Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.404 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Structural evolution of fluorinated graphene upon molten-alkali treatment probed by X-ray absorption near-edge structure spectroscopy
Liang XQ, Pan DY, Lao M, Liang SY, Huang D, Zhou WZ, Guo J
7 - 11 Metal-semiconductor-metal infrared photodetector based on PbTe nanowires with fast response and recovery time
Gong XX, Fei GT, Fu WB, Zhong BN, Gao XD, Zhang LD
12 - 17 Atomic structure of self-organizing iridium induced nanowires on Ge(001)
Kabanov NS, Heimbuch R, Zandvliet HJW, Saletsky AM, Klavsyuk AL
18 - 27 Preparation and photocatalytic activity of chemically-bonded phosphate ceramics containing TiO2
Martins MA, de Lima BD, Ferreira LP, Colonetti E, Feltrin J, De Noni A
28 - 33 Strain distribution in MgxZn1-xO layers with various content of Mg grown on a-plane sapphire by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Wierzbicka A, Pietrzyk MA, Reszka A, Dyczewski J, Sajkowski JM, Kozanecki A
34 - 39 Temperature dependence of nickel oxide effect on the optoelectronic properties of porous silicon
Riahi R, Derbali L, Ouertani B, Ezzaouia H
40 - 48 Monodisperse NixFe3-xO4 nanospheres: Metal-ion-steered size/composition control mechanism, static magnetic and enhanced microwave absorbing properties
Jiang KD, Liu Y, Pan YF, Wang R, Hu PB, He RJ, Zhang LL, Tong GX
49 - 56 Enhancing photocatalytic CO2 reduction by coating an ultrathin Al2O3 layer on oxygen deficient TiO2 nanorods through atomic layer deposition
Zhao HL, Chen JT, Rao GY, Deng W, Li Y
57 - 62 Cationic compositional optimization of CuIn(S1-ySey)(2) ultra-thin layers obtained by chemical bath deposition
Lugo S, Sanchez Y, Espindola M, Oliva F, Izquierdo-Roca V, Pena Y, Saucedo E
63 - 66 Picosecond laser registration of interference pattern by oxidation of thin Cr films
Veiko V, Yarchuk M, Zakoldaev R, Gedvilas M, Raciukaitis G, Kuzivanov M, Baranov A
67 - 81 Enhancing the antibacterial performance of orthopaedic implant materials by fibre laser surface engineering
Chan CW, Carson L, Smith GC, Morelli A, Lee S
82 - 87 Influence of Si wafer thinning processes on (sub)surface defects
Inoue F, Jourdain A, Peng L, Phommahaxay A, De Vos J, Rebibis KJ, Miller A, Sleeckx E, Beyne E, Uedono A
88 - 93 Improvement in the surface properties of activated carbon via steam pretreatment for high performance supercapacitors
Li ZY, Akhtar MS, Kwak DH, Yang OB
94 - 100 Facile synthesis and Li-ion storage properties of porous Mn-based oxides microspheres
Hou XJ, Zhu J, Shi SZ, He J, Mu JL, Geng WP, Chou XJ, Xue CY
101 - 109 Electrodeposition of nanocrystalline Zn/Ni multilayer coatings from single bath: Influences of deposition current densities and number of layers on characteristics of deposits
Bahadormanesh B, Ghorbani M, Kordkolaei NL
110 - 128 Effects of nitrogen in shielding gas on microstructure evolution and localized corrosion behavior of duplex stainless steel welding joint
Zhang ZQ, Jing HY, Xu LY, Han YD, Zhao L, Zhou C
129 - 137 Functionalized multimodal ZnO@Gd2O3 nanosystems to use as perspective contrast agent for MRI
Babayevska N, Florczak P, Wozniak-Budych M, Jarek M, Nowaczyk G, Zalewski T, Jurga S
138 - 145 Immobilizing LaFeO3 nanoparticles on carbon spheres for enhanced heterogeneous photo-Fenton like performance
Wang KX, Niu HL, Chen JS, Song JM, Mao CJ, Zhang SY, Gao YH
146 - 153 Cu-0-loaded SBA-15@ZnO with improved electrical properties and affinity towards hydrogen
Bouazizi N, Louhichi S, Ouargli R, Bargougui R, Vieillard J, Le Derf F, Azzouz A
154 - 161 Diaphite, a new type of surface with mixed sp(2)-sp(3) hybridization for adsorption and functionalization
Radosinski L, Formalik F, Olejniczak A, Radosz A
162 - 167 Crystallized Bi0.9La0.1Fe0.95Mn0.05O3/Ba0.7Sr0.3Ti0.95Co0.05O3 bilayer thin films with enhanced multiferroic properties
Li B, Wang CQ, Dou GB, Wang ZB, Fei WD
168 - 179 Potential drug - nanosensor conjugates: Raman, infrared absorption, surface - enhanced Raman, and density functional theory investigations of indolic molecules
Pieta E, Paluszkiewicz C, OCwieja M, Kwiatek WM
180 - 187 Tensile loading induced phase transition and rippling in single-layer MoS2
Bao HW, Huang YH, Yang Z, Miao YP, Chu PK, Xu KW, Ma F
188 - 196 Synthesis of surface molecular imprinting polymer on SiO2-coated CdTe quantum dots as sensor for selective detection of sulfadimidine
Zhou ZP, Ying HQ, Liu YY, Xu WZ, Yang YF, Luan Y, Lu Y, Liu TS, Yu S, Yang WM
197 - 205 MnOx/C nanocomposite: An insight on high-performance supercapacitor and non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide detection
Ahuja P, Ujjain SK, Kanojia R
206 - 215 Enhanced removal of azo dye using modified PAN nanofibrous membrane Fe complexes with adsorption/visible-driven photocatalysis bifunctional roles
Li F, Dong YC, Kang WM, Cheng BW, Cui GX
216 - 229 NO and NO2 adsorption on subsurface doped MgO (100) and BaO (100) surfaces. A density functional study
Anez R, Sierraalta A, Soto LJD
230 - 237 Achieving enhanced hydrophobicity of graphene membranes by covalent modification with polydimethylsiloxane
Lei WW, Li H, Shi LY, Diao YF, Zhang YL, Ran R, Ni W
238 - 245 Vertical few-layer graphene/metalized Si-nanocone arrays as 3D electrodes for solid-state supercapacitors with large areal capacitance and superior rate capability
Quan BG, Meng YN, Li L, Yao ZH, Liu Z, Wang K, Wei ZX, Gu CZ, Li JJ
246 - 253 Design and fabrication of enhanced corrosion resistance Zn-Al layered double hydroxides films based anion-exchange mechanism on magnesium alloys
Zhou M, Yan LC, Ling H, Diao YP, Pang XL, Wang YL, Gao KW
254 - 262 A facile route for the synthesis of Co, Ni and Cu metallic nanoparticles with potential antimicrobial activity using novel metallosurfactants
Kaur G, Singh P, Mehta SK, Kumar S, Dilbaghi N, Chaudhary GR
263 - 267 In-situ IR monitoring of the formation of Zr-fumarate MOF
Ren JW, Musyoka NM, Langmi HW, North BC, Mathe M, Pang W, Wang MJ, Walker J
268 - 275 Stereolithography of perfluoropolyethers for the microfabrication of robust omniphobic surfaces
Credi C, Levi M, Turri S, Simeone G
276 - 281 Anisotropic Raman scattering and mobility in monolayer 1T(d)-ReS2 controlled by strain engineering
Zhou ZH, Wei BC, He CY, Min YM, Chen CH, Liu LZ, Wu XL
282 - 290 Hierarchical Bi2WO6 architectures decorated with Pd nanoparticles for enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic activities
Zhang JN, Chen TH, Lu HB, Yang ZB, Yin F, Gao JZ, Liu QR, Tu YF
291 - 299 Adsorption of gas molecules on graphene-like InN monolayer: A first-principle study
Sun X, Yang Q, Meng RS, Tan CJ, Liang QH, Jiang JK, Ye HY, Chen XP
300 - 309 Chemical and structural properties of Pd nanoparticle-decorated graphene-Electron spectroscopic methods and QUASES
Lesiak B, Jiricek P, Bieloshapka I
310 - 317 Improved electrochemical performance of LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 cathode material by double-layer coating with graphene oxide and V2O5 for lithium-ion batteries
Luo WB, Zheng BL
318 - 325 Thermochemical micro imprinting of single-crystal diamond surface using a nickel mold under high-pressure conditions
Imoto YJ, Yan JW
326 - 333 Functionalization of steel surfaces with organic acids: Influence on wetting and corrosion behavior
Frank MA, Meltzer C, Braunschweig B, Peukert W, Boccaccini AR, Virtanen S
334 - 341 Highly sensitive, reproducible and stable SERS substrate based on reduced graphene oxide/silver nanoparticles coated weighing paper
Xiao G, Li YX, Shi WZ, Shen L, Chen Q, Huang L
342 - 349 Ultrafine Sn nanoparticles embedded in shell of N-doped hollow carbon spheres as high rate anode for lithium-ion batteries
Dou P, Cao ZZ, Wang C, Zheng J, Xu XH
350 - 356 Structural characterization and plasmonic properties of two-dimensional arrays of hydrophobic large gold nanoparticles fabricated by Langmuir-Blodgett technique
Ishida T, Tachikiri Y, Sako T, Takahashi Y, Yamada S
357 - 363 Highly sensitive and selective room-temperature NO2 gas sensor based on bilayer transferred chemical vapor deposited graphene
Seekaew Y, Phokharatkul D, Wisitsoraat A, Wongchoosuk C
364 - 369 Curvature dependence of single-walled carbon nanotubes for SO2 adsorption and oxidation
Chen YQ, Yin S, Li YL, Cen WL, Li JJ, Yin HQ
370 - 379 Reduction of secondary electron yield for E-cloud mitigation by laser ablation surface engineering
Valizadeh R, Malyshev OB, Wang S, Sian T, Cropper MD, Sykes N
380 - 387 Control of hydrophobic surface and wetting states in ultra-flat ZnO films by GLAD method
Chi PW, Su CW, Wei DH
388 - 397 Hydroconversion of methyl laurate on bifunctional Ni2P/AlMCM-41 catalyst prepared via in situ phosphorization using triphenylphosphine
Zhao S, Zhang ZN, Zhu KY, Chen JX
398 - 408 Fabrication of hollow carbon nanospheres introduced with Fe and N species immobilized palladium nanoparticles as catalysts for the semihydrogenation of phenylacetylene under mild reaction conditions
Zhang W, Wang FS, Li XL, Liu YS, Liu Y, Ma JT
409 - 417 Molecular dynamics study of the effect of substrate temperature and Ar ion assisted deposition on the deposition of amorphous TiO2 films
Chen X, Zhang J, Zhao YQ
418 - 425 Adsorptive removal of Cr3+ from aqueous solutions using chitosan microfibers immobilized with plant polyphenols as biosorbents with high capacity and selectivity
Zhang T, Wang YJ, Kuanga YW, Yang RL, Ma J, Zhao SL, Liao Y, Mao H
426 - 434 Co3O4 nanorod-supported Pt with enhanced performance for catalytic HCHO oxidation at room temperature
Yan ZX, Xu ZH, Cheng B, Jiang CJ
435 - 442 Ambient redox synthesis of vanadium-doped manganese dioxide nanoparticles and their enhanced zinc storage properties
Alfaruqi MH, Islam S, Mathew V, Song J, Kim S, Tung DP, Jo J, Kim S, Baboo JP, Xiu Z, Kim J
443 - 451 Surface chemistry and corrosion behavior of Inconel 625 and 718 in subcritical, supercritical, and ultrasupercritical water
Rodriguez D, Merwin A, Karmiol Z, Chidambaram D