Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.370 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Anti-fogging and anti-frosting behaviors of layer-by-layer assembled cellulose derivative thin film
Shibraen MHMA, Yagoub H, Zhang XJ, Xu J, Yang SG
6 - 10 Adsorption and dissociation of O-2 on Ni-doped (5,5) SWCNT: A DFT study
Li XD, Liu LL, Wang MG, Wang Z
11 - 18 Adsorption of ethyl xanthate on ZnS(110) surface in the presence of water molecules: A DFT study
Long XH, Chen JH, Chen Y
19 - 24 Characterizing twist grain boundaries in BCC Nb by molecular simulation: Structure and shear deformation
Liu ZH, Feng YX, Shang JX
25 - 31 Non-monotonic wetting behavior of chitosan films induced by silver nanoparticles
Praxedes APP, Webler GD, Souza ST, Ribeiro AS, Fonseca EJS, de Oliveira IN
32 - 39 Effect of structural evolution on mechanical properties of ZrO2 coated Ti-6Al-7Nb-biomedical application
Zalnezhad E
40 - 48 In situ observation of low temperature growth of Ge on Si(111) by reflection high energy electron diffraction
Grimm A, Fissel A, Bugiel E, Wietler TF
49 - 52 Hydrogen passivation of silicon nanowire structures
Aouida S, Zaghouani RB, Bachtouli N, Bessais B
53 - 58 Effects of substrate temperature on the structure, residual stress and nanohardness of Ti6Al4V films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Liu G, Yang YQ, Huang B, Luo X, Ouyang S, Zhao GM, Jin N, Li PT
59 - 66 How to guide lubricants - Tailored laser surface patterns on stainless steel
Grutzmacher PG, Rosenkranz A, Gachot C
67 - 75 Self-assembly of a 1-eicosanethiolate layer on InSb(100)
Contreras Y, Muscat AJ
76 - 82 Characterization of the structure, thermal stability and wettability of the TiO2 nanotubes growth on the Ti-7.5Mo alloy surface
Chaves JM, Escada ALA, Rodrigues AD, Claro APRA
83 - 91 Effect of substrate temperature on transparent conducting Al and F co-doped ZnO thin films prepared by rf magnetron sputtering
Wang FH, Chang CL
92 - 101 Structure-property correlations in nanostructured WC-12Co microwave clad
Zafar S, Sharma AK
102 - 110 A scalable route to prepare core-shell structured ZnO@PEDOT nanowires and PEDOT nanotubes and their properties as electrode materials
Wang F, Zhang XH, Yang L, Xu DH, Ma YH, Chen D, Wang L, Zhao CW, Yang WT
111 - 116 Stability of beta-carotene in polyethylene oxide electrospun nanofibers
Peinado I, Mason M, Romano A, Biasioli F, Scampicchio M
117 - 125 Etchant wettability in bulk micromachining of Si by metal-assisted chemical etching
Yoon SS, Lee YB, Khang DY
126 - 130 Electrical evaluation of crack generation in SiNx and SiOxNy thin-film encapsulation layers for OLED displays
Park EK, Kim S, Heo J, Kim HJ
131 - 141 Regular pattern formation on surface of aromatic polymers and its cytocompatibility
Michaljanicova I, Slepicka P, Rimpelova S, Kasalkova NS, Svorcik V
142 - 148 Influence of plasma immersion titanium implantation on hydrogenation and mechanical properties of Zr-2.5Nb
Kashkarov EB, Nikitenkov NN, Syrtanov MS, Sutygina AN, Shulepov IA, Lider AM
149 - 159 Influence of metallurgical parameters on the electrochemical behavior of electrodeposited Ni and Ni-W nanocrystalline alloys
Nia NS, Creus J, Feaugas X, Savall C
160 - 168 Exfoliated Pd/HNb3O8 nanosheet as highly efficient bifunctional catalyst for one-pot cascade reaction
Lee N, Chung YM
169 - 175 The investigation of chemical interaction and energy level alignment at Bepp2/Fe65Co35 interface
Wang Z, Pan WW, Wang JG, Xu CL, Hou ZY, Zuo YL, Xi L
176 - 183 Structure and wear behavior of AlCrSiN-based coatings
Chen Y, Du H, Chen M, Yang J, Xiong J, Zhao HB
184 - 192 AC electric field induced dielectrophoretic assembly behavior of gold nanoparticles in a wide frequency range
Liu WY, Wang CH, Ding HT, Shao JY, Ding YC
193 - 200 Polyethylenimine surface layer for enhanced virus immobilization on cellulose
Tiliket G, Ladam G, Nguyen QT, Lebrun L
201 - 208 Preparation, tribological properties and biocompatibility of fluorinated graphene/ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene composite materials
Xu L, Zheng Y, Yan Z, Zhang W, Shi J, Zhou F, Zhang X, Wang J, Zhang J, Liu B
209 - 217 Preservation of glutamic acid-iron chelate into montmorillonite to efficiently degrade Reactive Blue 19 in a Fenton system under sunlight irradiation at neutral pH
Huang ZJ, Wu PX, Gong BN, Yang SS, Li HL, Zhu ZA, Cui LH
218 - 228 Structural, photoluminescent and photocatalytic properties of TiO2:Eu3+ coatings formed by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Stojadinovic S, Radic N, Grbic B, Maletic S, Stefanov P, Pacevski A, Vasilic R
229 - 236 Efficient photocatalytic degradation of phenol in aqueous solution by SnO2:Sb nanoparticles
Al-Hamdi AM, Sillanpaa M, Bora T, Dutta J
237 - 242 Structural evolution of Ti destroyable interlayer in large-size diamond film deposition by DC arc plasma jet
Guo JC, Li CM, Liu JL, Wei JJ, Chen LX, Hua CY, Yan XB
243 - 251 Fabrication of polydopamine-coated superhydrophobic fabrics for oil/water separation and self-cleaning
Xu ZL, Miyazaki K, Hori T
252 - 259 One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of Ni-doped ZnIn2S4 nanostructured film photoelectrodes with enhanced photoelectrochemical performance
Fan B, Chen ZH, Liu Q, Zhang ZG, Fang XM
260 - 269 Removal of nitrobenzene by immobilized nanoscale zero-valent iron: Effect of clay support and efficiency optimization
Li XG, Zhao Y, Xi BD, Mao XH, Gong B, Li R, Peng X, Liu HL
270 - 278 Chemical modification of chitosan film via surface grafting of citric acid molecular to promote the biomineralization
Liu Y, Shen X, Zhou H, Wang YJ, Deng LH
279 - 290 Bulk-surface relationship of an electronic structure for high-throughput screening of metal oxide catalysts
Kweun JM, Li C, Zheng Y, Cho M, Kim YY, Cho K
291 - 296 Controllable preparation of fluorine-containing fullerene-like carbon film
Wang J, Liang AM, Wang FG, Xu LH, Zhang JY
297 - 305 Enhanced electrochemical supercapacitor properties with synergistic effect of polyaniline, graphene and AgxO
Usman M, Pan LJ, Asif M, Mahmood Z, Khan MA, Fu X
306 - 311 Protection of brittle film against cracking
Musil J, Sklenka J, Cerstvy R
312 - 319 In situ loading of CuS nanoflowers on rutile TiO2 surface and their improved photocatalytic performance
Lu YY, Zhang YY, Zhang J, Shi Y, Li Z, Feng ZC, Li C
320 - 327 Induction heating to trigger the nickel surface modification by in situ generated 4-carboxybenzene diazonium
Arrotin B, Jacques A, Devillers S, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
328 - 334 Characterization and reactivity of sodium aluminoborosilicate glass fiber surfaces
Rivera LO, Bakaev VA, Banerjee J, Mueller KT, Pantano CG
335 - 350 Simultaneous removal of humic acid/fulvic acid and lead from landfill leachate using magnetic graphene oxide
Zhang J, Gong JL, Zenga GM, Ou XM, Jiang Y, Chang YN, Guo M, Zhang C, Liu HY
351 - 356 Adsorption properties of the nanozirconia/anionic polyacrylamide system-Effects of surfactant presence, solution pH and polymer carboxyl groups content
Wisniewska M, Chibowski S, Urban T
357 - 363 The effect of the existing state of Y on high temperature oxidation properties of magnesium alloys
Yu XW, Shen SJ, Jiang B, Jiang ZT, Yang H, Pan FS
364 - 372 Control of the kerf size and microstructure in Inconel 738 superalloy by femtosecond laser beam cutting
Wei J, Ye Y, Sun Z, Liu L, Zou G
373 - 379 Low temperature solution processed high-kappa ZrO2 gate dielectrics for nanoelectonics
Kumar A, Mondal S, Rao KSRK
380 - 393 Synergetic effects in novel hydrogenated F-doped TiO2 photocatalysts
Samsudin EM, Abd Hamid SB, Juan JC, Basirun WJ, Centi G
394 - 402 Mechanisms governing the interfacial delamination of thermal barrier coating system with double ceramic layers
Xu R, Fan XL, Wang TJ
403 - 409 DFT simulation of the adsorption of sodium silicate species on kaolinite surfaces
Han YH, Liu WL, Chen JH
410 - 417 Resonant surface-enhanced Raman scattering by optical phonons in a monolayer of CdSe nanocrystals on Au nanocluster arrays
Milekhin AG, Sveshnikova LL, Duda TA, Rodyakina EE, Dzhagan VM, Sheremet E, Gordan OD, Himcinschi C, Latyshev AV, Zahn DRT
418 - 426 Erosion behaviour of WC-10Co-4Cr coating on 23-8-N nitronic steel by HVOF thermal spraying
Kumar A, Sharma A, Goel SK
427 - 432 Origin of enhanced photocatalytic activity of F-doped CeO2 nanocubes
Miao H, Huang GF, Liu JH, Zhou BX, Pan AL, Huang WQ, Huang GF
433 - 436 A study on the morphology and catalytic activity of gold nanoparticles by the kinetic Monte Carlo simulation
He X, Chen ZX
437 - 444 Enhanced electrochemical performance of Li-rich cathode Li[Li0.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13]O-2 by surface modification with lithium ion conductor Li3PO4
Wang ZY, Luo SH, Ren J, Wang D, Qi XW
445 - 451 A fascinating combination of Co, Ni and Al nanomaterial for oxygen evolution reaction
Khan SB, Khan SA, Asiri AM
452 - 458 Synthesis and characterization of NiCo2O4 nanoplates as efficient electrode materials for electrochemical supercapacitors
Kim T, Ramadoss A, Saravanakumar B, Veerasubramani GK, Kim SJ
459 - 468 Calcium carbonate hybrid coating promotes the formation of biomimetic hydroxyapatite on titanium surfaces
Cruz MAE, Ruiz GCM, Faria AN, Zancanela DC, Pereira LS, Ciancaglini P, Ramos AP
469 - 475 Size-controlled synthesis of NiFe2O4 nanospheres via a PEG assisted hydrothermal route and their catalytic properties in oxidation of alcohols by periodic acid
Paul B, Purkayastha DD, Dhar SS
476 - 485 Amino-functionalized monolayers covalently grafted to silica-based substrates as a robust primer anchorage in aqueous media
Giraud L, Nadarajah R, Matar Y, Bazin G, Sun J, Zhu XX, Giasson S
486 - 495 Characterization of acid functional groups of carbon dots by nonlinear regression data fitting of potentiometric titration curves
Alves LA, de Castro AH, de Mendonca FG, de Mesquita JP
496 - 500 Measurement of barrier height of Pd on diamond (100) surface by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Li FN, Liu JW, Zhang JW, Wang XL, Wang W, Liu ZC, Wang HX
501 - 507 A technique to decrease surface roughness in overlapping laser shock peening
Dai FZ, Zhou JZ, Lu JZ, Luo XM
508 - 513 Synthesis of cuprous sulfide nanoparticles anchored graphene for enhanced capacitive energy storage
Li ZJ, Yang BC, Lv XW, Li YC, Wang L
514 - 521 Construction of carbon quantum dots/proton-functionalized graphitic carbon nitride nanocomposite via electrostatic self-assembly strategy and its application
Jian X, Liu X, Yang HM, Li JG, Song XL, Dai HY, Liang ZH
522 - 527 Grafting of activated carbon cloths for selective adsorption
Gineys M, Benoit R, Cohaut N, Beguin F, Delpeux-Ouldriane S
528 - 535 Synthesis of Co3O4/NiO nanofilms and their enhanced electrochemical performance for supercapacitor application
Zuo Y, Ni JJ, Song JM, Niu HL, Mao CJ, Zhang SY, Shen YH
536 - 544 Structural and surface changes of copper modified manganese oxides
Gac W, Slowik G, Zawadzki W
545 - 556 Tailoring the surface properties of polypropylene films through cold atmospheric pressure plasma (CAPP) assisted polymerization and immobilization of biomolecules for enhancement of anti-coagulation activity
Pandiyaraj KN, Kumar MCR, Kumar AA, Padmanabhan PVA, Deshmukh RR, Bah M, Shah SI, Su PG, Halleluyah M, Halimf AS
557 - 564 Utilizing Neon Ion Microscope for GaSb nanopatterning studies: Nanostructure formation and comparison with low energy nanopatterning
El-Atwani O, Huynh C, Norris S