Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.368 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Effect of electron beam irradiation on electro synthesized hexagonal Cd0.3Zn0.7S nanosphere with excellent application in solar cell
Dhaygude HD, Shinde SK, Dubal DP, Rath MC, Fulari VJ
8 - 15 Fabrication of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4)(CZTSSe) absorber films based on solid-phase synthesis and blade coating processes
Ma RX, Yang F, Li SN, Zhang XY, Li X, Cheng SY, Liu ZL
16 - 26 Enhanced active aluminum content and thermal behaviour of nano-aluminum particles passivated during synthesis using thermal plasma route
Mathe VL, Varma V, Raut S, Nandi AK, Pant A, Prasanth H, Pandey RK, Bhoraskar SV, Das AK
27 - 35 Robust polymer grafted Fe3O4 nanospheres for benign removal of oil from water
Reddy PM, Chang CJ, Chen JK, Wu MT, Wang CF
36 - 43 Biomolecule nanoparticle-induced nanocomposites with resistive switching nonvolatile memory properties
Ko Y, Ryu SW, Cho J
44 - 48 Exchange bias effect modified asymmetric magnetization reversal in Ni/YMnO3 multiferroic bilayers
Gong JL, Zheng DX, Li D, Jin C, Li P, Feng LF, Bai HL
49 - 55 Heat-resistant organic molecular layer as a joint interface for metal reduction on plastics surfaces
Sang J, Aisawa S, Hirahara H, Kudo T, Mori K
56 - 62 Li2ZrO3-coated Li4Ti5O12 with nanoscale interface for high performance lithium-ion batteries
Zhang H, Liu Y, Wang T, Yang Y, Shi SJ, Yang G
63 - 68 Synthesis, surface and optical properties of Ag2Cu(VO3)(4) and Cu(VO3)(2) vanadates
Qiao XB, Wan YP, Li YZ, Qin L, Seo HJ
69 - 75 Long-lasting FR-4 surface hydrophilisation towards commercial PCB passive microfluidics
Vasilakis N, Moschou D, Carta D, Morgan H, Prodromakis T
76 - 81 Hydrogen storage by BeO nano-cage: A DFT study
Beheshtian J, Ravaei I
82 - 87 Preparation of H2TiO3-lithium adsorbent by the sol-gel process and its adsorption performance
Zhang LY, Zhou DL, Yao QQ, Zhou JB
88 - 96 Temperature-dependent microstructural evolution of Ti2AlN thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
Zhang Z, Jin HM, Chai JW, Pan JS, Seng HL, Goh GTW, Wong LM, Sullivan MB, Wang SJ
97 - 103 Surfaces wettability and morphology modulation in a fluorene derivative self-assembly system
Cao XH, Gao AP, Zhao N, Yuan FY, Liu CX, Li RR
104 - 109 Interdigitated Pt-GaN Schottky interfaces for high-temperature soot-particulate sensing
So H, Hou M, Jain SR, Lim J, Senesky DG
110 - 113 Structural and optical properties of InAs/InAsSb superlattices grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition for mid-wavelength infrared photodetectors
Ning ZD, Liu SM, Luo S, Ren F, Wang FJ, Yang T, Liu FQ, Wang ZG, Zhao LC
114 - 121 Co-sputtered metal and polymer nanocomposite films and their electrical responses for gas sensing application
Rujisamphan N, Murray RE, Deng F, Supasai T
122 - 128 Preparation of carbon quantum dots with a high quantum yield and the application in labeling bovine serum albumin
Liu PP, Zhang CC, Liu X, Cui P
129 - 139 Microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties of CrSiC coatings sliding against SiC and Al2O3 balls in water
Wu ZW, Zhou F, Chen KM, Wang QZ, Zhou ZF, Yan JW, Li LKY
140 - 145 Opto-electronic properties of a TiO2/PS/mc-Si heterojunction based solar cell
Janene N, Ghrairi N, Allagui A, Alawadhi H, El Khakani MA, Bessais B, Gaidi M
146 - 156 Investigations of plasma induced effects on the surface properties of lignocellulosic natural coir fibres
Praveen KM, Thomas S, Grohens Y, Mozetic M, Junkar I, Primc G, Gorjanc M
157 - 164 Suitable alkaline for graphene peeling grown on metallic catalysts using chemical vapor deposition
Karamat S, Sonusen S, Celik U, Uysalli Y, Oral A
165 - 172 The structure and the photocatalytic activity of titania based nanotube and nanofiber coatings
Radtke A, Piszczek P, Topolski A, Lewandowska Z, Talik E, Andersen IH, Nielsen LP, Heikkila M, Leskela M
173 - 176 Lithium titanium oxynitride thin film with enhanced lithium storage and rate capability
Yu ZZ, Xu HR, Zhu GS, Yan DL, Yu AB
177 - 190 Corrosion and wear behaviours of a reactive-sputter-deposited Ta2O5 nanoceramic coating
Hu W, Xu J, Lu XL, Hu DS, Tao HL, Munroe P, Xie ZH
191 - 197 Design of BAs-AlN monolayered honeycomb heterojunction structures: A first-principles study
Camacho-Mojica DC, Lopez-Urias F
198 - 207 Systematic control of the size, density and configuration of Pt nanostructures on sapphire (0001) by the variation of deposition amount and dwelling time
Pandey P, Sui M, Zhang QZ, Li MY, Kunwar S, Lee J
208 - 215 Solder wetting behavior enhancement via laser-textured surface microcosmic topography
Chen HY, Peng JK, Fu L, Wang XC, Xie Y
216 - 223 Self-cleaning behavior in polyurethane/silica coatings via formation of a hierarchical packed morphology of nanoparticles
Hejazi I, Sadeghi GMM, Seyfi J, Jafari SH, Khonakdar HA
224 - 232 Gold-TiO2-Nickel catalysts for low temperature-driven CO oxidation reaction
Hinojosa-Reyes M, Zanella R, Maturano-Rojas V, Rodriguez-Gonzalez V
233 - 240 Effects of Al2O3 phase and Cl component on dehydrogenation propane
Liu J, Liu CC, Ma AZ, Rong JF, Da ZJ, Zheng AG, Qin L
241 - 257 Hydroxyapatite coatings for marble protection: Optimization of calcite covering and acid resistance
Graziani G, Sassoni E, Franzoni E, Scherer GW
258 - 266 Design and photocatalytic activity of nanosized zinc oxides
Gancheva M, Markova-Velichkova M, Atanasova G, Kovacheva D, Uzunov I, Cukeva R
267 - 271 Influence of a hot and humid environment on thermal transport across the interface between a Ag thin-film line and a substrate
Li Y, Noguchi K, Saka M
272 - 276 Surface sealing using self-assembled monolayers and its effect on metal diffusion in porous low-k dielectrics studied usingmonoenergetic positron beams
Uedono A, Armini S, Zhang Y, Kakizaki T, Krause-Rehberg R, Anwand W, Wagner A
277 - 287 Removal of 2-propanol from water by pervaporation using poly(vinylidene fluoride) membrane filled with carbon black
Sardarabadi H, Mousavi SM, Saljoughi E
288 - 297 Tuning photocatalytic activity of In2S3 broadband spectrum photocatalyst based on morphology
Chen J, Liu WX, Gao WW
298 - 302 Facile fabrication of binder-free NiO electrodes with high rate capacity for lithium-ion batteries
Gu LL, Xie WH, Bai S, Liu BL, Xue S, Li Q, He DY
303 - 308 Fabrication of hematite (alpha-Fe2O3) nanoparticles usingelectrochemical deposition
Meng QL, Wang ZB, Chai XY, Weng ZK, Ding R, Dong LT
309 - 315 Hydrothermal synthesis of core-shell TiO2 to enhance the photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Jiang JH, Zhou H, Zhang F, Fan TX, Zhang D
316 - 324 Evaluation of bimetal doped TiO2 in dye fragmentation and its comparison to mono-metal doped and bare catalysts
Malika M, Rao CV, Das RK, Giri AS, Golder AK
325 - 331 Growth and photoluminescence of Si-SiOx nanowires by catalyst-free chemical vapor deposition technique
Yu Y, Luo RY, Shang HD
332 - 340 Inductive effect of poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) on morphology and photocatalytic performance of Bi2WO6
Zhang Q, Chen JX, Xie YY, Wang MZ, Ge XW
341 - 347 Microstructure and strain relaxation in thin nanocrystalline platinum films produced via different sputtering techniques
Gruber W, Baehtz C, Horisberger M, Ratschinski I, Schmidt H
348 - 359 APTES-modified mesoporous silicas as the carriers for poorly water-soluble drug. Modeling of diflunisal adsorption and release
Geszke-Moritz M, Moritz M
360 - 367 Investigation of anti-corrosive properties of poly(aniline-co-2-pyridylamine-co-2,3-xylidine) and its nanocomposite poly(aniline-co-2-pyridylamine-co-2,3-xylidine)/ZnO on mild steel in 0.1 M HCl
Alam R, Mobin M, Aslam J
368 - 377 Understanding of the field evaporation of surface modified oxide materials through transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography
Seol JB, Kwak CM, Kim YT, Park CG
378 - 387 Preparation and properties of acrylic resin coating modified by functional graphene oxide
Dong R, Liu LL
388 - 394 Carbohydrazide-dependent reductant for preparing nitrogen-doped graphene hydrogels as electrode materials in supercapacitor
Jiang M, Xing LB, Zhang JL, Hou SF, Zhou J, Si WJ, Cui HY, Zhuo SP
395 - 402 Novel hybrid materials based on the vanadium oxide nanobelts
Zabrodina GS, Makarov SG, Kremlev KV, Yunin PA, Gusev SA, Kaverin BS, Kaverina LB, Ketkov SY
403 - 408 Enhanced photovoltaic properties of dye-sensitized solar cell based on ultrathin 2D TiO2 nanostructures
Zhang PT, Hu ZQ, Wang Y, Qin YY, Sun XWW, Li WQ, Wang JM
409 - 416 Reversible wettability conversion of electrodeposited graphene oxide/titania nanocomposite coating: Investigation of surface structures
Naghdi S, Jaleh B, Shahbazi N
417 - 426 Intermatrix Synthesis as a rapid, inexpensive and reproducible methodology for the in situ functionalization of nanostructured surfaces with quantum dots
Bastos-Arrieta J, Munoz J, Stenbock-Fermor A, Munoz M, Muraviev DN, Cespedes F, Tsarkova LA, Baeza M
427 - 434 Formation of metal-F bonds during frictional sliding: Influence of water and applied load
Shen JT, Pei YT, De Hosson JTM
435 - 442 A facile electrodeposition process to fabricate corrosion-resistant superhydrophobic surface on carbon steel
Fan Y, He Y, Luo PY, Chen X, Liu B
443 - 448 Fabrication of two-dimensional periodic structures on silicon after scanning irradiation with femtosecond laser multi-beams
Pan A, Si JH, Chen T, Li CX, Hou X
449 - 455 Study on the machined depth when nanoscratching on 6H-SiC using Berkovich indenter: Modelling and experimental study
Zhang FH, Meng BB, Geng YQ, Zhang Y
456 - 463 Effect of Zn(NO3)(2) concentration in hydrothermal-electrochemical deposition on morphology and photoelectrochemical properties of ZnO nanorods
Yilmaz C, Unal U
464 - 469 Substrate temperature optimization for Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 solar cells on flexible stainless steels
Liang X, Zhu H, Chen J, Zhou D, Zhang C, Guo Y, Niu X, Li Z, Mai Y
470 - 476 Protective coatings of hafnium dioxide by atomic layer deposition for microelectromechanical systems applications
Berdova M, Wiemer C, Lamperti A, Tallarida G, Cianci E, Lamagna L, Losa S, Rossini S, Somaschini R, Gioveni S, Fanciulli M, Franssila S
477 - 482 First-principles study of structural and work function properties for nitrogen-doped single-walled carbon nanotubes
Shao XJ, Li DT, Cai JQ, Luo HJ, Dong CK