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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Morphology and oxygen incorporation effect on antimicrobial activity of silver thin films
Rebelo R, Manninen NK, Fialho L, Henriques M, Carvalho S
9 - 15 Synthesis and characterization of magnetic carbon nanotubes/silsesquioxane nanocomposite thin films
Osorio AG, Machado GB, Pereira MB, Benvenutti EV, Pereira LG, Bergmann CP, de Oliveira AH, Costa TMH
16 - 27 Coordination functionalization of graphene oxide with tetraazamacrocyclic complexes of nickel(II): Generation of paramagnetic centers
Basiuk VA, Alzate-Carvajal N, Henao-Holguin LV, Rybak-Akimova EV, Basiuk EV
28 - 34 Ionoluminescence study of Zn- and O- implanted ZnO crystals: An additional perspective
Epie EN, Chu WK
35 - 43 Surface valence transformation during thermal activation and hydrogenation thermodynamics of Mg-Ni-Y melt-spun ribbons
Zhang TB, Song WJ, Kou HC, Li JS
44 - 49 External electric field: An effective way to prevent aggregation of Mg atoms on gamma-graphyne for high hydrogen storage capacity
Liu PP, Zhang H, Cheng XL, Tang YJ
50 - 60 Promotion of tribological and hydrophobic properties of a coating on TPE substrates by atmospheric plasma-polymerization
Sainz-Garcia E, Alba-Elias F, Mugica-Vidal R, Pantoja-Ruiz M
61 - 66 Periodic density functional theory study of ethylene hydrogenation over Co3O4 (111) surface: The critical role of oxygen vacancies
Lu JH, Song JJ, Niu HL, Pan L, Zhang XW, Wang L, Zou JJ
67 - 73 Sulfidation behavior of ZnFe2O4 roasted with pyrite: Sulfur inducing and sulfur-oxygen interface exchange mechanism
Min XB, Zhou BS, Ke Y, Chai LY, Xue K, Zhang C, Zhao ZW, Shen C
74 - 82 Superhydrophilic poly(L-lactic acid) electrospun membranes for biomedical applications obtained by argon and oxygen plasma treatment
Correia DM, Ribeiro C, Botelho G, Borges J, Lopes C, Vaz F, Carabineiro SAC, Machado AV, Lanceros-Mendez S
83 - 90 Electrical characterization of FIB processed metal layers for reliable conductive-AFM on ZnO microstructures
Pea M, Maiolo L, Giovine E, Rinaldi A, Araneo R, Notargiacomo A
91 - 95 The chemical composition and band gap of amorphous Si:C:N:H layers
Swatowska B, Kluska S, Jurzecka-Szymacha M, Stapinski T, Tkacz-Smiech K
96 - 101 Surface wrinkling on polydopamine film
Meng JY, Xie JX, Han X, Lu CH
102 - 111 Hydrothermal synthesis of silico-manganese nanohybrid for Cu(II) adsorption from aqueous solution
Zhu QF, Wang LT, An ZH, Ye H, Feng XD
112 - 117 Role of the chemical substitution on the structural and luminescence properties of the mixed halide perovskite thin MAPbI(3-x)Br(x) (0 <= x <= 1) films
Atourki L, Vega E, Mari B, Mollar M, Ahsaine HA, Bouabid K, Ihlal A
118 - 128 Band alignment of atomic layer deposited MgO/Zn0.8Al0.2O heterointerface determined by charge corrected X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Yan BJ, Liu SL, Yang YZ, Heng YK
129 - 138 Metal-assisted chemical etching of Ge surface and its effect on photovoltaic devices
Lee S, Choo H, Kim C, Oh E, Seo D, Lim S
139 - 150 Adhesion and inactivation of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria on photoreactive TiO2/polymer and Ag-TiO2/polymer nanohybrid films
Tallosy SP, Janovak L, Nagy E, Deak A, Juhasz A, Csapo E, Buzas N, Dekany I
151 - 159 Photogeneration of singlet oxygen by the phenothiazine derivatives covalently bound to the surface-modified glassy carbon
Blacha-Grzechnik A, Piwowar K, Krukiewicz K, Koscielniak P, Szuber J, Zak JK
160 - 163 Dielectric and ferroelectric properties of (111) preferred oriented PbZr0.53Ti0.47O3/Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)(0.62)Ti0.38O3/PbZr0.53Ti0.47O3 trilayered films
Tang YX, Zhu B, Wang FF, Sun DZ, Hu ZJ, Qin XM, Shi WZ
164 - 171 The surface engineering of CdS nanocrystal for photocatalytic reaction: A strategy of modulating the trapping states and radicals generation towards RhB degradation
Li S, Meng DD, Hou LB, Wang DJ, Xie TF
172 - 179 Effect of surface fluorine substitution on high voltage electrochemical performances of layered LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 cathode materials
Wang D, Wang ZX, Li XH, Guo HJ, Xu Y, Fan YL, Pan W
180 - 188 Formaldehyde molecule adsorption on the doped monolayer MoS2: A first-principles study
Ma DW, Ju WW, Li TX, Yang G, He CZ, Ma BY, Tang YN, Lu ZS, Yang ZX
189 - 195 Synthesis and supercapacitor electrode of VO2(B)/C core-shell composites with a pseudocapacitance in aqueous solution
Zhang YF, Zheng JQ, Hu T, Tian FP, Meng CG
196 - 202 Picosecond laser texturization of mc-silicon for photovoltaics: A comparison between 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm radiation wavelengths
Binetti S, Le Donne A, Rolfi A, Jaggi B, Neuenschwander B, Busto C, Frigeri C, Scorticati D, Longoni L, Pellegrino S
203 - 212 AFM study of excimer laser patterning of block-copolymer: Creation of ordered hierarchical, hybrid, or recessed structures
Svanda J, Siegel J, Svorcik V, Lyutakov O
213 - 223 A thermo-mechanical analysis of a particle impact during thermal spraying
Danouni S, El-hadj AA, Zirari M, Belharizi M
224 - 230 Au sensitized ZnO nanorods for enhanced liquefied petroleum gas sensing properties
Nakate UT, Bulakhe RN, Lokhande CD, Kale SN
231 - 241 Synergistic effect of oxygen vacancy and nitrogen doping on enhancing the photocatalytic activity of Bi2O2CO3 nanosheets with exposed {001} facets for the degradation of organic pollutants
Zhang YF, Zhu GQ, Hojamberdiev M, Gao JZ, Hao J, Zhou JP, Liu P
242 - 247 Study on formation of step bunching on 6H-SiC (0001) surface by kinetic Monte Carlo method
Li Y, Chen XJ, Su J
248 - 257 New corrosion inhibitor acrylamide methyl ether for mild steel in 1 M HCl
Ma XY, Jiang XH, Xia SW, Shan ML, Li X, Yu LM, Tang QW
258 - 261 Controlled electrodeposition of Au monolayer film on ionic liquid
Ma Q, Pang LQ, Li M, Zhang YX, Ren XP, Liu SF
262 - 274 Tribological properties, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility of magnetron sputtered titanium-amorphous carbon coatings
Dhandapani VS, Subbiah R, Thangavel E, Arumugam M, Park K, Gasem ZM, Veeraragavan V, Kim DE
275 - 280 The determination of the optimum hydrolysis time for silane films deposition
Ciobotaru IA, Maior I, Vaireanu DI, Cojocaru A, Caprarescu S, Ciobotaru IE
281 - 288 Preparation of crosslinked polysiloxane/SiO2 nanocomposite via in-situ condensation and its surface modification on cotton fabrics
Hao LF, Gao TT, Xu W, Wang XC, Yang SQ, Liu XG
289 - 295 Efficiency enhancement of perovskite solar cells by fabricating as-prepared film before sequential spin-coating procedure
Jiang JJ, Tao HJ, Chen SL, Tan B, Zhou N, Zhu LM, Zhao Y, Wang YQ, Tao J
296 - 300 Interface characteristics in Co2MnSi/Ag/Co2MnSi trilayer
Li Y, Chen H, Wang GZ, Yuan HK
301 - 306 Role of nitrogen in pore development in activated carbon prepared by potassium carbonate activation of lignin
Tsubouchi N, Nishio M, Mochizuki Y
307 - 313 Experimental and computational investigation of CO2 capture on amine grafted metal-organic framework NH2-MIL-101
Huang X, Lu JF, Wang WL, Wei XL, Ding J
314 - 321 Effect of adatoms and molecules on the physical properties of platinum-doped and -substituted silicene: A first-principles investigation
Ersan F, Arslanalp O, Gokoglu G, Akturk E
322 - 328 Fabrication and condensation characteristics of metallic superhydrophobic surface with hierarchical micro-nano structures
Chu FQ, Wu XM
329 - 336 In situ measurement of conductivity during nanocomposite film deposition
Blattmann CO, Pratsinis SE
337 - 342 Theoretical study of NH3 decomposition on Pd-Cu (111) and Cu-Pd (111) surfaces: A comparison with clean Pd (111) and Cu (111)
Jiang Z, Qin P, Fang T
343 - 348 Two scale simulation of surface stress in solids and its effects
Iyer G, De D, Kumar A, Pala R, Subramaniam A
349 - 359 Wettability alteration properties of fluorinated silica nanoparticles in liquid-loaded pores: An atomistic simulation
Sepehrinia K, Mohammadi A
360 - 364 Reduced impurities and improved electrical properties of atomic-layer-deposited HfO2 film grown at a low temperature (100 degrees C) by Al2O3 incorporation
Park TJ, Byun Y, Wallace RM, Kim J
365 - 375 Analysis of the low-pressure plasma pretreated polymer surface in terms of acid-base approach
Kraus E, Orf L, Baudrit B, Heidemeyer P, Bastian M, Bonenberger R, Starostina I, Stoyanov O
376 - 382 Size effect on the magnetic and electronic properties of the monolayer lateral hetero-junction WS2-MoS2 nanoribbon
Wen YN, Xia MG, Zhang SL
383 - 390 Surface chemical composition analysis of heat-treated bamboo
Meng FD, Yu YL, Zhang YM, Yu WJ, Gao JM
391 - 398 Upconversion and tribological properties of p-NaYF4:Yb,Er film synthesized on silicon substrate
Wang CY, Cheng XH
399 - 406 Sub-micron magnetic patterns and local variations of adhesion force induced in non-ferromagnetic amorphous steel by femtosecond pulsed laser irradiation
Zhang HY, Feng YP, Nieto D, Garcia-Lecina E, Mcdaniel C, Diaz-Marcos J, Flores-Arias MT, O'connor GM, Baro MD, Pellicer E, Sort J
407 - 414 Detailed analysis of surface asperity deformation mechanism in diffusion bonding of steel hollow structural components
Zhang C, Li H, Li MQ
415 - 424 Anti-proliferative effect of biogenic gold nanoparticles against breast cancer cell lines (MDA-MB-231 & MCF-7)
Suganya KSU, Govindaraju K, Kumar VG, Prabhu D, Arulvasu C, Dhas TS, Karthick V, Changmai N
425 - 435 Optimization of catalyst formation conditions for synthesis of carbon nanotubes using Taguchi method
Pander A, Hatta A, Furuta H
436 - 446 Low thermal budget for Si and SiGe surface preparation for FD-SOI technology
Labrot M, Cheynis F, Barge D, Muller P, Juhel M
447 - 452 An effective method for the preparation of high temperature stable anatase TiO2 photocatalysts
Fagan R, Synnott DW, McCormack DE, Pillai SC
453 - 467 Synthesis of novel polymethacrylates with siloxyl bridging perfluoroalkyl side-chains for hydrophobic application on cotton fabrics
Cai L, Dai L, Yuan YH, Liu AQ, Li ZX
468 - 478 Facile green synthesis of silver doped fluor-hydroxyapatite/beta-cyclodextrin nanocomposite in the dual acting fluorine-containing ionic liquid medium for bone substitute applications
Jegatheeswaran S, Selvam S, Ramkumar VS, Sundrarajan M
479 - 487 Femtosecond laser nanostructuring of titanium metal towards fabrication of low-reflective surfaces over broad wavelength range
Dar MH, Kuladeep R, Saikiran V, Rao DN
488 - 493 Preparation of conversion coating on Ti-6Al-4V alloy in mixed solution of phytic acid and ammonium fluoride through chemical modification
Li LL, He J, Yang X
494 - 503 Investigation of interaction between the Pt(II) ions and aminosilane-modified silica surface in heterogeneous system
Nowicki W, Gasowska A, Kirszensztejn P
504 - 511 Synthesis of Y2O3-ZrO2-SiO2 composite coatings on carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composite by an electro-plasma process
Zhang YP, Lin X, Chen WW, Cheng HW, Wang L
512 - 518 Immobilization of flavan-3-ols onto sensor chips to study their interactions with proteins and pectins by SPR
Watrelot AA, Tran DT, Buffeteau T, Deffieux D, Le Bourvellec C, Quideau S, Renard CMGC
519 - 529 Surface hydrophobization by electrostatic deposition of hydrophobically modified poly(acrylates) and their complexes with surfactants
Gifu IC, Maxim ME, Iovescu A, Simion EL, Aricov L, Anastasescu M, Munteanu C, Anghel DF
530 - 537 Non-textured laser modification of silica glass surface: Wettability control and flow channel formation
Aono Y, Hirata A, Tokura H
538 - 546 Photocatalytic properties and selective antimicrobial activity of TiO2(Eu)/CuO nanocomposite
Michal R, Dworniczek E, Caplovicova M, Monfort O, Lianos P, Caplovic L, Plesch G
547 - 561 Strain-induced folding on [1(1)over-bar(1)over-bar]-copper single crystals under uniaxial compression
Lychagin DV, Tarasov SY, Chumaevskii AV, Alfyorova EA
562 - 570 Adlayer structures of anthracenthiol on Au(111) after removal of covering multilayers with probe scan
Azzam W
571 - 575 Evaluation of residual stress in sputtered tantalum thin-film
Al-masha'al A, Bunting A, Cheung R
576 - 582 Mechanical performance of thermally post-treated ion-nitrided steels
Rosales I, Martinez H, Guardian R
583 - 589 Laser textured surface gradients
Ta VD, Dunn A, Wasley TJ, Li J, Kay RW, Stringer J, Smith PJ, Esenturk E, Connaughton C, Shephard JD
590 - 595 Improving the photocatalytic activity of graphene oxide/ZnO nanorod films by UV irradiation
Rokhsat E, Akhavan O
596 - 606 Comparative studies on PADC polymeric detector treated by gamma radiation and Ar ion beam
El-Saftawy AA, Reheem AMA, Kandil SA, Abd El Aal SA, Salama S
607 - 612 Influence of the Ti microstructure on anodic self-organized TiO2 nanotube layers produced in ethylene glycol electrolytes
Macak JM, Jarosova M, Jager A, Sopha H, Klementova M
613 - 623 Aging of oxygen and hydrogen plasma discharge treated a-C:H and ta-C coatings
Bachmann S, Schulze M, Morasch J, Hesse S, Hussein L, Krell L, Schnagl J, Stark RW, Narayan S
624 - 632 Preparation and characterization of a novel PVDF ultrafiltration membrane by blending with TiO2-HNTs nanocomposites
Zeng GY, He Y, Yu ZX, Zhan YQ, Ma L, Zhang L