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Applied Surface Science, Vol.422 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Photocatalysis oxidation activity regulation of Ag/TiO2 composites evaluated by the selective oxidation of Rhodamine B
Liang HJ, Jia ZC, Zhang HC, Wang XB, Wang JJ
11 - 16 Synthesis of nano-patterned and Nickel Silicide embedded amorphous Si thin layer by ion implantation for higher efficiency solar devices
Bhowmik D, Bhattacharjee S, Lavanyakumar D, Naik V, Satpati B, Karmakar P
17 - 27 Marrying the mussel inspired chemistry and Kabachnik-Fields reaction for preparation of SiO2 polymer composites and enhancement removal of methylene blue
Huang Q, Liu MY, Chen JY, Wan Q, Tian JW, Huang L, Jiang RM, Deng FJ, Wen YQ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
28 - 31 Coupling of carboxylic groups onto the surface of polystyrene parts during fused filament fabrication
Nagel J, Zimmermann P, Schubert O, Simon F, Schlenstedt K
32 - 38 Carboxylated-nanoncellulose as a template for the synthesis of silver nanoprism
Chook SW, Yau SX, Chia CH, Chin SX, Zakaria S
39 - 45 Fabrication and photoelectric properties of Cu2FeSnS4(CFTS) and Cu2FeSn(S,Se)(4)(CFTSSe) thin films
Wang S, Ma RX, Wang CY, Li SN, Wang H
46 - 55 Asymmetry of the free-standing polyelectrolyte multilayers
Yu L, Yuan WC, Liu XK, Xu XT, Ruan SC
56 - 72 A comprehensive theoretical investigation about the bio-functionalization capability of single walled CNT, BNNT and SiCNT using DNA/RNA nucleobases
Alinezhad H, Ganji MD, Soleymani E, Tajbakhsh M
73 - 84 TiO2 coatings via atomic layer deposition on polyurethane and polydimethylsiloxane substrates: Properties and effects on C. albicans growth and inactivation process
Pessoa RS, dos Santos VP, Cardoso SB, Doria ACOC, Figueira FR, Rodrigues BVM, Testoni GE, Fraga MA, Marciano FR, Lobo AO, Maciel HS
85 - 93 Catalytic combustion of lean methane at low temperature over ZrO2-modified Co3O4 catalysts
Pu ZY, Liu Y, Zhou H, Huang WZ, Zheng YF, Li XN
94 - 103 Magnetite nanoparticles conjugated with lignin: A physicochemical and magnetic study
Klapiszewski L, Zdarta J, Antecka K, Synoradzki K, Siwinska-Stefanska K, Moszynski D, Jesionowski T
104 - 110 Fluorine and sulfur simultaneously co-doped suspended graphene
Struzzi C, Sezen H, Amati M, Gregoratti L, Reckinger N, Colomer JF, Snyders R, Bittencourt C, Scardamaglia M
111 - 115 Depth-prediction method for direct laser-scribing processes
Canteli D, Garcia-Ballesteros JJ, Molpeceres C, Gandia JJ, Torres I
116 - 124 Super-hydrophobic graphene coated polyurethane (GN@PU) sponge with great oil-water separation performance
Zhang XT, Liu DY, Ma YL, Nie J, Sui GX
125 - 129 Green and low-cost approach to modify the indium tin oxide anodes in organic light-emitting diodes by electrochemical treatment in NaCl aqueous solution
Sun C, Cheng CH, Zhang BL, Li RX, Wang Y, Liu WF, Luo YM, Du GT, Cong SL
130 - 137 Fabrication of porous tungsten oxide via anodizing in an ammonium nitrate/ethylene glycol/water mixture for visible light-driven photocatalyst
Kikuchi T, Kawashima J, Natsui S, Suzuki RO
138 - 146 A mercury free electrode for anodic stripping voltammetric determination of Pb (II) ions using poly zincon film modified electrode
Vasanthi S, Devendiran M, Narayanan SS
147 - 154 Friction and wear of hydrogenated and hydrogen-free diamond-like carbon films: Relative humidity dependent character
Shi J, Gong ZB, Wang YF, Gao KX, Zhang JY
155 - 161 Fabrication of SiOx Ultra-Fine Nanoparticles by IR nanosecond laser ablation as anode materials for lithium ion battery
Wei Q, Huang HH, Wang J, Shen ZR
162 - 171 Novel anti-corrosion coatings from rubber-modified polybenzoxazine-based polyaniline composites
Caldona EB, de Leon AC, Pajarito BB, Advincula RC
172 - 178 Monodispersed porous flowerlike PtAu nanocrystals as effective electrocatalysts for ethanol oxidation
Li SM, Xu H, Xiong ZP, Zhang K, Wang CQ, Yan B, Guo J, Du YK
179 - 183 Band offsets in ITO/Ga2O3 heterostructures
Carey PH, Ren F, Hays DC, Gila BP, Pearton SJ, Jang S, Kuramata A
184 - 191 Low temperature nucleation of Griffiths Phase in Co doped LaMnO3 nanostructures
Adeela N, Khan U, Naz S, Iqbal M, Irfan M, Cheng Y
192 - 197 Decomposition of ultrathin LiF cathode underlayer in organic-based devices evidenced by ToF-SIMS depth profiling
Pakhomov GL, Drozdov MN, Travkin VV, Bochkarev MN
198 - 206 Evidence for a Cr metastable phase as a tracer in DLI-MOCVD chromium hard coatings usable in high temperature environment
Michau A, Maury F, Schuster F, Boichot R, Pons M
207 - 215 Optimizing the combination of MoO3 interface layer and low pressure plasma treatment on indium tin oxide (ITO) anode
Jiang YL, Cui YJ, Cui X, Zhang Y, Zhou L, Feng Y, Zhang TG
216 - 220 Fabrication of gallium nitride nanowires by metal-assisted photochemical etching
Zhang MR, Jiang QM, Zhang SH, Wang ZG, Hou F, Pan GB
221 - 227 CeLa enhanced corrosion resistance of Al-Cu-Mn-Mg-Fe alloy for lithium battery shell
Du JD, Ding DY, Zhang WL, Xu Z, Gao YJ, Chen GZ, Chen WG, You XH, Chen RZ, Huang YW, Tang JS
228 - 238 Feasible synthesis of protein-templated zinc phosphate-supported Pt nanoparticle with enhanced electrocatalysis for methanol oxidation
Song YP, Ji HF, Wang MH, He LH, Song RR, Zhang ZH
239 - 246 Influence of the synthesis parameters on the properties of amidoxime grafted sepiolite nanocomposites
Taimur S, Yasin T
247 - 256 Germanium electrochemical study and its CMP application
Zhang L, Zhang BG, Pan BC, Wang CW
257 - 265 Microwave formation and photoluminescence mechanisms of multi-states nitrogen doped carbon dots
He GL, Shu MJ, Yang Z, Ma YJ, Huang D, Xu SS, Wang YF, Hu NT, Zhang YF, Xu L
266 - 272 Comparison of mechanical behavior of TiN, TiNC, CrN/TiNC, TiN/TiNC films on 9Cr18 steel by PVD
Feng XG, Zhang YS, Hu HJ, Zheng YG, Zhang KF, Zhou H
273 - 282 Atmospheric deposition process for enhanced hybrid organic-inorganic multilayer barrier thin films for surface protection
Rehman MMU, Kim KT, Na KH, Choi KH
283 - 294 Two basic bismuth nitrates: [Bi6O6(OH)(2)](NO3)(4) center dot 2H(2)O with superior photodegradation activity for rhodamine B and [Bi6O5(OH)(3)](NO3)(5) center dot 3H(2)O with ultrahigh adsorption capacity for methyl orange
Pang JW, Han QF, Liu WQ, Shen ZC, Wang X, Zhu JW
295 - 303 Femtosecond laser absorption, heat propagation, and damage threshold analysis for Au coating on metallic substrates
Suslova A, Hassanein A
304 - 315 Titanium mesh supported TiO2 nanowire arrays/upconversion luminescence Er3+-Yb3+ codoped TiO2 nanoparticles novel composites for flexible dye-sensitized solar cells
Liu WW, Zhang HY, Wang HG, Zhang M, Guo M
316 - 320 Pseudocapacitive organic catechol derivative-functionalized three-dimensional graphene aerogel hybrid electrodes for high-performance supercapacitors
Choi J, Yang M, Kim SK
321 - 330 3D CNT macrostructure synthesis catalyzed by MgFe2O4 nanoparticles-A study of surface area and spinel inversion influence
Zampiva RYS, Kaufmann CG, Pinto JS, Panta PC, Alves AK, Bergmann CP
331 - 338 A first principle simulation of competitive adsorption of SF6 decomposition components on nitrogen-doped anatase TiO2 (101) surface
Dong XC, Zhang XX, Cui H, Zhang J
339 - 347 Nitrogen-doped 3D reduced graphene oxide/polyaniline composite as active material for supercapacitor electrodes
Liu ZS, Li DH, Li ZS, Liu ZH, Zhang ZY
348 - 353 Investigation of self-aggregation properties of amino functionalized zinc chlorins
Harputlu E, Ince M, Ocakoglu K
354 - 358 Improvement of efficiency in graphene/gallium nitride nanowire on Silicon photoelectrode for overall water splitting
Bae H, Rho H, Min JW, Lee YT, Lee SH, Fujii K, Lee HJ, Ha JS
359 - 371 The micro-arc oxidation (MAO) behaviors of in-situ TiB2/A201 composite
Zhang HB, Geng JW, Li XF, Chen Z, Wang ML, Ma NH, Wang HW
372 - 387 van der Waals DFT ONIOM study of the adsorption of DNA bases on the Cu(111) nanosurface
Farrokhpour H, Hadadzadeh H, Eskandari K, Movahedi M, Jouypazadeh H
388 - 393 Copper vertical micro dendrite fin arrays and their superior boiling heat transfer capability
Wang YQ, Lyu SS, Luo JL, Luo ZY, Fu YX, Heng Y, Zhang JH, Mo DC
394 - 405 Adsorption, dissociation and diffusion of hydrogen on the ZrCo surface and subsurface: A comprehensive study using first principles approach
Chattaraj D, Kumar N, Ghosh P, Majumder C, Dash S
406 - 412 Shield effect of polyaniline between zinc active material and aqueous electrolyte in zinc-air batteries
Jo YN, Kang SH, Prasanna K, Eom SW, Lee CW
413 - 419 Evolution of stacking fault tetrahedral and work hardening effect in copper single crystals
Liu HT, Zhu XF, Sun YZ, Xie WK
420 - 429 Tuning the adhesion between polyimide substrate and MWCNTs/epoxy nanocomposite by surface treatment
Bouhamed A, Kia AM, Naifar S, Dzhagan V, Muller C, Zahn DRT, Choura S, Kanoun O
430 - 442 Water and oil wettability of anodized 6016 aluminum alloy surface
Rodrigues SP, Alves CFA, Cavaleiro A, Carvalho S
443 - 451 Sulfate radical degradation of acetaminophen by novel iron-copper bimetallic oxidation catalyzed by persulfate: Mechanism and degradation pathways
Zhang YC, Zhang Q, Hong JM
452 - 455 Mechanism of anisotropic etching on diamond (111) surfaces by a hydrogen plasma treatment
Kuroshima H, Makino T, Yamasaki S, Matsumoto T, Inokuma T, Tokuda N
456 - 468 A facile approach for the fabrication of 3D flower-like Cu2S nanostructures on brass mesh with temperature-induced wetting transition for efficient oil-water separation
Niu L, Kang ZX
469 - 474 A facile and green preparation of reduced graphene oxide using Eucalyptus leaf extract
Li CY, Zhuang ZC, Jin XY, Chen ZL
475 - 481 HCl, KCl and KOH solvation resolved solute-solvent interactions and solution surface stress
Zhang X, Xu Y, Zhou Y, Gong YY, Huang YL, Sun CQ
482 - 491 AFM tip-sample convolution effects for cylinder protrusions
Shen J, Zhang D, Zhang FH, Gan Y
492 - 497 Redox active materials for metal compound based hybrid electrochemical energy storage: a perspective view
Nguyen T, Montemor MF
498 - 503 Decalin-assisted light emitting porous Si formation and its optical, surface and morphological properties
Karatutlu A, Istengir S, Cosgun S, Seker I, Unal B
504 - 508 Ionization potential and electron attenuation length of titanium dioxide deposited by atomic layer deposition determined by photoelectron spectroscopy in air
Marques FC, Jasieniak JJ
509 - 517 Visualizing nanoscale phase morphology for understanding photovoltaic performance of PTB7: PC71BM solar cell
Supasai T, Amornkitbamrung V, Thanachayanont C, Tang IM, Sutthibutpong T, Rujisamphan N
518 - 527 Direct Z-scheme TiO2/CdS hierarchical photocatalyst for enhanced photocatalytic H-2-production activity
Meng AY, Zhu BC, Zhong B, Zhang LY, Cheng B
528 - 535 Double quantum dots decorated 3D graphene flowers for highly efficient photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen production
Cheng QF, Xu J, Wang T, Fan L, Ma RF, Yu XZ, Zhu J, Xu Z, Lu BA
536 - 543 A pressure tuned stop-flow atomic layer deposition process for MoS2 on high porous nanostructure and fabrication of TiO2/MoS2 core/shell inverse opal structure
Li XL, Puttaswamy M, Wang ZW, Tan CK, Grimsdale AC, Kherani NP, Tok ALY
544 - 556 Mechanical intermixing of components in (CoMoNi)-based systems and the formation of (CoMoNi)/WC nanocomposite layers on Ti sheets under ball collisions
Romankov S, Park YC, Shchetinin IV
557 - 565 A density functional theory computational study of adsorption of Di-Meta-Cyano Azobenzene molecules on Si (111) surfaces
Motevalli B, Taherifar N, Wu BS, Tang WX, Liu JZ
566 - 573 One-step hydrothermal process to fabricate superhydrophobic surface on magnesium alloy with enhanced corrosion resistance and self-cleaning performance
Feng LB, Zhu YL, Wang J, Shi XT
574 - 581 Thermal induced BCN nanosheets evolution and its usage as metal-free catalyst in ethylbenzene dehydrogenation
Wang LC, Wang CH, Zhang ZW, Wu JH, Ding RM, Lv BL
582 - 590 The microstructure and properties of tungsten alloying layer on copper by high-current pulse electron beam
Zhang CL, Lv P, Cai J, Peng CT, Jin YX, Guan QF
591 - 596 Highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cell with a novel nanohybrid film of Cu2ZnSnS4-MWCNTs as counter electrode
Chen H, Wang JF, Jia CC, Mou JP, Zhu L
597 - 606 A two-step hydrothermal synthesis approach to synthesize NiCo2S4/NiS hollow nanospheres for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Xu R, Lin JM, Wu JH, Huang ML, Fan LQ, He X, Wang YT, Xu ZD
607 - 615 Pyrrolic-N-doped graphene oxide/Fe2O3 mesocrystal nanocomposite: Efficient charge transfer and enhanced photo-Fenton catalytic activity
Liu B, Tian LH, Wang R, Yang JF, Guan R, Chen XB
616 - 625 Characterization of selectively etched halloysite nanotubes by acid treatment
Garcia-Garcia D, Ferri JM, Ripoll L, Hidalgo M, Lopez-Martinez J, Balart R
626 - 637 Ag@AgCl QDs decorated g-C3N4 nanoplates: The photoinduced charge transfer behavior under visible light and full arc irradiation
Li JQ, Hao HJ, Zhou J, Li WJ, Lei N, Guo L
638 - 644 Magnetic and interface properties of the core-shell Fe3O4/Au nanocomposites
Baskakov AO, Solov'eva AY, Ioni YV, Starchikov SS, Lyubutin IS, Khodos II, Avilov AS, Gubin SP
645 - 653 Laser in-situ synthesis of SnO2/N-doped graphene nanocomposite with enhanced lithium storage properties based on both alloying and insertion reactions
Lu XX, Wu GL, Xiong QQ, Qin HY, Ji ZG, Pan HG
654 - 660 Synthesis of nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon from polyaniline with an F127 template for high-performance supercapacitors
Xin GX, Wang YH, Jia SP, Tian PF, Zhou SY, Zang JB
661 - 665 ALD synthesis of platinum nanoparticles on single-crystal SrTiO3 pretreated with wet chemical etching
Wang CD, Koirala P, Stair P, Marks L
666 - 674 In situ infrared spectroscopy study of the surface reactions during the atomic layer deposition of TiO2 on GaAs (100) surfaces
Ye LW, Kropp JA, Gougousi T
675 - 681 Study on competitive adsorption mechanism among oxyacid-type heavy metals in co-existing system: Removal of aqueous As(V), Cr(III) and As(III) using magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (MIONPs) as adsorbents
Lin S, Lian C, Xu M, Zhang W, Liu LL, Lin KF
682 - 689 Interface defects induced vertical magnetic anisotropy in Sr2FeMoO6 thin films
Angervo I, Saloaro M, Huhtinen H, Paturi P
690 - 695 Experimental estimation of charge neutrality level of SiO2
Zhang J, Wei SH, Wang XL, Xiang JJ, Wang WW
696 - 709 Application of electroless Ni-P coating on magnesium alloy via CrO3/HF free titanate pretreatment
Rajabalizadeh Z, Seifzadeh D
710 - 719 Preparation and properties of in situ amino-functionalized graphene oxide/polyimide composite films
Lu YH, Hao JC, Xiao GY, Chen L, Wang TH, Hu ZZ
720 - 730 Upcycling of polypropylene waste by surface modification using radiation-induced grafting
ul Hassan MI, Taimur S, Yasin T
731 - 737 Seed-mediated synthesis of ultra-long copper nanowires and their application as transparent conducting electrodes
Kim H, Choi SH, Kim M, Park JU, Bae J, Park J
738 - 744 Incorporation of Tin on copper clad laminate to increase the interface adhesion for signal loss reduction of high-frequency PCB lamination
Wang C, Wen N, Zhou GY, Wang SX, He W, Su XH, Hu YS
745 - 753 Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of MnO2 coated Na-bentonite for groundwater defluoridation: Adsorption modelling and mechanistic aspect
Mudzielwana R, Gitari MW, Akinyemi SA, Msagati TAM
754 - 762 Peroxymonosulfate activation and pollutants degradation over highly dispersed CuO in manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieve
Li J, Ye P, Fang J, Wang MY, Wu DM, Xu AH, Li XX
763 - 768 A comparative DFT study on the interaction of cathinone drug with BN nanotubes, nanocages, and nanosheets
Nejati K, Hosseinian A, Vessally E, Bekhradnia A, Edjlali L
769 - 777 Rinse-resistant superhydrophobic block copolymer fabrics by electrospinning, electrospraying and thermally-induced self-assembly
Wu J, Li X, Wu Y, Liao GX, Johnston P, Topham PD, Wang LG
778 - 786 Ca2+-exchange in layered zirconium orthophosphate, alpha-ZrP: Chemical study and potential application for zinc corrosion inhibition
Bouali I, Rocca E, Veys-Renaux D, Rhout B, Khalil A, Aghzzaf AA
787 - 797 Fabrication of flower-like micro/nano dual scale structured copper oxide surfaces: Optimization of self-cleaning properties via Taguchi design
Moosavi SS, Norouzbeigi R, Velayi E
798 - 808 Influence of aspect ratio and surface defect density on hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorods towards amperometric glucose biosensing applications
Shukla M, Pramila, Dixit T, Prakash R, Palani IA, Singh V
809 - 816 Cytocompatibility of polyethylene grafted with triethylenetetramine functionalized carbon nanoparticles
Zakova P, Kasalkova NS, Slepicka P, Kolska Z, Karpiskova J, Stibor I, Svorcik V
817 - 827 In situ ToF-SIMS monitoring of SOFC cathodes - A case study of La0.74Sr0.17Mn1.01O2.9 model electrodes
Rohnke M, Schaepe K, Bachmann AK, Laenger M, Janek J
828 - 837 Nickel phosphide nanoparticles decorated nitrogen and phosphorus co-doped porous carbon as efficient hybrid catalyst for hydrogen evolution
Lin Y, Zhang J, Pan Y, Liu YQ
838 - 846 Non-alloy/alloy transitions in the Sn/Cu(001) system: An STM, LEED and DFT study
Machain P, Gayone JE, Fuhr JD, Ascolani H
847 - 855 Graphene oxide quantum dot-derived nitrogen-enriched hybrid graphene nanosheets by simple photochemical doping for high-performance supercapacitors
Xu YJ, Li XY, Hu GH, Wu T, Luo Y, Sun L, Tang T, Wen JF, Wang H, Li M
856 - 862 Effects of ion-and electron-beam treatment on surface physicochemical properties of polylactic acid
Pukhova IV, Savkin KP, Laput OA, Lytkina DN, Botvin VV, Medovnik AV, Kurzina IA
863 - 868 Development of new magnetic nanoparticles: Oligochitosan obtained by gamma-rays and -coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Thi TNL, Nguyen TH, Hoang DQ, Tran TV, Nguyen NT, Nguyen DH
869 - 872 Preparation of p-type semiconductor perovskite La1-xSrxCoO3 films and their p-n heterostructure devices
Takashima H, Kikuchi N, Kawanaka H, Tonooka K, Aiura Y
873 - 882 Enhanced release and drug delivery of celecoxib into physiological environment by the different types of nanoscale vehicles
Khazraei A, Tarlani A, Naderi N, Muzart J, Abdulhameed Z, Eslami-Moghadam M
883 - 890 Spatial height directed microfluidic synthesis of transparent inorganic upconversion nano film
Liu XX, Zhu C, Liao W, Jin JY, Ni YR, Lu CH, Xu ZZ
891 - 899 Relationship between the electric structures calculated by the first principles calculation method and the photoelectrocatalysis degradation of Ir-doped SnO2 electrodes
Chen ZJ, Zhang S, Shao YQ, Zhou SL, Wu XH, Zhu JQ, Tang D
900 - 904 Design and fabrication of highly sensitive and stable biochip for glucose biosensing
Lu SY, Lu Y, Jin M, Bao SJ, Li WY, Yu L
905 - 912 Study on catalytic properties and carbon deposition of Ni-Cu/SBA-15 for cyclohexane dehydrogenation
Xia ZJ, Liu HY, Lu HF, Zhang ZK, Chen YF
913 - 920 Boosting photoelectrochemical performance of hematite photoanode with TiO2 underlayer by extremely rapid high temperature annealing
Wang D, Chen Y, Zhang Y, Zhang XT, Suzuki N, Terashima C
921 - 931 Mechanisms of growth, properties and degradation of amorphous carbon films by closed field unbalanced magnetron sputtering on stainless steel bipolar plates for PEMFCs
Bi FF, Hou K, Yi PY, Peng LF, Lai XM
932 - 943 Enhanced catalytic performance for CO preferential oxidation over CuO catalysts supported on highly defective CeO2 nanocrystals
Wang C, Cheng QP, Wang XL, Ma K, Bai XQ, Tan SR, Tian Y, Ding T, Zheng LR, Zhang J, Li XG
944 - 952 Fabrication of the novel hydrogel based on waste corn stalk for removal of methylene blue dye from aqueous solution
Ma DZ, Zhu BD, Cao B, Wang J, Zhang JW
953 - 961 Nanostructured TiO2 thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering for photocatalytic applications
Singh J, Khan SA, Shah J, Kotnala RK, Mohapatra S
962 - 969 Noble-metal-free NiO@Ni-ZnO/reduced graphene oxide/CdS heterostructure for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Chen FY, Zhang LJ, Wang XW, Zhang RB
970 - 974 Design and sol-gel preparation of SiO2/TiO2 and SiO2/SnO2/SiO2-SnO2 multilayer antireflective coatings
Wang JD, Ge JJ, Hou HG, Wang MS, Liu GW, Qiao GJ, Wang YS
975 - 984 Free-standing graphene films prepared via foam film method for great capacitive flexible supercapacitors
Zhu YC, Ye XK, Tang ZH, Wan ZQ, Jia CY
985 - 989 Surface structures of L1(0)-MnGa (001) by scanning tunneling microscopy and first-principles theory
Corbett JP, Guerrero-Sanchez J, Richard AL, Ingram DC, Takeuchi N, Smith AR
990 - 996 The role of high oxygen vacancy concentration on modification of surface properties and H2S adsorption on the rutile TiO2 (110)
Wei SQ, Wang F, Dan M, Zeng KY, Zhou Y
997 - 1006 Experimental and numerical investigation of buckling and delamination of Ti/TiN coatings on depleted uranium under compression
Yin AY, Yan JW, Chen L, Zhu SF, Long Z, Fang LP, Liu TW
1007 - 1014 W-containing oxide layers obtained on aluminum and titanium by PEO as catalysts in thiophene oxidation
Rudnev VS, Lukiyanchuk IV, Vasilyeva MS, Morozova VP, Zelikman VM, Tarkhanova IG
1015 - 1021 Enhanced performance of dye-sensitized solar cells with layered structure graphitic carbon nitride and reduced graphene oxide modified TiO2 photoanodes
Lv HR, Hu HH, Cui C, Lin P, Wang P, Wang H, Xu LB, Pan JQ, Li CR
1022 - 1029 Superhydrophobic properties induced by sol-gel routes on copper surfaces
Raimondo M, Veronesi F, Boveri G, Guarini G, Motta A, Zanoni R
1030 - 1041 Solvent/co-solvent effects on the electronic properties and adsorption mechanism of anticancer drug Thioguanine on Graphene oxide surface as a nanocarrier: Density functional theory investigation and a molecular dynamics
Hasanzade Z, Raissi H
1042 - 1051 Preparation and photo Fenton-like activities of high crystalline CuO fibers
Zhang Y, He J, Shi RX, Yang P
1052 - 1058 Chemical modification of InN surface with sulfide solution
Dementev PA, Lvova TV, Davydov VY, Smirnov AN, Shnitov VV, Lebedev MV, Gwo S
1059 - 1066 The use of CTAB as an addition of DAP for improvement resisting acid rain on limestone
Xu FG, Li D
1067 - 1074 Preparation of antimicrobial MnO4--doped nylon-66 fibers with excellent laundering durability
Zhang MX, Gao QH, Yang CG, Pang LJ, Wang HL, Li R, Xing Z, Hu JT, Wu GZ
1075 - 1081 Substrate induced reconstruction and activation of platinum clusters: A systematic DFT study
Nigam S, Majumder C
1082 - 1092 Effect of temperature and discharge voltage on the properties of Co-doped ZnO thin films deposited by pulsed electron beam ablation
Ali A, Henda R, Fagerberg R
1093 - 1101 Cu2S-Cu-TiO2 mesoporous carbon composites for the degradation of high concentration of methyl orange under visible light
Zhang L, Zhao Y, Zhong LL, Wang Y, Chai SN, Yang T, Han XL
1102 - 1112 Tuning the oxygen vacancy population of cerium oxide (CeO2-x, 0 < x < 0.5) nanoparticles
Della Mea GB, Matte LP, Thill AS, Lobato FO, Benvenutti EV, Arenas LT, Jurgensen A, Hergenroder R, Poletto F, Bernardi F
1113 - 1119 Nitrogen-doped carbon coated MnO nanopeapods as superior anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Ding Y, Chen LH, Pan P, Du J, Fu ZB, Qin CQ, Wang F
1120 - 1128 Lattice kinetic Monte Carlo simulation study of the early stages of epitaxial GaN(0001) growthManjusha
Chugh M, Ranganathan M
1129 - 1138 Effect of TiO2 modification with amino-based self-assembled monolayer on inverted organic solar cell
Tozlu C, Mutlu A, Can M, Havare AK, Demic S, Icli S
1139 - 1146 Atomistic modeling of metallic thin films by modified embedded atom method
Hao HL, Lau D