Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.424 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Advanced nanomaterials Preface
Titus E, Ventura J, Araujo JP, Gil JC
2 - 8 Synthesis and morphological examination of high-purity Ca(OH)(2) nanoparticles suitable to consolidate porous surfaces
Madrid JA, Lanzon M
9 - 14 Formation of thin film like assembly of exfoliated C3N4 nanoflakes by solvent non-evaporative method using centrifuge
Tejasvi R, Basu S
15 - 19 Controlled release of astaxanthin from nanoporous silicified-phospholipids assembled boron nitride complex for cosmetic applications
Lee HS, Sung DK, Kim SH, Choi WI, Hwang ET, Choi DJ, Chang JH
20 - 27 Use of diluted Ca(OH)(2) suspensions and their transformation into nanostructured CaCO3 coatings: A case study in strengthening heritage materials (stucco, adobe and stone)
Lanzon M, Madrid JA, Martinez-Arredondo A, Monaco S
28 - 38 TSDC and impedance spectroscopy measurements on hydroxyapatite, beta-tricalcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite/beta-tricalcium phosphate biphasic bioceramics
Prezas PR, Melo BMG, Costa LC, Valente MA, Lanca MC, Ventura JMG, Pinto LFV, Graca MPF
39 - 44 Growth of copper-benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylate on boron nitride nanotubes and application of the composite in methane sensing
Xiang CL, Chen T, Zhang HT, Zou YJ, Chu HL, Zhang HZ, Xua F, Sun LX, Tang CY
45 - 51 Evaluation on the electrochemically deposited alkoxy thiourea as liquid crystalline semiconductor film
Rahamathullah R, Khairul WM
52 - 57 Substrate influence on the early relaxation stages of photoexcited carriers in monolayer graphene
Iglesias JM, Martin MJ, Pascual E, Rengel R
58 - 62 Optimization of the buffer surface of CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB-based magnetic tunnel junctions by ion beam milling
Martins L, Ventura J, Ferreira R, Freitas PP
63 - 71 Electrodeposition of r-GO/SiC nano-composites on Magnesium and its Corrosion Behavior in Aqueous Electrolyte
Kavimani V, Prakash KR, Rajesh R, Rammasamy D, Selvaraj NB, Yang T, Prabakaran B, Jothi S
72 - 81 The capability of graphene on improving the electrical conductivity and anti-corrosion properties of Polyurethane coatings
Tong Y, Bohm S, Song M
82 - 86 Bias polarization study of steam electrolysis by composite oxygen electrode Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta/BaCe0.4Zr0.4Y0.2O3-delta
Yang T, Shaula A, Pukazhselvan D, Ramasamy D, Deng JG, da Silva EL, Duarte R, Saraiva JA
87 - 92 Nickel induced re-structuring of 2D graphene to 1D graphene nanotubes: Role of radical hydrogen in catalyst assisted growth
Krishna R, Titus E
93 - 100 Low cost iodine intercalated graphene for fuel cells electrodes
Marinoiu A, Raceanu M, Carcadea E, Varlam M, Stefanescu L
101 - 110 Unzipping of multi-wall carbon nanotubes with different diameter distributions: Effect on few-layer graphene oxide obtention
Torres D, Pinilla JL, Suelves I
111 - 114 Effect of annealing process in TiO2 thin films: Structural, morphological, and optical properties
Dussan A, Bohorquez A, Quiroz HP
115 - 121 PNIPAm grafted amino-functionalized mesoporous silica for thermo-responsive chromium elimination
Chang JH, Kim J, Lee H
122 - 126 Bipolar resistive switching in Si/Ag nanostructures
Dias C, Lv H, Picos R, Aguiar P, Cardoso S, Freitas PP, Ventura J
127 - 131 Unique dielectric features of a ceramic-semiconductor nanocomposite MgNb2O6+0.25Zn(0.5)Cd(0.5)S
Pukazhselvan D, Selvaraj NB, Bdikin I, Saravanan RSS, Jakka SK, Soares MJ, Fagg DP
132 - 136 Theoretical band alignment in an intermediate band chalcopyritebased based material
Aguila JEC, Palacios P, Conesa JC, Arriaga J, Wahnon P
257 - 257 Preface
Craciun V, Iacomi F, Tetean R
258 - 263 Reprint of "Surface-environment effects in spin crossover solids"
Gudyma I, Maksymov A
264 - 268 Optimization of the structural configuration of ICBA/P3HT photovoltaic cells
Nemnes GA, Iftimie S, Palici A, Nicolaev A, Mitran TL, Radu A, Antohe S
269 - 274 Band bending at magnetic Ni/Ge(001) interface investigated by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Bocirnea AE, Tanase LC, Costescu RM, Apostol NG, Teodorescua CM
275 - 281 Mesoporous silica obtained with methyltriethoxysilane as co-precursor in alkaline medium
Putz AM, Wang KZ, Len A, Plocek J, Bezdicka P, Kopitsa GP, Khamova TV, Ianasi C, Sacarescu L, Mitroova Z, Savii C, Yan MH, Almasy L
282 - 289 Hybrid Magnetorheological Elastomers: Effects of the magnetic field on some electrical properties
Bunoiu M, Neamtu J, Chirigiu L, Balasoiu M, Pascu G, Bica I, Chirigiu LME
290 - 298 Synthesis and characterization of sputtered titanium nitride as a nucleation layer for novel neural electrode coatings
Sait RA, Cross RBM
299 - 309 Plume splitting and oscillatory behavior in transient plasmas generated by high-fluence laser ablation in vacuum
Focsa C, Gurlui S, Nica P, Agop M, Ziskind M
310 - 315 Shape-dependent antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles on Escherichia coil and Enterococcus faecium bacterium
Alshareefa A, Laird K, Cross RBM
316 - 323 Stability study: Transparent conducting oxides in chemically reactive plasmas
Manjunatha KN, Paul S
324 - 329 Thermal effects induced by laser ablation in non-homogeneous limestone covered by an impurity layer
Cocean A, Pelin V, Cazacu MM, Cocean I, Sandu I, Gurlui S, Iacomi F
330 - 336 A study of selenium nanoparticles as charge storage element for flexible semi-transparent memory devices
Alotaibi S, Manjunatha KN, Paul S
337 - 344 Structural and magnetic properties of Ni nanofilms on Ge(001) by molecular beam epitaxy
Bocirnea AE, Costescu RM, Pasuk I, Lungu GA, Teodorescu CM
345 - 351 Controlling the optical properties of polyaniline doped by boric acid particles by changing their doping agent and initiator concentration
Cabuk M, Gunduz B
352 - 358 Resistive switching and impedance properties of soft nanocomposites based on Ag nanoparticles
Chiolerio A, Roppolo I, Perrone D, Sacco A, Rajan K, Chiappone A, Bocchini S, Bejtka K, Ricciardi C, Pirri CF
359 - 367 Fabrication and design of bioactive agent coated, highly-aligned electrospun matrices for nerve tissue engineering: Preparation, characterization and application
Lee SJ, Heo M, Lee D, Heo DN, Lim HN, Kwon IK
368 - 373 Transparent thin films of indium tin oxide: Morphology-optical investigations, inter dependence analyzes
Prepelita P, Filipescu M, Stavarache I, Garoi F, Craciun D
374 - 377 Discrimination of polar order extent in BaZrxTi1-xO3 epitaxial thin films by Raman spectroscopy
Ventura J, Hernandez S, Polo MC, Ferrater C, Fabrega L, Varela M
378 - 382 Monitoring of lithium plating by neutron reflectometry
Avdeev MV, Rulev AA, Bodnarchuk VI, Ushakova EE, Petrenko VI, Gapon IV, Tomchuk OV, Matveev VA, Pleshanov NK, Kataev EY, Yashina LV, Itkis DM
383 - 388 Temperature-dependent dielectric functions and interband critical points of sulfur-rich TlIn(S(1-x)Sex)(2) layered solid solution crystals
Gomonnai OO, Gordan O, Guranich PP, Slivka AG, Gomonnai AV, Zahn DRT
389 - 396 Electrospun PVDF fibers and a novel PVDF/CoFe2O4 fibrous composite as nanostructured sorbent materials for oil spill cleanup
Dorneanu PP, Cojocaru C, Olaru N, Samoila P, Airinei A, Sacarescu L
397 - 406 Enhanced properties of tungsten thin films deposited with a novel HiPIMS approach
Velicu IL, Tiron V, Porosnicu C, Burducea I, Lupu N, Stoian G, Popa G, Munteanu D
407 - 411 The effect of different annealing temperatures on the structure and luminescence properties of Y2O3:Bi3+ thin film fabricated by RF magnetron sputtering
Yousif A, Kumar V, Jafer RM, Swart HC
412 - 420 Surface characterization and cathodoluminescence degradation of ZnO thin films
Hasabeldaim E, Ntwaeaborwa OM, Kroon RE, Craciun V, Coetsee E, Swart HC
421 - 427 Chalcogenide thin films deposited by rfMS technique using a single quaternary target
Prepelita P, Stavarache I, Negrila C, Garoi F, Craciun V