Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.376 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Controlled hydrophilic/hydrophobic property of silica films by manipulating the hydrolysis and condensation of tetraethoxysilane
Yang X, Zhu LQ, Chen YC, Bao BQ, Xu JL, Zhou WW
10 - 15 DC sputtering assisted nano-branched core-shell TiO2/ZnO electrodes for application in dye-sensitized solar cells
Zhang ZM, Hu Y, Qin FY, Ding YT
16 - 25 Synthesis of magnetically recyclable MnFe2O4@SiO2@Ag nanocatalyst: Its high catalytic performances for azo dyes and nitro compounds reduction
Kurtan U, Amir M, Yildiz A, Baykal A
26 - 33 Effect of additional sample bias in Meshed Plasma Immersion Ion Deposition (MPIID) on microstructural, surface and mechanical properties of Si-DLC films
Wu MZ, Tian XB, Li MQ, Gong CZ, Wei RH
34 - 42 Removal of ion-implanted photoresists on GaAs using two organic solvents in sequence
Oh E, Na J, Lee S, Lim S
43 - 51 Reductive spectrophotometry of divalent tin sensitization on soda lime glass
Bejugam V, Wei XF, Roper DK
52 - 61 Study on the sintering and contact formation process of silver front side metallization pastes for crystalline silicon solar cells
Qin J, Zhang WJ, Bai SX, Liu ZF
62 - 68 The topographical properties of silica nanoparticle film preserve the osteoblast-like cell characteristics in vitro
Shim W, Lee SY, Kim HS, Kim JH
69 - 73 High-transparency and low-resistivity poly (methylmethacrylate) films containing silver nanowires and graphene-oxide nanoplatelets
Bang YH, Choo DC, Kim TW
74 - 78 The influence of metal nanoparticles on electrical properties of carbon nanotubes
Janas D, Koziol KKK
79 - 90 Dry (CO2) reforming of methane over Pt catalysts studied by DFT and kinetic modeling
Niu JT, Du XS, Ran JY, Wang RR
91 - 96 Utilizing peroxide as precursor for the synthesis of CeO2/ZnO composite oxide with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Lv ZJ, Zhong Q, Ou M
97 - 104 Investigation of fluorine adsorption on nitrogen doped MgAl2O4 surface by first-principles
Lv XJ, Xu ZM, Li J, Chen JG, Liu QS
105 - 112 Palladium clusters deposited on the heterogeneous substrates
Wang K, Liu JF, Chen QH
113 - 120 Liquid phase catalytic hydrodebromination of tetrabromobisphenol A on supported Pd catalysts
Wu M, Zheng MJ, Han YX, Xu ZY, Zheng SR
121 - 132 Enhanced protective properties of epoxy/polyaniline-camphorsulfonate nanocomposite coating on an ultrafine-grained metallic surface
Pour-Ali S, Kiani-Rashid A, Babakhani A, Davoodi A
133 - 137 Synthesis of reduced graphene oxide intercalated ZnO quantum dots nanoballs for selective biosensing detection
Chen J, Zhao MG, Li YC, Fan SS, Ding LJ, Liang JJ, Chen SG
138 - 144 Improved performance of polymer solar cells using PBDTT-F-TT:PC71BM blend film as active layer
Zang Y, Gao XM, Lu XM, Xin Q, Lin J, Zhao JF
145 - 150 Characterization and thermal shock behavior of Y2O3 films deposited on freestanding CVD diamond substrates
Hua CY, Guo JC, Liu JL, Yan XB, Zhao Y, Chen LX, Wei JJ, Hei LF, Li CM
151 - 160 Surface analysis of the selective excimer laser patterning of a thin PEDOT:PSS film on flexible polymer films
Schaubroeck D, De Smet J, Willems W, Cools P, De Geyter N, Morent R, De Smet H, Van Steenbeerge G
161 - 171 Microstructure and electrochemical behavior of cerium conversion coating modified with silane agent on magnesium substrates
Lei L, Shi J, Wang X, Liu D, Xu HG
172 - 179 Synthesis and photocatalytic properties of different SnO2 microspheres on graphene oxide sheets
Wei J, Xue SL, Xie P, Zou RJ
180 - 187 Transfer equation for the description of the dynamics of Au nanoparticle ensemble in liquid under pulsed laser irradiation
Kirichenko NA, Shcherbina ME, Serkov AA, Rakov II
188 - 198 Opposite effect of photocorrosion on photocatalytic performance among various AgxMyOz/TiO2 (M = C, P) photocatalysts: A novel effective method for preparing Ag/TiO2 composite
Feng CX, Pang YH, Wang Y, Sun MM, Zhang CY, Zhang L, Zhou YM, Li DL
199 - 208 Characterization and anticorrosion properties of carbon nanotubes directly synthesized on Ni foil using ethanol
Jeong N, Jwa E, Kim C, Hwang KS, Park SC, Jang MS
209 - 218 Thin (111) oriented CoFe2O4 and Co3O4 films prepared by decomposition of layered cobaltates
Bursik J, Soroka M, Uhrecky R, Kuzel R, Mika F, Huber S
219 - 226 Insight into the promotion effect of pre-covered X (C, N and O) atoms on the dissociation of water on Cu(111) surface: A DFT study
Jiang Z, Fang T
227 - 235 A simple route to synthesize mesoporous titania from TiOSO4: Influence of the synthesis conditions on the structural, pigments and photocatalytic properties
Yang G, Ding H, Chen DM, Ao WH, Wang J, Hou XF
236 - 240 P-type Ge epitaxy on GaAs (100) substrate grown by MOCVD
Jin YJ, Chia CK, Liu HF, Wong LM, Chai JW, Chi DZ, Wang SJ
241 - 251 Analysis of corrosion layers in ancient Roman silver coins with high resolution surface spectroscopic techniques
Keturakis CJ, Notis B, Blenheim A, Miller AC, Pafchek R, Notis MR, Wachs IE
252 - 260 Synthesis and characterization of liposomes nano-composite-particles with hydrophobic magnetite as a MRI probe
Han LM, Zhou XP
261 - 268 Facile route to covalently-jointed graphene/polyaniline composite and it's enhanced electrochemical performances for supercapacitors
Qiu HX, Han XB, Qiu FL, Yang JH
269 - 275 Adsorption of human fibrinogen and albumin onto hydrophobic and hydrophilic Ti6Al4V powder
Rodriguez-Sanchez J, Gallardo-Moreno AM, Bruque JM, Gonzalez-Martin ML
276 - 285 Photocatalytic degradation of organic contaminants under solar light using carbon dot/titanium dioxide nanohybrid, obtained through a facile approach
Hazarika D, Karak N
286 - 289 Halogenated arsenenes as Dirac materials
Tang WC, Sun ML, Ren QQ, Wang SK, Yu J
290 - 297 Effect of palladium on gas sensing properties of Sn(Sb2O3)O-2 nanoparticles synthesized by sonochemical processing at room temperature
Majumdar S