Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.426 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

In this Issue (143 articles)

1 - 18 Bioinspired silica-based superhydrophobic materials
Tian P, Guo ZG
19 - 28 Enhanced electrochemical performance of LiMn2O4 by constructing a stable Mn2+-rich interface
Lu ZP, Lu XJ, Ding JJ, Zhou T, Ge T, Yang G, Yin F, Wu MF
29 - 39 Rapid adsorption of Pb, Cu and Cd from aqueous solutions by beta-cyclodextrin polymers
He JY, Li YL, Wang CM, Zhang KS, Lin DY, Kong LT, Liu JH
40 - 49 Modifying surface properties of KIT-6 zeolite with Ni and V for enhancing catalytic CO methanation
Cao HX, Zhang J, Guo CL, Chen JGG, Ren XK
50 - 55 RGO/MWCNTs/CuxO-CeO2 ternary nanocomposites for preferential CO oxidation in hydrogen-rich streams
Zhang H, Xu CJ, Ding JF, Su HQ, Zeng SH
56 - 66 A novel surface imprinted polymer/magnetic hydroxyapatite nanocomposite for selective dibenzothiophene scavenging
Ali HR, El-Maghrabi HH, Zahran F, Moustafa YM
67 - 76 Influence of Nd addition on the corrosion behavior of Zn-5%Al alloy in 3.5wt.% NaCl solution
Cao ZJ, Kong G, Che CS, Wang YQ
77 - 86 Interaction of 3 ',4 ',6 '-trimyristoyl-uridine derivative as potential anticancer drug with phospholipids of tumorigenic and non-tumorigenic cells
Salis LFG, Jaroque GN, Escobar JFB, Giordani C, Martinez AM, Fernandez DMM, Castelli F, Sarpietro MG, Caseli L
87 - 98 Electropolymerization of camphorsulfonic acid doped conductive polypyrrole anti-corrosive coating for 304SS bipolar plates
Jiang L, Syed JA, Gao YZ, Zhang QX, Zhao JF, Lu HB, Meng XK
99 - 106 Preparation of nitrogen-doped biomass-derived carbon nanofibers/graphene aerogel as a binder-free electrode for high performance supercapacitors
Zhang YM, Wang F, Zhu H, Zhou LC, Zheng XL, Li XH, Chen Z, Wang Y, Zhang DD, Pan D
107 - 115 DFT-D study of adsorption of diaminoethane and propylamine molecules on anatase (101) TiO2 surface
Hemeryck A, Motta A, Lacaze-Dufaure C, Costa D, Marcus P
116 - 122 One-step preparation of Ti3+ self-doped TiO2 single crystals with internal-pores and highly exposed {001} facets for improved photocatalytic activity
Sui YL, Liu QX, Jiang T, Guo YF
123 - 132 Self-organization of palladium nanoislands on GaN and AlxGa1-xN/GaN heterostructures
Stafiniak A, Szymanski T, Paszkiewicz R
133 - 147 Molecular layer deposition of polyurethane-Polymerisation at the very contact to native aluminium and copper
Fug F, Petry A, Jost H, Ahmed A, Zamanzade M, Possart W
148 - 159 Hierarchical Ni-Co layered double hydroxide nanosheets on functionalized 3D-RGO films for high energy density asymmetric supercapacitor
Jiang LY, Sui YW, Qi JQ, Chang Y, He YZ, Meng QK, Wei FX, Sun Z, Jin YX
160 - 168 Green and facile synthesis of fibrous Ag/cotton composites and their catalytic properties for 4-nitrophenol reduction
Li ZY, Jia ZG, Ni T, Li SB
169 - 176 Surface glass transition temperature characterized by metal-atom deposition/desorption on organic films
Tsujioka T, Okuda M
177 - 184 Hydrothermal fabrication of few-layer MoS2 nanosheets within nanopores on TiO2 derived from MIL-125(Ti) for efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Ye F, Li HF, Yu HT, Chen S, Quan X
185 - 193 Antifouling composites with self-adaptive controlled release based on an active compound intercalated into layered double hydroxides
Yang MS, Gu LH, Yang B, Wang L, Sun ZY, Zheng JY, Zhang JW, Hou J, Lin CG
194 - 205 DFT study of hydrogen production from formic acid decomposition on Pd-Au alloy nanoclusters
Liu D, Gao ZY, Wang XC, Zeng J, Li YM
206 - 216 Facile preparation of well-combined lignin-based carbon/ZnO hybrid composite with excellent photocatalytic activity
Wang H, Qiu XQ, Liu WF, Yang DJ
217 - 223 Operando study of Fe3O4 anodes by electrochemical atomic force microscopy
Wang SW, Zhang WC, Chen YN, Dai ZW, Zhao CC, Wang DY, Shen C
224 - 228 Analysis of arrayed nanocapacitor formed on nanorods by flow-rate interruption atomic layer deposition
Lin BC, Ku CS, Lee HY, Chakroborty S, Wu AT
229 - 237 Hybrid biocomposites based on titania nanotubes and a hydroxyapatite coating deposited by RF-magnetron sputtering: Surface topography, structure, and mechanical properties
Chernozem RV, Surmeneva MA, Krause B, Baumbach T, Ignatov VP, Tyurin AI, Loza K, Epple M, Surmenev RA
238 - 243 New insights into canted spiro carbon interstitial in graphite
EL-Barbary AA
244 - 252 First-principles study of the small molecule adsorption on the InSe monolayer
Ma DW, Ju WW, Tang YA, Chen Y
253 - 261 Effect of droplet shrinking on surface acoustic wave response in microfluidic applications
Bui T, Nguyen V, Vollebregt S, Morana B, van Zeijl H, Duc TC, Sarro PM
262 - 270 Effects of twin boundaries in vanadium nitride films subjected to tensile/compressive deformations
Fu T, Peng XH, Huang C, Zhao YB, Weng SY, Chen X, Hu N
271 - 278 Versatile superamphiphobic cotton fabrics fabricated by coating with SiO2/FOTS
Li DK, Guo ZG
279 - 286 Influence of different impregnation modes on the properties of CuO-CeO2/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts for NO reduction by CO
Sun JF, Ge CY, Yao XJ, Zou WX, Hong X, Tang CJ, Dong L
287 - 293 Modifying sulfomethylated alkali lignin by horseradish peroxidase to improve the dispersibility and conductivity of polyaniline
Yang DJ, Huang WJ, Qiu XQ, Lou HM, Qian Y
294 - 300 Boron and oxygen-codoped porous carbon as efficient oxygen reduction catalysts
Lei ZD, Chen HB, Yang M, Yang DG, Li HM
301 - 306 Study of Cu2O\ZnO nanowires heterojunction designed by combining electrodeposition and atomic layer deposition
Makhlouf H, Weber M, Messaoudi O, Tingry S, Moret M, Briot O, Chtoutou R, Bechelany M
307 - 314 Fabrication of nanochannels on polyimide films using dynamic plowing lithography
Stoica I, Barzic AI, Hulubei C
315 - 324 PEGylation controls attachment and engulfment of monodisperse magnetic poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) microspheres by murine J774.2 macrophages
Horak D, Hlidkova H, Klyuchivska O, Grytsyna I, Stoika R
325 - 332 A novel and facile synthesis of black TiO(2 )with improved visible-light photocatalytic H-2 generation: Impact of surface modification with CTAB on morphology, structure and property
Wang T, Li WW, Xu DD, Wu XM, Cao LW, Meng JX
333 - 341 Effect of calcination temperature on formaldehyde oxidation performance of Pt/TiO2 nanofiber composite at room temperature
Xu FY, Le Y, Cheng B, Jiang CJ
342 - 350 Origin and chemical composition of the amorphous material from the intergrain pores of self-assembled cubic ZnS:Mn nanocrystals
Stefan M, Vlaicu ID, Nistor LC, Ghica D, Nistor SV
351 - 359 Facile synthesis of hydrangea-like core-shell Pd@Pt/graphene composite as an efficient electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation
Xu SH, Li ZS, Lei FL, Wang YL, Xie YX, Lin S
360 - 368 Fabrication of hierarchical porous ZnO-Al2O3 microspheres with enhanced adsorption performance
Lei CS, Pi M, Xu DF, Jiang CJ, Cheng B
369 - 375 Structural and optical properties of heteroepitaxial anatase titania films on MgAl6O10 (100) substrates by MOCVD
Zhao W, Feng XJ, Ma XC, He LN, Cao Q, Ma J
376 - 385 Preparation, characterization and application of dispersible and spherical Nano-SiO2@Copolymer nanocomposite in leather tanning
Pan H, Li GL, Liu RQ, Wang SX, Wang XD
386 - 390 Raman, EPR and ethanol sensing properties of oxygen-Vacancies SrTi3-delta compounds
Trabelsi H, Bejar M, Dhahri E, Graca MPF, Valente MA, Soares MJ, Sobolev NA
391 - 398 Single-layer graphene/titanium oxide cubic nanorods array/FTO heterojunction for sensitive ultraviolet light detection
Liang FX, Wang JZ, Wang Y, Lin Y, Liang L, Gao Y, Luo LB
399 - 405 Smooth polishing of femtosecond laser induced craters on cemented carbide by ultrasonic vibration method
Wang HP, Guan YC, Zheng HY
406 - 417 Experimental investigation of the tip based micro/nano machining
Guo Z, Tian Y, Liu X, Wang F, Zhou C, Zhang D
418 - 426 Effect of duty cycle on preparation and corrosion behavior of electrodeposited calcium phosphate coatings on AZ91
Wu PP, Zhang ZZ, Xu FJ, Deng KK, Nie KB, Gao R
427 - 436 Fabrication of Bi modified Bi2S3 pillared g-C3N4 photocatalyst and its efficient photocatalytic reduction and oxidation performances
Chen DD, Fang JZ, Lu SY, Zhou GY, Feng WH, Yang F, Chen Y, Fang ZQ
437 - 445 Enhanced energy density and thermostability in polyimide nanocomposites containing core-shell structured BaTiO3@SiO2 nanofibers
Wang JC, Long YC, Sun Y, Zhang XQ, Yang H, Lin B
446 - 455 TSEM-based contour analysis as a tool for the quantification of the profile roughness of silica shells on polystyrene core particles
Sarma D, Mielke J, Sahre M, Beck U, Hodoroaba VD, Rurack K
456 - 465 Electrical current at micro-/macro-scale of undoped an nitrogen-doped MWPECVD diamond films
Cicala G, Velardi L, Senesi GS, Picca RA, Cioffi N
466 - 479 Quaternary schematics for property engineering of CdSe thin films
Chavan GT, Pawar ST, Prakshale VM, Sikora A, Pawar SM, Chaure NB, Kamble SS, Maldar NN, Deshmukh LP
480 - 496 Effective coating of titania nanoparticles with alumina via atomic layer deposition
Azizpour H, Talebi M, Tichelaar FD, Sotudeh-Gharebagh R, Guo J, van Ommen JR, Mostoufi N
497 - 503 Revisiting kinetics of morin oxidation: Surface kinetics analysis
Bingwa N, Bewana S, Haumann M, Meijboom R
504 - 513 Atomistic investigation on the detachment of oil molecules from defective alumina surface
Xie WK, Sun YZ, Liu HT
514 - 526 Effects of lead on oxidation behavior of Alloy 690TT within a high temperature aqueous environment
Hou Q, Liu ZY, Li CT, Li XG
527 - 535 Confinement - assisted shock-wave-induced thin-film delamination (SWIFD) of copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) on a flexible substrate
Lorenz P, Zagoranskiy I, Ehrhardt M, Han B, Bayer L, Zimmer K
536 - 544 Heterojunction of n-type Sr(2)TiO(4 )with p-type Bi5O7I with enhanced photocatalytic activity under irradiation of simulated sunlight
Hu CC, Chen TS, Huang HX
545 - 553 Chitosan-rectorite nanospheres immobilized on polystyrene fibrous mats via alternate electrospinning/electrospraying techniques for copper ions adsorption
Tu H, Huang MT, Yi Y, Li ZS, Zhan YF, Chen JJ, Wu Y, Shi XW, Deng HB, Du YM
554 - 561 First principles study on the adsorption of Au dimer on metal-oxide surfaces: The implications for Au growing
Dong S, Zhang YX, Zhang XL, Mao JJ, Yang ZX
562 - 571 High-temperature oxidation of advanced FeCrNi alloy in steam environments
Elbakhshwan MS, Gill SK, Rumaiz AK, Bai JM, Ghose S, Rebak RB, Ecker LE
572 - 578 Theoretical insights into the uranyl adsorption behavior on vanadium carbide MXene
Zhang YJ, Zhou ZJ, Lan JH, Ge CC, Chai ZF, Zhang PH, Shi WQ
579 - 586 Scalable creation of gold nanostructures on high performance engineering polymeric substrate
Jia K, Wang P, Wei SL, Huang YM, Liu XB
587 - 596 The influence of conditioning film on antifouling properties of the polyurethane film modified by chondroitin sulfate in urine
Yuan HH, Qian B, Chen HY, Lan MB
597 - 604 A dual amplification strategy for ultrasensitive detection of microRNA
Lu LP, Yang BJ, Kang TF
605 - 611 Highly efficient hydrogen release from formic acid using a graphitic carbon nitride-supported AgPd nanoparticle catalyst
Yao F, Li X, Wan C, Xu LX, An Y, Ye MF, Lei Z
612 - 621 Effect of dielectric barrier discharge treatment on surface nanostructure and wettability of polylactic acid (PLA) nonwoven fabrics
Ren Y, Xu L, Wang CX, Wang XN, Ding ZR, Chen YY
622 - 629 Fabrication of PAN@TiO2/Ag nanofibrous membrane with high visible light response and satisfactory recyclability for dye photocatalytic degradation
Shi YZ, Yang DZ, Li Y, Qu J, Yu ZZ
630 - 638 Interfacial effects in ZnO nanotubes/needle-structured graphitic diamond nanohybrid for detecting dissolved acetone at room temperature
Kathiravan D, Huang BR, Saravanan A, Yeh CJ, Leou KC, Lin IN
639 - 646 Effects of single metal atom (Pt, Pd, Rh and Ru) adsorption on the photocatalytic properties of anatase TiO2
Jin C, Dai Y, Wei W, Ma XC, Li MM, Huang BBA
647 - 655 DFT studies of elemental mercury oxidation mechanism by gaseous advanced oxidation method: Co-interaction with H2O2 on Fe3O4 (111) surface
Zhou CS, Song ZJ, Zhang ZY, Yang HM, Wang B, Yu J, Sun LS
656 - 661 Investigation of 'surface donors' in Al2O3/AlGaN/GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor heterostructures: Correlation of electrical, structural, and chemical properties
Tapajna M, Stoklas R, Gregusova D, Gucmann F, Husekova K, Hascik S, Frohlich K, Toth L, Pecz B, Brunner F, Kuzmik J
662 - 666 Elimination of double position domains (DPDs) in epitaxial < 111 >-3C-SiC on Si(111) by laser CVD
Xu QF, Zhu PP, Sun QY, Tu R, Yang MJ, Zhang S, Zhang LM, Goto T, Yan JS, Li SS
667 - 673 Clustering of gold particles in Au implanted CrN thin films: The effect on the SPR peak position
Novakovic M, Popovic M, Schmidt E, Mitric M, Bibic N, Rakocevic Z, Ronning C
674 - 687 Robust superhydrophobic needle-like nanostructured ZnO surfaces prepared without post chemical-treatment
Velayi E, Norouzbeigi R
688 - 693 A facile strategy for the synthesis of NiSe@CoOOH core-shell nanowires on nickel foam with high surface area as efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Xu YZ, Yuan CZ, Chen XP
694 - 703 Synthesis of a fluorine-free polymeric water-repellent agent for creation of superhydrophobic fabrics
Shen KK, Yu M, Li QQ, Sun W, Zhang XT, Quan M, Liu ZT, Shi SQ, Gong YK
704 - 713 Microstructure and properties of weld joint during 10 kW laser welding with surface-active element sulfur
Li SC, Deng ZH, Deng H, Xu W
714 - 724 Designed synthesis CuO hollow microboxes coated with Pd nanosheets and SnO2 nanoparticles as a highly efficient Rochow reaction catalyst
Gao JJ, Zhang ZL, An XB, Zhang Y
725 - 733 Facile synthesis of La2O2CO3 nanoparticle films and Its CO2 sensing properties and mechanisms
Ding DG, Lu WB, Xiong Y, Pan XL, Zhang JQ, Ling CC, Du YG, Xue QZ
734 - 744 Ti3+ self-doped mesoporous black TiO2/SiO2 nanocomposite as remarkable visible light photocatalyst
Hu MQ, Cao Y, Li ZZ, Yang SL, Xing ZP
745 - 754 Citric acid induced promoted dispersion of Pt on the support and enhanced catalytic activities for a Pt-based catalyst
Cheng TQ, Wang JL, Wang SN, Cui YJ, Zhang HL, Yan S, Yuan SD, Chen YQ
755 - 762 Effect of micropatterning induced surface hydrophobicity on drug release from electrospun cellulose acetate nanofibers
Adepu S, Gaydhane MK, Kakunuri M, Sharma CS, Khandelwal M, Eichhorn SJ
763 - 769 Strong saturable absorption of black titanium oxide nanoparticle films
Zhang RF, Guo DZ, Zhang GM
770 - 780 High efficient photocatalytic activity from nanostructuralized photonic crystal-like p-n coaxial hetero-junction film photocatalyst of Cu3SnS4/TiO2 nanotube arrays
Li Y, Liu FT, Chang Y, Wang J, Wang CW
781 - 787 Effects of surface functionalization on the electronic and structural properties of carbon nanotubes: A computational approach
Ribeiro MS, Pascoini AL, Knupp WG, Camps I
788 - 795 Theoretical study of the Pb adsorption on Ni, Cr, Fe surfaces and on Ni based alloys
Bonnet ML, Costa D, Protopopoff E, Marcus P
796 - 803 Efficient protein-repelling thin films regulated by chain mobility of low-T-g polymers with increased stability via crosslinking
Zhang JH, Huang ZW, Liu D
804 - 811 Theoretical prediction of robust and intrinsic half-metallicity in Ni2N MXene with different types of surface terminations
Wang G, Liao Y
812 - 816 Metal ion formed conductive filaments by redox process induced nonvolatile resistive switching memories in MoS2 film
Xia YD, Sun B, Wang HY, Zhou GD, Kan X, Zhang Y, Zhao Y
817 - 826 A rapid approach to prepare poly(2-methyl-2-oxazoline)-based antifouling coating by UV irradiation
Zhu HK, Mumtaz F, Zhang C, Tan L, Liu ST, Zhang YL, Pan C, Wang YM
827 - 832 Insight into the influence of addition of a second metal Fe and supports with different morphology on H-2 dissociation over Ni/MgO catalysts
Liu HY, Li K, Zhang RG, Ling LX, Wang BJ
833 - 843 Fabrication of A/R-TiO2 composite for enhanced photoelectrochemical performance: Solar hydrogen generation and dye degradation
Mahadik MA, An GW, David S, Choi SH, Cho M, Jang JS
844 - 851 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance and photocatalytic activity of ZnO/TiO2 nanostructures fabricated by an electrostatically modified electrospinning
Ramos PG, Flores E, Sanchez LA, Candal RJ, Hojamberdiev M, Estrada W, Rodriguez J
852 - 855 In-situ XPS analysis of oxidized and reduced plasma deposited ruthenium-based thin catalytic films
Balcerzak J, Redzynia W, Tyczkowski J
856 - 863 Improving crystallization and electron mobility of indium tin oxide by carbon dioxide and hydrogen dual-step plasma treatment
Wang FY, Du RC, Ren QS, Wei CC, Zhao Y, Zhang XD
864 - 873 Highly stable ceria-zirconia-yttria supported Ni catalysts for syngas production by CO2 reforming of methane
Munoz MA, Calvino JJ, Rodriguez-Izquierdo JM, Blanco G, Arias DC, Perez-Omil JA, Hernandez-Garrido JC, Gonzalez-Leal JM, Cauqui MA, Yeste MP
874 - 880 Temperature effect on hydrogenated amorphous carbon leading to hydrogenated graphene by pulsed laser deposition
Benhagouga RH, Abdelli-Messaci S, Abdesselam M, Blondeau-Patissier V, Yahiaoui R, Siad M, Rahal A
881 - 889 SBA-15/hydrotalcite nanocomposite as an efficient support for the immobilization of heteropolyacid: A triply-hybrid catalyst for the synthesis of 2-amino-4&ITH&IT-pyrans in water
Sadjadi S, Heravi MM, Zadsirjan V, Farzaneh V
890 - 896 Excellent performance of Pt-C/TiO2 for methanol oxidation: Contribution of mesopores and partially coated carbon
Wu XB, Zhuang W, Lu LH, Li LC, Zhu JH, Mu LW, Li W, Zhu YD, Lu XH
897 - 905 Constructing 2D BiOCl/C3N4 layered composite with large contact surface for visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation
Liu WW, Qiao LL, Zhu AQ, Liu Y, Pan J
906 - 912 A study of the effects of aligned vertically growth time on ZnO nanorods deposited for the first time on Teflon substrate
Farhat OF, Halim MM, Ahmed NM, Oglat AA, Abuelsamen AA, Bououdina M, Qaeed MA
913 - 923 Improved energy storage, magnetic and electrical properties of aligned, mesoporous and high aspect ratio nanofibers of spinel-NiMn2O4
Bhagwan J, Rani S, Sivasankaran V, Yadav KL, Sharma Y
924 - 932 3D nitrogen-doped graphene aerogel nanomesh: Facile synthesis and electrochemical properties as the electrode materials for supercapacitors
Su XL, Fu L, Cheng MY, Yang JH, Guan XX, Zheng XC
933 - 943 Hierarchical structured Sm2O3 modified CuO nanoflowers as electrode materials for high performance supercapacitors
Zhang XJ, He MQ, He P, Liu HT, Bai HM, Chen JC, He SY, Zhang XQ, Dong FQ, Chen Y
944 - 950 Development of stress corrosion cracking resistant welds of 321 stainless steel by simple surface engineering
Mankari K, Acharyya SG
951 - 956 Ultrahigh-sensitive sensing platform based on p-type dumbbell-like CO3O4 network
Zhou TT, Zhang T, Zhang R, Lou Z, Deng JA, Wang LL
957 - 964 Transparent superhydrophobic solar glass prepared by fabricating groove-shaped arrays on the surface
Wang B, Hua YQ, Ye YX, Chen RF, Li ZB
965 - 971 The synthesis of four-layer gold-silver-polymer-silver core-shell nanomushroom with inbuilt Raman molecule for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Jiang T, Wang XL, Zhou J
972 - 979 Antimicrobial membrane surfaces via efficient polyethyleneimine immobilization and cationization
Qiu WZ, Zhao ZS, Du Y, Hu MX, Xu ZK
980 - 986 Effect of betaine in the successful synthesis of CoFe2O4 containing octahedron nanoparticles for electrocatalytic water oxidation
Valdez R, Olivas A, Grotjahn DB, Barrios E, Arjona N, Antano R, Oropeza-Guzman MT
987 - 994 Corrosion anisotropy of titanium deformed by the hydrostatic extrusion
Chojnacka A, Kawalko J, Koscielny H, Guspiel J, Drewienkiewicz A, Bieda M, Pachla W, Kulczyk M, Sztwiertnia K, Beltowska-Lehman E
995 - 1004 Preferable adsorption of phosphate using lanthanum-incorporated porous zeolite: Characteristics and mechanism
He YH, Lin H, Dong YB, Wang L
1005 - 1022 Anisotropic surface physicochemical properties of spodumene and albite crystals: Implications for flotation separation
Xu LH, Peng TF, Tian J, Lu ZY, Hu YH, Sun W
1023 - 1029 Effective surface modification of MnFe2O4@SiO2@PMIDA magnetic nanoparticles for rapid and high-density antibody immobilization
Rashid Z, Soleimani M, Ghahremanzadeh R, Vossoughi M, Esmaeili E
1030 - 1045 Visible light photocatalytic activities of template free porous graphitic carbon nitride-BiOBr composite catalysts towards the mineralization of reactive dyes
Kanagaraj T, Thiripuranthagan S, Paskalis SMK, Abe H
1046 - 1054 Highly efficient palladium nanoparticles decorated reduced graphene oxide sheets supported on nickel foam for hydrogen peroxide electroreduction
Song CY, Cao L, Li BP, Huang XM, Ye K, Zhu K, Cao DX, Cheng K, Wang GL
1055 - 1062 Self-assembled NiCo2O4-anchored reduced graphene oxide nanoplates as high performance anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Yang J, Tian HY, Tang JJ, Bai T, Xi LH, Chen SM, Zhou XY
1063 - 1074 3D self-assembly polyethyleneimine modified graphene oxide hydrogel for the extraction of uranium from aqueous solution
Wang X, Liu Q, Liu JY, Chen RR, Zhang HS, Li RM, Li ZS, Wang J
1075 - 1083 Synthesis of surface molecular imprinted polymers based on carboxyl-modified silica nanoparticles with the selective detection of dibutyl phthalate from tap water samples
Xu WZ, Zhang XM, Huang WH, Luan Y, Yang YF, Zhu MY, Yang WM
1084 - 1093 Effects of anodizing conditions and annealing temperature on the morphology and crystalline structure of anodic oxide layers grown on iron
Pawlik A, Hnida K, Socha RP, Wiercigroch E, Malek K, Sulka GD
1094 - 1099 Size, shape and temperature dependent surface energy of binary alloy nanoparticles
Jabbareh MA
1100 - 1112 Propolis as a green corrosion inhibitor for bronze in weakly acidic solution
Varvara S, Bostan R, Bobis O, Gaina L, Popa F, Mena V, Souto RM
1113 - 1120 High performance SERS on nanoporous gold substrates synthesized by chemical de-alloying a Au-based metallic glass
Xue YP, Scaglione F, Rizzi P, Battezzati L
1121 - 1132 High performance polydopamine-functionalized mesoporous silica nanospheres for U(VI) removal
Bai LF, Duan SX, Jiang WQ, Liu M, Wang S, Sang M, Gong X, Li JX, Xuan SH
1133 - 1140 Cu-modified alkalinized &ITg&IT-C3N4 as photocatalytically assisted heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst
Dong QM, Chen YY, Wang LL, Ai SS, Ding HM
1141 - 1147 A comparison study of adsorption of benzohydroxamic acid and amyl xanthate on smithsonite with dodecylamine as co-collector
Wang Z, Xu LH, Wang JM, Wang L, Xiao JH
1148 - 1157 Different ligand exchange solvents effect on the densification of CuIn0.7Ga0.3Se2 prepared using the heating-up method
Yang CT, Hsiang HI
1158 - 1166 Diverse wettability of superoleophilicity and superoleophobicity for oil spill cleanup and recycling
Xu MY, Wang G, Zeng ZX, Chen JJ, Zhang XY, Wang LS, Song WG, Xue QJ
1167 - 1172 Atomic and electronic structure of a copper/graphene interface as prepared and 1.5 years after
Boukhvalov DW, Bazylewski PF, Kukharenko AI, Zhidkov IS, Ponosov YS, Kurmaev EZ, Cholakh SO, Lee YH, Chang GS
1173 - 1181 Significantly enhanced photocatalytic activity of visible light responsive AgBr/Bi2Sn2O7 heterostructured composites
Hu CH, Zhuang J, Zhong LS, Zhong Y, Wang DH, Zhou HY
1182 - 1189 Theoretical study of new potential semiconductor surfaces performance for dye sensitized solar cell usage: TiO2-B (001), (100) and H2Ti3O7 (100)
German E, Faccio R, Mombru AW
1190 - 1197 Studies of SERS efficiency of gold coated porous silicon formed on rough silicon backside
Dridi H, Haji L, Moadhen A
1198 - 1205 Total oxidation of benzene over ACo(2)O(4) (A = Cu, Ni and Mn) catalysts:&IT In situ&IT DRIFTS account for understanding the reaction mechanism
Wang XY, Zhao WT, Wu XW, Zhang TH, Liu Y, Zhang K, Xiao YH, Jiang LL
1206 - 1212 Facile synthesis of CoNi2S4/Co9S8 composites as advanced electrode materials for supercapacitors
Zhao FL, Huang WX, Zhang HT, Zhou DM
1213 - 1220 Air-annealing of Cu(In, Ga)Se-2/CdS and performances of CIGS solar cells
Niu X, Zhu H, Liang X, Guo Y, Li Z, Mai Y
1221 - 1231 First-principles insights on adsorption properties of NH3 on silicane nanoribbon and nanoring
Chandiramouli R
1232 - 1240 CO oxidation on Mn-N4 porphyrin-like carbon nanotube: A DFT-D study
Lu ZS, Yang MX, Ma DW, Lv P, Li S, Yang ZX
1241 - 1248 Creation of wettability contrast patterns on metallic surfaces via pen drawn masks
Choi WT, Yang XL, Breedveld V, Hess DW
1249 - 1255 One-pot synthesis of reduced graphene oxide@boron nitride nanosheet hybrids with enhanced oxidation-resistant properties
Sun GX, Bi JQ, Wang WL, Zhang JD
1256 - 1262 Edge modulation of electronics and transport properties of cliff-edge phosphorene nanoribbons
Guo CX, Wang TX, Xia CX, Liu YF
1263 - 1270 Ultra-high aspect ratio titania nanoflakes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Lee YY, El-Shall H
1271 - 1280 Facile fabrication of mesoporous g-C3N4/TiO2 photocatalyst for efficient degradation of DNBP under visible light irradiation
Wei XN, Wang HL, Wang XK, Jiang WF