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Applied Surface Science, Vol.392 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Electrochemical performance of electroactive poly(amic acid)-Cu2+ composites
Yan Y, Li FF, Hanlon AM, Berda EB, Liu XC, Wang C, Chao DM
8 - 18 Research on the dynamic response of high-contact-ratio spur gears influenced by surface roughness under EHL condition
Huang K, Xiong YS, Wang T, Chen Q
19 - 26 Novel tribological stability of the superlubricity poly (vinylphosphonic acid) (PVPA) coatings on Ti6Al4V: Velocity and load independence
Zhang CX, Liu ZF, Liu YH, Ren J, Cheng Q, Yang CB, Cai LG
27 - 35 Carboxyl functionalized carbon fibers with preserved tensile strength and electrochemical performance used as anodes of structural lithium-ion batteries
Feng MJ, Wang SB, Yu YL, Feng QH, Yang JP, Zhang BM
36 - 45 In-situ construction of Au nanoparticles confined in double-shelled TiO2/mSiO(2) hollow architecture for excellent catalytic activity and enhanced thermal stability
Fang JS, Zhang YW, Zhou YM, Zhang C, Zhao S, Zhang HX, Sheng XL
46 - 50 Hydrogenated and halogenated blue phosphorene as Dirac materials: A first principles study
Sun ML, Wang SK, Yu J, Tang WC
51 - 60 Reduced graphene oxide wrapped Bi2WO6 hybrid with ultrafast charge separation and improved photoelectrocatalytic performance
Wang H, Liang YH, Liu L, Hu JS, Cui WQ
61 - 70 Utilization of visible to NIR light energy by Yb+3, Er+3 and Tm+3 doped BiVO4 for the photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue
Regmi C, Kshetri YK, Ray SK, Pandey RP, Lee SW
71 - 79 In situ one-pot preparation of reduced graphene oxide/polyaniline composite for high-performance electrochemical capacitors
Chen NL, Ren YP, Kong PP, Tan L, Feng HX, Luo YC
80 - 87 Effect of SiO2 addition on photocatalytic activity, water contact angle and mechanical stability of visible light activated TiO2 thin films applied on stainless steel by a sol gel method
Momeni M, Saghafian H, Golestani-Fard F, Barati N, Khanahmadi A
88 - 94 Lithium ion adsorption and diffusion on black phosphorene nanotube: A first-principles study
Cao J, Shi J, Hu YQ, Wu MS, Ouyang CY, Xu B
95 - 108 Investigation of the electrical and ethanol-vapour sensing properties of the junctions based on ZnO nanostructured thin film doped with copper
Dimitrov DT, Nikolaev NK, Papazova KI, Krasteva LK, Pronin IA, Averin IA, Bojinova AS, Georgieva AT, Yakushova ND, Peshkova TV, Karmanov AA, Kaneva NV, Moshnikov VA
109 - 116 Effect of temperature on compact layer of Pt electrode in PEMFCs by first-principles molecular dynamics calculations
He Y, Chen CF, Yu HB, Lu GW
117 - 125 Surface tension of polytetrafluoroethylene and its wetting by aqueous solution of some surfactants and their mixtures
Manko D, Zdziennicka A, Janczuk B
126 - 134 Antifouling activities of beta-cyclodextrin stabilized peg based silver nanocomposites
Punitha N, Saravanan P, Mohan R, Ramesh PS
135 - 143 First-principles study on the multiferroic BiFeO3 (0001) polar surfaces
Dai JQ, Xu JW, Zhu JH
144 - 152 In situ Ni-doping during cathodic electrodeposition of hematite for excellent photoelectrochemical performance of nanostructured nickel oxide-hematite p-n junction photoanode
Phuan YW, Ibrahim E, Chong MN, Zhu T, Lee BK, Ocon JD, Chan ES
153 - 161 Universal biomimetic preparation and immobilization of layered double hydroxide films and adsorption behavior
Zhou W, Zhang WP, Chen ZL
162 - 168 The different poisoning behaviors of various alkali metal containing compounds on SCR catalyst
Du XS, Yang GP, Chen YR, Ran JY, Zhang L
169 - 180 Pd-doped Bi2MoO6 plasmonic photocatalysts with enhanced visible light photocatalytic performance
Meng XC, Zhang ZS
181 - 188 Contact angle goniometry on single micron-scale fibers for composites
Hansen D, Bomholt N, Jeppesen JC, Simonsen AC
189 - 195 Folate-targeted single-wall metal-organic nanotubes used as multifunctional drug carriers
Yang LY, Liu M, Huang IB, Ai X, Li C, Ma JF, Jin TM, Liu X
196 - 203 ZnO microspheres-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite for photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue dye
Qin JQ, Zhang XY, Yang CW, Cao M, Ma MZ, Liu RP
204 - 214 Theoretical study of the deposition and adsorption of bisphosphonates on the 001 hydroxyapatite surface: Implications in the pathological crystallization inhibition and the bone antiresorptive action
Fernandez D, Ortega-Castro J, Frau J
215 - 224 Nanoindentation of ultra-hard cBN films: A molecular dynamics study
Huang C, Peng XH, Fu T, Zhao YB, Feng C, Lin ZJ, Li QB
225 - 230 Powerful greenhouse gas nitrous oxide adsorption onto intrinsic and Pd doped Single walled carbon nanotube
Yoosefian M
231 - 243 Interfacial engineering of two-dimensional nano-structured materials by atomic layer deposition
Zhuiykov S, Kawaguchi T, Hai Z, Akbari MK, Heynderickx PM
244 - 255 Graphene-based materials via benzidine-assisted exfoliation and reduction of graphite oxide and their electrochemical properties
Vermisoglou EC, Giannakopoulou T, Romanos G, Boukos N, Psycharis V, Lei C, Lekakou C, Petridis D, Trapalis C
256 - 259 The relation between photoluminescence properties and gas pressure with [0001] InGaN single quantum well systems
Tsutsumi T, Alfieri G, Kawakami Y, Micheletto R
260 - 267 Thermally stable hydrophobicity in electrospun silica/polydimethylsiloxane hybrid fibers
Wei ZL, Li JJ, Wang C, Cao JG, Yao YT, Lu HB, Li YB, He XD
268 - 276 Facile synthesis and enhanced magnetic, photocatalytic properties of one-dimensional Ag@Fe3O4-TiO2
Jia XH, Dai RR, Lian DD, Han S, Wu XY, Song HJ
277 - 285 Magnetic properties of the 2D Fe-n core X-m (X = C, N, O, Cl, S and F) shell clusters embedded in graphene
Zhao MY, Zhao RM, Li W, Ma YQ, Wang TX, Dai XQ
286 - 296 Mechanical durability of superhydrophobic surfaces: The role of surface modification technologies
Zhi JH, Zhang LZ, Yang YY, Zhu J
297 - 304 Low-crystallinity molybdenum sulfide nanosheets assembled on carbon nanotubes for long-life lithium storage: Unusual electrochemical behaviors and ascending capacities
Li XD, Wu GX, Chen JW, Li MC, Li W, Wang TY, Jiang B, He Y, Mai LQ
305 - 311 Improvement of the corrosion and tribological properties of CSS-42L aerospace bearing steel using carbon ion implantation
Wang FF, Zhou CG, Zheng LJ, Zhang H
312 - 320 Facile one-pot fabrication of nano-Fe3O4/carboxyl-functionalized baker's yeast composites and their application in methylene blue dye adsorption
Du ZJ, Zhang Y, Li ZJ, Chen H, Wang Y, Wang GT, Zou P, Chen HP, Zhang YS
321 - 331 Electrically responsive microreservoires for controllable delivery of dexamethasone in bone tissue engineering
Paun IA, Zamfirescu M, Luculescu CR, Acasandrei AM, Mustaciosu CC, Mihailescu M, Dinescu M
332 - 341 Adsorption of low concentration ceftazidime from aqueous solutions using impregnated activated carbon promoted by Iron, Copper and Aluminum
Hu X, Zhang H, Sun ZR
342 - 349 Utilization of carboxylic functional groups generated during purification of carbon nanotube fiber for its strength improvement
Im YO, Lee SH, Kim T, Park J, Lee J, Lee KH
350 - 355 First-principles study of the charge transfer and evolution of Si doping 2N2Ta islands adsorption on TaN (001) surfaces
Ren Y, Zhang H, Zhang C, Zeng HQ, Liu XJ
356 - 361 Aspects of the practical application of titanium alloys after low temperature nitriding glow discharge in hydrogen- free -gas media
Mashovets NS, Pastukh IM, Voloshko SM
362 - 374 Hydrogen adsorption and storage on Palladium - functionalized graphene with NH-dopant: A first principles calculation
Faye O, Szpunar JA, Szpunar B, Beye AC
375 - 383 Ultrasonic effect on etching tunnel morphology and distribution of aluminum foil
Hu B, Sun YZ, Guan B, Zhao J, Zhang HH, Zhu DQ, Ma KS, Cheng CJ
384 - 390 Enhanced catalytic properties of mesoporous mordenite for benzylation of benzene with benzyl alcohol
Saxena SK, Viswanadham N
391 - 401 Synthesis and application of iron and zinc doped biochar for removal of p-nitrophenol in wastewater and assessment of the influence of co-existed Pb(II)
Wang P, Tang L, Wei X, Zeng GM, Zhou YY, Deng YC, Wang JJ, Xie ZH, Fang W
402 - 409 Macroscale cobalt-MOFs derived metallic Co nanoparticles embedded in N-doped porous carbon layers as efficient oxygen electrocatalysts
Lu HS, Zhang HM, Liu RR, Zhang X, Zhao HJ, Wang GZ
410 - 417 Analysis of the dynamics of reactions of SiCl2 at Si (100) surfaces
Anzai K, Kunioshi N, Fuwa A
418 - 429 Photochemical and photocatalytic evaluation of 1D titanate/TiO2 based nanomaterials
Conceicao DS, Ferreira DP, Graca CAL, Julio MF, Ilharco LM, Velosa AC, Santos PF, Ferreira LFV
430 - 440 Metastability of a-SiOx:H thin films for c-Si surface passivation
Serenelli L, Martini L, Imbimbo L, Asquini R, Menchini F, Izzi M, Tucci M
441 - 447 Nicotinic acid as a new co-adsorbent in dye-sensitized solar cells
Nguyen PT, Nguyen VS, Phan TAP, Le TNV, Le DM, Le DD, Tran VA, Huynh TV, Lund T
448 - 455 Spinel-structured surface layers for facile Li ion transport and improved chemical stability of lithium manganese oxide spinel
Lee HR, Seo HR, Lee B, Cho BW, Lee KY, Oh SH
456 - 471 Insight into chemoselectivity of nitroarene hydrogenation: A DFT-D3 study of nitroarene adsorption on metal surfaces under the realistic reaction conditions
Zhang LD, Cao XM, Hu P
472 - 480 Preparation of Pt/TiO2 hollow nanofibers with highly visible light photocatalytic activity
Yang ZL, Lu J, Ye WC, Yu CS, Chang YL
481 - 491 Fabrication and characterization of poly (bisphenol A borate) with high thermal stability
Wang SJ, Wang X, Jia BB, Jing XL
492 - 497 Microcautery based on zinc metallic nanoparticles photodeposited on the core of an optical fiber
Zaca-Moran P, Pastelin CF, Moran C, Perez-Sanchez GF, Chavez F
498 - 502 Inherent formation of porous p-type Si nanowires using palladium-assisted chemical etching
Chen JM, Chen CY, Wong CP, Chen CY
503 - 513 Controlled hydrodynamic conditions on the formation of iron oxide nanostructures synthesized by electrochemical anodization: Effect of the electrode rotation speed
Lucas-Granados B, Sanchez-Tovar R, Fernandez-Domene RM, Garcia-Anton J
514 - 522 Surfactant-free synthesis of hierarchical niobic acid microflowers assembled from ultrathin nanosheets with efficient photoactivities
Dong WH, Pan F, Wang YY, Xiao SN, Wu K, Xu GQ, Chen W
523 - 530 Nanoscale mechanochemical wear of phosphate laser glass against.a CeO2 particle in humid air
Yu JX, He HT, Zhang YF, Hu HL
531 - 539 Effect of rutile TiO2 on the photocatalytic performance of g-C3N4/brookite-TiO2-xNy photocatalyst for NO decomposition
Li HH, Wu XY, Yin S, Katsumata K, Wang YH
540 - 548 Remarkable photo-catalytic degradation of malachite green by nickel doped bismuth selenide under visible light irradiation
Kulsi C, Ghosh A, Mondal A, Kargupta K, Ganguly S, Banerjee D
549 - 556 Comparison study of transparent RF-sputtered ITO/AZO and ITO/ZnO bilayers for near UV-OLED applications
Rezaie MN, Manavizadeh N, Abadi EMN, Nadimi E, Boroumand FA
557 - 561 Rational design of multifunctional devices based on molybdenum disulfide and graphene hybrid nanostructures
Lim YR, Lee YB, Kim SK, Kim SJ, Kim Y, Jeon C, Song W, Myung S, Lee SS, An KS, Lim J
562 - 571 Well-dispersed NiO nanoparticles supported on nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube for methanol electrocatalytic oxidation in alkaline media
Wang PC, Zhou YK, Hu M, Chen J
572 - 580 Harmonic generation by atomic and nanoparticle precursors in a ZnS laser ablation plasma
Oujja M, Lopez-Quintas I, Benitez-Canete A, de Nalda R, Castillejo M
581 - 589 The influence of the substrate on the adhesive strength of the micro-arc oxidation coating developed on TiNi shape memory alloy
Hsieh SF, Ou SF, Chou CK
590 - 597 Reactive magnetron sputtering deposition of bismuth tungstate onto titania nanoparticles for enhancing visible light photocatalytic activity
Ratova M, Kelly PJ, West GT, Tosheva L, Edge M
598 - 607 Role of anionic and cationic surfactants on the structural and dielectric properties of ZrO2 nanoparticles
Sidhu GK, Kumar R
608 - 615 Cobalt-doped graphitic carbon nitride photocatalysts with high activity for hydrogen evolution
Chen PW, Li K, Yu YX, Zhang WD
616 - 623 Au/ZnO nanoarchitectures with Au as both supporter and antenna of visible-light
Liu TY, Chen W, Hua YX, Liu XH
624 - 633 Synergistic effects of Mo and F doping on the quality factor of ZnO thin films prepared by a fully automated home-made nebulizer spray technique
Ravichandran K, Dineshbabu N, Arun T, Manivasaham A, Sindhuja E
634 - 641 Chemical and structural changes in polyamide based organic-inorganic hybrid materials upon incorporation of SeS2O62- precursor
Krylova V, Dukstiene N, Zalenkiene S, Baltrusaitis J
642 - 648 Facile synthesis of AgCI/polydopamine/Ag nanoparticles with in-situ laser improving Raman scattering effect
Zhang Y, Zhang WQ, Wang L, Wang F, Yang HF
649 - 657 Doping induced grain size reduction and photocatalytic performance enhancement of SrMoO4:Bi3+
Wang YJ, Xu H, Shao CY, Cao J
658 - 686 Surface modification and enhanced photocatalytic CO2 reduction performance of TiO2: a review
Low JX, Cheng B, Yu JG
687 - 696 The influence of zeolites fly ash bead/TiO2 composite material surface morphologies on their adsorption and photocatalytic performance
Yang L, Wang FZ, Hakki A, Macphee DE, Liu P, Hu SG
697 - 700 Reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy as efficient technique for the determination of optical properties of polystyrene intermixed with gold nanoparticles
Deris J, Hajati S
701 - 707 Magnetically separable CuFe2O4/AgBr composite photocatalysts: Preparation, characterization, photocatalytic activity and photocatalytic mechanism under visible light
Zhao YL, Lin CP, Bi HJ, Liu YG, Yan QS
708 - 714 Carbon fiber cloth supported interwoven WS2 nanosplates with highly enhanced performances for supercapacitors
Shang X, Chi JQ, Lu SS, Gou JX, Dong B, Li X, Liu YR, Yan KL, Chai YM, Liu CG
715 - 722 Intercalation synthesis of graphene-capped iron silicide atop Ni(111): Evolution of electronic structure and ferromagnetic ordering
Grebenyuk GS, Vilkov OY, Rybkin AG, Gomoyunova MV, Senkovskiy BV, Usachov DY, Vyalikh DV, Molodtsov SL, Pronin II
723 - 731 Influence of hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces on reducing aerodynamic insect residues
Krishnan KG, Milionis A, Loth E, Farrell TE, Crouch JD, Berry DH
732 - 746 CrCuAgN PVD nanocomposite coatings: Effects of annealing on coating morphology and nanostructure
Liu XG, Iamvasant C, Liu C, Matthews A, Leyland A
747 - 759 Conformation evolution of oil contaminants onto aluminum oxide surface in aqueous solution: The effect of surface coverage
Xie WK, Liu HT, Sun YZ, Fu HY, Liang YC
760 - 767 The adsorption and dissociation of water molecule on goethite (010) surface: A DFT approach
Zhou L, Xiu FY, Qiu M, Xia SW, Yu LM
768 - 776 Anti-corrosion film formed on HAl77-2 copper alloy surface by aliphatic polyamine in 3 wt.% NaCl solution
Yu YZ, Yang D, Zhang DQ, Wang YZ, Gao LX
777 - 784 MnO2 nanorods/3D-rGO composite as high performance anode materials for Li-ion batteries
Liu HD, Hu ZL, Su YY, Ruan HB, Hu R, Zhang L
785 - 794 Facile synthesis of mesostructured ZSM-5 zeolite with enhanced mass transport and catalytic performances
Li C, Ren YQ, Gou JS, Liu BY, Xi HX
795 - 800 Electronic structure of Ar+ ion-sputtered thin-film MoS2: A XPS and IPES study
Santoni A, Rondino F, Malerba C, Valentini M, Mittiga A
801 - 809 Effect of ZnO core electrodeposition conditions on electrochemical and photocatalytic properties of polypyrrole-graphene oxide shelled nanoarrays
Pruna A, Shao Q, Kamruzzaman M, Li YY, Zapien JA, Pullini D, Mataix DB, Ruotolo A
810 - 816 Preparation of WO3/g-C3N4 composites and their application in oxidative desulfurization
Zhao RX, Li XP, Su JX, Gao XH
817 - 825 Influence of the growth conditions on the optical and structural properties of self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dots for low As/In ratio
Ozdemir S, Suyolcu YE, Turan S, Aslan B
826 - 833 Effect of bias voltage on TiAlSiN nanocomposite coatings deposited by HiPIMS
Ma QS, Li LH, Xu Y, Gu JB, Wang L, Xu Y
834 - 840 Formation of self-assembled monolayer of curcuminoid molecules on gold surfaces
Berlanga I, Etcheverry-Berrios A, Mella A, Jullian D, Gomez VA, Aliaga-Alcalde N, Fuenzalida V, Flores M, Soler M
841 - 848 Organic functionalization of silicane with formaldehyde and propanaldehyde
Morachis-Galindo D, Rubio-Pereda P, Takeuchi N
849 - 853 Work function mediated by deposition of ultrathin polar FeO on Pt(111)
Lu SZ, Qin ZH, Guo QM, Cao GY
854 - 862 Understanding the shrinkage of optical absorption edges of nanostructured Cd-Zn sulphide films for photothermal applications
Hossain MS, Kabir H, Rahman MM, Hasan I, Bashar MS, Rahman M, Gafur MA, Islam S, Amri A, Jiang ZT, Altarawneh M, Dlugogorski BZ
863 - 866 Re-crystallization of ITO films after carbon irradiation
Usman M, Khan S, Khan M, Abbas TA
867 - 871 Kinetics of the laser-induced solid phase crystallization of amorphous silicon Time-resolved Raman spectroscopy and computer simulations
Ocenasek J, Novak P, Prusakova L
872 - 882 Dynamic contact interactions of fractal surfaces
Jana T, Mitra A, Sahoo P
883 - 888 Immunosensing by luminescence reduction in surface-modified microstructured SU-8
Eravuchira PJ, Baranowska M, Eckstein C, Diaz F, Llobet E, Marsal LF, Ferre-Borrull J
889 - 896 Facile synthesis of flake-like TiO2/C nano-composites for photocatalytic H-2 evolution under visible-light irradiation
Yan BL, Zhou J, Liang XY, Song KN, Su XT
897 - 903 UV-assisted synthesis of surface modified mesoporous TiO2/G microspheres and its electrochemical performances in lithium ion batteries
Tong XL, Zeng M, Li J, Li FY
904 - 911 Enhanced nonlinear optical absorption and optical limiting properties of superparamagnetic spinel zinc ferrite decorated reduced graphene oxide nanostructures
Saravanan M, Girisun TCS
912 - 919 Electrochemically promoted electroless nickel-phosphorous plating on titanium substrate
Gao C, Dai L, Meng W, He ZX, Wang L
920 - 928 Theoretical aspects of methyl acetate and methanol activation on MgO(100) and (501) catalyst surfaces with application in FAME production
Man IC, Soriga SG, Parvulescu V
929 - 935 Wetting characteristics of 3-dimensional nanostructured fractal surfaces
Davis E, Liu Y, Jiang LJ, Lu YF, Ndao S
936 - 941 Stability of Pt-n cluster on free/defective graphene: A first-principles study
Yang GM, Fan XF, Shi S, Huang HH, Zheng WT
942 - 949 Molecular dynamics simulation of plasticity in VN(001) crystals under nanoindentation with a spherical indenter
Fu T, Peng XH, Wang C, Lin ZJ, Chen XS, Hu N, Wang ZC
950 - 959 Effect of substrate storage conditions on the stability of "Smart" films used for mammalian cell applications
Bluestein BM, Reed JA, Canavan HE
960 - 965 Crack-free CH3NH3PbI3 layer via continuous dripping method for high-performance mesoporous perovskite solar cells
Chen G, Zheng JH, Zheng LL, Yan X, Lin HD, Zhang FY
966 - 974 The effects of nonmetal dopants on the electronic, optical and chemical performances of monolayer g-C3N4 by first-principles study
Lu S, Li C, Li HH, Zhao YF, Gong YY, Niu LY, Liu XJ, Wang T
975 - 975 Functionalization of gold and graphene electrodes by p-maleimido-phenyl towards thiol-sensing systems investigated by EQCM and IR ellipsometric spectroscopy (vol 392C, pg 975, 2017)
Neubert TJ, Rosicke F, Sun GG, Janietz S, Gluba MA, Hinrichs K, Nickel NH, Jorg
981 - 990 Effects of carbon nanofiller characteristics on PTT chain conformation and dynamics: A computational study
Asadinezhad A, Kelich P
991 - 1003 Perspective of laser-prototyping nanoparticle-polymer composites
Zhang DS, Gokce B
1004 - 1016 The effect of cerium-based conversion treatment on the cathodic delamination and corrosion protection performance of carbon steel-fusion-bonded epoxy coating systems
Ramezanzadeh B, Rostami M
1017 - 1025 Different growth mechanisms of Ge by Stranski-Krastanow on Si (111) and (001) surfaces: An STM study
Teys SA
1026 - 1035 Impact of the nanostructuration on the corrosion resistance and hardness of irradiated 316 austenitic stainless steels
Hug E, Babu RP, Monnet I, Etienne A, Moisy F, Pralong V, Enikeev N, Abramova M, Sauvage X, Radiguet B
1036 - 1042 Langmuir-Blodgett assembly of visible light responsive TiO2 nanotube arrays/graphene oxide heterostructure
Chen Y, Gao HY, Wei DM, Dong XJ, Cao Y
1043 - 1048 Analysis of the Si(111) surface prepared in chemical vapor ambient for subsequent III-V heteroepitaxy
Zhao W, Steidl M, Paszuk A, Bruckner S, Dobrich A, Supplie O, Kleinschmidt P, Hannappel T
1049 - 1054 In-situ monitoring of etching of bovine serum albumin using low-temperature atmospheric plasma jet
Kousal J, Shelemin A, Kylian O, Slavinska D, Biederman H
1055 - 1061 Synthesis of ultra-thin tellurium nanoflakes on textiles for high-performance flexible and wearable nanogenerators
He W, Ngoc HV, Qian YT, Hwang JS, Yan YP, Choi H, Kang DJ
1062 - 1067 Study of sterilization-treatment in pure and N-doped carbon thin films synthesized by inductively coupled plasma assisted pulsed-DC magnetron sputtering
Javid A, Kumar M, Han JG
1068 - 1077 Visible-light photoactivity of plasmonic silver supported on mesoporous TiO2 nanoparticles (Ag-MTN) for enhanced degradation of 2-chlorophenol: Limitation of Ag-Ti interaction
Jaafar NF, Jalil AA, Triwahyono S
1078 - 1087 Building of CoFe2/CoFe2O4/MgO architectures: Structure, magnetism and surface functionalized by TiO2
Wang M, Ma YQ, Sun X, Geng BQ, Wu MZ, Zheng GH, Dai ZX
1088 - 1096 Quasi-chemical approach for adsorption of mixtures with non-additive lateral interactions
Pinto OA, Pasinetti PM, Ramirez-Pastor AJ
1097 - 1106 Preparation of NiO nanoflakes under different calcination temperatures and their supercapacitive and optical properties
Zhao JS, Liu H, Zhang Q
1107 - 1116 Photocatalytic oxidation removal of Hg-0 using ternary Ag/AgI-Ag2CO3 hybrids in wet scrubbing process under fluorescent light
Zhang AC, Zhang LX, Chen XZ, Zhu QF, Liu ZC, Xiang J
1117 - 1125 High adhesion transparent conducting films using graphene oxide hybrid carbon nanotubes
Da SX, Wang J, Geng HZ, Jia SL, Xu CX, Li LG, Shi PP, Li GF
1126 - 1133 Effect of plasma superficial treatments on antibacterial functionalization and coloration of cellulosic fabrics
Ibrahim NA, Eid BM, Abdel-Aziz MS
1134 - 1143 Enhancement of ZnO-rGO nanocomposite thin films by gamma radiation for E. coli sensor
Azmy NAN, Bakar AAA, Arsad N, Idris S, Mohmad AR, Hamid AA
1144 - 1152 Double hollow MoS2 nano-spheres: Synthesis, tribological properties, and functional conversion from lubrication to photocatalysis
Liu YR, Hu KH, Hu EZ, Guo JH, Han CL, Hu XG
1153 - 1164 The effect of inclination angle on the plastic deformation behavior of bicrystalline silver nanowires with Sigma 3 asymmetric tilt grain boundaries
Yuan L, Jing P, Shan DB, Guo B
1165 - 1172 Influence of O-2 exposure on the interaction between CH4 and amorphous AlYB14
Hunold O, Wiesing M, de los Arcos T, Music D, Grundmeier G, Schneider JM
1173 - 1180 Optimal process parameters for phosphorus spin-on-doping of germanium
Boldrini V, Carturan SM, Maggioni G, Napolitani E, Napoli DR, Camattari R, De Salvador D
1181 - 1186 Copper spherical cavity arrays: Fluorescence enhancement in PFO films
Spada ER, Valente GT, Pereira-Da-Silva MA, Sartorelli ML, Guimaraes FEG, Faria RM