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Applied Surface Science, Vol.390 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Tailoring the properties of magnetite nanoparticles clusters by coating with double inorganic layers
Petran A, Radu T, Culic B, Turcu R
7 - 16 Interaction between bimetal cluster Ni2Co2 and MgO and its effect on H adsorption and H-2 dissociation: A DFT study
Li K, Liu HY, Zhang RG, Ling LX, Wang BJ
17 - 24 Synthesis of ZnO nanopencils using wet chemical method and its investigation as LPG sensor
Shimpi NG, Jain S, Karmakar N, Shah A, Kothari DC, Mishra S
25 - 30 Surface modification of magnesium hydroxide sulfate hydrate whiskers using a silane coupling agent by dry process
Zhu DH, Nai XY, Lan SJ, Bian SJ, Liu X, Li W
31 - 37 Formation of crack-free nanoporous tin oxide layers via simple one-step anodic oxidation in NaOH at low applied voltages
Zaraska L, Gilek D, Gawlak K, Jaskula M, Sulka GD
38 - 42 Green synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon dots from lotus root for Hg(II) ions detection and cell imaging
Gu D, Shang SM, Yu Q, Shen J
43 - 49 Morphology and structural studies of WO3 films deposited on SrTiO3 by pulsed laser deposition
Kalhori H, Porter SB, Esmaeily AS, Coey M, Ranjbar M, Salamati H
50 - 59 Novel synthesis of carbon spheres supported nanoscale zero-valent iron for removal of metronidazole
Wang XY, Du Y, Ma J
60 - 67 The realization of half-metal and spin-semiconductor for metal adatoms on arsenene
Li G, Zhao YC, Zeng SM, Ni J
68 - 77 Influence of surface oxygenated groups on the formation of active Cu species and the catalytic activity of Cu/AC catalyst for the synthesis of dimethyl carbonate
Zhang GQ, Li Z, Zheng HY, Hao ZQ, Wang X, Wang JJ
78 - 85 Solid-state chemical synthesis of rod-like fluorine-doped beta-Bi2O3 and their enhanced photocatalytic property under visible light
Liang ZT, Cao YL, Li YZ, Xie J, Guo NN, Jia DZ
86 - 91 Highly uniform Co9S8 nanoparticles grown on graphene nanosheets as advanced anode materials for improved Li-storage performance
Liu SM, Wang JX, Wang JW, Zhang FF, Wang LM
92 - 99 Highly nonlinear varistors from oxygen-deficient zinc oxide thin films by hot-dipping in Bi2O3: Influence of temperature
Wang Y, Peng ZJ, Wang Q, Fu XL
100 - 106 Palladium nanoparticles dispersed on the hollow aluminosilicate microsphere@hierarchical gamma-AlOOH as an excellent catalyst for the hydrogenation of nitroarenes under ambient conditions
Tian M, Cui XL, Dong CX, Dong ZP
107 - 110 Closed-form theory of nuclei separation on highly anisotropic surfaces
Du F, Huang HC
111 - 121 Facile synthesis of cobalt-doped zinc oxide thin films for highly efficient visible light photocatalysts
Yildirim OA, Arslan H, Sonmezoglu S
122 - 130 Synthesis and photoluminescence enhancement of nano-PAA-ZnCl2 with controllable dimension and morphology
Wu JG, Wang KG, Zhou YK, Wang S, Zhang C, Wang GR, Bai JT
131 - 140 Electrocatalytic behaviour and application of manganese porphyrin/gold nanoparticle- surface modified glassy carbon electrodes
Sebarchievici I, Taranu BO, Birdeanu M, Rus SF, Fagadar-Cosma E
141 - 156 Catalytic transformation of carbon dioxide and methane into syngas over ruthenium and platinum supported hydroxyapatites
De Vasconcelos BR, Zhao LL, Sharrock P, Nzihou A, Minh DP
157 - 166 Surface chemistry and catalytic performance of amorphous NiB/H beta catalyst for n-hexane isomerization
Chen JS, Cai TT, Jing XH, Zhu LJ, Zhou YL, Xiang YZ, Xia DH
167 - 174 Influence of surface morphology and microstructure on performance of CVD tungsten coating under fusion transient thermal loads
Lian YY, Liu X, Wang JB, Feng F, Lv YW, Song JP, Chen JM
175 - 184 Electrochemical performance and structure evolution of core-shell nano-ring alpha-Fe2O3@Carbon anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Sun YH, Liu S, Zhou FC, Nan JM
185 - 189 Investigation of adatom adsorption on single layer buckled germanium selenide
Arkin H, Akturk E
190 - 201 Activated carbon-based magnetic TiO2 photocatalyst codoped with iodine and nitrogen for organic pollution degradation
Wang XJ, Song JK, Huang JY, Zhang J, Wang X, Ma RR, Wang JY, Zhao JF
202 - 208 Hybrid supercapacitor devices based on MnCo2O4 as the positive electrode and FeMn2O4 as the negative electrode
Nagamuthu S, Vijayakumar S, Lee SH, Ryu KS
209 - 215 Hydrothermal synthesis of layer-controlled MoS2/graphene composite aerogels for lithium-ion battery anode materials
Zhao B, Wang ZX, Gao Y, Chen L, Lu MN, Jiao Z, Jiang Y, Ding YZ, Cheng LL
216 - 223 Atomic insight into tribochemical wear mechanism of silicon at the Si/SiO2 interface in aqueous environment: Molecular dynamics simulations using ReaxFF reactive force field
Wen JL, Ma TB, Zhang WW, Psofogiannakis G, van Duin ACT, Chen L, Qian LM, Hu YZ, Lu XC
224 - 235 Determination of the surface area and sizes of supported copper nanoparticles through organothiol adsorption-Chemisorption
Ndolomingo MJ, Meijboom R
236 - 243 Fabrication of periodical surface structures by picosecond laser irradiation of carbon thin films: transformation of amorphous carbon in nanographite
Popescu C, Dorcioman G, Bita B, Besleaga C, Zgura I, Himcinschi C, Popescu AC
244 - 247 Reversibly switchable wettability between underwater superoleophobicity and oleophobicity of titanium surface via ethanol immersion and dark storage
Lian ZX, Xu JK, Wang ZB, Weng ZK, Xu Z, Yu HD
248 - 259 Magnetic recoverable Fe(3)o(4)-Tio(2):Eu composite nanoparticles with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Stefan M, Leostean C, Pana O, Toloman D, Popa A, Perhaita I, Senila M, Marincas O, Barbu-Tudoran L
260 - 265 Oxygen vacancy induced structure change and interface reaction in HfO2 films on native SiO2/Si substrate
Yan K, Yao WQ, Zhao YY, Yang LP, Cao JL, Zhu YF
266 - 272 Sub-coherent growth of ZnO nanorod arrays on three-dimensional graphene framework as one-bulk high-performance photocatalyst
Yu M, Ma YX, Liu JH, Li XJ, Li SM, Liu SY
273 - 282 Density functional theory investigation of oxygen interaction with boron-doped graphite
Liu J, Wang C, Liang TX, Lai WS
283 - 288 Study of the helium cross-section of unsymmetric disulfide self-assembled monolayers on Au(111)
Albayrak E, Karabuga S, Bracco G, Danisman MF
289 - 302 High-speed collision of copper nanoparticle with aluminum surface: Molecular dynamics simulation
Pogorelko VV, Mayer AE, Krasnikov VS
303 - 310 Facile synthesis of graphitic carbon nitride/nanostructured alpha-Fe2O3 composites and their excellent electrochemical performance for supercapacitor and enzyme-free glucose detection applications
Liu L, Wang JX, Wang CY, Wang GX
311 - 319 Experimental and theoretical study using DFT method for the competitive adsorption of two cationic dyes from wastewaters
Regti A, Ben El Ayouchia H, Laamari MR, Stiriba SE, Anane H, El Haddad M
320 - 327 Cross-linked multilayer-dye films deposited onto silica surfaces with high affinity for pepsin
Bucatariu F, Ghiorghita CA, Cocarta AI, Dragan ES
328 - 332 Antiferromagnetic MnN layer on the MnGa(001) surface
Guerrero-Sanchez J, Takeuchi N
333 - 338 Platinum electrodeposition from a dinitrosulfatoplatinate(II) electrolyte
Weiser M, Schulze C, Schneider M, Michaelis A
339 - 345 Enhancement of polar crystalline phase formation in transparent PVDF-CaF2 composite films
Lee SG, Ha JW, Sohn EH, Park IJ, Lee SB
346 - 349 Time evolution of secondary electron emission and trapped charge accumulation in polyimide film under various primary electron irradiation currents
Song BP, Zhou RD, Su GQ, Mu HB, Zhang GJ, Bu RA
350 - 356 Three-dimensional core-shell Fe2O3 @ carbon/carbon cloth as binder-free anode for the high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Wang XH, Zhang M, Liu EZ, He F, Shi CS, He CN, Li JJ, Zhao NQ
357 - 367 Rational construction of Z-scheme Ag2CrO4/g-C3N4 composites with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Luo J, Zhou XS, Ma L, Xu XY
368 - 376 Synthesis of surface molecular imprinted TiO2/graphene photocatalyst and its highly efficient photocatalytic degradation of target pollutant under visible light irradiation
Lai C, Wang MM, Zeng GM, Liu YG, Huang DL, Zhang C, Wang RZ, Xu P, Cheng M, Huang C, Wu HP, Qin L
377 - 384 Quasi-particle energies and optical excitations of ZnS monolayer honeycomb structure
Shahrokhi M
385 - 392 Effect of morphology and defect density on electron transfer of electrochemically reduced graphene oxide
Zhang Y, Hao HL, Wang LL
393 - 398 Synthesis and characterization of copper antimony tin sulphide thin films for solar cell applications
Ali N, Hussain A, Ahmed R, Shamsuri WNW, Fu YQ
399 - 405 Exfoliated thin Bi2MoO6 nanosheets supported on WO3 electrode for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Ma Y, Jia YL, Wang LN, Yang M, Bi YP, Qi YX
406 - 411 Investigating the influence of epitaxial modulation on the evolution of superhardness of the VN/TiB2 multilayers
Pan YP, Dong L, Liu N, Yu JG, Li C, Li DJ
412 - 421 Combined DFT and XPS investigation of iodine anions adsorption on the sulfur terminated (001) chalcopyrite surface
Li K, Zhao YL, Zhang P, He CH, Deng J, Ding SJ, Shi WQ
422 - 429 Electrochemical sensors based on gold nanoparticles modified with rhodamine B hydrazide to sensitively detect Cu(II)
Peng DL, Hu B, Kang MM, Wang MH, He LH, Zhang ZH, Fang SM
430 - 434 Microstructural, textural and hardness evolution of commercially pure Zr surface-treated by high current pulsed electron beam
Chai LJ, Chen BF, Wang SY, Zhang Z, Murty KL
435 - 443 Green synthesis of highly fluorescent carbon quantum dots from sugarcane bagasse pulp
Thambiraj S, Shankaran DR
444 - 451 Surface study of gallium- and aluminum- doped graphenes upon adsorption of cytosine: DFT calculations
Rad AS, Zareyee D, Peyravi M, Jahanshahi M
452 - 460 Rational strategy for the atmospheric icing prevention based on chemically functionalized carbon soot coatings
Esmeryan KD, Bressler AH, Castano CE, Fergusson CP, Mohammadi R
461 - 471 Tuning the adsorption behaviors and conversions of CHX species on metal embedded graphene surfaces
Tang YA, Shen ZG, Chen WG, Pan LJ, Wang XL, Dai XQ
472 - 480 Experimental investigation on oxidation kinetics of germanium by ozone
Wang XL, Zhao ZQ, Xiang JJ, Wang WW, Zhang J, Zhao C, Ye TC
481 - 488 High-rate and ultralong cycle-life LiFePO4 nanocrystals coated by boron-doped carbon as positive electrode for lithium-ion batteries
Feng JP, Wang YL
489 - 496 Surface conductivity dependent dynamic behaviour of an ultrafine atmospheric pressure plasma jet for microscale surface processing
Abuzairi T, Okada M, Bhattacharjee S, Nagatsu M
497 - 505 Mass spectrometry analyzes to highlight differences between short and long HiPIMS discharges
Ferrec A, Keraudy J, Jouan PY
506 - 512 In-situ synthesis of SiO2@MOF composites for high-efficiency removal of aniline from aqueous solution
Han TT, Li CF, Guo XY, Huang HL, Liu DH, Zhong CL
513 - 525 Soot combustion over Ce1-xFexO2-delta and CeO2/Fe2O3 catalysts: Roles of solid solution and interfacial interactions in the mixed oxides
Li HC, Li KZ, Wang H, Zhu X, Wei YG, Yan DX, Cheng XM, Zhai K
526 - 530 Patterned hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces of ultra-smooth nanocrystalline diamond layers
Mertens M, Mohr M, Bruhne K, Fecht HJ, Lojkowski M, Swieszkowski W, Lojkowski W
531 - 539 Facile synthesis of hierarchically structured BiVO4 oriented along (010) facets with different morphologies and their photocatalytic properties
Zhao GS, Liu W, Li JY, Lv QY, Li WX, Liang LT
540 - 549 Study on tribological properties of multi-layer surface texture on Babbitt alloys surface
Zhang DY, Zhao FF, Li Y, Li PY, Zeng QF, Dong GN
550 - 559 Preparation of CdS@CeO2 core/shell composite for photocatalytic reduction of CO2 under visible-light irradiation
Ijaz S, Ehsan MF, Ashiq MN, Karamat N, He T
560 - 569 Laser surface treatment and the resultant hierarchical topography of Ti grade 2 for biomedical application
Kuczynska D, Kwasniak P, Marczak J, Bonarski J, Smolik J, Garbacz H
570 - 577 Low temperature synthesis of radio frequency magnetron sputtered gallium and aluminium co-doped zinc oxide thin films for transparent electrode fabrication
Muchuweni E, Sathiaraj TS, Nyakotyo H
578 - 582 Theoretical description of metal/oxide interfacial properties: The case of MgO/Ag(001)
Prada S, Giordano L, Pacchioni G, Goniakowski J
583 - 590 Enhancement of room temperature ferromagnetic behavior of rf sputtered Ni-CeO2 thin films
Murugan R, Vijayaprasath G, Mahalingam T, Ravi G
591 - 601 Synthesis and characterization of Ag doped TiO2 heterojunction films and their photocatalytic performances
Demirci S, Dikici T, Yurddaskal M, Gultekin S, Toparli M, Celik E
602 - 607 Preventive effects of a phospholipid polymer coating on PMMA on biofilm formation by oral streptococci
Shibata Y, Yamashita Y, Tsuru K, Ishihara K, Fukazawa K, Ishikawa K
608 - 616 Promotional mechanism of propane on selective catalytic reduction of NOx by methane over In/H-BEA at low temperature
Pan H, Jian YF, Yu YK, Chen NN, He C, He C
617 - 622 Probing the interactions between lignin and inorganic oxides using atomic force microscopy
Wang JY, Qian Y, Deng YH, Liu D, Li H, Qiu XQ
623 - 632 A new strategy for improvement of the corrosion resistance of a green cerium conversion coating through thermal treatment procedure before and after application of epoxy coating
Mahidashti Z, Shahrabi T, Ramezanzadeh B
633 - 648 Experimental study on effect of micro textured surfaces generated by ultrasonic vibration assisted face turning on friction and wear performance
Amini S, Hosseinabadi HN, Sajjady SA
649 - 665 Synthesis and characterization of pure and (Ce, Zr, Ag) doped mesoporous CuO-Fe2O3 as highly efficient and stable nanocatalysts for CO oxidation at low temperature
Said AEAA, El-Wahab MMMA, Goda MN
666 - 674 Structural and magnetic properties of Ni78Fe22 thin films sandwiched between low-softening-point glasses and application in spin devices
Misawa T, Mori S, Komine T, Fujioka M, Nishii J, Kaiju H
675 - 680 Design and optimization of a nanoprobe comprising amphiphilic chitosan colloids and Au-nanorods: Sensitive detection of human serum albumin in simulated urine
Jean RD, Larsson M, Cheng WD, Hsu YY, Bow JS, Liu DM
681 - 688 Massive fabrication of silicon nanopore arrays with tunable shapes
Deng T, Wang YF, Chen Q, Chen HJ, Liu ZW
689 - 695 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of N-doped TiO2 nanocrystals with exposed {001} facets
Li D, Chen F, Jiang DL, Shi WD, Zheng WJ
696 - 702 Role of water in the tribochemical removal of bare silicon
Chen C, Xiao C, Wang XD, Zhang P, Chen L, Qi YQ, Qian LM
703 - 709 Ultrathin metallic interlayers in vacuum deposited MoOx/metal/MoOx electrodes for organic solar cells
Travkin VV, Luk'yanov AY, Drozdov MN, Vopilkin EA, Yunin PA, Pakhomov GL
710 - 717 Surface modification of nanodiamond through metal free atom transfer radical polymerization
Zeng GJ, Liu MY, Shi KX, Heng CN, Mao LC, Wan Q, Huang HY, Deng FJ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
718 - 727 Bromide (Br-) ion-mediated synthesis of anisotropic palladium nanocrystals by laser ablation
Navas MP, Soni RK
728 - 734 Copper nanoparticles functionalized PE: Preparation, characterization and magnetic properties
Reznickova A, Orendac M, Kolska Z, Cizmar E, Dendisova M, Svorcik V
735 - 743 Reactive removal of 2-chloroethyl ethyl sulfide vapors under visible light irradiation by cerium oxide modified highly porous zirconium (hydr) oxide
Mitchell JK, Arcibar-Orozco JA, Bandosz TJ
744 - 750 MAPbI(2.9-x)Br(x)Cl(0.1) hybrid halide perovskites: Shedding light on the effect of chloride and bromide ions on structural and photoluminescence properties
Atourki L, Vega E, Mari B, Mollar M, Ahsaine HA, Bouabid K, Ihlal A
751 - 759 An Auger and XPS survey of cerium active corrosion protection for AA2024-T3 aluminum alloy
Uhart A, Ledeuil JB, Gonbeau D, Dupin JC, Bonino JP, Ansart F, Esteban J
760 - 764 A general melt-injection-decomposition route to oriented metal oxide nanowire arrays
Han DQ, Zhang XW, Hua ZH, Yang SG
765 - 777 Facile growth and composition-dependent photocatalytic activity of flowerlike BiOCl1-xBrx hierarchical microspheres
Qin Q, Guo YN, Zhou DD, Yang YX, Guo YH
778 - 783 An O-2(+) probe energy study for boron quantification in Si1-xGex (0 <= x <= 1) using secondary ion mass spectrometry
Morris RJH
784 - 794 Surface investigation and tribological mechanism of a sulfate-based lubricant deposited on zinc-coated steel sheets
Timma C, Lostak T, Janssen S, Flock J, Mayer C
795 - 803 Controllably annealed CuO-nanoparticle modified ITO electrodes: Characterisation and electrochemical studies
Wang T, Su W, Fu YY, Hu JB
804 - 815 Room temperature ferromagnetism and gas sensing in ZnO nanostructures: Influence of intrinsic defects and Mn, Co, Cu doping
Mhlongo GH, Shingange K, Tshabalala ZP, Dhonge BP, Mahmoud FA, Mwakikunga BW, Motaung DE
816 - 822 Surface engineering of SiC via sublimation etching
Jokubavicius V, Yazdi GR, Ivanov IG, Niu YR, Zakharov A, Iakimov T, Syvajarvi M, Yakimova R
823 - 830 Laser printed organic semiconductor PQT-12 for bottom-gate organic thin-film transistors: Fabrication and characterization
Makrygianni M, Ainsebaa A, Nagel M, Sanaur S, Raptis YS, Zergioti I, Tsamakis D
831 - 837 Effect of thickness of Si1.5Zn1.0Nb1.5O7 gate insulator on performance of ZnO based thin film transistors
Ye W, Deng JP, Wang XF, Cui LK
838 - 846 Influence of layer-by-layer assembled electrospun poly (L-lactic acid) nanofiber mats on, the bioactivity of endothelial cells
Wu KK, Zhang XZ, Yang WF, Liu XY, Jiao YP, Zhou CR
847 - 855 One-step solvothermal tailoring the compositions and phases of nickel cobalt sulfides on conducting oxide substrates as counter electrodes for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Huang N, Li GW, Huang H, Sun PP, Xiong TL, Xia ZF, Zheng F, Xu JX, Sun XH
856 - 862 Structure and electronic properties of Zn-tetra-phenyl-porphyrin single-and multi-layers films grown on Fe(001)-p(1 x 1)O
Bussetti G, Calloni A, Celeri M, Yivlialin R, Finazzi M, Bottegoni F, Duo L, Ciccacci F
863 - 869 Polyester fabric coated with Ag/ZnO composite film by magnetron sputtering
Yuan XH, Xu WZ, Huang FL, Chen DS, Wei QF
870 - 881 Comparison of the reactivity of alkyl and alkyl amine precursors with native oxide GaAs(100) and InAs(100) surfaces
Henegar AJ, Gougousi T
882 - 889 Enhanced selectivity of boron doped diamond electrodes for the detection of dopamine and ascorbic acid by increasing the film thickness
Qi Y, Long HY, Ma L, Wei QP, Li ST, Yu ZM, Hu JY, Liu PZ, Wang YJ, Meng LC
890 - 896 Effects of Co2+ doping on physicochemical behaviors of hierarchical NiO nanostructure
Ding CH, Gao WC, Zhao YJ, Zhao YZ, Zhou HP, Li JB, Jin HB
897 - 902 Carbon 1s photoemission line analysis of C-based adsorbate on (111)In2O3 surface: The influence of reducing and oxidizing conditions
Brinzari V, Cho BK, Korotcenkov G
903 - 908 Action mechanism of hydrogen gas on deposition of HfC coating using HfCl4-CH4-H-2-Ar system
Wang YL, Li ZH, Xiong X, Li XB, Chen ZK, Sun W
909 - 916 Preparation of Ti-coated diamond particles by microwave heating
Gu QC, Peng JH, Xu L, Srinivasakannan C, Zhang LB, Xia Y, Wu QT, Xia HY
917 - 923 Identification of 6H-SiC polar faces with pull-off force of atomic force microscopy
Gan D, Song YT, Yang JW, Chen HX, Guo LW, Chen XL
924 - 928 Designing deoxidation inhibiting encapsulation of metal oxide nanostructures for fluidic and biological applications
Ghosh M, Ghosh S, Seibt M, Schaap IAT, Schmidt CF, Rao GM
929 - 935 Highly sensitive room temperature ammonia gas sensor based on Ir-doped Pt porous ceramic electrodes
Liu WL, Liu YY, Do JS, Li J
936 - 940 Durable multifunctional finishing of cotton fabrics by in situ synthesis of nano-ZnO
Prasad V, Arputharaj A, Bharimalla AK, Patil PG, Vigneshwaran N
941 - 945 Viscous surface flow induced on Ti-based bulk metallic glass by heavy ion irradiation
Zhang K, Hu Z, Li FJ, Wei BC
946 - 958 Influence of plasma molybdenizing and shot-peening on fretting damage behavior of titanium alloy
Tang CB, Liu DX, Tang B, Zhang XH, Qin L, Liu CS
959 - 967 Structural/surface characterization and catalytic evaluation of rare-earth (Y, Sm and La) doped ceria composite oxides for CH3SH catalytic decomposition
He DD, Chen DK, Hao HS, Yu J, Liu JP, Lu JC, Liu F, Wan GP, He SF, Luo YM
968 - 973 Tunable adsorption of isocyanides on group 14 (100)-2 x 1 surfaces
Lee JH, Woo JG, Shong B
974 - 983 Cu/Cu2O/CuO nanoparticles: Novel synthesis by exploding wire technique and extensive characterization
Sahai A, Goswami N, Kaushik SD, Tripathi S
984 - 992 Ethylene decomposition over Pt(100): A mechanism study from first principle calculation
Wang YC, Dong XQ, Yu YZ, Zhang MH
993 - 1001 Durable polyorganosiloxane superhydrophobic films with a hierarchical structure by sol-gel and heat treatment method
Jiang ZL, Fang SY, Wang CS, Wang HP, Ji CC
1002 - 1008 Far-and mid-infrared properties of carbon layers elaborated by plasma sputtering
Rousseau B, Ammar MR, Bormann D, Simon P, Rabat H, Brault P
1009 - 1014 Structural, electronic transport and optical properties of functionalized quasi-2D TiC2 from first-principles calculations
Berdiyorov GR, Madjet ME
1015 - 1022 Reaction mechanism of ethylene glycol decomposition on Pt model catalysts: A density functional theory study
Lv CQ, Yang B, Pang XY, Wang GC