Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.383 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Atomic layer deposition of indium oxide thin film from a liquid indium complex containing 1-dimethylamino-2-methyl-2-propoxy ligands
Han JH, Jung EA, Kim HY, Kim DH, Park BK, Park JS, Son SU, Chung TM
9 - 18 Microwave absorption properties of polypyrrole-SrFe12O19-TiO2-epoxy resin nanocomposites: Optimization using response surface methodology
Dorraji MSS, Rasoulifard MH, Amani-Ghadim AR, Khodabandeloo MH, Felekari M, Khoshrou MR, Hajimiri I
19 - 27 Native oxides formation and surface wettability of epitaxial III-V materials: The case of InP and GaAs
Gocalinska A, Rubini S, Pelucchi E
28 - 32 Growth of graphene on Cu foils by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition: The effect of in-situ hydrogen plasma post-treatment
Fang LP, Yuan W, Wang B, Xiong Y
33 - 41 Superhydrophobic perfluoropolymer/polystyrene blend films induced by nonsolvent
Gengec NA, Cengiz U, Erbil HY
42 - 48 Storage capacity and oxygen mobility in mixed oxides from transition metals promoted by cerium
Perdomo C, Perez A, Molina R, Moreno S
49 - 56 Electrochromic properties and performance of NiOx films and their corresponding all-thin-film flexible devices preparedby reactive DC magnetron sputtering
Dong DM, Wang WW, Dong GB, Zhang F, He YC, Yu H, Liu FM, Wang M, Diao XG
57 - 63 Synthesis of mesoporous niobium nitride nanobelt arrays and their capacitive properties
Gao B, Xiao X, Su JJ, Zhang XM, Peng X, Fu JJ, Chu PK
64 - 70 New kinetic insight into the spontaneous oxidation process of lithiumin air by EPMA
Otero M, Lener G, Trincavelli J, Barraco D, Nazzarro MS, Furlong O, Leiva EPM
71 - 83 Organic adlayer on inorganic materials: XPS analysis selectivity to cope with adventitious contamination
Landoulsi J, Genet MJ, Fleith S, Toure Y, Liascukiene I, Methivier C, Rouxhet PG
84 - 89 Improved field emission from indium decorated multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Sreekanth M, Ghosh S, Biswas P, Kumar S, Srivastava P
90 - 97 Fabrication of Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)(4) solar cells by ethanol-ammonium solution process
Xue C, Li JM, Wang YG, Jiang GS, Liu WF, Zhu CF
98 - 105 The adsorption of CO and NO on the MoS2 monolayer doped with Au, Pt, Pd, or Ni: A first-principles study
Ma DW, Ju WW, Li TX, Zhang XW, He CZ, Ma BY, Lu ZS, Yang ZX
106 - 112 Resistance to He2+ irradiation damage in metallic glass Ta38Ni62
Hou WJ, Mei XX, Zhang XN, Wang YM, Qiang JB, Sun JR, Wang YN
113 - 125 Attestation in self-propagating combustion approach of spinel AFe(2)O(4) (A = Co, Mg and Mn) complexes bearing mixed oxidation states: Magnetostructural properties
Bennet J, Tholkappiyan R, Vishista K, Jaya NV, Hamed F
126 - 132 Preparation, characterization, and activity of alpha-Ti(HPO4)(2) supported metallocene catalysts
Shi YS, Yuan Y, Xu QH, Yi JJ
133 - 141 The applications of populus fiber in removal of Cr-(VI) from aqueous solution
Li MM, Gong YM, Lyu AC, Liu YF, Zhang H
142 - 150 Role of surface chemistry in modified ACF (activated carbon fiber)-catalyzed peroxymonosulfate oxidation
Yang SY, Li L, Xiao T, Zheng D, Zhang YT
151 - 158 Electronic and magnetic properties of 1T-HfS2 by doping transition-metal atoms
Zhao X, Wang TX, Wang GT, Dai XQ, Xia CX, Yang L
159 - 164 Facile synthesis of Co3O4 hierarchical microspheres with improved lithium storage performances
Hou XJ, He J, An K, Mu JL, Chou XJ, Xue CY
165 - 176 Polyaniline hybridized surface defective ZnO nanorods with long-term stable photoelectrochemical activity
Bera S, Khan H, Biswas I, Jana S
177 - 190 Intelligent saline enabled self-healing of multilayer coatings and its optimization to achieve redox catalytically provoked anti-corrosion ability
Syed JA, Tang SC, Meng XK
191 - 199 Effect of ZDDP concentration on the thermal film formation on steel, hydrogenated non-doped and Si-doped DLC
Akbari S, Kovac J, Kalin M
200 - 213 Synthesis of layered double hydroxides containing Mg2+, Zn2+, Ca2+ and Al3+ layer cations by co-precipitation methods-A review
Theiss FL, Ayoko GA, Frost RL
214 - 221 Synthesis and visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity of p-n heterojunction Ag2O/NaTaO3 nanocubes
Yang SB, Xu DB, Chen BY, Luo BF, Yan X, Xiao LS, Shi WD
222 - 232 Tribological performance of an H-DLC coating prepared by PECVD
Solis J, Zhao H, Wang C, Verduzco JA, Bueno AS, Neville A
233 - 239 Adsorption of imidazole on Au(111) surface: Dispersion corrected density functional study
Izzaouihda S, Mahjoubi K, Abou El Makarim H, Komiha N, Benoit DM
240 - 247 Iron oxide nanoparticles stabilized with a bilayer of oleic acid for magnetic hyperthermia and MRI applications
Soares PIP, Laia CAT, Carvalho A, Pereira LCJ, Coutinho JT, Ferreira IMM, Novo CMM, Borges JP
248 - 252 Role of surface Ni and Ce species of Ni/CeO2 catalyst in CO2 methanation
Zhou GL, Liu HR, Cui KK, Jia AP, Hu GS, Jiao ZJ, Liu YQ, Zhang XM
253 - 260 One-step electrodeposition for targeted off-stoichiometry Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films
Tang AY, Liu JJ, Ji J, Dou ML, Li ZL, Wang F
261 - 267 Nonhomogeneous surface properties of parylene-C film etched by an atmospheric pressure He/O-2 micro-plasma jet in ambient air
Wang T, Yang B, Chen X, Wang XL, Yang CS, Liu JQ
268 - 275 Effect of reaction temperature and time on the electrochemical properties of nickel hydroxide nanosheets
Li ZJ, Zhang WY, Su YL, Wang HY, Yang BC
276 - 282 One-pot synthesis of hierarchical Ni2P/MoS2 hybrid electrocatalysts with enhanced activity for hydrogen evolution reaction
Liu YR, Hu WH, Li X, Dong B, Shang X, Han GQ, Chai YM, Liu YQ, Liu CG
283 - 293 Self-assembled monolayers of 1-alkenes on oxidized platinum surfaces as platforms for immobilized enzymes for biosensing
Alonso JM, Bielen AAM, Olthuis W, Kengen SWM, Zuilhof H, Franssen MCR
294 - 299 On the utility of C-24 fullerene framework for Li-ion batteries: Quantum chemical analysis
Bagheri Z
300 - 309 Synthesized TiO2/ZSM-5 composites used for the photocatalytic degradation of azo dye: Intermediates, reaction pathway, mechanism and bio-toxicity
Zhou KF, Hu XY, Chen BY, Hsueh CC, Zhang Q, Wang JJ, Lin YJ, Chang CT
310 - 316 Charge transfer of edge states in zigzag silicene nanoribbons with Stone-Wales defects from first-principles
Xie T, Wang R, Wang SF, Wu XZ
317 - 323 Quantitative analysis of satellite structures in XPS spectra of gold and silver
Pauly N, Yubero F, Tougaard S
324 - 345 Ohmic contacts to Gallium Nitride materials
Greco G, Iucolano F, Roccaforte F
346 - 352 Iron binary and ternary coatings with molybdenum and tungsten
Yar-Mukhamedova G, Ved M, Sakhnenko N, Karakurkchi A, Yermolenko I
353 - 366 Density functional investigation of CO and NO adsorption on TM-decorated C-60 fullerene
El Mahdy AM
367 - 374 TiO2/SiO2 porous composite thin films: Role of TiO2 areal loading and modification with gold nanospheres on the photocatalytic activity
Levchuk I, Sillanpaa M, Guillard C, Gregori D, Chateau D, Parola S
375 - 381 Synthesis in situ of gold nanoparticles by a dialkynyl Fischer carbene complex anchored to glass surfaces
Bertolino MC, Granados AM