Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.414 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 The interface quality of Ge nanoparticles grown in thick silica matrix
Dasovic J, Dubcek P, Pucic I, Bernstorff S, Radic N, Pivac B
8 - 17 Synthesis and magnetic properties of inverted core-shell polyaniline-ferrite composite
Donescu D, Fierascu RC, Ghiurea M, Manaila-Maximean D, Nicolae CA, Somoghi R, Spataru CI, Stanica N, Raditoiu V, Vasile E
18 - 24 Isothermal and cyclic oxidation resistance of pack siliconized Mo-Si-B alloy
Majumdar S
25 - 33 Stable configurations of graphene on silicon
Javvaji B, Shenoy BM, Mahapatra DR, Ravikumar A, Hegde GM, Rizwan MR
34 - 40 Novel electronic properties of a new MoS2/TiO2 heterostructure and potential applications in solar cells and photocatalysis
Li YH, Cai CZ, Gu YH, Cheng WD, Xiong W, Zhao CJ
41 - 51 Experimental observation of zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP)-induced iron sulphide formation
Soltanahmadi S, Morina A, van Eijk MCP, Nedelcu I, Neville A
52 - 62 Fabrication and durable antibacterial properties of 3D porous wet electrospun RCSC/PCL nanofibrous scaffold with silver nanoparticles
Zhang M, Lin H, Wang YL, Yang G, Zhao H, Sun DH
63 - 67 Surface microstructures and corrosion resistance of Ni-Ti-Nb shape memory thin films
Li K, Li Y, Huang X, Gibson D, Zheng Y, Liu J, Sun L, Fu YQ
68 - 72 Facile fabrication of plate-shaped hydrohausmannite as electrode material for supercapacitors
Liang J, Chai Y, Li DL, Li M, Lu JX, Li L, Luo M
73 - 81 Combination of mechanical and chemical pre-treatments to improve nitriding efficiency on pure iron
Lacaille V, Peres V, Langlade C, Morel C, Feulvarch E, Bergheau JM, Kermouche G
82 - 91 Influence of Ce3+ doping on molecular organization of Si-based organic/inorganic sol-gel layers for corrosion protection
Fedel M, Callone E, Fabbian M, Deflorian F, Dire S
92 - 100 Carbon disulfide (CS2) adsorption and dissociation on the Cu(100) surface: A quantum chemical study
Wang WJ, Fan LL, Wang GP
101 - 106 Electronic properties of graphene with single vacancy and Stone-Wales defects
Zaminpayma E, Razavi ME, Nayebi P
107 - 113 Surface modification of epoxy resin using He/CF4 atmospheric pressure plasma jet for flashover withstanding characteristics improvement in vacuum
Chen SL, Wang S, Wang YB, Guo BH, Li GQ, Chang ZS, Zhang GJ
114 - 123 Structure and morphology of magnetron sputter deposited ultrathin ZnO films on confined polymeric template
Singh A, Schipmann S, Mathur A, Pal D, Sengupta A, Klemradt U, Chattopadhyay S
124 - 130 Effect of the structure distortion on the high photocatalytic performance of C-60/g-C3N4 composite
Ma XJ, Li XR, Li MM, Ma XC, Yu L, Dai Y
131 - 139 Fe-doped CeO2 solid solutions: Substituting-site doping versus interstitial-site doping, bulk doping versus surface doping
Bao HZ, Qian K, Fang J, Huang WX
140 - 146 Na role during sulfurization of NaF/Cu/SnS2 stacked precursor for formation of Cu2SnS3 thin film as absorber of solar cell
Suzuki K, Chantana J, Minemoto T
147 - 152 Surface modification of BMN particles with silane coupling agent for composites with PTFE
Qi YY, Luo Q, Shen J, Zheng L, Zhou J, Chen W
153 - 162 N-2 emission in steady-state N2O + CO and NO plus CO reactions on Ir(110) by means of angle-resolved desorption
Matsushima T, Kokalj A
163 - 170 Combined surface activated bonding using H-containing HCOOH vapor treatment for Cu/Adhesive hybrid bonding at below 200 degrees C
He R, Fujino M, Akaike M, Sakai T, Sakuyama S, Suga T
171 - 187 Cobalt nanoparticles for biomedical applications: Facile synthesis, physiochemical characterization, cytotoxicity behavior and biocompatibility
Ansari SM, Bhor RD, Pai KR, Sen D, Mazumder S, Ghosh K, Kolekar YD, Ramana CV
188 - 196 Contact angle and droplet heat transfer during evaporation on structured and smooth surfaces of heated wall
Misyura SY
197 - 204 Enhancing thermoelectric properties of Sb2Te3 flexible thin film through microstructure control and crystal preferential orientation engineering
Shen SF, Zhu W, Deng Y, Zhao HZ, Peng YC, Wang CJ
205 - 211 Femtosecond pulsed laser ablation in microfluidics for synthesis of photoluminescent ZnSe quantum dots
Yang C, Feng GY, Dai SY, Wang ST, Li G, Zhang H, Zhou SH
212 - 217 Epitaxial growth of ZnO nanorod arrays via a self-assembled microspheres lithography
Lin BC, Ku CS, Lee HY, Wu AT
218 - 223 Three-dimensional polypyrrole-derived carbon nanotube framework for dye adsorption and electrochemical supercapacitor
Xin SC, Yang N, Gao F, Zhao J, Li L, Teng C
224 - 229 Effects of plasma treatment time on surface characteristics of indium-tin-oxide film for resistive switching storage applications
Chen PH, Chang TC, Chang KC, Tsai TM, Pan CH, Shih CC, Wu CH, Yang CC, Chen WC, Lin JC, Wang MH, Zheng HX, Chen MC, Sze SM
230 - 237 Long-term antibacterial characteristics and cytocompatibility of titania nanotubes loaded with Au nanoparticles without photocatalytic effects
Wang GM, Feng HQ, Jin WH, Gao A, Peng X, Li W, Wu H, Li Z, Chu PK
238 - 243 One-step synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon nanodots for ratiometric pH sensing by femtosecond laser ablation method
Xu HH, Yan LH, Nguyen V, Yu Y, Xu YM
244 - 250 Effect of layer number on recovery rate of WS2 nanosheets for ammonia detection at room temperature
Qin ZY, Zeng DW, Zhang J, Wu CY, Wen YW, Shan B, Xie CS
251 - 261 Enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity of copper-doped titanium oxide-zinc oxide heterojunction for methyl orange degradation
Dorraj M, Alizadeh M, Sairi NA, Basirun WJ, Goh BT, Woi PM, Alias Y
262 - 269 Reduced water vapor transmission rates of low-temperature solution-processed metal oxide barrier films via ultraviolet annealing
Park S, Jeong YJ, Baek Y, Kim LH, Jang JH, Kim Y, An TK, Nam S, Kim SH, Jang J, Park CE
270 - 276 Microwave assisted hydrothermal synthesis of Ni1.5Co1.5S4 as high-performance electrode material for lithium storage
Yuan DX, Wang XX, Yin DM, Liang F, Wang LM
277 - 291 Effects of phosphorus-doping on energy band-gap, structural, surface, and photocatalytic characteristics of emulsion-based sol-gel derived TiO2 nano-powder
Ganesh I
292 - 302 Surface modification of knit polyester fabric for mechanical, electrical and UV protection properties by coating with graphene oxide, graphene and graphene/silver nanocomposites
Ouadil B, Cherkaoui O, Safi M, Zahouily M
303 - 312 Sulfur amino acids and alanine on pyrite (100) by X-ray photoemission spectroscopy: Surface or molecular role?
Sanchez-Arenillas M, Galvez-Martinez S, Mateo-Marti E
313 - 324 Modification of wetting property of Inconel 718 surface by nanosecond laser texturing
Yang Z, Tian YL, Yang CJ, Wang FJ, Liu XP
325 - 334 Facile preparation of SERS and catalytically active Au nanostructures using furfuryl derivatives
Kim KJ, Kim HC, Park M, Huh S
335 - 344 RF magnetron sputtering of a hydroxyapatite target: A comparison study on polytetrafluorethylene and titanium substrates
Surrnenev RA, Surmeneva MA, Grubova IY, Chernozem RV, Krause B, Baumbach T, Loza K, Epple M
345 - 352 Catalytic hydrolysis of COS over CeO2 (110) surface: A density functional theory study
Song X, Ning P, Wang C, Li K, Tang LH, Sun X
353 - 360 Facile fabrication of gold coated nickel nanoarrays and its excellent catalytic performance towards sodium borohydride electro-oxidation
Ma XK, Ye K, Wang G, Duan MY, Cheng K, Wang GL, Cao DX
361 - 364 Kinetic Monte Carlo study on the evolution of silicon surface roughness under hydrogen thermal treatment
Wang G, Wang Y, Wang JZ, Pan LJ, Yu LW, Zheng YD, Shi Y
365 - 372 Synergetic effects of I- ions and BiOI on visible-light-activity enhancement of wide-band-gap (BiO)(2)CO3
Liang L, Cao J, Lin HL, Guo XM, Zhang MY, Chen SF
373 - 379 Dielectric properties of ligand-modified gold nanoparticle/SU-8 photopolymer based nanocomposites
Toor A, So H, Pisano AP
380 - 389 Epoxy based oxygen enriched porous carbons for CO2 capture
Tiwari D, Bhunia H, Bajpai PK
390 - 397 Determination of NH2 concentration on 3-aminopropyl tri-ethoxy silane layers and cyclopropylamine plasma polymers by liquid-phase derivatization with 5-iodo 2-furaldehyde
Manakhov A, Cechal J, Michlicek M, Shtansky DV
398 - 404 Cobalt-phthalocyanine-derived ultrafine Co3O4 nanoparticles as high-performance anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Wang HG, Zhu YJ, Yuan CP, Li YH, Duan Q
405 - 412 Adsorption of Zn(II) on the kaolinite(001) surfaces in aqueous environment: A combined DFT and molecular dynamics study
Wang Q, Kong XP, Zhang BH, Wang J
413 - 423 Temperature and solution assisted synthesis of anisotropic ZnO nanostructures by pulsed laser ablation
Navas MP, Soni RK, Tarasenka N, Tarasenko N
424 - 434 Enhancement of p-nitrophenol adsorption capacity through N-2-thermal-based treatment of activated carbons
Alvarez-Torrellas S, Martin-Martinez M, Gomes HT, Ovejero G, Garcia J
435 - 441 Functionalizable self-assembled trichlorosilyl-based monolayer for application in biosensor technology
De la Franier B, Jankowski A, Thompson M