Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.393 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Nitrile functionalized halloysite nanotubes/poly(arylene ether nitrile) nanocomposites: Interface control, characterization, and improved properties
Wan XY, Zhan YQ, Zeng GY, He Y
11 - 22 Gas phase propylene epoxidation over Au supported on titanosilicates with different Ti chemical environments
Chen XY, Chen SL, Jia AP, Lu JQ, Huang WX
23 - 29 Au-assisted fabrication of nano-holes on c-plane sapphire via thermal treatment guided by Au nanoparticles as catalysts
Sui M, Pandey P, Li MY, Zhang Q, Kunwar S, Lee J
30 - 36 Synthesis and characterization of advanced Li3V2(PO4)(3) nanocrystals@conducting polymer PEDOT for high energy lithium-ion batteries
Yan HY, Zhang G, Li YF
37 - 45 Controllable growth of polyaniline nanowire arrays on hierarchical macro/mesoporous graphene foams for high-performance flexible supercapacitors
Yu PP, Zhao X, Li YZ, Zhang QH
46 - 59 Carbon as amorphous shell and interstitial dopant in mesoporous rutile TiO2: Bio-template assisted sol-gel synthesis and photocatalytic activity
Mohamed MA, Salleh WNW, Jaafar J, Rosmi MS, Hir ZAM, Abd Mutalib M, Ismail AF, Tanemura M
60 - 66 Carbon nanohoops as attractive toughening and lubricant agents in TiN porous films
Zheng JY, Ren XD, Hao JY, Li A, Liu WM
67 - 73 Fenton-like degradation of Bisphenol A catalyzed by mesoporous Cu/TUD-1
Pachamuthu MP, Karthikeyan S, Maheswari R, Lee AF, Ramanathan A
74 - 81 Changes in local surface structure and Sr depletion in Fe-implanted SrTiO3 (001)
Lobacheva O, Yiu YM, Chen N, Sham TK, Goncharova LV
82 - 92 Functionalization of CoCr surfaces with cell adhesive peptides to promote HUVECs adhesion and proliferation
Castellanos MI, Mas-Moruno C, Grau A, Serra-Picamal X, Trepat X, Albericio F, Joner M, Gil FJ, Ginebra MP, Manero JM, Pegueroles M
93 - 102 Enhancing performance and surface antifouling properties of polysulfone ultrafiltration membranes with salicylate-alumoxane nanoparticles
Mokhtari S, Rahimpour A, Shamsabadi AA, Habibzadeh S, Soroush M
103 - 109 Surface energy effects on the stability of anatase and rutile nanocrystals: A predictive diagram for Nb2O5-doped-TiO2
da Silva AL, Hotza D, Castro RHR
110 - 118 Facile synthesis of SiO2@CuxO@TiO2 heterostructures for catalytic reductions of 4-nitrophenol and 2-nitroaniline organic pollutants
Zelekew OA, Kuo DH
119 - 126 Germanium nitride and oxynitride films for surface passivation of Ge radiation detectors
Maggioni G, Carturan S, Fiorese L, Pinto N, Caproli F, Napoli DR, Giarola M, Mariotto G
127 - 133 Morphology control in thin films of PS: PLA homopolymer blends by dip-coating deposition
Vital A, Vayer M, Tillocher T, Dussart R, Boufnichel M, Sinturel C
134 - 143 Effect of synthesis route on electrical and ethanol sensing characteristics for LaFeO3-delta nanoparticles by citric sol-gel method
Cao ES, Yang YQ, Cui TT, Zhang YJ, Hao WT, Sun L, Peng H, Deng X
144 - 150 Synergistic effect of Nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous carbon/graphene with enhanced catalytic performance for oxygen reduction reaction
Kong DW, Yuan WJ, Li C, Song JM, Xie AJ, Shen YH
151 - 158 Controllable synthesis of nitrogen-doped hollow mesoporous carbon spheres using ionic liquids as template for supercapacitors
Chen AB, Li YQ, Liu L, Yu YF, Xia KC, Wang YY, Li SH
159 - 167 Solvothermal synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic performance of Zn-rich ZnWO4 nanocrystals
Wang YJ, Li LP, Li GS
168 - 179 Electronic charge transfer contribution in adsorption of silicon at the SiC(0001) surface-A density functional theory (DFT) study
Soltys J, Piechota J, Strak P, Krukowski S
180 - 190 Fabrication of a direct Z-scheme type WO3/Ag3PO4 composite photocatalyst with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performances
Lu JS, Wang YJ, Liu F, Zhang L, Chai SN
191 - 196 Electrodeposition of nano-sized bismuth on copper foil as electrocatalyst for reduction of CO2 to formate
Lv WX, Zhou J, Bei JJ, Zhang R, Wang L, Xu Q, Wang W
197 - 203 Hierarchical Ag mesostructures for single particle SERS substrate
Xu MW, Zhang Y
204 - 211 Thorium effect on the oxidation of uranium: Photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS/UPS) and cyclic voltammetry (CV) investigation on (U1-xThx)O-2 (x=0 to 1) thin films
Cakir P, Eloirdi R, Huber F, Konings RJM, Gouder T
212 - 220 Hydrogenation of o-cresol on platinum catalyst: Catalytic experiments and first-principles calculations
Li YP, Liu ZM, Xue WH, Crossley SP, Jentoft FC, Wang SW
221 - 224 The function of an In0.17Al0.83N interlayer in n-ZnO/In0.17Al0.83N/p-GaN heterojunctions
Wang X, Gan XW, Zhang GZ, Su X, Zheng MJ, Ai ZW, Wu H, Liu C
225 - 233 Equilibrium CO2 adsorption on zeolite 13X prepared from natural clays
Garshasbi V, Jahangiri M, Anbia M
234 - 255 Nano-structure and optical properties (plasmonic) of graded helical square tower-like (terraced) Mn sculptured thin films
Savaloni H, Fakharpour M, Siabi-Garjan A, Placido F, Babaei F
256 - 261 Producing ZnFe2O4 thin films from ZnO/FeO multilayers
Rodriguez KLS, Hoffmann M, Golmar F, Pasquevich G, Werner P, Hergert W, Torres CER
262 - 275 Various types of semiconductor photocatalysts modified by CdTe QDs and Pt NPs for toluene photooxidation in the gas phase under visible light
Marchelek M, Grabowska E, Klimczuk T, Lisowski W, Zaleska-Medynska A
276 - 286 Green synthesis of nitrogen-doped graphitic carbon sheets with use of Prunus persica for supercapacitor applications
Atchudan R, Edison TNJI, Perumal S, Lee YR
287 - 293 Effects of 3D microlens transfer into fused silica substrate by CF4/O-2 dry etching
Grigaliunas V, Jucius D, Lazauskas A, Andrulevicius M, Sakaliuniene J, Abakeviciene B, Kopustinskas V, Smetona S, Tamulevicius S
294 - 298 Atomic nature of the Schottky barrier height formation of the Ag/GaAs(001)-2 x 4 interface: An in-situ synchrotron radiation photoemission study
Cheng CP, Chen WS, Lin KY, Wei GJ, Cheng YT, Lin YH, Wan HW, Pi TW, Tung RT, Kwo J, Hong MW
299 - 308 Preparation of paclitaxel/chitosan co-assembled core-shell nanofibers for drug-eluting stent
Tang J, Liu YJ, Zhu BS, Su Y, Zhu XY
309 - 315 Synthesis of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide by needle platy natural vein graphite
Rathnayake RMNM, Wijayasinghe HWMAC, Pitawala HMTGA, Yoshimura M, Huang HH
316 - 324 Enhanced aerobic degradation of 4-chlorophenol with iron-nickel nanoparticles
Shen WJ, Mu Y, Wang BN, Ai ZH, Zhang LZ
325 - 329 Light regulated I-V hysteresis loop of Ag/BiFeO3/FTO thin film
Wei LJ, Sun B, Zhao WX, Li HW, Chen P
330 - 339 Sub-surface microstructure of single and polycrystalline tungsten after high flux plasma exposure studied by TEM
Dubinko A, Terentyev D, Bakaeva A, Hernandez-Mayoral M, De Temmerman G, Buzi L, Noterdaeme JM, Unterberg B
340 - 347 Corrosion of Ti6Al4V pins produced by direct metal laser sintering
de Damborenea JJ, Arenas MA, Larosa MA, Jardini AL, Zavaglia CAD, Conde A
348 - 356 Novel chromium doped perovskites A(2)ZnTiO(6) (A= Pr, Gd): Synthesis, crystal structure and photocatalytic activity under simulated solar light irradiation
Zhu HK, Fang MH, Huang ZH, Liu YG, Chen K, Guan M, Tang C, Zhang LN, Wang M
357 - 363 Broadening molecular weight polyethylene distribution by tailoring the silica surface environment on supported metallocenes
Barrera EG, Stedile FC, Brambilla R, dos Santos JHZ
364 - 368 A temperature-dependent surface free energy model for solid single crystals
Cheng TB, Fang DN, Yang YZ
369 - 376 Antimony sulfide thin films prepared by laser assisted chemical bath deposition
Shaji S, Garcia LV, Loredo SL, Krishnan B, Martinez JAA, Das Roy TK, Avellaneda DA
377 - 384 Zn doped MoO3 nanobelts and the enhanced gas sensing properties to ethanol
Yang S, Liu YL, Chen T, Jin W, Yang TQ, Cao MC, Liu SS, Zhou J, Zakharova GS, Chen W
385 - 396 Assembly of a check-patterned CuSx-TiO2 film with an electron-rich pool and its application for the photoreduction of carbon dioxide to methane
Lee H, Kwak BS, Park NK, Baek JI, Ryu HJ, Kang M
397 - 404 Ceria nanoparticles vis-a-vis cerium nitrate as corrosion inhibitors for silica-alumina hybrid sol-gel coating
Lakshmi RV, Aruna ST, Sampath S
405 - 416 A numerical study of ultraprecision machining of monocrystalline silicon with laser nano-structured diamond tools by atomistic simulation
Dai HF, Chen GY, Zhou C, Fang QH, Fei XJ
417 - 421 The energy level alignment at the CH3NH3PbI3/pentacene interface
Ji GW, Zhao B, Song F, Zheng GHJ, Zhang XN, Shen KC, Yang YG, Chen S, Gao XY
422 - 427 Novel structures of oxygen adsorbed on a Zr(0001) surface predicted from first principles
Gao B, Wang JY, Lv J, Gao XY, Zhao YF, Wang YC, Song HF, Ma YM
428 - 433 Influence of copper foil polycrystalline structure on graphene anisotropic etching
Sharma KP, Mahyavanshi RD, Kalita G, Tanemura M
434 - 440 Synthesis of NiCo(2)0(4) nanostructures with different morphologies for the removal of methyl orange
Tian YX, Li HZ, Ruan ZY, Cui GJ, Yan SQ
441 - 448 Functionalization of cotton fabrics through thermal reduction of graphene oxide
Cai GM, Xu ZL, Yang MY, Tang B, Wang XG
449 - 456 Facile and cost-effective fabrication of patternable superhydrophobic surfaces via salt dissolution assisted etching
Choi D, Yoo J, Park SM, Kim DS
457 - 466 Highly effective removal of mercury and lead ions from wastewater by mercaptoamine-functionalised silica-coated magnetic nano-adsorbents: Behaviours and mechanisms
Bao SY, Li K, Ning P, Peng JH, Jin X, Tang LH
467 - 473 Self-enhanced plasma discharge effect in the deposition of diamond-like carbon films on the inner surface of slender tube
Xu Y, Li LH, Luo SD, Lu QY, Gu JB, Lei N, Huo CQ
474 - 485 Experiments for improving fabrication, recovery and surface-protection of Cs3Sb photocathode
Kimoto T, Arai Y, Nagayama K
486 - 495 Preparation, characterization of Sb-doped ZnO nanocrystals and their excellent solar light driven photocatalytic activity
Nasser R, Othmen WB, Elhouichet H, Ferid M
496 - 503 Photocatalytic activity of Bi(2)W0(6)/Bi2S3 heterojunctions: the facilitation of exposed facets of Bi(2)W0(6) substrate
Yan L, Wang YF, Shen HD, Zhang Y, Li J, Wang DJ