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1201 - 1205 Formation of nanostructures induced by capillary-discharge soft X-ray laser on BaF2 surfaces
Zhao YP, Cui HY, Zhang SQ, Zhang WH, Li W
1206 - 1211 Characterization of local hydrophobicity on sapphire (0001) surfaces in aqueous environment by colloidal probe atomic force microscopy
Wada T, Yamazaki K, Isono T, Ogino T
1212 - 1219 The effect of crystal structure of TiO2 nanotubes on the formation of calcium phosphate coatings during biomimetic deposition
Liu Y, Kim S, McLeod JA, Li J, Guo XX, Sham TK, Liu LJ
1220 - 1225 Oxidation-mediated chitosan as additives for creation of chitosan aerogels with diverse three-dimensional interconnected skeletons
Zhang SZ, Feng J, Feng JZ, Jiang YG
1226 - 1230 Recombination reduction at the c-Si/RCA oxide interface through Ar-H-2 plasma treatment
Landheer K, Bronsveld PCP, Poulios I, Tichelaar FD, Kaiser M, Schropp REI, Rath JK
1231 - 1238 Time-resolved imaging of flyer dynamics for femtosecond laser-induced backward transfer of solid polymer thin films
Feinaeugle M, Gregorcic P, Heath DJ, Mills B, Eason RW
1239 - 1244 Full densification of inkjet-printed copper conductive tracks on a flexible substrate utilizing a hydrogen plasma sintering
Kwon YT, Lee YI, Kim S, Lee KJ, Choa YH
1245 - 1250 Sonochemical fabrication of petal array-like copper/nickel oxide composite foam as a pseudocapacitive material for energy storage
Karthik N, Edison TNJI, Sethuraman MG, Lee YR
1251 - 1263 Tuning the surface chemistry of lubricant-derived phosphate thermal films: The effect of boron
Spadaro F, Rossi A, Laine E, Woodward P, Spencer ND
1264 - 1272 Effect of surface treatment on the corrosion properties of magnesium-based fibre metal laminate
Zhang X, Zhang Y, Ma QY, Dai Y, Hu FP, Wei GB, Xu TC, Zeng QW, Wang SZ, Xie WD
1273 - 1281 Surfactant-free carnauba wax dispersion and its use for layer-by-layer assembled protective surface coatings on wood
Lozhechnikova A, Bellanger H, Michen B, Burgert I, Osterberg M
1282 - 1288 CO adsorption on W(100) during temperature-programmed desorption: A combined density functional theory and kinetic Monte Carlo study
Albao MA, Padama AAB
1289 - 1302 Template-assisted hydrothermally obtained titania-ceria composites and their application as catalysts in ethyl acetate oxidation and methanol decomposition with a potential for sustainable environment protection
Tsoncheva T, Mileva A, Issa G, Dimitrov M, Kovacheva D, Henych J, Scotti N, Kormunda M, Atanasova G, Stengl V
1303 - 1309 A convenient electrolytic assembly of graphene-MOF composite thin film and its photoanodic application
Kaur R, Kim KH, Deep A
1310 - 1316 Field emission study from an array of hierarchical micro protrusions on stainless steel surface generated by femtosecond pulsed laser irradiation
Singh AK, Suryawanshi SR, More MA, Basu S, Sinha S
1317 - 1325 Ammonia detection of 1-D ZnO/polypyrrole nanocomposite: Effect of CSA doping and their structural, chemical, thermal and gas sensing behavior
Jain S, Karmakar N, Shah A, Kothari DC, Mishra S, Shimpi NG
1326 - 1334 Cross-linked carbon networks constructed from N-doped nanosheets with enhanced performance for supercapacitors
Liu QQ, Zhong JL, Sun ZP, Mi HY
1335 - 1342 Hydrogen atom addition to the surface of graphene nanoflakes: A density functional theory study
Tachikawa H
1343 - 1351 A comparison of molecular dynamics results for two models of nanoparticles with fixed and mobile ligands in two-dimensions
Baran L, Sokolowski S
1352 - 1359 Prospects of asymmetrically H-terminated zigzag germanene nanoribbons for spintronic application
Sharma V, Srivastava P, Jaiswal NK
1360 - 1367 A new ternary composite based on carbon nanotubes/polyindole/graphene with preeminent electrocapacitive performance for supercapacitors
Wang WG, Wu SS
1368 - 1374 Construction of Z-scheme Ag2CO3/N-doped graphene photocatalysts with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity by tuning the nitrogen species
Song SQ, Meng AY, Jiang SJ, Cheng B, Jiang CJ
1375 - 1382 Facile one-step hydrothermal synthesis toward strongly coupled TiO2/graphene quantum dots photocatalysts for efficient hydrogen evolution
Min SX, Hou JH, Lei YG, Ma XH, Lu GX
1383 - 1392 Facile preparation of magnetic mesoporous Fe3O4/C/Cu composites as high performance Fenton-like catalysts
Li KY, Zhao YQ, Janik MJ, Song CS, Guo XW
1393 - 1402 Microwave-assisted preparation of flower-like cobalt phosphate and its application as a new heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst
Hu XX, Li R, Zhao SY, Xing YJ
1403 - 1410 Narrow band gap and visible light-driven photocatalysis of V-doped Bi6Mo2O15 nanoparticles
Xu J, Qin CX, Huang YL, Wang YR, Qin L, Seo HJ
1411 - 1419 In silico insight into ammonia adsorption on pristine and X-doped phosphorene (X = B, C, N, O, Si, and Ni)
Arabieh M, Azar YT
1420 - 1426 Microstructure and corrosion properties of CrMnFeCoNi high entropy alloy coating
Ye QF, Feng K, Li ZG, Lu FG, Li RF, Huang J, Wu YX
1427 - 1434 Gold nanoworms immobilized graphene oxide polymer brush nanohybrid for catalytic degradation studies of organic dyes
Mogha NK, Gosain S, Masram DT
1435 - 1442 Dense and high-stability Ti2AlN MAX phase coatings prepared by the combined cathodic arc/sputter technique
Wang ZY, Liu JZ, Wang L, Li XW, Ke PL, Wang AY
1443 - 1449 Superhydrophobicity and regeneration of PVDF/SiO2 composite films
Liu T, Li XF, Wang DH, Huang QL, Liu Z, Li NN, Xiao CF
1450 - 1457 Direct printing of anisotropic wetting patterns using aerodynamically focused nanoparticle (AFN) printing
Yoon HS, Lee HT, Kim ES, Ahn SH
1458 - 1465 Controllable growth and characterization of highly aligned ZnO nanocolumnar thin films
Onuk Z, Rujisamphan N, Murray R, Bah M, Tomakin M, Shah SI
1466 - 1471 Titanium plate supported MoS2 nanosheet arrays for supercapacitor application
Wang LN, Ma Y, Yang M, Qi YX
1472 - 1477 Enhanced electrical properties of oxide semiconductor thin-film transistors with high conductivity thin layer insertion for the channel region
Nguyen CPT, Raja J, Kim S, Jang K, Le AHT, Lee YJ, Yi J
1478 - 1489 Surface modification of commercial seawater reverse osmosis membranes by grafting of hydrophilic monomer blended with carboxylated multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Vatanpour V, Zoqi N
1490 - 1498 Self-propagating exothermic reaction analysis in Ti/Al reactive films using experiments and computational fluid dynamics simulation
Sen S, Lake M, Kroppen N, Farber P, Wilden J, Schaaf P
1499 - 1514 Synthesis and characterization of an effective organic/inorganic hybrid green corrosion inhibitive complex based on zinc acetate/Urtica Dioica
Salehi E, Naderi R, Ramezanzadeh B
1515 - 1519 Trimodal nanoporous silica as a support for amine-based CO2 adsorbents: Improvement in adsorption capacity and kinetics
Chen C, Bhattacharjee S
1520 - 1527 3D MoS2-graphene hybrid aerogels as catalyst for enhanced efficient hydrogen evolution
Xu XB, Sun Y, Qiao W, Zhang X, Chen X, Song XY, Wu LQ, Zhong W, Du YW
1528 - 1538 Structural and optical properties of Na doped ZnO nanocrystals: Application to solar photocatalysis
Tabib A, Bouslama W, Sieber B, Addad A, Elhouichet H, Ferid M, Boukherroub R
1539 - 1545 The high surface energy of NiO {110} facets incorporated into TiO2 hollow microspheres by etching Ti plate for enhanced photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical activity
Li J, Cui HZ, Song XJ, Wei N, Tian J
1546 - 1555 Antibacterial silver nanocluster/silica composite coatings on stainless steel
Ferraris M, Perero S, Ferraris S, Miola M, Verne E, Skoglund S, Blomberg E, Wallinder IO
1556 - 1561 Drag reduction in reservoir rock surface: Hydrophobic modification by SiO2 nanofluids
Yan YL, Cui MY, Jiang WD, He AL, Liang C
1562 - 1570 Reconstructing the energy band electronic structure of pulsed laser deposited CZTS thin films intended for solar cell absorber applications
Pandiyan R, Elhmaidi ZO, Sekkat Z, Abd-Lefdil M, El Khakani MA
1571 - 1579 Influence of DBD plasma pretreatment on the deposition of chitosan onto UHMWPE fiber surfaces for improvement of adhesion and dyeing properties
Ren Y, Ding ZR, Wang CX, Zang CF, Zhang Y, Xu L
1580 - 1588 Fabrication of durable fluorine-free superhydrophobic polyethersulfone (PES) composite coating enhanced by assembled MMT-SiO2 nanoparticles
Zhang XG, Wang HY, Liu ZJ, Zhu YX, Wu SQ, Wang CJ, Zhu YJ
1589 - 1595 Electrical polymerization of a tetrazole polymer-modified electrode and its catalytic reaction toward dopamine
Hsieh MT, Whang TJ
1596 - 1603 Fabrication of TiO2/Ag2O heterostructure with enhanced photocatalytic and antibacterial activities under visible light irradiation
Liu BK, Mu LL, Han B, Zhang JT, Shi HZ
1604 - 1612 Synthesis of pH-sensitive and recyclable magnetic nanoparticles for efficient separation of emulsified oil from aqueous environments
Lu T, Zhang S, Qi DM, Zhang D, Vance GF, Zhao HT
1613 - 1622 Interaction of phosphorylcholine with fibronectin coatings: Surface characterization and biological performances
Montano-Machado V, Noel C, Chevallier P, Turgeon S, Houssiau L, Pauthe E, Pireaux JJ, Mantovani D
1623 - 1634 The erosion performance of particle reinforced metal matrix composite coatings produced by co-deposition cold gas dynamic spraying
Peat T, Galloway A, Toumpis A, McNutt P, Iqbal N
1635 - 1648 The erosion performance of cold spray deposited metal matrix composite coatings with subsequent friction stir processing
Peat T, Galloway A, Toumpis A, McNutt P, Iqbal N
1649 - 1656 Splitting of the Ti-3d bands of TiSe2 in the charge-density wave phase
Ghafari A, Petaccia L, Janowitz C
1657 - 1666 Contactless electroreflectance studies of the Fermi level position at the air/GaN interface: Bistable nature of the Ga-polar surface
Janicki L, Gladysiewicz M, Misiewicz J, Klosek K, Sobanska M, Kempisty P, Zytkiewicz ZR, Kudrawiec R
1667 - 1672 Tuning anomalous Hall effect in perpendicular multilayers with different oxygen environment by interfacial ionic migration
Zhang JY, Sun QY, Liu YW, Peng WL, Wang FM, Pan YD, Ding L, Yu GH
1673 - 1677 The influence of Ti doping and annealing on Ce2Ti2O7 flash memory devices
Kao CH, Chen SZ, Luo Y, Chiu WT, Chiu SW, Chen IC, Lin CY, Chen H
1678 - 1684 Copper circuit patterning on polymer using selective surface modification and electroless plating
Park SJ, Ko TJ, Yoon J, Moon MW, Oh KH, Han JH
1685 - 1695 Photocatalytic decomposition of N2O over TiO2/g-C3N4 photocatalysts heterojunction
Koci K, Reli M, Troppova I, Sihor M, Kupkova J, Kustrowski P, Praus P
1696 - 1711 Recent progress and perspectives in the photocatalytic CO2 reduction of Ti-oxide-based nanomaterials
Sohn YK, Huang WX, Taghipour F
1712 - 1718 A DFT study of volatile organic compounds adsorption on transition metal deposited graphene
Kunaseth M, Poldorn P, Junkeaw A, Meeprasert J, Rungnim C, Namuangruk S, Kungwan N, Inntam C, Jungsuttiwong S
1719 - 1725 One-pot synthesis of holey MoS2 nanostructures as efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution
Wang LL, Li X, Zhang J, Liu HZ, Jiang WT, Zhao H
1726 - 1735 Fabrication of hierarchical core-shell polydopamine@MgAl-LDHs composites for the efficient enrichment of radionuclides
Zhu KR, Lu SH, Gao Y, Zhang R, Tan XL, Chen CL
1736 - 1740 Spot size and pulse number dependence of femtosecond laser ablation thresholds of silicon and stainless steel
Armbruster O, Naghilou A, Kitzler M, Kautek W
1741 - 1751 The controlled release of simvastatin from TiO2 nanotubes to promote osteoblast differentiation and inhibit osteoclast resorption
Lai M, Jin ZY, Yanga XY, Wang HY, Xu K
1752 - 1759 Molybdenum oxide nanosheets prepared by an anodizing-exfoliation process and observation of photochromic properties
Ranjba M, Delalat F, Salamati H
1760 - 1764 Synthesis and characterization of antimicrobial nanosilver/diatomite nanocomposites and its water treatment application
Xia YJ, Jiang XY, Zhang J, Lin M, Tang XS, Zhang J, Liu HJ
1765 - 1774 Laser-induced damage thresholds of gold, silver and their alloys in air and water
Starinskiy SV, Shukhov YG, Bulgakov AV
1775 - 1782 A three-dimensional BiOBr/RGO heterostructural aerogel with enhanced and selective photocatalytic properties under visible light
Yu X, Shi JJ, Feng LJ, Li CH, Wang L
1783 - 1792 Performance of magnetic zirconium-iron oxide nanoparticle in the removal of phosphate from aqueous solution
Zhang C, Li YQ, Wang FH, Yu ZG, Wei JJ, Yang ZZ, Ma C, Li ZH, Xu ZY, Zeng GM
1793 - 1801 Highly active dealloyed Cu@Pt core-shell electrocatalyst towards 2-propanol electrooxidation in acidic solution
Poochai C
1802 - 1807 Simulation of ablation and plume dynamics under femtosecond double-pulse laser irradiation of aluminum: Comparison of atomistic and continual approaches
Fokin VB, Povarnitsyn ME, Levashov PR
1808 - 1815 MoS2-coated microspheres of self-sensitized carbon nitride for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen generation under visible light irradiation
Gu Q, Sun HM, Xie ZY, Gao ZW, Xue C
1816 - 1824 Nanohoneycomb-like manganese cobalt sulfide/three dimensional graphene-nickel foam hybid electrodes for high-rate capability supercapacitors
Yu M, Li XJ, Ma YX, Liu RL, Liu JH, Li SM
1825 - 1830 Strain in epitaxial high-index Bi2Se3(221) films grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
Li B, Chen WG, Guo X, Ho WK, Dai XQ, Jia JF, Xie MH
1831 - 1839 Controlling noncovalent interactions between a lysine-rich alpha-helical peptide and self-assembled monolayers of alkanethiols on Au through functional group diversity
Raigoza AF, Onyirioha K, Webb LJ
1840 - 1848 In situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles on the cotton fabrics modified by plasma induced vapor phase graft polymerization of acrylic acid for durable multifunction
Wang CX, Ren Y, Lv JC, Zhou QQ, Ma ZP, Qi ZM, Chen JY, Liu GL, Gao DW, Lu ZQ, Zhang W, Jin LM
1849 - 1849 2015 E-MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit: Symposia V and W
Dinescu M, D'Addato S, Giapintzakis I, Wojcik M
1850 - 1854 Reprint of "Theoretical description of metal/oxide interfacial properties: The case of MgO/Ag(001)"
Prada S, Giordano L, Pacchioni G, Goniakowski J
1855 - 1859 Core-shell magnetic nanowires fabrication and characterization
Kalska-Szostko B, Kiekotka U, Satula D
1860 - 1865 Investigation of Ni@CoO core-shell nanoparticle films synthesized by sequential layer deposition
Spadaro MC, Luches P, Benedetti F, Valeri S, Turchini S, Bertoni G, Ferretti AM, Capetti E, Ponti A, D'Addato S
1866 - 1874 Laser tailored nanoparticle arrays to detect molecules at dilute concentration
Zanchi C, Lucotti A, Tommasini M, Trusso S, de Grazia U, Ciusani E, Ossi PM
1875 - 1879 Magnetotransport investigations of (Ga,Mn)As/GaAs Esaki diodes under hydrostatic pressure
Gryglas-Borysiewicz M, Kwiatkowski A, Lemaitre A, Przybytek J, Budzik K, Balcerzak L, Sawicki M, Wasik D
1880 - 1889 Mn2+ ions distribution in doped sol-gel deposited ZnO films
Stefan M, Ghica D, Nistor SV, Maraloiu AV, Plugaru R