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1 - 8 Structural transformations in femtosecond laser-processed n-type 4H-SiC
Rehman ZU, Janulewicz KA
9 - 17 Palladium-free electroless deposition of pure copper film on glass substrate using hydrazine as reducing agent
Nobari N, Behboudnia M, Maleki R
18 - 27 Titanate nanotubes sensitized with silver nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and in-situ pollutants photodegradation
Barrocas B, Nunes CD, Carvalho ML, Monteiro OC
28 - 33 Tuning the ITO work function by capacitively coupled plasma and its application in inverted organic solar cells
Fang M, Zhang CM, Chen Q
34 - 41 Improved photoelectrochemical performance of Z-scheme g-C3N4/Bi2O3/BiPO4 heterostructure and degradation property
Li JQ, Yuan H, Zhu ZF
42 - 46 The reduction of critical H implantation dose for ion cut by incorporating B-doped SiGe/Si superlattice into Si substrate
Xue ZY, Chen D, Jia PF, Wei X, Di ZF, Zhang M
47 - 55 Fischer carbene mediated covalent grafting of a peptide nucleic acid on gold surfaces and IR optical detection of DNA hybridization with a transition metalcarbonyl label
Srivastava P, Ghasemi M, Ray N, Sarkar A, Kocabova J, Lachmanova S, Hromadova M, Boujday S, Cauteruccio S, Thakare P, Licandro E, Fosse C, Salmain M
56 - 62 Tuning the activity of nanoplatelet MoS2-based catalyst for efficient hydrogen evolution via electrochemical decoration with Pt nanoparticles
Jagminas A, Naujokaitis A, Zalneravicius R, Jasulaitiene V, Valusis G
63 - 71 High-quality molybdenum disulfide nanosheets with 3D structure for electrochemical sensing
Yin AP, Wei XH, Cao YX, Li HQ
72 - 79 Surface stability of spinel MgNi0.5Mn1.5O4 and MgMn2O4 as cathode materials for magnesium ion batteries
Jin W, Yin GQ, Wang ZG, Fu YQ
80 - 87 A feasible electrochemical method for tuning coatings wettability from superhydrophilicity to superhydrophobicity
Xu LY, Wei DL, Chen YX, Li RB
88 - 98 Influence of microwave irradiation on boron concentrate activation with an emphasis on surface properties
Jiang T, Zhang QY, Liu YJ, Xue XX, Duan PN
99 - 105 A density functional theory study of propylene epoxidation on RuO2(110) surface
Atmaca DO, Duzenli D, Ozbek MO, Onal I
106 - 112 In-situ stress analysis of the Zr/ZrO2 system as studied by Raman spectroscopy and deflection test in monofacial oxidation techniques
Kurpaska L, Favergeon J, Grosseau-Poussard JL, Lahoche L, Moulin G
113 - 121 A DFT study on adsorption behaviour of CO on Co3O4 nanostructures
Nagarajan V, Chandiramouli R
122 - 129 Wafer level package of Au-Ge system using a Ge chemical vapor deposition (CVD) thin film
Choi KK, Hosseini N, Kee J, Kim SK, Park CG
130 - 138 Preparation of PES ultrafiltration membranes with natural amino acids based zwitterionic antifouling surfaces
Xu C, Liu XJ, Xie BB, Yao C, Hu WH, Li Y, Li XS
139 - 144 The The effects of ultra-thin cerium fluoride film as the anode buffer layer on the electrical characteristics of organic light emitting diodes
Lu HW, Tsai CC, Hong CS, Kao PC, Juang YD, Chu SY
145 - 152 Patterning of diamond like carbon films for sensor applications using silicon containing thermoplastic resist (SiPol) as a hard mask
Virganavicius D, Cadarso VJ, Kirchner R, Stankevicius L, Tamulevicius T, Tamulevicius S, Schift H
153 - 161 Contact Angle Hysteresis on Graphene Surfaces and Hysteresis-free Behavior on Oil-infused Graphite Surfaces
Wu CJ, Li YF, Woon WY, Sheng YJ, Tsao HK
162 - 170 Preparation of flower-like CuS by solvothermal method for photocatalytic, UV protection and EMI shielding applications
Hu XS, Shen Y, Xu LH, Wang LM, Lu LS, Zhang YT
171 - 181 Systematic study on surface and magnetostructural changes in Mn-substituted dysprosium ferrite by hydrothermal method
Rekha G, Tholkappiyan R, Vishista K, Hamed F
182 - 190 Effect of thickness on surface morphology, optical and humidity sensing properties of RF magnetron sputtered CCTO thin films
Ahmadipour M, Ain MF, Ahmad ZA
191 - 198 Experimental investigation of photoresist etching by kHz AC atmospheric pressure plasma jet
Wang LJ, Zheng YS, Wu C, Jia SL
199 - 208 Visible Visible light activity of pulsed layer deposited BiVO4/MnO2 films decorated with gold nanoparticles: The evidence for hydroxyl radicals formation
Trzcinski K, Szkoda M, Sawczak M, Karczewski J, Lisowska-Oleksiak A
209 - 215 MOCVD growth of CdO very thin films: Problems and ways of solution
Huerta-Barbera A, Guia LM, Klymov O, Marin-Borras V, Martinez-Tomas C, Tamayo-Arriola J, Kurtz A, Bajo MM, Munoz E, Hierro A, Munoz-Sanjose V
216 - 224 Formation and composition of adsorbates on hydrophobic carbon surfaces from aqueous laccase-maltodextrin mixture suspension
Urena YRC, Lisboa PN, Szardenings M, Gatjen L, Noeske PLM, Rischka K
225 - 233 Facile Facile and green synthesis of highly stable L-cysteine functionalized copper nanoparticles
Kumar N, Upadhyay LSB
234 - 240 Effect of MnO2 morphology on the catalytic oxidation of toluene over Ag/MnO2 catalysts
Li JM, Qu ZP, Qin Y, Wang H
241 - 248 A model for the ethylene and acetylene adsorption on the surface of Cu-n(n=10-15) nanoclusters: A theoretical study
Farmanzadeh D, Abdollahi T
249 - 256 Anti-adhesion effects of liquid-infused textured surfaces on high-temperature stainless steel for soft tissue
Zhang PF, Chen HW, Zhang LW, Zhang DY
257 - 267 Structural, thermal, optical properties and cytotoxicity of PMMA/ZnO fibers and films: Potential application in tissue engineering
Balen R, da Costa WV, Andrade JD, Piai JF, Muniz EC, Companhoni MV, Nakamura TU, Lima SM, Andrade LHD, Bittencourt PRS, Hechenleitner AAW, Pineda EAG, Fernandes DM
268 - 281 Surface nanostructuring of thin film composite membranes via grafting polymerization and incorporation of ZnO nanoparticles
Isawi H, El-Sayed MH, Feng XS, Shawky H, Mottaleb MSA
282 - 288 Characterization of electrochemically deposited films from aqueous and ionic liquid cobalt precursors toward hydrogen evolution reactions
Dushatinski T, Huff C, Abdel-Fattah TM
289 - 298 Investigation Investigation of optical and microstructural properties of RF magnetron sputtered PTFE films for hydrophobic applications
Tripathi S, Haque SM, Rao KD, De R, Shripathi T, Deshpande U, Ganesan V, Sahoo NK
299 - 307 Ambient, rapid and facile deposition of polymer brushes for immobilization of plasmonic nanoparticles
Yilmaz H, Pekdemir S, Ipekci HH, Kiremitler NB, Hancer M, Onses MS
308 - 317 Facile preparation of heparinized polysulfone membrane assisted by polydopamine/polyethyleneimine co-deposition for simultaneous LDL selectivity and biocompatibility
Wang LW, Fang F, Liu Y, Li J, Huang XJ
318 - 323 Formation of InN atomic-size wires by simple N adsorption on the In/Si(111)-(4 x 1) surface
Guerrero-Sanchez J, Takeuchi N
324 - 332 Controlling the preferential orientation in sol-gel prepared CaCu3Ti4O12 thin films by LaAlO3 and NdGaO3 substrates
Pongpaiboonkul S, Kasa Y, Phokharatkul D, Putasaeng B, Hodak JH, Wisitsoraat A, Hodak SK
333 - 340 Amino-functionalized alkaline clay with cationic star-shaped polymer as adsorbents for removal of Cr(VI) in aqueous solution
Pan YF, Cai PX, Farmahini-Farahani M, Li YD, Hou XB, Xiao HN
341 - 348 Enhanced Enhanced bonding property of cold-sprayed Zn-Al coating on interstitial-free steel substrate with a nanostructured surface layer
Liang YL, Wang ZB, Zhang J, Zhang JB, Lu K
349 - 355 Surface modification of polyvinyl alcohol/malonic acid nanofibers by gaseous dielectric barrier discharge plasma for glucose oxidase immobilization
Afshari E, Mazinani S, Ranaei-Siadat SO, Ghomi H
356 - 359 Unintentional carbide formation evidenced during high-vacuum magnetron sputtering of transition metal nitride thin films
Greczynski G, Mraz S, Hultman L, Schneider JM
360 - 367 Synthesis, structural elucidation and carbon dioxide adsorption on Zn (II) hexacyanoferrate (II) Prussian blue analogue
Roque-Malherbe R, Lugo F, Polanco R
368 - 378 Electrochemical characterization of pulsed layer deposited hydroxyapatite-zirconia layers on Ti-21Nb-15Ta-6Zr alloy for biomedical application
Izquierdo J, Bolat G, Cimpoesu N, Trinca LC, Mareci D, Souto RM
379 - 390 Deposition of carbon nanotubes onto aramid fibers using as-received and chemically modified fibers
Rodriguez-Uicab O, Aviles F, Gonzalez-Chi PI, Canche-Escamilla G, Duarte-Aranda S, Yazdani-Pedram M, Toro P, Gamboa F, Mazo MA, Nistal A, Rubio J
391 - 399 On the wettability diversity of C/SiC surface: Comparison of the ground C/SiC surface and ablated C/SiC surface from three aspects
Wu ML, Ren CZ, Xu HZ
400 - 409 Atmospheric plasma surface modifications of electrospun PCL/chitosan/PCL hybrid scaffolds by nozzle type plasma jets for usage of cell cultivation
Surucu S, Masur K, Sasmazel HT, Von Woedtke T, Weltmann KD
410 - 416 Nanoripple formation on GaAs (001) surface by reverse epitaxy during ion beam sputtering at elevated temperature
Chowdhury D, Ghose D
417 - 425 A super hydrophilic modification of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) nanofibers: By in situ hydrothermal approach
Sheikh FA, Zargar MA, Tamboli AH, Kim H
426 - 435 Identification and roles of nonstoichiometric oxygen in amorphous Ta2O5 thin films deposited by electron beam and sputtering processes
Mannequin C, Tsuruoka T, Hasegawa T, Aono M
436 - 444 Electromagnetic interference shielding performance of waterborne polyurethane composites filled with silver nanoparticles deposited on functionalized graphene
Lin SC, Ma CCM, Hsiao ST, Wang YS, Yang CY, Liao WH, Li SM, Wang JA, Cheng TY, Lin CW, Yang RB
445 - 452 Highly active Ag clusters stabilized on TiO2 nanocrystals for catalytic reduction of p-nitrophenol
Wang X, Zhao Z, Ou DR, Tu BF, Cui DA, Wei XM, Cheng MJ
453 - 463 The The novel silicon-containing epoxy/PEPA phosphate flame retardant for transparent intumescent fire resistant coating
Shi YC, Wang GJ
464 - 471 Effect of substrate temperature on the structure of amorphous oxygenated hydrocarbon films grown with a pulsed supersonic methane plasma flow
Fedoseeva YV, Pozdnyakov GA, Okotrub AV, Kanygin MA, Nastaushev YV, Vilkov OY, Bulusheva LG
472 - 480 The icephobicity comparison of polysiloxane modified hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces under condensing environments
Wang YY, Liu J, Li MZ, Wang QJ, Chen QM
481 - 489 Electrodeposition of Zn and Cu-Zn alloy from ZnO/CuO precursors in deep eutectic solvent
Xie XL, Zou XL, Lu XG, Lu CY, Cheng HW, Xu Q, Zhou ZF
490 - 497 Effects of synthesis conditions on structure and surface properties of SmMn2O5 mullite-type oxide
Thampy S, Ibarra V, Lee YJ, McCool G, Cho K, Hsu JWP
498 - 505 Photoactive TiO2 coatings obtained by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation in refrigerated electrolytes
Franz S, Perego D, Marchese O, Lucotti A, Bestetti M
506 - 514 Synthesis and characterization of the NiFe2O4@TEOS-TPS@Ag nanocomposite and investigation of its antibacterial activity
Allafchian AR, Jalali SAH, Amiri R, Shahabadi S
515 - 520 Fabrication of high aspect ratio nanocell lattices by ion beam irradiation
Ishikawa O, Nitta N, Taniwaki M
521 - 528 Liquid crystal behavior induced assembling fabrication of conductive chiral MWCNTs@NCC nanopaper
Ren YM, Wang TJ, Chen ZM, Li J, Tian QG, Yang HX, Xu Q
529 - 542 Imaging and chemical surface analysis of biomolecular functionalization of monolithically integrated on silicon Mach-Zehnder interferometric immunosensors
Gajos K, Angelopoulou M, Petrou P, Awsiuk K, Kakabakos S, Haasnoot W, Bernasik A, Rysz J, Marzec MM, Misiakos K, Raptis I, Budkowski A
543 - 553 Functionalization of textiles with silver and zinc oxide nanoparticles
Pulit-Prociak J, Chwastowski J, Kucharski A, Banach M
554 - 561 Experimental investigation of metallic thin film modification of nickel substrates for chemical vapor deposition growth of single layer graphene at low temperature
Giamini SA, Marquez-Velasco J, Sakellis I, Tsipas P, Kelaidis N, Tsoutsou D, Boukos N, Kantarelou V, Xenogiannopoulou E, Speliotis T, Aretouli K, Kordas G, Dimoulas A
562 - 568 A simple approach to fabricate the rose petal-like hierarchical surfaces for droplet transportation
Yuan C, Huang MY, Yu XJ, Ma YP, Luo XB
569 - 577 Synthesis, structural characterization and in vitro testing of dysprosium containing silica particles as potential MRI contrast enhancing agents
Chiriac LB, Trandafir DL, Turcu RVF, Todea M, Simon S
578 - 586 A first principles study of interactions of CO2 with surfaces of a Cu(benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylate) metal organic framework
Li J, Zhu CM, Qiao Z, Chen XQ, Wei W, Ji HF, Sohlberg K
587 - 596 Effect of Y2O3 contents on oxidation resistance at 1150 degrees C and mechanical properties at room temperature of ODS Ni-20Cr-5Al alloy
Sun DJ, Liang CY, Shang JL, Yin JH, Song YR, Li WZ, Liang TQ, Zhang XH
597 - 604 Temperature regulated-chemical vapor deposition for incorporating NiO nanoparticles into mesoporous media
Han SW, Kim IH, Kim DH, Park KJ, Park EJ, Jeong MG, Kim YD
605 - 615 Mechanism of Cu(II), Cd(II) and Pb(II) ions sorption from aqueous solutions by macroporous poly(glycidyl methacrylate-co-ethylene glycol dimethacrylate)
Nastasovic AB, Ekmescic BM, Sandic ZP, Randelovic DV, Mozetic M, Vesel A, Onjia AE
616 - 621 Molecular dynamics investigation on the adsorption behaviors of H2O, CO2, CH4 and N-2 gases on calcite (1 (1)over-bar 0) surface
Wang SM, Zhou GG, Ma Y, Gao L, Song RR, Jiang GC, Lu GW