Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.401 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 A transparent nickel selenide counter electrode for high efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Dong J, Wu JH, Jia JB, Ge JH, Bao QL, Wang CT, Fan LQ
7 - 16 Novel Ce-W-Sb mixed oxide catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
Liu J, Li GQ, Zhang YF, Liu XQ, Wang Y, Li Y
17 - 24 Facile synthesis of pyrite-type binary nickel iron diselenides as efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Chi JQ, Shang X, Liang F, Dong B, Li X, Liu YR, Yan KL, Gao WK, Chai YM, Liu CG
25 - 39 Layer-by-layer structured polysaccharides-based multilayers on cellulose acetate membrane: Towards better hemocompatibility, antibacterial and antioxidant activities
Peng LC, Li H, Meng YH
40 - 48 PdCo porous nanostructures decorated on polypyrrole @ MWCNTs conductive nanocomposite-Modified glassy carbon electrode as a powerful catalyst for ethanol electrooxidation
Fard LA, Ojani R, Raoof JB, Zare EN, Lakouraj MM
49 - 56 CO oxidation on PdO catalysts with perfect and defective rutile-TiO2 as supports: Elucidating the role of oxygen vacancy in support by DFT calculations
Li X, Sun XF, Xu XL, Liu WM, Peng HG, Fang XZ, Wang HM, Wang X
57 - 64 Effect of ethanol on the surface properties and n-heptane isomerization performance of Ni/SAPO-11
Lyu YC, Liu YX, Xu L, Zhao XX, Liu Z, Liu XM, Yan ZF
65 - 68 Surface energy of metal alloy nanoparticles
Takrori FM, Ayyad A
69 - 78 Preparation of hydrophilic and antifouling polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane derived from phenolphthalin by copolymerization method
Liu ZX, Mi ZM, Chen CH, Zhou HW, Zhao XG, Wang DM
79 - 88 An investigation into the surface heterogeneity of nitric acid oxidized carbon fiber
Woodhead AL, de Souza ML, Church JS
89 - 99 Fe/Ni-N-CNFs electrochemical catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction/oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline media
Wang Z, Li MA, Fan LQ, Han JA, Xiong YP
100 - 105 Synthesis, characterization and frictional wear behavior of ceria hybrid architectures with {111} exposure planes
Hu PF, Chen Y, Sun R, Chen Y, Yin YR, Wang ZC
106 - 113 Improving the electrocatalytic performance of carbon nanotubes for VO2+/VO2+ redox reaction by KOH activation
Dai L, Jiang YQ, Meng W, Zhou HZ, Wang L, He ZX
114 - 119 Electronic characteristics of p-type transparent SnO high carrier mobility monolayer with high carrier mobility
Du J, Xia CX, Liu YM, Li XP, Peng YT, Wei SY
120 - 126 Regeneration and sulfur poisoning behavior of In/H-BEA catalyst for NOx reduction by CH4
Pan H, Jian YF, Yu YK, He C, Shen ZX, Liu HX
127 - 141 Self-ordering dual-layered honeycomb nanotubular titania: Enhanced structural stability and energy storage capacity
Sitler SJ, Raja KS, Karmiol Z, Chidambaram D
142 - 145 Growth of of layered superconductor beta-PdBi2 films using molecular beam epitaxy
Denisov NV, Matetskiy AV, Tupkalo AV, Zotov AV, Saranin AA
146 - 155 Superhydrophobic epoxy coating modified by fluorographene used for anti-corrosion and self-cleaning
Yang ZQ, Wang LD, Sun W, Li SJ, Zhu TZ, Liu W, Liu GC
156 - 161 DFT study on the adsorption of diethyl, ethyl methyl, and dimethyl ethers on the surface of gallium doped graphene
Rad AS, Sani E, Binaeian E, Peyravi M, Jahanshahi M
162 - 171 Surface modification of PLGA nanoparticles to deliver nitric oxide to inhibit Escherichia coli growth
Reger NA, Meng WS, Gawalt ES
172 - 180 Structural and corrosion characterization of hydroxyapatite/zirconium nitride-coated AZ91 magnesium alloy by ion beam sputtering
Kiahosseini SR, Afshar A, Larijani MM, Yousefpour M
181 - 189 A study of diazonium couplings with aromatic nucleophiles both in solution and on a polymer surface
Chng S, Parker EM, Griffiths JP, Moloney MG, Wu LYL
190 - 197 A facile lyophilization synthesis of MoS2 QDs@graphene as a highly active electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Li WZ, Li F, Wang X, Tang Y, Yang YY, Gao WB, Li R
198 - 205 Effects of Defects on Hydrogen Diffusion in NbC
Salehinia I, Mastorakos I, Zbib HM
206 - 217 Redox behavior of a low-doped Pr-CeO2(111) surface. A DFT plus U study
Milberg B, Juan A, Irigoyen B
218 - 224 Fabrication of Sc2O3-magneli phase titanium composite electrode and its application in efficient electrocatalytic degradation of methyl orange
Bai HM, He P, Chen JC, Liu KL, Lei H, Dong FQ, Zhang XQ, Li H
225 - 231 Diffusion of single Au, Ag and Cu atoms inside Si(111)-(7 x 7) half unit cells: A comparative study
Liu Q, Fu Q, Shao XJ, Ma XH, Wu XF, Wang KD, Xiao XD
232 - 240 Multi-functional integration of pore P25@C@MoS2 core-double shell nanostructures as robust ternary anodes with enhanced lithium storage properties
Chen B, Zhao NQ, Wei CP, Zhou JW, He F, Shi CS, He CN, Liu EZ
241 - 247 Unraveling the facet-dependent and oxygen vacancy role for ethylene hydrogenation on Co3O4 (110) surface: A DFT plus U study
Zhang YC, Pan L, Lu JH, Song JJ, Li Z, Zhang XW, Wang L, Zou JJ
248 - 255 Preparation and characterization of CuxO1-y@ZnO1-alpha nanocomposites for enhanced room-temperature NO2 sensing applications
Geng X, Zhang C, Luo YF, Debliquy M
256 - 261 Comparative analysis of physico-chemical and gas sensing characteristics of two different forms of SnO2 films
Kwoka M, Ottaviano L, Szuber J
262 - 270 Development of glucose biosensors based on plasma polymerization-assisted nanocomposites of polyaniline, tin oxide, and three-dimensional reduced graphene oxide
Wu SD, Su FF, Dong XD, Ma C, Pang L, Peng DL, Wang MH, He LH, Zhang ZH
271 - 282 Improvement of interfacial interactions using natural polyphenol-inspired tannic acid-coated nanoclay enhancement of soy protein isolate biofilms
Wang Z, Kang HJ, Zhang W, Zhang SF, Li JZ
283 - 296 Surface treatments of metal supports for photocatalysis applications
Montecchio F, Chinungi D, Lanza R, Engvall K
297 - 305 Highly effective surface-enhanced fluorescence substrates with roughened 3D flowerlike silver nanostructures fabricated in liquid crystalline phase
Zhang Y, Yang CL, Xiang XJ, Zhang PG, Peng ZH, Cao ZL, Mu QQ, Xuan L
306 - 313 High electrocatalytic performance of nitrogen-doped carbon nanofiber-supported nickel oxide nanocomposite for methanol oxidation in alkaline medium
Al-Enizi AM, Elzatahry AA, Abdullah AM, Vinu A, Iwai H, Al-Deyab SS
314 - 322 Hydrogenation of 4-nitrophenol to 4-aminophenol at room temperature: Boosting palladium nanocrystals efficiency by coupling with copper via liquid phase pulsed laser ablation
Park H, Reddy DA, Kim Y, Lee S, Ma R, Lim M, Kim TK
323 - 332 Nondestructive grafting of PEI on aramid fiber surface through the coordination of Fe (III) to enhance composite interfacial properties
Cheng Z, Chen C, Huang JY, Chen T, Liu Y, Liu XY
333 - 340 Effect of mesoporous g-C3N4 substrate on catalytic oxidation of CO over Co3O4
Yang H, Lv KL, Zhu JJ, Li Q, Tang DG, Ho WK, Li M, Carabineiro SAC
341 - 347 New Pt/Alumina model catalysts for STM and in situ XPS studies
Nartova AV, Gharachorlou A, Bukhtiyarov AV, Kvon RI, Bukhtiyarov VI
348 - 352 The Effect of the number of InGaN/GaN pairs on the photoelectrochemical properties of InGaN/GaN multi quantum wells
Bae H, Park JB, Fujii K, Lee HJ, Lee SH, Ryu SW, Lee JK, Ha JS
353 - 361 Precise micropatterning of silver nanoparticles on plastic substrates
Ammosova L, Jiang Y, Suvanto M, Pakkanen TA
362 - 372 Functional regulation of Pb-Ti/MoS2 composite coatings for environmentally adaptive solid lubrication
Ren SM, Li H, Cui MJ, Wang LP, Pu JB
373 - 377 Achievement of normally-off AlGaN/GaN high-electron mobility transistor with p-NiOx capping layer by sputtering and post-annealing
Huang SJ, Chou CW, Su YK, Lin JH, Yu HC, Chen DL, Ruan JL
378 - 384 The effect of Fe segregation on the photocatalytic growth of Ag nanoparticles on rutile TiO2(001)
Busiakiewicz A, Kisielewska A, Piwonski I, Batory D
385 - 398 Role of surface roughness on corrosion and fretting corrosion behaviour of commercially pure titanium in Ringer's solution for bio-implant application
Sivakumar B, Pathak LC, Singh R
399 - 407 Porous NiCo2S4-halloysite hybrid self -assembled from nanosheets for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor applications
Chai H, Dong H, Wang YC, Xu JY, Jia DZ
408 - 413 Peak position differences observed during XPS sputter depth profiling of the SEI on lithiated and delithiated carbon-based anode material for Li-ion batteries
Oswald S, Hoffmann M, Zier M
414 - 423 Optimization of interfacial properties of carbon fiber/epoxy composites via a modified polyacrylate emulsion sizing
Yuan XM, Zhu B, Cai X, Liu JJ, Qiao K, Yu JW