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Applied Surface Science, Vol.425 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Correlation between oxidant concentrations, morphological aspects and etching kinetics of silicon nanowires during silver-assist electroless etching
Moumni B, Ben Jaballah A
8 - 15 Combined DFT and XPS investigation of enhanced adsorption of sulfide species onto cerussite by surface modification with chloride
Feng QC, Wen SM, Deng JS, Zhao WJ
16 - 23 Interfacial characterization and supercapacitive properties of polyaniline-Gum arabic nanocomposite/graphene oxide LbL modified electrodes
Oliveira RD, Santos CS, Ferreira RT, Marciniuk G, Marchesi LF, Garcia JR, Vidotti M, Pessoa CA
24 - 31 The optimization of a Mo bilayer and its application in Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 solar cells
Huang PC, Sung CC, Chen JH, Huang CH, Hsu CY
32 - 45 Effect of free Cr content on corrosion behavior of 3Cr steels in a CO2 environment
Li W, Xu LN, Qiao LJ, Li JX
46 - 55 Superhydrophobicity construction with dye-sensitised TiO2 on fabric surface for both oil/water separation and water bulk contaminants purification
Yu LF, Zhang SM, Zhang M, Chen JD
56 - 62 CO2-assisted fabrication of novel heterostructures of h-MoO3/1T-MoS2 for enhanced photoelectrocatalytic performance
Zhu CH, Xu Q, Liu W, Ren YM
63 - 68 Multifaceted adsorption of alpha-cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid on silver colloidal and island surfaces
Jung D, Jeon K, Yeo J, Hussain S, Pang Y
69 - 76 Synthesis of uniform discrete cage-like nitrogen-doped hollow porous carbon spheres with tunable direct large mesoporous for ultrahigh supercapacitive performance
Fang MM, Chen ZM, Tian QG, Cao YX, Wang C, Liu Y, Fu JW, Zhang JA, Zhu LC, Yang C, Chen JF, Xu Q
77 - 82 Rapid synthesis of dendritic Pt/Pb nanoparticles and their electrocatalytic performance toward ethanol oxidation
Zhang K, Xu H, Yan B, Wang J, Gu ZL, Du YK
83 - 94 Influence of square wave anodization on the electronic properties and structures of the passive films on Ti in sulfuric acid solution
Long Y, Li DG, Chen DR
95 - 99 Kinetics of plasma oxidation of germanium-tin (GeSn)
Wang W, Lei D, Dong Y, Zhang Z, Pan JS, Gong X, Tok ES, Yeo YC
100 - 106 Synergetic effect of MoS2 and graphene as cocatalysts for enhanced photocatalytic activity of BiPO4 nanoparticles
Lv H, Liu YM, Tang HB, Zhang P, Wang JJ
107 - 116 Metal organic framework g-C3N4/MIL-53(Fe) heterojunctions with enhanced photocatalytic activity for Cr(VI) reduction under visible light
Huang WY, Liu N, Zhang XD, Wu MH, Tang L
117 - 120 Microstructure and temperature stability of highly strained tetragonal-like BiFeO3 thin films
Guo YZ, Liu Y, Qi YJ, Wang JZ, Liang K, Zhang TJ
121 - 129 Nanoscale domains of ordered oxygen-vacancies in LaCoO3 films
Liu GJ, Li XT, Wang YQ, Liang WS, Liu B, Feng HL, Yang HW, Zhang J, Sun JR
130 - 140 Surface characterization studies of walnut-shell biochar catalysts for simultaneously removing of organic sulfur from yellow phosphorus tail gas
Song X, Li K, Ning P, Wang C, Sun X, Tang LH, Ruan HT, Han S
141 - 147 Study on the influence of thiolation on the adsorption and magnetic recovery of superparamagnetic nanoadsorbents for Cd2+ removal
Lin S, Yang Y, Chen G, Chen X, Zhang W, Xu M, Liu LL, Lin KF
148 - 155 First-principles calculation of hydrogen adsorption and diffusion on Mn-doped Mg2Ni (010) surfaces
Zhang ZY, Jin JR, Zhang HZ, Qi XX, Bian Y, Zhao H
156 - 163 Inverted polymer solar cell based on MEH-PPV/PC61BM coupled with ZnO nanoparticles as electron transport layer
Salem AMS, El-Sheikh SM, Harraz FA, Ebrahim S, Soliman M, Hafez HS, Ibrahim IA, Abdel-Mottaleb MSA
164 - 169 Micro-tube biotemplate synthesis of Fe3O4/C composite as anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Du J, Ding Y, Guo LG, Wang L, Fu ZB, Qin CQ, Wang F, Tao XY
170 - 175 Electron-ion coupling and ambipolar diffusion in dense electron-hole plasma in thin amorphous Si films studied by single-shot, pulse-width dependent ultrafast laser ablation
Danilov P, Ionin A, Khmelnitskii R, Kiseleva I, Kudryashov S, Mel'nik N, Rudenko A, Smirnov N, Zayarny D
176 - 179 The investigation of Ga-doped ZnO as an interlayer for ohmic contact to Cd1-xZnxTe films
Shen YB, Huang J, Gu QM, Meng H, Tang K, Shen Y, Zhang JJ, Wang LJ, Lu YC
180 - 187 One-step hydrothermal synthesis of sandwich-type NiCo2S4@reduced graphene oxide composite as active electrode material for supercapacitors
Wang FP, Li GF, Zhou QQ, Zheng JF, Yang CX, Wang QZ
188 - 193 Self-assembled monolayer assisted binding of partially oxidized graphene on gold: Tunable electron-transfer mediation and in-situ electrochemical disassembly
Zheng Q, Ding KJ, Huang XM, Shao HB
194 - 200 Improving the oxidation resistance and stability of Ag nanoparticles by coating with multilayered reduced graphene oxide
Li YH, Zhang HY, Wu BW, Guo Z
201 - 211 Hydrothermal synthesis of Mn-doped ZnCo2O4 electrode material for high-performance supercapacitor
Mary AJC, Bose AC
212 - 219 Illuminate the active sites of gamma-FeOOH for low-temperature desulfurization
Shen LJ, Cao YN, Du ZJ, Zhao WT, Lin K, Jiang LL
220 - 226 Necklace-like fiber composite membrane for high-efficiency particulate matter capture
Su YC, Zhang ZJ, Wang ZG, Chen ML, Dong MD, Han XJ
227 - 232 Site-controlled fabrication of silicon nanotips by indentation-induced selective etching
Jin CN, Yu BJ, Liu XX, Xiao C, Wang HB, Jiang SL, Wu J, Liu HY, Qian LM
233 - 240 Transparent optically vanadium dioxide thermochromic smart film fabricated via electrospinning technique
Lu Y, Xiao XD, Cao ZY, Zhan YJ, Cheng HL, Xu G
241 - 245 Synergetic effect at the interfaces of solution processed MoS2-WS2 composite for hydrogen evolution reaction
Kim SK, Song W, Ji S, Lim YR, Lee YB, Myung S, Lim J, An KS, Lee SS
246 - 253 Molecular adsorption properties of CO and H2O on Au-, Cu-, and AuxCuy-doped MoS2 monolayer
Kadioglu Y, Gokoglu G, Akturk OU
254 - 260 Interface and stability analysis of Tantalum- and Titanium nitride thin films onto Lithiumniobate
Vogel U, Oswald S, Eckert J
261 - 271 Preparation of magnetic Ni-P amorphous alloy microspheres and their catalytic performance towards thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate
Deng Y, Yang YY, Ge LY, Yang WZ, Xie K
272 - 281 Synthesis and properties of a high-capacity iron oxide adsorbent for fluoride removal from drinking water
Zhang C, Li YZ, Wang TJ, Jiang YP, Fok J
282 - 290 Kinetic and theoretical studies of novel biodegradable thermo-sensitive xerogels based on PEG/PVP/silica for sustained release of enrofloxacin
Ebadi A, Rafati AA, Bavafa S, Mohammadi M
291 - 300 Density-functional theory study of dimethyl carbonate synthesis by methanol oxidative carbonylation on single-atom Cu-1/graphene catalyst
Sun W, Shi RN, Wang XH, Liu SS, Han XX, Zhao CF, Li Z, Ren J
301 - 306 Theoretical investigation of lithium adsorption, diffusion and coverage on MX2 (M = Mo, W; X = O, S, Se, Te) monolayers
Ersan F, Ozaydin HD, Gokoglu G, Akturk E
307 - 313 Effect of scanning velocity on femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures on HgCdTe crystal
Gu HG, Dai Y, Wang HD, Yan XN, Ma GH
314 - 320 LEEM study of high-temperature oxygen structures on W(110) and their transformations
Giela T, Wilgocka-Slezak D, Slezak M, Spiridis N, Korecki J
321 - 328 Application of atmospheric-pressure plasma jet processed carbon nanotubes to liquid and quasi-solid-state gel electrolyte supercapacitors
Kuok FH, Kan KY, Yu IS, Chen CW, Hsu CC, Cheng IC, Chen JZ
329 - 339 Use of a core-shell composite Ag3PO4@TCNQ to improve photocatalytic activity and stability
Hu PR, Liu L, An WJ, Liang YH, Cui WQ
340 - 350 Adsorption of phosgene molecule on the transition metal-doped graphene: First principles calculations
Zhang T, Sun H, Wang FD, Zhang WD, Tang SW, Ma JM, Gong HW, Zhang JP
351 - 366 Roles of cobalt doping on ethanol-sensing mechanisms of flame-spray-made SnO2 nanoparticles-electrolytically exfoliated graphene interfaces
Punginsang M, Wisitsoraat A, Sriprachuabwong C, Phokharatkul D, Tuantranont A, Phanichphant S, Liewhiran C
367 - 376 Adsorption and dissociation of H2S on Rh(100) surface by First-principle study
Usman T, Luo HJ, Zhang Y, Tao XM, Tan MQ
377 - 383 The photodeposition of surface plasmon Ag metal on SiO2@alpha-Fe2O3 nanocomposites sphere for enhancement of the photo-Fenton behavior
Uma K, Arjun N, Pan GT, Yang TCK
384 - 392 An investigation of the adsorption of potassium stearate molecules on diamond-like carbon substrate using molecular dynamics simulation
Guo SS, Cao YZ, Zhang JJ, Gu L, Zhang CW, Xu ZQ, Sun T
393 - 399 Electronic, magnetic properties of transition metal doped Tl2S: First-principles study
Song NH, Wang YS, Yu WY, Zhang LY, Yang YY, Jia Y
400 - 406 Polymer supported gold nanoparticles: Synthesis and characterization of functionalized polystyrene-supported gold nanoparticles and their application in catalytic oxidation of alcohols in water
Kaboudin B, Khanmohammadi H, Kazemi F
407 - 415 Growth and properties of nanostructured titanium dioxide deposited by supersonic plasma jet deposition
Dell'Orto EC, Caldirola S, Sassella A, Morandi V, Riccardi C
416 - 422 Modification of molybdenum surface by low-energy oxygen implantation at room temperature
Piltaver IK, Badovinac IJ, Peter R, Saric I, Petravic M
423 - 431 One-pot synthesis of ternary zero-valent iron/phosphotungstic acid/g-C3N4 composite and its high performance for removal of arsenic(V) from water
Chen CH, Xu J, Yang ZH, Zhang L, Cao CH, Xu ZH, Liu JY
432 - 439 Chirality-dependent cellular uptake of chiral nanocarriers and intracellular delivery of different amounts of guest molecules
Kehr NS, Jose J
440 - 447 The study of nitrogen inclusion in carbon nanotubes obtained by catalytic laser-induced chemical vapour deposition (C-LCVD)
Morjan IP, Morjan I, Ilie A, Scarisoreanu M, Gavrila L, Dumitrache F, Vasile E, Turcu R, Miron C
448 - 460 Relationship between surface property and catalytic application of amorphous NiP/H beta catalyst for n-hexane isomerization
Chen JS, Duan ZB, Song ZY, Zhu LJ, Zhou YL, Xiang YZ, Xia DH
461 - 469 Hierarchically-structured hollow NiO nanospheres/nitrogen-doped graphene hybrid with superior capacity retention and enhanced rate capability for lithium-ion batteries
Chen JY, Wu XF, Liu Y, Gong Y, Wang PF, Li WH, Mo SP, Tan QQ, Chen YF
470 - 477 Mn doped MoS2/reduced graphene oxide hybrid for enhanced hydrogen evolution
Wu LQ, Xu XB, Zhao YQ, Zhang KY, Sun Y, Wang TT, Wang YQ, Zhong W, Du YW
478 - 483 Atomically dispersed Co atoms on MoS2 monolayer: A promising high-activity catalyst for CO oxidation
Liu SG, Huang SP
484 - 491 Selective hydrogenation of phenol to cyclohexanone in water over Pd@N-doped carbons derived from ZIF-67: Role of dicyandiamide
Ding SS, Zhang CH, Liu YF, Jiang H, Chen RZ
492 - 496 Enhanced carrier mobility in Si nano-crystals via nanoscale phosphorus doping
Shan D, Ji Y, Li DK, Xu J, Qian MQ, Xu L, Chen KJ
497 - 506 Structural evolution and growth mechanisms of RF-magnetron sputter-deposited hydroxyapatite thin films on the basis of unified principles
Ivanova AA, Surmeneva MA, Surmenev RA, Depla D
507 - 517 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of MoS2 nanobelts-loaded TiO2 nanotube arrays by photo-assisted electrodeposition
Teng W, Wang YM, Huang HH, Li XY, Tang YB
518 - 525 Three-phase heterostructures f-NiFe2O4/PANI/PI EMI shielding fabric with high Microwave Absorption Performance
Wang Y, Wang W, Yu D
526 - 534 Magnetic ordered mesoporous Fe3O4/CeO2 composites with synergy of adsorption and Fenton catalysis
Li KY, Zhao YQ, Song CS, Guo XW
535 - 546 Easy dispersion and excellent visible-light photocatalytic activity of the ultrathin urea-derived g-C3N4 nanosheets
Yang YX, Geng L, Guo YN, Meng JQ, Guo YH
547 - 552 Growth behaviors and biocidal properties of titanium dioxide films depending on nucleation duration in liquid phase deposition
Park S, Park J, Heo J, Hong BY, Hong J
553 - 557 Fabrication of large-area high-aspect-ratio periodic nanostructures on various substrates by soft X-ray interference lithography
Xue CF, Zhao J, Wu YQ, Yu HN, Yang SM, Wang LS, Zhao WC, Wu Q, Zhu ZC, Liu B, Zhang X, Zhou WC, Tai RZ
558 - 563 Y Temperature-time dependent transmittance, sheet resistance and bonding energy of reduced graphene oxide on soda lime glass
Kumar R, Kumar RM, Bera P, Ariharan S, Lahiri D, Lahiri I
564 - 575 Improving bioactivity of inert bioceramics by a novel Mg-incorporated solution treatment
Dehestani M, Zemlyanov D, Adolfsson E, Stanciu LA
576 - 584 Water-driven stabilization of cadmium sulphide nanoparticles
Goswami N, Sen P
585 - 593 Synthesis of La2O3 doped Zn2SnO4 hollow fibers by electrospinning method and application in detecting of acetone
Yang HM, Ma SY, Yang GJ, Chen Q, Zeng QZ, Ge Q, Ma L, Tie Y
594 - 602 Superhydrophobic NiTi shape memory alloy surfaces fabricated by anodization and surface mechanical attrition treatment
Ou SF, Wang KK, Hsu YC
603 - 613 Improved surface hydrophilicity and antifouling property of polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane with poly(ethylene glycol) methyl ether methacrylate grafted graphene oxide nanofillers
Wang HD, Lu XF, Lu XL, Wang ZH, Ma J, Wang PP
614 - 621 Two-dimensional sandwich-like Ag coated silicon-graphene-silicon nanostructures for superior lithium storage
Yao WQ, Cui YS, Zhan L, Chen F, Zhang YZ, Wang YL, Song Y
622 - 627 Effect of selenization parameters on hydrogen evolution reaction activity of WSe2 electrodes
Li HC, Zou JP, Xie SL, Leng X, Gao D, Mao X
628 - 638 Effect of cold deformation on the electrochemical behaviour of 304L stainless steel in contaminated sulfuric acid environment
Luo H, Su HZ, Ying GB, Dong CF, Li XG
639 - 645 Stability of the Al/TiB2 interface and doping effects of Mg/Si
Deng C, Xu B, Wu P, Li QL
646 - 653 Comparative investigation of Si-C-N Films prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition and magnetron sputtering
Kozak AO, Porada OK, Ivashchenko VI, Ivashchenko LA, Scrynskyy PL, Tomila TV, Manzhara VS
654 - 662 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of dipolar molecules by the graphene Fermi surface modulation with different dipole moments
Zhang MJ, Leng YD, Huang J, Yu JJ, Lan ZG, Huang CS
663 - 673 Cu@C nanoporous composites containing little copper oxides derived from dimethyl imidazole modified MOF199 as electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Wei XD, Li N, Zhang XM
674 - 681 Design and in vitro evaluation of self-assembled indometacin prodrug nanoparticles for sustained/controlled release and reduced normal cell toxicity
Lin JY, Pan Z, Song L, Zhang YM, Li Y, Hou ZQ, Lin CJ
682 - 688 Orthogonally superimposed laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) upon nanosecond laser pulse irradiation of SiO2/Si layered systems
Nurnberger P, Reinhardt HM, Kim HC, Pfeifer E, Kroll M, Mulller S, Yang F, Hampp NA
689 - 695 Morphology and optical properties of YVO4:Eu3+ nanoparticles fabricated by laser ablation in ethanol
Wang HH, Odawara O, Wada H
696 - 701 Magnetism induced by cationic defect in monolayer ReSe2 controlled by strain engineering
Meng M, Shi CG, Li T, Shi SE, Li TH, Liu LZ
702 - 712 Electrocatalytic behaviour of surface confined pentanethio cobalt (II) binuclear phthalocyanines towards the oxidation of 4-chlorophenol
Makinde ZO, Louzada M, Mashazi P, Nyokong T, Khene S
713 - 721 Doping effects of surface functionalization on graphene with aromatic molecule and organic solvents
Wu GF, Tang X, Meyyappan M, Lai KWC
722 - 727 One-stage pulsed laser deposition of conductive zinc oxysulfide layers
Bereznev S, Kocharyan H, Maticiuc N, Naidu R, Volobujeva O, Tverjanovich A, Kois J
728 - 735 Removal of Cr(VI) ions by sewage sludge compost biomass from aqueous solutions: Reduction to Cr(III) and biosorption
Chen HX, Dou JF, Xu HB
736 - 741 Dissolution of lignin in green urea aqueous solution
Wang JY, Li Y, Qiu XQ, Liu D, Yang DJ, Liu WF, Qian Y
742 - 749 Novel silicon nanoparticles with nitrogen-doped carbon shell dispersed in nitrogen-doped graphene and CNTs hybrid electrode for lithium ion battery
Tang XF, Wen GW, Zhang Y, Wang D, Song Y
750 - 757 Conversion of hydrophilic SiOC nanofibrous membrane to robust hydrophobic materials by introducing palladium
Wu N, Wan LY, Wang YD, Ko F
758 - 764 Preparation of high performance NBR/HNTs nanocomposites using an electron transferring interaction method
Yang SY, Zhou YX, Zhang P, Cai ZD, Li YP, Fan HB
765 - 775 Highly efficient removal of chlorotetracycline from aqueous solution using graphene oxide/TiO2 composite: Properties and mechanism
Li ZQ, Qi MY, Tu CY, Wang WP, Chen JR, Wang AJ
776 - 780 The effect of the adsorbate layer on the work function reduction of gold substrates under external electric fields
He X, Cheng F, Chen ZX
781 - 787 Atomic-scale characterization of plasma-induced damage in plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
Kim K, Oh IK, Kim H, Lee Z
788 - 795 Enhanced performance of direct Z-scheme CuS-WO3 system towards photocatalytic decomposition of organic pollutants under visible light
Song CD, Wang X, Zhang J, Chen XB, Li C
796 - 802 Effect of Pb2+ ions on ilmenite flotation and adsorption of benzohydroxamic acid as a collector
Xu LH, Tian J, Wu HQ, Lu ZY, Yang YH, Sun W, Hu YH
803 - 810 High coverage water adsorption on the CuO(111) surface
Yu XH, Zhang XM, Wang HT, Feng G
811 - 822 Boron doping effect on the interface interaction and mechanical properties of graphene reinforced copper matrix composite
Fang BC, Li JJ, Zhao NQ, Shi CS, Ma LY, He CN, He F, Liu EZ
823 - 832 Rhodium clustering process on defective (8,0) SWCNT: Analysis of chemical and physical properties using density functional theory
Ambrusi RE, Luna CR, Sandoval MG, Bechthold P, Pronsato ME, Juan A
833 - 837 In situ surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy detection in high pressure solution
Wang P, Li HP, Cui C, Jiang JJ
838 - 846 The effect of vertical scaling on the estimation of the fractal dimension of randomly rough surfaces
Schouwenaars R, Jacobo VH, Ortiz A
847 - 854 Enhancement of nitric oxide release and hemocompatibility by surface chirality of D-tartaric acid grafting
Han HH, Wang K, Fan YH, Pan XX, Huang N, Weng YJ
855 - 861 Compositionally modulated multilayer diamond-like carbon coatings with AlTiSi multi-doping by reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering
Dai W, Gao X, Liu JM, Kwon SH, Wang QM
862 - 872 Synthesis of ternary g-C3N4/Ag/gamma-FeOOH photocatalyst: An integrated heterogeneous Fenton-like system for effectively degradation of azo dye methyl orange under visible light
He DL, Chen YF, Situ Y, Zhong L, Huang H
873 - 878 The effects of acid pretreatment and surface stresses on the evolution of impurity clusters and graphene formation on Cu foil
Senyildiz D, Ogurtani OT, Buke GC
879 - 888 Ultrahigh-performance pseudocapacitor based on phase-controlled synthesis of MoS2 nanosheets decorated Ni3S2 hybrid structure through annealing treatment
Huang L, Hou HJ, Liu BC, Zeinu K, Zhu XL, Yuan XQ, He XL, Wu LS, Hu JP, Yang JK
889 - 895 Visible-light activate Ag/WO3 films based on wood with enhanced negative oxygen ions production properties
Gao LK, Gan WT, Cao GL, Zhan XX, Qiang TG, Li J
896 - 904 Hydrothermal synthesis of 4ZnO center dot B2O3 center dot H2O/RGO hybrid material and its flame retardant behavior in flexible PVC and magnesium hydroxide composites
Zhang ZF, Wu WH, Zhang MJ, Qu JM, Shi L, Qu HQ, Xu JZ
905 - 914 High-performance magnetic poly (arylene ether nitrile) nanocomposites: Co-modification of Fe3O4 via mussel inspired poly(dopamine) and amino functionalized silane KH550
Wan XY, Zhan YQ, Long ZH, Zeng GY, Ren Y, He Y
915 - 922 Investigation of submerged waterjet cavitation through surface property and flow information in ambient water
Kang C, Liu HX, Zhang T, Li Q
923 - 931 One-step solvothermal synthesis of carnation flower-like SnS2 as superior electrodes for supercapacitor applications
Mishra RK, Baek GW, Kim K, Kwon HI, Jin SH
932 - 940 Interface chemistry study of InSb/Al2O3 stacks upon in situ post deposition annealing by synchrotron radiation photoemission spectroscopy
Shi XR, Wang XL, Sun Y, Liu C, Wang WH, Cheng YH, Wang WC, Wang JU, Cho K, Lu F, Liu H, Dong H
941 - 947 Aqueous platinum nanoparticles solution for the detection of pyridine derivatives of aminophosphinic acid. Influence of positional isomerism
Proniewicz E, Gralec B, Olszewski TK, Boduszek B
948 - 964 Elucidating the resistance to failure under tribological tests of various boron-based films by XPS and ToF-SIMS
Spadaro F, Rossi A, Laine E, Woodward P, Spencer ND
965 - 971 The nanostructure and microstructure of SiC surface layers deposited by MWCVD and ECRCVD
Dul K, Jonas S, Handke B
972 - 977 CO2 and SO2 sorption on the alkali metals doped CaO(100) surface: A DFT-D study
Wang WJ, Fan LL, Wang GP, Li YH
978 - 987 In-situ synthesized ZnFe2O4 firmly anchored to the surface of MWCNTs as a long-life anode material with high lithium storage performance
Yang TB, Zhang WX, Li LL, Jin B, Jin E, Jeong S, Jiang Q
988 - 995 Effect of lattice mismatch on the magnetic properties of nanometer-thick La0.9Ba0.1MnO3 (LBM) films and LBM/BaTiO3/LBM heterostructures
Vaghefi PM, Baghizadeh A, Willinger M, Lourenco AACS, Amaral VS
996 - 1005 Effect of pH on the adsorption of dodecylamine on montmorillonite: Insights from experiments and molecular dynamics simulations
Peng CL, Min FF, Liu LY
1006 - 1013 Fabrication of transparent conductive tri-composite film for electrochromic application
Choi D, Lee M, Kim H, Chu WS, Chun DM, Ahn SH, Lee CS
1014 - 1019 Arrangement of GaN nanowires on Si(001) substrates studied by X-ray diffraction: Importance of silicon nitride interlayer
Wierzbicka A, Tchutchulashvili G, Sobanska M, Klosek K, Minikayev R, Domagala JZ, Borysiuk J, Zytkiewicz ZR
1020 - 1027 Hard particle effect on surface generation in nano-cutting
Xu FF, Fang FZ, Zhang XD
1028 - 1032 Influence of temperature on the CuIn(1-x)Ga(x)Se(2)films deposited by picosecond laser ablation
Sima C, Toma O
1033 - 1039 Structural evolution of plasma-sprayed nanoscale 3 mol% and 5 mol% yttria-stabilized zirconia coatings during sintering
Zhao Y, Gao Y
1040 - 1051 In vitro testing of curcumin based composites coatings as antitumoral systems against osteosarcoma cells
Tirca I, Mitran V, Marascu V, Brajnicov S, Ion V, Stokker-Cheregi F, Popovic IA, Cimpean A, Dinca V, Dinescu M
1052 - 1058 Metal Ir coatings on endocardial electrode tips, obtained by MOCVD
Vikulova ES, Kal'nyi DB, Shubin YV, Kokovkin VV, Morozova NB, Hassan A, Basova TV
1059 - 1065 Tuning electro-optic susceptibity via strain engineering in artificial PZT multilayer films for high-performance broadband modulator
Zhu MM, Du ZH, Li HL, Chen BS, Jing L, Tay RYJ, Lin JJ, Tsang SH, Teo EHT
1066 - 1073 Indium local geometry in In-Sb-Te thin films using XANES and DFT calculations
Bilovol V, Rebaza AVG, Navarro AMM, Errico L, Fontana M, Arcondo B
1074 - 1081 Catalytic combustion of dichloromethane over supported CoCr2O4/TUD-1 catalysts: The effect of CoCr2O4 particle size on the modification of surface properties and the catalytic performance
Zhang TT, Song JD, Chen JX, Jia AP, Luo MF, Lu JQ
1082 - 1088 Nitrogen-doped 3D flower-like carbon materials derived from polyimide as high-performance anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Wu Q, Liu JQ, Yuan CP, Li Q, Wang HG
1089 - 1094 Band gap tuning in Si-SiO2 nanocomposite: Interplay of confinement effect and surface/interface bonding
Rani E, Ingale A, Phase DM, Chaturvedi A, Mukherjee C, Joshi MP, Kukreja LM
1095 - 1100 Improving the photocatalytic properties of anatase TiO2(101) surface by co-doping with Cu and N: Ab initio study
Koteski V, Belosevic-Cavor J, Umicevic A, Ivanovski V, Toprek D
1101 - 1110 Preparation of antimicrobial fabric using magnesium-based PET masterbatch
Zhu YM, Wang Y, Sha L, Zhao J
1111 - 1117 The effect of surface structure on Ag atom adsorption over CuO(111) surfaces: A first principles study
Hu RM, Zhou XL, Yu J
1118 - 1124 Polarization and fluence effects in femtosecond laser induced micro/nano structures on stainless steel with antireflection property
Yao CZ, Ye YY, Jia BS, Li Y, Ding RJ, Jiang Y, Wang YX, Yuan XD
1125 - 1129 Optical, wetting and electrical properties of functionalized fulleropyrrolidine thin films
Parveen A, Sughanya V, Manoharan C, Nagarajan S
1130 - 1137 Raman and X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopic studies of graphene devices for identification of doping
Gokturk PA, Kakenov N, Kocabas C, Suzer S
1138 - 1157 A revised Majumdar and Bushan model of elastoplastic contact between rough surfaces
Yuan Y, Cheng Y, Liu K, Gan L
1158 - 1167 Porous Ni-Co-Mn oxides prisms for high performance electrochemical energy storage
Zhao JB, Li M, Li JR, Wei CZ, He YY, Huang YX, Li QL
1168 - 1175 Atomic-level wear behavior of sliding between silica (010) surfaces
Wang M, Duan FL