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1 - 7 Low temperature removal of surface oxides and hydrocarbons from Ge(100) using atomic hydrogen
Walker M, Tedder MS, Palmer JD, Mudd JJ, McConville CF
8 - 13 Impact of lysozyme on stability mechanism of nanozirconia aqueous suspension
Szewczuk-Karpisz K, Wisniewska M
14 - 22 Surface reactivity of Ge[111] for organic functionalization by means of a radical -initiated reaction: A DFT study
Rubio-Pereda P, Takeuchi N
23 - 32 Growth of transparent Zn1-xSrxO (0.0 <= x <= 0.08) films by facile wet chemical method: Effect of Sr doping on the structural, optical and sensing properties
Rana AK, Das R, Kumar Y, Sen S, Shirage PM
33 - 38 Preparation of K-doped TiO2 nanostructures by wet corrosion and their sunlight-driven photocatalytic performance
Shin E, Jin S, Kim J, Chang SJ, Jun BH, Park KW, Hong J
39 - 46 Effect of Cr content on the corrosion performance of low-Cr alloy steel in a CO2 environment
Xu LN, Wang B, Zhu JY, Li W, Zheng ZY
47 - 54 Analysis of adsorption properties of typical partial discharge gases on Ni-SWCNTs using density functional theory
Zhang XX, Gui YG, Xiao HY, Zhang Y
55 - 65 The effect of polar end of long-chain fluorocarbon oligomers in promoting the superamphiphobic property over multi-scale rough Al alloy surfaces
Saifaldeen ZS, Khedir KR, Camci MT, Ucar A, Suzer S, Karabacak T
66 - 72 Transparent, flexible surface enhanced Raman scattering substrates based on Ag-coated structured PET (polyethylene terephthalate) for in-situ detection
Zuo ZW, Zhu K, Gu C, Wen YB, Cui GL, Qu J
73 - 82 Biomass carbon micro/nano-structures derived from ramie fibers and corncobs as anode materials for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries
Jiang Q, Zhang ZH, Yin SY, Guo ZP, Wang SQ, Feng CQ
83 - 90 Photocatalytic enhancement of TiO2 by B and Zr co-doping and modulation of microstructure
Fu CX, Gong YY, Wu YT, Liu JQ, Zhang Z, Li C, Niu LY
91 - 97 CZTS absorber layer for thin film solar cells from electrodeposited metallic stacked precursors (Zn/Cu-Sn)
Khalil MI, Atici O, Lucotti A, Binetti S, Le Donne A, Magagnin L
98 - 110 The adsorption and inhibition effect of calcium lignosulfonate on Q235 carbon steel in simulated concrete pore solution
Wang YS, Zuo Y, Zhao XH, Zha SS
111 - 113 Comment on "Nanosecond laser textured superhydrophobic metallic surfaces and their chemical sensing applications" by Duong V. Ta, Andrew Dunn, Thomas J. Wasley, Robert W. Kay, Jonathan Stringer, Patrick J. Smith, Colm Connaughton, Jonathan D. Shephard (Appl. Surf. Sci. 357 (2015) 248-254)
Boinovich LB, Emelyanenko AM, Emelyanenko KA, Domantovsky AG, Shiryaev AA
114 - 123 Adhesion of nitrile rubber to UV-assisted surface chemical modified PET fabric, part II: Interfacial characterization of MDI grafted PET
Razavizadeh M, Jamshidi M
124 - 131 Hydrophobic and high adhesive polyaniline layer of rectangular microtubes fabricated by a modified interfacial polymerization
Zhou CQ, Gong XX, Qu Y, Han J
132 - 139 Nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbons for high performance supercapacitors
Wu K, Liu QM
140 - 149 Rapid degradation of azo dye Direct Black BN by magnetic MgFe2O4-SiC under microwave radiation
Gao J, Yang SG, Li N, Meng LJ, Wang F, He H, Sun C
150 - 155 Application of a nanostructured sensor based on NiO nanoparticles modified carbon paste electrode for determination of methyldopa in the presence of folic acid
Fouladgar M, Ahmadzadeh S
156 - 162 Electrochemical sensing of glucose by reduced graphene oxide-zinc ferrospinels
Shahnavaz Z, Woi PM, Alias Y
163 - 170 Effect of silty sand with different sizes on corrosion behavior of 3Cr steel in CO2 aqueous environment
Liu W, Lu SL, Zhang P, Dou JJ, Zhao QH
171 - 178 Structural and magnetic properties of zinc ferrite thin films irradiated by 90 keV neon ions
Gafton EV, Bulai G, Caltun OF, Cervera S, Mace S, Trassinelli M, Steydli S, Vernhet D
179 - 185 Influence of lattice distortion on phase transition properties of polycrystalline VO2 thin film
Lin TG, Wang LP, Wang XF, Zhang YF, Yu YH
186 - 190 Application of slope-polishing technique for depth profile of selenized CIGS by micro-Raman spectroscopy
Kwon MS, Kang JY, Kim S, Kim J, Jeon CW
191 - 198 Annealing-induced changes in chemical bonding and surface characteristics of chemical solution deposited Pb0.95La0.05Zr0.54Ti0.46O3 thin films
Batra V, Ramana CV, Kotru S
199 - 205 Effects of surface treating methods of high-strength carbon fibers on interfacial properties of epoxy resin matrix composite
Ma QS, Gu YZ, Li M, Wang SK, Zhang ZG
206 - 212 Densely-packed graphene/conducting polymer nanoparticle papers for high-volumetric-performance flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors
Yang C, Zhang LL, Hu NT, Yang Z, Wei H, Xu ZCJ, Wang YY, Zhang YF
213 - 222 Properties of two-dimensional insulators: A DFT study of bimetallic oxide CrW2O9 clusters adsorption on MgO ultrathin films
Zhu J, Zhang H, Zhao L, Xiong W, Huang X, Wang B, Zhang YF
223 - 229 Pleomorphic structural imperfections caused by pulsed Bi-implantation in the bulk and thin-film morphologies of TiO2
Zatsepin DA, Boukhvalov DW, Kurmaev EZ, Gavrilov NV, Kim SS, Zhidkov IS
230 - 237 Bio-inspired micro-nano structured surface with structural color and anisotropic wettability on Cu substrate
Liu Y, Li SY, Niu SC, Cao XW, Han ZW, Ren LQ
238 - 241 Horizontally-connected ZnO-graphene hybrid films for multifunctional devices
Lim YR, Song W, Lee YB, Kim SK, Han JK, Myung S, Lee SS, An KS, Choi CJ, Lim J
242 - 248 XPS and EELS characterization of Mn2SiO4, MnSiO3 and MnAl2O4
Grosvenor AP, Bellhouse EM, Korinek A, Bugnet M, McDermid JR
249 - 258 Optical and electrical properties of stainless steel oxynitride thin films deposited in an in-line sputtering system
Carretero E, Alonso R, Pelayo C
259 - 263 Structural and magnetic characterization of copper sulfonated phthalocyanine grafted onto treated polyethylene
Reznickova A, Kolska Z, Orendac M, Cizmar E, Sajdl P, Svorcik V
264 - 269 Surface modification of multiwall carbon nanotubes by sulfonitric treatment
Gomez S, Rendtorff NM, Aglietti EF, Sakka Y, Suarez G
270 - 276 Transparent field-effect transistors based on AlN-gate dielectric and IGZO-channel semiconductor
Besleaga C, Stan GE, Pintilie I, Barquinha P, Fortunato E, Martins R
277 - 281 Self-assembling of Zn porphyrins on a (110) face of rutile TiO2-The anchoring role of carboxyl groups
Zajac L, Olszowski P, Godlewski S, Bodek L, Such B, Johr R, Pawlak R, Hinaut A, Glatzel T, Meyer E, Szymonski M
282 - 290 Optimization and characterization of poly(phthalazinone ether ketone) (PPEK) heat-resistant porous fiberous mat by electrospinning
Shi R, Bin YZ, Yang WX, Wang D, Wang JY, Jian XG
291 - 295 Screening of catalytic oxygen reduction reaction activity of metal-doped graphene by density functional theory
Chen X, Chen SJ, Wang JY
296 - 303 Hydrothermal synthesis of 3D hierarchical flower-like MoSe2 microspheres and their adsorption performances for methyl orange
Tang H, Huang H, Wang XS, Wu KQ, Tang GG, Li CS
304 - 308 Homogeneous transparent conductive ZnO:Ga by ALD for large LED wafers
Szabo Z, Baji Z, Basa P, Czigany Z, Barsony I, Wang HY, Volk J
309 - 315 Large-scale production of graphitic carbon nitride with outstanding nitrogen photofixation ability via a convenient microwave treatment
Ma HQ, Shi ZY, Li S, Liu N
316 - 322 Promotion of redox and stability features of doped Ce-W-Ti for NH3-SCR reaction over a wide temperature range
Zhao K, Han WL, Lu GX, Lu JY, Tang ZC, Zhen XP
323 - 330 Quantification of Staphylococcus aureus adhesion forces on various dental restorative materials using atomic force microscopy
Merghni A, Kammoun D, Hentati H, Janel S, Popoff M, Lafont F, Aouni M, Mastouri M
331 - 337 Highly porous activated carbons prepared from carbon rich Mongolian anthracite by direct NaOH activation
Byamba-Ochir N, Shim WG, Balathanigaimani MS, Moon H
338 - 346 Mechanical properties and fractal analysis of the surface texture of sputtered hydroxyapatite coatings
Bramowicz M, Braic L, Azem FA, Kulesza S, Birlik I, Vladescu A
347 - 357 CO oxidation mechanism on the gamma-Al2O3 supported single Pt atom: First principle study
Gao HW
358 - 366 Silicon and aluminum doping effects on the microstructure and properties of polymeric amorphous carbon films
Liu XQ, Hao JY, Xie YT
367 - 376 Surface chemistry and catalytic properties of VOX/Ti-MCM-41 catalysts for dibenzothiophene oxidation in a biphasic system
Gonzalez J, Chen LF, Wang JA, Manriquez M, Limas R, Schachat P, Navarrete J, Contreras JL
377 - 383 Transmission of reactive pulsed laser deposited VO2 films in the THz domain
Emond N, Hendaoui A, Ibrahim A, Al-Naib I, Ozaki T, Chaker M
384 - 394 Unraveling the role of support surface hydroxyls and its effect on the selectivity of C-2 species over Rh/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst in syngas conversion: A theoretical study
Zhang RG, Duan T, Wang BJ, Ling LX
395 - 401 Interaction of different poisons with MgCl2/TiCl4 based Ziegler-Natta catalysts
Bahri-Laleh N
402 - 410 Interaction of boron with graphite: A van der Waals density functional study
Liu J, Wang C, Liang TX, Lai WS
411 - 414 A theoretical prediction of the paradoxical surface free energy for FCC metallic nanosolids
Abdul-Hafidh EH, Aissa B
415 - 423 Functionalization of nanocrystalline diamond films with phthalocyanines
Petkov C, Reintanz PM, Kulisch W, Degenhardt AK, Weidner T, Baio JE, Merz R, Kopnarski M, Siemeling U, Reithmaier JP, Popov C
424 - 432 Chromium-modified a-C films with advanced structural, mechanical and corrosive-resistant characteristics
Ming MY, Jiang XH, Piliptsou DG, Zhuang YZ, Rogachev AV, Rudenkov AS, Balmakou A
433 - 439 Preparation and property of UV-curable polyurethane acrylate film filled with cationic surfactant treated graphene
Xu JH, Cai X, Shen FL
440 - 445 Role of ZnO thin film in the vertically aligned growth of ZnO nanorods by chemical bath deposition
Son NT, Noh JS, Park S
446 - 451 Effect of treatment temperature on surface wettability of methylcyclosiloxane layer formed by chemical vapor deposition
Ishizaki T, Sasagawa K, Furukawa T, Kumagai S, Yamamoto E, Chiba S, Kamiyama N, Kiguchi T
452 - 461 Static and kinetic friction characteristics of nanowire on different substrates
Kim HJ, Nguyen GH, Ky DLC, Tran DK, Jeon KJ, Chung KH
462 - 466 Assemble of high-density gold nanodots on TiO2 substrate for surface-e nhanced Raman spectroscopy
Ding DW, Zhang L, Fan QK, Ding SJ
467 - 473 Fine tuning of emission property of white light-emitting diodes by quantum-dot-coating on YAG:Ce nanophosphors
Kong DS, Kim MJ, Song HJ, Cho IS, Jeong S, Shin H, Lee S, Jung HS
474 - 479 A method to modify PVDF microfiltration membrane via ATRP with low-temperature plasma pretreatment
Han Y, Song SJ, Lu Y, Zhu DF
480 - 488 Temporal evolution of a silicon surface subject to low energy ion irradiation and concurrent sample rotation
Basu T, Pearson DA, Bradley RM, Som T
489 - 496 Polymer/metal nanocomposite coating with antimicrobial activity against hospital isolated pathogen
Carvalho D, Sousa T, Morais PV, Piedade AP
497 - 504 Adsorption of ethanol on V2O5 (010) surface for gas-sensing applications: Ab initio investigation
Qin YX, Cui MY, Ye ZH
505 - 515 Phase modification and surface plasmon resonance of Au/WO3 system
Bose RJ, Kavitha VS, Sudarsanakumar C, Pillai VPM
516 - 522 Properties of a-C:H:Si thin films deposited by middle-frequency magnetron sputtering
Jiang JL, Wang YB, Du JF, Yang H, Hao JY
523 - 529 Atomic layer deposition of cobalt carbide films and their magnetic properties using propanol as a reducing agent
Sarr M, Bahlawane N, Arl D, Dossot M, McRae E, Lenoble D
530 - 539 Fatty acid as structure directing agent for controlled secondary growth of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles to achieve mesoscale assemblies: A facile approach for developing hierarchical structures
Saikia K, Kaushik SD, Sen D, Mazumder S, Deb P