II) catalyst for oxidative coupling of benzene under atmospheric oxygen
Liu YQ, Wang K, Hou W, Shan WJ, Li J, Zhou Y, Wang J
581 - 586 Functional group selective STM Imaging in self-assembled monolayers: Benzeneselenol on Au(111)
Azzam W, Zharnikov M, Rohwerde M, Bashir A
584 - 593 Surface chemistry and microstructure of metallic biomaterials for hip and knee endoprostheses
Jenko M, Gorensek M, Godec M, Hodnik M, Batic BS, Donik C, Grant JT, Dolinar D
587 - 597 Ni-Mo-S nanoparticles modified graphitic C3N4 for efficient hydrogen evolution
Yang H, Jin ZL, Hu HY, Bi YP, Lu GX
594 - 602 Surface functionalization of carbonyl iron with aluminum phosphate coating toward enhanced anti-oxidative ability and microwave absorption properties
Duan WJ, Li XD, Wang Y, Qiang R, Tian CH, Wang N, Han XJ, Du YC
598 - 604 Doping and controllable pore size enhanced electrochemical performance of free-standing 3D graphene films
Wang LP, Qin KQ, Li JJ, Zhao NQ, Shi CS, Ma LY, He CNA, He F, Liu EZ
603 - 607 CO2 photoreduction on hydroxyl-group-rich mesoporous single crystal TiO2
Yu H, Yan SC, Zhou P, Zou ZG
605 - 608 High quality InAsSb-based heterostructure n-i-p mid-wavelength infrared photodiode
Tong JC, Tobing LYM, Ni PN, Zhang DH
608 - 616 A facile preparation of TiO2/ACF with C-Ti bond and abundant hydroxyls and its enhanced photocatalytic activity for formaldehyde removal
Liu RF, Li WB, Peng AY
609 - 612 Magnetism in non-metal atoms adsorbed graphene-like gallium nitride monolayers
Tang WC, Sun ML, Yu J, Chou JP
613 - 619 Piezo-phototronic effect enhanced photo-detector based on ZnO nano-arrays/NiO structure
Sun JC, Li PD, Gao RX, Lu X, Li CR, Lang YY, Zhang XW, Bian JM
617 - 627 Effect of parylene C coating on the antibiocorrosive and mechanical properties of different magnesium alloys
Surmeneva MA, Vladescu A, Cotrut CM, Tyurin AI, Pirozhkova TS, Shuvarin IA, Elkin B, Oehr C, Surmenev RA
620 - 625 Adsorption of 2-thiophene curcuminoid molecules on a Au(111) surface
Flores M, Cisternas E, Mella A, Jullian D, Nunez AS, Soler M
626 - 634 Onion-derived N, S self-doped carbon materials as highly efficient metal-free electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction
Yang ST, Mao XX, Cao ZX, Yin YH, Wang ZC, Shi MJ, Dong HY
628 - 635 Electrical potential induced switchable wettability of super-aligned carbon nanotube films
Zhang G, Duan Z, Wang QG, Li L, Yao W, Liu CH
635 - 639 Multiferroic YCrO3 thin films: Structural, ferroelectric and magnetic properties
Gervacio-Arciniega JJ, Murillo-Bracamontes E, Contreras O, Siqueiros JM, Raymond O, Duran A, Bueno-Baques D, Valdespino D, Cruz-Valeriano E, Enriquez-Flores CI, Cruz MP
636 - 644 Synthesis and photochemical properties of ferrotitanate In4FeTi3O13.5 with layer structure
Liu XX, Huang YL, Qin CX, Seo HJ
640 - 648 Formation of silicon carbide by laser ablation in graphene oxide-N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone suspension on silicon surface
Jaleh B, Ghasemi S, Torkamany MJ, Salehzadeh S, Maleki F
645 - 653 In situ one-step hydrothermal synthesis of oxygen-containing groups-modified g-C3N4 for the improved photocatalytic H-2-evolution performance
Wu XH, Chen FY, Wang XF, Yu HG
649 - 655 Effect of flattened surface morphology of anodized aluminum oxide templates on the magnetic properties of nanoporous Co/Pt and Co/Pd thin multilayered films
Nguyen TNA, Fedotova J, Kasiuk J, Bayev V, Kupreeva O, Lazarouk S, Manh DH, Vu DL, Chung S, Kerman J, Altynov V, Maximenko A
654 - 661 Effects of content and surface hydrophobic modification of BaTiO3 on the cooling properties of ASA (acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate copolymer)
Xiang B, Zhang J
656 - 669 Promotional effect of Al2O3 on WO3/CeO2-ZrO2 monolithic catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides with ammonia after hydrothermal aging treatment
Xu HD, Liu S, Wang Y, Lin QJ, Lin CL, Lan L, Wang Q, Chen YQ
662 - 669 Combined angle-resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, density functional theory and kinetic study of nitridation of gallium arsenide
Mehdi H, Monier G, Hoggan PE, Bideux L, Robert-Goumet C, Dubrovskii VG
670 - 679 Ultrasmall Fe2GeO4 nanodots anchored on interconnected carbon nanosheets as high-performance anode materials for lithium and sodium ion batteries
Han JZ, Qin J, Guo LC, Qin KQ, Zhao NQ, Shi CS, Liu EZ, He F, Ma LY, He CN
670 - 677 Effect of annealing on chemical, structural and electrical properties of Au/Gd2O3/n-GaN heterostructure with a high-k rare-earth oxide interlayer
Prasad CV, Reddy MSP, Reddy VR, Park C
678 - 686 Porous Ni-3(NO3)(2)(OH)(4) nano-sheets for supercapacitors: Facile synthesis and excellent rate performance at high mass loadings
Shi MJ, Cui MW, Kang LT, Li TT, Yun S, Du J, Xu SD, Liu Y
680 - 685 Beneficial effect of shot peening on steamside oxidation of 300-series austenitic steels: An electrochemical study
Bystriansky V, Krausova A, Macak J, Ded J, Eltai E, Hamouda AM
686 - 692 Studies of the confinement at laser-induced backside dry etching using infrared nanosecond laser pulses
Ehrhardt M, Lorenz P, Bayer L, Han B, Zimmer K
687 - 694 On the nature of citrate-derived surface species on Ag nanoparticles: Insights from X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Mikhlin YL, Vorobyev SA, Saikova SV, Vishnyakova EA, Romanchenko AS, Zharkov SM, Larichev YV
693 - 701 Hydrothermal synthesis of core-shell MoO2/alpha-Mo2C heterojunction as high performance electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Liu YC, Huang BB, Xie ZL
695 - 703 The detection of He in tungsten following ion implantation by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Shaw G, Bannister M, Biewer TM, Martin MZ, Meyer F, Wirth BD
702 - 710 Au@TiO2 nanocomposites synthesized by X-ray radiolysis as potential radiosensitizers
Higgins MCM, Clifford DM, Rojas JV
704 - 714 A molecular dynamics study on the buckling behavior of cross-linked functionalized carbon nanotubes under physical adsorption of polymer chains
Ajori S, Ansari R, Haghighi S
711 - 721 XPS study of multilayer multicomponent films
Lubenchenko AV, Batrakov AA, Pavolotsky AB, Lubenchenko OI, Ivanov DA
715 - 723 Platinum assisted by carbon quantum dots for methanol electro-oxidation
Pan D, Li XW, Zhang AF
722 - 729 Phosphine-functionalized graphene oxide, a high-performance electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Ensafi AA, Haghighi MG, Jafari-Asl M
724 - 732 Self-assembly and photopolymerization of a novel quaternary-ammonium functionalized diacetylene on noble metal nanoparticles: A comparative study
Martinez-Espinoza MI, Maccagno M, Thea S, Alloisio M
730 - 738 Enhanced photocatalytic performances of ultrafine g-C3N4 nanosheets obtained by gaseous stripping with wet nitrogen
Fan CK, Feng Q, Xu GQ, Lv J, Zhang Y, Liu JQ, Qin YQ, Wu YC
733 - 741 Fabrication and enhanced photocatalytic properties of novel 3D MoS2/Na0.9Mg0.45Ti3.55O8 heterostructures
Lei YX, Wang JZ, Zhou JP, Guo ZQ, Ul Hassan Q
739 - 744 A novel bifunctional Ni-doped TiO2 inverse opal with enhanced SERS performance and excellent photocatalytic activity
Li XH, Wu Y, Shen YH, Sun Y, Yang Y, Xie AJ
742 - 753 Porphyran-capped gold nanoparticles modified carbon paste electrode: a simple and efficient electrochemical sensor for the sensitive determination of 5-fluorouracil
Lima D, Calaca GN, Viana AG, Pessoa CA
745 - 752 Surface agglomeration is beneficial for release of magnetic property via research of rare earth (RE) element-substitution
Liu YQ, Qi J, Zhang YL, Wang YH, Feng M, Zhang JK, Wei MB, Yang JH
753 - 762 Enhanced removal of iodide from aqueous solution by ozonation and subsequent adsorption on Ag-Ag2O modified on Carbon Spheres
Yu F, Chen YT, Wang YS, Liu C, Ma WQ
754 - 762 Raman spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy study of interfacial polytypism in GaP/Ge(111) heterostructures
Aggarwal R, Ingale AA, Dixit VK
763 - 770 Behavior of Ti-6Al-4 V surfaces after exposure to water disinfected with ionic silver
Mintsouli I, Tsiridis V, Petala M, Pliatsikas N, Rebeyre P, Darakas E, Kostoglou M, Sotiropoulos S, Karapantsios T
763 - 773 A comparative study of primary and secondary passive films formed on AM355 stainless steel in 0.1 M NaOH
Man C, Dong CF, Cui ZY, Xiao K, Yu Q, Li XG
771 - 778 Au-CeO2 Janus-like nanoparticles fabricated by block copolymer templates and their catalytic activity in the degradation of methyl orange
Yu H, Jiao YP, Li N, Pang JJ, Li WT, Zhang XK, Li X, Li CS
774 - 781 The structural characterizations of Ti-17 alloy films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Liu G, Yang YQ, Jin N, Luo X, Huang B, Li PT, Kou ZD
779 - 786 Facile fabrication of graphene-based aerogel with rare earth metal oxide for water purification
Pan LP, Liu SL, Oderinde O, Li KW, Yao F, Fu GD
782 - 790 Improving the efficiency and environmental stability of inverted planar perovskite solar cells via silver-doped nickel oxide hole-transporting layer
Wei Y, Yao K, Wang XF, Jiang YH, Liu XY, Zhou NG, Li F
787 - 797 Preparation and characterization of amphiphilic copolymer PVDF-g-PMABS and its application in improving hydrophilicity and protein fouling resistance of PVDF membrane
Chen FT, Shi XX, Chen XB, Chen WX
791 - 799 Significant improvement in visible light photocatalytic activity of Fe doped TiO2 using an acid treatment process
Moradi V, Jun MBG, Blackburn A, Herring RA
798 - 806 Study of phase development and thermal stability in as synthesized TiO2 nanoparticles by laser pyrolysis: ethylene uptake and oxygen enrichment
Ilie AG, Scarisoreanu M, Dutu E, Dumitrache F, Banici AM, Fleaca CT, Vasile E, Mihailescu I
800 - 806 Hierarchical cobalt poly-phosphide hollow spheres as highly active and stable electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution over a wide pH range
Wu TL, Pi MY, Wang XD, Guo WM, Zhang DK, Chen SJ
807 - 813 Biomass-derived nitrogen-doped porous carbons with tailored hierarchical porosity and high specific surface area for high energy and power density supercapacitors
Sun JT, Niu J, Liu MY, Ji J, Dou ML, Wang F
807 - 812 Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production on three-dimensional gold butterfly wing scales/CdS nanoparticles
Fang J, Song GF, Liu QL, Zhang W, Gu JJ, Su YS, Su HL, Guo CP, Di Zhang
813 - 824 Functioned silver nanoparticle loaded activated carbon for the recovery of bioactive molecule from bacterial fermenter for its bactericidal activity
Arivizhivendhan V, Mahesh M, Boopathy R, Karthikeyan S, Mary RR, Sekaran G
814 - 822 Very high photoresponse towards low-powered UV light under low-biased condition by nanocrystal assembled TiO2 film
Mondal S, Basak D
823 - 829 N-doped yolk-shell hollow carbon sphere wrapped with graphene as sulfur host for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Zhang YZ, Sun K, Zhan L, Wang YL, Ling LC
825 - 829 Chemical and morphological modifications of single layer graphene submitted to annealing in water vapor
Rolim GK, Correa SA, Galves LA, Lopes JMJ, Soares GV, Radtke C
830 - 836 Template-free synthesis of porous ZnO/Ag microspheres as recyclable and ultra-sensitive SERS substrates
Liu YJ, Xu CX, Lu JF, Zhu Z, Zhu QX, Manohari AG, Shi ZL
830 - 842 Fabrication of high flux and antifouling mixed matrix fumarate-alumoxane/PAN membranes via electrospinning for application in membrane bioreactors
Moradi G, Zinadini S, Rajabi L, Dadari S
837 - 847 Toward improving CO2 dissociation and conversion to methanol via CO-hydrogenation on Cu(100) surface by introducing embedded Co nanoclusters as promoters: A DFT study
Qiu M, Tao HL, Li YL, Li Y, Ding KN, Huang X, Chen WK, Zhang YF
843 - 850 Coupling catalytic hydrolysis and oxidation of HCN over HZSM-5 modified by metal (Fe,Cu) oxides
Hu YN, Liu JP, Cheng JH, Wang LL, Tao L, Wang Q, Wang XQ, Ning P
848 - 853 Enhancement in volatile organic compound sensitivity of aged Ag nanoparticle aggregates by plasma exposure
Hosomi K, Ozaki K, Nishiyama F, Takahiro K
851 - 856 The defects regulating for the electronic structure and optical properties of 4H-SiC with (0001) surface
Fan MH, Cen WF, Cai XM, Liao YF, Xie J, Xie Q
854 - 860 Fabrication of high aspect ratio nanopillars and micro/nano combined structures with hydrophobic surface characteristics by injection molding
Zhou MY, Xiong X, Jiang BY, Weng C
857 - 862 Friction behaviors of rough chromium surfaces under starving lubrication conditions
Liu DR, Yan B, Shen B, Liu L, Hu WB
861 - 866 Realization of single terminated surface of perovskite oxide single crystals and their band profile: (LaAlO3)(0.3)(Sr2AlTaO6)(0.7), SrTiO3 and KTaO3 case study
Tomar R, Wadehra N, Budhiraja V, Prakash B, Chakraverty S
863 - 875 ZnO:Ag nanorods as efficient photocatalysts: Sunlight driven photocatalytic degradation of sulforhodamine B
Raji R, Sibi KS, Gopchandran KG
867 - 873 Comparative study of CO adsorption on zirconia polymorphs with DRIFT and transmission FT-IR spectroscopy
Zhou W, Ma ZY, Guo SP, Wang M, Wang JG, Xia M, Jia LT, Hou B, Li DB, Zhao YX
874 - 882 Emission and evaporation properties of 75 at.% Re-25 at.% W mixed matrix impregnated cathode
Lai C, Wang JS, Zhou F, Liu W, den Engelsen D, Miao NH
876 - 883 Effect of in situ annealing on the structural and electrical properties and infrared photodetection of III-Sb on GaAs using interfacial misfit array
Jia BW, Tan KH, Loke WK, Wicaksono S, Yoon SF
883 - 893 Preparation, characterization and environmental/electrochemical energy storage testing of low-cost biochar from natural chitin obtained via pyrolysis at mild conditions
Magnacca G, Guerretta F, Vizintin A, Benzi P, Valsania MC, Nistico R
884 - 889 Nanoporous niobium nitride (Nb2N) with enhanced electrocatalytic performance for hydrogen evolution
Li Y, Zhang JL, Qian XY, Zhang Y, Wang YN, Hu RD, Yao C, Zhu JW
890 - 896 Magnetic properties of epsilon iron(III) oxide nanorod arrays functionalized with gold and copper(II) oxide
Maccato C, Carraro G, Peddis D, Varvaro G, Barreca D
894 - 904 Solidifying process and flame retardancy of epoxy resin cured with boron-containing phenolic resin
Deng P, Shi Y, Liu YS, Liu Y, Wang Q
897 - 906 Effects of surface treatments and bonding types on the interfacial behavior of fiber metal laminate based on magnesium alloy
Zhang X, Ma QY, Dai Y, Hu FP, Liu G, Xu ZY, Wei GB, Xu TC, Zeng QW, Xie WD
905 - 914 Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of TiCN-Cr nano/micro composite coatings prepared by reactive plasma spraying
Zhang FY, He JN, Chen K, Qin YF, Li C, Yin FX
907 - 916 Hierarchical Cu2O foam/g-C3N4 photocathode for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production
Ma XZ, Zhang JT, Wang B, Li QG, Chu S
915 - 921 A facile method for simulating randomly rough membrane surface associated with interface behaviors
Qu XL, Cai X, Zhang MJ, Lin HJ, Zhao LH, Liao BQ
917 - 926 Evolution of oil/water interface in the presence of SDBS detected by dual polarization interferometry
Duan M, Ding ZL, Wang H, Xiong Y, Fang SW, Shi P, Liu S
922 - 930 High performance polypyrrole coating for corrosion protection and biocidal applications
Nautiyal A, Qiao MY, Cook JE, Zhang XY, Huang TS
927 - 933 Graphene oxide on magnetron sputtered silver thin films for SERS and metamaterial applications
Politano GG, Cazzanelli E, Versace C, Vena C, De Santo MP, Castriota M, Ciuchi F, Bartolino R
931 - 941 Multilayered ion-imprinted membranes with high selectivity towards Li+ based on the synergistic effect of 12-crown-4 and polyether sulfone
Lu J, Qin YY, Zhang Q, Wu YL, Cui JY, Li CX, Wang L, Yan YS
934 - 941 The effect of surface treatment on the microstructure of the skin of concrete
Sadowski L, Stefaniuk D
942 - 949 Adsorption of intrinsically disordered barnacle adhesive proteins on silica surface
Wang XQ, Wang C, Xu BM, Wei JT, Xiao Y, Huang F
942 - 948 Defect formation and electronic structure regulated by strain engineering in ReS2
Min YM, Wang AQ, Ren XM, Liu LZ, Wu XL
949 - 952 Spin-up "pristine-like" Dirac cone in bridge-structure graphene on Ni(111)
Escano MCS, Nguyen TQ, Kasai H
950 - 955 Investigation of microstructure and properties of ultrathin graded ZrNx self-assembled diffusion barrier in deep nano-vias prepared by plasma ion immersion implantation
Zou JX, Liu B, Lin LW, Lu YF, Dong YM, Jiao GH, Ma F, Li QR
953 - 960 CH4 dissociation in the early stage of graphene growth on Fe-Cu(100) surface: Theoretical insights
Tian BY, Liu TH, Yang YY, Li K, Wu ZJ, Wang Y
956 - 964 Synthesis of In2O3 nanostructures with different morphologies as potential supercapacitor electrode materials
Tuzluca FN, Yesilbag YO, Ertugrul M
961 - 965 Rapid formation of nanostructures in Au films using a CO2 laser
Maurya SK, Uto Y, Kashihara K, Yonekura N, Nakajima T
965 - 975 Enhanced removal of humic acid from aqueous solution by novel stabilized nano-amorphous calcium phosphate: Behaviors and mechanisms
Jiang L, Li YM, Shao Y, Zhang Y, Han RM, Li SY, Wei W
966 - 972 XPS analysis of PE and EVA samples irradiated at different gamma-doses
Dorey S, Gaston F, Marque SRA, Bortolotti B, Dupuy N
973 - 980 Role of CO2 in the oxy-dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene on the CeO2(111) surface
Fan HX, Feng J, Li WY, Li XH, Wiltowski T, Ge QF
976 - 985 Magnetic multi-porous bio-adsorbent modified with amino siloxane for fast removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solution
Zhou JJ, Liu YC, Zhou XH, Ren JL, Zhong CB
981 - 991 A novel hydroxyl epoxy phosphate monomer enhancing the anticorrosive performance of waterborne Graphene/Epoxy coatings
Ding JH, Rahman OU, Peng WJ, Dou HM, Yu HB
986 - 993 Facile synthesis of a nitrogen-doped graphene flower-like MnO2 nanocomposite and its application in supercapacitors
Dong JY, Lu G, Wu F, Xu CX, Kang XH, Cheng ZM
992 - 999 Hierarchically porous carbon with high-speed ion transport channels for high performance supercapacitors
Lu HY, Li QW, Guo JH, Song AX, Gong CH, Zhang JW, Zhang JW
994 - 1002 Reactive bipolar pulsed dual magnetron sputtering of ZrN films: The effect of duty cycle
Rizzo A, Valerini D, Capodieci L, Mirenghi L, Di Benedetto F, Protopapa ML
1000 - 1008 Improving the performance of water desalination through ultra-permeable functionalized nanoporous graphene oxide membrane
Hosseini M, Azamat J, Erfan-Niya H
1003 - 1010 Palladium-directed self-assembly of multi-titanium(IV)-porphyrin arrays on the substrate surface as sensitive ultrathin films for hydrogen peroxide sensing, photocurrent generation, and photochromism of viologen
He WL, Fang F, Ma DM, Chen M, Qian DJ, Liu MH
1009 - 1018 Synthesis of Co3O4/Ag/TiO2 nanotubes arrays via photo-deposition of Ag and modification of Co3O4 (311) for enhancement of visible-light photoelectrochemical performance
Zhang Y, Nie JT, Wang Q, Zhang XW, Wang Q, Cong YQ
1011 - 1018 The physicochemical properties and catalytic performance of carbon-covered alumina for oxidative dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene with CO2
Wang TH, Chong SY, Wang TT, Lu HY, Ji M
1019 - 1029 Changing the activities and structures of bovine serum albumin bound to graphene oxide
Zhang HM, Zhu ZH, Wang YQ, Fei ZH, Cao J
1019 - 1026 Electric-field controlled capture or release of phosgene molecule on graphene-based materials: First principles calculations
Zhang T, Sun H, Wang FD, Zhang WQ, Ma JM, Tang SW, Gong HW, Zhang JP
1027 - 1032 Engineering of InN epilayers by repeated deposition of ultrathin layers in pulsed MOCVD growth
Mickevicius J, Dobrovolskas D, Steponavicius T, Malinauskas T, Kolenda M, Kadys A, Tamulaitis G
1030 - 1037 First-principles investigation on hydrogen storage performance of Li, Na and K decorated borophene
Wang LFZ, Chen XF, Du HY, Yuan YQ, Qu H, Zou M
1033 - 1040 Aromatic structure degradation of single layer graphene on an amorphous silicon substrate in the presence of water, hydrogen and Extreme Ultraviolet light
Mund BK, Sturm JM, Lee CJ, Bijkerk F
1038 - 1045 Synthesis of HNTs@PEDOT composites via in situ chemical oxidative polymerization and their application in electrode materials
Wang F, Zhang XH, Ma YH, Yang WT
1041 - 1045 Nitrogen redistribution in annealed LaFeOxNy thin films investigated by FTIR spectroscopy and EELS mapping
Haye E, Pierron V, Barrat S, Capon F, Munnik F, Bruyere S
1046 - 1054 High-k 3D-barium titanate foam/phenolphthalein poly(ether sulfone)/cyanate ester composites with frequency-stable dielectric properties and extremely low dielectric loss under reduced concentration of ceramics
Zheng LH, Yuan L, Guan QB, Liang GZ, Gu AJ
1046 - 1053 Fabrication of Pt nanoparticles decorated Gd-doped Bi2MoO6 nanosheets: Design, radicals regulating and mechanism of Gd/Pt-Bi2MoO6 photocatalyst
Li HD, Li WJ, Wang FZ, Liu XT, Ren CJ, Miao X
1054 - 1063 Fe3O4@polyaniline yolk-shell micro/nanospheres as bifunctional materials for lithium storage and electromagnetic wave absorption
Wang XL, Zhang MW, Zhao JM, Huang GY, Sun HY
1055 - 1064 Increase of porosity by combining semi-carbonization and KOH activation of formaldehyde resins to prepare high surface area carbons for supercapacitor applications
Heimbockel R, Kraas S, Hoffmann F, Froba M
1064 - 1070 Enhanced electronic and electrochemical properties of core-shelled V2O5-Pt nanowires
Pan KY, Wei DH
1065 - 1075 Preparation and characterization of novel zwitterionic poly(arylene ether sulfone) ultrafiltration membrane with good thermostability and excellent antifouling properties
Rong GL, Zhou D, Han XC, Pang JH
1071 - 1079 Stoichiometry and tribological behavior of thick Ta(N) coatings produced by direct current magnetron sputtering (DCMS)
Guo XT, Niu YS, Chen MH, Sun WY, Zhu SL, Wang FH
1076 - 1083 Fabrication of periodic nanostructures using dynamic plowing lithography with the tip of an atomic force microscope
He Y, Yan YD, Geng YQ, Brousseau E
1080 - 1089 Preparation of molybdenum-doped akaganeite nano-rods and their catalytic effect on the viscosity reduction of extra heavy crude oil
Zhao K, Wang XD, Pan H, Li QY, Yang JJ, Li XH, Zhang ZJ
1084 - 1091 MD simulation analysis of resin filling into nano-sized pore formed on metal surface
Mori H, Matubayasi N
1090 - 1095 Electronic, magnetic and structural properties of Co3O4 (100) surface: a DFT plus U study
Hashim AH, Zayeda AOH, Zain SM, Lee VS, Said SM
1092 - 1098 Structurally stable graphene oxide-based nanofiltration membranes with bioadhesive polydopamine coating
Wang CB, Li ZY, Chen JX, Yin YH, Wu H
1096 - 1104 Influence of deposition temperature on WTiN coatings tribological performance
Londono-Menjura RF, Ospina R, Escobar D, Quintero JH, Olaya JJ, Mello A, Restrepo-Parra E
1099 - 1106 Structural, optical and electrical properties of copper antimony sulfide thin films grown by a citrate-assisted single chemical bath deposition
Loranca-Ramos FE, Diliegros-Godines CJ, Gonzalez RS, Pal M
1105 - 1113 Derivative effect of laser cladding on interface stability of YSZ@Ni coating on GH4169 alloy: An experimental and theoretical study
Zheng HZ, Li BT, Tan Y, Li GF, Shu XY, Peng P
1107 - 1117 Insight into highly efficient removal of cadmium and methylene blue by eco-friendly magnesium silicate-hydrothermal carbon composite
Xiong T, Yuan XZ, Chen XH, Wu ZB, Wang H, Leng LJ, Wang H, Jiang LB, Zeng GM
1114 - 1119 Ultrasensitive label-free detection of DNA hybridization by sapphire-based graphene field-effect transistor biosensor
Xu SC, Jiang SZ, Zhang C, Yue WW, Zou Y, Wang GY, Liu HL, Zhang XM, Li MZ, Zhu ZS, Wang JH
1118 - 1123 One-step synthesis of multi-emission carbon nanodots for ratiometric temperature sensing
Nguyen V, Yan LH, Xu HH, Yue MM
1120 - 1128 Click-assembling triazole membrane on copper surface via one-step or two-steps and their corrosion inhibition performance
Wang YZ, Yu YZ, Zhang J, Gao LX, Feng LK, Zhang DQ
1124 - 1134 Structure and corrosion behaviour of electrodeposited Co-Mo/TiO2 nano-composite coatings
Krawiec H, Vignal V, Latkiewicz M, Herbst F
1129 - 1136 Structurally colored films with superhydrophobicity and wide viewing angles based on bumpy melanin-like particles
Yi B, Shen HF
1135 - 1145 Production of stable superhydrophilic surfaces on 316L steel by simultaneous laser texturing and SiO2 deposition
Rajab FH, Liu Z, Li L
1137 - 1143 Probing the electron beam induced reduction of graphite oxide by in situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy/mass spectrometer
Zhu CH, Hao XF, Liu Y, Wu YP, Wang JH
1144 - 1151 Formation mechanism of 3D macroporous graphene aerogel in alcohol-water media under gamma-ray radiation
Wang WK, Wu YH, Jiang ZW, Wang MZ, Wu QC, Zhou X, Ge XW
1146 - 1151 Laser-induced surface recrystallization of polycrystalline PbI2 thick films for X-ray detector application
Sun H, Zhao BJ, Zhu XH, Zhu SF, Yang DY, Wangyang PH, Gao XY
1152 - 1164 Sialic acid-triggered macroscopic properties switching on a smart polymer surface
Xiong YT, Li MM, Wang HX, Qing GY, Sun TL
1152 - 1157 Graphene quantum dots produced by exfoliation of intercalated graphite nanoparticles and their application for temperature sensors
Nguyen DK, Kim T
1158 - 1165 Engineering hierarchical Diatom@CuO@MnO2 hybrid for high performance supercapacitor
Zhang Y, Guo WW, Zheng TX, Zhang YX, Fan X
1165 - 1173 Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to CO over copper decorated g-C3N4 nanosheets with enhanced yield and selectivity
Shi GD, Yang L, Liu ZW, Chen X, Zhou JQ, Yu Y
1166 - 1181 Antibacterial effects, biocompatibility and electrochemical behavior of zinc incorporated niobium oxide coating on 316L SS for biomedical applications
PremKumar KP, Duraipandy N, Kiran MS, Rajendran N
1174 - 1182 Effect of surfactant and mineralizer on the dielectric properties of zirconia nanocrsytals
Maheswari AU, Mohan SR, Sivakumar M
1182 - 1188 Atomic configuration of hydrogenated and clean tantalum(111) surfaces: Bond relaxation, energy entrapment and electron polarization
Bo ML, Li L, Guo YL, Yao C, Peng C, Sun CQ
1183 - 1192 Na2Ti6O13@TiO2 core-shell nanorods with controllable mesoporous shells and their enhanced photocatalytic performance
Zhou XF, Zhong DL, Luo H, Pan J, Zhang D
1189 - 1198 beta-Cyclodextrin grafted polypyrrole magnetic nanocomposites toward the targeted delivery and controlled release of doxorubicin
Hong SS, Li ZB, Li CZ, Dong CA, Shuang SM
1193 - 1201 The one-step electroposition of superhydrophobic surface on AZ31 magnesium alloy and its time-dependence corrosion resistance in NaCl solution
Zhong YX, Hu J, Zhang YF, Tang SW
1199 - 1202 Enhanced pH sensitivity of AlGaN/GaN ion-sensitive field effect transistor with Al2O3 synthesized by atomic layer deposition
Wang L, Li LA, Zhang T, Liu XK, Ao JP
1202 - 1216 Systematic research on Ag2X (X = O, S, Se, Te) as visible and near-infrared light driven photocatalysts and effects of their electronic structures
Jiang W, Wu ZM, Zhu YM, Tian W, Liang B
1203 - 1212 Effect of tetravalent dopants on hematite nanostructure for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Subramanian A, Gracia-Espino E, Annamalai A, Lee HH, Lee SY, Choi SH, Jang JS
1217 - 1226 Exceptional catalytic performance of ultrafine Cu2O nanoparticles confined in cubic mesoporous carbon for 4-nitrophenol reduction
Rath PC, Saikia D, Mishra M, Kao HM
1227 - 1234 Density functional theory calculations of biomolecules adsorption on phosphorene for biomedical applications
Rubio-Pereda P, Cocoletzi GH
1235 - 1241 High-throughput combinatorial chemical bath deposition: The case of doping Cu (In, Ga) Se film with antimony
Yan ZK, Zhang XK, Li G, Cui YX, Jiang ZL, Liu W, Peng Z, Xiang Y
1242 - 1247 The preparation of polytrifluorochloroethylene (PCTFE) micro-particles and application on treating bearing steel surfaces to improve the lubrication effect for copper-graphite (Cu/C)
Lu HL, Zhang PP, Ren SS, Guo JD, Li X, Dong GN
1248 - 1256 Surface modification and characterization of basalt fibers as potential reinforcement of concretes
Iorio M, Santarelli ML, Gonzalez-Gaitano G, Gonzalez-Benito J
1257 - 1270 Comparison of the surfaces and interfaces formed for sputter and electroless deposited gold contacts on CdZnTe
Bell SJ, Baker MA, Duarte DD, Schneider A, Seller P, Sellin PJ, Veale MC, Wilson MD
1271 - 1279 Two-step fabrication of nanoporous copper films with tunable morphology for SERS application
Diao FY, Xiao XX, Luo B, Sun H, Ding F, Ci LJ, Si PC
1280 - 1280 Analysis of codeposited Gd2O3/SiO2 composite thin films by phase modulated spectroscopic ellipsometric technique (Retraction of Vol 253, Pg 1787, 2006)
Sahoo NK, Thakur S, Tokas RB
1281 - 1281 Morphological, microstructural and optical properties supremacy of binarycomposite films-A study based on Gd2O3/SiO2 system (Retraction of Vol 253, Pg 3455, 2006)
Sahoo NK, Thakur S, Tokas RB