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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Facile preparation of amino functionalized graphene oxide decorated with Fe3O4 nanoparticles for the adsorption of Cr(VI)
Zhao DL, Gao X, Wu CN, Xie R, Feng SJ, Chen CL
10 - 17 Adsorption and decomposition of H2O on cobalt surfaces: A DFT study
Ma FF, Ma SH, Jiao ZY, Dai XQ
18 - 26 Plasmonic enhancement of UV emission from ZnO thin films induced by Al nano-concave arrays
Norek M, Luka G, Wlodarski M
27 - 35 Optimization of pore structure and particle morphology of mesoporous silica for antibody adsorption for use in affinity chromatography
Hikosaka R, Nagata F, Tomita M, Kato K
36 - 44 Molecular modeling of fibronectin adsorption on topographically nanostructured rutile (110) surfaces
Guo CQ, Wu CY, Chen MJ, Zheng T, Chen N, Cummings PT
45 - 50 ITO/ATO bilayer transparent electrodes with enhanced light scattering, thermal stability and electrical conductance
Guillen C, Montero J, Herrero J
51 - 57 Facile one-pot synthesis of CoS2-MoS2/CNTs as efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Liu YR, Hu WH, Li X, Dong B, Shang X, Han GQ, Chai YM, Liu YQ, Liu CG
58 - 64 Platinum nanoparticles decorated dendrite-like gold nanostructure on glassy carbon electrodes for enhancing electrocatalysis performance to glucose oxidation
Jia HM, Chang G, Lei M, He HP, Liu X, Shu HH, Xia TT, Su J, He YB
65 - 72 Engineering magnetism and electronic properties of silicene by changing adsorption coverage
Ju WW, Li TW, Su XY, Cui HL, Li HS
73 - 82 Ionothermal precipitation of highly dispersive ZnO nanoparticles with improved photocatalytic performance
Cun TX, Dong CJ, Huang Q
83 - 91 Amino acids assisted hydrothermal synthesis of hierarchically structured ZnO with enhanced photocatalytic activities
Guo YX, Lin SW, Li X, Liu YP
92 - 98 NiO/LaNiO3 film electrode with binder-free for high performance supercapacitor
Liu X, Du G, Zhu JL, Zeng ZF, Zhu XH
99 - 106 Thermo-mechanical characterization of siliconized E-glass fiber/hematite particles reinforced epoxy resin hybrid composite
Prakash VRA, Rajadurai A
107 - 115 The effect of amorphous silicon surface hydrogenation on morphology, wettability and its implication on the adsorption of proteins
Filali L, Brahmi Y, Sib JD, Bouhekka A, Benlakehal D, Bouizem Y, Kebab A, Chahed L
116 - 124 Corrosion behaviour of A(l86.0)Co(7.6)Ce(6.4) glass forming alloy with different microstructures
Li CL, Wang P, Sun SQ, Voisey KT, McCartney DG
125 - 134 Electrochemically active MnO2 coated Li1.2Ni0.18Co0.04Mn0.58O2 cathode with highly improved initial coulombic efficiency
Jin YL, Xu YL, Sun XF, Xiong LL, Mao SC
135 - 142 Surface characterization of poly(vinyl chloride) urinary catheters functionalized with acrylic acid and poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate using gamma-radiation
Islas L, Ruiz JC, Munoz-Munoz F, Isoshima T, Burillo G
143 - 151 Plasma-surface modification vs air oxidation on carbon obtained from peach stone: Textural and chemical changes and the efficiency as adsorbents
Maldonado PSD, Hernandez-Montoya V, Montes-Moran MA
152 - 160 Growth mechanisms for Si epitaxy on O atomic layers: Impact of O-content and surface structure
Jayachandran S, Billen A, Douhard B, Conard T, Meersschaut J, Moussa A, Caymax M, Bender H, Vandervorst W, Heyns M, Delabie A
161 - 174 Effect of different solvent on the photocatalytic activity of ZnIn2S4 for selective oxidation of aromatic alcohols to aromatic aldehydes under visible light irradiation
Su L, Ye XJ, Meng SG, Fu XL, Chen SF
175 - 181 A comparative study of structural and electronic properties of formaldehyde molecule on monolayer honeycomb structures based on vdW-DF prospective
Ganji MD, Jameh-Bozorgi S, Rezvani M
182 - 191 Two-step flash light sintering of copper nanoparticle ink to remove substrate warping
Ryu CH, Joo SJ, Kim HS
192 - 199 In-situ synthesis of nanofibers with various ratios of BiOClx/BiOBry/BiOIz for effective trichloroethylene photocatalytic degradation
Zhang YF, Park M, Kim HY, Ding B, Park SJ
200 - 206 Activation of electroplated-Cu surface via plasma pretreatment for low temperature Cu-Sn bonding in 3D interconnection
Wang JQ, Wang Q, Liu ZY, Wu ZJ, Cai J, Wang DJ
207 - 216 Comparative investigation on RE(La,Ce)AlO3(100)/gamma-Fe(100) interfaces: A first-principles calculation
Yang J, Huang JH, Fan DY, Chen SH, Zhao XK
217 - 224 A comparative study of the effects of Ag2S films prepared by MPD and HRTD methods on the performance of polymer solar cells
Zhai Y, Li FM, Ling LY, Chen C
225 - 229 Structure and scintillation properties of CsI(Tl) films on Si single crystal substrates
Guo LN, Liu S, Chen DJ, Zhang SJ, Liu Y, Zhong ZY, Falco CM
230 - 236 A DFT study of adsorption of glycine onto the surface of BC2N nanotube
Soltani A, Azmoodeh Z, Javan MB, Lemeski ET, Karami L
237 - 243 Synthesis of ZnO/CuO nanocomposite immobilized on gamma-Al2O3 and application for removal of methyl orange
Hassanzadeh-Tabrizi SA, Motlagh MM, Salahshour S
244 - 250 An analysis of the impact of native oxide, surface contamination and material density on total electron yield in the absence of surface charging effects
Iida S, Ohya K, Hirano R, Watanabe H
251 - 257 Surface analysis and electrochemistry of a robust carbon-nanofiber-based electrode platform H2O2 sensor
Suazo-Davila D, Rivera-Melendez J, Koehne J, Meyyappan M, Cabrera CR
258 - 262 A facile and cheap coating method to prepare SiO2/melamine-formaldehyde and SiO2/urea-formaldehyde composite microspheres
Mou SY, Lu Y, Jiang Y
263 - 271 The process of dissociative adsorption of fluorine on Ge(001) surface
Stankiewicz B, Mikolajczyk P
272 - 278 Mechanochemically synthesized sub-5 nm sized CuS quantum dots with high visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity
Li S, Ge ZH, Zhang BP, Yao Y, Wang HC, Yang J, Li Y, Gao C, Lin YH
279 - 286 Study on the separation performance of the multi-channel reduced graphene oxide membranes
Zhao YJ, Li C, Fan XY, Wang JH, Yuan G, Song XX, Chen J, Li ZD
287 - 293 Surface modified MXene Ti3C2 multilayers by aryl diazonium salts leading to large-scale delamination
Wang HB, Zhang JF, Wu YP, Huang HJ, Li GY, Zhang X, Wang ZY
294 - 297 Surface chemistry and fundamental limitations on the plasma cleaning of metals
Dong B, Driver MS, Emesh I, Shaviv R, Kelber JA
298 - 303 Structural and electronic properties of Mg and Mg-Nb co-doped TiO2 (101) anatase surface
Sasani A, Baktash A, Mirabbaszadeh K, Khoshnevisan B
304 - 310 SDS-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of NiO flake-flower architectures with enhanced gas-sensing properties
Miao RY, Zeng W, Gao Q
311 - 332 Current trend in fabrication of complex morphologically tunable superhydrophobic nano scale surfaces
Abdulhussein AT, Kannarpady GK, Wright AB, Ghosh A, Biris AS
333 - 340 The adhesion performance of epoxy coating on AA6063 treated in Ti/Zr/V based solution
Zhu W, Li WF, Mu SL, Yang YY, Zuo X
341 - 347 Low-energy electron irradiation induced top-surface nanocrystallization of amorphous carbon film
Chen C, Fan X, Diao DF
348 - 352 A very dark-and-conductive electrode based on Mo/MoOx/ITO structure
Feng YX, Chen SM
353 - 359 Dependence of adhesion strength between GaN LEDs and sapphire substrate on power density of UV laser irradiation
Park J, Sin YG, Kim JH, Kim J
360 - 367 Tunable redox potential of nonmetal doped monolayer MoS2: First principle calculations
Lu S, Li C, Zhao YF, Gong YY, Niu LY, Liu XJ
368 - 375 One-dimensional BiFeO3 nanotubes: Preparation, characterization, improved magnetic behaviors, and prospects
Wu L, Sui WB, Dong CH, Zhang C, Jiang CJ
376 - 379 Effects of oxygen partial pressure and annealing temperature on the residual stress of hafnium oxide thin-films on silicon using synchrotron-based grazing incidence X-ray diffraction
Biswas D, Sinh AK, Chakraborty S
380 - 385 Adsorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) at S functionalized boron nitride (BN) and aluminum nitride (AlN) nanotubes (9,0): A quantum chemical investigation
Najafi M
386 - 392 Optoelectrical, structural and morphological characterization of Cu2ZnSnSe4 compound used in photovoltaic applications
Mesa F, Leguizamon A, Dussan A, Gordillo G
393 - 399 Fabrication of micro/nano hierarchical structures with analysis on the surface mechanics
Jheng YS, Lee YC
400 - 405 Cross-linked block copolymer templated assembly of nanoparticle arrays with high density and position selectivity
Liu ZC, Chang TX, Huang HY, Bai L
406 - 412 Structure and roughness analysis of thin epitaxial Pd films grown on Cu/Si(111) surface
Davydenko AV, Kozlov AG, Ognev AV, Stebliy ME, ChebotkevichLaboratory LA
413 - 418 Surface functionalization of nanostructured LaB6-coated Poly Trilobal fabric by magnetron sputtering
Wu Y, Zhang L, Min GH, Yu HS, Gao BH, Liu HH, Xing SL, Pang T
419 - 431 The effects of pore and second-phase particle on the mechanical properties of machining copper matrix from molecular dynamic simulation
Li J, Fang QH, Liu B, Liu YW
432 - 441 Efficient synthesis of highly fluorescent nitrogen-doped carbon dots for cell imaging using unripe fruit extract of Prunus mume
Atchudan R, Edison TNJI, Sethuraman MG, Lee YR
442 - 448 XPS-nanocharacterization of organic layers electrochemically grafted on the surface of SnO2 thin films to produce a new hybrid material coating
Drevet R, Dragoe D, Barthes-Labrousse MG, Chausse A, Andrieux M
449 - 458 Towards developing an efficient sensitive element for trinitrotoluene detection: TiO2 thin films functionalized with molecularly imprinted copolymer films
Lazau C, Iordache TV, Florea AM, Orha C, Bandas C, Radu AL, Sarbu A, Rotariu T
459 - 465 Tuning of magnetic properties for epitaxial Y2NiMnO6 thin film: Substrate is crucial
Xie CZ, Shi L
466 - 479 Removal of uranium and fluorine from wastewater by double-functional microsphere adsorbent of SA/CMC loaded with calcium and aluminum
Wu LP, Lin XY, Zhou XB, Luo XG
480 - 486 Surface chain cleavage behavior of PBIA fiber induced by direct fluorination
Cheng Z, Wu P, Li BY, Chen T, Liu Y, Ren MM, Wang ZM, Lai WC, Wang X, Liu XY
487 - 491 Band engineering of amorphous silicon ruthenium thin film and its near-infrared absorption enhancement combined with nano-holes pattern on back surface of silicon substrate
Guo AR, Zhong H, Li W, Gu D, Jiang XD, Jiang YD
492 - 496 Adhesion of silver/polypyrrole nanocomposite coating to a fluoropolymer substrate
Horvath B, Kawakita J, Chikyow T
497 - 504 Reusability of photocatalytic TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles immobilized in poly(vinylidene difluoride)-co-trifluoroethylene
Teixeira S, Martins PM, Lanceros-Mendez S, Kuhn K, Cuniberti G
505 - 510 Investigation of cu-BTA complex formation during Cu chemical mechanical planarization process
Cho BJ, Shima S, Hamada S, Park JG
511 - 516 Chemical state analysis of trace-level alkali metals sorbed in micaceous oxide by total reflection X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Baba Y, Shimoyama I, Hirao N
517 - 524 ZnO-Ag core shell nanocomposite formed by green method using essential oil of wild ginger and their bactericidal and cytotoxic effects
Azizi S, Mohamad R, Rahim RA, Moghaddam AB, Moniri M, Ariff A, Saad WZ, Namvab F
525 - 529 Colour changes by laser irradiation of reddish building limestones
Grossi CM, Benavente D
530 - 533 Morphology dependent field emission characteristics of ZnS/silicon nanoporous pillar array
Wang LL, Zhao CZ, Kang LP, Liu DW, Zhao HC, Hao SP, Zhang YK, Chen ZP, Li XJ
534 - 538 Standing-wave resonances in plasmonic nanoumbrella cavities for color generation and colorimetric refractive index sensor
Fan JR, Li ZY, Chen ZJ, Wu WG
539 - 543 Synthesis of a novel beta-ketoenamine-linked conjugated microporous polymer with N-H functionalized pore surface for carbon dioxide capture
Chai SZ, Liu HH, Zhang X, Han Y, Hu NT, Wei LM, Cong FS, Wei H, Wang L