Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.382 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Electronic structure and topological features of tin-based binary nanosheets and their hydrogenated/fluorinated derivatives: A first-principles study
Wang YL, Ding Y
10 - 14 Effect of positron source irradiation on positronium annihilation in fine powdered alumina
Liu ZW, Chen ZQ
15 - 26 Morphology control studies of TiO2 microstructures via surfactant-assisted hydrothermal process for dye-sensitized solar cell applications
Lekphet W, Ke TC, Su CC, Kathirvel S, Sireesha P, Akula SB, Li WR
27 - 33 Formation of boron nitride coatings on silicon carbide fibers using trimethylborate vapor
Yuan MJ, Zhou T, He J, Chen LF
34 - 40 Electrodeposited reduced-graphene oxide/cobalt oxide electrodes for charge storage applications
Garcia-Gomez A, Eugenio S, Duarte RG, Silva TM, Carmezim MJ, Montemor MF
41 - 46 Organic molecules on silicon surface: A way to tune metal dependent Schottky barrier
Rabinal MK
47 - 55 Characterization of AZ31 magnesium alloy by duplex process combining laser surface melting and plasma electrolytic oxidation
Liu CC, Liang J, Zhou JS, Li QB, Wang LQ
56 - 62 Surface modification of magnesium hydroxide using vinyltriethoxysilane by dry process
Lan SJ, Li LJ, Xu DF, Zhu DH, Liu ZQ, Nie F
63 - 72 XNBR-grafted halloysite nanotube core-shell as a potential compatibilizer for immiscible polymer systems
Paran SMR, Naderi G, Ghoreishy MHR
73 - 79 Effects of nano-LaF3 on the friction and wear behaviors of PTFE-based bonded solid lubricating coatings under different lubrication conditions
Jia YL, Wan HQ, Chen L, Zhou HD, Chen JM
80 - 87 A van der Waals DFT study of PtH2 systems absorbed on pristine and defective graphene
Lopez-Corral I, Piriz S, Faccio R, Juan A, Avena M
88 - 92 Investigation of argon ion sputtering on the secondary electron emission from gold samples
Yang J, Cui WZ, Li Y, Xie GB, Zhang N, Wang R, Hu TC, Zhang HT
93 - 100 Permanent hydrophilic modification of polypropylene and poly(vinyl alcohol) films by vacuum ultraviolet radiation
Belmonte GK, Charles G, Strumia MC, Weibel DE
101 - 110 Disc surface modifications for enhanced performance against friction noise
Wang DW, Mo JL, Ge XH, Ouyang H, Zhou ZR
111 - 120 Influence of structured sidewalls on the wetting states and superhydrophobic stability of surfaces with dual-scale roughness
Wu HP, Zhu K, Wu BB, Lou J, Zhang Z, Chai GZ
121 - 127 Larger red-shift in optical emissions obtained from the thin films of globular proteins (BSA, lysozyme) - polyelectrolyte (PAA) complexes
Talukdar R, Kundu S, Basu S
128 - 134 Hydrothermal synthesis and photoelectrochemical performance enhancement of TiO2/graphene composite in photo-generated cathodic protection
Zhang WW, Guo HL, Sun HQ, Zeng RC
135 - 143 Nickel-based xerogel catalysts: Synthesis via fast sol-gel method and application in catalytic hydrogenation of p-nitrophenol to p-aminophenol
Feng J, Wang Q, Fan DL, Ma LR, Jiang DL, Xie JM, Zhu JJ
144 - 154 A novel surface modification of carbon fiber for high-performance thermoplastic polyurethane composites
Zhang YY, Zhang YZ, Liu Y, Wang XL, Yang B
155 - 161 Novel synthesis and photocatalytic performance of Ce1-xZrxO2/silica fiber
Zhang L, Chen PF, Gu GQ, Wu Q, Yao WF
162 - 169 Highly hydrophilic ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene powder and film prepared by radiation grafting of acrylic acid
Wang HL, Xu L, Li R, Pang LJ, Hu JT, Wang MH, Wu GZ
170 - 177 Origin of the improved photocatalytic activity of Cu incorporated TiO2 for hydrogen generation from water
Hu QQ, Huang JQ, Li GJ, Jiang YB, Lan H, Guo W, Cao YG
178 - 191 FS laser processing of bio-polymer thin films for studying cell-to-substrate specific response
Daskalova A, Nathala CSR, Kavatzikidou P, Ranella A, Szoszkiewicz R, Husinsky W, Fotakis C
192 - 201 Incorporation of low energy activated nitrogen onto HOPG surface: Chemical states and thermal stability studies by in-situ XPS and Raman spectroscopy
Chandran M, Shasha M, Michaelson S, Hoffman A
202 - 216 Hydrogel brushes grafted from stainless steel via surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization for marine antifouling
Wang JJ, Wei J
217 - 224 Electrodeposition of Mg doped ZnO thin film for the window layer of CIGS solar cell
Wang M, Yi J, Yang S, Cao Z, Huang XP, Li YH, Li HX, Zhong JX
225 - 238 Role of hydroxylation modification on the structure and property of reduced graphene oxide/TiO2 hybrids
Cao SY, Liu TG, Tsang YH, Chen CS
239 - 248 Adsorption of oxygen atom on MoSi2 (110) surface
Sun SP, Li XP, Wang HJ, Jiang Y, Yi DQ
249 - 259 Interfacial effects of the Cu2O nano-dots decorated Co3O4 nanorods array and its photocatalytic activity for cleaving organic molecules
Qiu XP, Yu JS, Xu HM, Chen WX, Hu W, Chen GL
260 - 267 Modeling study on the surface morphology evolution during removing the optics surface/subsurface damage using atmospheric pressure plasma processing
Xin Q, Su X, Wang B
268 - 279 In vitro degradation, cytocompatibility and hemolysis tests of CaF2 doped TiO2-SiO2 composite coating on AZ31 alloy
Li B, Chen Y, Huang W, Yang WZ, Yin XS, Liu Y
280 - 287 Adsorption of gas molecules on Cu impurities embedded monolayer MoS2: A first-principles study
Zhao B, Li CY, Liu LL, Zhou B, Zhang QK, Chen ZQ, Tang Z
288 - 293 Solution processed organic light-emitting diodes using the plasma cross-linking technology
He KD, Liu Y, Gong JY, Zeng P, Kong X, Yang XL, Yang C, Yu Y, Liang RQ, Ou QR
294 - 301 Investigation of laser induced damage threshold measurement with single-shot on thin films
Liu ZL, Zheng Y, Pan F, Lin Q, Ma P, Wang J
302 - 308 Effect of hierarchical porosity and phosphorus modification on the catalytic properties of zeolite Y
Li WL, Zheng JY, Luo YB, Da ZJ
309 - 315 Molecular dynamics simulation of nano-indentation of (111) cubic boron nitride with optimized Tersoff potential
Zhao YB, Peng XH, Fu T, Huang C, Feng C, Yin DQ, Wang ZC
316 - 322 Nanostructured composite films of ceria nanoparticles with anti-UV and scratch protection properties constructed using a layer-by-layer strategy
Zhang SS, Li J, Guo XP, Liu LH, Wei H, Zhang YW
323 - 330 The influence of oxidation properties on the electron emission characteristics of porous silicon
He L, Zhang XN, Wang WJ, Wei HC
331 - 335 The electronic structure peculiarities of a strained silicon layer in silicon-on-insulator: Experimental and theoretical data
Terekhov VA, Nesterov DN, Domashevskaya EP, Geraskina EV, Manyakin MD, Kurganskii SI, Kamayev GN, Antonenko AH, Turishchev SY
336 - 340 Investigation of the resistive switching in AgxAsS2 layer by conductive AFM
Zhang B, Kutalek P, Knotek P, Hromadko L, Macak JM, Wagner T