Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.386 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Photoelectrocatalytic degradation Rhodamine B over highly ordered TiO2 nanotube arrays photoelectrode
Wu J, Xu H, Yan W
14 - 23 Surface modification influencing adsorption of red wine constituents: The role of functional groups
Mierczynska-Vasilev A, Smith PA
24 - 32 Reliability of multiresolution deconvolution for improving depth resolution in SIMS analysis
Boulakroune M
33 - 40 The green synthesis of Ag/ZnO in montmorillonite with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Sohrabnezhad S, Seifi A
41 - 50 Biomimetic surface modification of polypropylene by surface chain transfer reaction based on mussel-inspired adhesion technology and thiol chemistry
Niu ZJ, Zhao Y, Sun W, Shi SQ, Gong YK
51 - 64 Cavity formation and surface modeling of laser milling process under a thin-flowing water layer
Tangwarodomnukun V
65 - 71 Extending ultra-short pulse laser texturing over large area
Mincuzzi G, Gemini L, Faucon M, Kling R
72 - 77 Schottky barrier measurements on individual GaAs nanowires by X-ray photoemission microscopy
di Mario L, Turchini S, Zamborlini G, Feyer V, Tian L, Schneider CM, Rubini S, Martelli F
78 - 83 Improved structure stability, optical and magnetic properties of Ca and Ti co-substituted BiFeO3 nanoparticles
Kumar V, Singh S
84 - 95 Aluminum and iron doped graphene for adsorption of methylated arsenic pollutants
Cortes-Arriagada D, Toro-Labbe A
96 - 102 Pt nanoparticles embedded on reduced graphite oxide with excellent electrocatalytic properties
Saravanan G, Mohan S
103 - 114 Visible light assisted reduction of nitrobenzenes using Fe(bpy)(3) (+2)/rGO nanocomposite as photocatalyst
Kumar A, Kumar P, Paul S, Jain SL
115 - 124 Facile and scalable preparation of highly wear-resistance superhydrophobic surface on wood substrates using silica nanoparticles modified by VTES
Jia SS, Liu M, Wu YQ, Luo S, Qing Y, Chen HB
125 - 137 DFT study of selective hydrogenation of acetylene to ethylene on Pd doping Ag nanoclusters
Liu D
138 - 150 Fabrication of endothelial progenitor cell capture surface via DNA aptamer modifying dopamine/polyethyleneimine copolymer film
Deng JC, Yuan SH, Wang J, Luo RF, Chen S, Wang J, Huang N
151 - 159 Microwave-assisted deposition of silver nanoparticles on bamboo pulp fabric through dopamine functionalization
Peng LH, Guo RH, Lan JW, Jiang SX, Lin SJ
160 - 177 Synthesis of a novel poly-thiolated magnetic nano-platform for heavy metal adsorption. Role of thiol and carboxyl functions
Odio OF, Lartundo-Rojas L, Palacios EG, Martinez R, Reguera E
178 - 186 Development of superhydrophobicity in fluorosilane-treated diatomaceous earth polymer coatings
Sedai BR, Khatiwada BK, Mortazavian H, Blum FD
187 - 195 Green hydrophilic modification of PE hollow fiber membranes in a module scale via long-distance and dynamic low-temperature H2O plasma flow
Li MS, Zhao ZP, Wang MX
196 - 201 Interface effects for the hydrogenation of CO2 on Pt-4/-gamma-Al2O3
Liu YL, Liu J, Feng G, Yin S, Cen WL, Liu YJ
202 - 209 The stability of TiC surfaces in the environment with various carbon chemical potential and surface defects
Mao JJ, Li SS, Zhang YX, Chu XL, Yang ZX
210 - 223 Improved sensitivity and selectivity of pristine zinc oxide nanostructures to H2S gas: Detailed study on the synthesis reaction time
Motaung DE, Mhlongo GH, Bolokang AS, Dhonge BP, Swart HC, Ray SS
224 - 233 Structure, mechanical and tribological properties of self -toughening TiSiN/Ag multilayer coatings on Ti6A14V prepared by arc ion plating
Dang CQ, Li JL, Wang Y, Chen JM
234 - 246 Towards advanced structural analysis of iron oxide clusters on the surface of gamma-Al2O3 using EXAFS
Boubnov A, Roppertz A, Kundrat MD, Mangold S, Reznik B, Jacob CR, Kureti S, Grunwaldt JD
247 - 254 Ti-decorated graphitic-C3N4 monolayer: A promising material for hydrogen storage
Zhang WB, Zhang ZJ, Zhang FC, Yang W
255 - 261 Asymmetric photoelectric property of transparent TiO2 nanotube films loaded with Au nanoparticles
Wang H, Liang W, Liu YM, Zhang WG, Zhou DY, Wen J
262 - 268 Role of crystal orientation on chemical mechanical polishing of single crystal copper
Zhu AB, He DY, Luo WC, Liu YY
269 - 275 Fabrication of luminescent hydroxyapatite nanorods through surface-initiated RAFT polymerization: Characterization, biological imaging and drug delivery applications
Heng CN, Zheng XY, Liu MY, Xu DZ, Huang HY, Deng FJ, Hui JF, Zhang XY, Wei Y
276 - 284 Polymer surface modification using UV treatment for attachment of natamycin and the potential applications for conventional food cling wrap (LDPE)
Shin JM, Liu X, Chikthimmah N, Lee YS
285 - 295 Simultaneously promoting charge separation and photoabsorption of BiOX (X = Cl, Br) for efficient visible-light photocatalysis and photosensitization by compositing low-cost biochar
Li M, Huang HW, Yu SX, Tian N, Dong F, Du X, Zhang YH
296 - 302 Surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) fabrics for trace analysis
Liu J, Zhou J, Tang B, Zeng T, Li YL, Li JL, Ye Y, Wang XG
303 - 308 Improving the growth of Ge/Si islands by modulating the spacing between screen and accelerator grids in ion beam sputtering deposition system
Yang J, Zhao B, Wang C, Qiu F, Wang RF, Yang Y
309 - 318 Grafting of PMMA brushes layer on Cu surface to create a stable superhydrophobic surface
Zhang JH, Cai JY, Li M
319 - 326 Effect of capping agents: Structural, optical and biological properties of ZnO nanoparticles
Javed R, Usman M, Tabassum S, Zia M
327 - 336 Surface functionalization of an osteoconductive filler by plasma polymerization of poly(s-caprolactone) and poly(acrylic acid) films
Petisco-Ferrero S, Sanchez-Ilarduya MB, Diez A, Martin L, Arrate EM, Sarasua JR
337 - 344 Synthesis of spindle-shaped AgI/TiO2 nanoparticles with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Yang L, Gao MG, Dai B, Guo XH, Liu ZY, Peng BH
345 - 351 Self-assembled dendrite Ag arrays with tunable morphologies for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Huang PP, Wang ZZ, Lin L, Feng ZH, Wen X, Zheng Z
352 - 363 Layered double hydroxide materials coated carbon electrode: New challenge to future electrochemical power devices
Djebbi MA, Braiek M, Namour P, Amara AB, Jaffrezic-Renault N
364 - 370 Fabrication and surface characterization of photopatterned encapsulated micromagnets for microrobotics and microfluidics applications
Li H, Leachman W, Kershaw J
371 - 380 Effect of surface passivation on corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties of Cu-bearing 316L stainless steel
Zhao JL, Xu DK, Shahzad MB, Kang Q, Sun Y, Sun ZQ, Zhang SY, Ren L, Yang CG, Yang K
381 - 388 Formation of cerussite and hydrocerussite during adsorption of lead from aqueous solution on oxidized carbons by cold oxygen plasma
Maldonado PSD, Hernandez-Montoya V, Concheso A, Montes-Moran MA
389 - 392 Thermoelectric properties of Al-doped Mg2Si thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Chen ZJ, Zhou BY, Li JX, Wen CL
393 - 404 Magnetic Ni-Co alloys induced by water gas shift reaction, Ni-Co oxides by CO oxidation and their supercapacitor applications
Lee S, Kang JS, Leung KT, Kim SK, Sohn Y
405 - 411 High performance flexible pH sensor based on carboxyl-functionalized and DEP aligned SWNTs
Liu L, Shao JY, Li XM, Zhao Q, Nie BB, Xu C, Ding HT
412 - 417 Electrophoretic deposition of CdS coatings and their photocatalytic activities in the degradation of tetracycline antibiotic
Vazquez A, Hernandez-Uresti DB, Obregon S
418 - 426 Electrodeposition of flower-like platinum on electrophoretically grown nitrogen-doped graphene as a highly sensitive electrochemical non-enzymatic biosensor for hydrogen peroxide detection
Tajabadi MT, Sookhakian M, Zalnezhad E, Yoon GH, Hamouda AMS, Azarang M, Basirun WJ, Alias Y
427 - 433 Charge mobility increase in indium-molybdenum oxide thin films by hydrogen doping
Catalan S, Alvarez-Fraga L, Salas E, Ramirez-Jimenez R, Rodriguez-Palomo A, de Andres A, Prieto C
434 - 441 Photocatalytic self-cleaning cotton fabrics with platinum (IV) chloride modified TiO2 and N-TiO2 coatings
Long MC, Zheng LH, Tan BH, Shu HP
442 - 450 Novel preparation of highly dispersed Ni2P embedded in carbon framework and its improved catalytic performance
Wang S, Wang K, Wang XT
451 - 459 Chemically stable and reusable nano zero-valent iron/graphite-like carbon nitride nanohybrid for efficient photocatalytic treatment of Cr(VI) and rhodamine B under visible light
Liang ZY, Wen QJ, Wang X, Zhang FW, Yu Y
460 - 466 Electro-adsorption of tetracycline from aqueous solution by carbonized pomelo peel and composite with aniline
Li N, Yang SG, Chen J, Gao J, He H, Sun C