Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.410 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Step-height standards based on the rapid formation of monolayer steps on the surface of layered crystals
Komonov AI, Prinz VY, Seleznev VA, Kokh KA, Shlegel VN
8 - 13 Combination of short-length TiO2 nanorod arrays and compact PbS quantum-dot thin films for efficient solid-state quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells
Zhang ZG, Shi CW, Chen JJ, Xiao GN, Li L
14 - 21 Enhanced methane combustion over Co3O4 catalysts prepared by a facile precipitation method: Effect of aging time
Pu ZY, Zhou H, Zheng YF, Huang WZ, Li XN
22 - 28 Dual-scale nanoripple/nanoparticle-covered microspikes on silicon by femtosecond double pulse train irradiation in water
Meng G, Jiang L, Li X, Xu YD, Shi XS, Yan RY, Lu YF
29 - 41 Delay in micro-discharges appearance during PEO of Al: Evidence of a mechanism of charge accumulation at the electrolyte/oxide interface
Martin J, Nomine A, Brochard F, Briancon JL, Noel C, Belmonte T, Czerwiec T, Henrion G
42 - 50 Facile synthesis of silver nanoparticles/carbon dots for a charge transfer study and peroxidase-like catalytic monitoring by surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Zhao HY, Guo Y, Zhu SJ, Song YB, Jin J, Ji W, Song W, Zhao B, Yang B, Ozaki Y
51 - 59 Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti/Al co-doped DLC films: Dependence on sputtering current, source gas, and substrate bias
Guo T, Kong CC, Li XW, Guo P, Wang ZY, Wang AY
60 - 69 Study on the optical performance of thin-film light-emitting diodes using fractal micro-roughness surface model
Li JS, Tang Y, Li ZT, Ding XR, Li Z
70 - 78 The effect of titanium nickel nitride decorated carbon nanotubes-reduced graphene oxide hybrid support for methanol oxidation
Liu G, Pan ZC, Li WY, Yu K, Xia GW, Zhao QX, Shi SK, Hu GH, Xiao CM, Wei ZG
79 - 86 Contact pin-printing of albumin-fungicide conjugate for silicon nitride-based sensors biofunctionalization: Multi-technique surface analysis for optimum immunoassay performance
Gajos K, Budkowski A, Tsialla Z, Petrou P, Awsiuk K, Dabczynski P, Bernasik A, Rysz J, Misiakos K, Raptis I, Kakabakos S
87 - 98 Wetting of polymer melts on coated and uncoated steel surfaces
Vera J, Contraires E, Brulez AC, Larochette M, Valette S, Benayoun S
99 - 104 Microwave magnetic properties of spinel ferrite films deposited by one-step electrochemical method
Zhang Y, Yuan LX, Zhang XZ, Zhang J, Yue ZX, Li LT
105 - 110 Long-term stability of superhydrophilic oxygen plasma-modified single-walled carbon nanotube network surfaces and the influence on ammonia gas detection
Min S, Kim J, Park C, Jin JH, Min NK
111 - 116 Towards the atomic-scale characterization of isolated iron sites confined in a nitrogen-doped graphene matrix
Liu QF, Liu Y, Li HB, Li LL, Deng DH, Yang F, Bao XH
117 - 125 A study on air bubble wetting: Role of surface wettability, surface tension, and ionic surfactants
George JE, Chidangil S, George SD
126 - 133 Activation mechanism of ammonium ions on sulfidation of malachite (-201) surface by DFT study
Wu DD, Mao YB, Deng JS, Wen SM
134 - 144 Y2O3 modified TiO2 nanosheets enhanced the photocatalytic removal of 4-chlorophenol and Cr (VI) in sun light
Zhao XN, Wu P, Liu M, Lu DZ, Ming JL, Li CH, Ding JG, Yan QY, Fang PF
145 - 153 Microwave induced hierarchical nanostructures on aramid fibers and their influence on adhesion properties in a rubber matrix
Palola S, Sarlin E, Azari SK, Koutsos V, Vuorinen J
154 - 165 A DFT study and micro-kinetic analysis of acetylene selective hydrogenation on Pd-doped Cu(111) surfaces
Ma LL, Lv CQ, Wang GC
166 - 176 Enhanced hydrogen storage on Li-doped defective graphene with B substitution: A DFT study
Zhou YN, Chu W, Jing FL, Zheng J, Sun WJ, Xue Y
177 - 185 Surface characterizations of TiH2 powders before and after dehydrogenation
Zhang YG, Wang CM, Liu Y, Liu SP, Xiao SF, Chen YG
186 - 195 Electrochemical synthesis of nanostructured Se-doped SnS: Effect of Se-dopant on surface characterizations
Kafashan H, Azizieh M, Balak Z
196 - 200 Diameter-dependent photoluminescence properties of strong phase-separated dual-wavelength InGaN/GaN nanopillar LEDs
Wang Q, Ji ZW, Zhou YF, Wang XL, Liu BL, Xu XG, Gao XG, Leng JC
201 - 205 Thermal and humidity sensing behaviors of Mn1.85Co0.3Ni0.85O4 thin films: Effects of adjusting the surface morphology
He L, Ling ZY, Wu MY, Zhang G, Liu SZ, Zhang SQ, Ling DX
206 - 214 Improving CO2 permeation and separation performance of CO2-philic polymer membrane by blending CO2 absorbents
Cheng J, Hu LQ, Li YN, Liu JZ, Zhou JH, Cen KF
215 - 224 Ultrathin MoS2 sheets supported on N-rich carbon nitride nanospheres with enhanced lithium storage properties
Senthil C, Kishore SC, Sasidharan M
225 - 240 Erosion and corrosion resistance of laser cladded AISI 420 stainless steel reinforced with VC
Zhang Z, Yu T, Kovacevic R
241 - 248 Fabrication and photovoltaic performance of niobium doped TiO2 hierarchical microspheres with exposed {001} facets and high specific surface area
Liu YQ, Ran HL, Fan JJ, Zhang XL, Mao J, Shao GS
249 - 258 Composites of ionic liquid and amine-modified SAPO 34 improve CO2 separation of CO2-selective polymer membranes
Hu LQ, Cheng J, Li YN, Liu JZ, Zhang L, Zhou JH, Cen KF
259 - 266 Edge-functionalized nanoporous carbons for high adsorption capacity and selectivity of CO2 over N-2
Zhou SN, Guo C, Wu ZH, Wang MH, Wang ZJ, Wei SX, Li SR, Lu XQ
267 - 277 Dodecylamine functionalization of carbon nanotubes to improve dispersion, thermal and mechanical properties of polyethylene based nanocomposites
Ferreira FV, Franceschi W, Menezes BRC, Brito FS, Lozano K, Coutinho AR, Cividanes LS, Thim GP
278 - 281 Memristive behavior of the SnO2/TiO2 interface deposited by sol-gel
Boratto MH, Ramos RA, Congiu M, Graeff CFO, Scalvi LVA
282 - 290 Adsorption of precious and coinage metals on Rh (111), Ru (0001) and W (110) surfaces
Zhu QX, Wang SQ
291 - 298 O-2 adsorption and dissociation on the Pd13-nNin@Pt-42 (n=0, 1, 12, and 13) tri-metallic nanoparticles: A DFT study
Li S, Yang YP, Huang SP
299 - 307 Fabrication of recyclable and durable superhydrophobic materials with wear/corrosion-resistance properties from kaolin and polyvinylchloride
Qu MN, Liu SS, He J, Feng J, Yao YL, Ma XR, Hou LG, Liu XR
308 - 314 A straight forward approach to electrodeposit tungsten disulfide/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) composites onto nanoporous gold for the hydrogen evolution reaction
Xiao XX, Engelbrekt C, Zhang MW, Li ZS, Ulstrup J, Zhang JD, Si PC
315 - 325 Microwave-assisted nitric acid treatment of sepiolite and functionalization with polyethylenimine applied to CO2 capture and CO2/N-2 separation
Vilarrasa-Garcia E, Cecilia JA, Bastos-Neto M, Cavalcante CL, Azevedo DCS, Rodriguez-Castellon E
326 - 331 Enhanced interfacial and electrical characteristics of 4H-SiC MOS capacitor with lanthanum silicate passivation interlayer
Wang Q, Cheng XH, Zheng L, Ye PY, Li ML, Shen LY, Li JJ, Zhang DL, Gu ZY, Yu YH
332 - 335 Photoelectrochemical etching of gallium nitride surface by complexation dissolution mechanism
Zhang MR, Hou F, Wang ZG, Zhang SH, Pan GB
336 - 343 Melt quenched vanadium oxide embedded in graphene oxide sheets as composite electrodes for amperometric dopamine sensing and lithium ion battery applications
Sreejesh M, Shenoy S, Sridharan K, Kufian D, Arof AK, Nagaraja HS
344 - 353 Ionic liquid-assisted photochemical synthesis of ZnO/Ag2O heterostructures with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Zhao S, Zhang YW, Zhou YM, Zhang C, Fang JS, Sheng XL
354 - 362 Depth resolution and preferential sputtering in depth profiling of sharp interfaces
Hofmann S, Han YS, Wang JY
363 - 372 Observation of reduced phase transition temperature in N-doped thermochromic film of monoclinic VO2
Wan MN, Xiong M, Li N, Liu BS, Wang S, Ching WY, Zhao XJ
373 - 382 Selectivity of CO and NO adsorption on ZnO (0002) surfaces: A DFT investigation
Nugraha, Saputro AG, Agusta MK, Yuliarto B, Dipojono HK, Rusydi F, Maezono R
383 - 392 Synthesis of g-C3N4-based NaYF4:Yb,Tm@TiO2 ternary composite with enhanced Vis/NIR-driven photocatalytic activities
Cheng E, Zhou S, Li M, Li ZQ
393 - 400 Full coverage of perovskite layer onto ZnO nanorods via a modified sequential two-step deposition method for efficiency enhancement in perovskite solar cells
Ruankham P, Wongratanaphisan D, Gardchareon A, Phadungdhitidhada S, Choopun S, Sagawa T
401 - 413 Deposition of CdS nanoparticles on MIL-53(Fe) metal-organic framework with enhanced photocatalytic degradation of RhB under visible light irradiation
Hu LX, Deng GH, Lu WC, Pang SW, Hu X
414 - 422 Visible sub-band gap photoelectron emission from nitrogen doped and undoped polycrystalline diamond films
Elfimchev S, Chandran M, Akhvlediani R, Hoffman A
423 - 431 Mechanisms involved in the hydrothermal growth of ultra-thin and high aspect ratio ZnO nanowires
Demes T, Ternon C, Morisot F, Riassetto D, Legallais M, Roussel H, Langlet M
432 - 444 The effects effects of parametric changes in electropolishing process on surface properties of 316L stainless steel
Rahman ZU, Deen KM, Cano L, Haider W
445 - 453 Graphite intercalated polyaniline composite with superior anticorrosive and hydrophobic properties, as protective coating material on steel surfaces
Rathnayake RMNM, Mantilaka MMMGPG, Hara M, Huang HH, Wijayasinghe HWMAC, Yoshimura M, Pitawala HMTGA
454 - 463 Synthesis of efficient silica supported TiO2/Ag2O heterostructured catalyst with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Zelekew OA, Kuo DH, Yassin JM, Ahmed KE, Abdullah H
464 - 469 Front and back side SIMS analysis of boron-doped delta-layer in diamond
Pinault-Thaury MA, Jomard F, Mer-Calfati C, Tranchant N, Pomorski M, Bergonzo P, Arnault JC
470 - 478 Oxygen vacancies dependent phase transition of Y2O3 films
Yu PF, Zhang K, Huang H, Wen M, Li Q, Zhang W, Hu CQ, Zheng WT
479 - 484 Reduced magnetic coercivity and switching field in NiFeCuMo/Ru/NiFeCuMo synthetic-ferrimagnetic nanodots
Li X, Leung CW, Chiu CC, Lin KW, Chan M, Zhou Y, Pong PWT
485 - 493 Topographic, optical and chemical properties of zinc particle coatings deposited by means of atmospheric pressure plasma
Wallenhorst LM, Loewenthal L, Avramidis G, Gerhard C, Mintz H, Ohms G, Viol W
494 - 504 Loose nanofiltration membrane for dye/salt separation through interfacial polymerization with in-situ generated TiO2 nanoparticles
Zhang Q, Fan L, Yang Z, Zhang RN, Liu YN, He MR, Su YL, Jiang ZY
505 - 512 Acidic gases (CO2, NO2 and SO2) capture and dissociation on metal decorated phosphorene
Kuang AL, Kuang MQ, Yuan HK, Wang GZ, Chen H, Yang XL
513 - 518 The effect of bulk/surface defects ratio change on the photocatalysis of TiO2 nanosheet film
Wang FF, Ge WN, Shen T, Ye BJ, Fu ZP, Lu YL
519 - 524 Synthesis of sponge-like hydrophobic NiBi3 surface by 200 keV Ar ion implantation
Siva V, Datta DP, Chatterjee S, Varma S, Kanjilal D, Sahoo PK
525 - 529 High density Ag nanobranches decorated with sputtered Au nanoparticles for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Kim YT, Schilling J, Schweizer SL, Wehrspohn RB
530 - 539 A facile one-pot fabrication of polyphosphazene microsphere/carbon fiber hybrid reinforcement and its effect on the interfacial adhesion of epoxy composites
Chen X, Xu HB, Liu D, Yan C, Zhu YD
540 - 546 Comparative investigation on cation-cation (Al-Sn) and cation-anion (Al-F) co-doping in RF sputtered ZnO thin films: Mechanistic insight
Mallick A, Basak D
547 - 556 Constructing ternary polyaniline-graphene-TiO2 hybrids with enhanced photoelectrochemical performance in photo-generated cathodic protection
Zhang WW, Guo HL, Sun HQ, Zeng RC
557 - 565 Fabrication of Ag/ZnO heterostructure and the role of surface coverage of ZnO microrods by Ag nanoparticles on the photophysical and photocatalytic properties of the metal-semiconductor system
Sarma B, Sarma BK
566 - 573 Interlaced silver nanosheets grown on polyaniline coated carbon foam as efficient three dimensional surface enhanced Raman scattering substrate for molecule sensing
Xu FG, Xie S, Xu H, Chen X, Yu H, Wang L
574 - 584 Zn-Mn alloy coatings from acidic chloride bath: Effect of deposition conditions on the Zn-Mn electrodeposition-morphological and structural characterization
Loukil N, Feki M
585 - 592 Comparison of interface structure of BCC metallic (Fe, V and Nb) films on MgO (100) substrate
Du JL, Zhang LY, Fu EG, Ding X, Yu KY, Wang YG, Wang YQ, Baldwin JK, Wang XJ, Xu P
593 - 601 Combined quantum chemistry and Monte Carlo simulation of competitive adsorption of O-2 and OH on Pt surfaces
Li R, Li HB, Xu SL, Liu JF