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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Effects of ZrB2 on substructure and wear properties of laser melted in situ ZrB2p/6061Al composites
Zeng YD, Chao YJ, Luo Z, Cai YC, Huang YX
10 - 18 Improved field emission properties of carbon nanotubes grown on stainless steel substrate and its application in ionization gauge
Li DT, Cheng YJ, Wang YJ, Zhang HZ, Dong CK, Li D
19 - 30 Multi-surface topography targeted plateau honing for the processing of cylinder liner surfaces of automotive engines
Lawrence KD, Ramamoorthy B
31 - 37 Effects of glycine and current density on the mechanism of electrodeposition, composition and properties of Ni-Mn films prepared in ionic liquid
Guo JC, Guo XW, Wang SH, Zhang ZC, Dong J, Peng LM, Ding WJ
38 - 46 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study of direct reforming catalysts Ln(0.5)Sr(0.5)Ti(0.5)Mn(0.5)O(3 +/- d) (Ln = La, Nd, and Sm) for high temperature-operating solid oxide fuel cell
Kim K, Jeong J, Azad AK, Jin SB, Kim JH
47 - 56 Characterization and mechanical properties investigation of TiN-Ag films onto Ti-6Al-4V
Du DX, Liu DX, Zhang XH, Tang JG, Xiang DG
57 - 68 Effective role of trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) to enhance the photocatalytic activity of F-doped TiO2 prepared by modified sol-gel method
Samsudin EM, Abd Hamid SB, Juan JC, Basirun WJ, Kandjani AE, Bhargava SK
69 - 75 Synthesis, field emission properties and optical properties of ZnSe nanoflowers
Xue SL, Wu SX, Zeng QZ, Xie P, Gan KX, Wei J, Bu SY, Ye XN, Xie L, Zou RJ, Zhang CM, Zhu PF
76 - 83 Experimental and quantum study of corrosion of A36 mild steel towards 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrachloroferrate ionic liquid
Ullah S, Bustam MA, Shariff AM, Gonfa G, Izzat K
84 - 87 In-situ monitor of insulator to metal transition in SrTiO3 by Ar+ irradiation
Wang QR, Zhang WL, Zhang WX, Zeng HZ
88 - 92 Formation and investigation of ultrathin layers of Co2FeSi ferromagnetic alloy synthesized on silicon covered with a CaF2 barrier layer
Grebenyuk GS, Gomoyunova MV, Pronin II, Vyalikh DV, Molodtsov SL
93 - 98 The effect of different annealing temperatures on the structure and luminescence properties of Y2O3: Bi3+ thin films fabricated by spin coating
Yousif A, Jafer RM, Som S, Duvenhage MM, Coetsee E, Swart HC
99 - 107 Antibacterial performance of polypropylene nonwoven fabric wound dressing surfaces containing passive and active components
Xin ZR, Du SS, Zhao CY, Chen H, Sun M, Yan SJ, Luan SF, Yin JH
108 - 113 Photocatalytic removal of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) using carbon-modified titanium oxide nanoparticles
Shaban YA, El Sayed MA, El Maradny AA, Al Farawati RK, Al Zobidi MI, Khan SUM
114 - 119 Monodisperse polyvinylpyrrolidone-coated CoFe2O4 nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxicity study
Wang GS, Ma YY, Mu JB, Zhang ZX, Zhang XL, Zhang LN, Che HW, Bai YM, Hou JX, Xie HL
120 - 124 Improving efficiency of silicon solar cells using europium-doped silicate-phosphor layer by spin-on film coating
Ho WJ, Yang GC, Shen YT, Deng YJ
125 - 130 High areal capacitance three-dimensional Ni@Ni(OH)(2) foams via in situ oxidizing Ni foams in mild aqueous solution
Zhou QF, Cui MW, Tao KY, Yang YZ, Liu XG, Kang LT
131 - 135 Effects of dehumidification drying environment on drying speed of one component waterborne wood top coating
Lu ZG, Tang T, Zhou G, Jia WD, Wang M, Xu J, Bai SH
136 - 142 Highly efficient yttrium-doped ZnO nanorods for quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Kim SK, Gopi CVVM, Rao SS, Punnoose D, Kim HJ
143 - 152 Self Focusing SIMS: Probing thin film composition in very confined volumes
Franquet A, Douhard B, Melkonyan D, Favia P, Conard T, Vandervorst W
153 - 159 Laser textured superhydrophobic surfaces and their applications for homogeneous spot deposition
Ta VD, Dunn A, Wasley TJ, Li J, Kay RW, Stringer J, Smith PJ, Esenturk E, Connaughton C, Shephard JD
160 - 165 Wafer-scale, conformal and direct growth of MoS2 thin films by atomic layer deposition
Jang Y, Yeo S, Lee HBR, Kim H, Kim SH
166 - 170 The properties of nano(ZnO-CeO2)@polysiloxane core-shell microspheres and their application for fabricating optical diffusers
Hu JG, Zhou YM
171 - 179 H2O2-assisted photocatalysis on flower-like rutile TiO2 nanostructures: Rapid dye degradation and inactivation of bacteria
Korosi L, Prato M, Scarpellini A, Kovacs J, Domotor D, Kovacs T, Papp S
180 - 190 Different methods to alter surface morphology of high aspect ratio structures
Leber M, Shandhi MMH, Hogan A, Solzbacher F, Bhandari R, Negi S
191 - 201 Edge-melting: nanoscale key-mechanism to explain nanoparticle formation from heated TEM grids
Cesaria M, Taurino A, Catalano M, Caricato AP, Martino M
202 - 208 Mechanical and tribological properties of the TiC-TiB2 composite coating deposited on 40Cr-steel by electro spark deposition
Tang JM
209 - 217 Fabrication of BiOBr nanosheets@TiO2 nanobelts p-n junction photocatalysts for enhanced visible-light activity
Zhao Y, Huang X, Tan X, Yu T, Li XL, Yang LB, Wang SC
218 - 226 AlSiTiN and AlSiCrN multilayer coatings: Effects of structure and surface composition on tribological behavior under dry and lubricated conditions
Faga MG, Gautier G, Cartasegna F, Priarone PC, Settineri L
227 - 239 3D nanospherical CdxZn1-xS/reduced graphene oxide composites with superior photocatalytic activity and photocorrosion resistance
Huang MN, Yu JH, Deng CS, Huang YH, Fan MG, Li B, Tong ZF, Zhang FY, Dong LH
240 - 244 Donut-shaped Co3O4 nanoflakes grown on nickel foam with enhanced supercapacitive performances
Han ZC, Zheng X, Yao SY, Xiao HH, Qu FY, Wu X
245 - 251 Surface composition of magnetron sputtered Pt-Co thin film catalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Vorokhta M, Khalakhan I, Vaclavu M, Kovacs G, Kozlov SM, Kus P, Skala T, Tsud N, Lavkova J, Potin V, Matolinova I, Neyman KM, Matolin V
252 - 262 Effect of cold plasma pre-treatment on photocatalytic activity of 3D fabric loaded with nano-photocatalysts: Response surface methodology
Ghoreishian SM, Badii K, Norouzi M, Malek K
263 - 267 The influence of pH values on the existing states of In and B ions in TiO2
Huang SL, Yu YL, Zheng WJ, Zhang CL, Cao YA
268 - 274 Enhanced corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy by a silane-based solution treatment after an in-situ formation of the Mg(OH)(2) layer
Gong FB, Shen J, Gao RH, Xie X, Luo X
275 - 279 Enhanced post-annealing stability of perpendicular Ta/CoFeB/Mg/MgO multilayers by inhibiting Ta diffusion
Li XJ, Jiang SL, Zhang JY, Liu QQ, Liu YW, Zhao JC, Wu ZL, Feng C, Li MH, Yu GH
280 - 290 Enhanced photocatalytic activity over Cd0.5Zn0.5S with stacking fault structure combined with Cu2+ modified carbon nanotubes
Gong BN, Lu YH, Wu PX, Huang ZJ, Zhu YJ, Dang Z, Zhu NW, Lu GN, Huang JY
291 - 295 3D Ag/ZnO hybrids for sensitive surface-enhanced Raman scattering detection
Huang CY, Xu CX, Lu JF, Li ZH, Tian ZS
296 - 305 Effects of rapid thermal annealing on structural, chemical, and electrical characteristics of atomic-layer deposited lanthanum doped zirconium dioxide thin film on 4H-SiC substrate
Lim WF, Quah HJ, Lu QF, Mu YF, Ismail WAW, Rahim BA, Esa SR, Kee YY, Zhao CZ, Hassan Z, Cheong KY
306 - 313 The effect of ion irradiation and elevated temperature on the microstructure and the properties of C/W/C/B multilayer coating
Vlcak P
314 - 335 Fabrication, modification and application of (BiO)(2)CO3-based photocatalysts: A review
Ni ZL, Sun YJ, Zhang YX, Dong F
336 - 341 Optimizing HiPIMS pressure for deposition of high-k (k=18.3) amorphous HfO2
Ganesan R, Murdoch BJ, Partridge JG, Bathgate S, Treverrow B, Dong X, Ross AE, McCulloch DG, McKenzie DR, Bilek MMM
342 - 351 A novel surfactant S-benzoyl-N,N-diethyldithiocarbamate synthesis and its flotation performance to galena
Ma X, Hu Y, Zhong H, Wang S, Liu GY, Zhao G
352 - 356 Dynamic response of a carbon nanotube-based rotary nano device with different carbon-hydrogen bonding layout
Yin H, Cai K, Wan J, Gao ZL, Chen Z
357 - 363 Selenium-assisted controlled growth of graphene-Bi2Se3 nanoplates hybrid Dirac materials by chemical vapor deposition
Sun ZC, Man BY, Yang C, Liu M, Jiang SZ, Zhang C, Zhang JX, Liu FY, Xu YY
364 - 375 On the relationship between the structure of self-assembled carboxylic acid monolayers on alumina and the organization and electrical properties of a pentacene thin film
Lang P, Mottaghi D, Lacaze PC
376 - 379 Electrical and physicochemical properties of atomic-layer-deposited HfO2 film on Si substrate with interfacial layer grown by nitric acid oxidation
Kim SH, Seok TJ, Jin HS, Kim WB, Park TJ