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1 - 7 Poly(ethylene oxide)/clay nanaocomposites: Thermal and mechanical properties
Ejder-Korucu M, Gurses A, Karaca S
8 - 14 Facile synthesis of silicon carbide-titanium dioxide semiconducting nanocomposite using pulsed laser ablation technique and its performance in photovoltaic dye sensitized solar cell and photocatalytic water purification
Gondal MA, Ilyas AM, Baig U
15 - 21 In situ growth of NixSy controlled by surface treatment of nickel foam as efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Shang X, Li X, Hu WH, Dong B, Liu YR, Han GQ, Chai YM, Liu YQ, Liu CG
22 - 29 Improving the drug delivery characteristics of graphene oxide based polymer nanocomposites through the "one-pot" synthetic approach of single-electron-transfer living radical polymerization
Gao P, Liu MY, Tian JW, Deng FJ, Wang K, Xu DZ, Liu LJ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
30 - 36 Impact of temperature-induced coalescence on SERS properties of Au nanoparticles deposited on GaN nano-columns
Dziecielewski I, Smalc-Koziorowska J, Bankowska M, Sochacki T, Khachapuridze A, Weyher J
37 - 48 The effect of metal cluster deposition route on structure and photocatalytic activity of mono- and bimetallic nanoparticles supported on TiO2 by radiolytic method
Klein M, Nadolna J, Golabiewska A, Mazierski P, Klimczuk T, Remita H, Zaleska-Medynska A
49 - 56 Hollow-spherical composites of Polyaniline/Cobalt Sulfide/Carbon nanodots with enhanced magnetocapacitance and electromagnetic wave absorption capabilities
Ge CJ, Zhang X, Liu J, Jin F, Liu JC, Bi H
57 - 62 Molecular dynamics study of nanojoining between axially positioned Ag nanowires
Cui JL, Theogene B, Wang XW, Mei XS, Wang WJ, Wang KD
63 - 72 Tuning surface porosity on vanadium surface by low energy He+ ion irradiation
Tripathi JK, Novakowski TJ, Hassanein A
73 - 79 Evaluation of the correlations between temperature, humidity, incident UV light and the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 films using a rationale approach
Cedillo-Gonzalez EI, Mugoni C, Montorsi M, Siligardi C
80 - 86 Facile synthesis of Fe3O4-graphene@mesoporous SiO2 nanocomposites for efficient removal of Methylene Blue
Wu XL, Shi YP, Zhong SX, Lin HJ, Chen JR
87 - 101 Surface sensitivity of elastic peak electron spectroscopy
Jablonski A
102 - 113 Investigation and in situ removal of spatter generated during laser ablation of aluminium composites
Popescu AC, Delval C, Shadman S, Leparoux M
114 - 119 Structural and magnetic studies of thin Fe-57 films formed by ion beam assisted deposition
Lyadov NM, Bazarov VV, Vagizov FG, Vakhitov IR, Dulov EN, Kashapov RN, Noskov AI, Khaibullin RI, Shustov VA, Faizrakhmanov IA
120 - 129 Evolution and mechanism of the periodical structures formed on Ti plate under femtosecond laser irradiation
Liu D, Chen CS, Man BY, Meng X, Sun YN, Li FF
130 - 135 Effects of catalyst concentration and ultraviolet intensity on chemical mechanical polishing of GaN
Wang J, Wang TQ, Pan GS, Lu XC
136 - 141 Micro-oxidation treatment to improve bonding strength of Sr and Na co-substituted hydroxyapatite coatings for carbon/carbon composites
Zhang LL, Li HJ, Li KZ, Zhang YL, Liu SJ, Guo Q, Li SX
142 - 149 Wear behavior and microstructure of hypereutectic Al-Si alloys prepared by selective laser melting
Kang N, Coddet P, Liao HL, Baur T, Coddet C
150 - 156 Effect of nitrogen flow rate on structural, morphological and optical properties of In-rich InxAl1-xN thin films grown by plasma-assisted dual source reactive evaporation
Alizadeh M, Ganesh V, Goh BT, Dee CF, Mohmad AR, Rahman SA
157 - 162 Nanofrictional behavior of amorphous, polycrystalline and textured Y-Cr-O films
Gervacio-Arciniega JJ, Flores-Ruiz FJ, Diliegros-Godines CJ, Broitman E, Enriquez-Flores CI, Espinoza-Beltran FJ, Siqueiros J, Cruz MP
163 - 166 Direct evidence of reactive ion etching induced damages in Ge2Sb2Te5 based on different halogen plasmas
Li JT, Xia YY, Liu B, Feng GM, Song ZT, Gao D, Xu Z, Wang WW, Chan YP, Feng SL
167 - 173 Combined effects Na and SO2 in flue gas on Mn-Ce/TiO2 catalyst for low temperature selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3 simulated by Na2SO4 doping
Zhou AY, Yu DQ, Yang L, Sheng ZY
174 - 180 Hydrothermal synthesis of superparamagnetic and red luminescent bifunctional Fe3O4@Mn2+-doped NaYF4:Yb/Er core@shell monodisperse nanoparticles and their subsequent ligand exchange in water
Qin ZL, Du SN, Luo Y, Liao ZJ, Zuo F, Luo JB, Liu D
181 - 190 Synthesis and improved SERS performance of silver nanoparticles-decorated surface mesoporous silica microspheres
Jiang T, Wang XL, Zhang L, Zhou J, Zhao ZQ
191 - 195 Structure analysis of bimetallic Co-Au nanoparticles formed by sequential ion implantation
Chen HJ, Wang YH, Zhang XJ, Song SP, Chen H, Zhang K, Xiong ZZ, Ji LL, Dai HM, Wang DJ, Lu JD, Wang RW, Zheng LR
196 - 206 A facile strategy for fabrication of nano-ZnO/yeast composites and their adsorption mechanism towards lead (II) ions
Zhang W, Meng LY, Mu GQ, Zhao MJ, Zou P, Zhang YS
207 - 215 Synthesis by anodic-spark deposition of Ca- and P-containing films on pure titanium and their biological response
Banakh O, Journot T, Gay PA, Matthey J, Csefalvay C, Kalinichenko O, Sereda O, Moussa M, Durual S, Snizhko L
216 - 223 Cerium, gallium and zinc containing mesoporous bioactive glass coating deposited on titanium alloy
Shruti S, Andreatta F, Furlani E, Marin E, Maschio S, Fedrizzi L
224 - 230 Hot corrosion behavior of Ni based Inconel 617 and Inconel 738 superalloys
El-Awadi GA, Abdel-Samad S, Elshazly ES
231 - 238 Facile synthesis of well-dispersed Bi2S3 nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide and enhanced photocatalytic activity
Chen YJ, Tian GH, Mao GJ, Li R, Xiao YT, Han TR
239 - 244 Effect of a novel chelating agent on defect removal during post-CMP cleaning
Hong J, Niu XH, Liu YL, He YG, Zhang BG, Wang J, Han LY, Yan CQ, Zhang J
245 - 252 CuO-PANI nanostructure with tunable spectral selectivity for solar selective coating application
Cindrella L, Prabhu S
253 - 258 Anisotropic behavior of layer-by-layer films using highly disordered copper hexacyanoferrate(II) nanoparticles
Soek RN, Schmidt A, Winnischofer H, Vidotti M
259 - 269 Flexible supercapacitor based on electrochemically synthesized pyrrole formyl pyrrole copolymer coated on carbon microfibers
Gholami M, Nia PM, Narimani L, Sokhakian M, Alias Y
270 - 276 Density functional theory study on the interaction of CO2 with Fe3O4(111) surface
Su TM, Qin ZZ, Huang G, Ji HB, Jiang YX, Chen JH
277 - 285 Surface modification of parylene-N films for the culture of osteoblast-like cells (MG-63)
Liaqat U, Ko H, Suh H, Lee MS, Pyun JC
286 - 292 Controlled FCC/on-top binding of H/Pt(111) using surface stress
Shuttleworth IG
293 - 300 Ab initio molecular dynamics studies on effect of Zr on oxidation resistance of TiAlN coatings
Pi JW, Kong Y, Chen L, Du Y
301 - 307 Silicon epitaxy epitaxy on H-terminated Si (100) surfaces at 250 degrees C
Deng X, Namboodiri P, Li K, Wang XQ, Stan G, Myers AF, Cheng XB, Li TB, Silver RM
308 - 319 Lubrication performance and mechanisms of Mg/Al-, Zn/Al-, and Zn/Mg/Al-layered double hydroxide nanoparticles as lubricant additives
Li S, Bhushan B
320 - 329 Chemical surface modification of calcium carbonate particles with stearic acid using different treating methods
Cao Z, Daly M, Clemence L, Geever LM, Major I, Higginbotham CL, Devine DM
330 - 340 Structural, optical, magnetic and photocatalytic properties of Co doped CuS diluted magnetic semiconductor nanoparticles
Sreelekha N, Subramanyam K, Reddy DA, Murali G, Ramu S, Varma KR, Vijayalakshmi RP
341 - 349 Enhancing the oxidation resistance of graphite by with crack healing at an elevated temperature
Park JW, Kim ES, Kim JU, Kim Y, Windes WE
350 - 356 First-principles studies on substitutional doping by group IV and VI atoms in the two-dimensional arsenene
Du J, Xia CX, Wang TX, Zhao X, Tan XM, Wei SY
357 - 361 Damage caused caused by a nanosecond UV laser on a heated copper surface
Henc-Bartolic V, Boncina T, Jakovljevic S, Panjan P, Zupanic F
362 - 367 Morphology and magnetic properties of the ethylene-co-vinyl acetate/iron nanocomposite films prepared by implantation with Fe6+ ions
Bozanic DK, Draganic I, Bibic N, Luyt AS, Konstantinovic Z, Djokovic V
368 - 374 Boron doped ZnO embedded into reduced graphene oxide for electrochemical supercapacitors
Alver U, Tanriverdi A
375 - 383 The synthesis of Au@C@Pt core-double shell nanocomposite and its application in enzyme-free hydrogen peroxide sensing
Zhang YY, Li YH, Jiang YY, Li YC, Li SX
384 - 387 The impact of wafering on organic and inorganic surface contaminations
Meyer S, Wahl S, Timmel S, Kopge R, Jang BY
388 - 396 Superhydrophobic surface fabricated on iron substrate by black chromium electrodeposition and its corrosion resistance property
Zhang B, Feng HT, Lin F, Wang YB, Wang LP, Dong YP, Li W
397 - 401 Structural and electronic characterization of graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition and transferred onto sapphire
Joucken F, Colomer JF, Sporken R, Reckinger N
402 - 407 facile and green method towards coal-based fluorescent carbon dots with photocatalytic activity
Hu SL, Wei ZJ, Chang Q, Trinchi A, Yang JL
408 - 417 Microstructure and mechanical properties of sputter deposited Ni/Ni3Al multilayer films at elevated temperature
Zhang C, Feng K, Li ZG, Lu FG, Huang J, Wu YX
418 - 425 comparative DFT study on the CO oxidation reaction over Al- and Ge-embedded graphene as efficient metal-free catalysts
Esrafili MD, Nematollahi P, Abdollahpour H
426 - 434 Microfabrication of polymeric surfaces with extreme wettability using hot embossing
Toosi SF, Moradi S, Ebrahimi M, Hatzikiriakos SG
435 - 442 Corrosion behaviors and effects of corrosion products of plasma electrolytic oxidation coated AZ31 magnesium alloy under the salt spray corrosion test
Wang Y, Huang ZQ, Yan Q, Liu C, Liu P, Zhang Y, Guo CH, Jiang GR, Shen DJ
443 - 450 A simple large-scale synthesis of mesoporous In2O3 for gas sensing applications
Zhang S, Song P, Yan HH, Yang ZX, Wang Q
451 - 459 Short-range effect at the semi-coherent metal/its native oxide interface
Yin DQ, Wu MX, Cen WL, Li HP, Yang Y, Fang H
460 - 466 Synthesis and structural property of Si nanosheets connected to Si nanowires using MnCl2/Si powder source
Meng EC, Ueki A, Meng X, Suzuki H, Itahara H, Tatsuoka H
467 - 472 Hydrophilic crosslinked-polymeric surface capable of effective suppression of protein adsorption
Kamon Y, Inoue N, Mihara E, Kitayama Y, Ooya T, Takeuchi T
473 - 478 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of supported TiO2 by selective surface modification of zeolite Y
Guesh K, Marquez-Alvarez C, Chebude Y, Diaz I
479 - 488 Self-healing antimicrobial polymer coating with efficacy in the presence of organic matter
Bastarrachea LJ, Goddard JM
489 - 495 Effect of modification methods on the surface properties and n-butane isomerization performance of La/Ni-promoted SO42-/ZrO2-Al2O3
Wang PZ, Zhang JY, Han CY, Yang CH, Li CY
496 - 503 Facile incorporation of hydroxyapatite onto an anodized Ti surface via a mussel inspired polydopamine coating
Wang Z, Dong CF, Yang SF, Zhang DW, Xiao K, Li XG
504 - 512 Laser surface and subsurface modification of sapphire using femtosecond pulses
Eberle G, Schmidt M, Pude F, Wegener K
513 - 518 The deactivation mechanism of Cl on Ce/TiO2 catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
Yang NZ, Guo RT, Pan WG, Chen QL, Wang QS, Lu CZ, Wang SX
519 - 529 Assembly of citrate gold nanoparticles on hydrophilic monolayers
Vikholm-Lundin I, Rosqvist E, Ihalainen P, Munter T, Honkima A, Marjomakif V, Albers WM, Peltonen J
530 - 539 Drift-insensitive distributed calibration of probe microscope scanner in nanometer range: Virtual mode
Lapshin RV
540 - 544 3-D laser confocal microscopy study of the oxidation of NdFeB magnets in atmospheric conditions
Meakin JP, Speight JD, Sheridan RS, Bradshaw A, Harris IR, Williams AJ, Walton A
545 - 551 Novel self-assembled phosphonic acids monolayers applied in N-channel perylene diimide (PDI) organic field effect transistors
Cheng H, Huai JY, Cao L, Li ZF
552 - 563 A novel molecular sieve supporting material for enhancing activity and stability of Ag3PO4 photocatalyst
Wu Q, Wang PF, Niu FT, Huang CP, Li Y, Yao WF
564 - 571 Laser surface pretreatment of 100Cr6 bearing steel - Hardening effects and white etching zones
Buling A, Sandker H, Stollenwerk J, Krupp U, Hamann-Steinmeier A
572 - 581 Biomedical applications of SPION@APTES@PEG-folic acid@carboxylated quercetin nanodrug on various cancer cells
Akal ZU, Alpsoy L, Baykal A