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Applied Surface Science, Vol.360 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 First principles study on the interfacial properties of NM/graphdiyne (NM = Pd, Pt, Rh and Ir): The implications for NM growing
Lu ZS, Li S, Lv P, He CZ, Ma DW, Yang ZX
8 - 13 Ultrathin NiO nanoflakes electrode materials for supercapacitors
Xiao HH, Qu FY, Wu X
14 - 19 Fractional statistical theory of finite multilayer adsorption
Takara EA, Quiroga E, Matoz-Fernandez DA, Ochoa NA, Ramirez-Pastor AJ
20 - 27 Enhanced protein retention on poly(caprolactone) via surface initiated polymerization of acrylamide
Ma YH, Cai MT, He L, Luo XL
28 - 36 The robust bio-immobilization based on pulsed plasma polymerization of cyclopropylamine and glutaraldehyde coupling chemistry
Manakhov A, Makhneva E, Skladal P, Necas D, Cechal J, Kalina L, Elias M, Zajickova L
37 - 44 The fabrication and tribological behavior of epoxy composites modified by the three-dimensional polyurethane sponge reinforced with dopamine functionalized carbon nanotubes
Wang R, Wang HY, Sun LY, Wang EQ, Zhu YX, Zhu YJ
45 - 51 A thermochemical approach to enhance hydrophobicity of SiC/SiO2 powder using gamma-methacryloxypropyl trimethoxy silane and octylphenol polyoxyethylene ether (7)
Li CX, Feng DD, Wang XK, Li ZH, Zhu YM
52 - 58 Correlation study of structural, optical and electrical properties of amorphous carbon thin films prepared by ion beam sputtering deposition technique
Mohagheghpour E, Rajabi M, Gholamipour R, Larijani MM, Sheibani S
59 - 68 Effects of non-spherical colloidal silica slurry on Al-NiP hard disk substrate CMP application
Salleh S, Sudin I, Awang A
69 - 76 Structural and electronic properties of metalloporphyrin (MP, M = Fe, Co and Zn) adsorbed on single walled BNNT and SiCNT
Rezvani M, Ganji MD, Jameh-Bozorghi S
77 - 85 Bimetallic CuCo nanoparticles derived from hydrotalcite supported on carbon fibers for higher alcohols synthesis from syngas
Wang LF, Cao A, Liu GL, Zhang LH, Liu Y
86 - 97 Bifunctional coating based on carboxymethyl chitosan with stable conjugated alkaline phosphatase for inhibiting bacterial adhesion and promoting osteogenic differentiation on titanium
Zheng D, Neoh KG, Kang ET
98 - 106 ToF-SIMS investigation of the corrosion behavior of Mg alloy AM50 in atmospheric environments
Esmaily M, Malmberg P, Shahabi-Navid M, Svensson JE, Johansson LG
107 - 112 Remarkable suppression of thermal conductivity by point defects in MoS2 nanoribbons
Wang YC, Zhang KW, Xie GF
113 - 120 Submicron/nano-structured icephobic surfaces made from fluorinated polymethylsiloxane and octavinyl-POSS
Li YC, Luo CH, Li XH, Zhang KQ, Zhao YH, Zhu KY, Yuan XY
121 - 130 Amine-functionalized, silver-exchanged zeolite NaY: Preparation, characterization and antibacterial activity
Hanim SAM, Malek NANN, Ibrahim Z
131 - 142 Temporal evolution of Ge surface topography under keV ion irradiation: Combined effects of curvature-dependent sputter erosion and atomic redistribution
Datta DP, Garg SK, Basu T, Satpati B, Hofsass H, Kanjilal D, Som T
143 - 147 Highly selective CO2 adsorption of ZnO based N-doped reduced graphene oxide porous nanomaterial
Li WD, Yang HY, Jiang X, Liu Q
148 - 156 Synthesis of a bimodal porous Cu with nanopores on the inner surface of Gasar pores: Influences of preparation conditions
Du M, Zhang HW, Li YX, Liu Y, Chen X, He Y
157 - 163 MOVPE growth and characterization of heteroepitaxial germanium on silicon using iBuGe as precursor
Attolini G, Ponraj JS, Frigeri C, Buffagni E, Ferrari C, Musayeva N, Jabbarov R, Bosi M
164 - 173 High solvent resistance PTFPMS/PEI hollow fiber composite membrane for gas separation
Dai Y, Ruan XH, Bai F, Yu M, Li H, Zhao ZC, He GH
174 - 183 Nano-Bi2WO6 functionalized flexible SiO2 fibrous film for water purification
Ma ZJ, Hu ZL, He X, Fang ZJ, Li Y, Qiu JR
184 - 191 Conformational change of oil contaminants adhered onto crystalline alpha-alumina surface in aqueous solution
Xie WK, Sun YZ, Liu HT, Fu HY, Liang YC
192 - 197 Facile patterning silicon wafer by Rochow reaction over patterned Cu-based catalysts
Ren WF, Wang YH, Zhang ZL, Tan QQ, Zhong ZY, Su FB
198 - 206 Enhanced printability of thermoplastic polyurethane substrates by silica particles surface interactions
Cruz S, Rocha LA, Viana JC
207 - 212 A simple one-step approach to fabrication of highly hydrophobic silk fabrics
Chen FX, Liu X, Yang HY, Dong BH, Zhou YS, Chen DZ, Hu H, Xiao XF, Fan DF, Zhang CH, Cheng F, Cao YH, Yuan T, Liang ZH, Li J, Wang SM, Xu WL
213 - 223 Electro-exfoliating graphene from graphite for direct fabrication of supercapacitor
Hamra AAB, Lim HN, Chee WK, Huang NM
224 - 233 Analyzing and improving surface texture by dual-rotation magnetorheological finishing
Wang YY, Zhang Y, Feng ZJ
234 - 239 Facile synthesis of groove-like NiMoO4 hollow nanorods for high-performance supercapacitors
Lin LY, Liu TM, Liu JL, Sun R, Hao JH, Ji KM, Wang ZC
240 - 251 Adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceuticals by BiOClxIy nanospheres in aqueous solution
Wang XN, Bi WL, Zhai PP, Wang XB, Li HJ, Mailhot G, Dong WB
252 - 262 Multifunctional magnetic core-shell dendritic mesoporous silica nano spheres decorated with tiny Ag nanoparticles as a highly active heterogeneous catalyst
Sun ZB, Li HZ, Cui GJ, Tian YX, Yan SQ
263 - 269 Surface modification of calcium sulfate whisker prepared from flue gas desulfurization gypsum
Liu CJ, Zhao Q, Wang YG, Shi PY, Jiang MF
270 - 275 The effects of ZnO morphology on photocatalytic efficiency of ZnO/RGO nanocomposites
Wang K, Xu JM, Wang XT
276 - 282 Nanocomposite synthesis and photoluminescence properties of MeV Au-ion beam modified Ni thin films
Siva V, Datta DP, Singh A, Som T, Sahoo PK
283 - 290 Photocatalytic degradation of brilliant green using undoped and Zn doped SnO2 nanoparticles under sunlight irradiation
Shanmugam N, Sathya T, Viruthagiri G, Kalyanasundaram C, Gobi R, Ragupathy S
291 - 297 Co-deposition of tannic acid and diethlyenetriamine for surface hydrophilization of hydrophobic polymer membranes
Zhang X, Ren PF, Yang HC, Wan LS, Xu ZK
298 - 305 Solvothermal synthesis of hierarchical TiO2 nanostructures with tunable morphology and enhanced photocatalytic activity
Fan ZH, Meng FM, Zhang M, Wu ZY, Sun ZQ, Li AX
306 - 314 Solid-material-based coupling efficiency analyzed with time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Muenster B, Welle A, Ridder B, Althuon D, Striffler J, Foertsch TC, Hahn L, Thelen R, Stadler V, Nesterov-Mueller A, Breitling F, Loeffler FF
315 - 322 Fabrication of porous boron-doped diamond electrodes by catalytic etching under hydrogen-argon plasma
Shi C, Li CP, Li MJ, Li HJ, Dai W, Wu YH, Yang BH
323 - 328 High-yield exfoliation of graphene using ternary-solvent strategy for detecting volatile organic compounds
Zhang SL, Zhang ZJ, Yang WC
329 - 337 CO2 sorption on surface-modified carbonaceous support: Probing the influence of the carbon black microporosity and surface polarity
Gargiulo V, Alfe M, Ammendola P, Raganati F, Chirone R
338 - 341 Coexistence of bipolar and unipolar resistive switching behaviors in the double-layer Ag/ZnS-Ag/CuAlO2/Pt memory device
Zhang L, Xu HY, Wang ZQ, Yu H, Ma JG, Liu YC
342 - 348 An electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance study of magnesium dissolution
Ralston KD, Thomas S, Williams G, Birbilis N
349 - 352 Investigation of surface energy, polarity, and electrical and optical characteristics of silver grids deposited via thermal evaporation method
Wang CT, Ting CC, Kao PC, Li SR, Chu SY
353 - 364 Effects of P/Ni ratio and Ni content on performance of gamma-Al2O3-supported nickel phosphides for deoxygenation of methyl laurate to hydrocarbons
Zhang ZN, Tang MX, Chen JX
365 - 372 Adsorption of sulfide ions on cerussite surfaces and implications for flotation
Feng QC, Wen SM, Zhao WJ, Deng JS, Xian YJ
373 - 382 A grafting from approach to graft polystyrene chains at the surface of graphene nanolayers by RAFT polymerization: Various graft densities from hydroxyl groups
Roghani-Mamaqani H, Khezri K
383 - 388 Nanocomposited coatings produced by laser-assisted process to prevent silicone hydogels from protein fouling and bacterial contamination
Huang GB, Chen Y, Zhang J
389 - 397 Anti-corrosive performance of electropolymerized phosphomolybdic acid doped PANI coating on 304SS
Gao YZ, Syed JA, Lu HB, Meng XK
398 - 402 Improvement in surface hydrophilicity and resistance to deformation of natural leather through O-2/H2O low-temperature plasma treatment
You XW, Gou L, Tong XY
403 - 408 Comparison of corrosion behavior between coarse grained and nano/ultrafine grained alloy 690
Lv JL, Liang TX, Wang C, Guo T
409 - 418 Structure, surface analysis, photoluminescent properties and decay characteristics of Tb3+-Eu3+ co-activated Sr2MgSi2O7 phosphor
Tshabalala MA, Swart HC, Dejene FB, Coetsee E, Ntwaeaborwa OM
419 - 428 Silicon surface biofunctionalization with dopaminergic tetrahydroisoquinoline derivatives
Lucena-Serrano A, Lucena-Serrano C, Contreras-Caceres R, Diaz A, Valpuesta M, Cai C, Lopez-Romero JM
429 - 435 Adhesion of nitrile rubber (NBR) to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fabric. Part 1: PET surface modification by methylenediphenyl di-isocyanate (MDI)
Razavizadeh M, Jamshidi M
437 - 441 Layer-by-layer assembly of polyelectrolyte and gold nanoparticle for highly reproducible and stable SERS substrate
Liu ZC, Yan ZD, Bai L
442 - 450 Anodized ZnO nanostructures for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Huang MC, Wang TH, Wu BJ, Lin JC, Wu CC
451 - 460 STM observation of a box-shaped graphene nanostructure appeared after mechanical cleavage of pyrolytic graphite
Lapshin RV
461 - 469 Effects of sintering and mixed oxide growth on the interface cracking of air-plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coating system at high temperature
Lv BW, Xie H, Xu R, Fan XL, Zhang WX, Wang TJ
470 - 476 Adsorption behavior and mechanism of Cr(VI) using Sakura waste from aqueous solution
Qi WF, Zhao YX, Zheng XY, Ji M, Zhang ZY
477 - 484 Differences between GaAs/GaInP and GaAs/AlInP interfaces grown by movpe revealed by depth profiling and angle-resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopies
Lopez-Escalante MC, Gabas M, Garcia I, Barrigon E, Rey-Stolle I, Algora C, Palanco S, Ramos-Barrado JR
485 - 493 Femto second laser surface texturing of titanium as a method to reduce the adhesion of Staphylococcus aureus and biofilm formation
Cunha A, Elie AM, Plawinski L, Serro AP, Rego AMB, Almeida A, Urdaci MC, Durrieu MC, Vilar R
494 - 501 On-chip nanostructuring and impedance trimming of transparent and flexible ITO electrodes by laser induced coherent sub-20 nm cuts
Afshar M, Leber M, Poppendieck W, Konig K, Seidel H, Feili D
502 - 509 The structure evolution mechanism of electrodepo sited porous Ni films on NH4Cl concentration
Yu XT, Wang MY, Wang Z, Gong XZ, Guo ZC
510 - 518 Electrochemical characterization of chromia- and alumina-forming nickel-based superalloys in molten silicates
Abdullaha TK, Petitjean C, Panteix PJ, Mathieu S, Rapin C, Vilasi M, Hussain Z, Rahim AA
519 - 524 Physical and electrical characteristics of NiFe thin films using ultrasonic assisted pulse electrodeposition
Deepthi KA, Balachandran R, Ong BH, Tan KB, Wong HY, Yow HK, Srimala S
525 - 533 Polypropylene nonwoven surface modified through introducing porous microspheres: Preparation, characterization and adsorption
Du X, Wei JF, Liu W, Zhou XY, Dai DY
534 - 539 Synthesis of NiO@MnO2 core/shell nanocomposites for supercapacitor application
Chen JJ, Huang Y, Li C, Chen XF, Zhang X
540 - 546 Chemical vapor deposition of low reflective cobalt (II) oxide films
Amin-Chalhoub E, Duguet T, Samelor D, Debieu O, Ungureanu E, Vahlas C
547 - 552 Surface reconstruction: An effective method for the growth of mismatched materials
Sun Y, Zheng BN, Wu XF, Yuan L, Wu J, Guo HP, Huang KK, Feng SH
553 - 558 Improvement of NiMoNb to polyimide adhesion by inductively coupled nitrogen plasma treatment
Bang SH
559 - 565 Single- and dual-wavelength laser pulses induced modification in 10x(Al/Ti)/Si multilayer system
Salatic B, Petrovic S, Perusko D, Cekada M, Panjan P, Pantelic D, Jelenkovic B
566 - 571 Hydrogen permeability degradation of Pd-coated Nb-TiNi alloy caused by its interfacial diffusion
Ohtsu N, Ishikawa K, Kobori Y
572 - 578 Thermal post-deposition treatment effects on nanocrystalline hydrogenated silicon prepared by PECVD under different hydrogen flow rates
Ben Amor S, Meddeb H, Daik R, Ben Othman A, Ben Slama S, Dimassi W, Ezzaouia H
579 - 593 Determination of adsorptive and catalytic properties of copper, silver and iron contain titanium-pillared bentonite for the removal bisphenol A from aqueous solution
Tomul F, Basoglu FT, Canbay H
594 - 600 A novel reducing graphene/polyaniline/cuprous oxide composite hydrogel with unexpected photocatalytic activity for the degradation of Congo red
Miao J, Xie AJ, Li SK, Huang FZ, Cao J, Shen YH
601 - 622 A review on plasmonic metal-TiO2 composite for generation, trapping, storing and dynamic vectorial transfer of photogenerated electrons across the Schottky junction in a photocatalytic system
Devi LG, Kavitha R
623 - 633 SEM-EDX analysis and TOF-SIMS 3D imaging of a textile/rubber interface undergoing fatigue loading
Valantin C, Benoit R, Lacroix F, Gomez E, Phalip P, Morcel J, Tricoche D, Hocine NA
634 - 640 Mesoporous anatase TiO2 microspheres with interconnected nanoparticles delivering enhanced dye-loading and charge transport for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Chu L, Qin ZF, Zhang QX, Chen W, Yang J, Yang JP, Li XG
641 - 651 Atmospheric-pressure DBD plasma-assisted surface modification of polymethyl methacrylate: A study on cell growth/proliferation and antibacterial properties
Rezaei F, Shokri B, Sharifian M
652 - 657 Visible-light activated ZnO/CdSe heterostructure-based gas sensors with low operating temperature
Wu B, Lin ZQ, Sheng MQ, Hou SY, Xu JF
658 - 665 Novel hierarchical three-dimensional ammonium vanadate nanowires electrodes for lithium ion battery
Fang D, Cao YH, Liu RN, Xu WL, Liu SQ, Luo ZP, Liang CW, Liu XQ, Xiong CX
666 - 670 Effect of Mn doping on the structural and electrical properties of periodic Ba0.9Sr0.1TiO3 multilayers
Hong XK, Shao T, Wang T, Liu YS, Zhang DB, Kuang YW, Feng JF
671 - 683 Regeneration of LOHC dehydrogenation catalysts: In-situ IR spectroscopy on single crystals, model catalysts, and real catalysts from UHV to near ambient pressure
Amende M, Kaftan A, Bachmann P, Brehmer R, Preuster P, Koch M, Wasserscheid P, Libuda J
684 - 692 Effects of pore sizes and oxygen-containing functional groups on desulfurization activity of Fe/NAC prepared by ultrasonic-assisted impregnation
Shu S, Guo JX, Liu XL, Wang XJ, Yin HQ, Luo DM
693 - 697 ZnO/a-Si distributed Bragg reflectors for light trapping in thin film solar cells from visible to infrared range
Chen AQ, Yuan QM, Zhu KG
698 - 706 Correlation between donating or accepting electron behavior of the adsorbed CO or H-2 and its oxidation over TiO2 under ultraviolet light irradiation
Peng XY, He ZJ, Yang K, Chen X, Wang XX, Dai WX, Fu XZ
707 - 714 First-principles simulations on the new hybrid phases of germanene with alkali metal atoms coverage
Yuan JM, Tang C, Zhong JX, Mao YL
715 - 721 The molecular understanding of interfacial interactions of functionalized graphene and chitosan
Zhang HP, Luo XG, Lin XY, Lu X, Tang YH
722 - 730 Synthesis and structural features of resorcinol-formaldehyde resin chars containing nickel nanoparticles
Galaburda MV, Bogatyrov VM, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Oranska OI, Sternik D, Gun'ko VM
731 - 737 Structural and gas sensing properties of ex-situ oxidized Sn grown by thermal evaporation
Amutha A, Amirthapandian S, Sundaravel B, Prasad AK, Panigrahi BK, Thangadurai P
738 - 743 High yield production of reduced TiO2 with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Tian J, Hu XL, Yang HR, Zhou YL, Cui HZ, Liu H
744 - 748 The large-area CdTe thin film for CdS/CdTe solar cell prepared by physical vapor deposition in medium pressure
Luo R, Liu B, Yang XY, Bao Z, Li B, Zhang JQ, Li W, Wu LL, Feng LH
749 - 757 Fabrication of TiO2-modified polytetrafluoroethylene ultrafiltration membranes via plasma-enhanced surface graft pretreatment
Qian YJ, Chi LN, Zhou WL, Yu ZJ, Zhang ZZ, Zhang ZJ, Jiang Z
758 - 761 Thermally stable anomalous Hall behavior in perpendicular Co/Pt multilayers sandwiched by HfO2 layers
Jiang SL, Li XJ, Liu YW, Chen X, Liu QQ, Han G, Yang G, Wang DW, Zhang JY, Teng J, Yu GH
762 - 766 Tailoring the emissive properties of photocathodes through materials engineering: Ultra-thin multilayers
Velazquez D, Seibert R, Ganegoda H, Olive D, Rice A, Logan K, Yusof Z, Spentzouris L, Terry J
767 - 771 Tetra methyl substituted Cu(II) phthalocyanine as alternative hole transporting material for organometal halide perovskite solar cells
Sfyri G, Kumar CV, Wang YL, Xu ZX, Krontiras CA, Lianos P
772 - 776 Kinetic-limited etching of magnesium doping nitrogen polar GaN in potassium hydroxide solution
Jiang JY, Zhang YT, Chi C, Yang F, Li PC, Zhao DG, Zhang BL, Du GT
777 - 788 Double layer approach to create durable superhydrophobicity on cotton fabric using nano silica and auxiliary non fluorinated materials
Manatunga DC, de Silva RM, de Silva KMN
789 - 797 A self-modification approach toward transparent superhydrophobic glass for rainproofing and superhydrophobic fiberglass mesh for oil-water separation
Liu XJ, Wang Y, Chen Z, Ben KY, Guan ZS
798 - 806 Removal of rhodamine 6G dye contaminant by visible light driven immobilized Ca(1-x)Ln(x)MnO(3) (Ln = Sm, Ho; 0.1 <= x <= 0.4) photocatalysts
Barrocas B, Serio S, Rovisco A, Nunes Y, Jorge MEM
807 - 815 The composite capacitive behaviors of the N and S dual doped ordered mesoporous carbon with ultrahigh doping level
Zhang DY, Lei LY, Shang YH, Wang KJ, Wang Y
816 - 825 Influence of the composition and crystalline phase of electrodeposited CoNi films in the preparation of CoNi oxidized surfaces as electrodes for urea electro-oxidation
Vilana J, Gomez E, Valles E
826 - 832 Influence of the tensile strain on CH4 dissociation on Cu(100) surface: A theoretical study
He F, Li K, Xie GY, Wang Y, Jiao MG, Tang H, Wu ZJ
833 - 839 Materials processing with superposed Bessel beams
Yu XM, Trallero-Herrero CA, Lei ST
840 - 848 Microwave-assisted synthesis of reduced graphene oxide/titania nanocomposites as an adsorbent for methylene blue adsorption
Wang H, Gao HH, Chen MX, Xu XY, Wang XF, Pan C, Gao JP
849 - 857 Effect of nano-additives on microstructure, mechanical properties and wear behaviour of Fe-Cr-B hardfacing alloy
Gou JF, Lu PP, Wang Y, Liu SY, Zou ZW
858 - 865 Enhancement of growth and osteogenic differentiation of MC3T3-E1 cells via facile surface functionalization of polylactide membrane with chitooligosaccharide based on polydopamine adhesive coating
Li HH, Luo C, Luo BH, Wen W, Wang XY, Ding S, Zhou CR
866 - 874 Preparation of bactericidal cationic PDMS surfaces using a facile and efficient approach
Kebir N, Kriegel I, Esteve M, Semetey V
875 - 879 Resistance switching properties of Cu2S film by electrochemical deposition
Yan YM, Yang CP, Barner K, Marchenkov VV, Zeng Y
880 - 888 Effect of liquid properties on laser ablation of aluminum and titanium alloys
Ouyang PX, Li PJ, Leksina EG, Michurin SV, He LJ
889 - 895 Facile mesoporous template-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of ordered mesoporous magnesium silicate as an efficient adsorbent
Lu QS, Li Q, Zhang JJ, Li JF, Lu JH
896 - 903 Direct writing of sub-wavelength ripples on silicon using femtosecond laser at high repetition rate
Xie CX, Li XH, Liu KJ, Zhu M, Qiu R, Zhou Q
904 - 914 Controllable wettability and morphology of electrodeposited surfaces on zinc substrates
Zhang BY, Lu SX, Xu WG, Cheng YY
915 - 920 Potential enhancement of antibacterial activity of graphene oxide-silver nanocomposite by introducing C-2 carbon chain linkage
Yun H, Ahmed MS, Lee K, Jeon S, Lee CW
921 - 928 Influence of grain refinement on the electrochemical behavior of AISI 430 ferritic stainless steel in an alkaline solution
Fattah-alhosseini A, Vafaeian S
929 - 935 Fabrication and physico-mechanical properties of thin magnetron sputter deposited silver-containing hydroxyapatite films
Ivanova AA, Surmeneva MA, Tyurin AI, Pirozhkova TS, Shuvarin IA, Prymak O, Epple M, Chaikina MV, Surmenev RA
936 - 945 Fabrication of silica-decorated graphene oxide nanohybrids and the properties of composite epoxy coatings research
Ma Y, Di HH, Yu ZX, Liang L, Lv L, Pan Y, Zhang YY, Yin D
946 - 952 Molecular dynamics study of the interactions of incident N or Ti atoms with the TiN(001) surface
Xu ZH, Zeng QR, Yuan L, Qin Y, Chen MJ, Shan DB
953 - 960 Fabrication of phase and morphology controlled pure rutile and rutile/anatase TiO2 nanostructures in functional ionic liquid/water
Shahi SK, Kaur N, Singh V
961 - 969 In vitro-in vivo performance of bare and drug loaded silica gel synthesized via optimized process parameters
Chakraborty S, Biswas S
970 - 978 Oxidation resistance and mechanical properties of HfC nanowire-toughened ultra-high temperature ceramic coating for SiC-coated C/C composites
Ren JC, Zhang YL, Hu H, Fei T, Li HJ
979 - 988 Adsorption of nucleotides on biomimetic apatite: The case of adenosine 5' triphosphate (ATP)
Hammami K, El-Feki H, Marsan O, Drouet C
989 - 993 Controllable giant magnetoresistance effect by the delta-doping in a magnetically confined semiconductor heterostructure
Lu MW, Cao XL, Huang XH, Jiang YQ, Yang SP
994 - 998 Study on the surface speciation of Fe-pillared montmorillonite and mechanism of its photocatalytic effect on degradation of ionic dye rhodamine-B
Fang JM, Huang XY, Zhang Q, Chen JH, Wang X
999 - 1002 Periodic nano structures fabricated on GaAs surface by UV pulsed laser interference
Zhang W, Huo DY, Guo XX, Rong C, Shi ZW, Peng CS
1003 - 1008 Electron irradiation induced buckling, morphological transformation, and inverse Ostwald ripening in nanorod filled inside carbon nanotube
Singh A, Kumari R, Kumar V, Krishnia L, Naqvi Z, Panwar AK, Bhatta UM, Ghosh A, Satyam PV, Tyagi PK
1009 - 1015 Characteristics of fluorinated CNTs added carbon foams
Kim JH, Kim DY, Jeong E, Lee YS
1016 - 1022 Boron doped g-C3N4 with enhanced photocatalytic UO22+ reduction performance
Lu CH, Chen RY, Wu X, Fan MF, Liu YH, Le ZG, Jiang SJ, Song SQ
1023 - 1029 Ge deposition on Si(100) in the conditions close to dynamic equilibrium between islands growth and their decay
Shklyaev AA, Budazhapova AE
1030 - 1035 A facial approach combining photosensitive sol-gel with self-assembly method to fabricate superhydrophobic TiO2 films with patterned surface structure
Duan ZF, Zhao Z, Luo D, Zhao MQ, Zhao GY
1036 - 1040 Strengthening of porous TiB2-SiC ceramics by pre-oxidation and crack-healing
Zhang RB, Ye CS, Zhang YY
1041 - 1046 Chemisorption of NO on Pt-decorated graphene as modified nanostructure media: A first principles study
Rad AS, Abedini E
1047 - 1058 Structural and optical characterization of mechanically milled Mg-TiO2 and nitrided Mg-TiOx-N-y nanostructures: Possible candidates for gas sensing application
Bolokang AS, Dhonge BP, Swart HC, Arendse CJ, Muller TFG, Motaung DE
1059 - 1065 Synthesis of porous SnO2 nanocubes via selective leaching and enhanced gas-sensing properties
Li YN, Wei Q, Song P, Wang Q
1066 - 1074 Study on Pt-structured anodic alumina catalysts for catalytic combustion of toluene: Effects of competitive adsorbents and competitive impregnation methods
Zhang Q, Luan HJ, Li T, Wu YQ, Ni YH
1075 - 1079 Interfacial properties of the enhanced visible-light plasmonic Ag/Bi2WO6(001) nanocompo site
Wang F, Cao K, Wu Y, Zhang KH, Zhou Y
1080 - 1086 On the passivation mechanism of Fe3O4 nanoparticles during Cr(VI) removal from water: A XAFS study
Pinakidou F, Katsikini M, Simeonidis K, Kaprara E, Paloura EC, Mitrakas M