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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Carbon-wrapped MnO nanodendrites interspersed on reduced graphene oxide sheets as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Liu BL, Li D, Liu ZJ, Gu LL, Xie WH, Li Q, Guo PQ, Liu DQ, He DY
9 - 15 A DFT study of hydrogen adsorption on Be, Mg and Ca frameworks in erionite zeolite
Fellah MF
16 - 24 Outstanding visible photocatalytic activity of a new mixed bismuth titanatate material
Zambrano P, Sayagues MJ, Navio JA, Hidalgo MC
25 - 36 Development of surface functionalized ZnO-doped LiFePO4/C composites as alternative cathode material for lithium ion batteries
Saroha R, Panwar AK, Sharma Y, Tyagi PK, Ghosh S
37 - 46 Hierarchical porous photoanode based on acid boric catalyzed sol for dye sensitized solar cells
Maleki K, Abdizadeh H, Golobostanfard MR, Adelfar R
47 - 57 Platinum adsorption on ceria: A comparative theoretical study of different surfaces
Ma DW, Li TX, Wang QG, Yang G, He CZ, He BL, Lu ZS, Yang ZX
58 - 62 Passivation for Cu2ZnSnS4/WZ-ZnO interface states: From the first principles calculations
Cheng YW, Tang FL, Xue HT, Liu HX, Gao B
63 - 69 Thin and flexible Ni-P based current collectors developed by electroless deposition for energy storage devices
Wu HR, Susanto A, Lian K
70 - 77 Facile preparation of hexagonal WO3.0.33H(2)O/C nanostructures and its electrochemical properties for lithium-ion batteries
Liu ZW, Li P, Dong Y, Wan Q, Zhai FQ, Volinsky AA, Qu XH
78 - 86 In situ polymerization and performance of alicyclic polyimide/graphene oxide nanocomposites derived from 6FAPB and CBDA
Lu YH, Hao JC, Xiao GY, Zhao HB, Hu ZZ, Wang TH
87 - 97 Structural and surface functionality changes in reticulated vitreous carbon produced from poly(furfuryl alcohol) with sodium hydroxide additions
Oishi SS, Botelho EC, Rezende MC, Ferreira NG
98 - 107 Reduced work function of graphene by metal adatoms
Legesse M, El Mellouhi F, Bentria E, Madjet ME, Fisher TS, Kais S, Alharbi FH
108 - 114 Fabrication of isolated platinum nanowire gratings and nanoparticles on silica substrate by femtosecond laser irradiation
Nakajima Y, Nedyalkov N, Takami A, Terakawa M
115 - 124 Construction of (001) facets exposed ZnO nanosheets on magnetically driven cilia film for highly active photocatalysis
Peng FP, Zhou Q, Lu CH, Ni YR, Kou JH, Xu ZZ
125 - 131 Influence of substrate and film thickness on polymer LIPSS formation
Cui J, Nogales A, Ezquerra TA, Rebollar E
132 - 141 Sulfide stress corrosion study of a super martensitic stainless steel in H2S sour environments: Metallic sulfides formation and hydrogen embrittlement
Monnot M, Nogueira RP, Roche V, Berthome G, Chauveau E, Estevez R, Mantel M
142 - 148 Texture control and growth mechanism of WSe2 film prepared by rapid selenization of W film
Li HC, Gao D, Li K, Pang MD, Xie SL, Liu RT, Zou JP
149 - 159 Preparation of graphene oxide modified poly(m-phenylene isophthalamide) nanofiltration membrane with improved water flux and antifouling property
Yang M, Zhao CW, Zhang SF, Li P, Hou DY
160 - 168 Rheology of cellulose nanofibrils/silver nanowires suspension for the production of transparent and conductive electrodes by screen printing
Hoeng F, Denneulin A, Reverdy-Bruas N, Krosnicki G, Bras J
169 - 177 Surface modification of silicon carbide with silane coupling agent and hexadecyl iodiele
Shang XJ, Zhu YM, Li ZH
178 - 182 A theoretical study on the reaction of diazocompounds with C-70 fullerene
Rostami Z, Hosseini J, Panahyab A
183 - 189 Synthesis and modification of FeVO4 as novel anode for lithium-ion batteries
Liu XL, Cao YC, Zheng H, Chen X, Feng CQ
190 - 196 Co-hydrothermal synthesis of LiMn(23/24)Mg(1/24)PO4.LiAlO2/C nano-hybrid cathode material with enhanced electrochemical performance for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang J, Luo SH, Chang LJ, Hao AM, Wang ZY, Liu YG, Xu Q, Wang Q, Zhang YH
197 - 204 Influence of laser pulse frequency on the microstructure of aluminum nitride thin films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition
Antonova K, Duta L, Szekeres A, Stan GE, Mihailescu IN, Anastasescu M, Stroescu H, Gartner M
205 - 218 Catalytic evaluation on liquid phase oxidation of vanillyl alcohol using air and H2O2 over mesoporous Cu-Ti composite oxide
Saha S, Abd Hamid SB, Ali TH
219 - 230 Ab-initio investigation of adsorption of CO and CO2 molecules on graphene: Role of intrinsic defects on gas sensing
Tit N, Said K, Mahmoud NM, Kouser S, Yamani ZH
231 - 239 Oxidant effect of La(NO3)(3)center dot 6H(2)O solution on the crystalline characteristics of nanocrystalline ZrO2 films grown by atomic layer deposition
Oh NK, Kim JT, Kang G, An JK, Nam M, Kim SY, Park IS, Yun JY
240 - 247 Annealing effects on electrical behavior of gold nanoparticle film: Conversion of ohmic to non-ohmic conductivity
Ebrahimpour Z, Mansour N
248 - 257 Novel three-dimensionally ordered macroporous Fe3+-doped TiO2 photocatalysts for H-2 production and degradation applications
Yan XQ, Xue C, Yang BL, Yang GD
258 - 266 Gas dependent sensing mechanism in ZnO nanobelt sensor
Kaur M, Kailasaganapathi S, Ramgir N, Datta N, Kumar S, Debnath AK, Aswal DK, Gupta SK
267 - 274 One-pot electrodeposition of cobalt flower-decorated silver nanotrees for oxygen reduction reaction
Cho YB, Moon S, Lee C, Lee Y
275 - 281 Self-healing Li-Al layered double hydroxide conversion coating modified with aspartic acid for 6N01 Al alloy
Zhang CX, Luo XH, Pan XY, Liao LY, Wu XS, Liu YL
282 - 287 Surface half-metallicity and stability of zinc-blende sodium monoselenide
Tabatabaeifar A, Davatolhagh S, Moradi M
288 - 296 One-pot reaction for the preparation of biofunctionalized self-assembled monolayers on gold surfaces
Raigoza AF, Fies W, Lim A, Onyirioha K, Webb LJ
297 - 314 Influence of microstructure and elemental partitioning on pitting corrosion resistance of duplex stainless steel welding joints
Zhang ZQ, Jing HY, Xu LY, Han YD, Zhao L, Zhang JL
315 - 322 First-principles study of stability, electronic structure and magnetic properties of Be2C nanoribbons
Zhang JM, Xu CY, Zheng HL, Du XB, Yan Y
323 - 332 The role of cathodic current in PEO of aluminum: Influence of cationic electrolyte composition on the transient current-voltage curves and the discharges optical emission spectra
Rogov AB, Shayapov VR
333 - 339 Comparative study on hydrogenation of propanal on Ni(111) and Cu(111) from density functional theory
An W, Men Y, Wang JG
340 - 350 Construction of g-C3N4/Al2O3 hybrids via in-situ acidification and exfoliation with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Wang XJ, Liu C, Li XL, Li FT, Li YP, Zhao J, Liu RH
351 - 357 In-situ reduced silver nanoparticles on populus fiber and the catalytic application
Li MM, Gong YM, Wang WH, Xu GP, Liu YF, Guo J
358 - 363 Dynamic behavior of a vibrated droplet on a low-temperature micropillared surface
Tan CC, Jia ZH, Yang HN, Zhang ZT
364 - 370 Facile synthesis of Bi2S3 nanoribbons for photocatalytic reduction of CO2 into CH3OH
Jin JR, He T
371 - 377 Dissociation and diffusion of hydrogen on defect-free and vacancy defective Mg (0001) surfaces: A density functional theory study
Han ZY, Chen HP, Zhou SX
378 - 385 Sub-micron-sized polyethylenimine-modified polystyrene/Fe3O4/chitosan magnetic composites for the efficient and recyclable adsorption of Cu(II) ions
Xiao CW, Liu XJ, Mao SM, Zhang LJ, Lu J
386 - 393 Synthesis and photocatalytic redox properties of anatase TiO2 single crystals
Dong YS, Fei XN, Liu ZF, Zhou YZ, Cao LY
394 - 402 Cu-based metal-organic framework/activated carbon composites for sulfur compounds removal
Shi RH, Zhang ZR, Fan HL, Zhen T, Ju SG, Mi J
403 - 413 Preparation and antifouling property of polyurethane film modified by chondroitin sulfate
Yuan HH, Xue J, Qian B, Chen HY, Zhu YG, Lan MB
414 - 424 Annealing effect on physical properties of evaporated molybdenum oxide thin films for ethanol sensing
Touihri S, Arfaoui A, Tarchouna Y, Labidi A, Amlouk M, Bernede JC
425 - 430 Nanoporous CuS nano-hollow spheres as advanced material for high-performance supercapacitors
Heydari H, Moosavifard SE, Elyasi S, Shahraki M
431 - 439 Synergistic effect of Sr2+ and ReO4- adsorption on hexadecyl pyridinium-modified montmorillonite
Luo WH, Inoue A, Hirajima T, Sasaki K
440 - 445 Enhancement of photoelectrochemical and photocathodic protection properties of TiO2 nanotube arrays by simple surface UV treatment
Zhang TT, Liu YP, Liang J, Wang DA
446 - 456 PLLA scaffolds surface-engineered via poly (propylene imine) dendrimers for improvement on its biocompatibility/controlled pH biodegradability
Ganjalinia A, Akbari S, Solouk A
457 - 465 Silver nanoparticles-loaded activated carbon fibers using chitosan as binding agent: Preparation, mechanism, and their antibacterial activity
Tang CL, Hu DM, Cao QQ, Yan W, Xing B
466 - 471 Low-cost laser printable photomask: One-step, photoresist-free, fully solution processed high-grade photolithography mask
Yun J, Kim J, Yang M, Kang B
472 - 478 Atomic species recognition on oxide surfaces using low temperature scanning probe microscopy
Ma ZM, Shi YB, Mu JL, Qu Z, Zhang XM, Qin L, Liu J
479 - 487 Decoration of TiO2 nanotube arrays by graphitic-C3N4 quantum dots with improved photoelectrocatalytic performance
Sun B, Lu N, Su Y, Yu HT, Meng XY, Gao ZM
488 - 497 Solution processed deposition of electron transport layers on perovskite crystal surface-A modeling based study
Mortuza SM, Taufique MFN, Banerjee S
498 - 508 Morphological driven photocatalytic activity of ZnO nanostructures
Abbas KN, Bidin N
509 - 518 Methanol decomposition on low index and stepped CeO2 surfaces from GGA plus U
Reimers WG, Branda MM
519 - 527 Adsorption study of a macro-RAFT agent onto SiO2-coated Gd2O3:Eu3+ nanorods: Requirements and limitations
Zou H, Melro L, Chaparro TD, de Souza IR, Ananias D, Bourgeat-Lami E, dos Santos AM, Barros-Timmons A
528 - 533 The hysteretic contribution of friction for the polished rubber on the concrete surface
Feshanjerdi M, Khorrami M, Masoudi AA, Kashanib MR
534 - 542 Enhancement of cell growth on honeycomb-structured polylactide surface using atmospheric-pressure plasma jet modification
Cheng KY, Chang CH, Yang YW, Liao GC, Liu CT, Wu JS
543 - 553 RF plasma based selective modification of hydrophilic regions on super hydrophobic surface
Lee J, Hwang S, Cho DH, Hong J, Shin JH, Byun D
554 - 561 Ceiling temperature and photothermalsensitivity of aqueous MSA-CdTe quantum dots thermometers
Jiang XB, Shao JY, Li BQ
562 - 568 Patterning of ultrathin polymethylmethacrylate films by in-situ photodirecting of the Marangoni flow
Elashnikov R, Fitl P, Svorcik V, Lyutakov O
569 - 577 High capacitive performance of hollow activated carbon fibers derived from willow catkins
Wang K, Song Y, Yan R, Zhao N, Tian XD, Li X, Guo QG, Liu ZJ
578 - 585 XPS depth profiling of derivatized amine and anhydride plasma polymers: Evidence of limitations of the derivatization approach
Manakhov A, Michlicek M, Felten A, Pireaux JJ, Necas D, Zajickova L
586 - 597 Investigation of nano-structured Zirconium oxide film on Ti6Al4V substrate to improve tribological properties prepared by PIII&D
Saleem S, Ahmad R, Ayub R, Ikhlaq U, Jin WH, Chu PK
598 - 603 Carbon nanotube assisted Lift off of GaN layers on sapphire
Long H, Feng XH, Wei Y, Yu TJ, Fan SS, Ying LY, Zhang BP
604 - 612 Structural origin of surface transformations in arsenic sulfide thin films upon UV-irradiation
Kovalskiy A, Vlcek M, Palka K, Buzek J, York-Winegar J, Oelgoetz J, Golovchak R, Shpotyuk O, Jain H
613 - 624 Influence of Ag contents on structure and tribological properties of TiSiN-Ag nanocomposite coatings on Ti-6Al-4V
Dang CQ, Li JL, Wang Y, Yang YT, Wang YX, Chen JM
625 - 629 Surface regulated arsenenes as Dirac materials: From density functional calculations
Yuan JH, Xie QX, Yu NN, Wang JF