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Applied Surface Science, Vol.423 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Photocatalytic growth of Ag nanocrystals on hydrothermally synthesized multiphasic TiO2/reduced graphene oxide (rGO) nanocomposites and their SERS performance
Guo TL, Li JG, Sun XD, Sakka Y
13 - 24 Microstructure and tribology behaviors of in-situ WC/Fe carbide coating fabricated by plasma transferred arc metallurgic reaction
Yuan YL, Li ZG
25 - 32 Investigating pitting in X65 carbon steel using potentiostatic polarisation
Mohammed S, Hua Y, Barker R, Neville A
33 - 42 Molecular simulation of CO2/CH4 adsorption in brown coal: Effect of oxygen-, nitrogen-, and sulfur-containing functional groups
Dang Y, Zhao LM, Lu XQ, Xu J, Sang PP, Guo S, Zhu HY, Guo WY
43 - 52 Influence of acetone extract from natural rubber on the structure and interface interaction in NR/silica composites
Xu TW, Jia ZX, Wu LH, Chen YJ, Luo YF, Jia DM, Peng Z
53 - 62 Kinetic and catalytic analysis of mesoporous Co3O4 on the oxidation of morin
Xaba MS, Meijboom R
63 - 70 Efficient tungsten oxide/bismuth oxyiodide core/shell photoanode for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Ma HP, Zhang J, Liu ZF
71 - 77 Effect of shape-driven intrinsic surface defects on photocatalytic activities of titanium dioxide in environmental application
Yoon SH, ElShorafa R, Katbeh M, Han DS, Jeong HW, Park H, Abdel-Wahab A
78 - 89 Steam based conversion coating on AA6060 alloy: Effect of sodium silicate chemistry and corrosion performance
Din RU, Bordo K, Tabrizian N, Jellesen MS, Ambat R
90 - 99 Corrosion behavior and pitting susceptibility of in-situ Ti-based metallic glass matrix composites in 3.5 wt.% NaCl solutions
Xu KK, Lan AD, Yang HJ, Han PD, Qiao JW
100 - 110 Doping induced modifications in the electronic structure and magnetism of ZnO films: Valence band and conduction band studies
Katba S, Jethva S, Udeshi M, Trivedi P, Vagadia M, Shukla DK, Choudhary RJ, Phase DM, Kuberkar DG
111 - 118 HF/H2O2 treated graphite felt as the positive electrode for vanadium redox flow battery
He ZX, Jiang YQ, Meng W, Jiang FY, Zhou HZ, Li YH, Zhu J, Wang L, Dai L
119 - 130 Controllable fabrication of Bi2O3/TiO2 heterojunction with excellent visible-light responsive photocatalytic performance
Huang YF, Wei YL, Wang J, Luo D, Fan LQ, Wu J
131 - 138 Effect of pore confinement on the adsorption of mono-branched alkanes of naphtha in ZSM-5 and Y zeolites
Fu J, Feng X, Liu YB, Yang CH
139 - 146 Solution-processed molybdenum oxide for hole-selective contacts on crystalline silicon solar cells
Tong JN, Wan YM, Cui J, Lim S, Song N, Lennon A
147 - 153 Carboxylic acid-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes-polyindole/Ti2O3: A novel hybrid nanocomposite as highly efficient photo-anode for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs)
Sireesha P, Sasikumar R, Chen SM, Su CC, Ranganathan P, Rwei SP
154 - 159 Selective ion transport in functionalized carbon nanotubes
Samoylova ON, Calixte EI, Shuford KL
160 - 169 The influence of the phosphorous content and heat treatment on the nano-micro-structure, thickness and micro-hardness of electroless Ni-P coatings on steel
Czagany M, Baumli P, Kaptay G
170 - 175 Orange peel plus nanostructured zero-valent-iron composite for the removal of hexavalent chromium in water
Olea-Mejia O, Cabral-Prieto A, Salcedo-Castillo U, Lopez-Tellez G, Olea-Cardoso O, Lopez-Castanares R
176 - 184 Numerical study of impact erosion of multiple solid particle
Zheng C, Liu YH, Chen C, Qin J, Ji RJ, Cai BP
185 - 196 Fabrication of efficient TiO2-RGO heterojunction composites for hydrogen generation via water-splitting: Comparison between RGO, Au and Pt reduction sites
El-Bery HM, Matsushita Y, Abdel-moneim A
197 - 204 Fabrication of WO3@g-C3N4 with core@shell nanostructure for enhanced photocatalytic degradation activity under visible light
Wang P, Lu N, Su Y, Liu N, Yu HT, Li J, Wu Y
205 - 209 Phase quantification by X-ray photoemission valence band analysis applied to mixed phase TiO2 powders
Breeson AC, Sankar G, Goh GKL, Palgrave RG
210 - 218 High-performance supercapacitors using flexible and freestanding MnOx/carbamide carbon nanofibers
Samuel E, Jo HS, Joshi B, Park HG, Kim YI, An S, Swihart MT, Yun JM, Kim KH, Yoon SS
219 - 224 InGaN nanocolumn growth self-induced by in-situ annealing and ion irradiation during growth process with molecular beam epitaxy method
Xue JJ, Cai Q, Zhang BH, Ge M, Chen DJ, Zheng JG, Zhi T, Tao ZK, Chen JW, Wang LH, Zhang R, Zheng YD
225 - 235 Photochemical synthesis of the Fe-0/C3N4/MoS2 heterostructure as a highly active and reusable photocatalyst
Wang X, Zhou ZM, Liang ZY, Zhuang ZY, Yu Y
236 - 244 Self-assembly and electrical characteristics of 4-pentynoic acid functionalized Fe3O4-gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles on SiO2/n-Si
Baharuddin AA, Ang BC, Wong YH
245 - 254 Sn-Cu nanotubes enveloped in three-dimensional interconnected polyaniline hydrogel framework as binder-free anode for lithium-ion battery
Zhang LF, Dou P, Wang WJ, Zheng J, Xu XH
255 - 265 Modulation of the excited-electron recombination process by introduce g-C3N4 on Bi-based bimetallic oxides photocatalyst
Liu DD, Jin ZL, Li HX, Lu GX
266 - 274 Low-energy electron point projection microscopy/diffraction study of suspended graphene
Hsu WH, Chang WT, Lin CY, Chang MT, Hsieh CT, Wang CR, Lee WL, Hwang IS
275 - 282 Boron doped bcc-W films: Achieving excellent mechanical properties and tribological performance by regulating substrate bias voltage
Yang LN, Zhang K, Zeng Y, Wang X, Du SX, Tao CY, Ren P, Cui XQ, Wen M
283 - 292 Direct synthesis of carbon nanotubes using Cu-Sn catalyst on Cu substrates and their corrosion behavior in 0.6 M NaCl solution
Jeong N, Jwa E, Kim C, Choi JY, Nam JY, Park SC, Jang MS
293 - 304 Tuning the superhydrophobicity of magnesium stearate decorated ZnO porous structures for self-cleaning urinary coatings
Raja TSG, Jeyasubramanian K
305 - 313 Formation of nano-laminated structures in a dry sliding wear-induced layer under different wear mechanisms of 20CrNi2Mo steel
Yin CH, Liang YL, Jiang Y, Yang M, Long SL
314 - 321 A mesoporous silica composite scaffold: Cell behaviors, biomineralization and mechanical properties
Xu Y, Gao D, Feng P, Gao CD, Peng SP, Ma HT, Yang S, Shuai CJ
322 - 330 Colloidal lithography with electrochemical nickel deposition as a unique method for improved silver decorated nanocavities in SERS applications
Petrus O, Orinak A, Orinakova R, Kralova ZO, Mudra E, Kupkova M, Koval' K
331 - 339 Electrochemical and in vitro behavior of the nanosized composites of Ti-6Al-4V and TiO2 fabricated by friction stir process
Zhang CJ, Ding ZH, Xie LC, Zhang LC, Wu LZ, Fu YF, Wang LQ, Lu WJ
340 - 348 Characteristics of electrodeposition of Ni and Ni-P alloys from methanesulfonate electrolytes
Sknar YE, Savchuk OO, Sknar IV
349 - 353 Monodispersed ZIF-8 particles with enhanced performance for CO2 adsorption and heterogeneous catalysis
Guan YB, Shi JJ, Xia M, Zhang J, Pang ZF, Marchetti A, Wang XH, Cai JS, Kong XQ
354 - 364 Ti, Al and N adatom adsorption and diffusion on rocksalt cubic AlN (001) and (011) surfaces: Ab initio calculations
Mastail C, David M, Nita F, Michel A, Abadias G
365 - 374 Corrosion protection application of slippery liquid-infused porous surface based on aluminum foil
Tuo YJ, Zhang HF, Chen WP, Liu XW
375 - 382 Hierarchical self-supported C@TiO2-MoS2 core-shell nanofiber mats as flexible anode for advanced lithium ion batteries
Wang ZJ, Liu M, Wei GJ, Han P, Zhao XX, Liu JX, Zhou Y, Zhang J
383 - 393 Synthesis of a novel magnetic Fe3O4/gamma-Al2O3 hybrid composite using electrode-alternation technique for the removal of an azo dye
Jung KW, Choi BH, Ahn KH, Lee SH
394 - 402 Conformational study of protein interactions with hydrogen-passivated amorphous silicon surfaces: Effect of pH
Brahmi Y, Filali L, Sib JD, Bouhekka A, Benlakehal D, Bouizem Y, Kebab A, Chahed L
403 - 416 Preparation and characterization of SrTiO3-Ag/AgCl hybrid composite with promoted plasmonic visible light excited photocatalysis
Shen HF, Wei HY, Pan ZD, Lu YJ, Wang YM
417 - 420 Heat treatment induced phase transition and microstructural evolution in electron beam surface melted Nb-Si based alloys
Guo YL, Jia LN, Kong B, Peng H, Zhang H
421 - 425 A visual water vapor photonic crystal sensor with PVA/SiO2 opal structure
Yang HW, Pan L, Han YP, Ma LH, Li Y, Xu HB, Zhao JP
426 - 432 Green preparation of carbon dots with mangosteen pulp for the selective detection of Fe3+ ions and cell imaging
Yang R, Guo XF, Jia LH, Zhang Y, Zhao ZL, Lonshakov F
433 - 442 Well-dispersed Ni nanoclusters on the surfaces of MFI nanosheets as highly efficient and selective catalyst for the hydrogenation of naphthalene to tetralin
Gong PY, Li BS, Kong XL, Liu JJ, Zuo SL
443 - 450 N-Doped graphene/PEDOT composite films as counter electrodes in DSSCs: Unveiling the mechanism of electrocatalytic activity enhancement
Paterakis G, Raptis D, Ploumistos A, Belekoukia M, Sygellou L, Ramasamy MS, Lianos P, Tasis D
451 - 456 Adsorption behavior of formaldehyde on ZnO (10(1)over-bar0) surface: A first principles study
Jin WT, Chen GD, Duan XY, Yin Y, Ye HG, Wang D, Yu JY, Mei XS, Wu YL
457 - 464 The surface characterization and passive behavior of Type 316L stainless steel in H2S-containing conditions
Wang Z, Zhang L, Tang X, Zhang ZR, Lu MX
465 - 468 Investigation of rough surfaces on Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)(4) monograin layers using light beam induced current measurements
Neubauer C, Babatas E, Meissner D
469 - 475 Fabrication and biological imaging of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane cross-linked fluorescent polymeric nanoparticles with aggregation-induced emission feature
Mao LC, Liu MY, Xu DZ, Wan Q, Huang Q, Jiang RM, Shi YG, Deng FJ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
476 - 483 Multiwalled carbon nanotubes@C@SnO2 quantum dots and SnO2 quantum dots@C as high rate anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Jin RC, Meng YF, Li GH
484 - 491 Zirconium-loaded magnetic interpenetrating network chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels for phosphorus recovery from the aquatic environment
Wan J, Zhu C, Hu J, Zhang TC, Richter-Egger D, Feng XN, Zhou AJ, Tao T
492 - 497 Trace hydrogen sulfide gas sensor based on tungsten sulfide membrane-coated thin-core fiber modal interferometer
Deng DS, Feng WL, Wei JW, Qin X, Chen R
498 - 508 Effect of preparation procedures on catalytic activity and selectivity of copper-based mixed oxides in selective catalytic oxidation of ammonia into nitrogen and water vapour
Jablonska M, Nocun M, Golabek K, Palkovits R
509 - 520 Effect of diameter of metal nanowires on pool boiling heat transfer with FC-72
Kumar GU, Suresh S, Thansekhar MR, Babu PD
521 - 527 Enhancing the c-TiO2 based perovskite solar cell performance via modification by a serial of boronic acid derivative self-assembled monolayers
Kirbiyik C, Kara K, Kara DA, Yigit MZ, Istanbullu B, Can M, Sariciftci NS, Scharber M, Kus M
528 - 537 Preparation of weak-light-driven TiO2-based catalysts via adsorbed-layer nanoreactor synthesis and enhancement of their photo-degradation performance in seawater
Wang T, Xu ZY, Zhu YC, Wu LG, Yuan HX, Li CC, Liu YY, Cai J
538 - 541 Flexible foils formed by a prolonged electron beam irradiation in scanning electron microscope
Cechal J, Sikola T
542 - 548 DFT study of beta-D-glucose adsorption on single-walled carbon nanotubes decorated with platinum. A bonding analysis
Fa AJG, Orazi V, Gonzalez EA, Juan A, Lopez-Corral I
549 - 556 Development of stable current collectors for large area dye-sensitized solar cells
Pereira AI, Martins J, Tavares CJ, Andrade L, Mendes A
557 - 565 Osteoconductive properties of two different bioactive glass forms (powder and fiber) combined with collagen
Magri AMP, Fernandes KR, Ueno FR, Kido HW, da Silva AC, Braga FJC, Granito RN, Gabbai-Armelin PR, Renno ACM
566 - 570 Arsenic carbide monolayer: First principles prediction
Naseri M
571 - 583 The role of micro/nano zeolites doped with zinc cations in the active protection of epoxy ester coating
Rassouli L, Naderi R, Mandavain M
584 - 591 Enhancing mechanical and thermal properties of styrene-butadiene rubber/carboxylated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber blend by the usage of graphene oxide with diverse oxidation degrees
Xue XD, Yin Q, Jia HB, Zhang XM, Wen YW, Ji QM, Xu ZD
592 - 601 Density functional study on H2S adsorption on Pd(111) and Pd/gamma-Al2O3(110) surfaces
Zhao XG, Chen BT, Han LN, Wen C, Yu XH, Chang LP, Wang JC, Feng G, Liu JW
602 - 610 High-energy {001} crystal facets and surface fluorination engineered gas sensing properties of anatase titania nanocrystals
Yang Y, Hong AJ, Liang Y, Xu K, Yu T, Shi J, Zeng FY, Qu YH, Liu YT, Ding MQ, Zhang W, Yuan CL
611 - 618 SnO2 epitaxial films with varying thickness on c-sapphire: Structure evolution and optical band gap modulation
Zhang M, Xu MJ, Li MK, Zhang QF, Lu YM, Chen JW, Li M, Dai JN, Chen CQ, He YB
619 - 629 Sub-micrometric surface texturing of AZ31 Mg-alloy through two-beam direct laser interference patterning with a ns-pulsed green fiber laser
Furlan V, Biondi M, Demir AG, Pariani G, Previtali B, Bianco A
630 - 640 Synthesis of a novel hydantoin-containing silane and its effect on the tracking and bacteria resistance of addition-cure liquid silicone rubber
Liu T, Zeng XR, Fang WZ, Lai XJ, Li HQ
641 - 674 Electrospinning: A versatile technique for making of 1D growth of nanostructured nanofibers and its applications: An experimental approach
Patil JV, Mali SS, Kamble AS, Hong CK, Kim JH, Patil PS
675 - 679 Band alignment between PEALD-AlNO and AlGaN/GaN determined by angle-resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Wang Q, Cheng XH, Zheng L, Ye PY, Li ML, Shen LY, Li JJ, Zhang DL, Gu ZY, Yu YH
680 - 685 Effect of plasma nitriding on the structural stability and hydrogen absorption capability of Pd-coated Nb during thermal treatment
Ohtsu N, Kozuka T, Shibata Y, Yamane M
686 - 694 Controllable synthesis of dual emissive Ag:InP/ZnS quantum dots with high fluorescence quantum yield
Yang W, He GX, Mei SL, Zhu JT, Zhang WL, Chen QH, Zhang GL, Guo RQ
695 - 703 Structure and corrosion properties of Cr coating deposited on aerospace bearing steel
Wang FF, Zhang FX, Zheng LJ, Zhang H
704 - 715 The photoelectrocatalytic activity, long term stability and corrosion performance of NiMo deposited titanium oxide nano-tubes for hydrogen production in alkaline medium
Mert ME, Mert BD, Kardas G, Yazici B
716 - 720 Hexane selenol dissociation on Cu: The protective role of oxide and water
Gothelid M, Hosseinpour S, Ahmadi S, Leygraf C, Johnson CM
721 - 727 Facial development of high performance room temperature NO2 gas sensors based on ZnO nanowalls decorated rGO nanosheets
Liu ZY, Yu LM, Guo F, Liu S, Qi LJ, Shan MY, Fan XH
728 - 742 One-step hydrothermal preparation of (NH4)(2)V3O8/carbon composites and conversion to porous V2O5 nanoparticles as supercapacitor electrode with excellent pseudocapacitive capability
Zhang YF, Zheng JQ, Wang QS, Zhang SQ, Hu T, Meng CG
743 - 751 rGO-ZnO nanocomposites for high electrocatalytic effect on water oxidation obtained by microwave-hydrothermal method
Romeiro FC, Rodrigues MA, Silva LAJ, Catto AC, da Silva LF, Longo E, Nossol E, Lima RC
752 - 761 Specific ion effect on the surface properties of Ag/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite and its influence on photocatalytic efficiency towards azo dye degradation
Borthakur P, Boruah PK, Hussain N, Silla Y, Das MR
762 - 770 Comparison of the conversion of ethylene to ethylidyne on Pd-Au(100): A density functional study
Lu J, Dong XQ, Yu YZ, Zhang MH
771 - 779 A facile synthesis for cauliflower like CeO2 catalysts from Ce-BTC precursor and their catalytic performance for CO oxidation
Zhang XD, Hou FL, Yang Y, Wang YX, Liu N, Chen D, Yang YQ
780 - 787 Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics simulation of pentanoic acid adsorption on alpha-Al2O3
Martinotto AL, Zorzi JE, Perottoni CA
788 - 792 Field emission properties of the caterpillar-like structural carbon film grown by magnetic and electric fields coupling HFCVD
Wang YJ, Wei QP, Yu ZM, Long HY, Deng ZJ, Xie YM, Li JX, Lin CT, Ma L, Zhou KC
793 - 799 Kinetic Monte Carlo study of vinyl acetate synthesis from ethylene acetoxylation on Pd(100) and Pd/Au(100)
Huang YP, Dong XQ, Yu YZ, Zhang MH
800 - 809 Synthesis of low-cost adsorbent from rice bran for the removal of reactive dye based on the response surface methodology
Hong GB, Wang YK
810 - 816 A sensing approach for dopamine determination by boronic acid-functionalized molecularly imprinted graphene quantum dots composite
Zhou X, Gao XX, Song FY, Wang CP, Chu FX, Wu SS
817 - 828 Zirconium-based conversion film formation on zinc, aluminium and magnesium oxides and their interactions with functionalized molecules
Fockaert LI, Taheri P, Abrahami ST, Boelen B, Terryn H, Mol JMC
829 - 835 Adsorption of alkali-metal atoms on GaN nanowires photocathode
Cui Z, Li EL, Ke XZ, Zhao TF, Yang YF, Ding YC, Liu T, Qu Y, Xu S
836 - 844 Synthesis of novel platinum-on-flower-like nickel catalysts and their applications in hydrogenation reaction
Zhu LH, Zheng T, Zheng JB, Yu CL, Zhou QY, Hua JR, Zhang NW, Shu Q, Chen BH
845 - 854 Influence of Mn/Ce ratio on the physicochemical properties and catalytic performance of graphene supported MnOx-CeO2 oxides for NH3-SCR at low temperature
You XC, Sheng ZY, Yu DQ, Yang L, Xiao X, Wang S
855 - 868 Influence of hydrophobization of fumed oxides on interactions with polar and nonpolar adsorbates
Gun'ko VM, Pakhlov EM, Goncharuk OV, Andriyko LS, Marynin AI, Ukrainets AI, Charmas B, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Blitz JP
869 - 880 Enzyme-mimicking polymer brush-functionalized surface for combating biomaterial-associated infections
Jiang RJ, Xin ZR, Xu SA, Shi HC, Yang HW, Song LJ, Yan SJ, Luan SF, Yin JH, Khan AF, Li YG
881 - 886 Fabrication of optically-functionalized colorless polyimide patterns with high durability
Jun J, Lee JH, Choi HJ, Moon S, Kim ID, Lee H
887 - 890 Is gamma-Al2O3 polar?
Christensen DV, Smith A
891 - 899 Effects of hierarchical structures and insulating liquid media on adhesion
Yang WX, Wang XL, Li HQ, Song XT
900 - 908 Surface reactivity and hydroxyapatite formation on Ca5MgSi3O12 ceramics in simulated body fluid
Xu J, Wang YR, Huang YL, Cheng H, Seo HJ
909 - 916 Synergistically enhanced activity of nitrogen-doped carbon dots/graphene composites for oxygen reduction reaction
Liu H, Zhao QS, Liu JY, Ma X, Rao Y, Shao XD, Li ZT, Wu WT, Ning H, Wu MB
917 - 926 Influence of immersion cycles during n-beta-Bi2O3 sensitization on the photoelectrochemical behaviour of N-F-codoped TiO2 nanotubes
Hoyos LJ, Rivera DF, Gualdron-Reyes AF, Ospina R, Rodriguez-Pereira J, Ropero-Vega JL, Nino-Gomez ME
927 - 938 Influence of surface pretreatments on the quality of trivalent chromium process coatings on aluminum alloy
Viroulaud R, Swiatowska J, Seyeux A, Zanna S, Tardelli J, Marcus P
939 - 950 Influence of graphene particles on the micro-arc oxidation behaviors of 6063 aluminum alloy and the coating properties
Chen QZ, Jiang ZQ, Tang SG, Dong WB, Tong Q, Li WZ
951 - 956 High temperature thermochromic polydiacetylenes: Design and colorimetric properties
Huo JP, Hu ZD, He GZ, Hong XX, Yang ZH, Luo SH, Ye XF, Li YL, Zhang YB, Zhang M, Chen H, Fan T, Zhang YY, Xiong BY, Wang ZY, Zhu ZB, Chen DC
957 - 960 Control of interfacial layer growth during deposition of high-kappa oxide thin films in reactive RF-sputtering system
Rakshit A, Bose A, Biswas D, Roy M, Bhar R, Chakraborty S
961 - 967 Synthesis of Pd decorated flower-like NiO composite and its high catalytic performance for CO oxidation under ambient conditions
Zhang YM, Li GN, Tan L, Liu LL, Li YS, Li L
968 - 976 Facile preparation of self-healing superhydrophobic CeO2 surface by electrochemical processes
Nakayama K, Hiraga T, Zhu CY, Tsuji E, Aoki Y, Habazaki H
977 - 982 Growth mechanism of ZnO nanostructures produced by ultraviolet and visible laser ablation
Dikovska AO, Pallotti D, Lettieri S, Atanasova GB, Avdeev GV, Maddalena P, Amoruso S, Nedyalkov NN
983 - 994 Structural, morphological, compositional and optical studies of plasma polymerized 2-furaldehyde amorphous thin films
Kabir H, Rahman MM, Uddin KM, Bhuiyan AH
995 - 1002 Diagnosis on improved electrocatalytic activity of La2Ni0.8Cu0.2O4+delta electrodes towards oxygen reduction reaction
Wang YP, Xu Q, Huang DP, Zhao K, Chen M, Kim BH
1003 - 1011 An ab initio investigation of phosphorene/hexagonal boron nitride heterostructures with defects for high performance photovoltaic applications
Wang C, Sun J, Zhang BT, Zhang J, Tao XT
1012 - 1018 A study on the electrical properties of Mn-Co-Ni-O thin films grown by radio frequency magnetron sputtering with different thicknesses
Kong WW, Wei W, Gao B, Chang AM
1019 - 1024 Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles by waste tea extract and degradation of organic dye in the absence and presence of H2O2
Qing WX, Chen K, Wang Y, Liu XH, Lu MH
1025 - 1034 Decoration of nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide with cobalt tungstate nanoparticles for use in high-performance supercapacitors
Naderi HR, Sobhani-Nasab A, Rahimi-Nasrabadi M, Ganjali MR
1035 - 1044 A first principles investigation of the oxygen adsorption on Zr(0001) surface using cluster expansions
Samin AJ, Taylor CD
1045 - 1053 Improvement in the electrochemical performance of LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 cathode material by Li2ZrO3 coating
Liang HM, Wang ZX, Guo HJ, Wang JX, Leng J
1054 - 1061 An anti-bacterial approach to nanoscale roughening of biomimetic rice-like pattern PP by thermal annealing
Nodoushan EJ, Ebrahimi NG, Ayazi M
1062 - 1071 One-pot synthesis of belt-like Bi2S3/BiOCl hierarchical composites with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Mi YW, Li HP, Zhang YF, Zhang RJ, Hou WG
1072 - 1079 Self-assembly of the stretchable AuNPs@MoS2@GF substrate for the SERS application
Li TM, Xu YY, Feng Y, Zhang C, Yang CX, Sun ZC, Zhang H, Yuan XB, Ning TY, Yang C
1080 - 1089 Insight into carbon deposition associated with NiCo/MgO catalyzed CH4/CO2 reforming by using density functional theory
Liu HY, Li K, Zhang RG, Ling LX, Wang BJ
1090 - 1096 Vanadium sulfides interwoven nanoflowers based on in-situ sulfurization of vanadium oxides octahedron on nickel foam for efficient hydrogen evolution
Rao Y, Zhang LM, Shang X, Dong B, Liu YR, Lu SS, Chi JQ, Chai YM, Liu CG
1097 - 1102 Determining the resolution of scanning microwave impedance microscopy using atomic-precision buried donor structures
Scrymgeour DA, Baca A, Fishgrab K, Simonson RJ, Marshall M, Bussmann E, Nakakura CY, Anderson M, Misra S
1103 - 1110 An inorganic/organic hybrid magnetic network as a colorimetric fluorescent nanosensor and its recognizing behavior toward Hg2+
Zeng XF, Xu YH, Chen XM, Ma WH, Zhou Y
1111 - 1123 The formation of alpha-phase SnS nanostructure from a hybrid, multi-layered S/Sn/S/Sn/S thin films: Phase stability, surface morphology and optical studies
Baby BH, Mohan DB
1124 - 1133 Iron layer-dependent surface-enhanced raman scattering of hierarchical nanocap arrays
Chen L, Sun HH, Zhao Y, Gao RX, Wang YX, Liu Y, Zhang YJ, Hua Z, Yang JH
1134 - 1140 Complementary approach to the adsorption of CO and N2O on bimetallic ion exchanged ZMS-5 zeolite: Microcalorimetric and FTIR spectroscopy study
Rac V, Rakic V, Damjanovic-Vasilic L, Dondur V, Auroux A
1141 - 1151 Effect of the degree of oxidation and defects of graphene oxide on adsorption of Cu2+ from aqueous solution
Tan P, Bi Q, Hu YY, Fang Z, Chen YC, Cheng JH
1152 - 1160 Interface reaction between Fe3-xSnxO4 and CaO roasted under CO-CO2 atmosphere
Su ZJ, Zhang YB, Han BL, Chen YM, Lu MM, Peng ZW, Li GH, Jiang T
1161 - 1168 Effect of oxygen on the optical, electrical and structural properties of mixed-phase boron doped nanocrystalline silicon oxide thin films
Das D, Mondal P
1169 - 1175 Photon and electron beam pumped luminescence of Ho3+ activated CaMoO4 phosphor
Pandey A, Kumar V, Som S, Yousif A, Kroon RE, Coetsee E, Swart HC
1176 - 1181 In situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of complex oxides under gas and vacuum environments
Paloukis F, Papazisi KM, Balomenou SP, Tsiplakides D, Bournel F, Gallet JJ, Zafeiratos S
1182 - 1187 One-pot synthesis of NiO/Mn2O3 nanoflake arrays and their application in electrochemical biosensing
Wang Y, Cui JW, Luo L, Zhang JC, Wang Y, Qin YQ, Zhang Y, Shu X, Lv J, Wu YC
1188 - 1197 Indium doped BiOI nanosheets: Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic degradation activity
Li HB, Yang ZJ, Zhang JN, Huang YC, Ji HB, Tong YX
1198 - 1202 Soft X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of the ultrathin Ba/InGaN interface
Benemanskaya GV, Pronin VP, Timoshnev SN, Nelyubov AV
1203 - 1211 Porous three-dimensional reduced graphene oxide merged with WO3 for efficient removal of radioactive strontium
Mu WJ, Yu QH, Hu R, Li XL, Wei HY, Jian Y