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Applied Surface Science, Vol.364 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Green synthesis of nickel species in situ modified hollow microsphere TiO2 with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Wang Q, Qin ZN, Chen J, Ren BS, Chen QF, Guo YC, Cao XF
9 - 14 Improvement of corrosion resistance of Ni-Mo alloy coatings: Effect of heat treatment
Mousavi R, Bahrololoom ME, Deflorian F, Ecco L
15 - 20 Hydrophobic conjugated microporous polymers for sorption of human serum albumin Chunli
Zheng CL, Du MM, Feng SS, Sun HX, Li A, He C, Zhang TC, Wang QR, Wei W
21 - 28 Fabrication and characterization of a sandpaper-based flexible energy storage
Shieh JY, Wu CH, Tsai SY, Yu HH
29 - 36 First principles study of halogens adsorption on intermetallic surfaces
Zhu QX, Wang SQ
37 - 44 Hierarchically structured self-supported latex films for flexible and semi-transparent electronics
Maattanen A, Ihalainen P, Torngren B, Rosqvist E, Pesonen M, Peltonen J
45 - 50 Effect of Pd precursor status on sonochemical surface activation in Cu electroless deposition
Kim K, Jin S, Kwon OJ
51 - 60 Superhydrophilic TiO2 thin film by nanometer scale surface roughness and dangling bonds
Bharti B, Kumar S, Kumar R
61 - 68 Microstructural changes of Zr702 induced by pulsed laser surface treatment
Chai LJ, Chen BF, Wang SY, Guo N, Huang C, Zhou ZM, Huang W
69 - 74 Decorative black TiCxOy film fabricated by DC magnetron sputtering without importing oxygen reactive gas
Ono K, Wakabayashi M, Tsukakoshi Y, Abe Y
75 - 80 Gold catalysts supported on nanosized iron oxide for low-temperature oxidation of carbon monoxide and formaldehyde
Tang Z, Zhang WD, Li Y, Huang ZM, Guo HS, Wu F, Li JJ
81 - 85 Washable and antibacterial superhydrophbic fabric
Ou JF, Wang ZL, Wang FJ, Xue MS, Li W, Amirfazli A
86 - 95 Syntheses, characterization and adsorption properties for Pb2+ of silica-gel functionalized by dendrimer-like polyamidoamine and 5-sulfosalicylic acid
Wu XZ, Luo LL, Chen ZY, Liang KL
96 - 102 Fractal properties of worn surface of Fe-based alloy coatings during rolling contact process
Chen SY, Wang HD, Ma GZ, Kang JJ, Xu BS
103 - 109 Surface modification to produce hydrophobic nano-silica particles using sodium dodecyl sulfate as a modifier
Qiao B, Liang Y, Wang TJ, Jiang YP
110 - 116 Self-reduction and size controlled synthesis of silver nanoparticles on carbon nanospheres by grafting triazine-based molecular layer for conductivity improvement
Sang J, Aisawa S, Hirahara H, Kudo T, Mori K
117 - 123 In situ synthesis of mesoporous polyvinyl alcohol/hydroxyapatite composites for better biomedical coating adhesion
Hussain R, Tabassum S, Gilani MA, Ahmed E, Sharif A, Manzoor F, Shah AT, Asif A, Sharif F, Iqbal F, Siddiqi SA
124 - 132 Effect of cellulose nanowhiskers functionalization with polyaniline for epoxy coatings
Borsoi C, Zattera AJ, Ferreira CA
133 - 140 Investigation on femto-second laser irradiation assisted shock peening of medium carbon (0.4% C) steel
Majumdar JD, Gurevich EL, Kumari R, Ostendorf A
141 - 147 Electrochemical preparation of MnO2 nanobelts through pulse base-electrogeneration and evaluation of their electrochemical performance
Aghazadeh M, Maragheh MG, Ganjali MR, Norouzi P, Faridbod F
148 - 155 Facile solution deposition of Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) nano-worm films on FTO substrates and its photoelectrochemical property
Huang Y, Li G, Fan Q, Zhang M, Lan Q, Fan X, Zhou Z, Zhang C
156 - 165 A comprehensive investigation of tetragonal Gd-doped BiVO4 with enhanced photocatalytic performance under sun-light
Luo YY, Tan GQ, Dong GH, Ren HJ, Xia A
166 - 175 Capability of defective graphene-supported Pd-13 and Ag-13 particles for mercury adsorption
Meeprasert J, Junkaew A, Rungnim C, Kunaseth M, Kungwan N, Promarak V, Namuangruk S
176 - 180 Polyaniline/carbon nanotube/CdS quantum dot composites with enhanced optical and electrical properties
Goswami M, Ghosh R, Maruyama T, Meikap AK
181 - 189 Modulating electronic, magnetic and chemical properties of MoS2 monolayer sheets by substitutional doping with transition metals
Ma DW, Ju WW, Li TX, Zhang XW, He CZ, Ma BY, Tang YA, Lu ZS, Yang ZX
190 - 200 Study of nanoindentation mechanical response of nanocrystalline structures using molecular dynamics simulations
Li J, Guo JW, Luo H, Fang QH, Wu H, Zhang LC, Liu YW
201 - 207 Vmh2 hydrophobin layer entraps glucose: A quantitative characterization by label-free optical and gravimetric methods
Della Ventura B, Rea I, Calio A, Giardina P, Gravagnuolo AM, Funari R, Altucci C, Velotta R, De Stefano L
208 - 220 Surface modification of cotton fabrics by gas plasmas for color strength and adhesion by inkjet ink printing
Pransilp P, Pruettiphap M, Bhanthumnavin W, Paosawatyanyong B, Kiatkamjornwong S
221 - 228 A new approach to copper ion removal from water by polymeric nanocomposite membrane embedded with gamma-alumina nanoparticles
Ghaemi N
229 - 234 Optical, electrical and electrochemical evaluation of sputtered platinum counter electrodes for dye sensitized solar cells
Moraes RS, Saito E, Leite DMG, Massi M, Sobrinho ASD
235 - 240 Atom beam triangulation of organic layers at 100 meV normal energy: self-assembled perylene on Ag(110) at room temperature
Kalashnyk N, Khemliche H, Roncin P
241 - 248 Hydrogenation of CO2 to formic acid over a Cu-embedded graphene: A DFT study
Sirijaraensre J, Limtrakul J
249 - 256 Influence of C dopant on the structure, mechanical and tribological properties of r.f.-sputtered MoS2/a-C composite films
Xu J, Chai LQ, Qiao L, He TF, Wang P
257 - 263 Enhanced catalytic performance of Pt/TNTs composite electrode by reductive doping of TNTs
Cao HZ, Huang KL, Wu LK, Hou GY, Tang YP, Zheng GQ
264 - 272 Microstructural, phase evolution and corrosion properties of silicon carbide reinforced pulse electrodeposited nickel-tungsten composite coatings
Singh S, Sribalaji M, Wasekar NP, Joshi S, Sundararajan G, Singh R, Keshri AK
273 - 279 Effect of annealing conditions on structural and luminescencent properties of Eu3+-doped Gd2Ti2O7 thin films
Antic Z, Prashanthi K, Culubrk S, Vukovic K, Dramicanin MD, Thundat T
280 - 287 Enhancement of adhesion by a transition layer: Deposition of a-C filmon ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) bymagnetron sputtering
He FF, Bai WQ, Li LL, Wang XL, Xie YJ, Jin G, Tu JP
288 - 293 Mechanical properties and tribological behavior of fullerene-like hydrogenated carbon films prepared by changing the flow rates of argon gas
Guo JM, Wang YF, Liang HY, Liang AM, Zhang JY
294 - 301 Effect of atmospheric pressure plasma treatment condition on adhesion of ramie fibers to polypropylene for composite
Li Y, Manolache S, Qiu Y, Sarmadi M
302 - 307 Influence of heat generated by a Raman excitation laser on the structural analysis of thin amorphous silicon film
Novak P, Ocenasek J, Prusakova L, Vavrunkova V, Savkova J, Rezek J
308 - 314 Factors affecting the spontaneous adsorption of Bi(III) onto Pt and PtRu nanoparticles
El Sawy EN, Khan MA, Pickup PG
315 - 321 Metal-boride phase formation on tungsten carbide (WC-Co) during microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition
Johnston JM, Catledge SA
322 - 331 NiO nanosheet/TiO2 nanorod-constructed p-n heterostructures for improved photocatalytic activity
Sun B, Zhou GW, Gao TT, Zhang HJ, Yu HH
332 - 339 A superparamagnetic Fe3O4-graphene oxide nanocomposite for enrichment of nuciferine in the extract of Nelumbinis Folium (Lotus leaf)
Fan JP, Zheng B, Qin Y, Yang D, Liao DD, Xu XK, Zhang XH, Zhu JH
340 - 348 Artificially MoO3 graded ITO anodes for acidic buffer layer free organic photovoltaics
Lee HM, Kim SS, Kim HK
349 - 357 Corrosion behaviour of super-hydrophobic electrodeposited nickel-cobalt alloy film
Khorsand S, Raeissi K, Ashrafizadeh F, Arenas MA, Conde A
358 - 364 Cu and Cu(Mn) films deposited layer-by-layer via surface-limited redox replacement and underpotential deposition
Fang JS, Sun SL, Cheng YL, Chen GS, Chin TS
365 - 370 On the growth of conductive aluminum doped zinc oxide on 001 strontium titanate single crystals
Trinca LM, Galca AC, Aldica G, Radu R, Mercioniu I, Pintilie L
371 - 377 Hydrothermal synthesis of hierarchical SnO2 nanostructures made of superfine nanorods for smart gas sensor
Kuang XL, Liu TM, Shi DF, Wang WX, Yang MP, Hussain S, Peng XH, Pan FS
378 - 387 Effect of different parameters on machining of SiC/SiC composites via pico-second laser
Li WN, Zhang RH, Liu YS, Wang CH, Wang J, Yang XJ, Cheng LF
388 - 399 Hydrothermal synthesis of graphene-LaFeO3 composite supported with Cu-Co nanocatalyst for higher alcohol synthesis from syngas
Niu T, Liu GL, Chen Y, Yang J, Wu J, Cao Y, Liu Y
400 - 409 Fourier transform infrared and Raman spectroscopy studies on magnetite/Ag/antibiotic nanocomposites
Ivashchenko O, Jurga-Stopa J, Coy E, Peplinska B, Pietralik Z, Jurga S
410 - 415 Enhanced photoelectrochemical properties and water splitting activity of self-ordered MoO3-TiO2 nanotubes
Yang M, Zhang L, Jin BW, Huang L, Gan Y
416 - 427 Enhancement of photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to CH4 over TiO2 nanosheets by modifying with sulfuric acid
He ZQ, Tang JT, Shen J, Chen JM, Song S
428 - 433 Use of Raman spectroscopy to assess the efficiency of MgAl mixed oxides in removing cyanide from aqueous solutions
Cosano D, Esquinas C, Jimenez-Sanchidrian C, Ruiz JR
434 - 441 Controllable synthesis of branched hierarchical ZnO nanorod arrays for highly sensitive hydrazine detection
Hu J, Zhao ZT, Sun YJ, Wang Y, Li PW, Zhang WD, Lian K
442 - 445 Fabrication of microlens array on silicon surface using electrochemical wet stamping technique
Lai LJ, Zhou H, Zhu LM
446 - 454 Study of synergistic effect of Sc and C co-doping on the enhancement of visible light photo-catalytic activity of TiO2
Nasir M, Lei JY, Lqbal W, Zhang JL
455 - 466 EIS and XPS investigations on the corrosion mechanism of ternary Zn-Co-Mo alloy coatings in NaCl solution
Winiarski J, Tylus W, Szczygiel B
467 - 476 A comparison of the characteristics of excimer and femtosecond laser ablation of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
See TL, Liu Z, Li L, Zhong XL
477 - 483 Printed biotin-functionalised polythiophene films as biorecognition layers in the development of paper-based biosensors
Ihalainen P, Pesonen M, Sund P, Viitala T, Maattanen A, Sarfraz J, Wilen CE, Osterbacka R, Peltonen J
484 - 489 Thickness effect of catalyst layer on silicon nanowires morphology and features
Hamidinezhad H
490 - 497 The effect of neodymium on the microcracks generated on the Al-17.5Si alloy surface treated by high current pulsed electron beam
Hu L, Gao B, Zhu GL, Hao Y, Sun SC, Tu GF
498 - 504 Aging of the nanosized photochromic WO3 films and the role of adsorbed water in the photochromism
Gavrilyuk AI
505 - 515 Enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity by Cu2O-coupled flower-like Bi2WO6 structures
Liu L, Ding L, Liu YG, An WJ, Lin SL, Liang YH, Cui WQ
516 - 521 Tunable surface morphology of electrospun PMMA fiber using binary solvent
Liu Z, Zhao JH, Liu P, He JH
522 - 527 Adsorption of CO and formation of carbonates at steps of pure and Codoped SrTiO3 surfaces by DFT calculations
Carlotto S, Natile MM, Glisenti A, Vittadini A
528 - 538 Study on hierarchical structured PDMS for surface super-hydrophobicity using imprinting with ultrafast laser structured models
Liu B, Wang WJ, Jiang GD, Mei XS, Wang ZB, Wang KD, Cui JL
539 - 551 High efficient preparation of carbon nanotube-grafted carbon fibers with the improved tensile strength
Fan WX, Wang YX, Wang CG, Chen JQ, Wang QF, Yuan Y, Niu FX
552 - 559 Antimicrobial and antioxidant surface modification toward a new silk-fibroin (SF)-L-Cysteine material for skin disease management
Nogueira F, Granadeiro L, Mouro C, Gouveia IC
560 - 566 First-principle study of SO2 molecule adsorption on Ni-doped vacancy-defected single-walled (8,0) carbon nanotubes
Li W, Lu XM, Li GQ, Ma JJ, Zeng PY, Chen JF, Pan ZL, He QY
567 - 572 Investigation of interdiffusion and depth resolution in Cu/Ni multilayers by means of AES depth profiling
Yan XL, Liu Y, Swart HC, Wang JY, Terblans JJ
573 - 578 Ytterbium oxide nanodots via block copolymer self-assembly and their efficacy to dye-sensitized solar cells
Park KW, Ahn S, Lim SH, Jin MH, Song J, Yun SY, Kim HM, Kim GJ, Ok KM, Hong J
579 - 588 Adsorption characteristics, recognition properties, and preliminary application of nordihydroguaiaretic acid molecularly imprinted polymers prepared by sol-gel surface imprinting technology
Liao S, Zhang W, Long W, Hou D, Yang XC, Tan N
589 - 596 Attapulgite-CeO2/MoS2 ternary nanocomposite for photocatalytic oxidative desulfurization
Li XZ, Zhang ZS, Yao C, Lu XW, Zhao XB, Ni CY
597 - 603 Prediction of contact angle for hydrophobic surface fabricated with micro-machining based on minimum Gibbs free energy
Shi ZY, Liu ZQ, Song H, Zhang XZ
604 - 612 Fabrication of novel magnetically separable BiOBr/CoFe2O4 microspheres and its application in the efficient removal of dye from aqueous phase by an environment-friendly and economical approach
Jiang R, Zhu HY, Li JB, Fu FQ, Yao J, Jiang ST, Zeng GM
613 - 619 A theoretical study on the complete dehydrogenation of methanol on Pd (100) surface
Jiang Z, Wang B, Fang T
620 - 627 Comparison of Pb(II) adsorption onto graphene oxide prepared from natural graphites: Diagramming the Pb(II) adsorption sites
Peng WJ, Li HQ, Liu YY, Song SX
628 - 635 Novel ferroferric oxide/polystyrene/silver core-shell magnetic nanocomposite microspheres as regenerable substrates for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Liu B, Bai C, Zhao D, Liu WL, Ren MM, Liu QZ, Yang ZZ, Wang XQ, Duan XL
636 - 644 Green synthesis of the Cu/Fe3O4 nanoparticles using Morinda morindoides leaf aqueous extract: A highly efficient magnetically separable catalyst for the reduction of organic dyes in aqueous medium at room temperature
Nasrollahzadeh M, Atarod M, Sajadi SM
645 - 650 Functional separation of oxidation-reduction reactions and electron transport in PtRu/ND and conductive additive hybrid electrocatalysts during methanol oxidation
Zhang Y, Wang YH, Bian LY, Lu R, Zang JB
651 - 659 Tailored lithium storage performance of graphene aerogel anodes with controlled surface defects for lithium-ion batteries
Shan H, Xiong DB, Li XF, Sun YP, Yan B, Li DJ, Lawes S, Cui YH, Sun XL
660 - 669 Contribution of oligomer/carbon dots hybrid semiconductor nanoribbon to surface-enhanced Raman scattering property
Zhang GY, Hu L, Zhu KR, Yan MQ, Liu J, Yang JX, Bi H
670 - 675 A high power ZnO thin film piezoelectric generator
Qin WW, Li T, Li YT, Qiu JW, Ma XJ, Chen XQ, Hu XF, Zhang W
676 - 685 Enhanced photovoltaic performance of fully flexible dye-sensitized solar cells based on the Nb2O5 coated hierarchical TiO2 nanowire-nanosheet arrays
Liu WW, Hong CX, Wang HG, Zhang M, Guo M
686 - 693 Altering the structure and properties of iron oxide nanoparticles and graphene oxide/iron oxide composites by urea
Naghdi S, Rhee KY, Jaleh B, Park SJ
694 - 702 Synthesis of MoS2/g-C3N4 nanosheets as 2D heterojunction photocatalysts with enhanced visible light activity
Li J, Liu EZ, Ma YN, Hu XY, Wan J, Sun L, Fan J
703 - 709 An ultrasensitive electrochemical DNA biosensor based on a copper oxide nanowires/single-walled carbon nanotubes nanocomposite
Chen M, Hou CJ, Huo DQ, Yang M, Fa HB
710 - 717 Two-step synthesis of highly emissive C/ZnO hybridized quantum dots with a broad visible photoluminescence
He LJ, Mei SL, Chen QH, Zhang WL, Zhang J, Zhu JT, Chen GP, Guo RQ
718 - 725 Controllable resistive switching in Au/Nb:SrTiO3 microscopic Schottky junctions
Wang YH, Shi XL, Zhao KH, Xie GL, Huang SY, Zhang LW
726 - 731 Facile preparation of MnO2 nanorods and evaluation of their supercapacitive characteristics
Aghazadeh M, Asadi M, Maragheh MG, Ganjali MR, Norouzi P, Faridbod F
732 - 739 Phase dependent photocatalytic activity of Ag loaded TiO2 films under sun light
Madhavi V, Kondaiah P, Shaik H, Raoa GM
740 - 746 Preparation and magnetic properties of Ni-P-La coating by electroless plating on silicon substrate
Gao Y, Wang JH, Yuan J, Li HQ
747 - 751 HfO2 gate dielectric on Ge (111) with ultrathin nitride interfacial layer formed by rapid thermal NH3 treatment
Agrawal KS, Patil VS, Khairnar AG, Mahajan AM
752 - 757 Improvement of the stability and activity of immobilized glucose oxidase on modified iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles
Abbasi M, Amiri R, Bordbar AK, Ranjbakhsh E, Khosropour AR
758 - 768 Insight into the adsorption and dissociation of water over different CuO(111) surfaces: The effect of surface structures
Zhang J, Zhang RG, Wang BJ, Ling LX
769 - 774 Passivation of SiO2/4H-SiC interface defects via electron cyclotron resonance hydrogen-nitrogen mixed plasma pretreatment for SiC surface combined with post-oxidation annealing
Liu BB, Qin FW, Wang DJ
775 - 782 A facile hydrothermal route to self-assembled ZnGa2O4 particles and their microwave application
Lu MJ, Ouyan X, Wu SP, Ge RY, Xu R
783 - 788 Defects/strain influenced magnetic properties and inverse of surface spin canting effect in single domain CoFe2O4 nanoparticles
Singh S, Khare N
789 - 797 Self-limiting atomic layer deposition of conformal nanostructured silver films
Golrokhi Z, Chalker S, Sutcliffe CJ, Potter RJ
798 - 807 Molecular structures of (3-aminopropyl)trialkoxysilane on hydroxylated barium titanate nanoparticle surfaces induced by different solvents and their effect on electrical properties of barium titanate based polymer nanocomposites
Fan YY, Wang GY, Huang XY, Bu J, Sun XJ, Jiang PK
808 - 814 Halogen poisoning effect of Pt-TiO2 for formaldehyde catalytic oxidation performance at room temperature
Zhu XF, Cheng B, Yu JG, Ho WK
815 - 821 Investigation on the mechanism of nitrogen plasma modified PDMS bonding with SU-8
Yang CX, Yuan YJ
822 - 828 Water adsorption on two-dimensional silica films
Nayakasinghe MT, Chakradhar A, Sivapragasam N, Burghaus U
829 - 836 Facile synthesis of N-F codoped and molecularly imprinted TiO2 for enhancing photocatalytic degradation of target contaminants
Wu YY, Dong YM, Xia XF, Liu X, Li HX
837 - 842 Fabrication and reducing gas detection characterization of highly-crystalline p-type zinc chromite oxide thin film
Liang YC, Cheng YR, Hsia HY, Chung CC
843 - 849 Ga-doped ZnO thin film surface characterization by wavelet and fractal analysis
Jing CL, Tang W
850 - 861 Facile preparation of nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous carbon with high performance in supercapacitors
Yan K, Kong LB, Shen KW, Dai YH, Shi M, Hu B, Luo YC, Kang L
862 - 869 Adsorption of diazinon and hinosan molecules on the iron-doped boron nitride nanotubes surface in gas phase and aqueous solution: A computational study
Farmanzadeh D, Rezainejad H
870 - 877 Surface analysis characterisation of gum binders used in modern watercolour paints
Sano N, Cumpson PJ
878 - 885 Self-assembled thin film of imidazolium ionic liquid on a silicon surface: Low friction and remarkable wear-resistivity
Gusain R, Kokufu S, Bakshi PS, Utsunomiy T, Ichii T, Sugimura H, Khatri OP
886 - 891 Design and fabrication of UV band-pass filters based on SiO2/Si3N4 dielectric distributed bragg reflectors
Dai JP, Gao W, Liu B, Cao XL, Tao T, Xie ZL, Zhao H, Chen DJ, Ping H, Zhang R
892 - 895 Electrical properties of SiO2/SiC interfaces on 2 degrees-off axis 4H-SiC epilayers
Vivona M, Fiorenza P, Sledziewski T, Krieger M, Chassagne T, Zielinski M, Roccaforte F
896 - 908 Protein-resistant properties of a chemical vapor deposited alkyl-functional carboxysilane coating characterized using quartz crystal microbalance
Vaidya SV, Yuan M, Narvaez AR, Daghfal D, Mattzela J, Smith D
909 - 916 Influences of oxygen incorporation on the structural and optoelectronic properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films
Yu RS, Hung TC
917 - 930 Gum karaya based hydrogel nanocomposites for the effective removal of cationic dyes from aqueous solutions
Mittal H, Maity A, Ray SS
931 - 937 High performance hybrid rGO/Ag quasi-periodic mesh transparent electrodes for flexible electrochromic devices
Voronin AS, Ivanchenko FS, Simunin MM, Shiverskiy AV, Aleksandrovsky AS, Nemtsev IV, Fadeev YV, Karpova DV, Khartov SV