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1 - 2 SPECIAL ISSUE: European Conference on Surface Science 2015 Preface
Fraxedas J
1 - 2 Preface
Fraxedas J
3 - 11 Role of the tail of high-energy secondary electrons in the Monte Carlo evaluation of the fraction of electrons backscattered from polymethylmethacrylate
Dapor M
12 - 17 Thermal stability of surface-confined assemblies comprising functional cross-shaped molecules: Insights from Monte Carlo modeling
Kasperski A, Szabelski P
18 - 23 Initial oxidation behavior of Ni3Al (210) surface induced by supersonic oxygen molecular beam at room temperature
Xu Y, Sakurai J, Teraoka Y, Yoshigoe A, Demura M, Hirano T
24 - 32 Self-organized growth and magnetic properties of epitaxial silicide nanoislands
Tripathi JK, Levy R, Camus Y, Dascalu M, Cesura F, Chalasani R, Kohn A, Markovich G, Goldfarb I
33 - 38 Phase-field simulations of faceted Ge/Si-crystal arrays, merging into a suspended film
Salvalaglio M, Bergamaschini R, Backofen R, Voigt A, Montalenti F, Miglio L
39 - 43 Temperature dependence of the partially localized state in a 2D molecular nanoporous network
Piquero-Zulaica I, Nowakowska S, Ortega JE, Stohr M, Gade LH, Jung TA, Lobo-Checa J
44 - 48 Direct correlations between XPS analyses and growth film by chronopotentiometry on InP in liquid ammonia (-55 degrees C)
Goncalves AM, Njel C, Aureau D, Etcheberry A
49 - 52 Temperature-induced processes for size-selected metallic nanoparticles on surfaces
Bettermann H, Werner M, Getzlaff M
53 - 58 Fast atom diffraction inside a molecular beam epitaxy chamber, a rich combination
Debiossac M, Atkinson P, Zugarramurdi A, Eddrief M, Finocchi F, Etgens VH, Momeni A, Khemliche H, Borisov AG, Roncin P
59 - 65 Sandwich heterostructures of antimony trioxide and bismuth trioxide films: Structural, morphological and optical analysis
Condurache-Bota S, Praisler M, Gavrila R, Tigau N
66 - 69 The Verwey transition observed by spin-resolved photoemission electron microscopy
de la Figuera J, Tusche C
71 - 71 Energy and environmental photocatalytic materials Preface
Yu JG, Jaroniec M
72 - 123 A review on g-C3N4-based photocatalysts
Wen JQ, Xie J, Chen XB, Li X
124 - 148 Comparison of modification strategies towards enhanced charge carrier separation and photocatalytic degradation activity of metal oxide semiconductors (TiO2, WO3 and ZnO)
Kumar SG, Rao KSRK
149 - 174 Alternative photocatalysts to TiO2 for the photocatalytic reduction of CO2
Nikokavoura A, Trapalis C
175 - 183 Fabrication and photocatalytic activity enhanced mechanism of direct Z-scheme g-C3N4/Ag2WO4 photocatalyst
Zhu BC, Xia PF, Li Y, Ho WK, Yu JG
184 - 193 Enhanced visible light activity on direct contact Z-scheme g-C3N4-TiO2 photocatalyst
Li J, Zhang M, Li QY, Yang JJ
194 - 201 A plate-on-plate sandwiched Z-scheme heterojunction photocatalyst: BiOBr-Bi2MoO6 with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Wang SY, Yang XL, Zhang XH, Ding X, Yang ZX, Dai K, Chen H
202 - 210 Facile preparation of Z-scheme WO3/g-C3N4 composite photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic performance under visible light
Cui LF, Ding X, Wang YG, Shi HC, Huang LH, Zuo YH, Kang SF
211 - 217 One-dimenSional Z-scheme TiO2/WO3/Pt heterostructures for enhanced hydrogen generation
Gao HQ, Zhang P, Hu JH, Pan JM, Fan JJ, Shao GS
218 - 227 Fabrication of TiO2 nanorod assembly grafted rGO (rGO@TiO2-NR) hybridized flake-like photocatalyst
Lv KL, Fang S, Si LL, Xia Y, Ho WK, Li M
228 - 235 Facile synthesis of bird's nest-like TiO2 microstructure with exposed (001) facets for photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue
Zhang GZ, Zhang SQ, Wang LL, Liu R, Zeng YX, Xia XN, Liu YT, Luo SL
236 - 250 Photocatalytic enhancement of floating photocatalyst: Layer-by-layer hybrid carbonized chitosan and Fe-N- codoped TiO2 on fly ash cenospheres
Song JK, Wang XJ, Bu YJ, Wang X, Zhang J, Huang JY, Ma RR, Zhao JF
251 - 258 Hydrogen evolution from aqueous-phase photocatalytic reforming of ethylene glycol over Pt/TiO2 catalysts: Role of Pt and product distribution
Li FY, Gu Q, Niu Y, Wang RZ, Tong YC, Zhu SY, Zhang HL, Zhang ZZ, Wang XX
259 - 266 Co-modification of amorphous-Ti(IV) hole cocatalyst and Ni(OH)(2) electron cocatalyst for enhanced photocatalytic H-2-production performance of TiO2
Wang P, Lu YG, Wang XF, Yu HG
267 - 274 Preparation, characterization and visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity of a novel Fe(III) porphyrin-sensitized TiO2 nanotube photocatalyst
Wei M, Wan JM, Hu ZW, Peng ZQ, Wang B, Wang HG
275 - 281 C, N co-doped TiO2/TiC0.7N0.3 composite coatings prepared from TiC0.7N0.3 powder using ball milling followed by oxidation
Hao L, Wang ZW, Zheng YQ, Li QQ, Guan SJ, Zhao Q, Cheng LJ, Lu Y, Liu JZ
282 - 287 TiO2 Processed by pressurized hot solvents as a novel photocatalyst for photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide
Reli M, Kobielusz M, Matejova L, Danis S, Macyk W, Obalova L, Kustrowski P, Rokicinska A, Koci K
288 - 294 Phosphate modified N/Si co-doped rutile TiO2 nanorods for photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Zhang XF, Zhang BY, Luo YP, Lv XW, Shen Y
295 - 302 Pouous TiO2 nanofibers decorated CdS nanoparticles by SILAR method for enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity
Tian FY, Hou DF, Hu FC, Xie K, Qiao XQ, Li DS
303 - 310 Self-assembled Bi2MoO6/TiO2 nanofiber heterojunction film with enhanced photocatalytic activities
Li H, Zhang TX, Pan C, Pu CC, Hu Y, Hu XY, Liu EZ, Fan J
311 - 317 Solvothermal synthesis of TiO2 nanocrystals with {001} facets using titanic acid nanobelts for superior photocatalytic activity
Cao YH, Zong LL, Li QY, Li C, Li JL, Yang JJ
318 - 325 Carbon wrapped and doped TiO2 mesoporous nanostructure with efficient visible-light photocatalysis for NO removal
He D, Li YL, Wang IS, Wu JS, Yang YL, An QE
326 - 336 Effect of band gap engineering in anionic-doped TiO2 photocatalyst
Samsudin EM, Abd Hamid SB
337 - 344 Chemical bath deposited rutile TiO2 compact layer toward efficient planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells
Liang C, Wu ZH, Li PW, Fan JJ, Zhang YQ, Shao GS
345 - 352 A facile strategy to fabricate Au/TiO2 nanotubes photoelectrode with excellent photoelectrocatalytic properties
Zhang GW, Miao H, Hu XY, Mu JL, Liu XX, Han TX, Fan J, Liu EZ, Yin YC, Wan J
353 - 359 Electrodeposition of flake-like Cu2O on vertically aligned two-dimensional TiO2 nanosheet array films for enhanced photoelectrochemical properties
Yang L, Zhang M, Zhu KR, Lv JG, He G, Sun ZQ
360 - 368 A simple fabrication for sulfur doped graphitic carbon nitride porous rods with excellent photocatalytic activity degrading RhB dye
Fan QJ, Liu JJ, Yu YC, Zuo SL, Li BS
369 - 375 Graphitic carbon nitride nanosheet for photocatalytic hydrogen production: The impact of morphology and element composition
Zhang Z, Zhang YJ, Lu LH, Si YJ, Zhang S, Chen Y, Dai K, Duan P, Duan LM, Liu JH
376 - 383 Enhanced visible light photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B over phosphorus doped graphitic carbon nitride
Chai B, Yan JT, Wang CL, Ren ZD, Zhu YC
384 - 391 Synthesis of nanoporous carbon nitride using calcium carbonate as templates with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Chen DM, Yang JJ, Ding H
392 - 403 Construction of stable Ta3N5/g-C3N4 metal/non-metal nitride hybrids with enhanced visible-light photocatalysis
Jiang YH, Liu PP, Chen YC, Zhou ZZ, Yang HJ, Hong YZ, Li F, Ni L, Yan YS, Gregory DH
404 - 414 Design of Cu-Cu2O/g-C3N4 nanocomponent photocatalysts for hydrogen evolution under visible light irradiation using water-soluble Erythrosin B dye sensitization
Zhang PY, Wang TT, Zeng HP
415 - 422 Fabrication of AgFeO2/g-C3N4 nanocatalyst with enhanced and stable photocatalytic performance
Tang DD, Zhang GK
423 - 431 Enhancement of photocatalytic and photoelectrocatalytic activity of Ag modified Mpg-C3N4 composites
He QC, Zhou F, Zhan S, Yang YF, Liu YJ, Tian Y, Huang NB
432 - 439 Low-temperature solid-state preparation of ternary CdS/g-C3N4/CuS nanocomposites for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic H-2-production activity
Cheng FY, Yin H, Xiang QJ
440 - 448 AgBr and g-C3N4 co-modified Ag2CO3 photocatalyst: A novel multi-heterostructured photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Tang H, Chang SF, Tang GG, Liang W
449 - 456 Enhanced visible light photocatalytic H-2 evolution of metal-free g-C3N4/SiC heterostructured photocatalysts
Wang B, Zhang JT, Huang F
457 - 467 Growth of ZnO nanowires on polypropylene membrane surface-Characterization and reactivity
Bojarska M, Nowak B, Skowronski J, Pitkiewicz W, Gradon L
468 - 475 Down-conversion phosphors as noble-metal-free co-catalyst in ZnO for efficient visible light photocatalysis
Chu HP, Liu XJ, Liu JQ, Lei WY, Li JL, Wu TY, Li P, Li HL, Pan LK
476 - 483 Effects of Ag loading on structural and photocatalytic properties of flower-like ZnO microspheres
Zhang XD, Wang YX, Hou FL, Li HX, Yang Y, Zhang XX, Yang YQ, Wang Y
484 - 490 Hierarchical ZnO/S,N:GQD composites: Biotemplated synthesis and enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity
Cai AJ, Wang XP, Qi YL, Ma ZC
491 - 498 Non-noble metal Bi deposition by utilizing Bi2WO6 as the self-sacrificing template for enhancing visible light photocatalytic activity
Yu SX, Zhang YH, Li M, Du X, Huang HW
499 - 506 Synthesis and photocatalytic property for H-2 production of H1.78Sr0.78Bi0.22Nb2O7 nanosheets
Zhang B, Li YX, Luo JM, Zhao H, Zhao J, Dong GH, Zhu YQ, Wang CY
507 - 515 In situ controllable synthesis of novel surface plasmon resonance-enhanced Ag2WO4/Ag/Bi2MoO6 composite for enhanced and stable visible light photocatalyst
Lv JL, Dai K, Zhang JF, Lu LH, Liang CH, Geng L, Wang ZL, Yuan GY, Zhu GP
516 - 524 Influence of photoinduced Si-related self-doping on the photocatalytic activity of SiOBr nanosheets
Wu D, Yue ST, Wang W, An TC, Li GY, Ye LQ, Yip HY, Wong PK
525 - 534 The highly enhanced visible light photocatalytic degradation of gaseous o-dichlorobenzene through fabricating like-flowers BiPO4/BiOBr p-n heterojunction composites
Zou XJ, Dong YY, Zhang XD, Cui YB, Ou XX, Qi XH
535 - 541 Photocatalytic hydrogen production over solid solutions between BiFeO3 and SrTiO3
Lu LW, Lv ML, Liu G, Xu XX
542 - 547 Photocatalytic perfermance of sandwich-like BiVO4 sheets by microwave assisted synthesis
Liu SQ, Tang HL, Zhou H, Dai GP, Wang WQ
548 - 556 Effect of reaction parameters on photoluminescence and photocatalytic activity of zinc sulfide nanosphere synthesized by hydrothermal route
Chanu TI, Samanta D, Tiwari A, Chatterjee S
557 - 564 Synthesis of Mn-doped ZnS microspheres with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Wang L, Wang P, Huang BB, Ma XJ, Wang G, Dai Y, Zhang XY, Qin XY
565 - 571 Facile synthesis of CNTs/CaIn2S4 composites with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance
Xia Y, Li Q, Wu XF, Lv K, Tang DG, Li M
572 - 579 Enhanced selective photocatalytic CO2 reduction into CO over Ag/CdS nanocomposites under visible light
Zhu ZZ, Qin JN, Jiang M, Ding ZX, Hou YD
580 - 591 Constructing 2D layered hybrid CdS nanosheets/MoS2 heterojunctions for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic H-2 generation
Ma S, Xie J, Wen JQ, He KL, Li X, Liu W, Zhang XC
592 - 600 Effect of thermal annealing on the microstructures and photocatalytic performance of silver orthophosphate: The synergistic mechanism of Ag vacancies and metallic Ag
Yan TJ, Guan WF, Xiao Y, Tian J, Qiao Z, Zhai HS, Li WJ, You JM
601 - 608 Self-propagating solar light reduction of graphite oxide in water
Todorova N, Giannakopoulou T, Boukos N, Vermisoglou E, Lekakou C, Trapalis C
609 - 616 Synthesis of ZnWO4 Electrode with tailored facets: Deactivating the Microorganisms through Photoelectrocatalytic methods
Zhan S, Zhou F, Huang NB, Liu YJ, He QC, Tian Y, Yang YF, Ye F
617 - 626 alpha-Alkylation of ketones with primary alcohols driven by visible light and bimetallic gold and palladium nanoparticles supported on transition metal oxide
Bai MF, Xin H, Guo Z, Guo DP, Wang Y, Zhao P, Li JY
627 - 634 Influence of interface combination of RGO-photosensitized SnO2@RGO core-shell structures on their photocatalytic performance
Shen H, Zhao XR, Duan LB, Liu RD, Wu HJ, Hou T, Jiang XW, Gao HD
635 - 644 Well-crystallized ZnCo2O4 nanosheets as a new-style support of Au catalyst for high efficient CO preferential oxidation in H-2 stream under visible light irradiation
Yang K, Zhang YJ, Meng C, Cao FF, Chen X, Fu XZ, Dai WX, Yu CL
645 - 653 Visible-light activity of N-LiInO2: Band structure modifications through interstitial nitrogen doping
Xu KQ, Xu DF, Zhang XC, Luo Z, Wang YT, Zhang SY
654 - 661 Surface oxygen vacancies on WO3 contributed to enhanced photothermo-synergistic effect
Li YY, Wang CH, Zheng H, Wan FX, Yu F, Zhang XT, Liu YC
662 - 667 VUV photo-oxidation of gaseous benzene combined with ozone-assisted catalytic oxidation: Effect on transition metal catalyst
Huang HB, Lu HX, Zhan YJ, Liu GY, Feng QY, Huang HL, Wu MY, Ye XG
668 - 676 A facile fabrication of nitrogen-doped electrospun In2O3 nanofibers with improved visible-light photocatalytic activity
Lu N, Shao CL, Li XH, Miao FJ, Wang KX, Liu YC
677 - 683 Low-temperature processed SnO2 compact layer for efficient mesostructure perovskite solar cells
Duan JX, Xiong Q, Feng BJ, Xu Y, Zhang J, Wang H