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1 - 10 Structure, tribocorrosion and biocide characterization of Ca, P and I containing TiO2 coatings developed by plasma electrolytic oxidation
de Viteria VS, Bayon R, Igartua A, Barandika G, Moreno JE, Peremarch CPJ, Perez MM
11 - 18 Laser cladding of a Mg based Mg-Gd-Y-Zr alloy with Al-Si powders
Chen EL, Zhang KM, Zou JX
19 - 25 Tunable electronic and optical behaviors of two-dimensional germanium carbide
Xu Z, Li YP, Li CX, Liu ZT
26 - 35 Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxicity of glutathione- and PEG-glutathione-superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for nitric oxide delivery
Santos MC, Seabra AB, Pelegrino MT, Haddad PS
36 - 42 Surface characteristics of coated polyester fabric with reduced graphene oxide and polypyrrole
Berendjchi A, Khajavi R, Yousefi AA, Yazdanshenas ME
43 - 51 Surface-defect induced modifications in the optical properties of alpha-MnO2 nanorods
John RE, Chandran A, Thomas M, Jose J, George KC
52 - 58 Controlling preferred orientation and electrical conductivity of zinc oxide thin films by post growth annealing treatment
Kennedy J, Murmu PP, Leveneur J, Markwitz A, Futter J
59 - 63 The domain configurations of (Na0.85K0.15)(0.5)Bi0.5TiO3 thin film with different bottom electrodes
Zhu Z, Zhang X, Guo JQ, Zheng XJ
64 - 69 Electrodeposition of nanostructured Sn-Zn coatings
Salhi Y, Cherroul S, Cherkaoui M, Abdelouandi K
70 - 79 Testing the cleaning effectiveness of new ecological aqueous dispersions applied on old icons
Vasilache V, Sandu ICA, Pruteanu S, Caldeira AT, Simionescu AE, Sandu I
80 - 90 Enhancement of wear and corrosion resistance of beta titanium alloy by laser gas alloying with nitrogen
Chan CW, Lee S, Smith G, Sarri G, Ng CH, Sharba A, Man HC
91 - 100 Adsorption of Hg(II) from aqueous solutions using TiO2 and titanate nanotube adsorbents
Lopez-Munoz MJ, Arencibia A, Cerro L, Pascual R, Melgar A
101 - 108 Synthesis of polymeric fluorinated sol-gel precursor for fabrication of superhydrophobic coating
Li QQ, Yan YH, Yu M, Song BT, Shi SQ, Gong YK
109 - 117 Fabrication of the carnation-like CCN-CuS p-n heterojunctions with enhanced photocatalytic performance under visible light irradiation
Wang QZ, Shi YB, Pu LL, Ta YT, He JJ, Zhang SL, Zhong JB, Li JZ, Su BT
118 - 125 Hierarchical fabrication of heterojunctioned SrTiO3/TiO2 nanotubes on 3D microporous Ti substrate with enhanced photocatalytic activity and adhesive strength
Zhou J, Yin L, Zha K, Li HR, Liu ZY, Wang JX, Duan K, Feng B
126 - 133 Fabrication of polystyrene fibers with tunable co-axial hollow tubing structure for oil spill cleanup
Zhang MX, Chen JF, Chen BJ, Cao JJ, Hong M, Zhou CX, Xu Q
134 - 139 Effect of hydrogen ion beam treatment on Si nanocrystal/SiO2 superlattice-based memory devices
Fu SW, Chen HJ, Wu HT, Chuang BR, Shih CF
140 - 146 Microstructure and tribological properties of MoS2+Zr composite coatings in high humidity environment
Ye M, Zhang GJ, Ba YW, Wang T, Wang X, Liu ZN
147 - 152 Drag reduction using metallic engineered surfaces with highly ordered hierarchical topographies: nanostructures on micro-riblets
Kim T, Shin R, Jung M, Lee J, Park C, Kang S
153 - 159 In situ SERS and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies on the pH-dependant adsorption of anthraquinone-2-carboxylic acid on silver electrode
Li D, Jia SJ, Fodjo EK, Xu H, Wang YH, Deng W
160 - 166 Functionalization of graphene by atmospheric pressure plasma jet in air or H2O2 environments
Huang WX, Ptasinska S
167 - 173 Synthesis of polymeric fluorescent brightener based on coumarin and its performances on paper as light stabilizer, fluorescent brightener and surface sizing agent
Zhang GH, Zheng H, Guo MY, Du L, Liu GJ, Wang P
174 - 180 Tailored frictional properties by Penrose inspired surfaces produced by direct laser interference patterning
Gachot C, Rosenkranz A, Buchheit R, Souza N, Mucklich F
181 - 189 Mesoporous silica/polyacrylamide composite: Preparation by UV-graft photopolymerization, characterization and use as Hg(II) adsorbent
Saad A, Bakas I, Piquemal JY, Nowak S, Abderrabba M, Chehimi MM
190 - 196 Atomic layer deposited titanium dioxide coatings on KD-II silicon carbide fibers and their characterization
Cao SY, Wang J, Wang H
197 - 204 Numerical investigation of sputtering power effect on nano-tribological properties of tantalum-nitride film using molecular dynamics simulation
Firouzabadi SS, Dehghani K, Naderi M, Mahboubi F
205 - 213 Risedronate adsorption on bioactive glass surface for applications as bone biomaterial
Mosbahi S, Oudadesse H, Lefeuvre B, Barroug A, Elfeki H, Elfeki A, Roiland C, Keskes H
214 - 221 XPS/STM study of model bimetallic Pd-Au/HOPG catalysts
Bukhtiyarov AV, Prosvirin IP, Bukhtiyarov VI
222 - 230 Debris-free rear-side picosecond laser ablation of thin germanium wafers in water with ethanol
Zhang DS, Gokce B, Sommer S, Streubel R, Barcikowski S
231 - 236 Investigation of functionalized silicon nanowires by self-assembled monolayer
Hemed NM, Convertino A, Shacham-Diamand Y
237 - 248 Bioactive glass coupling with natural polyphenols: Surface modification, bioactivity and anti-oxidant ability
Cazzola M, Corazzari I, Prenesti E, Bertone E, Verne E, Ferraris S
249 - 258 Synthesis of dittmarite/Mg(OH)(2) composite coating on AZ31 using hydrothermal treatment
Zhao Q, Mahmood W, Zhu YY
259 - 269 First-principles study of SF6 decomposed gas adsorbed on Au-decorated graphene
Zhang XX, Yu L, Gui YG, Hu WH
270 - 276 DFT study on the galvanic interaction between pyrite (100) and galena (100) surfaces
Ke BL, Li YQ, Chen JH, Zhao CH, Chen Y
277 - 280 Iridium single atom tips fabricated by field assisted reactive gas etching
Wood JA, Urban R, Salomons M, Cloutier M, Wolkow RA, Pitters JL
281 - 290 Sulfuric acid dissolution of 4A and Na-Y synthetic zeolites and effects on Na-Y surface and particle properties
Wang XY, Wang KP, Plackowski CA, Nguyen AV
291 - 306 Synthesis and induced multiferroicity of perovskite PbTiO3; a review
Bhatti HS, Hussain ST, Khan FA, Hussain S
307 - 311 Strontium titanate (100) surfaces monitoring by high temperature in situ ellipsometry
Hrabovsky D, Berini B, Fouchet A, Aureau D, Keller N, Etcheberry A, Dumont Y
312 - 319 Structure and magnetism in Ga-rich MnGa/GaN thin films and unexpected giant perpendicular anisotropy in the ultra-thin film limit
Mandru AO, Corbett JP, Lucy JM, Richard AL, Yang FY, Ingram DC, Smith AR
320 - 326 Sn-loss effect in a Sn-implanted a-SiO2 host-matrix after thermal annealing: A combined XPS, PL, and DFT study
Zatsepin DA, Zatsepin AF, Boukhvalov DW, Kurmaev EZ, Gavrilov NV
327 - 334 A novel reusable nanocomposite adsorbent, xanthated Fe3O4-chitosan grafted onto graphene oxide, for removing Cu(II) from aqueous solutions
Liu JS, Liu WX, Wang YR, Xu MJ, Wang B
335 - 341 Fabrication of polyaniline/polyimide composite fibers with electrically conductive properties
Lv PX, Zhao Y, Liu FF, Li GM, Dai XM, Ji XP, Dong ZX, Qiu XP
342 - 346 Highly efficient photoelectrocatalytic removal of RhB and Cr(VI) by Cu nanoparticles sensitized TiO2 nanotube arrays
Zhong JS, Wang QY, Zhou J, Chen DQ, Ji ZG
347 - 353 Chemical modification of B4C cap layers on Pd/B4C multilayers
Supruangnet R, Morawe C, Peffen JC, Nakajima H, Rattanasuporn S, Photongkam P, Jearanaikoon N, Busayaporn W
354 - 361 Effects of surface properties of (010), (001) and (100) of MnWO4 and FeWO4 on absorption of collector
Qiu XY, Huang HW, Gao YD
362 - 369 Formation of gold nanostructures on copier paper surface for cost effective SERS active substrate - Effect of halide additives
Desmonda C, Kar S, Tai YA
370 - 381 Multi-response optimization in the development of oleo-hydrophobic cotton fabric using Taguchi based grey relational analysis
Ahmad N, Kamal S, Raza ZA, Hussain T, Anwar F
382 - 390 Preparation and characterization of Pt-CeO2/C and Pt-TiO2/C electrocatalysts with improved electrocatalytic activity for methanol oxidation
Hameed RMA, Amin RS, El-Khatib KM, Fetohi AE
391 - 400 A detailed look beneath the surface: Evidence of a surface reconstruction beneath a capping layer
Krull D, Tesch MF, Schonbohm F, Luhr T, Keutner C, Berges U, Mertins HC, Westphal C
401 - 406 Comparison between helium and argon plasma jets on improving the hydrophilic property of PMMA surface
Wang RX, Shen Y, Zhang C, Yan P, Shao T
407 - 417 Novel procedure to enhance PLA surface properties by chitosan irreversible immobilization
Stoleru E, Dumitriu RP, Munteanu BS, Zaharescu T, Tanase EE, Mitelut A, Ailiesei GL, Vasile C
418 - 423 Fast laser annealing induced exchange bias in poly-crystalline BiFeO3/Co bilayers
Zhang YQ, Ruan XZ, Liu B, Xu ZY, Xu QY, Shen JD, Li Q, Wang J, You B, Tu HQ, Gao Y, Zhang W, Xu YB, Du J
424 - 431 Scanning tunneling microscopy and density functional theory investigations on molecular self-assembly of graphene on Ru(0001)
Song JJ, Zhang HJ, Zhang YX, Cai YL, Bao SN, He PM
432 - 437 Stable and conformable superhydrophilic surface fabricated via surface-initiated silicification on polyaniline nanofibers
Cho H, Kim M, Lee S, Hwang W
438 - 448 Effect of silty sand in formation water on CO2 corrosion behavior of carbon steel
Liu W, Dou JJ, Lu SL, Zhang P, Zhao QH
449 - 458 Electro-codeposition of Ni-SiO2 nanocomposite coatings from deep eutectic solvent with improved corrosion resistance
Li RQ, Hou YY, Liang J
459 - 472 Collector attachment to lead-activated sphalerite - Experiments and DFT study on pH and solvent effects
Sarvaramini A, Larachi F, Hart B
473 - 479 Enhanced electron field emission properties of diamond/microcrystalline graphite composite films synthesized by thermal catalytic etching
Li SS, Ma L, Long HY, Yu XY, Luo H, Wang YJ, Zhu HK, Yu ZM, Ma MY, Wei QP
480 - 484 Preparation and characterization of pulsed laser deposited a novel CdS/CdSe composite window layer for CdTe thin film solar cell
Yang XY, Liu B, Li B, Zhang JQ, Li W, Wu LL, Feng LH
485 - 492 Theoretical study of stability and reaction mechanism of CuO supported on ZrO2 during chemical looping combustion
Wang MJ, Liu J, Shen FH, Cheng H, Dai JX, Long Y
493 - 499 Fabrication of superhydrophobic-superoleophilic copper mesh via thermal oxidation and its application in oil-water separation
Shi YL, Yang W, Feng XJ, Wang YS, Yue GR, Jin SP
500 - 506 Oscillatory barrier-assisted Langmuir-Blodgett deposition of large-scale quantum dot monolayers
Xu SC, Dadlani AL, Acharya S, Schindler P, Prinz FB
507 - 517 Tuning the work function of VO2(100) surface by Ag adsorption and incorporation: Insights from first-principles calculations
Chen LL, Wang XF, Shi SQ, Cui YY, Luo HJ, Gao YF
518 - 527 Novel GQD-PVP-CdS composite with enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic properties
Fan T, Li YL, Shen JF, Ye MX
528 - 532 Ductile electroless Ni-P coating onto flexible printed circuit board
Wang WC, Zhang WW, Wang YR, Mitsuzak N, Chen ZD
533 - 541 Synthesis of mesoporous silica-coated magnetic nanoparticles modified with 4-amino-3-hydrazino-5-mercapto-1,2,4-triazole and its application as Cu(II) adsorbent from aqueous samples
Wondracek MHP, Jorgetto AO, Silva ACP, Ivassechen JD, Schneider JF, Saeki MJ, Pedrosa VA, Yoshito WK, Colauto F, Ortiz WA, Castro GR
542 - 551 Structure, stability and electrochromic properties of polyaniline film covalently bonded to indium tin oxide substrate
Zhang WZ, Ju WX, Wu XM, Wang Y, Wang QG, Zhou HW, Wang SM, Hu CL
552 - 558 DFT study of arsine adsorption on palladium doped graphene: Effects of palladium cluster size
Kunaseth M, Mudchimo T, Namuangruk S, Kungwan N, Promarak V, Jungsuttiwong S
559 - 562 Large-scale superlattices from colloidal TiO2 nanorods: A facile self-assembly approach
Zhang Y, Liu FM
563 - 568 Large range localized surface plasmon resonance of Ag nanoparticles films dependent of surface morphology
Yan LJ, Yan YN, Xu LL, Ma RR, Jiang FX, Xu XH
569 - 569 Reproducible and recyclable SERS substrates: Flower-like Ag structures with concave surfaces formed by electrodeposition (vol 333, pg 126, 2015)
Bian JC, Shu SW, Li JF, Huang C, Li YY, Zhang RQ