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1 - 1 Special issue on: Laser and plasma processing for advanced applications in material science (E-MRS 2015 Spring Meeting Symposium) Preface
Bonse J, Zergioti I, Delaporte P, Scarisoreanu ND
2 - 11 One-step fabrication of near superhydrophobic aluminum surface by nanosecond laser ablation
Jagdheesh R, Garcia-Ballesteros JJ, Ocana JL
12 - 18 Formation of periodic mesoscale structures arranged in a circular symmetry at the silicon surface exposed to radiation of a single femtosecond laser pulse
Romashevskiy SA, Ashitkov SI, Ovchinnikov AV, Kondratenko PS, Agranat MB
19 - 22 Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy on laser-engineered ruthenium dye-functionalized nanoporous gold
Schade L, Franzka S, Biener M, Biener J, Hartmann N
23 - 30 In vitro evaluation of poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) methyl ether copolymer coating effects on cells adhesion and proliferation
Rusen L, Neacsu P, Cimpean A, Valentin I, Brajnicov S, Dumitrescu LN, Banita J, Dinca V, Dinescu M
31 - 35 Nanoparticles based laser-induced surface structures formation on mesoporous silicon by picosecond laser beam interaction
Talbi A, Petit A, Melhem A, Stolz A, Boulmer-Leborgne C, Gautier G, Defforge T, Semmar N
36 - 41 Characterization of Ag nanostructures fabricated by laser-induced dewetting of thin films
Nikov RG, Nedyalkov NN, Atanasov PA, Hirsch D, Rauschenbach B, Grochowska K, Sliwinski G
42 - 48 Laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT) of congruent voxels
Pique A, Kim H, Auyeung RCY, Beniam I, Breckenfeld E
49 - 55 Laser-induced forward transfer of carbon nanowalls for soft electrodes fabrication
Constantinescu C, Vizireanu S, Ion V, Aldica G, Stoica SD, Lazea-Stoyanova A, Alloncle AP, Delaporte P, Dinescu G
56 - 60 Mechanisms of femtosecond LIPSS formation induced by periodic surface temperature modulation
Gurevich EL
61 - 64 Importance of layer thermal conductivity on the sharpness of patterns produced by laser interference
Pelaez RJ, Afonso CN, Skeren M, Bulir J
65 - 70 Synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanostructures on noble-metal coated substrates
Dikovska AO, Atanasova GB, Avdeev GV, Nedyalkov NN
71 - 76 Tuning Eu3+ emission in europium sesquioxide films by changing the crystalline phase
Mariscal A, Quesada A, Camps I, Palomares FJ, Fernandez JF, Serna R
77 - 80 Laser ablation in CdZnTe crystal due to thermal self-focusing: Secondary phase hydrodynamic expansion
Medvid' A, Mychko A, Dauksta E, Kosyak V, Grase L
81 - 89 Femtosecond laser fabrication of highly hydrophobic stainless steel surface with hierarchical structures fabricated by combining ordered microstructures and LIPSS
Martinez-Calderon M, Rodriguez A, Dias-Ponte A, Morant-Minana MC, Gomez-Aranzadi M, Olaizola SM
90 - 95 Investigations on laser printing of microcapacitors using poly (methyl methacrylate) dielectric thin films for organic electronics applications
Constantinescu C, Rapp L, Delaporte P, Alloncle AP
96 - 103 Optical properties of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) during nanosecond laser processing
Stankova NE, Atanasov PA, Nikov RG, Nikov RG, Nedyalkov NN, Stoyanchov TR, Fukata N, Kolev KN, Valova EI, Georgieva JS, Armyanov S
104 - 111 Effect of nitrogen surrounding gas and plasma assistance on nitrogen incorporation in a-C:N films by femtosecond pulsed laser deposition
Bourquard F, Maddi C, Donnet C, Loir AS, Barnier V, Wolski K, Garrelie F
112 - 116 Pulsed laser ablation and deposition of niobium carbide
Sansone M, De Bonis A, Santagata A, Rau JV, Galasso A, Teghil R
117 - 123 Laser Direct Write micro-fabrication of large area electronics on flexible substrates
Zacharatos F, Makrygianni M, Geremia R, Biver E, Karnakis D, Leyder S, Puerto D, Delaporte P, Zergioti I
124 - 131 Arrays of metallic micro-/nano-structures by means of colloidal lithography and laser dewetting
Constantinescu C, Deepak KLN, Delaporte P, Uteza O, Grojo D
132 - 137 Influence of the reactive atmosphere on the formation of nanoparticles in the plasma plume induced by nanosecond pulsed laser irradiation of metallic targets at atmospheric pressure and high repetition rate
Girault M, Le Garrec JL, Mitchell JBA, Jouvard JM, Carvou E, Menneveux J, Yu J, Ouf FX, Carles S, Potin V, Pillon G, Bourgeois S, Perez J, de Lucas MCM, Lavisse L
138 - 142 Implantation of plasmonic nanoparticles in SiO2 by pulsed laser irradiation of gold films on SiOx-coated fused silica and subsequent thermal annealing
Stolzenburg H, Peretzki P, Wang N, Seibt M, Ihlemann J
143 - 150 Multi-stage pulsed laser deposition of aluminum nitride at different temperatures
Duta L, Stan GE, Stroescu H, Gartner M, Anastasescu M, Fogarassy Z, Mihailescu N, Szekeres A, Bakalova S, Mihailescu IN
151 - 156 Towards nanopatterning by femtosecond laser ablation of pre-stretched elastomers
Surdo S, Piazza S, Ceseracciu L, Diaspro A, Duocastella M
157 - 164 eRelaxation dynamics of femtosecond-laser-induced temperature modulation on the surfaces of metals and semiconductors
Levy Y, Derrien TJY, Bulgakova NM, Gurevich EL, Mocek T
165 - 171 Mesoporous silica coatings for cephalosporin active release at the bone-implant interface
Radulescu D, Voicu G, Oprea AE, Andronescu E, Grumezescu V, Holban AM, Vasile BS, Surdu AV, Grumezescu AM, Socol G, Mogoanta L, Mogosanu GD, Balaure PC, Radulescu R, Chifiriuc MC
172 - 176 Laser nanostructuring of ZnO thin films
Nedyalkov N, Koleva M, Nikov R, Atanasov P, Nakajima Y, Takami A, Shibata A, Terakawa M
177 - 182 Time-resolved photoluminescence for evaluating laser-induced damage during dielectric stack ablation in silicon solar cells
Parola S, Blanc-Pelissier D, Barbos C, Le Coz M, Poulain G, Lemiti M
183 - 189 Single step high-speed printing of continuous silver lines by laser-induced forward transfer
Puerto D, Biver E, Alloncle AP, Delaporte P
190 - 196 Tribological performance of sub-100-nm femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures on titanium
Bonse J, Hohm S, Koter R, Hartelt M, Spaltmann D, Pentzien S, Rosenfeld A, Kruger J
197 - 205 Fiber laser cladding of nickel-based alloy on cast iron
Arias-Gonzalez F, del Val J, Comesana R, Penide J, Lusquinos F, Quintero F, Riveiro A, Boutinguiza M, Pou J
206 - 212 Nonlinear optical studies on 4-(ferrocenylmethylimino)-2-hydroxy-benzoic acid thin films deposited by matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation (MAPLE)
Matei A, Marinescu M, Constantinescu C, Ion V, Mitu B, Ionita I, Dinescu M, Emandi A
213 - 221 Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline-Fe@C magnetic nanocomposite powder
Fleaca CT, Dumitrache F, Morjan I, Niculescu AM, Sandu I, Ilie A, Stamatin I, Iordache A, Vasile E, Prodan G
222 - 228 UV Direct Laser Interference Patterning of polyurethane substrates as tool for tuning its surface wettability
Estevam-Alves R, Gunther D, Dani S, Eckhardt S, Roch T, Mendonca CR, Cestari IN, Lasagni AF
229 - 234 Fs-laser processing of medical grade polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)
Atanasov PA, Stankova NE, Nedyalkov NN, Fukata N, Hirsch D, Rauschenbach B, Amoruso S, Wang X, Kolev KN, Valova EI, Georgieva JS, Armyanov SA
235 - 242 Probing spatial properties of electronic excitation in water after interaction with temporally shaped femtosecond laser pulses: Experiments and simulations
Winkler T, Sarpe C, Jelzow N, Lillevang LH, Gotte N, Zielinski B, Balling P, Senftleben A, Baumert T
243 - 247 Investigation of laser-fired point contacts on KOH structured laser-crystallized silicon by conductive atomic force microscopy
Gref O, Weizman M, Rhein H, Gabriel O, Gernert U, Schlatmann R, Boit C, Friedrich F
248 - 251 High atomic diffusivity during pulsed laser irradiation of TiON quasi-amorphous films
Teodorescu VS, Maraloiu AV, Negrea RF, Ghica D, Scarisoreanu ND, Dinescu M, Gartner M, Blanchin MG
252 - 256 Optoelectronic properties of Black-Silicon generated through inductively coupled plasma (ICP) processing for crystalline silicon solar cells
Hirsch J, Gaudig M, Bernhard N, Lausch D
257 - 264 Influence of injected silver content on synthesis of silver coated nickel particles by DC thermal plasma
Park ST, Kim TH, Park DW
265 - 270 Printing of silver conductive lines through laser-induced forward transfer
Florian C, Caballero-Lucas F, Fernandez-Pradas JM, Ogier S, Winchester L, Karnakis D, Geremia R, Artigas R, Serra P
271 - 277 3D reconstruction and characterization of laser induced craters by in situ optical microscopy
Casal A, Cerrato R, Mateo MP, Nicolas G
278 - 289 MAPLE preparation and characterization of mixed arylenevinylene based oligomers:C-60 layers
Stanculescu A, Socol G, Vacareanu L, Socol M, Rasoga O, Breazu C, Girtan M, Stanculescu F
290 - 296 Antimicrobial activity of biopolymeric thin films containing flavonoid natural compounds and silver nanoparticles fabricated by MAPLE: A comparative study
Cristescu R, Visan A, Socol G, Surdu AV, Oprea AE, Grumezescu AM, Chifiriuc MC, Boehm RD, Yamaleyeva D, Taylor M, Narayan RJ, Chrisey DB
297 - 304 Silver and gold nanoparticles produced by pulsed laser ablation in liquid to investigate their interaction with Ubiquitin
Dell'Aglio M, Mangini V, Valenza G, De Pascale O, De Stradis A, Natile G, Arnesano F, De Giacomo A
305 - 311 Laser micromachining of screen-printed graphene for forming electrode structures
Chang TL, Chen ZC, Tseng SF
312 - 317 Laser-induced forward transfer of hybrid carbon nanostructures
Palla-Papavlu A, Filipescu M, Vizireanu S, Vogt L, Antohe S, Dinescu M, Wokaun A, Lippert T
318 - 325 Thin coatings based on ZnO@C-18-usnic acid nanoparticles prepared by MAPLE inhibit the development of Salmonella enterica early biofilm growth
Stan MS, Constanda S, Grumezescu V, Andronescu E, Ene AM, Holban AM, Vasile BS, Mogoanta L, Balseanu TA, Mogosanu GD, Socol G, Grumezescu AM, Dinischiotu A, Lazar V, Chifiriuc MC
326 - 330 Organo-layered double hydroxides composite thin films deposited by laser techniques
Birjega R, Vlad A, Matei A, Dumitru M, Stokker-Cheregi F, Dinescu M, Zavoianu R, Raditoiu V, Corobea MC
331 - 338 Dynamics of the formation of laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) upon femtosecond two-color double-pulse irradiation of metals, semiconductors, and dielectrics
Hohm S, Herzlieb M, Rosenfeld A, Kruger J, Bonse J
339 - 345 Investigations of Ar ion irradiation effects on nanocrystalline SiC thin films
Craciun V, Craciun D, Socol G, Behdad S, Boesl B, Himcinschi C, Makino H, Socol M, Simeone D
346 - 352 Lipase immobilization for catalytic applications obtained using fumed silica deposited with MAPLE technique
Bloisi F, Califano V, Perretta G, Nasti L, Aronne A, Di Girolamo R, Auriemma F, De Rosa C, Vicari LRM
353 - 358 Beam waist position study for surface modification of polymethyl-methacrylate with femtosecond laser pulses
Caballero-Lucas F, Florian C, Fernandez-Pradas JM, Morenza JL, Serra P
359 - 364 The effect of high energy concentration source irradiation on structure and properties of Fe-based bulk metallic glass
Pilarczyk W
365 - 369 First-principles assessment of potential ultrafast laser-induced structural transition in Ni
Bevillon E, Colombier JP, Stoian R
370 - 374 Laser induced densification of cerium gadolinium oxide: Application to single-chamber solid oxide fuel cells
Marino M, Rieu M, Viricelle JP, Garrelie F
375 - 378 Investigation of diffractive optical element femtosecond laser machining
Chabrol GR, Ciceron A, Twardowski P, Pfeiffer P, Flury M, Mermet F, Lecler S
379 - 386 Texturing of polypropylene (PP) with nanosecond lasers
Riveiro A, Soto R, del Val J, Comesana R, Boutinguiza M, Quintero F, Lusquinos F, Pou J
387 - 396 Biocompatible cephalosporin-hydroxyapatite-poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)-coatings fabricated by MAPLE technique for the prevention of bone implant associated infections
Radulescu D, Grumezescu V, Andronescu E, Holban AM, Grumezescu AM, Socol G, Oprea AE, Radulescu M, Surdu A, Trusca R, Radulescu R, Chifiriuc MC, Stan MS, Constanda S, Dinischiotu A
397 - 402 Plasmonic angular tunability of gold nanoparticles generated by fs laser ablation
Pace ML, Guarnaccio A, Ranu F, Trucchi D, Orlando S, Mollica D, Parisi GP, Medici L, Lettino A, De Bonis A, Teghil R, Santagata A
403 - 410 Flexible heterostructures based on metal phthalocyanines thin films obtained by MAPLE
Socol M, Preda N, Rasoga O, Breazu C, Stavarache I, Stanculescu F, Socol G, Gherendi F, Grumezescu V, Popescu-Pelin G, Girtan M, Stefan N