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Applied Surface Science, Vol.387 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Antibacterial polylactic acid/chitosan nanofibers decorated with bioactive glass
Goh YF, Akram M, Alshemary A, Hussain R
8 - 15 Rapid fabrication and characterization of superhydrophobic tri-dimensional Ni/Al coatings
Guo XG, Li XM, Wei ZB, Li XL, Niu LD
16 - 27 Selective hydrogenation of acetylene on SiO2 supported Ni-In bimetallic catalysts: Promotional effect of In
Chen YJ, Chen JX
28 - 35 Post-functionalization of plasma treated polycarbonate substrates: An efficient way to hydrophobic, oleophobic plastics
Godeau G, Amigoni S, Darmanin T, Guittard F
36 - 44 In2O3/Bi2Sn2O7 heterostructured nanoparticles with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Xing YL, Que WX, Yin XT, He ZL, Liu XB, Yang YW, Shao JY, Kong LB
45 - 50 Visible light photocatalytic activity induced by Rh(III) modification on the surface of BiOCl
Hu JL, Wu X, Huang CJ, Fan WJ, Qiu XQ
51 - 57 VOx effectively doping CVD-graphene for transparent conductive films
Ji QH, Shi LJ, Zhang QH, Wang WQ, Zheng HF, Zhang YZ, Liu YQ, Sun J
58 - 65 Insight into the influence of liquid paraffin for methanol synthesis on Cu(110) surface using continuum and atomistic models
Jiao WH, Liu SZ, Zuo ZJ, Ren RP, Gao ZH, Huang W
66 - 75 Investigation of the tribology behaviour of the graphene nanosheets as oil additives on textured alloy cast iron surface
Zheng D, Cai ZB, Shen MX, Li ZY, Zhu MH
76 - 81 Energy levels of GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs/AlAs spherical quantum dot with an impurity
Boz FK, Nisanci B, Aktas S, Okan SE
82 - 88 Surface energy characteristics of zeolite embedded PVDF nanofiber films with electrospinning process
Kang DH, Kang HW
89 - 102 Enhanced photocatalytic, electrochemical and photoelectrochemical properties of TiO2 nanotubes arrays modified with Cu, AgCu and Bi nanoparticles obtained via radiolytic reduction
Nischk M, Mazierski P, Wei ZS, Siuzdak K, Kouame NA, Kowalska E, Remita H, Zaleska-Medynska A
103 - 108 Enhanced field emission from ZnO nanowire arrays utilizing MgO buffer between seed layer and silicon substrate
Chen S, Chen JT, Liu JL, Qi J, Wang YH
109 - 117 Very high frequency plasma reactant for atomic layer deposition
Oh IK, Yoo G, Yoon CM, Kim TH, Yeom GY, Kim K, Lee Z, Jung H, Lee CW, Kim H, Lee HBR
118 - 127 Evaluation of laser cleaning for the restoration of tarnished silver artifacts
Palomar T, Oujja M, Llorente I, Barat BR, Canamares MV, Cano E, Castillejo M
128 - 138 Preparation and characterization of trihydroxamic acid functionalized carbon materials for the removal of Cu(II) ions from aqueous solution
Godino-Salido ML, Santiago-Medina A, Lopez-Garzon R, Gutierrez-Valero MD, Arranz-Mascaros P, de la Torre MDL, Domingo-Garcia M, Lopez-Garzon FJ
139 - 148 Morphology and stress at silicon-glass interface in anodic bonding
Tang JL, Cai C, Ming XX, Yu XH, Zhao SL, Tu ST, Liu HL
149 - 154 A flexible humidity sensor based on KC-MWCNTs composites
Peng XY, Chu J, Aldalbahi A, Rivera M, Wang LD, Duan SK, Feng P
155 - 162 Uniqueness plots: A simple graphical tool for identifying poor peak fits in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Singh B, Diwan A, Jain V, Herrera-Gomez A, Terry J, Linford MR
163 - 174 Preparation of highly hydrophobic cotton fabrics by modification with bifunctional silsesquioxanes in the sol-gel process
Przybylak M, Maciejewski H, Dutkiewicz A
175 - 182 Fabrication of sub-micron surface structures on copper, stainless steel and titanium using picosecond laser interference patterning
Bieda M, Siebold M, Lasagni AF
183 - 189 Characterization of TiO2-based semiconductors for photocatalysis by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Angelo J, Magalhaes P, Andrade L, Mendeslepabe A
190 - 201 Controllable synthesis and enhanced microwave absorbing properties of Fe3O4/NiFe2O4/Ni heterostructure porous rods
Li YN, Wu T, Jin KY, Qian Y, Qian NX, Jiang KD, Wu WH, Tong GX
202 - 213 One-pot template-free synthesis of porous CdMoO4 microspheres and their enhanced photocatalytic activity
Madhusudan P, Zhang JF, Yu JG, Cheng B, Xu DF, Zhang J
214 - 220 Photocatalytic activity of the binary composite CeO2/SiO2 for degradation of dye
Phanichphant S, Nakaruk A, Channei D
221 - 227 A first-principles study on the effect of phosphorus-doped palladium catalyst for formic acid dissociation
He F, Li K, Yin C, Wang Y, Jiao MG, Tang H, Wu ZJ
228 - 236 Electrical performance of conducting polymer (SPAN) grown on GaAs with different substrate orientations
Jameel DA, Aziz M, Felix JF, Al Saqri N, Taylor D, Albalawi H, Alghamdi H, Al Mashary F, Henini M
237 - 243 Nitrogen-doped amorphous oxide semiconductor thin film transistors with double-stacked channel layers
Xie HT, Wu Q, Xu L, Zhang L, Liu GC, Dong CY
244 - 251 Surface investigation of naturally corroded gilded copper-based objects
Ingo GM, Riccucci C, Lavorgna M, de Luna MS, Pascucci M, Carlo G
252 - 259 Titanium composite conversion coating formation on CRS In the presence of Mo and Ni ions: Electrochemical and microstructure characterizations
Mohammadloo HE, Sarabi AA
260 - 267 Interpenetrating polyaniline-gold electrodes for SERS and electrochemical measurements
West RM, Semancik S
268 - 273 cluster-exact approximation study of the adsorption of binary mixtures on heterogeneous surfaces
Varretti FOS, Bulnes FM, Ramirez-Pastor AJ
274 - 279 In situ atomic layer nitridation on the top and down regions of the amorphous and crystalline high-K gate dielectrics
Tsai MC, Lee MH, Kuo CL, Lin HC, Chen MJ
280 - 284 ZnO nanorod arrays and direct wire bonding on GaN surfaces for rapid fabrication of antireflective, high-temperature ultraviolet sensors
So HY, Senesky DG
285 - 293 Mussel inspired preparation of functional silica nanocomposites for environmental adsorption applications
Huang Q, Liu MY, Chen JY, Wang K, Xu DZ, Deng FJ, Huang HY, Zhang XY, Wei Y
294 - 300 Self-consistent modelling of X-ray photoelectron spectra from air-exposed polycrystalline TiN thin films
Greczynski G, Hultman L
301 - 307 Adsorption and dissociation of H2S on monometallic and monolayer bimetallic Ni/Pd(111) surfaces: A first-principles study
Li Y, Huang P, Tao DD, Wu J, Qiu M, Huang X, Ding KN, Chen WK, Su WY, Zhang YF
308 - 316 periodic DFT study of adsorption of water on sodium-montmorillonite (001) basal and (010) edge surface
Peng CL, Min FF, Liu LY, Chen J
317 - 331 Controlled assembly of silver nano-fluid in Heliotropium crispum extract: A potent anti-biofilm and bactericidal formulation
Khan F, Hashmi MU, Khalid N, Hayat MQ, Ikram A, Janjua HA
332 - 340 Novel hybrid coatings with controlled wettability by composite nanoparticle aggregation
Hritcu D, Dodi G, Iordache ML, Draganescu D, Sava E, Popa MI
341 - 350 Adsorption properties of CO, H-2 and CH4 over Pd/-gamma-Al2O3 catalyst: A density functional study
Song ZJ, Wang B, Yu J, Ma C, Qu QG, Zeng Z, Xiang J, Hu S, Sun LS
351 - 357 Surface, optical characteristics and photocatalytic ability of Scheelite-type monoclinic Bi3FeMo2O12 nanoparticles
Nie XM, Wulayin W, Song TT, Wu MX, Qiao XB
358 - 365 Pulsed laser deposition of nanostructured Co-B-O thin films as efficient catalyst for hydrogen production
Jadhav H, Singh AK, Patel N, Fernandes R, Gupta S, Kothari DC, Miotello A, Sinha S
366 - 374 Fabrication of conductive and high-dispersed Ppy@Ag/g-C3N4 composite photocatalysts for removing various pollutants in water
Zhu Z, Tang X, Ma CC, Song MS, Gao NL, Wang YS, Huo PW, Lu ZY, Yan YS
375 - 378 Interface-engineered spin-dependent transport in perpendicular Co/Pt multilayers
Jiang SL, Yang G, Teng J, Guo QX, Li LL, Yu GH
379 - 384 Methane adsorption on the surface of a model of shale: A density functional theory study
Zhua YQ, Su H, Jing Y, Guo JC, Tang JL
385 - 392 Surface atomic relaxation and magnetism on hydrogen-adsorbed Fe(110) surfaces from first principles
Chohan UK, Jimenez-Melero E, Koehler SPK
393 - 398 Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic performance of PbS/Ni2P flowers
Liu SL, Han LF, Liu H
399 - 405 Mussel inspired preparation of MoS2 based polymer nanocomposites: The case of polyPEGMA
Zeng GJ, Liu MY, Liu XH, Huang Q, Xu DZ, Mao LC, Huang HY, Deng FJ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
406 - 411 Anodic etching of GaN based film with a strong phase-separated InGaN/GaN layer: Mechanism and properties
Gao QX, Liu R, Xiao HD, Cao DZ, Liu JQ, Ma J
412 - 418 Robust superhydrophobic tungsten oxide coatings with photochromism and UV durability properties
Jiang T, Guo ZG
419 - 430 Preparation and characterization of zirconia-loaded lignocellulosic butanol residue as a biosorbent for phosphate removal from aqueous solution
Zong EM, Liu XH, Jiang JH, Fu SY, Chu FX
431 - 436 Silver dendrites decorated filter membrane as highly sensitive and reproducible three dimensional surface enhanced Raman scattering substrates
Zhao B, Lu Y, Zhang CY, Fu YZ, Moeendarbari S, Shelke SR, Liu YQ, Hao YW
437 - 445 Theoretical and experimental study on competitive adsorption of SF6 decomposed components on Au-modified anatase (101) surface
Zhang XX, Dong XC, Gui YG
446 - 453 Durable flame retardant finish for silk fabric using boron hybrid silica sol
Zhang QH, Gu JL, Chen GQ, Xing TL
454 - 460 Al- or Si-decorated graphene oxide: A favorable metal-free catalyst for the N2O reduction
Esrafili MD, Sharifi F, Nematollahi P
461 - 468 Temperature-dependent stoichiometric alteration in ZnO:Mn nanostructured thin films for enhanced ferromagnetic response
Ilyas U, Lee P, Tan TL, Chen R, Anwar AW, Zhang S, Sun HD, Rawat RS
469 - 476 Synthesis of Ag-decorated porous TiO2 nanowires through a sunlight induced reduction method and its enhanced photocatalytic activity
Yao YC, Dai XR, Hu XY, Huang SZ, Jin Z
477 - 482 Stoichiometry dependence of the optical and minority -carrier lifetime behaviors of CdTe epitaxial films: A low -temperature and time-resolved photoluminescence study
Tang K, Zhu XT, Zhu LQ, Bai W, Bai JW, Dong WX, Yang J, Zhang YY, Chen Y, Tang XD, Chu JH
483 - 490 Adsorptive desulfurization with metal-organic frameworks: A density functional theory investigation
Chen ZP, Ling LX, Wang BJ, Fan HL, Ju SG, Mi J
491 - 496 Experiment and simulation study of laser dicing silicon with water-jet
Bao JD, Long YH, Tong YQ, Yang XQ, Zhang B, Zhou ZP
497 - 502 Room-temperature atomic layer deposition of ZrO2 using tetrakis(ethylmethylamino)zirconium and plasma-excited humidified argon
Kanomata K, Tokoro K, Imai T, Pansila P, Miura M, Ahmmad B, Kubota S, Hirahara K, Hirose F
503 - 512 Ordering and defects in self-assembled monolayers on nanoporous gold
Patel DA, Weller AM, Chevalier RB, Karos CA, Landis EC
513 - 520 Fabrication of highly active Melem/Zn0.25Cd0.75S composites for the degradation of bisphenol A and methyl orange under visible light irradiation
Wang XD, Yan T, Liu XH, Ji PG, Sun M, Wei D, Yan LG, Du B
521 - 528 Fabrication of positively charged nanofiltration membrane via the layer-by-layer assembly of graphene oxide and polyethylenimine for desalination
Nan Q, Li P, Cao B
529 - 538 Ancient bronze coins from Mediterranean basin: LAMQS potentiality for lead isotopes comparative analysis with former mineral
Torrisi L, Italiano A, Torrisi A
539 - 545 Zirconium doped TiO2 thin films deposited by chemical spray pyrolysis
Juma A, Acik IO, Oluwabi AT, Mere A, Mikli V, Danilson M, Krunks M
546 - 556 A computational study on the adsorption configurations and reactions of SiHx(x=1-4) on clean and H-covered Si(100) surfaces
Le TNM, Raghunath P, Huynh LK, Lin MC
557 - 568 Substrate-dependent Au-x cluster: A new insight into Au-x/CeO2
Zhu KJ, Yang YJ, Lang JJ, Teng BT, Wu FM, Du SY, Wen XD
569 - 580 A surface-micromachining-based inertial micro-switch with compliant cantilever beam as movable electrode for enduring high shock and prolonging contact time
Xu Q, Yang ZQ, Fu B, Li JH, Wu H, Zhang QH, Sun YN, Ding GF, Zhao XL
581 - 587 Effects of porous films on the light reflectivity of pigmentary titanium dioxide particles
Liang Y, Qiao B, Wang TJ, Gao H, Yu KY
588 - 594 Bimetallic Au-decorated Pd catalyst for the liquid phase hydrodechlorination of 2,4-dichlorophenol
Zhou J, Chen H, Chen QY, Huang ZL
595 - 602 Highly active surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrates based on gold nanoparticles infiltrated into SiO2 inverse opals
Ankudze B, Philip A, Pakkanen TT, Matikainen A, Vahimaa P
603 - 608 Microchannel fabrication on cyclic olefin polymer substrates via 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser ablation
McCann R, Bagga K, Groarke R, Stalcup A, Vazquez M, Brabazon D
609 - 616 Limiting hydrophobic behavior and reflectance response of dragonfly and damselfly wings
Aideo SN, Mohanta D
617 - 624 Laser induced single spot oxidation of titanium
Jwad T, Deng SA, Butt H, DimovSchool S
625 - 630 Energy level alignments at the interface of N,N'-bis-(1-naphthyl)-N,N'-diphenyl-1,1'-biphenyl-4,4'-diamine (NPB)/Ag-doped In2O3 and NPB/Sn-doped In2O3
Jung K, Park S, Lee Y, Youn Y, Shin HI, Kim HK, Lee H, Yi Y
631 - 641 Self-assembly synthesis of hollow double silica @ mesoporous magnesium silicate magnetic hierarchical nanotubes with excellent performance for fast removal of cationic dyes
Tian YX, Cui GJ, Liu Y, Li HZ, Sun ZB, Yan SQ
642 - 651 A highly efficient visible-light-driven novel p-n junction Fe2O3/BiOI photocatalyst: Surface decoration of BiOI nanosheets with Fe2O3 nanoparticles
Mehraj O, Pirzada BM, Mir NA, Khan MZ, Sabir S
652 - 660 Development of a versatile procedure for the biofunctionalization of Ti-6Al-4V implants
Rezvanian P, Arroyo-Hernandez M, Ramos M, Daza R, Elices M, Guinea GV, Perez-Rigueiro J
661 - 665 Interface modification of MoS2/SiO2 leading to conversion of conduction type of MoS2
Lin YJ, Su TH
666 - 673 High-performance flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors based on densely-packed graphene/polypyrrole nanoparticle papers
Yang C, Zhang LL, Hu NT, Yang Z, Wei H, Wang YY, Zhang YF
674 - 681 Reduction of Pt2+ species in model Pt-CeO2 fuel cell catalysts upon reaction with methanol
Neitzel A, Johanek V, Lykhach Y, Skala T, Tsud N, Vorokhta M, Matolin V, Libuda J
682 - 689 The effects of copper doping on photocatalytic activity at (101) planes of anatase TiO2: A theoretical study
Assadi MHN, Hanaor DAH
690 - 697 Incorporation of graphene into SnO2 photoanodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Batmunkh M, Dadkhah M, Shearer CJ, Biggs MJ, Shapter JG
698 - 706 Formation of laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) on tool steel by multiple picosecond laser pulses of different polarizations
Gregorcic P, Sedlacek M, Podgornik B, Reif J
707 - 719 Preparation of graphene-Ag nanoparticles hybrids and their SERS activities
Wang XY, Wang N, Gong TC, Zhu Y, Zhang J
720 - 731 H2S adsorption and decomposition on the gradually reduced alpha-Fe2O3(001) surface: A DFT study
Lin CF, Qin W, Dong CQ
732 - 735 Measurement and characterization of a nano-scale multiple-step height sample using a stylus profiler
Li CS, Yang SM, Wang YM, Wang CY, Ren W, Jiang ZD
736 - 749 Multi-layer graphene oxide alone and in a composite with nanosilica: Preparation and interactions with polar and nonpolar adsorbates
Gun'ko VM, Turov VV, Zarko VI, Goncharuk OV, Matkovsky AK, Prykhod'ko GP, Nychiporuk YM, Pakhlov EM, Krupska TV, Balakin DY, Charmas B, Andriyko LS, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Marynin AI, Ukrainets AI, Kartel MT
750 - 758 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of anatase-TiO2 nanoparticles by fullerene modification: A theoretical and experimental study
Qi KZ, Selvaraj R, Al Fahdi T, Al-Kindy S, Kim Y, Wang GC, Tai CW, Sillanpaa M
759 - 765 Interactions between kaolinite Al-OH surface and sodium hexametaphosphate
Han YH, Liu WL, Zhou J, Chen JH
766 - 770 Structural and electronic properties of Pt induced nanowires on Ge(110)
Zhang L, Bampoulis P, Safaei A, Zandvliet HJW, van Houselt A
771 - 778 Systematic spatial and stoichiometric screening towards understanding the surface of ultrasmall oxygenated silicon nanocrystal
Niaz S, Zdetsis AD, Koukaras EN, Gulseren O, Sadiq I
779 - 783 Effects of annealing pressure and Ar+ sputtering cleaning on Al-doped ZnO films
Wang JW, Mei Y, Lu XM, Fan XX, Kang DW, Xu PF, Tan TY
784 - 789 Surface characterization of diamond film tool grinding on the monocrystal sapphire under different liquid environments
Feng W, Lu WZ, Zhou H, Yang B, Zuo DW
790 - 795 A green and facile hydrothermal approach for the synthesis of high-quality semi-conducting Sb2S3 thin films
Liu M, Gong YS, Li ZL, Dou ML, Wang F
796 - 804 Hard X-ray photoelectron and X-ray absorption spectroscopy characterization of oxidized surfaces of iron sulfides
Mikhlin Y, Tomashevich Y, Vorobyev S, Saikova S, Romanchenko A, Felix R
805 - 811 Facile synthesis of dendritic Cu by electroless reaction of Cu-Al alloys in multiphase solution
Wang Y, Liang SH, Yang Q, Wang XH
812 - 821 Investigation on the surface morphology of Si3N4 ceramics by a new fractal dimension calculation method
Jing JT, Feng PF, Wei SL, Zhao H, Liu YF
822 - 827 Low-energy electron irradiation of preheated and gas-exposed single-wall carbon nanotubes
Ecton PA, Beatty J, Verbeck G, Lakshantha W, Rout B, Perez JM
828 - 838 Characterization and antibacterial properties of porous fibers containing silver ions
Sun ZY, Fan CX, Tang XP, Zhao JH, Song YH, Shao ZB, Xu L
839 - 845 High performance lithium insertion negative electrode materials for electrochemical devices
Channu VSR, Rambabu B, Kumari K, Kalluru RR, Holze R
846 - 856 Optical and electrical properties of boron doped diamond thin conductive films deposited on fused silica glass substrates
Ficek M, Sobaszek M, Gnyba M, Ryl J, Golunski L, Smietana M, Jasinski J, Caban P, Bogdanowicz R
857 - 863 Porous carbon with a large surface area and an ultrahigh carbon purity via templating carbonization coupling with KOH activation as excellent supercapacitor electrode materials
Sun F, Gao JH, Liu X, Pi XX, Yang YQ, Wu SH
864 - 868 Orientation dependent Ti diffusion in YNMO/STO thin films deposited by pulsed laser deposition
Coy LE, Yate L, Ventura J, Zaleski K, Tadyszak K, Ferrater C, Polo MC, Varela M
869 - 874 Enhanced magneto-optical Kerr effect in rare earth substituted nanostructured cobalt ferrite thin film prepared by sol-gel method
Avazpour L, Toroghinejad MR, Shokrollahi H
875 - 881 Effects of coordination number of Au catalyst on oxygen species and their catalytic roles
Ouyang G, Zhu KJ, Zhang L, Cui PF, Teng BT, Wen XD
882 - 893 Enhanced visible light photocatalytic performance of polyaniline modified mesoporous single crystal TiO2 microsphere
Deng YC, Tang L, Zeng GM, Dong HR, Yan M, Wang JJ, Hu W, Wang JJ, Zhou YY, Tang J
894 - 901 Density functional studies of small Au clusters adsorbed on alpha-FeOOH: Structural and electronic properties
Fortunato LF, Zubieta CE, Fuente SA, Belelli PG, Ferullo RM
902 - 911 Performance of flexible capacitors based on polypyrrole/carbon fiber electrochemically prepared from various phosphate electrolytes
Yuan W, Han GY, Chang YZ, Li MY, Xiao YM, Zhou HH, Zhang Y, Li YP
912 - 920 In-situ preparation of Z-scheme AgI/Bi5O7I hybrid and its excellent photocatalytic activity
Cui M, Yu JX, Lin HJ, Wu Y, Zhao LH, He Y
921 - 928 In situ DRIFTs investigation of the reaction mechanism over MnOx-MOy/Ce0.75Zr0.25O2 (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Cu) for the selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
Hu H, Zha KW, Li HR, Shi LY, Zhang DS
929 - 937 Effect of the Pd/MWCNTs anode catalysts preparation methods on their morphology and activity in a direct formic acid fuel cell
Lesiak B, Mazurkiewicz M, Malolepszy A, Stobinski L, Mierzwa B, Mikolajczuk-Zychora A, Juchniewicz K, Borodzinski A, Zemek J, Jiricek P
938 - 943 Optical studies of cobalt implanted rutile TiO2 (110) surfaces
Joshi SR, Padmanabhan B, Chanda A, Mishra I, Malik VK, Mishra NC, Kanjilal D, Varma S
944 - 956 Synthesis of activated charcoal supported Bi-doped TiO2 nanocomposite under solar light irradiation for enhanced photocatalytic activity
Chandraboss VL, Kamalakkannan J, Senthilvelan S
957 - 964 Partial hydrophilic modification of biaxially oriented polypropylene film by an atmospheric pressure plasma jet with the allylamine monomer
Chen WX, Yu JS, Hu W, Chen GL
965 - 970 Thermal stability study for candidate stainless steels of GEN IV reactors
Veternikova JS, Degmova J, Pekarcikova M, Simko F, Petriska M, Skarba M, Mikula P, Pupala M
971 - 985 Non-destructive and micro-invasive testing techniques for characterizing materials, structures and restoration problems in mural paintings
Tortora M, Sfarra S, Chiarini M, Daniele V, Taglieri G, Cerichelli G
986 - 995 Hydroxamic acid interactions with solvated cerium hydroxides in the flotation of monazite and bastnasite-Experiments and DFT study
Sarvaramini A, Azizi D, Larachi F
996 - 1001 Synthesis of superparamagnetic delta-FeOOH nanoparticles by a chemical method
Nishida N, Amagasa S, Kobayashi Y, Yamada Y
1002 - 1009 Electrical transport in transverse direction through silicon carbon alloy multilayers containing regular size silicon quantum dots
Mandal A, Kole A, Dasgupta A, Chaudhuri P
1010 - 1020 The influence of surface roughness and high pressure torsion on the growth of anodic titania nanotubes on pure titanium
Hu N, Gao N, Starink MJ
1021 - 1028 A comprehensive comparative DFT study on adsorption and reactions involved in vinyl acetate synthesis from acetoxylation of ethylene on pure Pd(100) and Pd-Au(100): Elucidating the role of Au
Huang YP, Dong XQ, Yu YZ, Zhang MH
1029 - 1036 Surface modification of cyclomatrix polyphosphazene microsphere by thiol-ene chemistry and lectin recognition
Chen C, Zhu XY, Gao QL, Fang F, Huang XJ
1037 - 1045 TiO2 nanotubes as alternative cathode in microbial fuel cells: Effect of annealing treatment on its performance
Yahiaa SAA, Hamadou L, Salar-Garcia MJ, Kadri A, Ortiz-Martinez VM, Hernandez-Fernandez FJ, de los Rios AP, Benbrahim N
1046 - 1053 Cracks growth behaviors of commercial pure titanium under nanosecond laser irradiation for formation of nanostructure-covered microstructures (with sub-5-mu m)
Pan AF, Wang WJ, Mei XS, Zheng BX, YanState ZX
1054 - 1061 The role of surface preparation in corrosion protection of copper with nanometer-thick ALD alumina coatings
Mirhashemihaghighi S, Swiatowska J, Maurice V, Seyeux A, Klein LH, Salmi E, Ritala M, Marcus P
1062 - 1071 Comparative study on the effect of H-2 pre-adsorption on CO oxidation in O-2-poor atmosphere over Au/TiO2 and TiO2: Temperature programmed surface reaction by a multiplexed mass spectrometer testing
Si RR, Liu JF, Zhang YJ, Chen X, Dai WX, Fu XZ
1072 - 1079 A new approach of the synthesis of SiO2 nanowires by using bulk copper foils as catalyst
Gomez-Martinez A, Marquez F, Morant C
1080 - 1087 Selective surface adsorption and pore trapping for ethanol-water mixtures near single-layer polyporous graphynes
Liu F, Yang J, Xu ZJ, Yang XN
1088 - 1092 Electrical resistivity of nanoporous gold modified with thiol self-assembled monolayers
Hakamada M, Kato N, Mabuchi M
1093 - 1099 XPS and DFT study of pulsed Bi-implantation of bulk and thin-films of ZnO-The role of oxygen imperfections
Zatsepin DA, Boukhvalov DW, Gavrilov NV, Kurmaev EZ, Zhidkov IS
1100 - 1109 Functionalization enhancement on interfacial shear strength between graphene and polyethylene
Jin YK, Duan FL, Mu XJ
1110 - 1115 Study of Cs adsorption on (100) surface of [001]-oriented GaN nanowires: A first principle research
Xia SH, Liu L, Kong YK, Wang HG, Wang MS
1116 - 1124 Amine-functionalized magnetic mesoporous silica nanoparticles for DNA separation
Sheng W, Wei W, Li JJ, Qi XL, Zuo GC, Chen Q, Pan XH, Dong W
1125 - 1139 Derivation of dielectric function and inelastic mean free path from photoelectron energy-loss spectra of amorphous carbon surfaces
David D, Godet C
1140 - 1146 Reduction of a thin chromium oxide film on Inconel surface upon treatment with hydrogen plasma
Vesel A, Mozetic M, Balat-Pichelin M
1147 - 1153 Enhanced high temperature oxidization resistance of silica coated gamma-Ce2S3 red pigments
Liu SG, Li YM, Wang ZM, Shen ZY, Xie ZX
1154 - 1161 Natural polymers supported copper nanoparticles for pollutants degradation
Haider S, Kamal T, Khan SB, Omer M, Haider A, Khan FU, Asiri AM
1162 - 1168 Single-layer graphene-TiO2 nanotubes array heterojunction for ultraviolet photodetector application
Zhang DY, Ge CW, Wang JZ, Zhang TF, Wu YC, Liang FX
1169 - 1173 MnxGa1-x nanodots with high coercivity and perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
Karel J, Casoli F, Lupo P, Celegato F, Sahoo R, Ernst B, Tiberto P, Albertini F, Felser C
1174 - 1182 The description of charge transfer in fast negative ions scattering on water covered Si(100) surfaces
Chen L, Qiu SL, Liu PY, Xiong FF, Lu JJ, Liu YF, Li GP, Liu YR, Ren F, Xiao YQ, Gao L, Zhao QS, Ding B, Li Y, Guo YL, Chen XM
1183 - 1187 Morphology and phase structures of CW laser-induced oxide layers on iron surface with evolving reflectivity and colors
Wu TT, Wang LJ, Wei CH, Zhou ML, He MB, Wu LX
1188 - 1194 Fluence dependent electrical conductivity in aluminium thin films grown by infrared pulsed laser deposition
Rebollar E, Martinez-Tong DE, Sanz M, Oujja M, Marco JF, Ezquerra TA, Castillejo M
1195 - 1201 Hydrophobicity of silver surfaces with microparticle geometry
Macko J, Orinakova R, Orinak A, Koval K, Kupkova M, Erdelyi B, Kostecka Z, Smith RM
1202 - 1210 Fluorinated alkyne-derived monolayers on oxide-free silicon nanowires via one-step hydrosilylation
Quyen NM, Pujari SP, Wang B, Wang ZH, Haick H, Zuilhof H, van Rijn CJM
1211 - 1218 Structural, electrical, and dielectric properties of Cr doped ZnO thin films: Role of Cr concentration
Gurbuz O, Okutan M
1219 - 1224 Fabrication of superhydrophobic and lyophobic slippery surface on steel substrate
Wang N, Xiong DS, Pan S, Deng YL, Shi Y
1225 - 1229 Manipulating dynamic drops using a hybrid superhydrophobic/hydrophilic surface
Guo YH, Song D, Song BW, Hu HB
1230 - 1235 Preparation and characterization of ALD deposited ZnO thin films studied for gas sensors
Boyadjiev SI, Georgieva V, Yordanov R, Raicheva Z, Szilagyi IM
1236 - 1246 Effect of reaction temperature on structure and fluorescence properties of nitrogen-doped carbon dots
Zhang Y, Wang YL, Feng XT, Zhang F, Yang YZ, Liu XG
1247 - 1256 Controlled synthesis of bismuth oxyiodide toward optimization of photocatalytic performance
Liao CX, Ma ZJ, Chen XF, He X, Qiu JR
1257 - 1264 Surface integrity evolution and fatigue evaluation after milling mode, shot-peening and polishing mode for TB6 titanium alloy
Yao CF, Wu DX, Ma LF, Tan L, Zhou Z, Zhang JY
1265 - 1273 A high efficiency industrial polysilicon solar cell with a honeycomb-like surface fabricated by wet etching using a photoresist mask
Zhang H, Ding B, Chen TH
1274 - 1280 Nanostructured Fe(III) catalysts for water oxidation assembled with the aid of organic acid salt electrolytes
Zhao Q, Li DD, Gao GF, Yuan W, Hao GY, Li JP
1281 - 1284 Plasmon resonance-induced photoluminescence enhancement of CdTe/Cds quantum dots thin films
Wang HY, Xu L, Wu YQ, Xu J, Ma ZY, Chen KJ