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Applied Surface Science, Vol.412 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Novel amphiphilic poly(dimethylsiloxane) based polyurethane networks tethered with carboxybetaine and their combined antibacterial and anti-adhesive property
Jiang JX, Fu YC, Zhang QH, Zhan XL, Chen FQ
10 - 18 Preparation and characterization of underwater superoleophobic chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) coatings for self-cleaning and oil/water separation
Wang Q, Fu YJ, Yan XX, Chang YJ, Ren LL, Zhou J
19 - 28 Graphene oxide/MnO2 nanocomposite as destructive adsorbent of nerve-agent simulants in aqueous media
St'astny M, Tolasz J, Stengl V, Henych J, Zizka D
29 - 36 Osteogenic potential of a novel microarc oxidized coating formed on Ti6A14V alloys
Wang YP, Lou J, Zeng LL, Xiang JH, Zhang SF, Wang J, Xiong FC, Li CL, Zhao Y, Zhang RF
37 - 44 Effects of copper-precursors on the catalytic activity of Cu/graphene catalysts for the selective catalytic oxidation of ammonia
Li JY, Tang XL, Yi HH, Yu QJ, Gao FY, Zhang RC, Li CL, Chu C
45 - 51 Experimental study on effect of surface vibration on micro textured surfaces with hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials
Yao CW, Lai CL, Alvarado JL, Zhou J, Aung KT, Mejia JE
52 - 57 Low temperature deposition of bifacial CIGS solar cells on Al-doped Zinc Oxide back contacts
Cavallari N, Pattini F, Rampino S, Annoni F, Barozzi M, Bronzoni M, Gilioli E, Gombia E, Maragliano C, Mazzer M, Pepponi G, Spaggiari G, Fornari R
58 - 68 Enhanced photocatalytic properties of ZnO/reduced graphene oxide sheets (rGO) composites with controllable morphology and composition
Zhao YT, Liu L, Cui TT, Tong GX, Wu WH
69 - 76 A facile approach for the fabrication of Au/ZnO-hollow-sphere-monolayer thin films and their photocatalytic properties
Wu S, Chen ZW, Wang T, Ji XH
77 - 84 Ferromagnetism of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 (100) surface with O-2 adsorption
Ju L, Xu TS, Zhang YJ, Shi CM, Sun L
85 - 95 A robust visible-light driven BiFeWO6/BiOI nanohybrid with efficient photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical performance
Malathi A, Arunachalam P, Grace AN, Madhavan J, Al-Mayouf AM
96 - 104 Material dimensionality effects on the nanoindentation behavior of Al/a-Si core-shell nanostructures
Fleming RA, Goss JA, Zou M
105 - 112 Synthesis of nano-TiO2/diatomite composite and its photocatalytic degradation of gaseous formaldehyde
Zhang GX, Sun ZM, Duan YW, Ma RX, Zheng SL
113 - 120 NbSe3 nanobelts wrapped by reduced graphene oxide for lithium ion battery with enhanced electrochemical performance
Li J, Sun Q, Wang ZJ, Xiang JX, Zhao BL, Qu Y, Xiang B
121 - 130 Hybrid joining of polyamide and hydrogenated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber through heat-resistant functional layer of silane coupling agent
Sang J, Sato R, Aisawa S, Hirahara H, Mori K
131 - 137 Co-deposition of carbon dots and reduced graphene oxide nanosheets on carbon-fiber microelectrode surface for selective detection of dopamine
Fang J, Xie ZG, Wallace G, Wang XG
138 - 145 Ternary CoS2/MoS2/RGO electrocatalyst with CoMoS phase for efficient hydrogen evolution
Liu YR, Shang X, Gao WK, Dong B, Chi JQ, Li X, Yan KL, Chai YM, Liu YQ, Liu CG
146 - 151 DFT study of Cu nanoparticles adsorbed on defective graphene
Garcia-Rodriguez DE, Mendoza-Huizar LH, Diaz C
152 - 159 The surface characteristics of hyperbranched polyamide modified corncob and its adsorption property for Cr(VI)
Lin H, Han SK, Dong YB, He YH
160 - 169 Nanoparticle intercalation-induced interlayer-gap-opened graphene-polyaniline nanocomposite for enhanced supercapacitive performances
Im S, Park YR, Park S, Kim HJ, Doh JH, Kwon K, Hong WG, Kim B, Yang WS, Kim T, Hong YJ
170 - 176 Rational design of Sn/SnO2/porous carbon nanocomposites as anode materials for sodium-ion batteries
Li XJ, Li XF, Fan LL, Yu ZX, Yan B, Xiong DB, Song XS, Li SY, Adair KR, Li DJ, Sun XL
177 - 188 Spectroscopic characterization and docking studies of ZnO nanoparticle modified with BSA
Ledesma AE, Chemes DM, Frias MD, Torres MDG
189 - 195 Construction of nanocomposite film of Dawson-type polyoxometalate and TiO2 nanowires for electrochromic applications
Liu SP, Qu XS
196 - 206 Effect of surface finishing on the oxidation behaviour of a ferritic stainless steel
Ardigo-Besnard MR, Popa I, Heintz O, Chassagnon R, Vilasi M, Herbst F, Girardon P, Chevalier S
207 - 213 The synthesis of hierarchical nanostructured MoS2/Graphene composites with enhanced visible-light photo-degradation property
Zhao YJ, Zhang XW, Wang CZ, Zhao YZ, Zhou HP, Li JB, Jin HB
214 - 222 Effect of time on the characteristics of passive film formed on stainless steel
Jiang RJ, Wang YW, Wen X, Chen CF, Zhao JM
223 - 229 Low-temperature preparation of rutile-type TiO2 thin films for optical coatings by aluminum doping
Ishii A, Kobayashi K, Oikawa I, Kamegawa A, Imura M, Kanai T, Takamura H
230 - 237 Synthesis of NiO@CuO nanocomposite as high-performance gas sensing material for NO2 at room temperature
Xu H, Zhang JW, Rehman AU, Gong LH, Kan K, Li L, Shi KY
238 - 251 Sensing abilities of functionalized calix[4]arene coated QCM sensors towards volatile organic compounds in aqueous media
Temel F, Ozcelik E, Ture AG, Tabakci M
252 - 261 Synthesis of frost-like CuO combined graphene-TiO2 by self-assembly method and its high photocatalytic performance
Nguyen DCT, Cho KY, Oh WC
262 - 270 Graphene-metal interaction and its effect on the interface stability under ambient conditions
Dong AY, Fu Q, Wei MM, Bao XH
271 - 278 Evolution of the SrTiO3 surface electronic state as a function of LaAlO3 overlayer thickness
Plumb NC, Kobayashi M, Salluzzo M, Razzoli E, Matt CE, Strocov VN, Zhou KJ, Shi M, Mesot J, Schmitt T, Patthey L, Radovic M
279 - 289 Insight into synergistically enhanced adsorption and visible light photocatalytic performance of Z-scheme heterojunction of SrTiO3(La,Cr)-decorated WO3 nanosheets
Liu X, Jiang JZ, Jia YS, Qiu JM, Xia TL, Zhang YH, Li YQ, Chen XS
290 - 305 In situ DRIFTS study of O-3 adsorption on CaO, gamma-Al2O3, CuO, alpha-Fe2O3 and ZnO at room temperature for the catalytic ozonation of cinnamaldehyde
Wu JF, Su TM, Jiang YX, Xie XL, Qin ZZ, Ji HB
306 - 318 Titanium dioxide nanotubes/polyhydroxyfullerene composites for formic acid photodegradation
Hamandi M, Berhault G, Dappozze F, Guillard C, Kochkar H
319 - 326 Laser-induced selective metallization of polypropylene doped with multiwall carbon nanotubes
Ratautas K, Gedvilas M, Stankeviciene I, Jagminiene A, Norkus E, Li Pira N, Sinopoli S, Raciukaitis G
327 - 334 Low content of Pt supported on Ni-MoCx/carbon black as a highly durable and active electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation, oxygen reduction and hydrogen evolution reactions in acidic condition
Zhang Y, Zang JB, Jia SP, Tian PF, Han C, Wang YH
335 - 341 First-principles calculation of electronic energy level alignment at electrochemical interfaces
Azar YT, Payami M
342 - 349 Insights into the mechanism of acetic acid hydrogenation to ethanol on Cu(111) surface
Zhang MH, Yao R, Jiang HX, Li GM, Chen YF
350 - 356 Effect of argon plasma treatment on the output performance of triboelectric nanogenerator
Cheng GG, Jiang SY, Li K, Zhang ZQ, Wang Y, Yuan NY, Ding JN, Zhang W
357 - 365 Facile synthesis of tunable carbon modified mesoporous TiO2 for visible light photocatalytic application
Wei XN, Wang HL, Wang XK, Jiang WF
366 - 373 Sandblasting induced stress release and enhanced adhesion strength of diamond films deposited on austenite stainless steel
Li X, Ye JS, Zhang HC, Feng T, Chen JQ, Hu XJ
374 - 384 A density functional theory study on the carbon chain growth of ethanol formation on Cu-Co (111) and (211) surfaces
Ren BH, Dong XQ, Yu YZ, Wen GB, Zhang MH
385 - 393 Stability of defects in monolayer MoS2 and their interaction with O-2 molecule: A first-principles study
Zhao B, Shang C, Qi N, Chen ZY, Chen ZQ
394 - 404 Salen- Zr(IV) complex grafted into amine-tagged MIL-101(Cr) as a robust multifunctional catalyst for biodiesel production and organic transformation reactions
Hassan HMA, Betiha MA, Mohamed SK, El-Sharkawy EA, Ahmed EA
405 - 416 Preparation and physicochemical characterization of cellulose nanocrystals from industrial waste cotton
Thambiraj S, Shankaran DR
417 - 423 Ab initio thermodynamic study on two-dimensional atomic nucleation on ZnO polar surfaces
Zhu R, Zhao Q, Xu J, Liu BG, Leprince-Wang Y, Yu DP
424 - 435 High efficient and continuous surface modification of carbon fibers with improved tensile strength and interfacial adhesion
Sun JF, Zhao F, Yao Y, Jin Z, Liu X, Huang YD
436 - 446 Microstructures induced by excimer laser surface melting of the SiCp/Al metal matrix composite
Qian DS, Zhong XL, Yan YZ, Hashimoto T, Liu Z
447 - 454 Anodically-grown TiO2 nanotubes: Effect of the crystallization on the catalytic activity toward the oxygen reduction reaction
Sacco A, Garino N, Lamberti A, Pirri CF, Quaglio M
455 - 463 Nanostructured interfaces with site-specific bioreceptors for immunosensing
Paiva TO, Almeida I, Marques JT, Liu W, Niu Y, Jin G, Viana AS
464 - 474 Study of yttrium 4-nitrocinnamate to promote surface interactions with AS1020 steel
Hien PV, Vu NSH, Thu VTH, Somers A, Nam ND
475 - 481 Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution Reactions on Nanostructured Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) Electrocatalyst
Digraskar RV, Mulik BB, Walke PS, Ghule AV, Sathe BR
482 - 488 Silver-polymer functional-nanocomposite: A single step synthesis approach with in-situ optical study
Brink R, Choudhary M, Siwal S, Nandi D, Mallick K
489 - 496 Natural aging of multilayer films containing hydrophobically modified poly(acrylate)s or their complexes with surfactants
Gifu IC, Maxim ME, Iovescu A, Aricov L, Simion EL, Leonties AR, Anastasescu M, Munteanu C, Anghel DF
497 - 504 Humidity effects on scanning polarization force microscopy imaging
Shen Y, Zhou Y, Sun YX, Zhang LJ, Wang Y, Hu J, Zhang Y
505 - 516 The anodization synthesis of copper oxide nanosheet arrays and their photoelectrochemical properties
Shu X, Zheng HM, Xu GQ, Zhao JB, Cui LH, Cui JW, Qin YQ, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Wu YC
517 - 528 Interface-defect-mediated photocatalysis of mesocrystalline ZnO assembly synthesized in-situ via a template-free hydrothermal approach
Wang H, Wang CC, Chen QF, Ren BS, Guan RF, Cao XF, Yang XP, Duan R
529 - 536 Electromagnetic interference shielding properties and mechanisms of chemically reduced graphene aerogels
Bi SG, Zhang LY, Mu CZ, Liu M, Hu X
537 - 544 All-solid-state thin film battery based on well-aligned slanted LiCoO2 nanowires fabricated by glancing angle deposition
Yoon M, Lee S, Lee D, Kim J, Moon J
545 - 553 Coating magnesium hydroxide on surface of carbon microspheres and interface binding with poly (ethylene terephthalate) matrix
Xue BX, Niu M, Yang YZ, Bai J, Song YH, Peng Y, Liu X
554 - 558 Photodetectors for weak-signal detection fabricated from ZnO:(Li,N) films
He GH, Zhou H, Shen H, Lu YJ, Wang HQ, Zheng JC, Li BH, Shan CX, Shen DZ
559 - 563 Nanostructured N-polar GaN surfaces and their wetting behaviors
Jia R, Zhao DF, Gao NK, Yan WS, Zhang L, Liu D
564 - 570 Nonlinear behavior during NO2 hydrogenation on a nanosized Pt-Rh catalyst sample
Barroo C, De Decker Y, Jacobs L, de Bocarme TV
571 - 577 Preparation and controlled drug delivery applications of mesoporous silica polymer nanocomposites through the visible light induced surface-initiated ATRP
Huang L, Liu MY, Mao LC, Xu DZ, Wan Q, Zeng GJ, Shi YG, Wen YQ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
578 - 590 Synthesis of hydroxyapatite/multi-walled carbon nanotubes for the removal of fluoride ions from solution
Ruan ZY, Tian YX, Ruan JF, Cui GJ, Iqbal KW, Iqbal A, Ye HR, Yang ZZ, Yan SQ
591 - 598 Functional group-dependent anchoring effect of titanium carbide-based MXenes for lithium-sulfur batteries: A computational study
Zhao YM, Zhao JX
599 - 605 Preparation of superhydrophobic/oleophilic copper mesh for oil-water separation
Cao H, Gu WH, Fu JY, Liu Y, Chen SG
606 - 615 Convenient and large-scale synthesis of nitrogen-rich hierarchical porous carbon spheres for supercapacitors and CO2 capture
Chang BB, Zhang SR, Yin H, Yang BC
616 - 626 Synthesis of NiO-TiO2 hybrids/mSiO(2) yolk-shell architectures embedded with ultrasmall gold nanoparticles for enhanced reactivity
Fang J, Zhang YW, Zhou YM, Zhao S, Zhang C, Huang MQ, Gao Y
627 - 637 The chemical modification and characterization of polypropylene membrane with environment response by in-situ chlorinating graft copolymerization
Zhang Y, Liu JK, Hu WJ, Feng Y, Zhao JR
638 - 647 The effect of Co-doping on the humidity sensing properties of ordered mesoporous TiO2
Li Z, Haidry AA, Gao B, Wang T, Yao ZJ
648 - 656 Tethering of 3-aminopropyltriethoxy silane films on medical grade V titanium alloy surface through self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) for biomedical applications
Kharbanda OP, Sharan J, Koul V, Dinda AK, Mishra M, Gupta G, Singh MP
657 - 667 Long term stability of c-Si surface passivation using corona charged SiO2
Bonilla RS, Reichel C, Hermle M, Hamer P, Wilshaw PR
668 - 682 Optimization of alpha-Fe2O3@Fe3O4 incorporated N-TiO2 as super effective photocatalysts under visible light irradiation
Mohamed MM, Bayoumy WA, Goher ME, Abdo MH, El-Ashkar TYM
683 - 689 Effect of precursor solutions on ZnO film via solution precursor plasma spray and corresponding gas sensing performances
Yu ZX, Ma YZ, Zhao YL, Huang JB, Wang WZ, Moliere M, Liao HL