Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.406 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Oxidation behavior of Ru-Al multilayer coatings
Chen YI, Zheng ZT, Kai W, Huang YR
8 - 20 Understanding the interfacial properties of graphene-based materials/BiOI heterostructures by DFT calculations
Dai WW, Zhao ZY
21 - 29 Preparation and performance characterization of AlF3 as interface stabilizer coated Li1.24Ni0.12Co0.12Mn0.56O2 cathode for lithium-ion batteries
Ding JJ, Lu ZP, Wu MM, Liu C, Ji HM, Yang G
30 - 38 Carbon and nitrogen co-doping self-assembled MoS2 multilayer films
Zhang XQ, Xu J, Chai LQ, He TF, Yu FC, Wang P
39 - 45 Surface flashover performance of epoxy resin microcomposites improved by electron beam irradiation
Huang Y, Min DM, Li ST, Li Z, Xie DR, Wang X, Lin SJ
46 - 55 Ultrathin mesoporous Co3O4 nanosheets-constructed hierarchical clusters as high rate capability and long life anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Wu SM, Xia T, Wang JP, Lu FF, Xu CB, Zhang XF, Huo LH, Zhao H
56 - 61 Surface-conduction electron-emitter characteristics and fabrication based on vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays
Shih YT, Li KW, Honda SI, Lin PH, Huang YS, Lee KY
62 - 68 Deposition of titanium coating on SiC fiber by chemical vapor deposition with Ti-I-2 system
Luo X, Wu S, Yang YQ, Jin N, Liu S, Huang B
69 - 76 High performance and durability of order-structured cathode catalyst layer based on TiO2@PANI core-shell nanowire arrays
Chen M, Wang M, Yang ZY, Wang XD
77 - 83 Modifying friction between ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) yarns with plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PCVD)
Chu YY, Chen XG, Tian LP
84 - 90 Growth of a WSe2/W counter electrode by sputtering and selenization annealing for high-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells
Hussain S, Patil SA, Vikraman D, Arbab AA, Jeong SH, Kim HS, Jung J
91 - 98 An investigation on 800 nm femtosecond laser ablation of K9 glass in air and vacuum
Xu SZ, Yao CZ, Dou HQ, Liao W, Li XY, Ding RJ, Zhang LJ, Liu H, Yuan XD, Zu XT
99 - 109 Non-parabolic isothermal oxidation kinetics of low pressure plasma sprayed MCrAlY bond coat
Zhang BY, Yang GJ, Li CX, Li CJ
110 - 114 Magnetic properties of Co-N films deposited by ECR nitrogen/argon plasma with DC negative-biased Co target
Li H, Zhang YC, Yang K, Liu HX, Zhu XD, Zhou HY
115 - 121 New immobilisation protocol for the template used in solid-phase synthesis of MIP nanoparticles
Chen L, Muhammad T, Yakup B, Piletsky SA
122 - 127 Adsorbate-induced modification of electronic band structure of epitaxial Bi(111) films
Matetskiy AV, Bondarenko LV, Tupchaya AY, Gruznev DV, Eremeev SV, Zotov AV, Saranin AA
128 - 135 Hydrogen release at metal-oxide interfaces: A first principle study of hydrogenated Al/SiO2 interfaces
Huang JQ, Tea E, Li GC, Hin C
136 - 143 Investigation of transient dynamics of capillary assisted particle assembly yield
Virganavicius D, Juodenas M, Tamulevicius T, Schift H, Tamulevicius S
144 - 149 Angle resolved XPS for selective characterization of internal and external surface of porous silicon
Lion A, Laidani N, Bettotti P, Piotto C, Pepponi G, Barozzi M, Scarpa M
150 - 160 Covalent layer-by-layer grafting (LBLG) functionalized superhydrophobic stainless steel mesh for oil/water separation
Jiang B, Zhang HJ, Sun YL, Zhang LH, Xu LD, Hao L, Yang HW
161 - 169 Design lithium storage materials by lithium adatoms adsorption at the edges of zigzag silicene nanoribbon: A first principle
Guo G, Mao YL, Zhong JX, Yuan JM, Zhao HQ
170 - 177 Horseradish peroxidase immobilized on copper surfaces and applications in selective electrocatalysis of p-dihydroxybenzene
Wang CT, Luo XX, Jia ZH, Shi QH, Zhu RT
178 - 185 Micromechanism of oxygen transport during initial stage oxidation in Si(100) surface: A ReaxFF molecular dynamics simulation study
Sun Y, Liu YL, Chen XF, Zhai Z, Xu F, Liu YJ
186 - 191 Crystallography facet tailoring of carbon doped ZnO nanorods via selective etching
Duan XY, Chen GD, Gao PH, Jin WT, Ma XM, Yin Y, Guo LA, Ye HG, Zhu YZ, Yu JY, Wu YL
192 - 198 Solution-processed n-ZnO nanorod/p-Co3O4 nanoplate heterojunction light-emitting diode
Kim JW, Lee SJ, Biswas P, Il Lee T, Myoung JM
199 - 211 Laser micropolishing of AISI 304 stainless steel surfaces for cleanability and bacteria removal capability
De Giorgi C, Furlan V, Demir AG, Tallarita E, Candiani G, Previtali B
212 - 217 Oxygen-dependent epitaxial growth of Pt(001) thin films on MgO(001) by magnetron sputtering
Qiu XY, Wang RX, Li GQ, Zhang T, Li LT, Wei ML, Meng XS, Ji H, Zhang Z, Chan CH, Dai JY
218 - 225 Selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 over iron-cerium-tungsten mixed oxide catalyst prepared by different methods
Xiong ZB, Liu J, Zhou F, Liu DY, Lu W, Jin J, Ding SF
226 - 234 2,3-diaminopyridine functionalized reduced graphene oxide-supported palladium nanoparticles with high activity for electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reaction
Yasmin S, Joo Y, Jeon S
235 - 244 Nanoparticle string formation on self-assembled copolymer films
Jenczyk J, Wozniak-Budych M, Jarek M, Grzeszkowiak M, Nowaczyk G, Jurga S
245 - 253 The monolithic transition metal oxide crossed nanosheets used for diesel soot combustion under gravitational contact mode
Cao CM, Xing LL, Yang YX, Tian Y, Ding T, Zhang J, Hu TD, Zheng LR, Li XG
254 - 264 Facile synthesis of the flower-like ternary heterostructure of Ag/ZnO encapsulating carbon spheres with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Zhao XH, Su S, Wu GL, Li CZ, Qin Z, Lou XD, Zhou JG
265 - 273 Fabrication of binder-free graphene-SnO2 electrodes by laser introduced conversion of precursors for lithium secondary batteries
Lu XX, Wu GL, Xiong QQ, Qin HY, Wang WB, Luo F
274 - 276 Study on microstructure of transition zone and its strong contrast of single T700 carbon fibers
Guo XS, Zhang KX, Fan Z, Feng ZH, He LL
277 - 284 Simulation study of temperature-dependent diffusion behaviors of Ag/Ag(001) at low substrate temperature
Cai DY, Mo YJ, Feng XF, He YY, Jiang SJ
285 - 293 A simple technique for direct growth of Au into a nanoporous alumina layer on conductive glass as a reusable SERS substrate
Yu JJ, Shen MZ, Liu SY, Li F, Sun DP, Wang TH
294 - 300 UV irradiation assisted growth of ZnO nanowires on optical fiber surface
Gong B, Shi TL, Liao GL, Li XP, Huang J, Zhou T, Tang ZR
301 - 306 Theoretical insight into an empirical rule about organic corrosion inhibitors containing nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur atoms
Guo L, Obot IB, Zheng XW, Shen X, Qiang YJ, Kaya S, Kaya C
307 - 311 Local monitoring of atomic steps on GaAs(001) surface under oxidation, wet removal of oxides and thermal smoothing
Akhundov IO, Kazantsev DM, Alperovich VL, Sheglov DV, Kozhukhov AS, Latyshev AV
312 - 318 Green synthesis of silver nanoparticle-reduced graphene oxide using Psidium guajava and its application in SERS for the detection of methylene blue
Chettri P, Vendamani VS, Tripathi A, Singh MK, Pathak AP, Tiwari A
319 - 329 Effect of electrochemical corrosion on the subsurface microstructure evolution of a CoCrMo alloy in albumin containing environment
Wang ZW, Yan Y, Su YJ, Qiao LJ
330 - 338 Removal of aqueous Pb(II) by adsorption on Al2O3-pillared layered MnO2
Zhang HP, Gu LQ, Zhang L, Zheng SR, Wan HQ, Sun JY, Zhu DQ, Xu ZY
339 - 347 ZnO nanoparticles via Moringa oleifera green synthesis: Physical properties & mechanism of formation
Matinise N, Fuku XG, Kaviyarasu K, Mayedwa N, Maaza M