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Applied Surface Science, Vol.362 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Impact of vacancy defects in single-walled carbon nanotube on the structural properties of covalently attached aromatic diisocyanates
Kozlowska M, Goclon J, Rodziewicz P
11 - 19 Preparation of amino-functionalized graphene oxide/polyimide composite films with improved mechanical, thermal and hydrophobic properties
Wang CY, Lan YF, Yu WT, Li X, Qian Y, Liu HS
20 - 27 Facile synthesis of unique NiO nanostructures for efficiently catalytic conversion of CH4 at low temperature
Ye YC, Zhao YT, Ni LL, Jiang KD, Tong GX, Zhao YL, Teng BT
28 - 34 A branching NiCuPt alloy counter electrode for high-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cell
Yang PZ, Tang QW
35 - 41 Temperature-dependent surface porosity of Nb2O5 under high-flux, low-energy He+ ion irradiation
Novakowski TJ, Tripathi JK, Hosinski GM, Joseph G, Hassanein A
42 - 48 Gold nanoparticles-decorated fluoroalkylsilane nano-assemblies for electrocatalytic applications
Ballarin B, Barreca D, Cassani MC, Carraro G, Maccato C, Mignani A, Lazzari D, Bertola M
49 - 55 The adhesion behavior of carbon coating studied by re-indentation during in situ TEM nanoindentation
Fan X, Diao DF
56 - 62 One-pot hydrothermal preparation of graphene sponge for the removal of oils and organic solvents
Wu RH, Yu BW, Liu XY, Li HL, Wang WX, Chen LY, Bai YT, Ming Z, Yang ST
63 - 69 Surface modification of polypropylene (PP) using single and dual high radio frequency capacitive coupled argon plasma discharge
Akbar D
70 - 78 Adsorbed water on iron surface by molecular dynamics
Fernandes FW, Campos TMB, Cividanes LS, Simonetti EAN, Thim GP
79 - 85 Probing the electronic structure of M-graphene oxide (M = Ni, Co, NiCo) catalysts for hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane
Zhao BH, Liu JY, Zhou LT, Long D, Feng K, Sun XH, Zhong J
86 - 92 Tunable thermal property in edge hydrogenated AA-stacked bilayer graphene nanoribbons
Tang YQ, Li JC, Wu XJ, Liu QY, Liu Y, Yang P
93 - 101 Differences in antibacterial activity of PMMA/TiO2/Ag nanocomposite on individual dominant bacterial isolates from packaged drinking water, and their consortium under UVC and dark conditions
Natarajan S, Kumari J, Lakshmi DS, Mathur A, Bhuvaneshwari M, Parashar A, Pulimi M, Chandrasekaran N, Mukherjee A
102 - 108 Studies on growth and characterization of heterogeneous tungsten oxide nanostructures for photoelectrochemical and gas sensing applications
Senthilkumar R, Mahalingam T, Ravi G
109 - 114 Formation mechanism and adhesive strength of a hydroxyapatite/TiO2 composite coating on a titanium surface prepared by micro-arc oxidation
Liu SM, Li BE, Liang CY, Wang HS, Qiao ZX
115 - 120 Self-assembled NiFe2O4/carbon nanotubes sponge for enhanced glucose biosensing application
Li YC, Zhao MG, Chen J, Fan SS, Liang JJ, Ding LJ, Chen SG
121 - 125 Adsorption behavior of magnetite nanoparticles into the DPPC model membranes
Hao CC, Li JH, Mu WN, Zhu LQ, Yang JX, Liu HW, Li B, Chen S, Sun RG
126 - 131 Facile synthesis of CdS/C core-shell nanospheres with ultrathin carbon layer for enhanced photocatalytic properties and stability
Chen J, Zhang F, Zhao YL, Guo YC, Gong P, Li ZQ, Qian HS
132 - 139 Effect of surface energy and seed layer annealing temperature on ZnO seed layer formation and ZnO nanowire growth
Park JS, Mahmud I, Shin HJ, Park MK, Ranjkesh A, Lee DK, Kim HR
140 - 145 Density functional theory study of elemental mercury adsorption on boron doped graphene surface decorated by transition metals
Jungsuttiwong S, Wongnongwa Y, Namuangruk S, Kungwan N, Promarak V, Kunaseth M
146 - 153 Microbead-based immunoassay using the outer membrane layer of Escherichia coli combined with autodisplayed Z-domains
Kim DH, Bong JH, Yoo G, Chang SY, Park M, Chang YW, Kang MJ, Jose J, Pyun JC
154 - 162 Comparative study of electroless nickel film on different organic acids modified cuprammonium fabric (CF)
Zhao H, Lu YX
163 - 168 A facile electrospinning method to fabricate polylactide/graphene/MWCNTs nanofiber membrane for tissues scaffold
Yang CY, Chen SH, Wang JH, Zhu TH, Xu G, Chen ZC, Ma XB, Li WY
169 - 175 Low temperature synthesis of RGO-Au nanocomposite with apparently reduced time and its application as a chemical sensor
Johra FT, Jung WG
176 - 181 Growth of tantalum nitride film as a Cu diffusion barrier by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition from bis((2-(dimethylamino)ethyl)(methyl)amido)methyl(tert-butylimido) tantalum complex
Han JH, Kim HY, Lee SC, Kim DH, Park BK, Park JS, Jeon DJ, Chung TM, Kim CG
182 - 190 Synthesis of carbon doped WO3 center dot 0.33H(2)O hierarchical photocatalyst with improved photocatalytic activity
Zheng Y, Chen G, Yu YG, Zhou YS, He F
191 - 201 Controlling surface adsorption to enhance the selectivity of porphyrin based gas sensors
Evyapan M, Dunbar ADF
202 - 209 Sputtered molybdenum thin films and the application in CIGS solar cells
Zhou D, Zhu H, Liang X, Zhang C, Li Z, Xu Y, Chen J, Zhang L, Mai Y
210 - 216 Enhanced mechanical properties of low-surface energy thin films by simultaneous plasma polymerization of fluorine and epoxy containing polymers
Karaman M, Ucar T
217 - 220 193 nm Excimer laser processing of Si/Ge/Si(100) micropatterns
Gontad F, Conde JC, Chiussi S, Serra C, Gonzalez P
221 - 229 Self assembly of functionalised graphene nanostructures by one step reduction of graphene oxide using aqueous extract of Artemisia vulgaris
Chettri P, Vendamani VS, Tripathi A, Pathak AP, Tiwari A
230 - 236 Preferential orientation, microstructure and functional properties of SnO2:Sb thin film: The effects of post-growth annealing
Zheng HR, Li LX, Sun Z, Yu SH, Luo WJ
237 - 243 Glycol-assisted construction of three-dimensionally ordered macroporous ZnO-Cu2O-TiO2 with enhanced photocatalytic properties
Yang RC, Lu XJ, Zhang H, Tao TX, Ren YM, Li F, Zhu LT
244 - 249 Influence of the lattice mismatch on the lattice vibration modes for InAs/GaSb superlattices
Aslan B, Korkmaz M
250 - 256 Structure and field emission of graphene layers on top of silicon nanowire arrays
Huang BR, Chan HW, Jou S, Chen GY, Kuo HA, Song WJ
257 - 264 Synthesis of Cu/TiO2/organo-attapulgite fiber nanocomposite and its photocatalytic activity for degradation of acetone in air
Zhang GK, Wang H, Guo S, Wang JT, Liu J
265 - 273 Novel nano coordination polymer based synthesis of porous ZnO hexagonal nanodisk for higher gas sorption and photocatalytic activities
Rakibuddin M, Ananthakrishnan R
274 - 280 Photocatalytic abatement of NOx by C-TiO2/polymer composite coatings obtained by low pressure cold gas spraying
Robotti M, Dosta S, Fernandez-Rodriguez C, Hernandez-Rodriguez MJ, Cano IG, Melian EP, Guilemany JM
281 - 289 The effect of electrostatic heparin/collagen layer-by-layer coating degradation on the biocompatibility
Chen JL, Huang N, Li QL, Chu CH, Li J, Maitz MF
290 - 296 Influence of vacuum on nanosecond laser-induced surface damage morphology in fused silica at 1064 nm
Diaz R, Chambonneau M, Grua P, Rullier JL, Natoli J, Lamaignere L
297 - 303 Hydrotalcite-derived cobalt-aluminum mixed oxide catalysts for toluene combustion
Bialas A, Mazur M, Natkanski P, Dudek B, Kozak M, Wach A, Kustrowski P
304 - 314 Effect of the terminal group of phosphonate self-assembled films formed on Ti surfaces on the biomimetic layer formation and cell adhesion
Sanchez-Trevino A, Garcia-Martinez O, Blasco-Avellaneda D, Rodriguez-Valverde MA, Luna-Bertos E, Ramos-Torrecillas J, Ruiz C, Rosales-Leal JI, Cabrerizo-Vilchez MA
315 - 322 Sensitive determination of citrinin based on molecular imprinted electrochemical sensor
Atar N, Yola ML, Eren T
323 - 328 Electrophoretic co-deposition of cellulose nanocrystals-45S5 bioactive glass nanocomposite coatings on stainless steel
Chen Q, Yang YY, de Larraya UP, Garmendia N, Virtanen S, Boccaccini AR
329 - 334 Graphene/TiO2/ZSM-5 composites synthesized by mixture design were used for photocatalytic degradation of oxytetracycline under visible light: Mechanism and biotoxicity
Hu XY, Zhou K, Chen BY, Chang CT
335 - 340 Natural fiber composites with EMI shielding function fabricated using VARTM and Cu film magnetron sputtering
Xia CL, Ren H, Shi SQ, Zhang HL, Cheng JT, Cai LP, Chen K, Tan HS
341 - 347 Carboxyl functionalization of carbon fibers via aryl diazonium reaction in molten urea to enhance interfacial shear strength
Wang YW, Meng LH, Fan LQ, Wu GS, Ma LC, Zhao M, Huang YD
348 - 354 Diffuse plasma treatment of polyamide 66 fabric in atmospheric pressure air
Li L, Peng MY, Teng Y, Gao GZ
355 - 363 Surface monofunctionalized polymethyl pentene hollow fiber membranes by plasma treatment and hemocompatibility modification for membrane oxygenators
Huang X, Wang WP, Zheng Z, Fan WL, Mao C, Shi JL, Li L
364 - 373 Silver coated gold nanocolloids entrapped in organized Langmuir-Blodgett Film of stearic acid: Potential evidence of a new SERS active substrate
Saha S, Ghosh M, Dutta B, Chowdhury J
374 - 379 Self-organized nano-structuring of CoO islands on Fe(001)
Brambilla A, Picone A, Giannotti D, Riva M, Bussetti G, Berti G, Calloni A, Finazzi M, Ciccacci F, Duo L
380 - 386 Sol-gel combustion synthesis, particle shape analysis and magnetic properties of hematite (alpha-Fe2O3) nanoparticles embedded in an amorphous silica matrix
Kopanja L, Milosevic I, Panjan M, Damnjanovic V, Tadic M
387 - 393 Migration behaviour of carbon atoms on clean diamond (001) surface: A first principle study
Liu XJ, Xia Q, Li WJ, Luo H, Ren Y, Tan X, Sun SY
394 - 398 Electrochemical reduction of CO2 to formate catalyzed by electroplated tin coating on copper foam
Wang Y, Zhou J, Lv WX, Fang HL, Wang W
399 - 405 High-performance supercapacitors based on amorphous C-modified anodic TiO2 nanotubes
Zheng LX, Wang CD, Dong YC, Bian HD, Hung TF, Lu J, Li YY
406 - 417 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of select multi-layered transition metal carbides (MXenes)
Halim J, Cook KM, Naguib M, Eklund P, Gogotsi Y, Rosen J, Barsoum MW
418 - 426 Efficient photocatalytic reductive dechlorination of 4-chlorophenol to phenol on {001}/{101} facets co-exposed TiO2 nanocrystals
Jiang GD, Wei M, Yuan SD, Chang Q
427 - 433 In situ one-pot preparation of superparamagnetic hydrophilic porous microspheres for covalently immobilizing penicillin G acylase to synthesize amoxicillin
Xue P, Gu YH, Su WG, Shuai HH, Wang JL
434 - 440 Controlling the stress of growing GaN on 150-mm Si (111) in an AlN/GaN strained layer superlattice
Lin PJ, Huang SY, Wang WK, Chen CL, Chung BC, Wuu DS
441 - 447 A molecular simulation study of chemical degradation and mechanical deformation of hydrated Nafion membranes
Xie J, Ban S, Liu B, Zhou HJ
448 - 458 Remote plasma cleaning of optical surfaces: Cleaning rates of different carbon allotropes as a function of RF powers and distances
Cuxart MG, Reyes-Herrera J, Sics I, Goni AR, Fernandez HM, Carlino V, Pellegrin E
459 - 468 Recyclable graphene oxide grafted with poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) and its enhanced selective adsorption for phenols
Gong ZL, Li SJ, Han WF, Wang JP, Ma J, Zhang XD
469 - 476 Mesoporous Co0.85Se nanosheets supported on Ni foam as a positive electrode material for asymmetric supercapacitor
Gong C, Huang ML, Zhou P, Sun ZX, Fan LQ, Lin JM, Wu JH
477 - 482 The influence of different modified graphene on property of DSSCs
Xu K, Shen Y, Zhang ZK, Cao M, Gu F, Wang LJ
483 - 489 Gate patterning in 14 nm and beyond nodes: from planar devices to three dimensional Finfet devices
Meng LK, Hong PZ, He XB, Li CL, Li JJ, Li JF, Zhao C, Wei YY, Yan J
490 - 497 Photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen generation and simultaneous degradation of organic pollutant via CdSe/TiO2 nanotube arrays
Wang WC, Li F, Zhang DQ, Leung DYC, Li GS
498 - 505 Interfacial effect of the nanostructured Ag2S/Co3O4 and its catalytic mechanism for the dye photodegradation under visible light
Qiu XP, Yu JS, Xu HM, Chen WX, Hu W, Bai HY, Chen GL
506 - 511 Nonlinear switching in Al/Li:NiO/ITO forming-free resistive memories caused by interfacial layer
Yuan XC, Wei XH, Dai B, Zeng HZ
512 - 516 Significant effects of hydrothermal condition and annealing atmosphere on the properties of Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)(4) films
Yu JH, Cao L, Sui J, Yang P, Zhang Q, Dong HZ, Dong LF
517 - 524 Selective adsorption of cationic dyes from aqueous solution by polyoxometalate-based metal-organic framework composite
Liu XX, Gong WP, Luo J, Zou CT, Yang Y, Yang SJ
525 - 531 Low-temperature NO2-sensing properties and morphology-controllable solvothermal synthesis of tungsten oxide nanosheets/nanorods
Wang ZS, Hu M, Wei YL, Liu JF, Qin YX
532 - 537 Highly improved hydration level sensing properties of copper oxide films with sodium and potassium doping
Sahin B, Kaya T
538 - 544 Study of electrical current reconstruction on macropore arrays etched electrochemically on lightly-doped n-Si
Zhan CY, Zou Y, Jiang W, Fan XQ, Jiang Y, Feng QJ, Li XL, Sun H, Wu JC
545 - 550 Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of ytterbium-doped titania/diatomite composite photocatalysts
Tang W, Qiu KH, Zhang PC, Yuan XQ
551 - 556 A computational study on the energetics and mechanisms for the dissociative adsorption of SiHx(x=1-4) on W(111) surface
Lin YH, Raghunath P, Lin MC
557 - 561 Depth detection and fabrication of porous silicon without the stress
Cao DZ, Xiao HD, Xu HZ, Gao QX, Ma J, Liu XD, Pei HY
562 - 571 Dehydrogenation of ammonia borane catalyzed by pristine and defective h-BN sheets
Kuang AL, Zhou TW, Wang GZ, Li Y, Wu G, Yuan HK, Chen H, Yang XL
572 - 576 Effect of nitridation surface treatment on silicon (111) substrate for the growth of high quality single-crystalline GaN hetero-epitaxy layer by MOCVD
Rahman MNA, Yusuf Y, Mansor M, Shuhaimi A
577 - 594 Synthesis of the RGO/Al2O3 core-shell nanocomposite flakes and characterization of their unique electrostatic properties using zeta potential measurements
Jastrzebska AM, Karcz J, Letmanowski R, Zabost D, Ciecierska E, Zdunek J, Karwowska E, Siekierski M, Olszyna A, Kunicki A