Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.417 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Preface - ICPEPA-10 Foreword
Mihailescu IN, Duta L, Abrudan IV, Floroian L
2 - 15 Ultrafast laser processing of copper: A comparative study of experimental and simulated transient optical properties
Winter J, Rapp S, Schmidt M, Huber HP
16 - 22 Femtosecond laser processing of NiPd single and 5x(Ni/Pd) multilayer thin films
Petrovic S, Gakovic B, Zamfirescu M, Radu C, Perusko D, Radak B, Ristoscu C, Zdravkovic S, Luculescu CL, Mihailescu IN
23 - 33 Mechanical properties, chemical analysis and evaluation of antimicrobial response of Si-DLC coatings fabricated on AISI 316 LVM substrate by a multi-target DC-RF magnetron sputtering method for potential biomedical applications
Bociaga D, Sobczyk-Guzenda A, Szymanski W, Jedrzejczak A, Jastrzebska A, Olejnik A, Jastrzebski K
34 - 39 Power splitting of 1 x 16 in multicore photonic crystal fibers
Malka D, Peled A
40 - 47 Improvement in ultraviolet based decontamination rate using meta-materials
Enaki NA, Bazgan S, Ciobanu N, Turcan M, Paslari T, Ristoscu C, Vaseashta A, Mihailescu IN
48 - 53 Non-enzymatic glucose sensing on copper-nickel thin film alloy
Potzelberger I, Mardare AI, Hassel AW
54 - 63 Generation of nanocrystalline surface layer in short pulse laser processing of metal targets under conditions of spatial confinement by solid or liquid overlayer
Shugaev MV, Shih CY, Karim ET, Wu CP, Zhigilei LV
64 - 68 Laser-excitation of electrons and nonequilibrium energy transfer to phonons in copper
Weber S, Rethfeld B
69 - 72 Fabricating a regular hexagonal lattice structure by interference pattern of six femtosecond laser beams
Nakata Y, Yoshida M, Osawa K, Miyanaga N
73 - 83 Hybrid laser technology and doped biomaterials
Jelinek M, Zemek J, Remsa J, Miksovsky J, Kocourek T, Pisarik P, Travnickova M, Filova E, Bacakova L
84 - 87 Femtosecond-laser-induced periodic surface structures on magnetic layer targets: The roles of femtosecond-laser interaction and of magnetization
Czajkowski K, Ratzke M, Varlamova O, Reif J
88 - 92 Wavelength dependence of picosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures on copper
Maragkaki S, Derrien TJY, Levy Y, Bulgakova NM, Ostendorf A, Gurevich EL
93 - 103 Principal component analysis of Raman spectra for TiO2 nanoparticle characterization
Ilie AG, Scarisoareanu M, Morjan I, Dutu E, Badiceanu M, Mihailescu I
104 - 107 Three-dimensional numerical simulation during laser processing of CFRP
Ohkubo T, Sato Y, Matsunaga EI, Tsukamoto M
108 - 118 Langmuir probe investigation of transient plasmas generated by femtosecond laser ablation of several metals: Influence of the target physical properties on the plume dynamics
Irimiciuc SA, Gurlui S, Bulai G, Nica P, Agop M, Focsa C
119 - 123 Combined spectral-domain optical coherence tomography and hyperspectral imaging applied for tissue analysis: Preliminary results
Dontu S, Miclos S, Savastru D, Tautan M
124 - 129 Investigation of the effect of laser parameters on the target, plume and plasma behavior during and after laser-solid interaction
Stancalie A, Ciobanu SS, Sporea D
130 - 135 Plasma generated during underwater pulsed laser processing
Hoffman J, Chrzanowska J, Moscicki T, Radziejewska J, Stobinski L, Szymanski Z
136 - 142 Photosensitized cleavage of some olefins as potential linkers to be used in drug delivery
Dinache A, Smarandache A, Simon A, Nastasa V, Tozar T, Pascu A, Enescu M, Khatyr A, Sima F, Pascu ML, Staicu A
143 - 148 Spectroscopic investigations of novel pharmaceuticals: Stability and resonant interaction with laser beam
Smarandache A, Boni M, Andrei IR, Handzlik J, Kiec-Kononowicz K, Staicu A, Pascu ML
149 - 154 Direct ultrashort laser surface structuring of silicon in air and vacuum at 1055 nm
Nivas JJJ, Song ZM, Fittipaldi R, Vecchione A, Bruzzese R, Amoruso S
155 - 159 Inducing subwavelength periodic nanostructures on multilayer NiPd thin film by low-fluence femtosecond laser beam
Kovacevic AG, Petrovic S, Lazovic V, Perusko D, Pantelic D, Jelenkovic BM
160 - 164 Self-organisation of single-crystals as ripple patterns through laser ablation of ionic salt solutions
Sandu I, Urzica I, Niculescu AM, Fleaca CT, Dumitrache F, Badiceanu M
165 - 169 Femtosecond laser irradiation of the fluorescent molecules-loaded poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)
Umemoto T, Shibata A, Terakawa M
170 - 174 Photophysics of covalently functionalized single wall carbon nanotubes with verteporfin
Staicu A, Smarandache A, Pascu A, Pascu ML
175 - 182 Titanium implants' surface functionalization by pulsed laser deposition of TiN, ZrC and ZrN hard films
Floroian L, Craciun D, Socol G, Dorcioman G, Socol M, Badea M, Craciun V
183 - 195 MAPLE prepared heterostructures with oligoazomethine: Fullerene derivative mixed layer for photovoltaic applications
Stanculescu A, Rasoga O, Socol M, Vacareanu L, Grigoras M, Socol G, Stanculescu F, Breazu C, Matei E, Preda N, Girtan M
196 - 203 Organic heterostructures deposited by MAPLE on AZO substrate
Socol M, Preda N, Stanculescu A, Breazu C, Florica C, Stanculescu F, Iftimie S, Girtan M, Popescu-Pelin G, Socol G
204 - 212 Biocomposite coatings based on Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)/calcium phosphates obtained by MAPLE for bone tissue engineering
Rasoga O, Sima L, Chiritoiu M, Popescu-Pelin G, Fufa O, Grumezescu V, Socol M, Stanculescu A, Zgura I, Socol G
213 - 217 Diamond-like carbon layers modified by ion bombardment during growth and researched by Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy
Kocourek T, Jelinek M, Pisarik P, Remsa J, Janovska M, Landa M, Zemek J, Havranek V
218 - 223 Characterization of PLD grown WO3 thin films for gas sensing
Boyadjiev SI, Georgieva V, Stefan N, Stan GE, Mihailescu N, Visan A, Mihailescu IN, Besleaga C, Szilagyi IM
224 - 233 Antimicrobial thin films based on ayurvedic plants extracts embedded in a bioactive glass matrix
Floroian L, Ristoscu C, Candiani G, Pastori N, Moscatelli M, Mihailescu N, Negut I, Badea M, Gilca M, Chiesa R, Mihailescu IN
234 - 243 Antimicrobial polycaprolactone/polyethylene glycol embedded lysozyme coatings of Ti implants for osteoblast functional properties in tissue engineering
Visan A, Cristescu R, Stefan N, Miroiu M, Nita C, Socol M, Florica C, Rasoga O, Zgura I, Sima LE, Chiritoiu M, Chifiriuc MC, Holban AM, Mihailescu IN, Socol G
244 - 249 A study on micro hydroforming using shock wave of 355 nm UV-pulsed laser
Je G, Malka D, Kim H, Hong S, Shin B
250 - 255 Thermal effect on CFRP ablation with a 100-W class pulse fiber laser using a PCF amplifier
Sato Y, Tsukamoto M, Matsuoka F, Ohkubo T, Abe N
256 - 261 Personalized hip implants manufacturing and testing
Croitoru ASM, Pacioga BA, Comsa CS
262 - 268 R&D on dental implants breakage
Croitoru SM, Popovici IA