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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Surface chemical structure and doping characteristics of boron-doped Si nanowires fabricated by plasma doping
Oh SH, Ma JW, Bae JM, Kang YS, Ahn JP, Kang HK, Chae J, Suh D, Song W, Kim S, Cho MH
9 - 15 Interaction of alcohols on monolayer stanane nanosheet: A first-principles investigation
Nagarajan V, Chandiramouli R
16 - 23 Antimicrobial cotton textiles with robust superhydrophobicity via plasma for oily water separation
Zhang M, Pang JY, Bao WH, Zhang WB, Gao H, Wang CY, Shi JY, Li J
24 - 34 Preparation and tribological properties of MoS2/graphene oxide composites
Song HJ, Wang BA, Zhou QA, Xiao JX, Jia XH
35 - 44 Facile preparation of MoS2 based polymer composites via mussel inspired chemistry and their high efficiency for removal of organic dyes
Huang QA, Liu MY, Chen JY, Wan Q, Tian JW, Huang L, Jiang RM, Wen YQ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
45 - 51 Structures and stabilities of small Co clusters on a Cu(111) surface: A theoretical study
Huang RZ, Chen C, Li CM, Jiang CH, Zhang RJ, Gao Y
52 - 62 Modelling the impact, spreading and freezing of a water droplet on horizontal and inclined superhydrophobic cooled surfaces
Yao Y, Li C, Zhang H, Yang R
63 - 69 Novel transparent conductor with enhanced conductivity: hybrid of silver nanowires and dual-doped graphene
Sohn H, Woo YS, Shin W, Yun DJ, Lee T, Kim FS, Hwang J
70 - 83 Fabrication and investigation of MnFe2O4/MWCNTs nanocomposite by hydrothermal technique and adsorption of cationic and anionic dyes
Kafshgari LA, Ghorbani M, Azizi A
84 - 90 Excellent ammonia sensing performance of gas sensor based on graphene/titanium dioxide hybrid with improved morphology
Ye ZB, Tai HL, Guo R, Yuan Z, Liu CH, Su YJ, Chen Z, Jiang YD
91 - 97 Atom redistribution and multilayer structure in NiTi shape memory alloy induced by high energy proton irradiation
Wang HZ, Yi XY, Zhu YY, Yin YK, Gao Y, Cai W, Gao ZY
98 - 106 Active and efficient Co-N/C catalysts derived from cobalt porphyrin for selective oxidation of alkylaromatics
Chen Y, Jie SS, Yang CQ, Liu ZG
107 - 113 Initial and steady-state Ru growth by atomic layer deposition studied by in situ Angle Resolved X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Egorov KV, Lebedinskii YY, Soloviev AA, Chouprik AA, Azarov AY, Markeev AM
114 - 125 A theoretical study on the role of water and its derivatives in acetic acid steam reforming on Ni(111)
Du ZY, Ran YX, Guo YP, Feng J, Li WY
126 - 137 Characterization of SrTiO3 target doped with Co ions, SrCoxTi1-xO3-delta, and their thin films prepared by pulsed laser ablation (PLA) in water for visible light response
Ichihara F, Murata Y, Ono H, Choo CK, Tanaka K
138 - 149 Effect of graphene oxide and fluorinated polymeric chains incorporated in a multilayered sol-gel nanocoating for the design of corrosion resistant and hydrophobic surfaces
Maeztu JD, Rivero PJ, Berlanga C, Bastidas DM, Palacio JF, Rodriguez R
150 - 158 Mechanism of surface morphology in electron beam melting of Ti6Al4V based on computational flow patterns
Ge W, Han S, Fang YC, Cheon J, Na SJ
159 - 164 Enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity of ZnS/g-C3N4 type-II heterojunction nanocomposites synthesized with atomic layer deposition
Kim WJ, Jang E, Park TJ
165 - 176 Electrochemical synthesis of three-dimensional porous networks of nickel with different micro-nano structures for the fabrication of Ni/MnOx nanocomposites with enhanced supercapacitive performance
Ashassi-Sorkhabi H, Badakhshan PL
177 - 187 Surface modification of polyamide reverse osmosis membrane with sulfonated polyvinyl alcohol for antifouling
Zhang Y, Wan Y, Pan GY, Shi HW, Yan H, Xu J, Guo M, Wang Z, Liu YQ
188 - 196 Surface grafting of zwitterionic polymers onto dye doped AIE-active luminescent silica nanoparticles through surface-initiated ATRP for biological imaging applications
Mao LC, Liu XH, Liu MY, Huang L, Xu DZ, Jiang RM, Huang Q, Wen YQ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
197 - 205 Anticorrosion performance of chromized coating prepared by pack cementation in simulated solution with H2S and CO2
Wang QY, Behnamian Y, Luo H, Wang XZ, Leitch M, Zeng H, Luo JL
206 - 212 Improving pH sensitivity by field-induced charge regulation in flexible biopolymer electrolyte gated oxide transistors
Liu N, Gan L, Liu Y, Gui WJ, Li W, Zhang XH
213 - 223 Hydrophobic surface modification of TiO2 nanoparticles for production of acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate terpolymer/TiO2 composited cool materials
Qi YL, Xiang B, Tan WB, Zhang J
224 - 234 Plasma treated polyethylene terephthalate for increased embedment of UV-responsive microcapsules
Gorjanc M, Mozetic M, Primc G, Vesel A, Spasic K, Puac N, Petrovic ZL, Kert M
235 - 240 Chemical modification of TiO2 nanotube arrays for label-free optical biosensing applications
Terracciano M, Galstyan V, Rea I, Casalino M, De Stefano L, Sbervegleri G
241 - 251 Experimental investigation and DFT calculation of different amine/ammonium salts adsorption on kaolinite
Chen J, Min FF, Liu LY, Liu CF, Lu FQ
252 - 258 Work function engineering of graphene oxide via covalent functionalization for organic field-effect transistors
Ji S, Min BK, Kim SK, Myung S, Kang M, Shin HS, Song W, Heo J, Lim J, An KS, Lee IY, Lee SS
259 - 268 Improving amphiphilic polypropylenes by grafting poly(vinylpyrrolidone) and poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate segments on a polypropylene microporous membrane
Chen HR, Ma WZ, Xia YP, Gu Y, Cao Z, Liu CL, Yang HC, Tao SX, Geng HR, Tao GL, Matsuyama H
269 - 276 Improving photo-stability and charge transport properties of Cu2O/CuO for photo-electrochemical water splitting using alternate layers of WO3 or CuWO4 produced by the same route
Jamali S, Moshaii A
277 - 285 Flexible freestanding sandwich type ZnO/rGO/ZnO electrode for wearable supercapacitor
Ghorbani M, Golobostanfard MR, Abdizadeh H
286 - 293 Structural, electronic and magnetic properties of the MnGa(111)-1 x 2 and 2 x 2 reconstructions: Spin polarized first principles total energy calculations
Garcia-Diaz R, Cocoletzi GH, Mandru AO, Wang KK, Smith AR, Takeuchi N
294 - 304 Logarithmic contact time dependence of adhesion force and its dominant role among the effects of AFM experimental parameters under low humidity
Lai TM, Meng YG
305 - 310 Reversible, long-term passivation of Ge(001) by a Ba-induced incorporated phase
Koczorowski W, Grzela T, Puchalska A, Jurczyszyn L, Czajka R, Radny MW
311 - 318 Depth resolved compositional analysis of aluminium oxide thin film using non-destructive soft x-ray reflectivity technique
Sinha M, Modi MH
319 - 327 Solid state direct bonding of polymers by vacuum ultraviolet light below 160 nm
Hashimoto Y, Yamamoto T
328 - 336 Stabilized super-thermite colloids: A new generation of advanced highly energetic materials
Elbasuney S, Zaky MG, Radwan M, Mostafa SF
337 - 341 Investigation on depth resolved compositions of e-beam deposited ZrO2 thin film
Singh A, Sinha M, Gupta RK, Modi MH
342 - 347 Preparation of hydrophobic polyvinyl alcohol aerogel via the surface modification of boron nitride for environmental remediation
Zhang RY, Wan WC, Qiu LJ, Wang YH, Zhou Y
348 - 356 Effect of surface treatments on physicomechanical, stain-resist, and UV protection properties of wool fabrics
Hassan MM, Leighs SJ
357 - 364 Room-temperature aqueous plasma electrolyzing Al2O3 nano-coating on carbon fiber
Zhang YP, Meng Y, Shen YH, Chen WW, Cheng HW, Wang L
365 - 372 Naturally formed ultrathin V2O5 heteroepitaxial layer on VO2/sapphire(001) film
Littlejohn AJ, Yang YB, Lu ZH, Shin E, Pan KC, Subramanyam G, Vasilyev V, Leedy K, Quach T, Lu TM, Wang GC
373 - 381 Controllable SERS performance for the flexible paper-like films of reduced graphene oxide
Yan TT, Zhang LL, Jiang TT, Bai ZM, Yu XX, Dai P, Wu MZ
382 - 392 Effect of Si/Al ratio on catalytic performance of hydrothermally aged Cu-SSZ-13 for the NH3-SCR of NO in simulated diesel exhaust
Han S, Cheng J, Zheng CK, Ye Q, Cheng SY, Kang TF, Dai HX
393 - 398 The synthesis and protein resistance of amphiphilic PDMS-b-(PDMS-g-cysteine) copolymers
Lei YF, Lin YL, Zhang AQ
399 - 408 Effects of Nd-, Pr-, Tb- and Y-doping on the structural, textural, electrical and N2O decomposition activity of mesoporous NiO nanoparticles
Abu-Zied BM, Bawaked SM, Kosa SA, Ali TT, Schwieger W, Aqlan FM
409 - 417 Fabrication of TiO2 nanorods/nanosheets photoelectrode on Ti mesh by hydrothermal method for degradation of methylene blue:influence of calcination temperature
Deng XY, Ma QL, Cui YQ, Cheng XW, Cheng QF
418 - 428 Reduced graphene oxide-NH2 modified low pressure nanofiltration composite hollow fiber membranes with improved water flux and antifouling capabilities
Li XP, Zhao CW, Yang M, Yang B, Hou DY, Wang T
429 - 438 Fabrication of PVDF-based blend membrane with a thin hydrophilic deposition layer and a network structure supporting layer via the thermally induced phase separation followed by non-solvent induced phase separation process
Wu ZG, Cui ZY, Li TY, Qin SH, He BQ, Han N, Li JX
439 - 446 Work function modifications of graphite surface via oxygen plasma treatment
Duch J, Kubisiak P, Adolfsson KH, Hakkarainen M, Golda-Cepa M, Kotarba A
447 - 453 Titanium conversion coatings on the aluminum foil AA 8021 used for lithium-ion battery package
Xia XF, Gu YY, Xu SA
454 - 459 Aluminum surface modification with fluoroalkyl methacrylate-based copolymers to attain superhydrophobic properties
Bryuzgin EV, Klimov VV, Repin SA, Navrotskiy AV, Novakov IA
460 - 464 Annealing tunes interlayer coupling and optoelectronic property of bilayer SnSe2/MoSe2 heterostructures
Chen P, Shang JM, Yang Y, Wang RM, Cheng XR
465 - 475 Comparative study of electroless Co-Ni-P plating on Tencel fabric by Co-0-based and Ni-0-based activation for electromagnetic interference shielding
Bi SY, Zhao H, Hou L, Lu YX
476 - 483 Red-luminescence band: A tool for the quality assessment of germanium and silicon nanocrystals
Fraj I, Favre L, David T, Abbarchi M, Liu K, Claude JB, Ronda A, Naffouti M, Saidi F, Hassen F, Maaref H, Aqua JN, Berbezier I
484 - 496 Prediction of two-dimensional d-block elemental materials with normal honeycomb, triangular-dodecagonal, and square-octagonal structures from first principles
Zhou BZ, Dong SJ, Wang XC, Zhang KL
497 - 502 Photocatalytic C-60-amorphous TiO2 composites prepared by atomic layer deposition
Justh N, Firkala T, Laszlo K, Labar J, Szilagyi IM
503 - 511 Calcium phosphorus bio-coating on carbon/carbon composites: Preparation, shear strength and bioactivity
Su YY, Li KZ, Zhang LL, Liu SJ, Yuan Y, He S
512 - 521 Critical temperature determination of detectable Cr diffusion enhancement by nanostructure through structural evolution analysis of the oxide films at 25-450 degrees C on 304 stainless steel
Gui Y, Meng XB, Zheng ZJ, Gao Y
522 - 530 First-principles investigations of metal (V, Nb, Ta)-doped monolayer MoS2: Structural stability, electronic properties and adsorption of gas molecules
Zhu J, Zhang H, Tong YW, Zhao L, Zhang YF, Qiu YZ, Lin XN
531 - 539 Research on the biological activity and doxorubicin release behavior in vitro of mesoporous bioactive SiO2-CaO-P2O5 glass nanospheres
Wang X, Wang G, Zhang Y
540 - 545 Graphene for amino acid biosensing: Theoretical study of the electronic transport
Rodriguez SJ, Makinistian L, Albanesi EA
546 - 556 Tethering of hyperbranched polyols using PEI as a building block to synthesize antifouling PVDF membranes
Wang XS, Wang ZH, Wang Z, Cao Y, Meng JQ
557 - 563 Molecular dynamics simulation of siderite-hematite-quartz flotation with sodium oleate
Li LX, Hao HQ, Yuan ZT, Liu JT
564 - 572 Controlling the grain size of polycrystalline TiO2 films grown by atomic layer deposition
Piltaver IK, Peter R, Saric I, Salamon K, Badovinac IJ, Koshmak K, Nannarone S, Marion ID, Petravic M
573 - 579 CO2-Induced Defect Engineering: A New Protocol by Doping Vacancies in 2D Heterostructures for Enhanced Visible-Light Photocatalysis
Ren YM, Wang CZ, Qi YH, Chen ZM, Jia Y, Xu Q
580 - 585 Polydopamine and MnO2 core-shell composites for high-performance supercapacitors
Hou D, Tao HS, Zhu XZ, Li MG
586 - 594 A facile route to the synthesis of magnetically separable BiOBr/NiFe2O4 composites with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Li XW, Wang L, Zhang L, Zhuo SP
595 - 602 Characterization of the interface between highly conductive Ga:ZnO films and the silicon substrate
Gabas M, Ochoa-Martinez E, Navarrete-Astorga E, Landa-Canovas AR, Herrero P, Agullo-Rueda F, Palanco S, Martinez-Serrano JJ, Ramos-Barrado JR
603 - 613 Droplet distribution during sub-picosecond laser deposition of gold nanoparticles
Gontad F, Cesaria M, Klini A, Manousaki A, Perrone A, Caricato AP
614 - 623 Ag/AgCl decorated Bi4Ti3O12 nanosheet with highly exposed (001) facets for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B, Carbamazepine and Tetracycline
Shi BT, Yin HY, Gong JY, Nie QL
624 - 630 Enhanced performance of NiMoO4 nanoparticles and quantum dots and reduced nanohole graphene oxide hybrid for supercapacitor applications
Lv JL, Yang M, Liang TX
631 - 636 The influence of preparation conditions on structural evolution and electrochemical properties of sputtered LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 thin film electrodes
Lv SS, Li ZC, Luo XY
637 - 641 Degradation pattern of black phosphorus multilayer field-effect transistors in ambient conditions: Strategy for contact resistance engineering in BP transistors
Lee BC, Kim CM, Jang HK, Lee JW, Joo MK, Kim GT
642 - 649 Surface modification of silicon wafer by grafting zwitterionic polymers to improve its antifouling property
Sun YL, Chen CL, Xu H, Lei K, Xu GZ, Zhao L, Lang MD
650 - 669 Corrosion protection properties and interfacial adhesion mechanism of an epoxy/polyamide coating applied on the steel surface decorated with cerium oxide nanofilm: Complementary experimental, molecular dynamics (MD) and first principle quantum mechanics (QM) simulation methods
Bahlakeh G, Ramezanzadeh B, Saeb MR, Terryn H, Ghaffari M
670 - 677 Facile Synthesis of NiCo2O4/Carbon Black Composite as Counter Electrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Wang YN, Fu NQ, Ma P, Fang YY, Peng LM, Zhou XW, Lin Y
678 - 682 Enhanced carbon tolerance on Ni-based reforming catalyst with Ir alloying: A DFT study
Ahn K, Choi S, Lee JH, Kim BK, Kim J, Kim H
683 - 691 Synthesis of polysiloxane with quaternized N-halamine moieties for antibacterial coating of polypropylene via supercritical impregnation technique
Chen Y, Yu PW, Feng CY, Wang YY, Han QX, Zhang Q
692 - 696 Self-assembled thin films of Fe3O4-Ag composite nanoparticles for spintronic applications
Jiang CP, Leung CW, Pong PWT
697 - 707 Promotional effects of Titanium additive on the surface properties, active sites and catalytic activity of W/CeZrOx monolithic catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
Xu HD, Feng X, Liu S, Wang Y, Sun MM, Wang JL, Chen YQ
708 - 712 Functionalized carbon nitride (g-CN) monolayer as a promising energy storage material: A density functional theory study
Hussain T, Kaewmaraya T, Hankel M, Amornkitbamrung V
713 - 719 Adsorption of non-ionic ABC triblock copolymers: Surface modification of TiO2 suspensions in aqueous and non-aqueous medium
Lerch JP, Atanase LI, Riess G
720 - 732 Phase modification and morphological evolution in Nb2O5 thin films and its influence in dye- sensitized solar cells
Suresh S, Unni GE, Ni CS, Sreedharan RS, Krishnan RR, Satyanarayana M, Shanmugam M, Pillai VPM
733 - 743 In situ DRIFTS studies on CuO-Fe2O3 catalysts for low temperature selective catalytic oxidation of ammonia to nitrogen
Zhang QL, Wang HM, Ning P, Song ZX, Liu X, Duan YK
744 - 752 Synthesis and characterization of hydrophobic amino-based polyphosphazene microspheres with different morphologies via two strategies
Wei X, Zhang GC, Zhou LS, Li JW
753 - 757 A novel wet coating method using small amounts of solution on large flat substrates
Mousavi SH, Jilavi MH, May A, Schmitt KP, Schafer B, de Oliveira PW
758 - 763 Thermal atomic layer deposition of In2O3 thin films using dimethyl(N-ethoxy-2,2-dimethylcarboxylicpropanamide)indium and H2O
Agbenyeke RE, Jung EA, Park BK, Chung TM, Kim CG, Han JH
764 - 769 Pulsed laser deposition of tin oxide thin films for field emission
Jadhav H, Suryawanshi S, More MA, Sinha S
770 - 777 Tuning the degree of oxidation and electron delocalization of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) with solid-electrolyte
Vempati S, Ertas Y, Celebioglu A, Uyar T
778 - 787 Formation of aggregated nanoparticle spheres through femtosecond laser surface processing
Tsubaki AT, Koten MA, Lucis MJ, Zuhlke C, Ianno N, Shield JE, Alexander DR
788 - 794 Improving carbon tolerance of Ni-YSZ catalytic porous membrane by palladium addition for low temperature steam methane reforming
Lee SM, Won JM, Kim GJ, Lee SH, Kim SS, Hong SC
795 - 801 The effect of the oxygen ratio control of DC reactive magnetron sputtering on as-deposited non stoichiometric NiO thin films
Wang MY, Thimont Y, Presmanes L, Diao XG, Barnabe A
802 - 810 Adsorption characteristic of Pd-4 cluster carbon nanotube towards transformer oil dissolved components: A simulation
Zhang XX, Cui H, Zhang J, Tang J
811 - 816 Structural and electronic properties of low-index surfaces of NbAl3 intermetallic with first-principles calculations
Jiao Z, Liu QJ, Liu FS, Tan B
817 - 825 Comparison of nitrogen adsorption and transmission electron microscopy analyses for structural characterization of carbon nanotubes
Abbaslou RM, Vosoughi V, Dalai AK
826 - 837 Phytic acid doped polyaniline containing epoxy coatings for corrosion protection of Q235 carbon steel
Hao YS, Sani LA, Ge TJ, Fang QH
838 - 846 Pd-catalysts for DFAFC prepared by magnetron sputtering
Bieloshapka I, Jiricek P, Vorokhta M, Tomsik E, Rednyk A, Perekrestov R, Jurek K, Ukraintsev E, Hruska K, Romanyuk O, Lesiak B
847 - 859 Influence of ethanol vapor addition on the surface modification of polyethylene in a dielectric barrier discharge
Van Deynse A, Morent R, Leys C, De Geyter N
860 - 868 Surface science in hernioplasty: The role of plasma treatments
Nistico R, Magnacca G, Martorana S
869 - 874 Multifunctional walnut shell layer used for oil/water mixtures separation and dyes adsorption
Li J, Zhao ZH, Li DM, Tang XH, Feng H, Qi W, Wang Q
875 - 885 Photo-induced CO2 reduction by CH4/H2O to fuels over Cu-modified g-C3N4 nanorods under simulated solar energy
Tahir B, Tahir M, Amin NAS
886 - 892 Hierarchically 3D assembled strontium titanate nanomaterials for water splitting application
Moniruddin M, Afroz K, Shabdan Y, Bizri B, Nuraje N
893 - 900 Formation of hierarchical porous graphene films with defects using a nanosecond laser on polyimide sheet
Wang FC, Wang KD, Dong X, Mei XS, Zhai ZY, Zheng BX, Lv J, Duan WQ, Wang WJ
901 - 915 The influence of Ti additions on the mechanical and electrochemical behavior of beta-Ta5Si3 nanocrystalline coating
Xu J, Cheng J, Jiang SY, Munroe P, Xie ZH
916 - 923 Amperometric L-lysine biosensor based on carboxylated multiwalled carbon nanotubes-SnO2 nanoparticles-graphene composite
Kacar C, Erden PE, Kilic E
924 - 932 Ab initio study of magnetism and interaction of graphene with the polar MnO(111) surface
Ilyasov VV, Popova IG, Ershov IV
933 - 941 Photoelectrochemical response and corrosion behavior of CdS/TiO2 nanocomposite films in an aerated 0.5 M NaCl solution
Boonserm A, Kruehong C, Seithtanabutara V, Artnaseaw A, Kwakhong P
942 - 956 Optical characterization of randomly microrough surfaces covered with very thin overlayers using effective medium approximation and Rayleigh-Rice theory
Ohlidal I, Vohanka J, Cermak M, Franta D
957 - 967 Role of surface energy on the morphology and optical properties of GaP micro & nano structures grown on polar and non-polar substrates
Roychowdhury R, Kumar S, Wadikar A, Mukherjee C, Rajiv K, Sharma TK, Dixit VK