Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.413 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Ferroelectric domains and phase evolution in (Fe:) KTa1-xNbxO3 crystals
Zhao HY, Cai K, Fan ZR, Huang ZD, Ma ZB, Jia TT, Kimura H, Yang YG, Matsumoto T, Tohei TS, Shibata N, Ikuhara Y
7 - 15 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of TiO2 nanotube based heterojunction photocatalyst via the coupling of graphene and FTO
Niu XY, Yu JY, Wang LK, Fu C, Wang JX, Wang L, Zhao HL, Yang JK
16 - 26 Nd3+-doped colloidal SiO2 composite abrasives: Synthesis and the effects on chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) performances of sapphire wafers
Liu TT, Lei H
27 - 34 Amino-functionalized surface modification of polyacrylonitrile hollow fiber-supported polydimethylsiloxane membranes
Hu LQ, Cheng J, Li YN, Litt JZ, Zhou JH, Cen K
35 - 40 Hierarchical hollow cages of Mn-Co layered double hydroxide as supercapacitor electrode materials
Wu NS, Low JX, Liu T, Yu JG, Cao SW
41 - 49 Preparation and characterization of novel PVDF nanofiltration membranes with hydrophilic property for filtration of dye aqueous solution
Nikooe N, Saljoughi E
50 - 55 Facile synthesis of ZnFe2O4-graphene aerogels composites as high-performance anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Wang Y, Jin YH, Zhang RP, Jia MQ
56 - 65 Facile one-step electrochemical deposition of copper nanoparticles and reduced graphene oxide as nonenzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor
Nia PM, Woi PM, Alias Y
66 - 71 Improvement on the electrical characteristics of Pd/HfO2/6H-SiC MIS capacitors using post deposition annealing and post metallization annealing
Esakky P, Kailath BJ
72 - 82 Binary platinum alloy electrodes for hydrogen and oxygen evolutions by seawater splitting
Zheng JJ
83 - 91 Facile hydrothermal synthesis of cubic spinel AB(2)O(4) type MnFe2O4 nanocrystallites and their electrochemical performance
Kwon JM, Kim JH, Kang SH, Choi CJ, Rajesh JA, Ahn KS
92 - 98 Densification of similar to 5 nm-thick SiO2 layers by nitric acid oxidation
Choi J, Joo S, Park TJ, Kim WB
99 - 108 Anti-fouling and high water permeable forward osmosis membrane fabricated via layer by layer assembly of chitosan/graphene oxide
Salehi H, Rastgar M, Shakeri A
109 - 117 Adsorption studies of alcohol molecules on monolayer MoS2 nanosheet-A first-principles insights
Nagarajan V, Chandiramouli R
118 - 122 Improvement in interfacial characteristics of low-voltage carbon nanotube thin-film transistors with solution-processed boron nitride thin films
Jeon JY, Ha TJ
123 - 128 Hierarchical architecture of ReS2/rGO composites with enhanced electrochemical properties for lithium-ion batteries
Qi F, Chen YF, Zheng BJ, He JR, Li Q, Wang XG, Lin J, Zhou JH, Yu B, Li PJ, Zhang WL
129 - 139 Comparative physical, chemical and biological assessment of simple and titanium-doped ovine dentine-derived hydroxyapatite coatings fabricated by pulsed laser deposition
Duta L, Mihailescu N, Popescu AC, Luculescu CR, Mihailescu IN, Cetin G, Gunduz O, Oktar FN, Popa AC, Kuncser A, Besleaga C, Stan GE
140 - 148 A facile method for the fabrication of a superhydrophobic polydopamine-coated copper foam for oil/water separation
Zhou W, Li GJ, Wang LY, Chen ZF, Lin YL
149 - 159 Large polaron tunneling, magnetic and impedance analysis of magnesium ferrite nanocrystallite
Mahato DK, Majumder S, Banerjee S
160 - 168 Facile, low temperature synthesis of SnO2/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite as anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Hou CC, Brahma S, Weng SC, Chang CC, Huang JL
169 - 174 MoS2/cotton-derived carbon fibers with enhanced cyclic performance for sodium-ion batteries
Li X, Yang Y, Liu JW, Ouyang LZ, Liu J, Hu RZ, Yang LC, Zhu M
175 - 180 The effects of annealing temperature on CIGS solar cells by sputtering from quaternary target with Se-free post annealing
Zhang L, Zhuang DM, Zhao M, Gong QM, Guo L, Ouyang LQ, Sun RJ, Wei YW, Zhan SL
181 - 190 Ingenious route for ultraviolet-induced graft polymerization achieved on inorganic particle: Fabricating magnetic poly(acrylic acid) densely grafted nanocomposites for Cu2+ removal
Zhou Q, Luo WJ, Zhang X
191 - 196 Low temperature transient response and electroluminescence characteristics of OLEDs based on Alq3
Yuan C, Guan M, Zhang Y, Li YY, Liu SJ, Zeng YP
197 - 208 Density functional theory calculations on alkali and the alkaline Ca atoms adsorbed on graphene monolayers
Dimakis N, Valdez D, Flor FA, Salgado A, Adjibi K, Vargas S, Saenz J
209 - 218 Flexible three-dimensional electrodes of hollow carbon bead strings as graded sulfur reservoirs and the synergistic mechanism for lithium-sulfur batteries
Yang D, Ni W, Cheng JL, Wang ZP, Wang T, Guan Q, Zhang Y, Wu H, Li XD, Wang B
219 - 232 Surface and interface of epitaxial CdTe film on CdS buffered van der Waals mica substrate
Yang YB, Seewald L, Mohanty D, Wang Y, Zhang LH, Kisslinger K, Xie WY, Shi J, Bhat I, Zhang SB, Lu TM, Wang GC
233 - 241 Mixed carboranethiol self-assembled monolayers on gold surfaces
Yavuz A, Sohrabnia N, Yilmaz A, Danisman MF
242 - 252 Synthesis, characterization and gas sensing properties of ZnO-decorated MWCNTs
Kwon YJ, Mirzaei A, Kang SY, Choi MS, Bang JH, Kim SS, Kim HW
253 - 265 Fabrication of Ni-doped BiVO4 semiconductors with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performances for wastewater treatment
Regmi C, Kshetri YK, Kim TH, Pandey RP, Ray SK, Lee SW
266 - 274 Highly selective removal of Hg2+ and Pb2+ by thiol-functionalized Fe3O4@metal-organic framework core-shell magnetic microspheres
Ke F, Jiang J, Li YZ, Liang J, Wan XC, Ko S
275 - 283 Adhesion of bioinspired nanocomposite microstructure at high temperatures
Seong M, Jeong C, Yi H, Park HH, Bae WG, Park YB, Jeong HE
284 - 291 A simple preparation method and characterization of B and N co-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays with enhanced photoelectrochemical performance
Georgieva J, Valova E, Armyanov S, Tatchev D, Sotiropoulos S, Avramova I, Dimitrova N, Hubin A, Steenhaut O
292 - 301 Density functional study on the heterogeneous oxidation of NO over alpha-Fe2O3 catalyst by H2O2: Effect of oxygen vacancy
Song ZJ, Wang B, Yu J, Ma C, Zhou CS, Chen T, Yan QQ, Wang K, Sun LS
302 - 307 Highly efficient tandem OLED based on C-60/rubrene: MoO3 as charge generation layer and LiF/Al as electron injection layer
Liu Y, Wu XM, Xiao ZH, Gao JA, Zhang J, Rui HS, Lin X, Zhang N, Hua YL, Yin SG
308 - 316 Interface engineered carbon nanotubes with Sio(2) for flexible infrared detectors
Huang ZL, Gao M, Pan TS, Wei XH, Chen CL, Lin Y
317 - 326 Phase shifting-based debris effect detection in USV-assisted AFM nanomachining
Shi JL, Liu LQ, Yu P, Cong Y, Li GY
327 - 343 Microstructural characterization and electron backscatter diffraction analysis across the welded interface of duplex stainless steel
Zhang ZQ, Jing HY, Xu LY, Han YD, Gao ZQ, Zhao L, Zhang JL
344 - 350 Synthesis of MnO nano-particle@Flourine doped carbon and its application in hybrid supercapacitor
Qu DY, Feng XK, Wei X, Guo LP, Cai HP, Tang HL, Xie ZZ
351 - 359 Hierarchically porous CoFe2O4 nanosheets supported on Ni foam with excellent electrochemical properties for asymmetric supercapacitors
Gao HY, Xiang JJ, Cao Y
360 - 365 Seawater splitting for high-efficiency hydrogen evolution by alloyed PtNix electrocatalysts
Zheng JJ
366 - 371 SeO2 adsorption on CaO surface: DFT study on the adsorption of a single SeO2 molecule
Fan YM, Zhuo YQ, Lou Y, Zhu ZW, Li LL
372 - 380 2D-2D stacking of graphene-like g-C3N4/Ultrathin Bi4O5Br2 with matched energy band structure towards antibiotic removal
Ji MX, Di J, Ge YP, Xia JX, Li HM
381 - 386 Hierarchical structure graphitic-like/MoS2 film as superlubricity material
Gong ZB, Jia XL, Ma W, Zhang B, Zhang JY
387 - 397 Study of nitric oxide catalytic oxidation on manganese oxides-loaded activated carbon at low temperature
You FT, Yu GW, Wang Y, Xing ZJ, Liu XJ, Li J
398 - 407 Investigation into the morphology and structure of magnetic bentonite nanocomposites with their catalytic activity
Wan D, Wang GH, Li WB, Wei XB
408 - 413 Improve the conversion efficiency of Cu2ZnSnSe4 solar cells using a novel molybdenum back contact structure
Sun D, Xu SZ, Zhang L, Wei CC, Li YL, Chi YD, Zhao Y, Zhang XD