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1 - 9 Controlled synthesis of Fe2O3 modified Ag-010BiVO4 heterostructures with enhanced photoelectrochemical activity toward the dye degradation
Li JQ, Zhou J, Hao HJ, Li WJ
10 - 19 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of BiVO4 in aqueous AgNO3 solution under visible light irradiation
Huang CK, Wu T, Huang CW, Lai CY, Wu MY, Lin YW
20 - 31 Structural, electronic and magnetic properties of 3d metal trioxide clusters-doped monolayer graphene: A first-principles study
Rafique M, Shuai Y, Tan HP, Hassan M
32 - 40 Use of XPS to clarify the Hall coefficient sign variation in thin niobium layers buried in silicon
Demchenko IN, Lisowski W, Syryanyy Y, Melikhov Y, Zaytseva I, Konstantynov P, Chernyshova M, Cieplak MZ
41 - 47 Effects of Mo-doping on microstructure and near-infrared shielding performance of hydrothermally prepared tungsten bronzes
Wang QJ, Li C, Xu WA, Zhao XL, Zhu JX, Jiang HW, Kang LT, Zhao Z
48 - 54 Efficient electroreduction of CO2 on bulk silver electrode in aqueous solution via the inhibition of hydrogen evolution
Quan FJ, Xiong MB, Jia FL, Zhang LZ
55 - 66 Density functional investigation of mercury and arsenic adsorption on nitrogen doped graphene decorated with palladium clusters: A promising heavy metal sensing material in farmland
Zhao CJ, Wu HR
67 - 76 A facile preparation of immobilized BiOCl nanosheets/TiO2 arrays on FTO with enhanced photocatalytic activity and reusability
Shen YH, Yu X, Lin WT, Zhu Y, Zhang YM
77 - 85 Partial oxidation of methanol catalyzed with Au/TiO2, Au/ZrO2 and Au/ZrO2-TiO2 catalysts
Hernandez-Ramirez E, Wang JA, Chen LF, Valenzuela MA, Dalai AK
86 - 94 Synthesis and their enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of ZnO nanoparticle-loaded CuO dandelion heterostructures under solar light
Dong GY, Du B, Liu L, Zhang WW, Liang YJ, Shi HL, Wang WZ
95 - 105 A new protocol for the distribution of MnO2 nanoparticles on rGO sheets and the resulting electrochemical performance
Samdani J, Samdani K, Kim NH, Lee JH
106 - 113 Well-defined copolymers synthesized by RAFT polymerization as effective modifiers to enhance the photocatalytic performance of TiO2
Vasilaki E, Kaliva M, Katsarakis N, Vamvakaki M
114 - 122 K-Mn supported on three-dimensionally ordered macroporous La0.8Ce0.2FeO3 catalysts for the catalytic combustion of soot
Feng NJ, Chen C, Meng J, Liu G, Fang F, Wang L, Wan H, Guan GF
123 - 131 The influence of tertiary butyl hydrazine as a co-reactant on the atomic layer deposition of silver
Golrokhi Z, Marshall PA, Romani S, Rushworth S, Chalker PR, Potter RJ
132 - 138 Hierarchical micro-lamella-structured 3D porous copper current collector coated with tin for advanced lithium-ion batteries
Park H, Um JH, Choi H, Yoon WS, Sung YE, Choe H
139 - 150 Two-dimensional porous architecture of protonated GCN and reduced graphene oxide via electrostatic self-assembly strategy for high photocatalytic hydrogen evolution under visible light
Pu CC, Wan J, Liu EZ, Yin YC, Li J, Ma YN, Fan J, Hu XY
151 - 159 Facile preparation, optical and electrochemical properties of layer-by-layer V2O5 quadrate structures
Zhang YF, Zheng JQ, Wang QS, Hu T, Tian FP, Meng CG
160 - 166 Direct self-assembling and patterning of semiconductor quantum dots on transferable elastomer layer
Coppola S, Vespini V, Olivieri F, Nasti G, Todino M, Mandracchia B, Pagliarulo V, Ferraro P
167 - 184 Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of aqueous phenol and Cr(VI) over visible-light-driven TbxOy loaded TiO2-oriented nanosheets
Lu DZ, Yang MC, Fang PF, Li CH, Jiang LL
185 - 191 Assembling formation of highly dispersed Pd nanoparticles supported 1D carbon fiber electrospun with excellent catalytic active and recyclable performance for Suzuki reaction
Yu DD, Bai J, Wang JZ, Liang HO, Li CP
192 - 199 Photocatalytic activity of magnetically anatase TiO2 with high crystallinity and stability for dyes degradation: Insights into the dual roles of SiO2 interlayer between TiO2 and CoFe2O4
Yang ZW, Shi YY, Wang B
200 - 204 Thermal stability of iron silicide nanowires epitaxially grown on Si(110) substrates
Zou ZQ, Li X, Liu XY, Shi KJ, Guo XQ
205 - 214 Multifunctional methacrylate-based coatings for glass and metal surfaces
Pospiech D, Jehnichen D, Starke S, Muller F, Bunker T, Wollenberg A, Haussler L, Simon F, Grundke K, Oertel U, Opitz M, Kruspe R
215 - 219 Quantitative studies of electric field intensity on atom diffusion of Cu/Ta/Si stacks during annealing
Wang L, Asempah I, Dong ST, Yin PP, Jin L
220 - 228 Effects of surface reconstruction on the epitaxial growth of III-Sb on GaAs using interfacial misfit array
Jia BW, Tan KH, Loke WK, Wicaksono S, Yoon SF
229 - 236 Characterization and diffusion model for the titanium boride layers formed on the Ti6Al4V alloy by plasma paste boriding
Keddam M, Taktak S
237 - 244 A molybdenum disulfide/reduced oxide-graphene nanoflakelet-on-sheet structure for lithium ion batteries
Wang JY, Zhao XM, Fu YS, Wang X
245 - 254 Thin-walled nanoscrolls by multi-step intercalation from tubular halloysite-10 angstrom and its rearrangement upon peroxide treatment
Zsirka B, Horvath E, Szabo P, Juzsakova T, Szilagyi RK, Fertig D, Mako E, Varga T, Konya Z, Kukovecz A, Kristof J
255 - 264 Effect of transition metal-doped Ni(211) for CO dissociation: Insights from DFT calculations
Yang KW, Zhang MH, Yu YZ
265 - 271 Nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide as electrode material for high rate supercapacitors
Sliwak A, Grzyb B, Diez N, Gryglewicz G
272 - 281 The effect of polyether functional polydimethylsiloxane on surface and thermal properties of waterborne polyurethane
Zheng GK, Lu M, Rui XP
282 - 287 ZnO thin films on single carbon fibres fabricated by Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD)
Kramer A, Engel S, Sangiorgi N, Sanson A, Bartolome JF, Graf S, Muller FA
288 - 297 Mesoporous ZrO2 fibers with enhanced surface area and the application as recyclable absorbent
Yu ZC, Liu BX, Zhou HF, Feng C, Wang XQ, Yuan KK, Gan XZ, Zhu LY, Zhang GH, Xu D
298 - 304 Co3O4 mirobelts: Preparation with the electrospinning technique and its investigation in peroxidase-like activity
Sun HY, Zhu WY
305 - 312 The mechanism of growth of ZnO nanorods by reactive sputtering
Nandi R, Major SS
313 - 321 Interfacial reactions and microstructural evolution of periodic Ni nanodot arrays on N-2(+)-implanted amorphous Si substrates
Cheng SL, Lai RH, Huang YD, Lin HC
322 - 329 Biosynthesized iron nanoparticles in aqueous extracts of Eichhornia crassipes and its mechanism in the hexavalent chromium removal
Wei YF, Fang ZQ, Zheng LC, Tsang EP
330 - 336 MoS2-modified ZnO quantum dots nanocomposite: Synthesis and ultrafast humidity response
Lu Z, Gong YQ, Li XJ, Zhang Y
337 - 345 Thermo-enhanced field emission from ZnO nanowires: Role of defects and application in a diode flat panel X-ray source
Zhang ZP, Chen DK, Chen WQ, Chen YC, Song XM, Zhan RZ, Deng SZ, Xu NS, Chen J
346 - 350 Metal-insulator transition in epitaxial NdNiO3 thin film: A structural, electrical and optical study
Shao T, Qi ZM, Wang YY, Li YY, Yang M, Hu CS
351 - 358 Ab-initio study of surface segregation in aluminum alloys
Qin YF, Wang SQ
359 - 366 Complementary X-ray and neutron radiography study of the initial lithiation process in lithium-ion batteries containing silicon electrodes
Sun F, Markotter H, Manke I, Hilger A, Alrwashdeh SS, Kardjilov N, Banhart J
367 - 374 Preparation of micro/nano-fibrous brushite coating on titanium via chemical conversion for biomedical applications
Liu B, Guo YY, Xiao GY, Lu YP
375 - 386 Challenges and opportunities in chemical functionalization of semiconductor surfaces
Gao F, Teplyakov AV
387 - 395 Substrate-induced dielectric polarization in thin films of lead-free (Sr0.5Bi0.5)(2)Mn2-xTixO6-delta perovskites grown by pulsed laser deposition
Alvarez-Serrano I, de Larramendi IR, Lopez ML, Veiga ML
396 - 402 Abnormal room temperature ferromagnetism in CuO/ZnO nanocomposites via hydrothermal method
Lu P, Zhou W, Li Y, Wang JC, Wu P
403 - 410 Plasma-induced synthesis of Pt nanoparticles supported on TiO2 nanotubes for enhanced methanol electro-oxidation
Su N, Hu XL, Zhang JB, Huang HH, Cheng JX, Yu JC, Ge C
411 - 419 Preparation of alanine and tyrosine functionalized graphene oxide nanoflakes and their modified carbon paste electrodes for the determination of dopamine
Kumar M, Swamy BEK, Asif MHM, Viswanath CC
420 - 425 Enhanced CO2 capture on graphene via N, S dual-doping
Li JY, Hou ML, Chen YQ, Cen WL, Chu YH, Yin S
426 - 431 VOPcPhO:P3HT composite micro-structures with nano-porous surface morphology
Azmer MI, Ahmad Z, Sulaiman K, Touati F, Bawazeer TM, Alsoufi MS
432 - 439 Simple in-situ growth of layered Ni3S2 thin film electrode for the development of high-performance supercapacitors
Ji FZ, Jiang D, Chen XM, Pan XX, Kuang LP, Zhang Y, Alameh K, Ding BF
440 - 450 Screening of active metals for reactive adsorption desulfurization adsorbent using density functional theory
Wang L, Zhao L, Xu CM, Wang YX, Gao JS
451 - 462 Photoactive layered nanocomposites obtained by direct transferring of anodic TiO2 nanotubes to commodity thermoplastics
Sanz R, Buccheri MA, Zimbone M, Scuderi V, Amiard G, Impellizzeri G, Romano L, Privitera V
463 - 468 First-principles investigation of hydrogen storage capacity of Y-decorated porous graphene
Yuan LH, Chen YH, Kang L, Zhang CR, Wang DB, Wang CN, Zhang ML, Wu XJ
469 - 479 Morphological effects of Au-13 clusters on the adsorption of CO2 over anatase TiO2(101)
Liu L, Liu ZB, Sun HG, Zhao X
480 - 490 Nanosecond laser texturing of uniformly and non-uniformly wettable micro structured metal surfaces for enhanced boiling heat transfer
Zupancic M, Moze M, Gregorcic P, Golobic I
491 - 498 Superhydrophobic copper surfaces fabricated by fatty acid soaps in aqueous solution for excellent corrosion resistance
Xu WL, Hu YY, Bao WD, Xie XY, Liu YR, Song AX, Hao JC
499 - 505 Surface polyPEGylation of Eu3+ doped luminescent hydroxyapatite nanorods through the combination of ligand exchange and metal free surface initiated atom transfer radical polymerization
Zeng GJ, Liu MY, Heng CN, Huang Q, Mao LC, Huang HY, Hui JF, Deng FJ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
506 - 514 Optical properties of a new Bi38Mo7O78 semiconductor with fluorite-type delta-Bi2O3 structure
Wang ZS, Bi SL, Wan YP, Huang PJ, Zheng M
515 - 522 Application of nitrogen-doped TiO2 nano-tubes in dye-sensitized solar cells
Tran VA, Truong TT, Phan TAP, Nguyen TN, Huynh TV, Agresti A, Pescetelli S, Le TK, Di Carlo A, Lund T, Le SN, Nguyen PT
523 - 534 Behavior of GaSb (100) and InSb (100) surfaces in the presence of H2O2 in acidic and basic cleaning solutions
Seo D, Na J, Lee S, Lim S
535 - 541 A facile approach to prepare crumpled CoTMPyP/electrochemically reduced graphene oxide nanohybrid as an efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Ma JJ, Liu L, Chen Q, Yang M, Wang DP, Tong ZW, Chen Z
542 - 550 Evolution effects of the copper surface morphology on the nucleation density and growth of graphene domains at different growth pressures
Hedayat SM, Karimi-Sabet J, Shariaty-Niassar M
551 - 554 Peculiarities of interaction of the p(z)-, pi- electrons and the sigma(p)-holes at the top 1-6 layers of HOPG
Dementjev AP, Ivanov KE
555 - 564 Single-pulse transformation of Ag thin film into nanoparticles via laser-induced dewetting
Oh Y, Lee M
565 - 572 Organosilane grafted silica: Quantitative correlation of microscopic surface characters and macroscopic surface properties
Ji T, Ma C, Brisbin L, Mu LW, Robertson CG, Dong YL, Zhu JH
573 - 582 Star-shaped ZnO/Ag hybrid nanostructures for enhanced photocatalysis and antibacterial activity
Andrade GRS, Nascimento CC, Lima ZM, Teixeira-Neto E, Costa LP, Gimenez IF
583 - 591 A flexible sensor based on polyaniline hybrid using ZnO as template and sensing properties to triethylamine at room temperature
Quan L, Sun JH, Bai SL, Luo RX, Li DQ, Chen AF, Liu CC
592 - 598 Improvement of electron emission characteristics of porous silicon emitter by using cathode reduction and electrochemical oxidation
He L, Wang WJ, Zhang XN
599 - 607 Evaluation and criterion determination of the low-k thin film adhesion by the surface acoustic waves with cohesive zone model
Xiao X, Qi HY, Sui XL, Kikkawa T
608 - 616 Surface failure analysis of a field-exposed copper-clad plate in a marine environment with industrial pollution
Yi P, Dong CF, Xiao K, Li XG
617 - 623 Comparative analysis of serial and parallel laser patterning of Ag nanowire thin films
Oh H, Lee M
624 - 629 The preparation and graphene surface coating NaTi2(PO4)(3) as cathode material for lithium ion batteries
Li N, Wang YP, Rao RC, Dong XZ, Zhang XW, Zhu SE
630 - 637 Theoretical study on influence of CaO and MgO on the reduction of FeO by CO
Zhong H, Er DQ, Wen LY
638 - 647 Plasma functionalized surface of commodity polymers for dopamine detection
Fabregat G, Osorio J, Castedo A, Armelin E, Buendia JJ, Llorca J, Aleman C
648 - 653 Optical anisotropy of quasi-1D rare-earth suicide nanostructures on Si(001)
Chandola S, Speiser E, Esser N, Appelfeller S, Franz M, Dahne M
654 - 662 The synergetic effect of V and Fe-co-doping in TiO2 studied from the DFT plus U first-principle calculation
Liu BS, Zhao XJ
663 - 669 Ferrofluids based on Co-Fe-Si-B amorphous nanoparticles
Wang TQ, Bian XF, Yang CC, Zhao SC, Yu MC
670 - 681 Electrochemical performance of Li-rich oxide composite material coated with Li0.75La0.42TiO3 ionic conductor
Yang CC, Liao PC, Wu YS, Lue SJ
682 - 701 Synthesis of calcium-phosphorous doped TiO2 nanotubes by anodization and reverse polarization: A promising strategy for an efficient biofunctional implant surface
Alves SA, Patel SB, Sukotjo C, Mathew MT, Filho PN, Celis JP, Rocha LA, Shokuhfar T
702 - 710 Role of the external NH2 linker on the conformation of surface immobilized single strand DNA probes and their SERS detection
He LJ, Langlet M, Stambouli V
711 - 715 ScroBiculate sub-10 nm nanocavity arrays as effective sers substrate for the trace determination of 3,3',4,4'- Polychlorinated biphenyls
Xu W, Zhu XG, Chu ZQ, Wang ZM, Xiao ZY, Huang ZL
716 - 720 Transparent conductive Hf-doped In2O3 thin films by RF sputtering technique at low temperature annealing
Wang GH, Shi CY, Zhao L, Diao HW, Wang WJ
721 - 731 Morphological study of polymethyl methacrylate microcapsules filled with self-healing agents
Ahangaran F, Hayaty M, Navarchian AH
732 - 741 Sono-incorporation of CuO nanoparticles on the surface and into the mesoporous hexatitanate layers: Enhanced Fenton-like activity in degradation of orange-G at its neutral pH
Sehati S, Entezari MH
742 - 750 Embedding germanium in graphene: A density functional theory study
Xu Z, Li YP, Tan TT, Liu ZT
751 - 757 Robust room temperature ferromagnetism and band gap tuning in nonmagnetic Mg doped ZnO films
Quan ZY, Liu X, Qi Y, Song ZL, Qi SF, Zhou GW, Xu XH
758 - 768 Influence of wavelength on the laser removal of lichens colonizing heritage stone
Sanz M, Oujja M, Ascaso C, Perez-Ortega S, Souza-Egipsy V, Fort R, de los Rios A, Wierzchos J, Canamares MV, Castillejo M
769 - 774 Synthesis of Ni3S2 nanotube arrays on nickel foam by catalysis of thermal reduced graphene for hydrogen evolution reaction
Lv JL, Miura H, Yang M, Liang TX