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1 - 1 Asian consortium on computational materials science theme meeting on "first principles analysis & experiment: Role in energy research" 22-24 september 2016, SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai, India (ACCMS-TM 2016) preface
Thapa R, Kawazoe Y
2 - 8 MoO3-rGO nanocomposites for electrochemical energy storage
Khandare L, Late DJ
9 - 16 Lithium salt of biphenyl tetracarboxylate as an anode material for Li/Na-ion batteries
Medabalmi V, Wang GX, Ramani VK, Ramanujam K
17 - 21 Structural and electronic properties of solid-state (LiMPO4 vertical bar gamma-Li3PO4)([010]) electrochemical interface (M= Fe and Co)
Chandrasekaran SS, Murugan P
22 - 29 Gold nanoparticles decorated MnO2 nanowires for high performance supercapacitor
Khandare L, Terdale S
30 - 39 In-situ carbon coated CuCo2S4 anode material for Li-ion battery applications
Verma R, Kothandaraman R, Varadaraju UV
40 - 48 Significance of optimal N-doping in mesoporous carbon framework to achieve high specific capacitance
Sahoo MK, Gogoi P, Rajeshkhanna G, Chilukuri SV, Rao GR
49 - 55 Gamma (gamma)-ray irradiated multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) for hydrogen storage
Silambarasan D, Surya VJ, Iyakutti K, Asokan K, Vasu V, Kawazoe Y
56 - 63 Exploring the catalytic activity of pristine T6[100] surface for oxygen reduction reaction: A first-principles study
Banerjee P, Chakrabarty S, Thapa R, Das GP
64 - 71 A Study of influence on sulfonated TiO2-Poly (Vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) nano composite membranes for PEM Fuel cell application
Kumar KS, Rajendran S, Prabhu MR
72 - 78 Electrochemical performance of LiNi(0.4)Co(0.2)Mn(0.4)o(2) prepared by different molten salt flux: LiNO3-LiCl and LiNO3-KNO3
Satyanarayana M, James J, Varadaraju UV
79 - 86 Electrochemical investigations of Co3Fe-RGO as a bifunctional catalyst for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions in alkaline media
Kumar S, Kumar D, Kishore B, Ranganatha S, Munichandraiah N, Venkataramanan NS
87 - 91 Preparation of MgO supported platinum nanoparticle catalyst using toluene dispersed platinum sol
Seth J, Nepak D, Chaudhari VR, Prasad BLV
92 - 98 Electron doped C2N monolayer as efficient noble metal-free catalysts for CO oxidation
Chakrabarty S, Das T, Banerjee P, Thapa R, Das GP
99 - 102 Comparative analysis of 2D and 3D model of a PEMFC in COMSOL
Lakshmi RB, Harikrishnan NP, Juliet AV
103 - 112 Controlled structural and compositional characteristic of visible light active ZnO/CuO photocatalyst for the degradation of organic pollutant
Harish S, Archana J, Sabarinathan M, Navaneethan M, Nisha KD, Ponnusamy S, Muthamizhchelvan C, Ikeda H, Aswal DK, Hayakawa Y
113 - 118 Silver doped h-MoO3 nanorods for sonophotocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants in ambient sunlight
Paul M, Dhanasekar M, Bhat SV
119 - 127 Binary metal oxide nanoparticle incorporated composite multilayer thin films for sono-photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants
Gokul P, Vinoth R, Neppolian B, Anandhakumar S
128 - 137 Visible light responsive Cu2MoS4 nanosheets incorporated reduced graphene oxide for efficient degradation of organic pollutant
Rameshbabu R, Vinoth R, Navaneethan M, Harish S, Hayakawa Y, Neppolian B
138 - 146 Hydrothermally grown ZnO nanoparticles for effective photocatalytic activity
Kumaresan N, Ramamurthi K, Babu RR, Sethuraman K, Babu SM
147 - 155 Synthesis of ZnO/SrO nanocomposites for enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light irradiation
Harish S, Sabarinathan M, Archana J, Navaneethan M, Nisha KD, Ponnusamy S, Gupta V, Muthamizhchelvan C, Aswal DK, Ikeda H, Hayakawa Y
156 - 162 Graphene wrapped Copper Phthalocyanine nanotube: Enhanced photocatalytic activity for industrial waste water treatment
Mukherjee M, Ghorai UK, Samanta M, Santra A, Das GP, Chattopadhyay KK
163 - 170 Bismuth oxyiodide incorporated reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite material as an efficient photocatalyst for visible light assisted degradation of organic pollutants
Vinoth R, Babu SG, Ramachandran R, Neppolian B
171 - 178 Functional properties and enhanced visible light photocatalytic performance of V3O4 nanostructures decorated ZnO nanorods
Harish S, Sabarinathan M, Archana J, Navaneethan M, Ponnusamy S, Muthamizhchelvan C, Ikeda H, Hayakawa Y
179 - 185 A non-platinum counter electrode, MnNx/C, for dye-sensitized solar cell applications
Kushwaha S, Karthikayini MP, Wang GX, Mandal S, Bhobe PA, Ramani VK, Priolkar KR, Ramanujam K
186 - 193 Hydrothermal growth of highly monodispersed TiO2 nanoparticles: Functional properties and dye-sensitized solar cell performance
Navaneethan M, Nithiananth S, Abinaya R, Harish S, Archana J, Sudha L, Ponnusamy S, Muthamizhchelvan C, Ikeda H, Hayakawa Y
194 - 198 Facile synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 absorber layer for thin film solar cells using a highly stable precursor solution
Dhanasekar M, Bhat SV
199 - 206 Low temperature pulsed direct current magnetron sputtering technique for single phase beta-In2S3 buffer layers for solar cell applications
Karthikeyan S, Hill AE, Pilkington RD
207 - 215 Numerical analysis on effect of annealing me-Si ingot grown by DS process for PV application
Aravindan G, Srinivasan M, Aravinth K, Ramasamy P
216 - 224 Growth and characterization of chalcostibite CuSbSe2 thin films for photovoltaic application
Tiwari KJ, Vinod V, Subrahmanyam A, Malar P
225 - 231 Growth of TiO2 thin films on chemically textured Si for solar cell applications as a hole-blocking and antireflection layer
Singh R, Kumar M, Saini M, Singh A, Satpati B, Som T
232 - 237 Quest of thermoelectricity in topological insulators: A density functional theory study
Singh S, Kaur K, Kumar R
238 - 245 Thermoelectric properties of Sn doped BiCuSeO
Das S, Chetty R, Wojciechowski K, Suwas S, Mallik RC
246 - 251 Enhancement of power factor by energy filtering effect in hierarchical BiSbTe3 nanostructures for thermoelectric applications
Sabarinathan M, Omprakash M, Harish S, Navaneethan M, Archana J, Ponnusamy S, Ikeda H, Takeuchi T, Muthamizhchelvan C, Hayakawa Y
252 - 257 Carbon doped ZnO thin film: Unusual nonlinear variation in bandgap and electrical characteristic
Sarkar D, Ghosh CK, Chattopadhyay KK
258 - 263 A comparison of various surface charge transfer hole doping of graphene grown by chemical vapour deposition
Chandramohan S, Seo TH, Janardhanam V, Hong CH, Suh EK
264 - 269 Flexible diode of polyaniline/ITO heterojunction on PET substrate
Bera A, Deb K, Kathirvel V, Bera T, Thapa R, Saha B
270 - 274 Enhanced field emission performance of NiMoO4 nanosheets by tuning the phase
Bankar PK, Ratha S, More MA, Late DJ, Rout CS
275 - 279 Computational investigation on structural and electronic properties of various metal complexes of (2,2';6',2',2''-terpyridine)-4-mercaptobenzoic acid ligand
Bijoy TK, Palaniappan A, Murugan P
280 - 290 Sprayed vanadium pentoxide thin films: Influence of substrate temperature and role of HNO3 on the structural, optical, morphological and electrical properties
Margoni MM, Mathuri S, Ramamurthi K, Babu RR, Sethuraman K
291 - 295 Surface termination dependent atomic relaxation of RT5 ultra-thin slabs (R = Y, Ce, Sm and T = Fe, Co, Ni) and their electronic and magnetic properties
Chandrasekaran SS, Murugan P, Saravanan P
296 - 301 Transport properties of water molecules confined between hydroxyapaptite surfaces: A Molecular dynamics simulation approach
Prakash M, Lemaire T, Di Tommaso D, de Leeuw N, Lewerenz M, Caruel M, Naili S
302 - 307 ab initio study of 3d transition metal-doping effects in rutile-TiO2: Role of bandgap tunability in conductivity behaviour
Saini M, Kumar M, Som T
308 - 311 Strain and deformations engineered germanene bilayer double gate-field effect transistor by first principles
Abhinav EM, Chandrasekaran G, Raja SVK
312 - 317 Optical and Electrical Characteristics of n-ZnSmO/p-Si Heterojunction Diodes
Ramachandran K, Muthukumarasamy A, Baskaran B, Chidambaram S
318 - 327 Adsorption and decomposition of dimethyl methylphosphonate on pristine and mono-vacancy defected graphene: A first principles study
Majumder C
328 - 334 Schottky diode behaviour with excellent photoresponse in NiO/FTO heterostructure
Saha B, Sarkar K, Bera A, Deb K, Thapa R
335 - 339 Enhanced photoluminescence and heterojunction characteristics of pulsed laser deposited ZnO nanostructures
Mannam R, Kumar ES, Priyadarshini DM, Bellarmine F, DasGupta N, Rao MSR
340 - 345 Probing local work function of electron emitting Si-nanofacets
Basu T, Som T
346 - 351 Influence of organic ligands on the formation and functional properties of CdS nanostructures
Nisha KD, Navaneethan M, Harish S, Archana J, Ponnusamy S, Muthamizhchelvan C, Aswal DK, Shimomura M, Ikeda H, Hayakawa Y
352 - 361 Fabrication of hierarchical ZnO nanostructures on cotton fabric for wearable device applications
Pandiyarasan V, Suhasini S, Archana J, Navaneethan M, Majumdar A, Hayakawa Y, Ikeda H
362 - 368 0.8 V nanogenerator for mechanical energy harvesting using bismuth titanate-PDMS nanocomposite
Abinnas N, Baskaran P, Harish S, Ganesh RS, Navaneethan M, Nisha KD, Ponnusamy S, Muthamizhchelvan C, Ikeda H, Hayakawa Y
369 - 373 Nano-Newton force based pseudoferroelectric AI-doped ZnO/Si switchable diode
Kumar M, Som T
374 - 379 Ultraviolet photosensor based on few layered reduced graphene oxide nanosheets
Shelke NT, Karche BR
380 - 387 Chemical bath deposited (CBD) CuO thin films on n-silicon substrate for electronic and optical applications: Impact of growth time
Sultana J, Paul S, Karmakar A, Yi R, Dalapati GK, Chattopadhyay S
388 - 392 Studies on interface between In2O3 and CuInTe2 thin films
Ananthan MR, Malar P, Osipowicz T, Kasiviswanathan S
393 - 400 The effect of electrodes on 11 acene molecular spin valve: Semi-empirical study
Aadhityan A, Kala CP, Thiruvadigal DJ
401 - 405 Ultrananocrystalline diamond decoration on to the single wall carbon nano tubes
Sinha B, Late D, Jejurikar SM
406 - 413 Chemical functionalization and edge doping of zigzag graphene nanoribbon with L-(+)-leucine and group IS elements-A DFT study
Janani K, Thiruvadigal DJ
414 - 417 Effect of annealing ambient on SnO2 thin film transistors
Priyadarshini DM, Mannam R, Rao MSR, DasGupta N
419 - 419 European Materials Research Society Spring Meeting 2016 Symposium "Laser - Materials Interactions for Tailoring Future's Applications" Preface
Caricato AP, Focsa C, Kruger J, Papavlu AP
420 - 424 Influence of femtosecond laser produced nanostructures on biofilm growth on steel
Epperlein N, Menzel F, Schwibbert K, Koter R, Bonse J, Sameith J, Kruger J, Toepel J
425 - 429 Nanostructuring of titanium oxide thin film by UV femtosecond laser beam: From one spot to large surfaces
Talbi A, Tameko CT, Stolz A, Millon E, Boulmer-Leborgne C, Semmar N
430 - 436 Decoration of silica nanowires with gold nanoparticles through ultra-short pulsed laser deposition
Gontad F, Caricato AP, Cesaria M, Resta V, Taurino A, Colombelli A, Leo C, Klini A, Manousaki A, Convertino A, Rella R, Martino M, Perrone A
437 - 445 3D additive manufactured 316L components microstructural features and changes induced by working life cycles
Pace ML, Guarnaccio A, Dolce P, Mollica D, Parisi GP, Lettino A, Medici L, Summa V, Ciancio R, Santagata A
446 - 451 Morphological and crystalline characterization of pulsed laser deposited pentacene thin films for organic transistor applications
Pereira A, Bonhommeau S, Sirotkin S, Desplanche S, Kaba M, Constantinescu C, Diallo AK, Talaga D, Penuelas J, Videlot-Ackermann C, Alloncle AP, Delaporte P, Rodriguez V
452 - 455 Etching of semiconductors and metals by the photonic jet with shaped optical fiber tips
Pierron R, Lecler S, Zelgowski J, Pfeiffer P, Mermet F, Fontaine J
456 - 462 Sequential PLD in oxygen/argon gas mixture of Al-doped ZnO thin films with improved electrical and optical properties
Coman T, Timpu D, Nica V, Vitelaru C, Rambu AP, Stoian G, Olaru M, Ursu C
463 - 471 Increasing the hydrophobicity degree of stonework by means of laser surface texturing: An application on Zimbabwe black granites
Chantada A, Penide J, Riveiro A, del Val J, Quintero F, Meixus M, Soto R, Lisquinos F, Pou J
472 - 480 Nanostructuring of thin Au films deposited on ordered Ti templates for applications in SERS
Grochowska K, Siuzdak K, Macewicz L, Skiba F, Szkoda M, Karczewski J, Burczyk L, Sliwinski G
481 - 486 Nanosecond laser nanostructuring of fused silica surfaces assisted by a chromium triangle template
Lorenz P, Gruner C, Frost F, Ehrhardt M, Zimmer K
487 - 490 Femto- and nanosecond pulse laser ablation dependence on irradiation area: The role of defects in metals and semiconductors
Naghilou A, Armbruster O, Kautek W
491 - 498 High photoactive TiO2/SnO2 nanocomposites prepared by laser pyrolysis
Scarisoreanu M, Fleaca C, Morjan I, Niculescu AM, Luculescu C, Dutu E, Ilie A, Morjan I, Florescu LG, Vasile E, Fort CI
499 - 507 Mimicking lizard-like surface structures upon ultrashort laser pulse irradiation of inorganic materials
Hermens U, Kirner SV, Emonts C, Comanns P, Skoulas E, Mimidis A, Mescheder H, Winands K, Kruger J, Stratakis E, Bonse J
508 - 516 Depth profiling of galvanoaluminium-nickel coatings on steel by UV- and VIS-LIBS
Nagy TO, Pacher U, Giesriegl A, Weimerskirch MJJ, Kautek W
517 - 521 In situ monitoring of electrical resistance during deposition of Ag and Al thin films by pulsed laser deposition: Comparative study
Abdellaoui N, Pereira A, Novotny M, Bulir J, Fitl P, Lancok J, Moine B, Pillonnet A
522 - 529 Formation of polymer nanoparticles by UV pulsed laser ablation of poly (bisphenol A carbonate) in liquid environment
Martinez-Tong DE, Sanz M, Ezquerra TA, Nogales A, Marco JF, Castillejo M, Rebollar E
530 - 535 Laser-induced forward transfer of low viscosity inks
Sopena P, Fernandez-Pradas JM, Serra P
536 - 541 The effect of laser treatment on the morphology and structure of CdSb-Cd1-xMnxTe and CdSb-In-4(Se-3)(1-x) Te-3x thin film heterojunctions
Savchuk AI, Fochuk PM, Strebezhev VV, Kleto GI, Yuriychuk IM, Khalavka YB, Obedzynskyi YK, Strebezhev VM
542 - 547 Characterization of organic photovoltaic devices using femtosecond laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
Banerjee SP, Sarnet T, Siozos P, Loulakis M, Anglos D, Sentis M
548 - 553 Growth and shape of indium islands on molybdenum at micro-roughened spots created by femtosecond laser pulses
Ringleb F, Eylers K, Teubner T, Schramm HP, Symietz C, Bonse J, Andree S, Heidmann B, Schmid M, Kruger J, Boeck T
554 - 558 Microlens fabrication by replica molding of frozen laser-printed droplets
Surdo S, Diaspro A, Duocastella M
559 - 564 Laser-induced forward transfer: Propelling liquids with light
Fernandez-Pradas JM, Florian C, Caballero-Lucas F, Sopena P, Morenza JL, Serra P
565 - 571 Femtosecond laser surface structuring of silicon with Gaussian and optical vortex beams
Nivas JJJ, He ST, Song ZM, Rubano A, Vecchione A, Paparo D, Marrucci L, Bruzzese R, Amoruso S
572 - 579 Femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures on titanium nitride coatings for tribological applications
Bonse J, Kirner SV, Koter R, Pentzien S, Spaltmann D, Kruger J
580 - 588 Hydroxyapatite thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition and matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation: Comparative study
Popescu-Pelin G, Sima F, Sima LE, Mihailescu CN, Luculescu C, Iordache I, Socol M, Socol G, Mihailescu IN
589 - 593 ZnSb-based thin films prepared by ns-PLD for thermoelectric applications
Bellucci A, Mastellone M, Girolami M, Orlando S, Medici L, Mezzi A, Kaciulis S, Polini R, Trucchi DM
594 - 600 Laser ablation of (GeSe2)(100-x)(Sb2Se3)(x) chalcogenide glasses: Influence of the target composition on the plasma plume dynamics
Irimiciuc S, Boidin R, Bulai G, Gurlui S, Nemec P, Nazabal V, Focsa C
601 - 606 Dynamics of liquid nanodroplet formation in nanosecond laser ablation of metals
Mazzi A, Gorrini F, Miotello A
607 - 615 Picosecond laser micromachining prior to FIB milling for electronic microscopy sample preparation
Sikora A, Fares L, Adrian J, Goubier V, Delobbe A, Corbin A, Sentis M, Sarnet T