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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Study on the dimensional, configurational and optical evolution of palladium nanostructures on c-plane sapphire by the control of annealing temperature and duration
Sui M, Zhang Q, Kunwar S, Pandey P, Li MY, Lee J
14 - 23 Investigation on hardening behavior of metallic glass under cyclic indentation loading via molecular dynamics simulation
Zhao D, Zhao HW, Zhu B, Wang SB
24 - 32 Layer-by-layer assemblies of highly connected polyelectrolyte-capped-Pt nanoparticles for electrocatalysis of hydrogen evolution reaction
Fenoy GE, Maza E, Zelaya E, Marmisolle WA, Azzaroni O
33 - 44 High temperature wear performance of HVOF-sprayed Cr3C2-WC-NiCoCrMo and Cr3C2-NiCr hardmetal coatings
Zhou WX, Zhou KS, Li YX, Deng CM, Zeng KL
45 - 50 Efficient removal of nitrobenzene by Fenton-like process with Co-Fe layered double hydroxide
Bai JF, Liu Y, Yin XH, Duan HT, Ma JH
51 - 58 Effect of angle of deposition on the Fractal properties of ZnO thin film surface
Yadav RP, Agarwal DC, Kumar M, Rajput P, Tomar DS, Pandey SN, Priya PK, Mittal AK
59 - 68 Insight into the reaction mechanism of CO2 activation for CH4 reforming over NiO-MgO: A combination of DRIFTS and DFT study
Jiang SP, Lu Y, Wang SP, Zhao YJ, Ma XB
69 - 77 Corrosion behavior of HVOF sprayed hard face coatings in alkaline-sulfide solution
Li SH, Guo ZX, Xiong J, Lei Y, Li YX, Tang J, Liu JB, Ye JL
78 - 85 Manganese-cerium oxide catalysts prepared by non-thermal plasma for NO oxidation: Effect of O-2 in discharge atmosphere
Liu L, Zheng CH, Wu SH, Gao X, Ni MJ, Cen KF
86 - 95 Atomistic simulations of focused ion beam machining of strained silicon
Guenole J, Prakash A, Bitzek E
96 - 102 Infiltration of methylammonium metal halide in highly porous membranes using sol-gel-derived coating method
Kwon SL, Jin YU, Kim BJ, Han MH, Han GS, Shin S, Lee S, Jung HS
103 - 111 Novel yolk-shell-structured Fe3O4@gamma-AlOOH nanocomposite modified with Pd nanoparticles as a recyclable catalyst with excellent catalytic activity
Cui XL, Zheng YF, Tian M, Dong ZP
112 - 117 Morphology and topography of perovskite solar cell films ablated and scribed with short and ultrashort laser pulses
Bayer L, Ehrhardt M, Lorenz P, Pisoni S, Buecheler S, Tiwari AN, Zimmer K
118 - 123 Electrospun core-shell nanofibers derived Fe-S/N doped carbon material for oxygen reduction reaction
Guo JX, Niu QJ, Yuan YC, Maitlo I, Nie J, Ma GP
124 - 132 Simple dopant-free hole-transporting materials with p-pi conjugated structure for stable perovskite solar cells
Sun MN, Liu XY, Zhang F, Liu HL, Liu XC, Wang SR, Xiao Y, Li DM, Meng QB, Li XG
133 - 143 Modulation of magnetic anisotropy through self-assembled surface nanoclusters: Evolution of morphology and magnetism in Co-Pd alloy films
Hsu CC, Chiu HC, Mudinepalli VR, Chen YC, Chang PC, Wu CT, Yen HW, Lin WC
144 - 151 The nucleation, growth and thermal stability of iron clusters on a TiO2(110) surface
Madej E, Spiridis N, Socha RP, Wolanin B, Korecki J
152 - 159 A novel polyester composite nanofiltration membrane formed by interfacial polymerization of pentaerythritol (PE) and trimesoyl chloride (TMC)
Cheng J, Shi WX, Zhang LH, Zhang RJ
160 - 167 Understanding the role of Co3O4 on stability between active hierarchies and scaffolds: An insight into NiMoO4 composites for supercapacitors
Zhao YY, Zhang P, Fu WB, Ma XW, Zhou JY, Zhang XJ, Li J, Xie EQ, Pan XJ
168 - 177 Effect of dry air on interface smoothening in reactive sputter deposited Co/Ti multilayer
Biswas A, Porwal A, Bhattacharya D, Prajapat CL, Ghosh A, Nand M, Nayak C, Rai S, Jha SN, Singh MR, Bhattacharyya D, Basu S, Sahoo NK
178 - 182 The synthesis of flexible zeolite nanofibers by a polymer surface thermal etching process
Ji SH, Cho JH, Jeong YH, Yun JD, Yun JS
183 - 190 Gold supported on ceria nanotubes for CO oxidation
Zhang RB, Lu K, Zong LJ, Tong S, Wang XW, Feng G
191 - 199 N-doped graphene-supported binary PdBi networks for formic acid oxidation
Xu H, Yan B, Zhang K, Wang J, Li SM, Wang CQ, Du YK, Yang P, Jiang SJ, Song SQ
200 - 212 Surface decoration of polyimide fiber with carbon nanotubes and its application for mechanical enhancement of phosphoric acid-based geopolymers
Yang T, Han EL, Wang XD, Wu DZ
213 - 224 Novel inorganic solid controlled-release inhibitor for Q235-b anticorrosion treatment in 1 M HCl
Cui J, Shi RR, Pei YS
225 - 233 N-Epoxypropyl poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) covalently and non-covalently coated multi-walled carbon nanotubes for PVC reinforcement
Pan FW, Qu RJ, Jia XH, Sun CM, Sun HS, An K, Mu YL, Ji CN, Yin P, Zhang Y
234 - 240 The low threshold voltage n-type silicon transistors based on a polymer/silica nanocomposite gate dielectric: The effect of annealing temperatures on their operation
Hashemi A, Bahari A, Ghasemi S
241 - 247 Explore the influence of agglomeration on electrochemical performance of an amorphous MnO2/C composite by controlling drying process
Cui MW, Kang LT, Shi MJ, Xie LL, Wang XM, Zhao Z, Yun S, Liang W
248 - 258 Photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline by Ti-MCM-41 prepared at room temperature and biotoxicity of degradation products
Zhou KF, Xie XD, Chang CT
259 - 265 Facile and single step synthesis of three dimensional reduced graphene oxide-NiCoO2 composite using microwave for enhanced electron field emission properties
Kumar R, Singh RK, Singh AK, Vaz AR, Rout CS, Moshkalev SA
266 - 272 Optical properties calculations of the phosphorene-CrO3 system within the G(0)W(0) and BSE approximations
Rubio-Pereda P, Galicia-Hernandez JM, Cocoletzi GH
273 - 280 Mechanical property of PEG hydrogel and the 3D red blood cell microstructures fabricated by two-photon polymerization
Gou XR, Zheng ML, Zhao YY, Dong XZ, Jin F, Xing JF, Duan XM
281 - 287 Photoinduced formation of reactive oxygen species and electrons from metal oxide-silica nanocomposite: An EPR spin-trapping study
Zhao HX, Chen XY, Li XT, Shen C, Qu BC, Gao JS, Chen JW, Quan X
288 - 295 Facile fabrication of BiOI decorated NaNbO3 cubes: A p-n junction photocatalyst with improved visible-light activity
Sun M, Yan Q, Shao Y, Wang CQ, Yan T, Ji PG, Du B
296 - 301 Enhanced dielectric permittivity and photoluminescence in Cr doped ZnS nanoparticles
Virpal, Kumar J, Thangaraj R, Sharma S, Singh RC
302 - 307 Elemental profiling of laser cladded multilayer coatings by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy
Lednev VN, Sdvizhenskii PA, Filippov MN, Grishin MY, Filichkina VA, Stavertiy AY, Tretyakov RS, Bunkin F, Pershin SM
308 - 317 Optimization of NiFe2O4/rGO composite electrode for lithium-ion batteries
Li C, Wang X, Li SD, Li Q, Xu J, Liu XM, Liu CK, Xu YH, Liu JQ, Li HL, Guo PZ, Zhao XS
318 - 328 Fabrication and characterization of photoelectrochemically-active Sb-doped Sn-x-W(100-x)%-oxide anodes: Towards the removal of organic pollutants from wastewater
Ghasemian S, Omanovic S
329 - 337 Octahedron Fe3O4 particles supported on 3D MWCNT/graphene foam: In-situ method and application as a comprehensive microwave absorption material
Shi LL, Zhao Y, Li Y, Han X, Zhang T
338 - 343 Facile synthesis of Co3O4 spheres and their unexpected high specific discharge capacity for Lithium-ion batteries
Wang ZD, Qu SH, Cheng YH, Zheng CH, Chen SY, Wu HJ
344 - 352 Durable underwater superoleophobic PDDA/halloysite nanotubes decorated stainless steel mesh for efficient oil-water separation
Hon K, Zeng YC, Zhou CL, Chen JH, Wen XF, Xu SP, Cheng J, Lin YG, Pi PH
353 - 357 Transparent TiO2 nanowire networks via wet corrosion of Ti thin films for dye-sensitized solar cells
Shin E, Jin S, Hong J
358 - 364 Effects of Pt on physicochemical properties over Pd based catalysts for methanol total oxidation
Guo YY, Zhang S, Zhu J, Su LQ, Xie XM, Li Z
365 - 370 Electrocatalytic performance of Pt nanoparticles sputter-deposited on indium tin oxide toward methanol oxidation reaction: The particle size effect
Ting CC, Chao CH, Tsai CY, Cheng IK, Pan FM
371 - 378 Ternary mixed metal Fe-doped NiCo2O4 nanowires as efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Yan KL, Shang X, Li Z, Dong B, Li X, Gao WK, Chi JQ, Chai YM, Liu CG
379 - 384 Microstructural analysis of 800H steel exposed at test operation in HTHL by using FIB-SEM and HRTEM techniques
Marusakova D, Bublikova P, Berka J, Vavrovcova Z, Burda J
385 - 389 Surface treatment and profile characterization of p-type graded band gap AlGaN material for preparing high performance photocathode
Fu XQ, Li Y, Li ZM, Zhang C, Wang XH
390 - 396 DFT study of Au adsorption on pure and Pt-decorated gamma-alumina (110) surface
Sharifi N, Falamaki C, Ahangari MG
397 - 401 Infrared spectroscopic ellipsometry of micrometer-sized SiO2 line gratings
Walder C, Zellmeier M, Rappich J, Ketelsen H, Hinrichs K
402 - 410 Ammonium vanadate@polypyrrole@manganese dioxide nanowire arrays with enhanced reversible lithium storage
Wang C, Liu H, Jiang M, Wang YD, Liu RN, Luo ZP, Liu XQ, Xu WL, Xiong CX, Fang D
411 - 423 Structural and electronic analysis of Li/Al layered double hydroxides and their adsorption for CO2
Hou XJ, Li HQ, He P, Sun ZH, Li SP
424 - 431 Self-powering/self-cleaning electronic-skin basing on PVDF/TiO2 nanofibers for actively detecting body motion and degrading organic pollutants
Dong CY, Fu YM, Zang WL, He HX, Xing LL, Xue XY
432 - 438 A concise way to estimate the average density of interface states in an ITO-SiOx/n-Si heterojunction solar cell
Li Y, Han BC, Gao M, Wan YZ, Yang J, Du HW, Ma ZQ
439 - 445 Ni-Co nanoparticles immobilized on a 3D Ni foam template as a highly efficient catalyst for borohydride electrooxidation in alkaline medium
Guo MS, Cheng Y, Yu YA, Hu JB
446 - 453 Improving the efficiency of quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells by optimizing the growth time of the CuS counter electrode
Sunesh CD, Gopi CVVM, Muthalif MPA, Kim HJ, Choe Y
454 - 460 Protein-adsorption and Ca-phosphate formation on chitosan-bioactive glass composite coatings
Wagener V, Boccaccini AR, Virtanen S
461 - 469 Controlled synthesis of nanostructured molybdenum oxide electrodes for high performance supercapacitor devices
Maheshwari N, Muralidharan G
470 - 481 Investigation into nanoscratching mechanical response of AlCrCuFeNi high-entropy alloys using atomic simulations
Wang ZN, Li J, Fang QH, Liu B, Zhang LC
482 - 491 Supramolecular architectures of iron phthalocyanine Langmuir-Blodgett films: The role played by the solution solvents
Rubira RJG, Aoki PHB, Constantino CJL, Alessio P
492 - 502 Preparation and characterization of a GPTMS/graphene coating on AA-2024 alloy
Dun YC, Zuo Y
503 - 510 The additive effect of graphene in nickel phosphate/graphene composite and enhanced activity for electrochemical oxidation of methanol
Yang D, Yu QT, Gao L, Mao LQ, Yang JH
511 - 520 Effect of film thickness on NO2 gas sensing properties of sprayed orthorhombic nanocrystalline V2O5 thin films
Mane AA, Moholkar AV
521 - 526 Enhancement of electric and magnetic properties by tuning Co cluster in ZnO films via high magnetic field
Gao Y, Li GJ, Wang Z, Liu S, Wang Q
527 - 535 Effect of carbon coating on nano-Si embedded SiOx-Al2O3 composites as lithium storage materials
Kim K, Choi H, Kim JH
536 - 546 Effects of rare earth oxide additive on surface and tribological properties of polyimide composites
Pan ZH, Wang TC, Chen L, Idziak S, Huang ZH, Zhao BX
547 - 564 Effect of transition metal Fe adsorption on CeO2(110) surface in the methane activation and oxygen vacancy formation: A density functional theory study
Tian D, Zeng CH, Wang H, Cheng XM, Zheng YN, Xiang C, Wei YG, Li KZ, Zhu X
565 - 573 Heavy metal ion removal by thiol functionalized aluminum oxide hydroxide nanowhiskers
Xia ZY, Baird L, Zimmerman N, Yeager M
574 - 580 Effects of surface modification with Co3O4 nanoparticles on the oxygen permeability of Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta membranes
Wang Y, Cheng JG, Huang M, Liu M, Li MM, Xu CX
581 - 586 A SERS biosensor with magnetic substrate CoFe2O4@Ag for sensitive detection of Hg2+
Yang X, He Y, Wang XL, Yuan R
587 - 592 Efficient photocatalytic degradation of perfluorooctanoic acid by a wide band gap p-block metal oxyhydroxide InOOH
Xu JJ, Wu MM, Yang JW, Wang ZM, Chen MD, Teng F
593 - 604 Electrochemical surface functionalization of carbon fibers for chemical affinity improvement with epoxy resins
Kainourgios P, Kartsonakis IA, Dragatogiannis DA, Koumoulos EP, Goulis P, Charitidis CA
605 - 617 Mechanical, structural and dissolution properties of heat treated thin-film phosphate based glasses
Stuart BW, Gimeno-Fabra M, Segal J, Ahmed I, Grant DM
618 - 627 Arsenic transformation and adsorption by iron hydroxide/manganese dioxide doped straw activated carbon
Xiong Y, Tong Q, Shan WJ, Xing ZQ, Wang YJ, Wen SQ, Lou ZN
628 - 638 Optical, thermal and combustion properties of self-colored polyamide nanocomposites reinforced with azo dye surface modified ZnO nanoparticles
Hajibeygi M, Shabanian M, Omidi-Ghallemohamadi M, Khonakdar HA
639 - 648 Fabrication of durable super-repellent surfaces on cotton fabric with liquids of varying surface tension: Low surface energy and high roughness
Singh AK, Singh JK
649 - 655 Performance degradation of double-perovskite PrBaCo2O5+delta oxygen electrode in CO2 containing atmospheres
Zhu L, Wei B, Lu Z, Feng JB, Xu LL, Gao H, Zhang YH, Huang XQ
656 - 665 Efficient removal of arsenite through photocatalytic oxidation and adsorption by ZrO2-Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles
Sun TY, Zhao ZW, Liang ZJ, Liu J, Shi WX, Cui FY
666 - 671 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of Ag2O/BiOF composite photocatalysts originating from efficient interfacial charge separation
Yang M, Yang Q, Zhong JB, Huang ST, Li JZ, Song JB, Burda C
672 - 680 Selective adsorption of aromatic acids by a nanocomposite based on magnetic carboxylic multi-walled carbon nanotubes and novel metal-organic frameworks
Li WK, Zhang HX, Shi YP
681 - 685 Anchoring transition metal elements on graphene-like ZnO monolayer by CO molecule to obtain spin gapless semiconductor
Lei J, Xu MC, Hu SJ
686 - 695 Plasma immersion ion implantation of polyurethane shape memory polymer: Surface properties and protein immobilization
Cheng XY, Kondyurin A, Bao S, Bilek MMM, Ye L
696 - 703 Interface electronic structure and morphology of 2,7-dioctyl[1]benzothieno[3,2-b]benzothiophene (C8-BTBT) on Au film
Wang ST, Niu DM, Lyu L, Huang YB, Wei XH, Wang C, Xie HP, Gao YL
704 - 709 A green, reusable SERS film with high sensitivity for in-situ detection of thiram in apple juice
Sun HB, Liu H, Wu YY
710 - 715 On hydrophilicity improvement of the porous anodic alumina film by hybrid nano/micro structuring
Wang WC, Zhao W, Wang KG, Wang L, Wang XW, Wang S, Zhang C, Bai JT
716 - 724 Aqueous or solvent based surface modification: The influence of the combination solvent - organic functional group on the surface characteristics of titanium dioxide grafted with organophosphonic acids
Roevens A, Van Dijck JG, Geldof D, Blockhuys F, Prelot B, Zajac J, Meynen V
725 - 730 Effect of surface termination on ion intercalation selectivity of bilayer Ti3C2T2 (T = F, O and OH) MXene
Berdiyorov GR, Mahmoud KA
731 - 741 Morphological study of graphite-encapsulated iron composite nanoparticles fabricated by a one-step arc discharge method
Hu R, Furukawa T, Wang X, Nagatsu M
742 - 750 A facile precursor route to highly loaded metal/ceramic nanofibers as a robust surface-enhanced Raman template
Park JH, Joo YL
751 - 756 Study on the synergistic lithium storage performance of Sn/graphene nanocomposites via quantum chemical calculations and experiments
Zhu JS, Liu AM, Wang DL
757 - 765 Molecular insight into the enhancement of benzene-carbon nanotube interactions by surface modification for drug delivery systems (DDS)
Zhao JG, Liu XS, Zhu Z, Wang N, Sun WJ, Chen CM, He ZW
766 - 771 Molecular hydrogen sorption capacity of D-shwarzites
Krasnov PO, Shkaberina GS, Kuzubov AA, Kovaleva EA
772 - 780 Improved rheological properties of dimorphic magnetorheological gels based on flower-like carbonyl iron particles
Yang PG, Yu M, Luo HP, Fu J, Qu H, Xie YP
781 - 789 Preparation of Ti3C2 and Ti2C MXenes by fluoride salts etching and methane adsorptive properties
Liu FF, Zhou AG, Chen JF, Jin J, Zhou WJ, Wang LB, Hu QK
790 - 797 Superiority of calcium-containing nanowires modified titanium surface compared with SLA titanium surface in biological behavior of osteoblasts: A pilot study
Ming PP, Shao SY, Qiu J, Yang J, Yu YJ, Chen JX, Zhu WQ, Tang CB
798 - 804 Surface modification of melamine sponges for pH-responsive oil absorption and desorption
Lei ZW, Zhang GZ, Deng YH, Wang CY
805 - 814 Preparation and thermal shock resistance of high emissivity molybdenum disilicide- aluminoborosilicate glass hybrid coating on fiber reinforced aerogel composite
Shao G, Lu YC, Wu XD, Wu J, Cui S, Jiao J, Shen XD
815 - 823 Epitaxial growth of CuGaSe2 thin-films by MBE-Influence of the Cu/Ga ratio
Popp A, Pettenkofer C
824 - 833 Anti-adhesive layers on stainless steel using thermally stable dipodal perfluoroalkyl silanes
Kaynak B, Alpan C, Kratzer M, Ganser C, Teichert C, Kern W
834 - 844 Interfacial engineering of electron transport layer using Caesium Iodide for efficient and stable organic solar cells
Upama MB, Elumalai NK, Mahmud MA, Wright M, Wang D, Xu C, Haque F, Chan KH, Uddin A
845 - 852 Affinity study on bovine serum albumin's peptides to amphiphilic gold nanoparticles: A test of epitopes and non-epitopes
Yuan M, Li WR, Yang MM, Huang XF, Bai ZJ, Liu YS, Cai WJ, Wang YQ, Zhang F
853 - 857 Point defects in MoS2: Comparison between first-principles simulations and electron spin resonance experiments
Houssa M, Iordanidou K, Pourtois G, Afanas'ev VV, Stesmans A
858 - 867 Nanoscale alpha-MnS crystallites grown on N-S co-doped rGO as a long-life and high-capacity anode material of Li-ion batteries
Liu BL, Liu ZJ, Li D, Guo PQ, Liu DQ, Shang XN, Lv MZ, He DY
868 - 877 Efficient synthesis of graphene oxide and the mechanisms of oxidation and exfoliation
Yuan R, Yuan J, Wu YP, Chen L, Zhou HD, Chen JM
878 - 884 Tungsten nitride coatings obtained by HiPIMS as plasma facing materials for fusion applications
Tiron V, Velicu IL, Porosnicu C, Burducea I, Dinca P, Malinsky P
885 - 890 TiO2 coated CuO nanowire array: Ultrathin p-n heterojunction to modulate cationic/anionic dye photo-degradation in water
Scuderi V, Amiard G, Sanz R, Boninelli S, Impellizzeri G, Privitera V
891 - 900 Ultrahigh hardness on a face-centered cubic metal
Zhang ZY, Huang SL, Chen LL, Wang B, Wen B, Zhang B, Guo DM
901 - 910 Hydroxyl migration disorders the surface structure of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles
Cheng XJ, Wu H, Zhang L, Ma XT, Zhang XD, Yang ML
911 - 917 Inverse CeO2-Fe2O3 catalyst for superior low-temperature CO conversion efficiency
Luo YM, Chen R, Peng W, Tang GB, Gao XY
918 - 924 Oxygen-rich hierarchical porous carbon made from pomelo peel fiber as electrode material for supercapacitor
Li J, Liu WL, Xiao D, Wang XH
925 - 931 Surface chemical cleaning of the extended blue varied-doping Ga0.37Al0.63As photocathode
Xu Y, Chen XL, Zhang YJ, Feng C, Chang BK
932 - 946 Hollow fiber membranes with different external corrugated surfaces for desalination by membrane distillation
Garcia-Fernandez L, Garcia-Payo C, Khayet M
947 - 956 Particle morphology dependent superhydrophobicity in treated diatomaceous earth/polystyrene coatings
Sedai BR, Alavi SH, Harimkar SP, McCollum M, Donoghue JF, Blum FD
957 - 964 Highly efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution using TiO2 nanoparticles integrated with electrocatalytic metal phosphides as cocatalysts
Song R, Zhou W, Luo B, Jing DW
965 - 970 Stability and activity of lactate dehydrogenase on biofunctional layers deposited by activated vapor silanization (AVS) and immersion silanization (IS)
Calvo JNM, Elices M, Guinea GV, Perez-Rigueiro J, Arroyo-Hernandez M
971 - 979 Vacuum ultraviolet trimming of oxygenated functional groups from oxidized self-assembled hexadecyl monolayers in an evacuated environment
Soliman AIA, Utsunomiya T, Ichii T, Sugimura H
980 - 987 Correlation between the physical parameters of the i-nc-Si absorber layer grown by 27.12 MHz plasma with the nc-Si solar cell parameters
Das D, Mondal P
988 - 995 Correlated topographic and structural modification on Si surface during multi-shot femtosecond laser exposures: Si nanopolymorphs as potential local structural nanomarkers
Ionin AA, Kudryashov SI, Levchenko AO, Nguyen LV, Saraeva IN, Rudenko AA, Ageev EI, Potorochin DV, Veiko VP, Borisov EV, Pankin DV, Kirilenko DA, Brunkov PN
996 - 1006 Modified nanocrystal cellulose/fluorene-containing sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone ketone) composites for proton exchange membranes
Wei YC, Shang YB, Ni CJ, Zhang HY, Li XB, Liu BJ, Men YF, Zhang MY, Hu W
1007 - 1012 GaN-Si direct wafer bonding at room temperature for thin GaN device transfer after epitaxial lift off
Mu FW, Morino Y, Jerchel K, Fujino M, Suga T
1013 - 1021 Bare TiO2 and graphene oxide TiO2 photocatalysts on the degradationof selected pesticides and influence of the water matrix
Cruz M, Gomez C, Duran-Valle CJ, Pastrana-Martinez LM, Faria JL, Silva AMT, Faraldos M, Bahamonde A