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1 - 1 Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Applied Surface Science July 27-30, 2016, Shanghai, China Preface
Schaaf P, Fu Q
2 - 12 Thermal stability and chemical resistance of (Ti, Al) N-Cu and(Ti, Al) N-Ni metal-ceramic nanostructured coatings
Belov DS, Blinkov IV, Volkhonskii AO, Kuznetsov DV, Kiryukhantsev-Korneev FV, Pustov YA, Sergevnin VS
13 - 23 Wear behaviour of wear-resistant adaptive nano-multilayered Ti-Al-Mo-N coatings
Sergevnin VS, Blinkov IV, Volkhonskii AO, Belov DS, Kuznetsov DV, Gorshenkov MV, Skryleva EA
24 - 34 MRI-aided tissues interface characterization: An accurate signal propagation time calculation method for UWB breast tumor imaging
Wang L, Xiao X, Kikkawa T
35 - 39 Enhanced ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties of(1-x) BaZr0.2Ti0.8O3-xBa(0.7)Ca(0.3)TiO(3) thin films by sol-gel process
Huang L, Dai Y, Wu YX, Pei XM, Chen W
40 - 48 Tribo-chemical behavior of eutectoid steel during rolling contact friction
Zhou Y, Cai ZB, Peng JF, Cao BB, Jin XS, Zhu MH
49 - 56 Electrochemically enhanced surface plasticity of steels
Gutman EM, Unigovski Y, Shneck R, Ye F, Liang Y
57 - 63 Questing and the application for silicon based ternary compound within ultra-thin layer of SIS intermediate region
Chen SM, Gao M, Wan YZ, Du HW, Li Y, Ma ZQ
64 - 70 Detection and distribution of lithium in Mg-Li-Al based alloy by ToF-SIMS
Kumar V
71 - 76 Fabrication and sulfurization of Cu2SnS3 thin films with tuning the concentration of Cu-Sn-S precursor ink
Wang CJ, Shei SC, Chang SC, Chang SJ
77 - 81 Effect of target density on the growth and properties of YGBCO thin films deposited by pulsed laser deposition
Liu LF, Li YJ, Wu X, Yao YJ, Wang ML, Wang BB
82 - 88 Influence of different TiO2 blocking films on the photovoltaic performance of perovskite solar cells
Zhang CX, Luo YD, Chen XH, Ou-Yang W, Chen YW, Sun Z, Huang SM
89 - 96 Preparation and photovoltaic properties of perovskite solar cell based on ZnO nanorod arrays
Xu Y, Liu T, Li ZS, Feng BJ, Li SQ, Duan JX, Ye C, Zhang J, Wang H
97 - 102 Surface and edge electroluminescence study of as-grown VCSEL structures
Zhao YM, Sun YR, He Y, Yu SZ, Song Y, Dong JR
103 - 108 Wear resistance of TiN(Ti2N)/Ti composite layer formed on C17200 alloy by plasma surface Ti-alloying and nitriding
Liu L, Shen HH, Liu XZ, Guo Q, Meng TX, Wang ZX, Yang HJ, Liu XP
109 - 113 Anisotropic surface hole-transport property of triphenylamine-derivative single crystal prepared by solution method
Umeda M, Katagiri M, Shironita S, Nagayama N
114 - 119 Structure and in vitro bioactivity of ceramic coatings on magnesium alloys by microarc oxidation
Yu HJ, Dong Q, Doug JH, Pan YK, Chen CZ
120 - 125 Wannier-Stark electro-optical effect, quasi-guided and photonic modes in 2D macroporous silicon structures with SiO2 coatings
Karachevtseva L, Goltviansky Y, Sapelnikova O, Lytvynenko O, Stronska O, Bo W, Kartel M
126 - 132 Zr/ZrC modified layer formed on AISI 440B stainless steel by plasma Zr-alloying
Shen HH, Liu L, Liu XZ, Guo Q, Meng TX, Wang ZX, Yang HJ, Liu XP
133 - 140 Surface hydrophilic modification of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene terpolymer by poly(ethylene glycol-co-1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol terephthalate): Preparation, characterization, and properties studies
Chen TT, Zhang J
141 - 147 The compositional, structural, and magnetic properties of a Fe3O4/Ga2O3/GaN spin injecting hetero-structure grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
Xu ZH, Huang SM, Tang K, Gu SL, Zhu SM, Ye JD, Xu MX, Wang W, Zheng YD
148 - 154 Preparation of Si-containing oxide coating and biomimetic apatite induction on magnesium alloy
Yu HJ, Dong Q, Dou JH, Pang YK, Chen CZ
155 - 159 Investigation of optical properties of Cu/Ni multilayer nanowires embedded in etched ion-track template
Xie L, Yao HJ, Duan JL, Chen YH, Lyu SB, Maaz K, Mo D, Liu J, Sun YM, Hou MD
160 - 168 Corrosion studies using potentiodynamic and EIS electrochemical techniques of welded lean duplex stainless steel UNS S82441
Brytan Z, Niagaj J, Reiman L
169 - 173 Using Ag-embedded TiO2 nanotubes array as recyclable SERS substrate
Ling YH, Zhuo YQ, Huang L, Mao DL
174 - 179 Computer simulation of the relationship between selected properties of laser remelted tool steel surface layer
Bonek M, Sliwa A, Mikula J
180 - 184 Interface chemistry of CdZnTe films studied by a peel-off approach
Tao J, Xu HT, Zhang YL, Ji HH, Xu R, Huang J, Zhang JJ, Liang XY, Tang K, Wang LJ
185 - 195 Microstructural evolution and surface properties of nanostructured Cu-based alloy by ultrasonic nanocrystalline surface modification technique
Amanov A, Cho IS, Pyun YS
196 - 202 Effects of surface tension and viscosity on the forming and transferring process of microscale droplets
Chen SL, Liu K, Liu CB, Wang DY, Ba DC, Xie YH, Du GY, Ba YS, Lin Q
203 - 211 Improving tribological properties of Ti-5Zr-3Sn-5Mo-15Nb alloy by double glow plasma surface alloying
Guo LL, Qin L, Kong FY, Yi H, Tang B
212 - 222 Electrochemical properties of the passive film on bulk Zr-Fe-Cr intermetallic fabricated by spark plasma sintering
Bai YK, Ling YH, Lai WS, Xing SP, Ma W
223 - 227 Effects of scaffold surface morphology on cell adhesion and survival rate in vitreous cryopreservation of tenocyte-scaffold constructs
Wang Z, Qing Q, Chen X, Liu CJ, Luo JC, Hu JL, Qin TW
228 - 233 Stabilized copper plating method by programmed electroplated current: Accumulation of densely packed copper grains in the interconnect
Kao LC, Hsu LH, Brahma S, Huang BC, Liu CC, Lo KY
234 - 238 Surface composition effect of nitriding Ni-free stainless steel as bipolar plate of polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Yu Y, Shironita S, Nakatsuyama K, Souma K, Umeda M
239 - 244 Proton conductive montmorillonite-Nafion composite membranes for direct ethanol fuel cells
Wu XW, Wu N, Shi CQ, Zheng ZY, Qi HB, Wang YF
245 - 251 Preparation of titanium dioxide films on etched aluminum foil by vacuum infiltration and anodizing
Xiang L, Park SS
252 - 258 Effect of hydrogen uptake on the electrochemical corrosion of N18 zircaloy under gamma irradiation
Xin ZY, Ling YH, Bai YK, Zeng C, Wang S, Clara JC
259 - 267 Experimental investigation on photoelectric properties of ZAO thin film deposited on flexible substrate by magnetron sputtering
Hao M, Liu K, Liu XH, Wang DY, Ba DC, Xie YH, Du GY, Ba YS
268 - 273 Design of a superhydrophobic and superoleophilic film using cured fluoropolymer@silica hybrid
Yang H, Pi PH, Yang ZR, Lu Z, Chen R
274 - 280 Synthesis and electrochemical performance of ruthenium oxide-coated carbon nanofibers as anode materials for lithium secondary batteries
Hyun Y, Choi JY, Park HK, Lee CS
281 - 287 Prediction of the properties of PVD/CVD coatings with the use of FEM analysis
Sliwa A, Mikula J, Golombek K, Tanski T, Kwasny W, Bonek M, Brytan Z
288 - 293 Light-emitting structures of CdS nanocrystals in oxidized macroporous silicon
Karachevtseva L, Kuchmii S, Stroyuk O, Lytvynenko O, Sapelnikova O, Stronska O, Bo W, Kartel M
294 - 303 Surface chemical state of Ti powders and its alloys: Effect of storage conditions and alloy composition
Hryha E, Shyab R, Bram M, Bitzer M, Nyborg L
304 - 312 Investigation of electrode distance impact on PEO coating formation assisted by simulation
Ma X, Blawert C, Hoche D, Zheludkevich ML, Kainer KU
313 - 320 Surface wettability of TiO2 nanotube arrays prepared by electrochemical anodization
Liu GH, Du K, Wang KY
321 - 330 In vitro study of 3D PLGA/n-HAp/beta-TCP composite scaffolds with etched oxygen plasma surface modification in bone tissue engineering
Roh HS, Jung SC, Kook MS, Kim BH
331 - 338 Preparation of ZnO nanorods on conductive PET-ITO-Ag fibers
Li YW, Ji S, Chen YY, Zhang H, Gong YM, Guo J
339 - 344 Real-time study of electromigration in Sn Blech structure
Ho CE, Hsieh WZ, Yang CH, Lee PT
345 - 351 Synthesis of three-dimensional flower-like BiOCl:RE3+ (RE3+ = Eu3+, Sm3+) globular microarchitectures and their luminescence properties
Guo YY, Zhang ZJ, Zhu GQ, Yang WC
352 - 358 Improving photoelectrochemical performance on quantum dots co-sensitized TiO2 nanotube arrays using ZnO energy barrier by atomic layer deposition
Zeng M, Zeng X, Peng XG, Zhu Z, Liao JJ, Liu K, Wang GZ, Lin SW
359 - 369 Behavior of the new composites obtained from fly ash and titanium dioxide in removing of the pollutants from wastewater
Visa M, Andronic L, Enesca A
370 - 375 Effects of modifying agents on surface modifications of magnesium oxide whiskers
Zhao Y, Liu B, Yang JJ, Jia JP, You C, Chen MF
376 - 380 Structural and electrical properties of heterojunction devices formed by spinning TIPS Pentacene thin films on n-Si substrates
Wang K, Huang Y, Chen RF, Xu Z
381 - 384 Non-uniform binding of single-stranded DNA binding proteins to hybrids of single-stranded DNA and single-walled carbon nanotubes observed by atomic force microscopy in air and in liquid
Umemura K, Ishizaka K, Nii D, Izumi K
385 - 391 Effect of surface topological structure and chemical modification of flame sprayed aluminum coatings on the colonization of Cylindrotheca closterium on their surfaces
Chen XY, He XY, Suo XK, Huang J, Gong YF, Liu Y, Li H
392 - 395 Study on the preparation of boron-rich film by magnetron sputtering in oxygen atmosphere
Pan ZM, Yang YM, Huang J, Ren B, Yu HZ, Xu R, Ji HH, Wang L, Wang LJ
396 - 400 Ellipsometric study and application of rubrene thin film in organic Schottky diode
Chen L, Deng JX, Gao HL, Yang QQ, Kong L, Cui M, Zhang ZJ
401 - 405 Optimized dispersion of conductive agents for enhancedLi-storage performance of TiO2
Han MY, Chen G
406 - 411 Improved wear resistance by phase transformation of surface nanocrystalline 1090 steel prepared by sandblasting technique
Peng R, Fu LC, Zhou LP
412 - 419 Nanospherical composite of WO3 wrapped NaTaO3: Improved photodegradation of tetracycline under visible light irradiation
Qu LN, Lang JY, Wang SW, Chai ZL, Su YG, Wang XJ
420 - 423 Experimental research of surface roughness and surface texture after laser cladding
Przestacki D, Majchrowski R, Marciniak-Podsadna L
424 - 430 The formation of FHA coating on biodegradable Mg-Zn-Zr alloy using a two-step chemical treatment method
Jiang ST, Zhang J, Shun SZ, Chen MF
431 - 436 Electrochemiluminescent detection of Pb2+ by graphene/gold nanoparticles and CdSe quantum dots
Lu LP, Guo LQ, Li J, Kang TF, Cheng SY
437 - 443 Influence of surface states of CuInS2 quantum dots in quantum dots sensitized photo-electrodes
Peng ZY, Liu YL, Wu L, Zhao YH, Chen KQ, Chen W
444 - 447 Influences of post-annealing on structural, morphological and electrical properties of Cd1-xMnxTe films
Ji HH, Huang J, Wang L, Wang JN, Lai JM, Xu R, Zhang JJ, Shen Y, Min JH, Wang LJ, Lu YC
448 - 454 Study on the interfacial adhesion property of low-k thin film by the surface acoustic waves with cohesive zone model
Xiao X, Qi HY, Tao Y, Kikkawa T
455 - 460 The influence of surface oxygen and hydroxyl groups on the dehydrogenation of ethylene, acetic acid and hydrogenated vinyl acetate on pure Pd(100): A DFT study
Huang YP, Dong XQ, Yu YZ, Zhang MH
461 - 467 Building high-coverage monolayers of covalently bound magnetic nanoparticles
Williams MG, Teplyakov AV
468 - 474 Effect of multiple passes treatment in waterjet peening on fatigue performance
Azhari A, Schindler C, Godard C, Gibmeier J, Kerscher E
475 - 482 Influence of the substrate on the morphological evolution of gold thin films during solid-state dewetting
Nsimama PD, Herz A, Wang D, Schaaf P
483 - 490 Corrosion and carburization behavior of Al-rich surface layer on Ni-base alloy in supercritical-carbon dioxide environment
Lee HJ, Kim SH, Kim H, Jang C
491 - 496 Synthesis of ZnO nanocoatings by decomposition of zinc acetate induced by electrons emitted by indium
Svoboda L, Dvorsky R, Praus P, Matysek D, Bednar J
497 - 502 Preparation of surface-modified lanthanum fluoride-graphene oxide nanohybrids and evaluation of their tribological properties as lubricant additive in liquid paraffin
Yang CZ, Hou X, Li ZW, Li XH, Yu LG, Zhang ZJ
503 - 509 Microstructure and property of diamond-like carbon films with Al and Cr co-doping deposited using a hybrid beams system
Dai W, Liu JM, Geng DS, Guo P, Zheng J, Wang QM
510 - 516 Microstructure and erosive wear behaviors of Ti6A14V alloy treated by plasma Ni alloying
Wang ZX, Wu HR, Shan XL, Lin NM, He ZY, Liu XP
517 - 523 The evolution of structure and defects in the implanted Si surface: Inspecting by reflective second harmonic generation
Brahma S, Liu CW, Lo KY
524 - 530 Nondestructive analysis of lithographic patterns with natural line edge roughness from Mueller matrix ellipsometric data
Chen XG, Shi YT, Jiang H, Zhang CW, Liu SY
531 - 538 Comparison of rheological, mechanical, electrical properties of HDPE filled with BaTiO3 with different polar surface tension
Su J, Zhang J
539 - 545 Roll-to-roll DBD plasma pretreated polyethylene web for enhancement of Al coating adhesion and barrier property
Zhang HB, Li H, Fang M, Wang ZD, Sang LJ, Yang LZ, Chen Q
546 - 550 Surface characteristics of Ti-6A1-4V alloy by EDM with Cu-SiC composite electrode
Li L, Feng L, Bai X, Li ZY
551 - 556 Morphological variation of stimuli-responsive polypeptide at air-water interface
Shin S, Ahn S, Cheng J, Chang H, Jung DH, Hyun J
557 - 564 The roles of buffer layer thickness on the properties of the ZnO epitaxial films
Tang K, Huang SM, Gu SL, Zhu SM, Ye JD, Xu ZH, Zheng YD
565 - 570 Thermal stability of hydrogenated diamond films in nitrogen ambience studied by reflection electron energy spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Ren B, Huang J, Yu HZ, Yang WC, Wang L, Pan ZM, Wang LJ
571 - 578 Preparation and high-temperature oxidation behavior of plasma Cr-Ni alloying on Ti6Al4V alloy based on double glow plasma surface metallurgy technology
Wei DB, Zhang PZ, Yao ZJ, Wei XF, Zhou JT, Chen XH
579 - 583 Improvement in temperature dependence and dielectric tunability properties of PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 thin films using Ba(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O-3 buffer layer
Wu Z, Zhou J, Chen W, Shen J, Yang HM, Zhang SS, Liu YL
584 - 588 Reconstruction of GaAs/AlAs supperlattice multilayer structure by quantification of AES and SIMS sputter depth profiles
Kang HL, Lao JB, Li ZP, Yao WQ, Liu C, Wang JY
589 - 592 A novel intermediate layer for Au/CdZnTe/FTO photoconductive structure
Zhang YL, Wang LJ, Xu R, Huang J, Tao J, Meng H, Zhang JJ, Min JH
593 - 603 Simulation optimization of filament parameters for uniform depositions of diamond films on surfaces of ultra-large circular holes
Wang XC, Shen XT, Sun FH, Shen B
605 - 607 Preface
Pisarek M, Habazaki H, Krupski A, Kulesza P, Janik-Czachor M
608 - 615 The use of renewable energy in the form of methane via electrolytic hydrogen generation using carbon dioxide as the feedstock
Hashimoto K, Kumagai N, Izumiya K, Takano H, Shinomiya H, Sasaki Y, Yoshida T, Kato Z
616 - 623 Enhancement of oxidative electrocatalytic properties of platinum nanoparticles by supporting onto mixed WO3/ZrO2 matrix
Rutkowska IA, Wadas A, Kulesza PJ
624 - 630 Enhanced catalytic activity of solid and hollow platinum-cobalt nanoparticles towards reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Krajczewski J, Kolataj K, Kudelski A
631 - 639 Nanostructured MnxOy for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalysts
Delmondo L, Salvador GP, Munoz-Tabares JA, Sacco A, Garino N, Castellino M, Gerosa M, Massaglia G, Chiodoni A, Quaglio M
640 - 644 The influence of coating solution and calcination condition on the durability of Ir1-xSnxO2/Ti anodes for oxygen evolution
Kato Z, Kashima R, Tatsumi K, Fukuyama S, Izumiya K, Kumagai N, Hashimoto K
645 - 652 Highly active carbon supported Pd cathode catalysts for direct formic acid fuel cells
Mikolajczuk-Zychora A, Borodzinski A, Kedzierzawski P, Mierzwa B, Mazurkiewicz-Pawlicka M, Stobinski L, Ciecierska E, Zimoch A, Opallo M
653 - 663 Highly active Ni/Y-doped ZrO2 catalysts for CO2 methanation
Takano H, Kirihata Y, Izumiya K, Kumagai N, Habazaki H, Hashimoto K
664 - 669 TiO2 assisted photo-oxidation of wastewater prior to voltammetric determination of trace metals: Eco-friendly alternative to traditional digestion methods
Lejbt B, Ospina-Alvarez N, Miecznikowski K, Krasnodebska-Ostrega B
670 - 677 Investigation of the degradation mechanism of catalytic wires during oxidation of ammonia process
Pura J, Wiecinski P, Kwasniak P, Zwolinska M, Garbacz H, Zdunek J, Laskowski Z, Gierej M
678 - 683 Deposition of copper and sulfate on Au(111): New insights
Madry B, Wandelt K, Nowicki M
684 - 690 Optimisation of anatase TiO2 thin film growth on LaAlO3(001) using pulsed laser deposition
Krupski K, Sanchez AM, Krupski A, McConville CF
691 - 695 Surface studies of praseodymium by electron spectroscopies
Krawczyk M, Pisarek M, Lisowski W, Jablonski A
696 - 703 Surface characterization of graphene based materials
Pisarek M, Holdynski M, Krawczyk M, Nowakowski R, Roguska A, Malolepszy A, Stobinski L, Jablonski A
704 - 709 MnO2-protected silver nanoparticles: New electromagnetic nanoresonators for Raman analysis of surfaces in basis environment
Abdulrahman HB, Kolataj K, Lenczewski P, Krajczewski J, Kudelski A
710 - 715 The role of oxygen in plasmon-driven transformation of silver nanoparticles
Krajczewski J, Kolataj K, Parzyszek S, Abdulrahman HB, Kudelski A
716 - 722 Properties of ordered titanium templates covered with Au thin films for SERS applications
Grochowska K, Siuzdak K, Sokolowski M, Karczewski J, Szkoda M, Sliwinski G
723 - 730 Syntheses and properties of several metastable and stable hydrides derived from intermetallic compounds under high hydrogen pressure
Filipek SM, Paul-Boncour V, Liu RS, Jacob I, Tsutaoka T, Budziak A, Morawski A, Sugiura H, Zachariasz P, Dybko K, Diduszko R
731 - 740 Characterization of optical and microstructural properties of semitransparent TiO2/Ti/glass interference decorative coatings
Skowronski L, Wachowiak AA, Grabowski A
741 - 745 Terahertz characterization of Y2O3-added AlN ceramics
Kang SB, Chung DC, Kim SJ, Chung JK, Park SY, Kim KC, Kwak MH
746 - 752 Mesoporous film of WO3-the "sunlight" assisted decomposition of surfactant in wastewater for voltammetric determination of Pb
Krasnodebska-Ostrega B, Bielecka A, Biadun E, Miecznikowski K
753 - 761 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of inorganic-organic hybrid consisting of BiVO4 and PEDOT:PSS
Trzcinski K, Szkoda M, Siuzdak K, Sawczak M, Lisowska-Oleksiak A
762 - 774 How important are scaffolds and their surface properties in regenerative medicine
Idaszek J, Kijenska E, Lojkowski M, Swieszkowski W
775 - 785 Improvement of the bio-functional properties of TiO2 nanotubes
Roguska A, Pisarek M, Belcarz A, Marcon L, Holdynski M, Andrzejczuk M, Janik-Czachor M
786 - 793 Electrodeposited non-stoichiometric tungstic acid for electrochromic applications: film growth modes, crystal structure, redox behavior and stability
Pugolovkin LV, Cherstiouk OV, Plyasova LM, Molina IY, Kardash TY, Stonkus OA, Yatsenko DA, Kaichev VV, Tsirlina GA
794 - 798 Electrodeposition of Al-Ta alloys in NaCl-KCl-AlCl3 molten salt containing TaCl5
Sato K, Matsushima H, Ueda M
799 - 804 The effect of foil purity on morphology of anodized nanoporous ZrO2
Wierzbicka E, Syrek K, Sulka GD, Pisarek M, Janik-Czachor M
805 - 808 Analysis of electrodeposition parameters influence on cobalt deposit roughness
Banbur-Pawlowska S, Mech K, Kowalik R, Zabinski P
809 - 816 Electrodeposition of NiPd alloy from aqueous chloride electrolytes
Mech K, Wrobel M, Wojnicki M, Mech-Piskorz J, Zabinski P, Kowalik R
817 - 824 Analysis of tellurium thin films electrodeposition from acidic citric bath
Kowalik R, Kutyla D, Mech K, Zabinski P