Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.411 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Ga-doped and antisite double defects enhance the sensitivity of boron nitride nanotubes towards Soman and Chlorosoman
Javan MB, Soltani A, Ghasemi AS, Lemeski ET, Gholami N, Balakheyli H
11 - 17 Adsorption of gas molecules on Ga-doped graphene and effect of applied electric field: A DFT study
Liang XY, Ding N, Ng SP, Wu CML
18 - 26 Optical and structural properties of Mo-doped NiTiO3 materials synthesized via modified Pechini methods
Pham TT, Kang SG, Shin EW
27 - 33 Synthesis of highly efficient Mn2O3 catalysts for CO oxidation derived from Mn-MIL-100
Zhang XD, Li HX, Hou FL, Yang Y, Dong H, Liu N, Wang YX, Cui LF
34 - 45 Building unique surface structure on aramid fibers through a green layer-by-layer self-assembly technique to develop new high performance fibers with greatly improved surface activity, thermal resistance, mechanical properties and UV resistance
Zhou LF, Yuan L, Guan QB, Gu AJ, Liang GZ
46 - 52 Modulation of interfacial electronic properties in PbI2 and BN van der Waals heterobilayer via external electric field
Ma YQ, Zhao X, Niu MM, Dai XQ, Li W, Wang XL, Zhao MY, Wang TX, Tang YN
53 - 66 Improving interfacial, mechanical and tribological properties of alumina coatings on Al alloy by plasma arc heat-treatment of substrate
Hou GL, An YL, Zhao XQ, Zhou HD, Chen JM, Li SJ, Liu X, Deng W
67 - 72 Flexible nonvolatile memory devices based on Au/PMMA nanocomposites deposited on PEDOT:PSS/Ag nanowire hybrid electrodes
Sung S, Kim TW
73 - 81 Quantitative evaluation of sputtering induced surface roughness and its influence on AES depth profiles of polycrystalline Ni/Cu multilayer thin films
Yan XL, Coetsee E, Wang JY, Swart HC, Terblans JJ
82 - 90 Improving wettability of photo-resistive film surface with plasma surface modification for coplanar copper pillar plating of IC substrates
Xiang J, Wang C, Chen YM, Wang SX, Hong Y, Zhang HW, Gong LJ, He W
91 - 104 Facile preparation of Pd-metal oxide/C electrocatalysts and their application in the electrocatalytic oxidation of ethanol
Hameed RMA
105 - 112 Acid-treated TiO2 nanobelt supported platinum nanoparticles for the catalytic oxidation of formaldehyde at ambient conditions
Cui WY, Xue D, Yuan XL, Zheng B, Jia MJ, Zhang WX
113 - 116 One-dimensional low spatial frequency LIPSS with rotating orientation on fused silica
Schwarz S, Rung S, Hellmann R
117 - 123 Role of work function in field emission enhancement of Au island decorated vertically aligned ZnO nanotapers
Singh A, Senapati K, Kumar M, Som T, Sinha AK, Sahoo PK
124 - 135 Oxidation behavior and mechanism of a Ni-based single crystal superalloy with single alpha-Al2O3 film at 1000 degrees C
Pei HQ, Wen ZX, Zhang YM, Yue ZF
136 - 143 Dispersion-precipitation synthesis of highly active nanosized Co3O4 for catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide and propane
Zhang WD, Wu F, Li JJ, You ZX
144 - 148 Effect of thermal oxidation treatment on pH sensitivity of AlGaN/GaN heterostructure ion-sensitive field-effect transistors
Wang L, Bu YY, Li LA, Ao JP
149 - 162 Effects of halogens on interactions between a reduced TiO2 (110) surface and noble metal atoms: A DFT study
Tada K, Koga H, Hayashi A, Kondo Y, Kawakami T, Yamanaka S, Okumura M
163 - 169 Preparation of silver nanoparticles/polydopamine functionalized polyacrylonitrile fiber paper and its catalytic activity for the reduction 4-nitrophenol
Lu SX, Yu JY, Cheng YY, Wang Q, Barras A, Xu WG, Szunerits S, Cornu D, Boukherroub R
170 - 176 Walnut shell derived porous carbon for a symmetric all-solid-state supercapacitor
Xu XY, Gao JP, Tian Q, Zhai XG, Liu Y
177 - 181 Flame-retardant carbon nanotube films
Janas D, Rdest M, Koziol KKK
182 - 188 Layer-by-layer thinning of MoSe2 by soft and reactive plasma etching
Sha YF, Xiao SQ, Zhang XM, Qin F, Gu XF
189 - 196 Oxygen accumulation on metal surfaces investigated by XPS, AES and LEIS, an issue for sputter depth profiling under UHV conditions
Steinberger R, Celedon CE, Bruckner B, Roth D, Duchoslav J, Arndt M, Kurnsteiner P, Steck T, Faderl J, Riener CK, Angeli G, Bauer P, Stifter D
197 - 204 Evolution of controllable urchin-like SrCO3 with enhanced electrochemical performance via an alternative processing
Wang ZW, He GP, Yin HF, Bai WY, Ding DH
205 - 209 A new technique to detect antibody-antigen reaction (biological interactions) on a localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) based nano ripple gold chip
Saleem I, Widger W, Chu WK
210 - 218 Self-assembly of hollow MoS2 microflakes by one-pot hydrothermal synthesis for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Chen AS, Cui RJ, He YN, Wang Q, Zhang J, Yang JP, Li XA
219 - 226 Impact of structure and morphology of nanostructured ceria coating on AISI 304 oxidation kinetics
Aadhavan R, Babu KS
227 - 234 Sol-gel synthesis of CuO-TiO2 catalyst with high dispersion CuO species for selective catalytic oxidation of NO
Zeng YQ, Wang TX, Zhang SL, Wang YN, Zhong Q
235 - 239 Preparation of Phosphonic Acid Functionalized Graphene Oxide-modified Aluminum Powder with Enhanced Anticorrosive Properties
He LH, Zhao Y, Xing LY, Liu PG, Wang ZY, Zhang YW, Liu XF
240 - 250 Effect of crosslinking chemistry of albumin/heparin multilayers on FGF-2 adsorption and endothelial cell behavior
Kumorek M, Janouskova O, Hocherl A, Houska M, Mazl-Chanova E, Kasoju N, Cuchalova L, Matejka R, Kubies D
251 - 260 Improving biomass-derived carbon by activation with nitrogen and cobalt for supercapacitors and oxygen reduction reaction
Zhang M, Jin X, Wang LN, Sun MJ, Tang Y, Chen YM, Sun YZ, Yang XJ, Wan PY
261 - 270 Effect of interlayer bonding strength and bending stiffness on 2-dimensional materials' frictional properties at atomic-scale steps
Lang HJ, Peng YT, Zeng XZ
271 - 278 Effects Of gamma irradiations on reactive pulsed laser deposited vanadium dioxide thin films
Madiba IG, Emond N, Chaker M, Thema FT, Tadadjeu SI, Muller U, Zolliker P, Braun A, Kotsedi L, Maaza M
279 - 284 Hydrogenated ZnO nanorods with defect-induced visible light-responsive photoelectrochemical performance
Gurylev V, Su CY, Perng TP
285 - 290 Supported versus colloidal zinc oxide for advanced oxidation processes
Laxman K, Al Rashdi M, Al Sabahi J, Al Abri M, Dutta J
291 - 302 A travel in the Echeveria genus wettability's world
Godeau G, Laugier JP, Orange F, Godeau RP, Guittard F, Darmanin T
303 - 314 Novel highly-flexible, acid-resistant and self-healing host-guest transparent multilayer films
Xuan HY, Ren JY, Zhang JH, Ge LQ
315 - 320 Further improvements in conducting and transparent properties of ZnO:Ga films with perpetual c-axis orientation: Materials optimization and application in silicon solar cells
Mondal P, Das D
321 - 330 Enhanced surface area, high Zn interstitial defects and band gap reduction in N-doped ZnO nanosheets coupled with BiVO4 leads to improved photocatalytic performance
Singh S, Sharma R, Mehta BR
331 - 337 Polyaniline (PANI) modified bentonite by plasma technique for U(VI) removal from aqueous solution
Liu XH, Cheng C, Xiao CJ, Shao DD, Xu ZM, Wang JQ, Hu SH, Li XL, Wang WJ
338 - 346 Mn/CeO2 catalysts for SCR of NOx with NH3: comparative study on the effect of supports on low-temperature catalytic activity
Gao G, Shi JW, Liu C, Gao C, Fan ZY, Niu CM
347 - 354 Atom beam sputtered Ag-TiO2 plasmonic nanocomposite thin films for photocatalytic applications
Singh J, Sahu K, Pandey A, Kumar M, Ghosh T, Satpati B, Som T, Varma S, Avasthi DK, Mohapatra S
355 - 362 Detachable photocatalysts of anatase TiO2 nanoparticles: Annulling surface charge for immediate photocatalyst separation
Al-Hetlani E, Amin MO, Madkour M
363 - 367 Processing and characterization of titanium dioxide grown on titanium foam for potential use as Li-ion electrode
Choi H, Park H, Um JH, Yoon WS, Choe H
368 - 373 Ag-SiO2 Janus particles based highly active SERS macroscopic substrates
Panwar K, Jassal M, Agrawal AK
374 - 378 Reconstruction of perfect ZnO nanowires facets with high optical quality
Zehani E, Hassani S, Lusson A, Vigneron J, Etcheberry A, Galtier P, Sallet V
379 - 385 Seed-mediated synthesis of cross-linked Pt-NiO nanochains for methanol oxidation
Gu ZL, Bin D, Feng Y, Zhang K, Wang J, Yan B, Li SM, Xiong ZP, Wang CQ, Shiraishi Y, Du YK
386 - 393 Sub-nanometer resolution XPS depth profiling: Sensing of atoms
Szklarczyk M, Macak K, Roberts AJ, Takahashi K, Hutton S, Glaszczka R, Blomfield C
394 - 399 DFT study of oxygen adsorption on Mo2C(001) and (201) surfaces at different conditions
Cheng LH, Li WK, Chen ZQ, Ai JP, Zhou ZH, Liu JW
400 - 410 In situ hydrothermal synthesis of g-C3N4/TiO2 heterojunction photocatalysts with high specific surface area for Rhodamine B degradation
Hao RR, Wang GH, Jiang CJ, Tang H, Xu QC
411 - 418 Improved adhesion of Ag NPs to the polyethylene terephthalate surface via atmospheric plasma treatment and surface functionalization
Shen T, Liu Y, Zhu Y, Yang DQ, Sacher E
419 - 430 A novel mesoporous sulfated zirconium solid acid catalyst for Friedel-Crafts benzylation reaction
Miao ZC, Zhou J, Zhao JP, Liu DD, Bi X, Chou LJ, Zhuo SP
431 - 436 Compositional and structural studies of ion-beam modified AlN/TiN multilayers
Amati M, Gregoratti L, Sezen H, Grce A, Milosavljevic M, Homewood KP
437 - 448 Mechanism of band gap persistent photoconductivity (PPC) in SnO2 nanoscrystalline films: Nature of local states, simulation of PPC and comparison with experiment
Brinzari V
449 - 456 Thorough XPS analyses on overlithiated manganese spinel cycled around the 3V plateau
Grissa R, Martinez H, Cotte S, Galipaud J, Pecquenard B, Le Cras F
457 - 465 Iron oxide inside SBA-15 modified with amino groups as reusable adsorbent for highly efficient removal of glyphosate from water
Fiorilli S, Rivoira L, Cali G, Appendini M, Bruzzoniti MC, Coisson M, Onida B
466 - 475 Indentation-induced solid-state dewetting of thin Au(Fe) films
Kosinova A, Schwaiger R, Klinger L, Rabkin E
476 - 486 Metal-loaded SBA-16-like silica - Correlation between basicity and affinity towards hydrogen
Ouargli-Saker R, Bouazizi N, Boukoussa B, Barrimo D, Ana-Paola-Nunes-Beltrao, Azzouz A
487 - 493 Porous carbon supported Fe-N-C composite as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline and acidic media
Liu BC, Huang BB, Lin C, Ye JS, Ouyang LZ
494 - 501 Tailoring of the electronic properties of ZnO-polyacrylonitrile nanofibers: Experiment and theory
Iatsunskyi I, Vasylenko A, Viter R, Kempinski M, Nowaczyk G, Jurga S, Bechelany M