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Applied Surface Science, Vol.389 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Point defects in hexagonal germanium carbide monolayer: A first-principles calculation
Ersan F, Gokce AG, Akturk E
7 - 16 Antimicrobial design of titanium surface that kill sessile bacteria but support stem cells adhesion
Zhu C, Bao NR, Chen S, Zhao JN
17 - 24 Protein-nanoparticle interaction in bioconjugated silver nanoparticles: A transmission electron microscopy and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy study
Reymond-Laruinaz S, Saviot L, Potin V, de Lucas MDM
25 - 33 Dry reforming of methane over Ni/MgO-Al2O3 catalysts prepared by two-step hydrothermal method
Zhang L, Zhang Q, Liu Y, Zhang Y
34 - 45 Fluoride adsorption from aqueous solution by magnetic core-shell Fe3O4@alginate-La particles fabricated via electro-coextrusion
Zhang YH, Lin XY, Zhou QS, Luo XG
46 - 55 Selective photocatalytic reduction of CO2 by H2O/H-2 to CH4 and CH3OH over Cu-promoted In2O3/TiO2 nanocatalyst
Tahir M, Tahir B, Amin NAS, Alias H
56 - 66 Controlled synthesis and photocatalytic properties of rhombic dodecahedral Ag3PO4 with high surface energy
Xie Y, Huang ZH, Zhang ZJ, Zhang XG, Wen RL, Liu YG, Fang MH, Wu XW
67 - 72 A facile fabrication of Ag-Au-Ag nanostructures with nanogaps for intensified surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Jin LL, She GW, Li J, Xia J, Wang XT, Mu LX, Shi WS
73 - 79 Interface engineering of titanium oxide protected a-Si:H/a-Si:H photoelectrodes for light induced water splitting
Ziegler J, Yang F, Wagner S, Kaiser B, Jaegermann W, Urbain F, Becker JP, Smirnov V, Finger F
80 - 87 The fabrication and hydrophobic property of micro-nano patterned surface on magnesium alloy using combined sparking sculpture and etching route
Wu YF, Wang YM, Liu H, Liu Y, Guo LX, Jia DC, Ouyang JH, Zhou Y
88 - 95 Study of 2D MXene Cr2C material for hydrogen storage using density functional theory
Yadav A, Dashora A, Patel N, Miotello A, Press M, Kothari DC
96 - 102 A controllable interface performance through varying ZnO nanowires dimensions on the carbon fibers
Wang B, Duan YG, Zhang JJ
103 - 111 The effect of water molecules on the thiol collector interaction on the galena (PbS) and sphalerite (ZnS) surfaces: A DFT study
Long XH, Chen Y, Chen JH, Xu ZH, Liu QX, Du Z
112 - 117 Dimension meditated optic and catalytic performance over vanadium pentoxides
Su DZ, Zhao YJ, Zhang RB, Ning MQ, Zhao YZ, Zhou HP, Li JB, Jin HB
118 - 125 Green synthesis of AuNPs for eco-friendly functionalization of cellulosic substrates
Ibrahim NA, Eid BM, Abdel-Aziz MS
126 - 134 The importance of pressure and mass ratios when depositing multi-element oxide thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Ojeda-G-P A, Schneider CW, Dobeli M, Lippert T, Wokaun A
135 - 143 Superamphiphobic overhang structured coating on a biobased material
Tuominen M, Teisala H, Haapanen J, Makela JM, Honkanen M, Vippola M, Bardage S, Walinder MEP, Swerin A
144 - 156 Influence of stripping and cooling atmospheres on surface properties and corrosion of zinc galvanizing coatings
Yasakau KA, Giner I, Vree C, Ozcan O, Grothe R, Oliveira A, Grundmeier G, Ferreira MGS, Zheludkevich ML
157 - 164 Tungsten carbide encapsulated in nitrogen-doped carbon with iron/cobalt carbides electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Zhang J, Chen JW, Jiang YW, Zhou FL, Wang G, Wang RL
165 - 172 Charge separation in branched TiO2 nanorod array homojunction aroused by quantum effect for enhanced photocatalytic decomposition of gaseous benzene
Wang XX, Ni Q, Zeng DW, Liao GL, Xie CS
173 - 180 Superhydrophilicity of a nanofiber-covered aluminum surface fabricated via pyrophosphoric acid anodizing
Nakajima D, Kikuchi T, Natsui S, Suzuki RO
181 - 189 Synthesis of highly active and dual-functional electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation and oxygen reduction reactions
Zhao Q, Zhang G, Xu GR, Li YJ, Liu BC, Gong X, Zheng DF, Zhang J, Wang Q
190 - 198 Effect of time and deposition method on quality of phosphonic acid modifier self-assembled monolayers on indium zinc oxide
Sang LZ, Knesting KM, Bulusu A, Sigdel AK, Giordano AJ, Marder SR, Berry JJ, Graham S, Ginger DS, Pemberton JE
199 - 204 n-VO2/p-GaN based nitride-oxide heterostructure with various thickness of VO2 layer grown by MBE
Wang MH, Bian JM, Sun HJ, Liu WF, Zhang YZ, Luo YM
205 - 210 Growth and characterization of spindle-like Ga2O3 nanocrystals by electrochemical reaction in hydrofluoric solution
Feng LG, Li YF, Su XL, Wang S, Liu H, Wang JT, Gong ZN, Ding W, Zhang Y, Yun F
211 - 215 A first-principles study of oxygen adsorption on Ir(111) surface
Gao HJ, Xiong YQ, Liu XL, Zhao DC, Feng YD, Wang LX, Wang JX
216 - 226 Functionalization of CNTs surface with phosphonuim based deep eutectic solvents for arsenic removal from water
AlOmar MK, Alsaadi MA, Hayyan M, Akib S, Hashim MA
227 - 239 Hierarchical Fe3O4@MoS2/Ag3PO4 magnetic nanocomposites: Enhanced and stable photocatalytic performance for water purification under visible light irradiation
Guo N, Li HY, Xu XJ, Yu HW
240 - 246 Uniform Fe3O4 microflowers hierarchical structures assembled with porous nanoplates as superior anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Wang XL, Liu YG, Arandiyan H, Yang HP, Bai L, Mujtaba J, Wang QG, Liu SH, Sun HY
247 - 254 Physico-chemical properties of PDMS surfaces suitable as substrates for cell cultures
Raczkowska J, Prauzner-Bechcicki S, Lukes J, Sepitka J, Bernasik A, Awsiuk K, Paluszkiewicz C, Pabijan J, Lekka M, Budkowski A
255 - 259 TiN films fabricated by reactive gas pulse sputtering: A hybrid design of multilayered and compositionally graded structures
Yang JJ, Zhang FF, Wan Q, Lu CY, Peng MJ, Liao JL, Yang YY, Wang LM, Liu N
260 - 269 Effect of individual discharge cascades on the microstructure of plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings
Troughton SC, Nomine A, Dean J, Clyne TW
270 - 277 Formation of mixed and patterned self-assembled films of alkylphosphonates on commercially pure titanium surfaces
Rudzka K, Trevino AYS, Rodriguez-Valverde MA, Cabrerizo-Vilchez MA
278 - 286 Fabrication and characterization of PbO2 electrode modified with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)
Li XL, Xu H, Yan W
287 - 293 Influence of absolute argon and oxygen flow values at a constant ratio on the growth of Zn/ZnO nanostructures obtained by DC reactive magnetron sputtering
Maslyk M, Borysiewicz MA, Wzorek M, Wojciechowski T, Kwoka M, Kaminska E
294 - 302 Layered double oxide (LDO) particle containing photoreactive hybrid layers with tunable superhydrophobic and photocatalytic properties
Deak A, Janovak L, Csapo E, Ungor D, Palinko I, Puskas S, Ordog T, Ricza T, Dekany I
303 - 310 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of C@ZnO core-shell nanostructures and its photoluminescence property
Chen T, Yu SW, Fang XX, Huang HH, Li L, Wang XY, Wang HH
311 - 315 Role of the oxidation state of cerium on the ceria surfaces for silicate adsorption
Seo J, Moon J, Kim JH, Lee K, Hwang J, Yoon H, Yi DK, Paik U
316 - 323 Copper(II) adsorption on the kaolinite(001) surface: Insights from first-principles calculations and molecular dynamics simulations
Kong XP, Wang J
324 - 334 Effects of the different frequencies and loads of ultrasonic surface rolling on surface mechanical properties and fretting wear resistance of HIP Ti-6Al-4V alloy
Li G, Qu SG, Pan YX, Li XQ
335 - 343 Preparation of multifunctional Al-Mg alloy surface with hierarchical micro/nanostructures by selective chemical etching processes
Shi T, Kong JY, Wang XD, Li XW
344 - 353 Catalytic activity and mechanistic approach of NO reduction by CO over M0.05Co2.95O4 (M = Rh, Pd & Ru) spinel system
Salker AV, Desai MSF
354 - 360 Superhydrophobic paper with superior stability against deformations and humidity
Wang N, Xiong DS, Pan S, Deng YL, Shi Y, Wang K
361 - 368 Effect of triangular texture on the tribological performance of die steel with TiN coatings under lubricated sliding condition
Chen P, Xiang X, Shao TM, La YQ, Li JL
369 - 377 Synergism between cerium nitrate and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate on corrosion of AA5052 aluminium alloy in 3 wt.% NaCl solution
Liu J, Wang DP, Gao LX, Zhang DQ
378 - 386 Theoretical modeling of 2D porous matrices with tunable architecture: From cruciform molecular building blocks to enantioselective adsorbents
Kasperski A, Rzysko W, Szabelski P
387 - 394 XPS study of Li/Nb ratio in LiNbO3 crystals. Effect of polarity and mechanical processing on LiNbO3 surface chemical composition
Skryleva EA, Kubasov IV, Kiryukhantsev-Korneev PV, Senatulin BR, Zhukov RN, Zakutailov KV, Malinkovich MD, Parkhomenko YN
395 - 403 A surface-mediated siRNA delivery system developed with chitosan/hyaluronic acid-siRNA multilayer films through layer-by-layer self-assembly
Wu LJ, Wu CL, Liu GW, Liao NN, Zhao F, Yang XX, Qu HY, Peng B, Chen L, Yang G
404 - 410 C-13 NMR and XPS characterization of anion adsorbent with quaternary ammonium groups prepared from rice straw, corn stalk and sugarcane bagasse
Cao W, Wang ZQ, Zeng QL, Shen CH
411 - 418 DFT plus U investigation on the adsorption and initial decomposition of methylamine by a Pt single-atom catalyst supported on rutile (110) TiO2
Lv CQ, Liu JH, Guo Y, Li XM, Wang GC
419 - 427 Photovoltaic cells based on ternary P3HT:PCBM:polymethine dye active layer transparent in the visible range of light
Bliznyuk VN, Gasiorowski J, Ishchenko AA, Bulavko GV, Rahaman M, Hingerl K, Zahn DRT, Sariciftci NS
428 - 437 Synthesis of graphitized carbon, nanodiamond and graphene supported Li4Ti5O12 and comparison of their electrochemical performance as anodes for lithium ion batteries
Yang S, Miao J, Wang QF, Lu MW, Sun JF, Wen T
438 - 446 Quantitative analysis of Fe and Co in Co-substituted magnetite using XPS: The application of non-linear least squares fitting (NLLSF)
Liu HM, Wei GL, Xu Z, Liu P, Li Y
447 - 454 Patterning of water traps using close-loop hydrophilic micro grooves
Yang XL, Liu X, Song JL, Sun J, Lu XH, Huang S, Chen FZ, Xu WJ
455 - 461 A theoretical understanding on the CO-tolerance mechanism of the WC(0001) supported Pt monolayer: Some improvement strategies
Zhang XL, Lu ZS, Yang ZX
462 - 468 Comparison of ultramicrotomy and focused-ion-beam for the preparation of TEM and STEM cross section of organic solar cells
Corazza M, Simonsen SB, Gnaegi H, Thyden KTS, Krebs FC, Gevorgyan SA
469 - 476 Designing superhydrophobic disordered arrays of fibers with hierarchical roughness and low-surface-energy
Rawal A, Sharma S, Kumar V, Saraswat H
477 - 483 Internal oxidation of laminated Nb-Ru coatings
Chen YI, Chu HN, Kai W
484 - 490 Theoretical perspective on the electronic, magnetic and optical properties of Zn-doped monolayer SnS2
Sun LL, Zhou W, Liu YY, Yu DD, Liang YH, Wu P
491 - 495 Improved visible light photocatalytic activity of WO3 through CuWO4 for phenol degradation
Chen HH, Xiong XQ, Hao LL, Zhang X, Xu YM
496 - 506 Liquid-exfoliation of layered MoS2 for enhancing photocatalytic activity of TiO2/g-C3N4 photocatalyst and DFT study
Zhang WP, Xiao XY, Li Y, Zeng XY, Zheng LL, Wan CX
507 - 513 Electrochemical characterization of silicon/graphene/MWCNT hybrid lithium-ion battery anodes produced via RF magnetron sputtering
Tocoglu U, Hatipoglu G, Alaf M, Kayis F, Akbulut H
514 - 520 Electrospun nanowebs of NiO/SnO2 p-n heterojunctions for enhanced gas sensing
Wang Y, Zhang H, Sun XH
521 - 531 Optimization of pulsed DC PACVD parameters: Toward reducing wear rate of the DLC films
Ebrahimi M, Mahboubi F, Naimi-Jamal MR
532 - 539 The poisoning effect of PbO on Mn-Ce/TiO2 catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 at low temperature
Zhou LL, Li CT, Zhao LK, Zeng GM, Gao L, Wang Y, Yu ME
540 - 546 Using elemental Pb surface as a precursor to fabricate large area CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cells
He YY, Lei Y, Yang XG, Lu K, Liu SZ, Gu LY, Zheng Z
547 - 553 Fabrication of superhydrophobic coating via spraying method and its applications in anti-icing and anti-corrosion
Pan S, Wang N, Xiong DS, Deng YL, Shi Y
554 - 559 Time-dependent wettability of nano-patterned surfaces fabricated by femtosecond laser with high efficiency
Zhang YC, Zou GS, Liu L, Zhao Y, Liang Q, Wu AP, Zhou YN
560 - 566 Synthesis and characterization of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles as calcium-responsive MRI contrast agents
Xu PF, Shen ZW, Zhang BL, Wang J, Wu RH
567 - 577 Fabrication of magnetic alginate beads with uniform dispersion of CoFe2O4 by the polydopamine surface functionalization for organic pollutants removal
Li XL, Lu HJ, Zhang Y, He F, Jing LY, He XH
578 - 584 Phase separation in NiCrN coatings induced by N-2 addition in the gas phase: A way to generate magnetic thin films by reactive sputtering of a non-magnetic NiCr target
Luciu I, Duday D, Choquet P, Perigo EA, Michels A, Wirtz T
585 - 593 Femtosecond pulsed laser textured titanium surfaces with stable superhydrophilicity and superhydrophobicity
Li BJ, Li H, Huang LJ, Ren NF, Kong X
594 - 600 Transition metal doped arsenene: A first-principles study
Sun ML, Wang SK, Du YH, Yu J, Tang WC
601 - 608 Inhibition of copper corrosion by the formation of Schiff base self-assembled monolayers
Zhang J, Liu Z, Han GC, Chen SL, Chen ZC
609 - 622 Recommend design of filler metal to minimize carbon steel weld metal preferential corrosion in CO2-saturated oilfield produced water
Lu YX, Jing HY, Han YD, Feng ZC, Xu LY
623 - 631 Development of electrically conductive-superoleophobic micropillars for reducing surface adhesion of oil at low temperatures
Pan ZH, Wang TC, Zhou YK, Zhao BX
632 - 638 Parameters controlling microstructures and resistance switching of electrodeposited cuprous oxide thin films
Yazdanparast S
639 - 644 Synthesis, surface properties and photocatalytic abilities of semiconductor In2Cu2O5 nanoparticles
Xu J, Wan YP, Huang YL, Wang YR, Qin L, Seo HJ
645 - 650 Efficiency enhancement of CIGS compound solar cell fabricated using homomorphic thin Cr2O3 diffusion barrier formed on stainless steel substrate
Sim JK, Lee SK, Kim JS, Jeong KU, Ahn HK, Lee CR
651 - 665 PEEK (polyether-ether-ketone)-coated nitinol wire: Film stability for biocompatibility applications
Sheiko N, Kekicheff P, Marie P, Schmutz M, Jacomine L, Perrin-Schmitt F
666 - 672 Synthesis and characterization of polymer-silica hybrid latexes and sol-gel-derived films
Petcu C, Purcar V, Ianchis R, Spataru CI, Ghiurea M, Nicolae CA, Stroescu H, Atanase LI, Frone AN, Trica B, Donescu D
673 - 678 Investigation of room-temperature wafer bonded GaInP/GaAs/InGaAsP triple-junction solar cells
Yang WX, Dai P, Ji L, Tan M, Wu YY, Uchida S, Lu SL, Yang H
679 - 687 A facile and cost-effective approach to engineer surface roughness for preparation of large-scale superhydrophobic substrate with high adhesive force
Zhou BP, Tian JX, Wang C, Gao YB, Wen WJ
688 - 695 Scratching of nanocrystalline metals: A molecular dynamics study of Fe
Gao Y, Urbassek HM
696 - 704 Removal combined with reduction of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solution by Fe-ethylene glycol complex microspheres
Zhang YX, Jia Y
705 - 712 Synthesis and characterization of amorphous SiO2 nanowires via pulsed laser deposition accompanied by N-2 annealing
Li H, Guan LL, Xu ZQ, Zhao Y, Sun J, Wu JD, Xu N
713 - 720 Study on planarization machining of sapphire wafer with soft-hard mixed abrasive through mechanical chemical polishing
Xu YC, Lu J, Xu XP
721 - 734 Vacancy ordered gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles functionalized with nanohydroxyapatite: XRD, FTIR, TEM, XPS and Mossbauer studies
Guivar JAR, Sanches EA, Bruns F, Sadrollahi E, Morales MA, Lopez EO, Litterst FJ
735 - 741 Atomic force microscopy study, kinetic roughening and multifractal analysis of electrodeposited silver films
Nasehnejad M, Shahraki MG, Nabiyouni G
742 - 750 One-pot synthesis of BiOCl half-shells using microemulsion droplets as templates with highly photocatalytic performance for the degradation of ciprofloxacin
Mao DJ, Yu AQ, Ding SS, Wang F, Yang SG, Sun C, He H, Liu YZ, Yu K
751 - 759 Thin copper oxide films prepared by ion beam sputtering with subsequent thermal oxidation: Application in chemiresistors
Horak P, Bejsovec V, Vacik J, Lavrentiev V, Vrnata M, Kormunda M, Danis S
760 - 767 Influences of TiO2 phase structures on the structures and photocatalytic hydrogen production of CuOx/TiO2 photocatalysts
Liu YX, Wang ZL, Huang WX
768 - 774 Formation and characterization of Al-Ti-Nb alloys by electron -beam surface alloying
Valkov S, Petrov P, Lazarova R, Bezdushnyi R, Dechev D
775 - 782 Enhanced photocatalytic H-2 production on CdS nanorod using cobalt-phosphate as oxidation cocatalyst
Di TM, Zhu BC, Zhang J, Cheng B, Yu JG
783 - 789 Local charge trapping in Ge nanoclustersdetected by Kelvin probe force microscopy
Kondratenko SV, Lysenko VS, Kozyrev YN, Kratzer M, Storozhuk DP, Iliash SA, Czibula C, Teichert C
790 - 796 Theoretical and experimental study of isothiazolinone adsorption onto ordered mesoporous silica
Mardones LE, Legnoverde MS, Simonetti S, Basaldella EI
797 - 801 The kinetic friction of ZnO nanowires on amorphous SiO2 and SiN substrates
Roy A, Xie HT, Wang SL, Huang H
802 - 809 Inhibition of charge recombination for enhanced dye-sensitized solar cells and self-powered UV sensors by surface modification
Chu L, Qin ZF, Liu W, Ma XG
810 - 823 Role of PEO coatings in long-term biodegradation of a Mg alloy
Matykina E, Garcia I, Arrabal R, Mohedano M, Mingo B, Sancho J, Merino MC, Pardo A
824 - 834 Enhanced NO2 sensing characteristics of Au modified porous silicon/thorn-sphere-like tungsten oxide composites
Yuan L, Hu M, Wei YL, Ma WF
835 - 839 Determination of band offsets at strained NiO and MgO heterojunction for MgO as an interlayer in heterojunction light emitting diode applications
Singh SD, Nand M, Ajimsha RS, Upadhyay A, Kamparath R, Mukherjee C, Misra P, Sinha AK, Jha SN, Ganguli T
840 - 848 Benzenoid-like CuFeO2@reduced graphene oxide: Facile synthesis and its excellent catalytic performance in selective oxidation
Xu TT, He GY, Zhao YT, Gu HY, Jiang ZY, Chen Q, Sun XQ, Chen HQ
849 - 857 Synthesis, surface structure and optical properties of double perovskite Sr2NiMoO6 nanoparticles
Xu L, Wan YP, Xie HD, Huang YL, Yang L, Qin L, Seo HJ
858 - 864 The effect of the sulfur concentration on the phase transformation from the mixed CuO-Bi2O3 system to Cu3BiS3 during the sulfurization process
Zhang LJ, Jin X, Yuan CC, Jiang GS, Liu WF, Zhu CF
865 - 873 Fabrication of dendritic silver-coated copper powders by galvanic displacement reaction and their thermal stability against oxidation
Park YS, An CY, Kannan PK, Seo N, Zhuo K, Yoo TK, Chung CH
874 - 881 Preparation of high absorbance and high emittance coatings on 6061 aluminum alloy with a pre-deposition method by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Ma DL, Lu CH, Fang ZG, Yan WG, Wei L, Ni YR, Xu ZZ
882 - 888 One-step surface selective modification of UV-curable hard coatings with photochemical metal organics
Lee YK, Park CS, Park HH
889 - 893 Design methodology for nano-engineered surfaces to control adhesion: Application to the anti-adhesion of particles
Kim T, Min C, Jung M, Lee J, Park C, Kang S
894 - 905 Molecular simulation of CH4, CO2, H2O and N-2 molecules adsorption on heterogeneous surface models of coal
Liu XQ, He X, Qiu NX, Yang X, Tian ZY, Li MJ, Xue Y
906 - 910 Emission enhancement in indium zinc oxide(IZO)/Ag/IZO sandwiched structure due to surface plasmon resonance of thin Ag film
Kiba T, Yanome K, Kawamura M, Abe Y, Kim KH, Takayama J, Murayama A
911 - 915 Effect of pH on the spontaneous synthesis of palladium nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide
Zhang XR, Ooki W, Kosaka YR, Okonogi A, Marzun G, Wagener P, Barcikowski S, Kondo T, Nakamura J
916 - 920 Electronic structures of spinterface for thiophene molecule adsorbed at Co, Fe, and Ni electrode: First principles calculations
Cai LL, Tian YL, Yuan XB, Hu GC, Ren JF
921 - 929 Correlation of surface treatment, dispersion and mechanical properties of HDPE/CNT nanocomposites
Ferreira FV, Francisco W, Menezes BRC, Brito FS, Coutinho AS, Cividanes LS, Coutinho AR, Thim GP
930 - 941 Effect of welding thermal cycles on the oxidation resistance of 9 wt.% Cr heat resistant steels in 550 degrees C lead-bismuth eutectic
Wang J, Rong LJ, Li DZ, Lu SP
942 - 951 Development of a poly(dimethylacrylamide) based matrix material for solid phase high density peptide array synthesis employing a laser based material transfer
Ridder B, Foertsch TC, Welle A, Mattes DS, von Bojnicic-Kninski CM, Loeffler FF, Nesterov-Mueller A, Meier MAR, Breitling F
952 - 966 Corrosion inhibition performance of 2,5-bis(4-dimethylaminophenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole for carbon steel in HCl solution: Gravimetric, electrochemical and XPS studies
Bouanis M, Tourabi M, Nyassi A, Zarrouk A, Jama C, Bentiss F
967 - 976 Surface modification of tube inner wall by transferred atmospheric pressure plasma
Chen FZ, Liu S, Liu JY, Huang S, Xia GQ, Song JL, Xu WJ, Sun J, Liu X
977 - 982 Complementary resistive switching in BaTiO3/NiO bilayer with opposite switching polarities
Li S, Wei XH, Lei Y, Yuan XC, Zeng HZ
983 - 989 Properties of nano-structured Ni/YSZ anodes fabricated from plasma sprayable NiO/YSZ powder prepared by single step solution combustion method
Prakash BS, Balaji N, Kumar SS, Aruna ST
990 - 994 Out-coupling membrane for large-size organic light-emitting panels with high efficiency and improved uniformity
Ding L, Wang LW, Zhou L, Zhang FH
995 - 1002 A general sensing strategy for detection of Fe3+ by using amino acid-modified graphene quantum dots as fluorescent probe
Ma Q, Song JP, Wang SZ, Yang J, Guo Y, Dong CA
1003 - 1011 PEG-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles with enhanced selective adsorption properties for different dyes
Wu XF, Wang W, Li F, Khaimanov S, Tsidaeva N, Lahoubi M
1012 - 1016 Controlling the antibacterial activity of CuSn thin films by varying the contents of Sn
Kang Y, Park J, Kim DW, Kim H, Kang YC
1017 - 1022 Enhanced field emission properties of molybdenum disulphide few layer nanosheets synthesized by hydrothermal method
Veeramalai CP, Li FS, Liu Y, Xu ZW, Guo TL, Kim TW
1023 - 1032 Nanomechanical and microstructural characterization of sputter deposited ZnO thin films
Bhardwaj V, Chowdhury R, Jayaganthan R
1033 - 1049 The influence of Mn-doped CeO2 on the activity of CuO/CeO2 in CO oxidation and NO plus CO model reaction
Deng CS, Huang QQ, Zhu XY, Hu Q, Su WL, Qian JN, Dong LH, Li B, Fan MG, Liang CY
1050 - 1055 Anchoring of Ag-Au alloy nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide sheets for the reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Hareesh K, Joshi RP, Sunitha DV, Bhoraskar VN, Dhole SD
1056 - 1061 Controlled enhancement range of the responsivity in ZnO ultraviolet photodetectors by Pt nanoparticles
Pei JN, Jiang DY, Zhao M, Duan Q, Liu RS, Sun L, Guo ZX, Hou JH, Qin JM, Li BZ, Zhang GY
1062 - 1068 IR emission and electrical conductivity of Nd/Nb-codoped TiOX (1.5 < X < 2) thin films grown by pulsed-laser deposition
Tchiffo-Tameko C, Cachoncinlle C, Perriere J, Nistor M, Petit A, Aubry O, Casero RP, Millon E
1069 - 1075 Corrosion resistance of ZrTi alloys with hydroxyapatite-zirconia-silver layer in simulated physiological solution containing proteins for biomaterial applications
Mareci D, Trinca LC, Cailean D, Souto RM
1076 - 1083 Fabrication and high visible-light-driven photocurrent response of g-C3N4 film: The role of thiourea
Ye LJ, Chen SJ
1084 - 1093 Preparation and enhanced photocatalytic activity of carbon nitride/titania(001 vs 101 facets)/reduced graphene oxide(g-C3N4/TiO2/rGO) hybrids under visible light
Huang MN, Yu JH, Hu Q, Su WL, Fan MG, Li B, Dong LH
1094 - 1103 Structural, electronic and adsorption properties of Rh(111)/Mo(110) bimetallic catalyst: A DFT study
Palotas K, Bako I, Bugyi L
1104 - 1107 Resistive switching behavior in single crystal SrTiO3 annealed by laser
Pan XQ, Shuai Y, Wu CG, Luo WB, Sun XY, Yuan Y, Zhou SQ, Ou X, Zhang WL
1108 - 1112 beta-cyclodextrin functionalized on glass micro-particles: A green catalyst for selective oxidation of toluene to benzaldehyde
Tahir MN, Nielsen TT, Larsen KL
1113 - 1119 Study on the effect of ambient gas on nanostructure formation on metal surfaces during femtosecond laser ablation for fabrication of low-reflective surfaces
Smausz T, Csizmadia T, Tapai C, Kopniczky J, Oszko A, Ehrhardt M, Lorenz P, Zimmer K, Prager A, Hopp B
1120 - 1125 Effect of thermal annealing treatment with titanium chelate on buffer layer in inverted polymer solar cells
Liu ZY, Wang N, Fu Y
1126 - 1136 Passive behaviour of alloy corrosion-resistant steel Cr10Mo1 in simulating concrete pore solutions with different pH
Ai ZY, Jiang JY, Sun W, Song D, Ma H, Zhang JC, Wang DQ
1137 - 1147 Anatase TiO2 nanocrystals anchored at inside of SBA-15 mesopores and their optical behavior
Araujo MM, Silva LKR, Sczancoski JC, Orlandi MO, Longo E, Santos AGD, Sa JLS, Santos RS, Luz GE, Cavalcante LS
1148 - 1155 Femtosecond laser ablated durable superhydrophobic PTFE films with micro-through-holes for oil/water separation: Separating oil from water and corrosive solutions
Yong JL, Fang Y, Chen F, Huo JL, Yang Q, Bian H, Du GQ, Hou X
1156 - 1160 GaN quantum dot polarity determination by X-ray photoelectron diffraction
Romanyuk O, Bartos I, Brault J, De Mierry P, Paskova T, Jiricek P
1161 - 1168 Surface modification by electrolytic plasma processing for high Nb-TiAl alloys
Gui WY, Hao GJ, Liang YF, Li F, Liu X, Lin JP
1169 - 1174 On the effectiveness of surface severe plastic deformation by shot peening at cryogenic temperature
Novelli M, Fundenberger JJ, Bocher P, Grosdidier T
1175 - 1181 Influence of surface micro grooving pretreatment on MAO process of aluminum alloy
Huang HJ, Wei XW, Yang JX, Wang J
1182 - 1191 Effect of Cr on the passive film formation mechanism of steel rebar in saturated calcium hydroxide solution
Liu M, Cheng XQ, Li XG, Pan Y, Li J
1192 - 1201 Fabrication and characterization of superhydrophobic copper fiber sintered felt with a 3D space network structure and their oil-water separation
Hu JY, Yuan W, Chen WJ, Xu XT, Tang Y
1202 - 1207 Bulk and surface properties of magnesium peroxide MgO2
Esch TR, Bredow T
1208 - 1213 A pH/glutathione double responsive drug delivery system using molecular imprint technique for drug loading
Zhang KL, Guan XJ, Qiu YX, Wang DD, Zhang XY, Zhang HX
1214 - 1219 Optical and electrical study of CdZnTe surfaces passivated by KOH and NH4F solutions
Zazvorka J, Franc J, Statelov M, Pekarek J, Veis M, Moravec P, Masek K
1220 - 1232 Dissociation of N2O on anatase TiO2 (001) surface - The effect of oxygen vacancy and presence of Ag cluster
Sowmiya M, Senthilkumar K