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Applied Surface Science, Vol.421 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Preface
De Hosson JTM, Ali N, Fierro G, Aliofkhazraei M, Chipara M
2 - 17 Optimization of metal atomic ratio of PdxRuyNiz on carbon support for ethanol oxidation
Charoen K, Warakulwit C, Prapainainar C, Seubsai A, Chareonpanich M, Prapainainar P
18 - 23 Aluminum-doped zinc oxide thin films grown on various substrates using facing target sputtering system
Kim HM, Lee CH, Shon SY, Kim BH
24 - 41 Mordenite/Nafion and analcime/Nafion composite membranes prepared by spray method for improved direct methanol fuel cell performance
Prapainainar P, Du ZH, Kongkachuichay P, Holmes SM, Prapainainar C
42 - 51 Local mechanical and electromechanical properties of the P(VDF-TrFE)-graphene oxide thin films
Silibin MV, Bystrov VS, Karpinsky DV, Nasani N, Goncalves G, Gavrilin IM, Solnyshkin AV, Marques PAAP, Singh B, Bdikin IK
52 - 60 Silk flame retardant finish by ternary silica sol containing boron and nitrogen
Zhang QH, Chen GQ, Xing TL
61 - 67 Fabrication of highly oriented nanoporous fibers via airflow bubble-spinning
Liu FJ, Li SK, Fang Y, Zheng FF, Li JH, He JH
68 - 76 Ternary cobalt-molybdenum-zirconium coatings for alternative energies
Yar-Mukhamedova G, Ved' M, Sakhnenko N, Koziar M
77 - 81 Surface phase transitions in cu-based solid solutions
Zhevnenko SN, Chernyshikhin SV
82 - 88 Grafting of functionalized polymer on porous silicon surface using Grignard reagent
Tighilt FZ, Belhousse S, Sam S, Hamdani K, Lasmi K, Chazalviel JN, Gabouze N
89 - 96 NiTi shape-memory alloy oxidized in low-temperature plasma with carbon coating: Characteristic and a potential for cardiovascular applications
Witkowska J, Sowinska A, Czarnowska E, Plocinski T, Borowski T, Wierzchon T
97 - 108 Surprising formation of a rhodochrosite-like (MnCO3) phase on Co-Zn-Mn sintered spinels upon storage at room temperature and ambient air
Casaletto MP, Fierro G
109 - 119 Roman sophisticated surface modification methods to manufacture silver counterfeited coins
Ingo GM, Riccucci C, Faraldi F, Pascucci M, Messina E, Fierro G, Di Carlo G
120 - 127 Artificial patina formation onto copper-based alloys: Chloride and sulphate induced corrosion processes
Di Carlo G, Giuliani C, Riccucci C, Pascucci M, Messina E, Fierro G, Lavorgna M, Ingo GM
128 - 133 Analysis of Eu-effect on stabilization of the TiO2-anatase structure in high temperature and photoluminescence efficiency for the coatings as-deposited in magnetron sputtering process
Wojcieszak D
134 - 141 Functionalization of silicon nanowires by conductive and non-conductive polymers
Belhousse S, Tighilt FZ, Sam S, Lasmi K, Hamdani K, Tahanout L, Megherbi F, Gabouze N
142 - 147 Detection of traces of triclosan in water
Marques I, Magalhaes-Mota G, Pires F, Serio S, Ribeiro PA, Raposo M
148 - 154 Comparative investigation of two methods for Acetylcholinesterase enzyme immobilization on modified porous silicon
Khaldi K, Sam S, Lounas A, Yaddaden C, Gabouze NE
155 - 158 Influence of surface anisotropy on domain wall dynamics in magnetic nanotube
Usov NA, Serebryakova ON
159 - 169 Effect of metallic coating on the properties of copper-silicon carbide composites
Chmielewski M, Pietrzak K, Teodorczyk M, Nosewicz S, Jarzabek D, Zybala R, Bazarnik P, Lewandowska M, Strojny-Nedza A
170 - 178 Investigation of various properties of HfO2-TiO2 thin film composites deposited by multi-magnetron sputtering system
Mazur M, Poniedzialek A, Kaczmarek D, Wojcieszak D, Domaradzki J, Gibson D
179 - 184 Determination of the thickness of the embedding phase in 0D nanocomposites
Martinez-Martinez D, Sanchez-Lopez JC
185 - 190 Comparison of structural, mechanical and corrosion properties of TiO2-WO3 mixed oxide films deposited on TiAlV surface by electron beam evaporation
Kalisz M, Grobelny M, Kaczmarek D, Domaradzki J, Mazur M, Wojcieszak D
191 - 199 Nanocharacterization of the adhesion effect and bending stiffness in optical MEMS
Pustan M, Birleanu C, Dudescu C
200 - 204 Analysis of induced stress on materials exposed to laser-plasma radiation during high-intensity laser experiments
Sciscio M, Barberio M, Liberatore C, Veltri S, Laramee A, Palumbo L, Legare F, Antici P
205 - 212 Synthesis and characterization of novel 4-Tetra-4-Tolylsulfonyl ZnPc thin films for optoelectronic applications
Khalil S, Tazarki H, Souli M, Guasch C, Jamoussi B, Kamoun N
213 - 219 Two temperature approach to femtosecond laser oxidation of molybdenum and morphological study
Kotsedi L, Kaviyarasu K, Fuku XG, Eaton SM, Amara EH, Bireche F, Ramponi R, Maaza M
220 - 227 Polyethylene oxide-fullerene nanocomposites
Ali N, Chipara D, Lozano K, Hinthorne J, Chipara M
228 - 233 Cu-rGO subsurface layer creation on copper substrate and its resistance to oxidation
Pietrzak K, Strojny-Nedza A, Olesinska W, Bankowska A, Gladki A
234 - 239 Photocatalytic activity of ZrO2 doped lead dioxide nanocomposites: Investigation of structural and optical microscopy of RhB organic dye
Kaviyarasu K, Kotsedi L, Simo A, Fuku X, Mola GT, Kennedy J, Maaza M
240 - 246 Electrospinning, preparation and photoluminescence properties of CoNb2O6:Dy3+ incorporated polyamide 6 composite fibers
Erdem R, Ilhan M, Ekmekci MK, Erdem O
247 - 251 Discussion of the importance of the refraction effects for RHEED
Mitura Z, Szczypinski MM, Mitura S
252 - 259 Density functional theory calculations on transition metal atoms adsorbed on graphene monolayers
Dimakis N, Flor FA, Salgado A, Adjibi K, Vargas S, Saenz J
260 - 267 Efficient interface-induced effect of novel reduced graphene oxide-CoS heteronanostructures in enhancing photocatalytic acitivities
269 - 270 Editorial to the proceedings of the 7th conference on spectroscopic ellipsometry (ICSE-7)
Hertwig A, Hinrichs K, Beck U, Esser N
271 - 275 Ellipsometry of single-layer antireflection coatings on transparent substrates
Azzam RMA
276 - 282 Determination and interpretation of the optical constants for solar cell materials
Fujiwara H, Fujimoto S, Tamakoshi M, Kato M, Kadowaki H, Miyadera T, Tampo H, Chikamatsu M, Shibata H
283 - 288 Optical and structural characterization of Ge clusters embedded in ZrO2
Agocs E, Zolnai Z, Rossall AK, van den Berg JA, Fodor B, Lehninger D, Khomenkova L, Ponomaryov S, Gudymenko O, Yukhymchuk V, Kalas B, Heitmann J, Petrik P
289 - 294 Grating coupled optical waveguide interferometry combined with in situ spectroscopic ellipsometry to monitor surface processes in aqueous solutions
Agocs E, Kozma P, Nador J, Hamori A, Janosov M, Kalas B, Kurunczi S, Fodor B, Ehrentreich-Forster E, Fried M, Horvath R, Petrik P
295 - 300 Evaluation of the dielectric function of colloidal Cd1-xHgxTe quantum dot films by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Bejaoui A, Alonso MI, Garriga M, Campoy-Quiles M, Goni AR, Hetsch F, Kershaw SV, Rogach AL, To CH, Foo Y, Zapien JA
301 - 309 Determination of gold nanoparticle shape from absorption spectroscopy and ellipsometry
Battie Y, Izquierdo-Lorenzo I, Resano-Garcia A, Naciri AE, Akil S, Adam PM, Jradi S
310 - 314 Ellipsometric characterization of MoSe2 thin layers obtained by thermal treatment of molybdenum in selenium vapor
Bayramov A, Aliyeva Y, Eyyubov G, Mammadov E, Jahangirli Z, Lincot D, Mamedov N
315 - 319 Ellipsometric study of the optical response of ZnS:Cr for PV applications
Brakstad T, Hope BR, Nematollahi M, Kildemo M, Podraza NJ, Ghimire K, Reenaas TW
320 - 324 Effects of annealing and conformal alumina passivation on anisotropy and hysteresis of magneto-optical properties of cobalt slanted columnar thin films
Briley C, Mock A, Korlacki R, Hofmann T, Schubert E, Schubert M
325 - 330 Ultrafast in-situ null-ellipsometry for studying pulsed laser - Silicon surface interactions
Csontos J, Toth Z, Papa Z, Gabor B, Fule M, Gilicze B, Budai J
331 - 340 Systematic investigation of the properties of TiO2 films grown by reactive ion beam sputter deposition
Bundesmann C, Lautenschlager T, Spemann D, Finzel A, Thelander E, Mensing M, Frost F
341 - 348 Effect of substrates and thickness on optical properties in atomic layer deposition grown ZnO thin films
Pal D, Singhal J, Mathur A, Singh A, Dutta S, Zollner S, Chattopadhyay S
349 - 356 Controlling the optical parameters of self-assembled silver films with wetting layers and annealing
Ciesielski A, Skowronski L, Trzcinski M, Szoplik T
357 - 360 Cavity-enhanced optical Hall effect in epitaxial graphene detected at terahertz frequencies
Armakavicius N, Bouhafs C, Stanishev V, Kuhne P, Yakimova R, Knight S, Hofmann T, Schubert M, Darakchieva V
361 - 366 Optical characterization of heterocyclic azo dyes containing polymers thin films
Derkowska-Zielinska B, Skowronski L, Biitseva A, Grabowski A, Naparty MK, Smokal V, Kysil A, Krupka O
367 - 372 Optical properties of epitaxial Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 lead-free piezoelectric thin films: Ellipsometric and theoretical studies
Dorywalski K, Lemee N, Andriyevsky B, Schmidt-Grund R, Grundmannd M, Piasecki M, Bousquet M, Krzyzynski T
373 - 377 Investigation of percolation thickness of sputter coated thin NiCr films on clear float glass
Erkan S, Arpat E, Peters S
378 - 382 User oriented end-station on VUV pump-probe magneto-optical ellipsometry at ELI beamlines
Espinoza S, Neuber G, Brooks CD, Besner B, Hashemi M, Rubhausen M, Andreasson J
383 - 388 Spectroscopic ellipsometry studies on ZnCdO thin films with different Cd concentrations grown by pulsed laser deposition
Chen S, Li QX, Ferguson I, Lin T, Wan LY, Feng ZC, Zhu LP, Ye ZZ
389 - 396 Composition and temperature dependent optical properties of AlxGa1-xN alloy by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Liu Y, Li QX, Wan LY, Kucukgok B, Ghafari E, Ferguson IT, Zhang X, Wang SC, Feng ZC, Lu N
397 - 404 Spectroscopic ellipsometry of columnar porous Si thin films and Si nanowires
Fodor B, Defforge T, Agocs E, Fried M, Gautier G, Petrik P
405 - 419 Temperature-dependent dispersion model of float zone crystalline silicon
Franta D, Dubroka A, Wang CN, Giglia A, Vohanka J, Franta P, Ohlidal I
420 - 423 Optical characterization of hafnia films deposited by ALD on copper cold-rolled sheets by difference ellipsometry
Franta D, Kotilainen M, Krumpolec R, Ohlidal I
424 - 429 Universal dispersion model for characterization of optical thin films over wide spectral range: Application to magnesium fluoride
Franta D, Necas D, Giglia A, Franta P, Ohlidal I
430 - 434 Vacuum variable-angle far-infrared ellipsometer
Fris P, Dubroka A
435 - 439 Spectroscopic imaging ellipsometry for automated search of flakes of mono- and n-layers of 2D-materials
Funke S, Wurstbauer U, Miller B, Matkovic A, Green A, Diebold A, Roling C, Thiesen PH
440 - 445 Infrared-spectroscopic single-shot laser mapping ellipsometry: Proof of concept for fast investigations of structured surfaces and interactions in organic thin films
Furchner A, Kratz C, Gkogkou D, Ketelsen H, Hinrichs K
446 - 452 Structural, morphological, optical and electrical properties of Ga-doped ZnO transparent conducting thin films
Yang J, Jiang YL, Li LJ, Gao MZ
453 - 459 Spectroscopic ellipsometry data inversion using constrained splines and application to characterization of ZnO with various morphologies
Gilliot M, Hadjadj A, Stchakovsky M
460 - 464 Characterization of anisotropically shaped silver nanoparticle arrays via spectroscopic ellipsometry supported by numerical optical modeling
Gkogkou D, Shaykhutdinov T, Oates TWH, Gernert U, Schreiber B, Facsko S, Hildebrandt P, Weidinger IM, Esser N, Hinrichs K
465 - 470 Using a fast dual-wavelength imaging ellipsometric system to measure the flow thickness profile of an oil thin film
Kuo CW, Han CY, Jhou JY, Peng ZY
471 - 479 Traceable Mueller polarimetry and scatterometry for shape reconstruction of grating structures
Hansen PE, Madsen MH, Lehtolahti J, Nielsen L
480 - 486 Dependence of the optical constants and the performance in the SPREE gas measurement on the thickness of doped tin oxide over coatings
Fischer D, Hertwig A, Beck U, Negendank D, Lohse V, Kormunda M, Esser N
487 - 493 Ellipsometric porosimetry on pore-controlled TiO2 layers
Rosu DM, Ortel E, Hodoroaba VD, Kraehnert R, Hertwig A
494 - 499 Estimating depolarization with the Jones matrix quality factor
Hilfiker JN, Hale JS, Herzinger CM, Tiwald T, Hong N, Schoche S, Arwin H
500 - 507 Spectroscopic ellipsometry characterization of coatings on biaxially anisotropic polymeric substrates
Hilfiker JN, Pietz B, Dodge B, Sun JN, Hong NN, Schoeche S
508 - 512 Determining thickness and refractive index from free-standing ultrathin polymer films with spectroscopic ellipsometry
Hilfiker JN, Stadermann M, Sun JN, Tiwald T, Hale JS, Miller PE, Aracne-Ruddle C
513 - 517 Screening effects in metal sculptured thin films studied with terahertz Mueller matrix ellipsometry
Hofmann T, Knight S, Sekora D, Schmidt D, Herzinger CM, Woollam JA, Schubert E, Schubert M
518 - 528 Mueller matrix characterization of flexible plastic substrates
Hong NN, Synowicki RA, Hilfiker JN
529 - 534 Characterization of thermochromic VO2 (prepared at 250 degrees C) in a wide temperature range by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Houska J, Kolenaty D, Rezek J, Vlcek J
535 - 541 Using high numerical aperture objective lens in micro-reflectance difference spectrometer
Shen WF, Hu CG, Li S, Hu XT
542 - 546 Ellipsometry of surface layers on a 1-kg sphere from natural silicon
Klenovsky P, Zuda J, Klapetek P, Humlicek J
547 - 552 Spectroscopic imaging ellipsometry of self-assembled SiGe/Si nanostructures.
Alonso MI, Funke S, Gonzalez A, Garriga M, Vaccaro PO, Goni AR, Ruiz A, Alonso M, Thiesen PH
553 - 556 Monitoring silver solid-state dewetting with in situ ellipsometry
Jacquet P, Kildemo M, Teisseire J, Gozhyk I, Jupille J, Lazzari R
557 - 564 Spectroscopic ellipsometry characterization of ZnO:Sn thin films with various Sn composition deposited by remote-plasma reactive sputtering
Janicek P, Niang KM, Mistrik J, Palka K, Flewitt AJ
565 - 570 Polarization characteristics of diffraction scattering from metal rough surface
Jin LH, Taguchi T, Kondoh E, Gelloz B
571 - 577 Partially coherent light propagation in stratified media containing an optically thick anisotropic layer
Nichols SM, Arteaga O, Martin AT, Kahr B
578 - 584 Mueller matrix modeling of thick anisotropic crystals with metallic coatings
Martin AT, Nichols SM, Tan M, Kahr B
585 - 592 Protein adsorption monitored by plasmon-enhanced semi-cylindrical Kretschmann ellipsometry
Kalas B, Nador J, Agocs E, Saftics A, Kurunczi S, Fried M, Petrik P
593 - 600 Optical response of gold hemispheroidal lattices on transparent substrates
Kildemo M, Banon JP, Baron A, Svendsen BB, Brakstad T, Simonsen I
601 - 607 Spectroscopic ellipsometry for analysis of polycrystalline thin-film photovoltaic devices and prediction of external quantum efficiency
Ibdah AR, Koirala P, Aryal P, Pradhan P, Marsillac S, Rockett AA, Podraza NJ, Collins RW
608 - 610 Real-time reflectance-difference spectroscopy during the epitaxial growth of InAs/GaAs/(001)
Armenta-Franco A, Lastras-Martinez A, Ortega-Gallegos J, Ariza-Flores D, Guevara-Macias LE, Balderas-Navarro RE, Lastras-Martinez LF
611 - 616 Dielectric functions of La-based cuprate superconductors for visible and near-infrared wavelengths
Zhao ML, Lian J, Yu HS, Jin K, Xu LP, Hu ZG, Yang XL, Kang SS
617 - 623 Model selection in spectroscopic ellipsometry data analysis: Combining an information criteria approach with screening sensitivity analysis
Likhachev DV
624 - 629 Application of ellipsometry for the accurate oxide layer measurement on silicon spheres
Busch I, Liu WD, Chen C, Luo ZY, Koenders L
630 - 635 Optical characterization of the coloration process in electrochromic amorphous and crystalline WO3 films by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Yuan GZ, Hua CZ, Huang L, Defranoux C, Basa P, Liu Y, Song CL, Han GR
636 - 642 Spectroellipsometric detection of silicon substrate damage caused by radiofrequency sputtering of niobium oxide
Lohner T, Serenyi M, Szilagyi E, Zolnai Z, Czigany Z, Khanh NQ, Petrik P, Fried M
643 - 650 Optical properties of ultrathin CIGS films studied by spectroscopic ellipsometry assisted by chemical engineering
Loubat A, Eypert C, Mollica F, Bouttemy M, Naghavi N, Lincot D, Etcheberry A
651 - 655 Solid-state dewetting of thin Au films studied with real-time, in situ spectroscopic ellipsometry
Magnozzi M, Bisio F, Canepa M
656 - 662 Experimental validation of the partial coherence model in spectroscopic ellipsometry and Mueller matrix polarimetry
Miranda-Medina M, Garcia-Caurel E, Peinado A, Stchakovsky M, Hingerl K, Ossikovski R
663 - 666 Multiple-layered effective medium approximation approach to modeling environmental effects on alumina passivated highly porous silicon nanostructured thin films measured by in-situ Mueller matrix ellipsometry
Mock A, Carlson T, VanDerslice J, Mohrmann J, Woollam JA, Schubert E, Schubert M
667 - 673 In-situ Mueller matrix ellipsometry of silicon nanowires grown by plasma-enhanced vapor-liquid-solid method for radial junction solar cells
Mrazkova Z, Foldyna M, Misra S, Al-Ghzaiwat M, Postava K, Pistora J, Cabarrocas PRI
674 - 679 Investigation of optical properties of ternary Zn-Ti-O thin films prepared by magnetron reactive co-sputtering
Netrvalova M, Novak P, Sutta P, Medlin R
680 - 686 Evolution of Al:ZnO optical response as a function of doping level
Ochoa-Martinez E, Navarrete-Astorga E, Ramos-Barrado J, Gabas M
687 - 696 Ellipsometric and reflectometric characterization of thin films exhibiting thickness non-uniformity and boundary roughness
Ohlidal I, Franta D, Necas D
697 - 701 Retrieval of the non-depolarizing components of depolarizing Mueller matrices by using symmetry conditions and least squares minimization
Kuntman E, Canillas A, Arteaga O
702 - 706 Back-focal plane Mueller matrix microscopy: Mueller conoscopy and Mueller diffractrometry
Arteaga O, Nichols SM, Anto J
707 - 713 Ellipsometric study of peptide layers - island-like character, depolarization and quasi-absorptione
Papa Z, Ramakrishnan S, Martin M, Cloitre T, Zimanyi L, Toth Z, Gergely C, Budai J
714 - 721 Spectroscopic ellipsometric investigation of graphene and thin carbon films from the point of view of depolarization effects
Papa Z, Csontos J, Smausz T, Toth Z, Budai J
722 - 727 Atomic Force Microscopy and Spectroscopic Ellipsometry combined analysis of Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier adsorption on functional monolayers
Solano I, Parisse P, Gramazio F, Ianeselli L, Medagli B, Cavalleri O, Casalis L, Canepa M
728 - 737 IR-Mueller matrix ellipsometry of self-assembled nanopatterned gold grid polarizer
Peinado A, Kildemo M, Aas LMS, Martella C, Giordano MC, Chiappe D, de Mongeot FB, Borondics F, Garcia-Caurel E
738 - 743 Occurrence and significance of evanescent fields in structured samples
Perin JP, Hingerl K
744 - 747 Optical properties of Zr and ZrO2
Petrik P, Sulyok A, Novotny T, Perez-Fero E, Kalas B, Agocs E, Lohner T, Lehninger D, Khomenkova L, Nagy R, Heitmann J, Menyhard M, Hozer Z
748 - 754 Spectroscopic ellipsometry and X-ray diffraction studies on Si1-xGex/Si epifilms and superlattices
Xie D, Qiu ZR, Wan LY, Talwar DN, Cheng HH, Liu SY, Mei T, Feng ZC
755 - 760 Functionalization of gold and graphene electrodes by p-maleimido-phenyl towards thiol-sensing systems investigated by EQCM and IR ellipsometric spectroscopy
Neubert TJ, Rosicke F, Sun GG, Janietz S, Gluba MA, Hinrichs K, Nickel NH, Rappich J
761 - 765 Nonlinear ellipsometry of Si(111) by second harmonic generation
Reitbock C, Stifter D, Alejo-Molina A, Hardhienata H, Hingerl K
766 - 771 Control of slanting angle, porosity, and anisotropic optical constants of slanted columnar thin films via in situ nucleation layer tailoring
Rice C, Mock A, Sekora D, Schmidt D, Hofmann T, Schubert E, Schubert M
772 - 777 Characterization of thin SiGe layers on Si (001) by spectroscopic ellipsometry for Ge fractions from 0 to 100%
Schmidt J, Eilert M, Peters S, Wietler TF
778 - 782 Optical properties of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide determined by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Schoche S, Hong N, Khorasaninejad M, Ambrosio A, Orabona E, Maddalena P, Capasso F
783 - 787 Optical and structural properties of cobalt-permalloy slanted columnar heterostructure thin films
Sekora D, Briley C, Schubert M, Schubert E
788 - 793 Anisotropic optical constants and inter-band optical transitions in layered semiconductor TlGaSe2
Shim Y, Itoh Y, Wakita K, Mamedov N
794 - 801 Optical and microstructural properties of decorative Al/Ti/TiO2 interference coatings
Skowronski L, Wachowiak AA, Wachowiak W
802 - 806 An original method to determine complex refractive index of liquids by spectroscopic ellipsometry and illustrated applications
Stchakovsky M, Battie Y, Naciri AE
807 - 812 Visualization of low-contrast surface modifications: Thin films, printed pattern, laser-induced changes, imperfections, impurities, and degradation
Stockmann J, Hertwig A, Beck U
813 - 818 Optical properties of InP from infrared to vacuum ultraviolet studied by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Subedi I, Slocum MA, Forbes DV, Hubbard SM, Podraza NJ
819 - 823 Analyzing optical properties of thin vanadium oxide films through semiconductor-to-metal phase transition using spectroscopic ellipsometry
Sun JN, Pribil GK
824 - 830 Optical constants of electroplated gold from spectroscopic ellipsometry
Synowicki RA, Herzinger CM, Hall JT, Malingowski A
831 - 836 Optical anisotropy studies of silver nanowire/polymer composite films with Mueller matrix ellipsometry
Tomiyama T, Yamazaki H
837 - 842 Optical properties of lithium gallium oxide
Tumenas S, Mackonis P, Nedzinskas R, Trinkler L, Berzina B, Korsaks V, Chang L, Chou MMC
843 - 851 Quartz crystal microbalance with coupled Spectroscopic Ellipsometry-study of temperature-responsive polymer brush systems
Adam S, Koenig M, Rodenhausen KB, Eichhorn KJ, Oertel U, Schubert M, Stamm M, Uhlmann P
852 - 858 Spectroscopic ellipsometry determination of optical and electrical properties of aluminum doped zinc oxide
Uprety P, Junda MM, Ghimire K, Adhikari D, Grice CR, Podraza NJ
859 - 865 Mid-infrared ellipsometry, Raman and X-ray diffraction studies of AlxGa1-xN/AlN/Si structures
Wang CN, Caha O, Munz F, Kostelnik P, Novak T, Humlicek J
866 - 869 Temperature dependence of optical constants of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films
Yamada Y, So J, Asano H, Tazawa M, Yoshimura K
870 - 877 Experimental study of thickness dependence of polarization and depolarization properties of anisotropic turbid media using Mueller matrix polarimetry and differential decomposition
Yoo SH, Ossikovski R, Garcia-Caurel E
878 - 883 Convergence and precision characteristics of finite difference time domain method for the analysis of spectroscopic ellipsometry data at oblique incidence
Foo Y, Zapien JA
884 - 890 Optical properties of thickness-controlled MoS2 thin films studied by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Li DH, Song XF, Xu JP, Wang ZY, Zhang RJ, Zhou P, Zhang H, Huang RZ, Wang SY, Zheng YX, Zhang DW, Chen LY
891 - 898 Structural and optical properties of highly (110)-oriented non-polar ZnO evaporated films on Si substrates
Yang SD, Zheng YX, Yang L, Liu ZH, Zhou WJ, Wang SY, Zhang RJ, Chen LY
899 - 904 Ellipsometric study on temperature dependent optical properties of topological bismuth film
Yang L, Zheng YX, Yang SD, Liu ZH, Zhang JB, Zhang RJ, Wang SY, Zhang DX, Chen LY
905 - 912 Temperature dependence of the interband critical points of bulk Ge and strained Ge on Si
Fernando NS, Nunley TN, Ghosh A, Nelson CM, Cooke JA, Medina AA, Zollner S, Xu C, Menendez J, Kouvetakis J
913 - 916 Temperature-dependent dielectric function of nickel
Zollner S, Nunley TN, Trujillo DP, Pineda LG, Abdallah LS