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1 - 12 Loading clusters composed of nanoparticles on ZrO2 support via a perovskite-type oxide of La0.95Ce0.05Co0.3Cu0.3O3 for ethanol synthesis from syngas and its structure variation with reaction time
Song ZY, Shi XP, Ning HY, Liu GL, Zhong HX, Liu Y
13 - 19 Self-assembly of novel hierarchical flowers-like Sn3O4 decorated on 2D graphene nanosheets hybrid as high-performance anode materials for LIBs
Chen XF, Huang Y, Li TP, Wei C, Yan J, Feng XS
20 - 28 Catalytic properties of manganese oxide polyhedra with hollow and solid morphologies in toluene removal
Liao YNA, Zhang X, Peng RS, Zhao MQ, Ye DQ
29 - 46 Laser polishing of 3D printed mesoscale components
Bhaduri D, Penchev P, Batal A, Dimov S, Soo SL, Sten S, Harrysson U, Zhang ZX, Dong HS
47 - 51 Effect of Ar/O2 ratio on structure and cationic distribution of Mn1.56Co0.96Ni0.48O4 +/-delta spinel films
Shi Q, Ren W, Zhang XB, Kong WW, Gao B, Wang L, Xu JB, Chang AM, Bian L
52 - 59 Synthesis and electrochemical properties of Fe3O4@MOF core-shell microspheres as an anode for lithium ion battery application
Sun XM, Gao G, Yan DW, Feng CQ
60 - 70 Highly enhanced photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue over the indirect all-solid-state Z-scheme g-C3N4-RGO-TiO2 nanoheterojunctions
Wu FJ, Li X, Liu W, Zhang ST
71 - 78 Stepwise dehydrogenation of ammonia on Fcc-Co surfaces: A DFT study
Ma FF, Ma SH, Jiao ZY, Dai XQ
79 - 87 XPS investigation of monatomic and cluster argon ion sputtering of tantalum pentoxide
Simpson R, White RG, Watts JF, Baker MA
88 - 101 Some remarks on the solid surface tension determination from contact angle measurements
Zdziennicka A, Szymczyk K, Krawczyk J, Janczuk B
102 - 110 Enhanced removal of toxic Cr(VI) in tannery wastewater by photoelectrocatalysis with synthetic TiO2 hollow spheres
Zhao Y, Chang WK, Huang ZD, Feng XG, Ma L, Qi XX, Li ZH
111 - 118 Mg2Sn heterostructures on Si(111) substrate
Dozsa L, Galkin NG, Pecz B, Osvath Z, Zolnai Z, Nemeth A, Galkin KN, Chernev IM, Dotsenko SA
119 - 128 Transport behaviors of anionic azo dyes at interface between surfactant-modified flax shives and aqueous solution: Synchrotron infrared and adsorption studies
Wang WX, Huang GH, An CJ, Xin XY, Zhang Y, Liu X
129 - 136 XPS-and-DFT analyses of the Pb 4f-Zn 3s and Pb 5d-O 2s overlapped ambiguity contributions to the final electronic structure of bulk and thin-film Pb-modulated zincite
Zatsepin DA, Boukhvalov DW, Gavrilov NV, Kurmaev EZ, Zatsepin AF, Cui L, Shur VY, Esin AA
137 - 145 Effect of natural ageing on surface of silver loaded TPE and its influence in antimicrobial efficacy
Tomacheski D, Pittol M, Simoes DN, Ribeiro VF, Santana RMC
146 - 151 Fabrication of polypyrrole/vanadium oxide nanotube composite with enhanced electrochemical performance as cathode in rechargeable batteries
Zhou XW, Chen X, He TL, Bi QS, Sun L, Liu Z
152 - 156 The effect of sputtering gas pressure on the structure and optical properties of MgNiO films grown by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Xie WZ, Jiao SJ, Wang DB, Gao SY, Wang JZ, Yu QJ, Li HT
157 - 168 Comparative study on Ti/Zr/V and chromate conversion treated aluminum alloys: Anti-corrosion performance and epoxy coating adhesion properties
Zhu W, Li WF, Mu SL, Fu NQ, Liao ZM
169 - 177 Wafer-scaled monolayer WO3 windows ultra-sensitive, extremely-fast and stable UV-A photodetection
Hai Z, Akbari MK, Xue CY, Xu HY, Hyde L, Zhuiykov S
178 - 182 Gold particle formation via photoenhanced deposition on lithium niobate
Zaniewski AM, Meeks V, Nemanich RJ
183 - 194 Effects of ablation energy and post-irradiation on the structure and properties of titanium dioxide nanomaterials
Guillen GG, Shaji S, Palma MIM, Avellaneda D, Castillo GA, Das Roy TK, Gutierrez DIG, Krishnan B
195 - 204 Morphologically tuned 3D/1D rutile TiO2 hierarchical hybrid microarchitectures engineered by one-step surfactant free hydrothermal method
John MASM, Ramamurthi K, Sethuraman K, Babu RR
205 - 208 Novel (1 x 1)-reconstructions and native defects of TiO2 anatase (101) surface
Wang QG, Ren FZ, Dong HF, Wang YX
209 - 214 Adsorption of carbon monoxide on the Si(111)-7 x 7 surface
Shong B
215 - 219 Antibacterial effect of nickel-titanium alloy owing to nickel ion release
Ohtsu N, Suginishi S, Hirano M
220 - 230 The effect of microemulsion composition on the morphology of Pd nanoparticles deposited at the surface of TiO2 and photoactivity of Pd-TiO2
Dlugokecka M, Luczak J, Polkowska A, Zaleska-Medynska A
231 - 239 Multiple functionalities of Ni nanoparticles embedded in carboxymethyl guar gum polymer: catalytic activity and superparamagnetism
Sardar D, Sengupta M, Bordoloi A, Ahmed MA, Neogi SK, Bandyopadhyay S, Jain R, Gopinath CS, Bala T
240 - 246 Optical properties of Au-TiO2 and Au-SiO2 granular metal thin films studied by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Bakkali H, Blanco E, Dominguez M, de la Mora MB, Sanchez-Ake C, Villagran-Muniz M
247 - 254 Effect of ZnSe/GaAs interface treatment in ZnSe quality control for optoelectronic device applications
Park K, Beaton D, Steirer KX, Alberi K
255 - 266 Micro-orientation control of silicon polymer thin films on graphite surfaces modified by heteroatom doping
Shimoyama I, Baba Y, Hirao N
267 - 272 Formation of organic layer on femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures
Yasumaru N, Sentoku E, Kiuchi J
273 - 279 Influence of the laser pre-quenched substrate on an electroplated chromium coating/steel substrate
Chen XJ, Yan QA, Ma QA
280 - 288 Photoluminescence and self-assembly of cesium lead halide perovskite nanocrystals: Effects of chain length of organic amines and reaction temperature
Yuan Y, Liu ZM, Liu ZY, Peng L, Li YJ, Tang AW
289 - 297 Theoretical insight into the distinct photocatalytic activity between NiOx and CoOx loaded Ta3N5 photocatalyst
Sun KN, Li YY, Zhang QG, Wanga L, Zhang JL, Zhou X
298 - 307 Effect of liquid environment on the titanium surface modification by laser ablation
Ali N, Bashirc S, Umm-i-Kalsoom, Begum N, Rafique MS, Husinsky W
308 - 315 Phosphorus-doped porous graphene nanosheet as metal-free electrocatalyst for triiodide reduction reaction in dye-sensitized solar cell
Xu XW, Yang W, Chen B, Zhou C, Ma XL, Hou LQ, Tang YS, Yang F, Ning GQ, Zhang LQ, Li YF
316 - 320 Enhanced exchange bias fields for CoO/Co bilayers: influence of antiferromagnetic grains and mechanisms
Chang CHT, Chang SC, Tsay JS, Yao YD
321 - 328 Double positive effect of adding hexaethyelene glycol when optimizing the hybridization efficiency of a microring DNA detection assay
Van Eeghem A, Werquin S, Hoste JW, Goes A, Vanderleyden E, Bienstman P, Dubruel P
329 - 336 High performance symmetric supercapacitor based on zinc hydroxychloride nanosheets and 3D graphene-nickel foam composite
Khamlich S, Abdullaeva Z, Kennedy JV, Maaza M
337 - 343 X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopic Characterization of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Radu T, Iacovita C, Benea D, Turcu R
344 - 349 The role of Ar plasma treatment in generating oxygen vacancies in indium tin oxide thin films prepared by the sol-gel process
Hwang DK, Misra M, Lee YE, Baek SD, Myoung JM, Lee T
350 - 358 Enhancement of seeding for electroless Cu plating of metallic barrier layers by using alkyl self-assembled monolayers
Chen ST, Chung YC, Fang JS, Cheng YL, Chen GS
359 - 371 Synergy of adsorption and visible-light photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue by a bifunctional Z-scheme heterojunction of WO3/g-C3N4
Xin L, Jin AL, Jia YS, Xia TL, Deng CX, Zhu MH, Chen CF, Chen XS
372 - 379 Removal of Cr6+ from wastewater via adsorption with high-specific-surface-area nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous carbon derived from silkworm cocoon
Sun JT, Zhang ZP, Ji J, Dou ML, Wang F
380 - 388 Multifunctional surface modification of silk fabric via graphene oxide repeatedly coating and chemical reduction method
Cao JL, Wang CX
389 - 394 Selective degradation of model pollutants in the presence of core@shell TiO2@SiO2 photocatalyst
Nadrah P, Gaberscek M, Skapin AS
395 - 404 Direct decarbonylation of furfural to furan: A density functional theory study on Pt-graphene
Fellah MF
405 - 411 A flexible gas sensor based on single-walled carbon nanotube-Fe2O3 composite film
Hua CF, Shang YY, Wang Y, Xu J, Zhang YJ, Li XJ, Cao AY
412 - 419 Low-temperature (75 degrees C) solid-state reaction enhanced by less-crystallized nanoporous PbI2 films for efficient CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cells
Zheng HF, Liu YQ, Jing S
420 - 426 A novel tri-layer flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator based on surface-modified graphene and PVDF-BaTiO3 nanocomposites
Yaqoob U, Uddin ASMI, Chung GS
427 - 440 Orthorhombic MoO3 nanobelts based NO2 gas sensor
Mane AA, Moholkar AV
441 - 448 Developing surface pre-treatments for electrophoretic deposition of biofunctional chitosan-bioactive glass coatings on a WE43 magnesium alloy
Hohlinger M, Heise S, Wagener V, Boccaccini AR, Virtanen S
449 - 454 Site-controlled crystalline InN growth from the V-pits of a GaN substrate
Kuo CT, Hsu LH, Lai YY, Cheng SY, Kuo HC, Lin CC, Cheng YJ
455 - 464 Promising monolayer membranes for CO2/N-2/CH4 separation: Graphdiynes modified respectively with hydrogen, fluorine, and oxygen atoms
Zhao LM, Sang PP, Guo S, Liu XP, Li J, Zhu HY, Guo WY
465 - 475 Superhydrophobic contoured surfaces created on metal and polymer using a femtosecond laser
Sarbada S, Shin YC
476 - 488 Anodized porous titanium coated with Ni-CeO2 deposits for enhancing surface toughness and wear resistance
Zhou XW, Ouyang C
489 - 496 The intergranular corrosion behavior of 6000-series alloys with different Mg/Si and Cu content
Zou Y, Liu Q, Jia ZH, Xing Y, Ding LP, Wang XL
497 - 502 A first principles study of adhesion and electronic structure at Fe (110)/graphite (0001) interface
Liu YZ, Xing JD, Li YF, Sun L, Wang Y
503 - 513 Morphology of self assembled monolayers using liquid phase reaction on silica and their effect on the morphology of adsorbed insulin
Sharma I, Pattanayek SK, Aggarwal V, Ghosh S
514 - 520 Modification of the morphology and optical properties of SnS films using glancing angle deposition technique
Sazideh MR, Dizaji HR, Ehsani MH, Moghadam RZ
521 - 528 Surface properties of sprayed and electrodeposited ZnO rod layers
Gromyko I, Krunks M, Dedova T, Katerski A, Klauson D, Acik IO
529 - 539 Global and local investigations of the electrochemical behavior the T6 heat treated Mg-Zn-RE magnesium alloy thixo-cast
Szklarz Z, Bisztyga M, Krawiec H, Litynska-Dobrzynska L, Rogal L