Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.377 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Surface potentials of (111), (110) and (100) oriented CeO2-x thin films
Wardenga HF, Klein A
9 - 16 Adsorption of sugars on Al- and Ga-doped boron nitride surfaces: A computational study
Darwish AA, Fadlallah MM, Badawi A, Maarouf AA
17 - 22 A novel iron-containing polyoxometalate heterogeneous photocatalyst for efficient 4-chlorophennol degradation by H2O2 at neutral pH
Zhai Q, Zhang LZ, Zhao XF, Chen H, Yin DJ, Li JH
23 - 29 The enhanced SERS effect of Ag/ZnO nanoparticles through surface hydrophobic modification
Li ZJ, Zhu KX, Zhao Q, Meng A
30 - 36 Magnetic adsorbent of Fe3O4@SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles modified with thiol group for chloroauric ion adsorption
Roto R, Yusran Y, Kuncaka A
37 - 43 The formation of tungsten doped Al2O3/ZnO coatings on aluminum by plasma electrolytic oxidation and their application in photocatalysis
Stojadinovic S, Vasilic R, Radic N, Tadic N, Stefanov P, Grbic B
44 - 47 Determination of electronic properties of nanostructures using reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy: Nano-metalized polymer as case study
Deris J, Hajati S, Tougaard S, Zaporojtchenko V
48 - 55 A study on H-2-TPR of Pt/Ce0.27Zr0.73O2 and Pt/Ce0.27Zr0.70La0.03Ox for soot oxidation
Zhang HL, Wang JL, Zhang YH, Jiao Y, Ren CJ, Gong MC, Chen YQ
56 - 65 Degradation of dimethylformamide on the surface of the nanosized WO3 films studied by infrared spectroscopy
Gavrilyuk AI
66 - 74 Synthesis of waterborne polyurethane containing alkoxysilane side groups and the properties of the hybrid coating films
Li Q, Guo LH, Qiu T, Xiao WD, Du DX, Li XY
75 - 80 Atmospheric-pressure-plasma-jet sintered nanoporous AlN/CNT composites
Chiu YF, Yeh PW, Cheng IC, Chen JZ
81 - 85 Fabrication of hierarchical anti-reflective structures using polystyrene sphere lithography on an as-cut p-Si substrate
Chou YY, Lee KT, Lee YC
86 - 98 Synthesize and characterization of a novel anticorrosive cobalt ferrite nanoparticles dispersed in silica matrix (CoFe2O4-SiO2) to improve the corrosion protection performance of epoxy coating
Gharagozlou M, Ramezanzadeh B, Baradaran Z
99 - 108 Fabrication of Z-scheme Ag3PO4/MoS2 composites with enhanced photocatalytic activity and stability for organic pollutant degradation
Zhu CS, Zhang L, Jiang B, Zheng JT, Hu P, Li SJ, Wu MB, Wu WT
109 - 120 Comparative studies of thin film growth on aluminium by AFM, TEM and GDOES characterization
Qi JT, Thompson GE
121 - 133 Low temperature synthesis of N-doped TiO2 with rice-like morphology through peroxo assisted hydrothermal route: Materials characterization and photocatalytic properties
Abu Bakar S, Ribeiro C
134 - 140 Controllable formation of high density SERS-active silver nanoprism layers on hybrid silica-APTES coatings
Pilipavicius J, Kaleinikaite R, Pucetaite M, Velicka M, Kareiva A, Beganskiene A
141 - 148 Ultraviolet protection cotton fabric achieved via layer-by-layer self-assembly of graphene oxide and chitosan
Tian MW, Hu XL, Qu LJ, Du MZ, Zhu SF, Sun YN, Han GT
149 - 158 Enhanced photocatalytic degradation activity over TiO2 nanotubes co-sensitized by reduced graphene oxide and copper(II) meso-tetra(4-carboxyphenyl)porphyrin
Wei M, Wan JM, Hu ZW, Peng ZQ, Wang B
159 - 166 Wet chemical methods for producing mixing crystalline phase ZrO2 thin film
Pakma O, Ozdemir C, Kariper IA, Ozaydin C, Gullu O
167 - 173 Facile fabrication of Ag dendrite-integrated anodic aluminum oxide membrane as effective three-dimensional SERS substrate
Zhang CY, Lu Y, Zhao B, Hao YW, Liu YQ
174 - 179 Adhesion enhancement of titanium nitride coating on aluminum casting alloy by intrinsic microstructures
Nguyen CL, Preston A, Tran ATT, Dickinson M, Metson JB
180 - 183 Controlled synthesis of silver nanostructures stabilized by fluorescent polyarylene ether nitrile
Jia K, Shou HG, Wang P, Zhou XF, Liu XB
184 - 190 Influence of the thickness and surface composition on the electronic structure of FeS2 layers
Yakovkin IN, Petrova NV
191 - 199 Nanostructured ZnO films in forms of rod, plate and flower: Electrodeposition mechanisms and characterization
Kicir N, Tuken T, Erken O, Gumus C, Ufuktepe Y
200 - 206 Role of bonding mechanisms during transfer hydrogenation reaction on heterogeneous catalysts of platinum nanoparticles supported on zinc oxide nanorods
Al-Alawi RA, Laxman K, Dastgir S, Dutta J
207 - 212 A stable and high resolution optical waveguide biosensor based on dense TiO2/Ag multilayer film
Jin Z, Guan WM, Liu C, Xue TY, Wang QY, Zheng WT, Cui XQ
213 - 220 Molecular dynamics study on welding a defected graphene by a moving fullerene
Cai K, Wan J, Yu JZ, Cai HF, Qin QH
221 - 227 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of TiO2 under sunlight by MoS2 nanodots modification
Wang D, Xu Y, Sun F, Zhang QH, Wang P, Wang XY
228 - 237 Stability studies of plasma modification effects of polylactide and polycaprolactone surface layers
Moraczewski K, Stepczynska M, Malinowski R, Rytlewski P, Jagodzinski B, Zenkiewicz M
238 - 243 Picosecond dynamics of photoexcited carriers in interacting silicon nanocrystals
Korinek M, Trojanek F, Hiller D, Gutsch S, Zacharias M, Kubel C, Maly P
244 - 252 Dynamic photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to CO in a honeycomb monolith reactor loaded with Cu and N doped TiO2 nanocatalysts
Tahir M, Tahir B
253 - 261 Enhanced magnetic and photocatalytic properties of Bi2Fe4O9 semiconductor with large exposed (001) surface
Wu TL, Liu L, Pi MY, Zhang DK, Chen SJ
262 - 273 UV-cured polymeric films containing ZnO and silver nanoparticles with UV-vis light-assisted photocatalytic activity
Podasca VE, Buruiana T, Buruiana EC
274 - 282 Flexible electrochemical capacitors based on polypyrrole/carbon fibers via chemical polymerization of pyrrole vapor
Yuan W, Han GY, Xiao YM, Chang YZ, Liu CX, Li MY, Li YP, Zhang Y
283 - 291 Antibacterial Ag/a-C nanocomposite coatings: The influence of nano-galvanic a-C and Ag couples on Ag ionization rates
Manninen NK, Calderon S, Carvalho I, Henriques M, Cavaleiro A, Carvalho S
292 - 300 Effects of surface passivation on alpha-Si3N4 nanobelts: A first-principles study
Xiong L, Dai JH, Song Y, Wen GW, Qin CL
301 - 310 Facile one-pot synthesis of nickel-incorporated titanium dioxide/graphene oxide composites: Enhancement of photodegradation under visible-irradiation
Pham TT, Chinh NH, Shin EW
311 - 323 Calcium decorated and doped phosphorene for gas adsorption
Lalitha M, Nataraj Y, Lakshmipathi S
324 - 334 Molecular dynamics simulations of conformation changes of HIV-1 regulatory protein on graphene
Zhao DH, Li LB, He DH, Zhou J
335 - 339 Engineering of highly ordered TiO2 nanopore arrays by anodization
Wang HJ, Huang ZN, Zhang L, Ding J, Ma ZX, Liu Y, Kou SZ, Yang HS
340 - 348 Reactive wetting of amorphous silica by molten Al-Mg alloys and their interfacial structures
Shi LX, Shen P, Zhang D, Jiang QC
349 - 354 Dubinin-Astakhov model for acetylene adsorption on metal-organic frameworks
Cheng PF, Hu YH
355 - 360 Electrical stability of Al-doped ZnO transparent electrode prepared by sol-gel method
Tabassum S, Yamasue E, Okumura H, Ishihara KN
361 - 369 ZnCl2-activated biochar from biogas residue facilitates aqueous As(III) removal
Xia D, Tan F, Zhang CP, Jiang XL, Chen Z, Li H, Zheng YM, Li QB, Wang YP
370 - 375 Novel fabrication of an electrochromic antimony-doped tin oxide film using a nanoparticle deposition system
Kim H, Park Y, Choi D, Ahn SH, Lee CS
376 - 384 Enhanced electrochemical performance of mesoporous NiCo2O4 as an excellent supercapacitive alternative energy storage material
Bhojane P, Sen S, Shirage PM
385 - 393 Fabrication of V2O5 with various morphologies for high-performance electrochemical capacitor
Zhang YF, Zheng JQ, Zhao YF, Hu T, Gao ZM, Meng CG
394 - 405 Influence of boron content on the microstructure and tribological properties of Cr-B-N coatings in water lubrication
Ma Q, Zhou F, Gao S, Wu ZW, Wang QZ, Chen KM, Zhou ZF, Li LKY
406 - 415 Electrochemical oxidation of biological pretreated and membrane separated landfill leachate concentrates on boron doped diamond
Zhou B, Yu ZM, Wei QP, Long HY, Xie YN, Wang YJ
416 - 425 Phase transformations on the surface of YAG composite ceramics under the action of directed laser treatment
Vlasova M, Aguilar PAM, Martinez AE, Kakazey M, Tapia RG, Estrada AT