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1 - 6 Silver nanowire networks embedded in urethane acrylate for flexible capacitive touch sensor
Kim Y, Kim JW
7 - 12 Morphology-dependent NiO modified glassy carbon electrode surface for lead(II) and cadmium(II) detection
Li XW, Wen H, Fu Q, Peng D, Yu JG, Zhang QX, Huang XJ
13 - 20 Tailoring patterns of graphene wrinkles by circular torsion
Becton M, Wang XQ
21 - 28 Chemistry of surface nanostructures in lead precursor-rich PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 sol-gel films
Gueye I, Le Rhun G, Gergaud P, Renault O, Defay E, Barrett N
29 - 36 The effect of Mo on the characteristics of a plasma nitrided layer of sintered iron
Bendo T, Maliska AM, Acuna JJS, Binder C, Hammes G, Consoni DR, Klein AN
37 - 43 The corrosion behavior of in-situ Zr-based metallic glass matrix composites in different corrosive media
Tian HF, Qiao JW, Yang HJ, Wang YS, Liaw PK, Lan AD
44 - 49 Microstructure evolution and grain refinement of Ti-6A1-4V alloy by laser shock processing
Ren XD, Zhou WF, Liu FF, Ren YP, Yuan SQ, Ren NF, Xu SD, Yang T
50 - 58 Effect of micro shot peening on the mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of two microstructure Ti-6A1-4V alloy
Ahmed AA, Mhaede M, Wollmann M, WagnerInstitute L
59 - 65 Shape memory-based tunable resistivity of polymer composites
Luo HS, Zhoua XD, Ma YY, Yi GB, Cheng XL, Zhu Y, Zu XH, Zhang NJ, Huang BH, Yu LF
66 - 73 Fe3O4@Nico-Ag magnetically recyclable nanocatalyst for azo dyes reduction
Kurtan U, Amir M, Baykal A
74 - 82 Aliquat 336 stabilized multi-faceted gold nanoparticles with minimal ligand density
Naz G, Othaman Z, Shamsuddin M, Ghoshal SK
83 - 90 Aspects of native oxides etching on n-GaSb(100) surface
Cotirlan C, Ghita RV, Negrila CC, Logofatu C, Frumosu F, Lungu GA
91 - 100 Structure and properties of a duplex coating combining micro-arc oxidation and baking layer on AZ91D Mg alloy
Cui XJ, Li MT, Yang RS, Yu ZX
101 - 112 Microstructural evolution of plasma sprayed submicron-/nano-zirconia-based thermal barrier coatings
Wang Y, Bai Y, Liu K, Wang JW, Kang YX, Li JR, Chen HY, Li BQ
113 - 121 Preparation of surface-functionalized porous clay heterostructures via carbonization of soft-template and their adsorption performance for toluene
Wang YB, Su XL, Xu Z, Wen K, Zhang P, Zhu JX, He HP
122 - 127 Fabrication and characterization of flaky core-shell particles by magnetron sputtering silver onto diatomite
Wang YY, Zhang DY, Cai J
128 - 139 A density functional study on properties of a Cu3Zn material and CO adsorption onto its surfaces
Tang QL, Duan XX, Liu B, Wei AQ, Liu SL, Wang Q, Liang YP, Ma XH
140 - 144 On the segregation behavior of tin and antimony at grain boundaries of polycrystalline bcc iron
Lejcek P, Sandera P, Hornikova J, Pokluda J, Godec M
145 - 153 Tribological characteristics of bisphenol AF bis(diphenyl phosphate) as an antiwear additive in polyalkylene glycol and polyurea grease for significantly improved lubrication
Zhu LL, Wu XH, Zhao GQ, Wang XB
154 - 160 CdS nanoparticles/CeO2 nanorods composite with high-efficiency visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity
You DT, Pan B, Jiang F, Zhou YG, Su WY
161 - 167 Tribological performance of surfaces enhanced by texturing and nitrogen implantation
Liu DR, Zhang Q, Qin ZB, Luo Q, Wu Z, Liu L
168 - 172 First-principles study of Mn adsorption on Al4C3 (0001) surface
Yao LF, Li K, Zhou NG
173 - 180 A method to give chemically stabilities of photoelectrodes for water splitting: Compositing of a highly crystalized TiO2 layer on a chemically unstable Cu2O photocathode using laser-induced crystallization process
Nishikawa M, Fukuda M, Nakabayashi Y, Saito N, Ogawa N, Nakajima T, Shinoda K, Tsuchiya T, Nosaka Y
181 - 188 Synthesis and characterization of Cobalt-doped ZnO microstructures for methane gas sensing
Hu J, Gao FQ, Zhao ZT, Sang SB, Li PW, Zhang WD, Zhou XT, Chen Y
189 - 196 Preparation of Mg(OH)(2) hybrid pigment by direct precipitation and graft onto cellulose fiber via surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization
Wang X, Zhang Y, Lv LH, Cui YZ, Wei CY, Pang GB
197 - 208 Theoretical assessment of the electro-optical features of the group III nitrides (B12N12, Al12N12 and Ga12N12) and group IV carbides (C-24, Si12C12 and Ge12C12) nanoclusters encapsulated with alkali metals (Li, Na and K)
Tahmasebi E, Shakerzadeh E, Biglari Z
209 - 216 Slow oxidation kinetics in an epitaxial copper(100) film
Timalsina YP, Washington M, Wang GC, Lu TM
217 - 224 Comparison in mechanical and tribological properties of CrTiAlMoN and CrTiAlN nano-multilayer coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering
Wang T, Zhang GJ, Jiang BL
225 - 228 Segregation anisotropy of Sn on different crystallographic orientation surfaces of coarse-grained Zircaloy-4
Xie SJ, Zhou BX, Chen CM, Wang BY, Jiang D
229 - 239 Effect of chelating agent acetylacetone on corrosion protection properties of silane-zirconium sol-gel coatings
Yu M, Liang M, Liu JH, Li SM, Xue B, Zhao H
240 - 244 In situ measurements of change in work function of Pt, Pd and Au surfaces during desorption of oxygen by using photoemission yield spectrometer in air
Yamashita D, Ishizaki A
245 - 251 Pyramidal growth of ceria nanostructures by pulsed laser deposition
Barca ES, Filipescu M, Luculescu C, Birjega R, Ion V, Dumitru M, Nistor LC, Stanciu G, Abrudeanu M, Munteanu C, Dinescu M
252 - 258 The influence of incident angle on physical properties of a novel back contact prepared by oblique angle deposition
Liu Y, Zhao Y, Feng Y, Shen JS, Liang XY, Huang J, Min JH, Wang LJ, Shi WM
259 - 263 Hydrophilic quantum dots stability against an external low-strength electric field
Goftman VV, Pankratov VA, Markin AV, Vande Ginste D, De Saeger S, Goryacheva IY
264 - 272 Improved continuity of reduced graphene oxide on polyester fabric by use of polypyrrole to achieve a highly electro-conductive and flexible substrate
Berendjchi A, Khajavi R, Yousefi AA, Yazdanshenas ME
273 - 285 Morphology-properties relationship of gas plasma treated hydrophobic meso-porous membranes and their improved performance for desalination by membrane distillation
Dumee LF, Alglave H, Chaffraix T, Lin B, Magniez K, Schutz J
286 - 295 Osseointegration properties of titanium dental implants modified with a nanostructured coating based on ordered porous silica and bioactive glass nanoparticles
Covarrubias C, Mattmann M, Von Marttens A, Caviedes P, Arriagada C, Valenzuela F, Rodriguez JP, Corral C
296 - 302 Manipulation of stored charge in anodic aluminium oxide/SiO2 dielectric stacks by the use of pulsed anodisation
Lu Z, Ouyang Z, Grant N, Wan YM, Yan D, Lennon A
303 - 309 Application of near ambient pressure gas-phase X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to the investigation of catalytic properties of copper in methanol oxidation
Prosvirin IP, Bukhtiyarov AV, Bluhm H, Bukhtiyarov VI
310 - 317 The effect of Ni pre-implantation on surface morphology and optical absorption properties of Ag nanoparticles embedded in SiO2
Shen YY, Qi T, Qiao Y, Yu SW, Hei HJ, He ZY
318 - 322 Porous graphene for high capacity lithium ion battery anode material
Wang YS, Zhang QL, Jia M, Yang DP, Wang JJ, Li M, Zhang J, Sun Q, Jia Y
323 - 327 Low-cost zinc-plated photoanode for fabric-type dye-sensitized solar cells
Kong LF, Bao YN, Guo WW, Cheng L, Du J, Liu RL, Wang YD, Fan X, Tao CY
328 - 337 Corrosion performance of MAO coatings on AZ31 Mg alloy in simulated body fluid vs. Earle's Balance Salt Solution
Wilke BM, Zhang L, Li WP, Ning CY, Chen CF, Gu YH
338 - 345 Fabrication of semi-aromatic polyamide/spherical mesoporous silica nanocomposite reverse osmosis membrane with superior permeability
Li Q, Yu H, Wu FY, Song J, Pan XH, Zhang M
346 - 355 Developing superhydrophobic and oleophobic nanostructure by a facile chemical transformation of zirconium hydroxide surface
Sengupta A, Malik SN, Bahadur D
356 - 362 Electrochemical formation and characterization of Au nanostructures on a highly ordered pyrolytic graphite surface
Gomez JJA, Zubieta C, Ferullo RM, Garcia SG
363 - 371 Superhydrophobic PVDF and PVDF-HFP nanofibrous mats with antibacterial and anti-biofouling properties
Spasova M, Manolova N, Markova N, Rashkov I
372 - 380 Adsorption and subsequent partial photodegradation of methyl violet 2B on Cu/Al layered double hydroxides
Guzman-Vargas A, Lima E, Uriostegui-Ortega GA, Oliver-Tolentino MA, Rodriguez EE
381 - 388 Binder-free Co3O4@NiCoAl-layered double hydroxide core-shell hybrid architectural nanowire arrays with enhanced electrochemical performance
Li X, Yang ZC, Qi W, Li YT, Wu Y, Zhou SX, Huang SM, Wei J, Li HJ, Yao P
389 - 394 Effect of cathodic current density on performance of tungsten coatings on molybdenum prepared by electrodeposition in molten salt
Jiang F
395 - 405 Mechanism of the formation and growth of fine particles clustered polymer microspheres by simple one-step polymerization in aqueous alcohol system
Mao H, Wen C, Wu SY, Liu DL, Zhang Y, Song XM
406 - 411 Synchrotron-radiation XPS analysis of ultra-thin silane films: Specifying the organic silicon
Dietrich PM, Glamsch S, Ehlert C, Lippitz A, Kulak N, Unger WES
412 - 420 Controlled preparation of Ag nanoparticle films by a modified photocatalytic method on TiO2 films with Ag seeds for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Fu X, Pan LJ, Li S, Wang Q, Qin J, Huang YY
421 - 431 Surface study and sensing activity of nanotubular indium trioxide to NH3, H2S, NO2 and CO environmental pollutants
Zamani M
432 - 438 Effect of povidone-iodine deposition on tribocorrosion and antibacterial properties of titanium alloy
Yan Y, Zhang YB, Wang QK, Du HW, Qiao LJ
439 - 444 Multifunctional TiO2/Si/Ag(Cr)/TiNx coatings for lowemissivity and hydrophilic applications
Loka C, Park KR, Lee KS
445 - 450 Effect of synthesis temperature on the ordered pore structure in mesoporous silica studied by positron annihilation spectroscopy
Li CY, Qi N, Liu ZW, Zhou B, Chen ZQ, Wang Z
451 - 458 Facile synthesis of hexagonal-shaped polypyrrole self-assembled particles for the electrochemical detection of dopamine
Lee CY, Hsu DY, Prasannan A, Kalaivani R, Hong PD
459 - 465 One-step hydrothermal synthesis of ZnS-CoS microcomposite as low cost counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Yao F, Sun PP, Sun XH, Huang N, Ban XY, Huang HH, Wen D, Liu SW, Sun YH
466 - 476 Adsorption of alcohols and fatty acids onto hydrogenated (a-C:H) DLC coatings
Simic R, Kalin M, Kovac J, Jaksa G
477 - 482 Structural properties and preparation of Si-rich Si1-xCx thin films by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering
He YS, Ye C, Wang XY, Gao MW, Guo JM, Yang PF
483 - 489 Protein adsorption resistance of PVP-modified polyurethane film prepared by surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization
Yuan HH, Qian B, Zhang W, Lan MB
490 - 498 Simultaneous detection of morphine and codeine in urine samples of heroin addicts using multi-walled carbon nanotubes modified SnO2-Zn2SnO4 nanocomposites paste electrode
Taei M, Hasanpour F, Hajhashemi V, Movahedi M, Baghlani H
499 - 506 Effect of pretreating technologies on the adhesive strength and anticorrosion property of Zn coated NdFeB specimens
Zhang PJ, Xu GQ, Liu JQ, Yi XF, Wu YC, Chen JW
507 - 515 Adsorption of drinking water fluoride on a micron-sized magnetic Fe3O4@Fe-Ti composite adsorbent
Zhang C, Li YZ, Wang TJ, Jiang YP, Wang HF
516 - 521 Nanoscale heterogeniety and workfunction variations in ZnO thin films
Sharma A, Untch M, Quinton JS, Berger R, Andersson G, Lewis DA
522 - 531 Mechanical properties of the interface structure of nanodiamond composite films: First-principles studies
Zhang SH, Liu XJ, Jiang YJ, Ren Y, Li SZ
532 - 542 Use of ZnO as antireflective, protective, antibacterial, and biocompatible multifunction nanolayer of thermochromic VO2 nanofilm for intelligent windows
Zhou HJ, Li JH, Bao SH, Li J, Liu XY, Jin P
543 - 547 Formation of core-shell structure in high entropy alloy coating by laser cladding
Zhang H, Wu WF, He YZ, Li MX, Guo S
548 - 554 Liquid-assisted laser ablation of advanced ceramics and glass-ceramic materials
Garcia-Giron A, Sola D, Pena JI
555 - 559 Nitridation of silicon by nitrogen neutral beam
Hara Y, Shimizu T, Shingubara S
560 - 565 Synthesis and characterization of hierarchical porous SnO2 for enhancing ethanol sensing properties
Zhang BW, Fu WY, Li HY, Fu XL, Wang Y, Bala H, Wang XD, Sun G, Cao JL, Zhang ZY
566 - 571 Layer-by-layer assembly of hemoglobin and gold nanoparticles for enhancing the ability of oxygen carrying
Sun L, Liu XJ, Sun QL, Cai M, Zhou JJ, Dong ZL, Bao N, Gu HY, He H
572 - 577 Estimated phase transition and melting temperature of APTES self-assembled monolayer using surface-enhanced anti-stokes and stokes Raman scattering
Sun YY, Yanagisawa M, Kunimoto M, Nakamura M, Homma T
578 - 585 Fabrication of Au nanoparticles supported on CoFe2O4 nanotubes by polyaniline assisted self-assembly strategy and their magnetically recoverable catalytic properties
Zhang Z, Jiang YZ, Chi MQ, Yang ZZ, Nie GD, Lu XF, Wang C
586 - 592 Effect of cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide concentration on structure, morphology and carbon dioxide adsorption capacity of calcium hydroxide based sorbents
Hlaing NN, Vignesh K, Sreekantan S, Pung SY, Hinode H, Kurniawan W, Othman R, Thant AA, Mohamed AR, Salim C
593 - 603 Modification of poly(L-lactic acid) electrospun fibers and films with poly(propylene imine) dendrimer
Khaliliazar S, Akbari S, Kish MH
604 - 612 Nanocrystalline TiO2 films containing sulfur and gold: Synthesis, characterization and application to immobilize and direct electrochemistry of cytochrome c
Rafiee-Pour HA, Hamadanian M, Koushali SK
613 - 618 Efficient etching-free transfer of high quality, large-area CVD grown graphene onto polyvinyl alcohol films
Marta B, Leordean C, Istvan T, Botiz I, Astilean S
619 - 626 Novel antifouling surface with improved hemocompatibility by immobilization of polyzwitterions onto silicon via click chemistry
Zheng SX, Yang Q, Mi BX
627 - 635 Titanium dioxide nanoparticles modified by salicylic acid and arginine: Structure, surface properties and photocatalytic decomposition of p-nitrophenol
Li L, Feng YJ, Liu YZ, Wei B, Guo JX, Jiao WZ, Zhang ZH, Zhang QL
636 - 643 DFT study of ethanol adsorption and decomposition on alpha-Al2O3(0001) surface
Chiang HN, Nachimuthu S, Cheng YC, Damayanti NP, Jiang JC
644 - 650 Photoelectrochemical performances of TiO2 nanotube arrays hydrothermally treated in sulfide
Wang JW, Xu GQ, Zhang X, Zhai PB, Lv J, Wang DM, Zheng ZX, Wu YC
651 - 658 Understanding the stability of Fe incorporation within Mn3N2(001) surfaces: An ab-initio study
Guerrero-Sanchez J, Mandru AO, Takeuchi N, Cocoletzi GH, Smith AR
659 - 663 A facile self-assembled film assisted preparation of CuGaS2 ultrathin films and their high sensitivity to L-noradrenaline
Zhou Q, Kang SZ, Li XQ, Qin LX, Mu J
664 - 669 Surface birefringence of self-assembly periodic nanostructures induced on 6H-SiC surface by femtosecond laser
Song J, Dai Y, Tao WJ, Gong M, Ma GH, Zhao QZ, Qiu JR
670 - 675 Surface functionalization of cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) with evaporated TiO2 thin film
El Fissi L, Vandormael D, Houssiau L, Francis LA