Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.366 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Preparation of Ag2O/Ag2CO3/MWNTs composite photocatalysts for enhancement of ciprofloxacin degradation
Wang HQ, Li JZ, Huo PW, Yan YS, Guan QF
9 - 18 Application of gradient-based Hough transform to the detection of corrosion pits in optical images
Wang YF, Cheng GX
19 - 29 Adsorption of thorium(IV) from simulated radioactive solutions using a novel electrospun PVA/TiO2/ZnO nanofiber adsorbent functionalized with mercapto groups: Study in single and multi-component systems
Alipour D, Keshtkar AR, Moosavian MA
30 - 37 Solvothermal synthesis of carbon nanotube-AgBiS2 hybrids and their optical limiting properties
Liu DD, Cai DD, Yang Y, Zhong HY, Zhao YW, Song YL, Yang SP, Wu HX
38 - 45 Annealing-induced alloy formation in Pd/Fe bilayers on Si(111) for hydrogen sensing
Mudinepalli VR, Tsai CJ, Chuang YC, Chang PC, Plusnin N, Lin WC
46 - 52 Facile synthesis of porous graphene as binder-free electrode for supercapacitor application
Luo GS, Huang HF, Lei CL, Cheng ZZ, Wu XS, Tang SL, Du YW
53 - 58 Rapid thermal annealing effect on the spatial resistivity distribution of AZO thin films deposited by pulsed-direct-current sputtering for solar cells applications
Ayachi B, Aviles T, Vilcot JP, Sion C
59 - 66 Surface-binding through polyfunction groups of Rhodamine B on composite surface and its high performance photodegradation
Wan YQ, Wang XF, Gu Y, Guo L, Xu ZD
67 - 77 One-step synthesis of magnetite core/zirconia shell nanocomposite for high efficiency removal of phosphate from water
Wang Z, Xing MC, Fang WK, Wu DY
78 - 84 Stability of few layer graphene films doped with gold (III) chloride
Abdullah-Al-Galib M, Hou B, Shahriad T, Zivanovic S, Radadia AD
85 - 94 Initial stages of oxidation for Cu-based catalysts using density functional theory
Zuo ZJ, Li N, Liu SZ, Han PD, Huang W
95 - 103 Effect of surface finishing on early-stage corrosion of a carbon steel studied by electrochemical and atomic force microscope characterizations
Li Y, Cheng YF
104 - 111 Parametric investigations on the influence of nano-second Nd3+:YAG laser wavelength and fluence in synthesizing NiTi nano-particles using liquid assisted laser ablation technique
Patra N, Akash K, Shiva S, Gagrani R, Rao HSP, Anirudh VR, Palani IA, Singh V
112 - 119 Effects of copper-plasma deposition on weathering properties of wood surfaces
Gascon-Garrido P, Mainusch N, Militz H, Viol W, Mai C
120 - 128 Surface plasmon resonance enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity in Cu nanoparticles covered Cu2O microspheres for degrading organic pollutants
Cheng YH, Lin YJ, Xu JP, He J, Wang TZ, Yu GJ, Shao DW, Wang WH, Lu F, Li L, Du XW, Wang WC, Liu H, Zheng RK
129 - 138 Dumbbell-like ZnO nanoparticles-CeO2 nanorods composite by one-pot hydrothermal route and their electrochemical charge storage
He GP, Fan HQ, Ma LT, Wang KG, Liu C, Ding DH, Chen L
139 - 147 In situ DRIFTS studies on MnOx nanowires supported by activated semi-coke for low temperature selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
Chen Y, Zhang ZT, Liu LL, Mi L, Wang XD
148 - 157 Cyclotriphosphazene and TiO2 reinforced nanocomposite coated on mild steel plates for antibacterial and corrosion resistance applications
Krishnadevi K, Selvaraj V
158 - 165 Preparing hydroxyapatite-silicon composite suspensions with homogeneous distribution of multi-walled carbon nano-tubes for electrophoretic coating of NiTi bone implant and their effect on the surface morphology
Khalili V, Khalil-Allafi J, Xia W, Parsa AB, Frenzel J, Somsen C, Eggeler G
166 - 172 Unusual dissociative adsorption of H-2 over stoichiometric MgO thin film supported on molybdenum
Song ZJ, Xu H
173 - 180 Synthesize and characterize of Ag3VO4/TiO2 nanorods photocatalysts and its photocatalytic activity under visible light irradiation
Zou XJ, Dong YY, Zhang XD, Cui YB
181 - 186 Designing of a novel gold nanodumbbells SERS substrate for detection of prohibited colorants in drinks
Meng J, Qin S, Zhang L, Yang LB
187 - 192 Numerical analysis of particle impacting and bonding processes during high velocity oxygen fuel spraying process
Pan JJ, Hu SS, Niu AN, Ding KY, Yang LJ
193 - 201 Surface modification of halloysite nanotubes by vulcanization accelerator and properties of styrene-butadiene rubber nanocomposites with modified halloysite nanotubes
Zhong BC, Jia ZX, Hu DC, Luo YF, Guo BC, Jia DM
202 - 209 Architecture effects of glucose oxidase/Au nanoparticle composite Langmuir-Blodgett films on glucose sensing performance
Wang KH, Wu JY, Chen LH, Lee YL
210 - 218 Microwave absorption properties of polyaniline-Fe3O4/ZnO-polyester nanocomposite: Preparation and optimization
Dorraji MSS, Rasoulifard MH, Khodabandeloo MH, Rastgouy-Houjaghan M, Zarajabad HK
219 - 226 Control of the nucleation and quality of graphene grown by low-pressure chemical vapor deposition with acetylene
Yang M, Sasaki S, Suzuki K, Miura H
227 - 232 Higher-resolution selective metallization on alumina substrate by laser direct writing and electroless plating
Lv M, Liu JG, Wang SH, Ai J, Zeng XY
233 - 244 Stability characteristics and structural properties of single- and double-walled boron-nitride nanotubes under physical adsorption of Flavin mononucleotide (FMN) in aqueous environment using molecular dynamics simulations
Ansari R, Ajori S, Ameri A
245 - 253 The effect of yttrium addition on oxidation of a sputtered nanocrystalline coating with moderate amount of tantalum in composition
Wang JL, Chen MH, Yang LL, Liu L, Zhu SL, Wang FH, Meng GZ
254 - 259 Probing stem cell differentiation using atomic force microscopy
Liang XB, Shi XT, Ostrovidov S, Wu HK, Nakajima K
260 - 274 Friction and wear behaviour of Mo-W doped carbon-based coating during boundary lubricated sliding
Hovsepian PE, Mandal P, Ehiasarian AP, Safran G, Tietema R, Doerwald D
275 - 283 Spectrophotometric evaluation of surface morphology dependent catalytic activity of biosynthesized silver and gold nanoparticles using UV-vis spectra: A comparative kinetic study
Ankamwar B, Kamble V, Sur UK, Santra C
284 - 291 Amino acid conjugated self assembling molecules for enhancing surface wettability of fiber laser treated titanium surfaces
Akkan CK, Hur D, Uzun L, Garipcan B
292 - 298 Propylene epoxidation over biogenic Au/TS-1 catalysts by Cinnamomum camphora extract in the presence of H-2 and O-2
Du MM, Huang J, Sun DH, Li QB
299 - 303 Effect of profile and size of isolation trench on the optical and electrical performance of GaN-based high-voltage LEDs
Zhou SJ, Zheng CJ, Lv JJ, Liu YC, Yuan S, Liu S, Ding H
304 - 309 Plasma etching behavior of Y2O3 ceramics: Comparative study with Al2O3
Cao YC, Zhao L, Luo J, Wang K, Zhang BP, Yokota H, Ito Y, Li JF
310 - 316 Characterization of photo-induced anomalous Hall effect in the two-dimensional MoS2
Peng YZ, Chen J, Song Y, Li Y
317 - 327 Corrosion investigation of fire-gilded bronze involving high surface resolution spectroscopic imaging
Masi G, Chiavari C, Avila J, Esvan J, Raffo S, Bignozzi MC, Asensio MC, Robbiola L, Martini C
328 - 338 Red-blood-cell-like BSA/Zn-3(PO4)(2) hybrid particles: Preparation and application to adsorption of heavy metal ions
Zhang BL, Li PT, Zhang HP, Li XJ, Tian L, Wang H, Chen X, Ali N, Ali Z, Zhang QY
339 - 347 The effect of surface pre-conditioning treatments on the local composition of Zr-based conversion coatings formed on aluminium alloys
Cerezo J, Vandendael I, Posner R, de Wit JHW, Mol JMC, Terryn H
348 - 352 Rectifying properties of ZnO thin films deposited on FTO by electrodeposition technique
Lv JG, Sun Y, Zhao M, Cao L, Xu JY, He G, Zhang M, Sun ZQ
353 - 358 Investigation of hydrogen evolution activity for the nickel, nickel-molybdenum nickel-graphite composite and nickel-reduced graphene oxide composite coatings
Lv JL, Liang TX, Wang C
359 - 364 A proposed mechanism for investigating the effect of porous silicon buffer layer on TiO2 nanorods growth
Rahmani N, Dariani RS, Rajabi M
365 - 371 Collagen-chitosan scaffold modified with Au and Ag nanoparticles: Synthesis and structure
Rubina MS, Kamitov EE, Zubavichus YV, Peters GS, Naumkin AV, Suzer S, Vasil'kov AY
372 - 382 Investigation into the morphology, composition, structure and dry tribological behavior of rice husk ceramic particles
Hu EZ, Hu KH, Xu ZY, Hu XG, Dearn KD, Xu Y, Xu YF, Xu L
383 - 388 Structural, morphological and electrical characteristics of electrodeposited Cu2O: Effect of deposition time
Messaoudi O, Ben Assaker I, Gannouni M, Souissi A, Makhlouf H, Bardaoui A, Chtourou R
389 - 396 Laser-induced forward transfer of high-viscosity silver pastes
Munoz-Martin D, Brasz CF, Chen Y, Morales M, Arnold CB, Molpeceres C
397 - 403 Angle-resolved photoemission studies of the valence bands of ZrSxSe2-x
Moustafa M, Paulheim A, Mohamed M, Janowitz C, Manzke R
404 - 409 The modified nanocrystalline cellulose for hydrophobic drug delivery
Qing WX, Wang Y, Wang YY, Zhao DB, Liu XH, Zhu JH
410 - 423 Nature and morphology of fumed oxides and features of interfacial phenomena
Gun'ko VM, Zarko VI, Goncharuk OV, Matkovsky AK, Remez OS, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Wojcik G, Walusiak B, Blitz JP
424 - 431 Effect of fiber orientations on surface grinding process of unidirectional C/SiC composites
Zhang LF, Ren CZ, Ji CH, Wang ZQ, Chen G
432 - 438 Formation process of in situ oxide coatings with high porosity using one-step plasma electrolytic oxidation
Yu XW, Chen L, Qin HL, Wu MY, Yan ZC
439 - 447 Size-dependent magnetic and electrocatalytic properties of nickel phosphide nanoparticles
Pan Y, Lin Y, Liu YQ, Liu CG
448 - 454 Curvature aided efficient axial field emission from carbon nanofiber-reduced graphene oxide superstructures on tungsten wire substrate
Jha A, Roy R, Sen D, Chattopadhyay KK
455 - 463 Sulfur passivation for the formation of Si-terminated Al2O3/SiGe(001) interfaces
Sardashti K, Hu KT, Tang KC, Park S, Kim H, Madisetti S, McIntyre P, Oktyabrsky S, Siddiqui S, Sahu B, Yoshida N, Kachian J, Kummel A
464 - 474 Study of the effect of tribo-materials and surface finish on the lubricant performance of new halogen-free room temperature ionic liquids
Saurin N, Minami I, Sanes J, Bermudez MD
475 - 485 XPS determination of Mn oxidation states in Mn (hydr)oxides
Ilton ES, Post JE, Heaney PJ, Ling FT, Kerisit SN
486 - 493 One-step synthesis of novel PANI-Fe3O4@ZnO core-shell microspheres: An efficient photocatalyst under visible light irradiation
Zhang XY, Wu JN, Meng GH, Guo XH, Liu C, Liu ZY
494 - 498 Ultrathin flexible planar crystalline-silicon/polymer hybrid solar cell with 5.68% efficiency by effective passivation
Li YF, Fu PF, Li RK, Li MC, Luo YN, Song DD
499 - 505 Effects of rf power on chemical composition and surface roughness of glow discharge polymer films
Zhang L, He XS, Chen G, Wang T, Tang YJ, He ZB
506 - 513 ZnO flower: Self-assembly growth from nanosheets with exposed {1 (1)over-bar 0 0} facet, white emission, and enhanced photocatalysis
Shi RX, Yang P, Song XL, Wang JP, Che QD, Zhang AY
514 - 522 Understanding the mechanism of surface modification through enhanced thermal and electrochemical stabilities of N-doped graphene oxide
Mehetre SS, Maktedar SS, Singh M
523 - 528 Synthesis of Li-Al layered double hydroxide intercalated with amino tris(methylene phosphonic acid) and kinetic and equilibrium studies of the uptake of Nd3+ and Sr2+ ions
Kameda T, Shinmyou T, Yoshioka T
529 - 534 A polypropylene cartridge filter with hematite nanoparticles for solid particles retention and arsenic removal
Tomaszewska J, Jakubiak S, Michalski J, Pronk W, Hug SJ, Kurzydlowski KJ
535 - 544 Effects Effects of pulse voltage and deposition time on the adhesion strength of graded metal/carbon films deposited on bendable stainless steel foils by hybrid cathodic arc - glow discharge plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition
Jamesh MI, Boxman RL, Bilek MMM, Kocer C, Hu TW, Zhang XM, McKenzie DR, Chu PK
545 - 551 Theoretical evaluation of a double-functional heterogeneous nano-sensor
Fallahpour F, Nouraliei M, Gorgani SS
552 - 560 Electrochemical study of a novel high performance supercapacitor based on MnO2/nitrogen-doped graphene nanocomposite
Naderi HR, Norouzi P, Ganjali MR
561 - 566 Beneficial surface passivation of hydrothermally grown TiO2 nanowires for solar water oxidation
Yun G, Song GY, Ahn BE, Lee SK, Heo J, Ahn KS, Kang SH